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ALICE5 cum off her hand


Alice Has An Answer 5/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 5
I woke up to the smell of coffee and figured mom must
already be up, getting ready to go to work. I had
worn pajama pants and a tee shirt to bed, so I just
rolled out and went into the bathroom to pee. While I
was there, I brushed my teeth quickly, trying to get
out of the bathroom in case mom needed it before she

I couldn't help but notice Mom's clothes from
yesterday were still at the top of the hamper and I
checked to make sure her panties were there. I heard
Mom in the next room, so I left them there for later.

When I walked into the front room, mom was looking for
her purse, getting ready to leave. I reminded her she
had left it by the sofa and she went to get it. She
was dressed in a royal blue skirt and a white blouse.
Her blue shoes had two-inch heels and she looked very

"Well handsome, what do you have planned for you two

"We're just going to watch some TV, maybe go to the
park later if it's not hot. Would it be OK if we
walked to that little store next to the hardware store
on the corner?"

"Sure baby! Just be careful like you always are. But
there's not much in the cookie jar this week, I'm
afraid. Still two days until payday. I think the
rent's due this week, isn't it?"

"Yea mom and I think the water bill's due next week
too. Don't forget."

"I won't. At least that's a small one. What would I
do without you to remind me, though?"

"I don't know. Can I have the rest of the coffee?"

I'd been trying to get her to let me start drinking it
for a while. Sometimes she would let me finish off
her cup, which I loved to do because it always had
fresh lipstick stains in the morning.

"Sure dear, since you're growing up so fast on me.
You're already as tall as I am, Johnny. We're going
to have to get you some new clothes before school
starts . . . again. I think even new shirts too.
Your shoulders are getting wider."

I couldn't help but think that's great then, `cause
you always liked big guys, Mom.

"Have you seen my keys, dear?"

"They're over here today, Mom."

"See? What would I do without you?"

"I don't know. Maybe you'd have to learn to put them
in the same spot every time." It was always my
running gag with Mom. In Mom's mind there was never
just one place for anything.

"That's what I have you for, honey. To keep me
straightened out."

Mom kissed me on the cheek before rushing out the
door, probably late. I couldn't help but smell her as
she leaned in. She smelled very nice this morning,
clean with just a hint of a flowery smell.

She paused for just a moment, with a twinkle in her
eye. "You've been doing that a lot lately. Do I
smell OK?"

I guess I blushed a little because she laughed lightly
like a girl and mussed my hair to let me know it was
all right.

"You smell great, Mom. You always do!"

"Well, just let me know if I walk out smelling like a
barnyard, that's all."

As Mother's ass swayed out the door in that lovely
blue skirt, I wondered if she was saying it was OK if
I smelled her all the time like that. God, I hope so,
because I loved the smell of her.

I drank her coffee, licking the cup to taste my
mother's lipstick. After the lipstick was gone, I
poured it away though. mom always liked way too much
sugar and cream. I poured another cup from the pot
because I liked it black.

After getting the cereal out, I saw Alice stumble to
the bathroom, so I got her a bowl too. I noticed that
she had left the door open, so I could hear her
tinkling in the toilet. When she started walking
right out, I reminded her to wash her hands, which she
did. Then she wandered to the table, still rubbing
the sleep from her eyes.

All Alice was wearing was a short tee shirt and a pair
of small pink panties. She actually sat at the table
again and began to eat her cereal just like anyone
else. I did notice that her left hand was in her lap
though. When I looked she was rubbing her pussy
absentmindedly through the panties as she ate.

"What's up with all the talking last night, squirt?"

"Don't call me that anymore. I don't like it.
Besides, I don't squirt, I cream. You're the one that

"That wasn't what I was talking about. OK, Alice,
what happened last night that you just started talking
to mom like that?"

"I don't know. I just thought that if Momma likes to
play with herself just like we do, maybe we have more
to talk about than I thought."

I think this was going to be another day like
yesterday. Everything kept coming back to the
subjects of pussies.

"I'm finding it hard to believe that mom would do

"But you like to think about it, don't you, Johnny? I
saw you looking at her last night. Don't you think
Momma is pretty?"

"Of course she is, but why aren't you jealous of mom
like you're jealous of Jina?"

"I just don't like Jani. She wants to keep you for
herself. Momma would share."

"Mom's not sharing anything. Nothing's gonna happen
with Momma. We can't tell her what happened."

"I know that, Johnny. I'm going back to lay on the
bed for a little bit. My pussy's itching real bad
just talking about it."

Alice jumped up and ran off to our bedroom, her hands
between her legs just like it was the most natural
thing in the world to play with herself in front of
her brother. I knew I shouldn't go in there, but
even before I told myself not to go, I was already
walking in.

Alice was lying on my bed completely naked when I got
there, smelling my sheets and rubbing her clitty. I
lay back on her bed and just watched her, my dick
already getting stiff.

"Pull it out so I can look at it Johnny. I like to
see your weenie."

"It's not called a weenie, Alice. That's another baby
name. It's called a dick, or a penis."

"Umm, I like the word dick. I want to look at your
dick, Johnny."

"Maybe in a minute, Alice. Let me think about it."

"It feels so nice to play with myself in the morning.
I love to play with my pussy every morning."

"I think you love to play with your pussy all the

"I do, Johnny. And, umm, it's so nice to do it while
you're watching."

"What do you think about when you're doing that?"

