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ALICE4 cum for the first time


Alice Has An Answer 4/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000

Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 4
After Alice and I had cum for the first time in front
of one another, I guess I got a little scared about
what was happening. Plus it had been a long day
already and I was exhausted. I told Alice I was tired
and rolled over to take a nap.

I couldn't get to sleep though, at first. My whole
world had been turned upside down today. First, one
of our new neighbors, Jani, had invited me to her
apartment and we had played all sorts of nasty games
there. I had seen a real pussy for the first time in
my life and even kissed it. I had put my fingers into
Jani and felt her cum on top of them. Then she had
taught me how to jack off. She had even sucked my
penis a little, but even nastier, she had licked my
butthole while I cumed.

Jani was a nasty girl and I'm sure her father had made
her that way. Maybe all fathers did that to their
daughters for all I know. I hadn't known much about
any of this before today.

Then when I came home, Alice had confronted me. I
think Alice was jealous of Jani, but that was
ridiculous. I was Alice's brother and I guess I loved
her, though I don't remember ever having told her that
before. Jani was just a nasty girl that lived near us
that wanted to show me her pussy because she was
lonely staying by herself.

Then Alice had shown me her pussy and had played with
herself in front of me. I had gotten so worked up
that I pulled out my cock, that was Jani's new word
for it, and jacked off in front of Alice. I never
would have thought I would have ever done that before

The weird part is that I didn't feel bad that it had
happened. Now I knew that Alice played with herself
under the blankets all the time. Maybe she had been
doing it all her life. I had heard her over a year
ago and didn't know what she was doing. Once I had
even held her real tight in a bunch of towels and she
had played with herself. I didn't understand what she
was doing at the time, but I knew it had to be
something nasty. She called that game "Trapped in the
Well," because we were watching a movie about a girl
trapped in a well that couldn't get out.

I couldn't help but wonder whether everyone had been
doing it all the time and I just didn't know about it
until today. Alice played with her pussy all the
time. Jani played with hers probably more. Now that
I understood it, I knew that some of the boys at
school made jokes about jacking off all the time.
They were probably doing it all the time too.

I thought that this was what a blind man felt like
when he could suddenly see. All of the sudden, things
began to make a little more sense. There was still a
lot to learn, but at least I can see some of it now.

I did finally sleep a little. By the time I woke up,
Mom would be home in a couple of hours. Alice was
asleep on her bed, lying on her stomach. When I
lifted up her skirt, I saw that she had fallen asleep
with her hands on her pussy. I covered her up with
her blankets and she moaned a little without waking
up. I bet she was playing with it even in her sleep.

I cleaned up the house and got ready for mom to come
home. mom called and asked if we needed anything and
I asked her if she could stop and get some spaghetti
sauce, a loaf of bread and some milk. mom still did
most of the shopping but I tried to help out. I was,
after all, the man of the house.

While she was shopping, I chopped up an onion and
browned some meat. Then, I started the spaghetti
boiling. Alice got up and I told her to wash up for
supper. mom came in a little later and she looked
like she had had a hard day. Even tired, she looked
prettier today, maybe because I was finally noticing
girls for the first time. She sat down the bag of
groceries and gave me a big hug. For the first time
in my life, I felt my mother's breast as they pressed
against me and sniffed her to see what she smelled

I guess she had worked hard because she smelled a
little sweaty. I still liked it, but I knew she must
have been tired. I told her the spaghetti wouldn't be
ready for about twenty minutes if she wanted to take a
bath and relax a little. She said I was a doll and
that's just what she wanted. As she walked towards
her bedroom, I couldn't help but look at Mom's butt
and think about how nice it looked in her skirt as she
walked away.

After mom walked away, I saw Alice sitting at the
table looking at me. Now Alice never sat at the
table. She always sat under it. That in itself was
strange, but the way she was looking at me was even
stranger. It was as though she had seen me looking at
Mom and knew everything I was thinking. Alice knew me
so well, maybe she did know what I was thinking. Then
to top it all off, she just smiled like looking at mom
that way was the most natural thing in the world.

To get away from that smile, I turned around and got
back to cooking. I poured the jar of spaghetti sauce
onto the meat and added some spices I knew mom liked.
Then I cut the fire off of the boiling water from the
spaghetti. It was just soft enough, what mom liked to
call "al dente," whoever that was. While the sauce
was simmering, I made garlic bread out of butter
spread and garlic salt smeared on wheat bread.

Mom likes to have one glass of wine with her dinner.
It's one of the few treats she allows herself, so as I
was pouring her a glass of wine I saw Alice slip from
the table and go toward the back. Since she wasn't
looking, I took a sip of Mom's wine like I had before,
but just like always it didn't taste very good to me.
I guess not everything had changed.

I had almost set the table and was about to call mom
when Alice showed back up.

"You may want to wait about ten minutes before calling
Momma," she told me in a conspiratorial whisper.

"How come squirt? Dinners almost ready."

"Because when I went into the bathroom to go to the
toilet just now, Momma was playing with her pussy and
she hasn't finished yet."

Gawd, it was like Alice had hit me with a baseball
bat! I just sat down and looked at her across the
table, but she wasn't saying anything else, just
smiling at me again.

"How do you know she was playing with herself, Alice.
Momma wouldn't just play with her pussy in front of

"When I went in the door her hands were down there and
her eyes were closed. She was soaking in the tub and
I startled her. But, I told her I had to pee and she
told me to hurry up and go. As I was peeing, I looked
at her titties and they looked real hard. Mine get
like that too, but hers are much bigger."

Gawd damn! My little sister was talking about our
mother playing with her pussy in the bathtub. Alice
knew a lot more about how girls played with their
pussies than I did. I think I believed her.

"Do girls play with their pussies all the time,
Alice?" I asked, whispering as low as possible.

"Not all the time. Just when it itches. Mine itches
a lot though. I think Momma's doesn't itch that

This had been the strangest day of my life. I didn't
know what else would happen next. All I could do was
finish setting the table.

Mom eventually came back and she was wearing a terry
cloth robe I had given her last Christmas. Her neck
looked all flushed around the blue terry cloth collar
and I wondered if that was because she had just cummed
in the tub. She said she felt much better now and she
was really hungry. Maybe playing with their pussies
made girls hungry. It sure made me hungry thinking
about it.

I pulled out the garlic bread and fixed mom a plate
and when she took it, she set it down and gave me
another hug thanking me for being so dependable and
for fixing dinner. When she hugged me this time, I
didn't feel her breasts because of the robe, but she
did smell nice and fresh. She even had a little
perfume or bath spray on and she smelled delicious. A
part of me was a little disappointed though. I had
hoped to catch at least a little whiff of her pussy.

I began to wonder if I would always be thinking about
pussy now. It seems as though ever since I saw Jani
without her panties I hadn't thought of anything else.
I was surrounded my girls that had wonderful,
mysterious pussies. This new virus had infected even
my thought about my Mother.

I'm afraid I didn't talk much at dinner, which was odd
because mom and I always talked about her day and
about what we did that day. I didn't really know what
to say to her. It had been the most important day in
my life so far and I couldn't tell mom anything about

Gee Mother, I imagined myself saying, today I felt up
the neighbor girl and kissed her hairy pussy. After
she came twice, I jacked off with her tongue up my
butt. Then to round it all off, I came home and
watched my sister play with herself while I jacked off

That would have been a weird conversation.

I shook my head to try to clear away all the strange
thoughts only to hear Alice and mom talking. Alice
was telling mom all about a tv show she had watched
and how she was looking forward to going to her new

Mom looked astounded and I guess I did too when I
finally realized what was going on. Alice never
talked during dinner. Most of the time she wanted to
eat under the table. mom had fussed about it a lot,
but if I hadn't told Alice to eat at the table, she
usually wound up under it.

But here was Alice, sitting and eating with us,
talking like a normal kid. I mean she was always a
normal kid to me. Just normal for Alice. I guess I
mean she was acting like everyone else does.

Mom just laughed at the things that Alice was saying
and was generally overjoyed. She had often told me
after Alice was asleep that she worried about her. If
Mom could have afforded a psychologist, she would have
sent Alice to see one already. She often wondered
about going on welfare just to get Alice some help.

But I had always told her that Alice was OK. She
would probably just grow out of all this. Besides, I
didn't think that Alice was any stranger than anyone
else I had ever met. Most people are pretty weird.
At least, Alice was always nice to me.

Mom loved the new Alice. I was worried that Alice
would talk about what we had done today or about any
of the things that we had said but nothing like that
ever came up.

We ended up on the old couch in the front room and mom
had curled up her feet and was hugging Alice while she
continued to talk about all kinds of things. I sat on
the other side and sorta felt left out, but it was OK
because mom and Alice had a lot of catching up to do.

Besides that, I couldn't help but look at mom the
whole time. She was very different to me all of the
sudden. It was like the mother I had always known was
replaced by this pretty, lively girl that looked just
enough like her to fool everyone else but me. Ever
once in a while she would flash me a beautiful smile
that made me feel all warm and I had to constantly
adjust my pants to keep from getting another hard on
just being near her.

Finally Alice wound down until she was almost asleep
in Mom's arms. When mom got up to put her to sleep, I
started to get up and go with them, but mom motioned
for me to stay and she carried Alice to tuck her into
bed. In about ten minutes mom came strolling back
into the front room, her hips swaying wonderfully in
the terry cloth robe, and sat close beside me.

"Tell me what happened today?" she asked with a big
grin on her face.

What could I tell her? I couldn't tell her the truth.

"It was just a normal day, Momma. Nothing different
at all."

Mother looked at me funny, like she knew that I was
lying to her. "Something's different all right. But,
if you don't want to tell me right now, that's OK.
Whatever it is must be a good thing because you both
seem so different tonight."

"Both? How am I different?"

"I don't know Johnny. You just seem older tonight.
More mature, though God knows you've always been
mature for your age."

I wondered if jacking off made a guy grow up quicker.
Maybe it helped to mature me in some way I didn't know

"It was really just another day, Momma. Honest!"

"Well, I just want you to know, son, how proud I am of
you for taking care of your sister and for being
someone I can depend on. It hasn't always been easy,
but at least I've got you. I'm proud of you, Johnny."

Then mom gave me another big hug, the third of the
evening. I wondered if she would still be proud of me
if I reached into her robe and rubbed her nipple like
I wanted to do.


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