"Umm, I think about your dick and about Momma's pussy
and I think about you hugging me real tight and about
you touching my pussy." Alice's bottom was coming up
off the bed and she was pushing her pussy up higher
into the air. Her butt looked so smooth and pretty
sticking up off the mattress like that that I began
rubbing myself through my pajama bottoms.

"Sometimes I think about being trapped like that girl
in the well. Sometime I want to be held down and not
be able to reach my pussy but have somebody else play
with it. Usually I think about you playing with it,

Alice was driving me crazy. Her pussy looked so good
up in the air like that and I could smell it from
here. Then the nasty things that she was saying made
it worse. Eventually all I could do was pull my
pajamas down and start to jack off again. I felt like
I couldn't control it.

As soon as Alice saw my cock she cummed. She screamed
a little, not real loud, and then held her little cunt
high in the air, rubbing her clitty very fast. Then,
just like before, she collapsed on the bed with a huge
gasp, like the air had gone out of a balloon.

Instead of stopping, though, Alice just started
playing with her clitty again only slower. She kept
looking at my cock and licking her lips like she was
hungry. Alice's licking her lips reminded me of Jani
licking my cock and later, when I had cummed, her
licking my cum off of her hand. I wondered if Alice
would like to lick my cock and the thought was so
nasty that I almost came just from thinking about it.

"Momma's pussy is so pretty. You'd like it if you
ever got to see it." Oh God, I was so close to
shooting off and Alice was talking about Mom's pussy.

"It has red curly hair all around it but you can still
see her white skin underneath them." Damn, I was
close now.

"And her nipples get dark brown and stick out so far
you just want to suck them." That was all it took.
Just the thought of sucking Mom's nipples sent me over
the edge and the cum started squirting out. This time
it landed almost to my neck on the first bit and then
more of it dribbled out on my belly. There seemed
just a little more than yesterday, but maybe it was my

Alice was playing with her pussy faster by now and by
the time I looked back at her she looked like it
wouldn't be long. I knew it was probably wrong, but
Alice seemed to enjoy playing with her pussy so much
that it was just fun to watch. She enjoyed it so much
that it didn't seem like it was wrong to watch.

Alice had another, smaller cum and then seemed to
relax and just rub her belly for a while. I took off
my tee shirt and mopped the cum off my belly and then
smelled it. It didn't smell all that good, but Jani
had sure acted like it tasted good.

"That was fun, Bubba. I like having you watch me and
I like watching you."

"How many times do you do that a day, Alice?"

"Play with my pussy? I don't know. A lot. It's
nicer to do it on top of the bed, where there's more
room. But sometimes, it's nice to not be able to move
so much, too."

"Would you like to play, `Trapped in the Well" this

"Oh yes, Johnny! Could we play right now?" Alice
asked excitedly.

"You just had another cum. You want to play already?"

"Oh Gawd yes, Johnny. That would be so nice."

So she came over to her bed to play the game. At
first it felt very funny, because we were both naked
and I didn't think I wanted to be touching her just
yet. Then I took one of her blankets from the bed and
wrapped it around her without twisting her up in it.
I held her very tight and I could smell how good she
smelled after cuming two times this morning.

As she knelt in front of me, I leaned against her and
she started playing with her pussy with her fingers.
Leaning over her like that, though, I could look down
the front of her and see her fingers moving between
her legs and see one of her titties. I guess I should
have wrapped the blanket tighter, because I hadn't
expected to look at it this close to where she was
playing with herself.

I started to get hard again, but since I was hugging
her through the blanket I figured everything was OK.
But pretty soon Alice was wiggling her butt back up
against me and whispering my name so nice that I
couldn't help but move my hips some. Then, before I
knew it, I was rubbing back against her butt just like
I used to rub against my sheets. But, Alice's butt
was rubbing back and it felt very nice.

She smelled good, too. The more I smelled Alice's
pussy the more I liked it. It smelled better than
smelling Mom's panties and even smelled better than
Jani's pussy had. I started thinking about whether
Alice's pussy would be too small for my fingers and
whether she would like me to lick and bite her clitty
like Jani did. I think Jani liked to be hurt more
than Alice would, so I bet that Alice wouldn't like to
be bitten like that.

Smelling her like that and leaning over her so hard, I
was getting closer to cuming again than I thought I
would. Part of me wanted to pull off the blanket and
let my naked penis touch Alice's bottom and rub
against it, but I knew I shouldn't do that. Not yet.
But I felt like I had to do something -- something new
and adventurous.

So I reached around the blanket and started rubbing
Alice's clitty with my right hand. She really started
moaning then and kissing the side of my face. I was
practically laying on top of her, pushing her into the
mattress and she couldn't move much.

But Alice didn't want to move. This is what she liked
the most, being held down. Her pussy was twitching
and all I had to do was press the middle finger into
her pussy lips and rub her clitty against my palm.
Soon she began a long wail, calling my name as her
cunt spasmed around my finger as she cummed. That was
more than I could take, so I pushed into her butt real
hard and felt my cock shoot its load into the blanket
wrapped around my sister's butt.

Alice and I both collapsed. I knew she liked me
leaning against her, her butt was wiggling again, but
it didn't feel right to have all my weight on her like
this anymore. So I rolled off of her and lay on my
side with my back against the wall.

When Alice had caught her breath, she moved over and
lay her head on my arm. I patted her head with my
other arm and then she caught one of my legs in
between two of hers and squeezed it real hard against
her pussy. Then she began kissing me feverishly on my
neck and my chest.

"You're the best bubba ever, Johnny! The best bubba


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