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ALICE7 old take this nice


Alice Has An Answer 7/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 7
That was the way most of the summer went. We would
wake up early and spend the morning in Mother's bed,
careful not to leave any traces. Alice surprised me
again with her ingenuity. She asked mom if she could
help out by making Mother's bed and straightening up
her room every day while she was at work, just like I
did for the rest of the house. mother readily agreed,
though I think she would not have been as quick if I
had made the same suggestion.

Mother and Alice got along great that summer. Every
time mother would come home, she and Alice would fall
into an instant conversation, picking up where they
had left off the last time. They would even talk to
each other when either one was in the bathroom or
taking a bath (something which made me especially

Alice made me explain everything I had experienced at
Jani's in great detail. She wanted to try all of it,
though at first I hesitated. Especially in allowing
her to lick my butthole. When Alice persisted over
the course of several days, I realized that she wasn't
going to settle back down until she tried it.

We took a long bath together, something Alice always
enjoyed. She loved to soap up her body and rub it all
over mine. Sometimes she would get soap in her pussy
that way and it would burn a little. But, nothing
could stop her from enjoying the sensation.

So we washed thoroughly, concentrating on each other's
bottoms. At first, Alice shoved her finger into my
ticklish butthole too quickly. I showed her what she
would need to do on her own bottom, going more slowly
and gently. Soon we were both fingering each other's
hole, gently sliding our soapy fingers in and out.

Alice's finger was a lot smaller than mine, so I was
worried more about her. She told me that it felt good
though, even dried off her hands and rubbed her clitty
while I did it. She didn't cum, because she was so
excited about feeling my butt that she didn't want to
take the time.

Her finger inside me felt -- well, interesting. I'd
lie if I said I didn't like it, but just that feeling
alone wasn't exciting enough to make me cum. But,
when she pumped my cock up and down with her other
soapy hand, it made both of the feelings more intense.

After we had washed each other clean, Alice hurriedly
led me by the hand to my bed. She lay down between my
legs, just as I had explained that Jani had done.
Then she spit on her hands and started rubbing my
dick, mimicking my descriptions to the letter.

As Alice proceeded from one step to another,
experimenting with my penis and licking my testicles,
it felt very nice, but somehow not as intense as the
first time. When I was with Jani, everything had been
new, exciting and, I suppose, more forbidden. It
should have felt more forbidden with my little sister
I guess, but it was an indication of my acceptance of
our situation that I didn't see playing with Alice as
forbidden anymore. At least not like this.

Even when she began tickling my bottom and eventually
licking my butthole, the feeling was intense, but
somehow not as sharp as before. I still cummed, but
it was more a physical pleasure and less of an
emotional one.

I asked Alice if she was OK and she said she was.
Anytime Alice got to play sex games she was happy.
She would almost always have a hand playing with her
clitty. I gave her a kiss on the lips, something we
hadn't done much before, just to show her that I
didn't think what she had done was dirty or that I
hadn't liked it.

When I kissed her, she kinda melted into the bed,
groaning with surprise. Alice seemed to be making
more noise all the time whenever she was excited. I
liked that because it made me more excited too.
Sometimes when she would moan I could feel a tingling
at the back of my balls that felt real good.

Even though she hadn't asked me to do it, I had seen
Alice's eyes light up when I told her about when I had
licked Jani's pussy. Since Alice had been so good to
me, even going so far as to lick my butthole while I
cummed, I figured now would be a good time to return
the favor.

I crawled down between her legs, stopping to kiss her
titty and her bellybutton on the way. Alice was very
excited about me kissing her pussy for the first time.
She had her knees back almost to her chest and she was
leaning over as far as she could to see me do it.
Seeing the amazement in her eyes, I made a big show of
sticking out my tongue as far as I could and giving
her cunt a big lick from the bottom all the way to the

I thought Alice was going to die right there. She
grunted and threw her head back into the pillow, all
the while pushing her pussy up at me, begging for
more. I took my time getting a good look at
everything and then started to lick what looked
interesting to me.

Alice's pussy didn't look very big from the outside.
The skin was tight and smooth. It felt wonderful to
lick it all around, dipping just the edge of my tongue
into the hole as I did. Alice moaned and told me that
felt wonderful but when I slowly reached her clit, she
squealed and said that felt even better.

Still, I wanted to make it last even longer so I went
back to her hole, straightened my tongue and pushed it
as far inside as I could. Smelling Alice and tasting
her juices was not something that got less intense the
more I did it. If anything, I enjoyed the taste and
the smells more every time I touched her. I was used
to licking my fingers after I had played with her
pussy, and knew a little bit about how it tasted, but
that was nothing like the taste of her juices straight
on my tongue.

I wish I could have stuck my tongue even further
inside her. I knew from fingering her that Alice's
pussy opened up more on the inside. It was still
tight in there, but inside there was more to explore
than just the tight little hole up front. Even if I
tried real hard, I couldn't get my tongue in as far as
I wanted. Not by a long ways.

Alice had her knees up next to her body, her pussy
completely open and exposed, humping it back against
my mouth when she wanted me to hurry up. I looked
down and saw her butthole, squeezing out and in as she
moved her hips and before I even thought about it, I
licked it. After I did it I thought, well at least I
know it's clean, but it did have a slightly bitter

Alice freaked out, though. I think the thought of me
licking her butthole just exhilarated her, like it had
me the first time. Her hands flew to her clit and she
started fingering it hard. Since she was playing with
that, I stuck my nose into her pussy hole and pushed
it in and resumed licking her bottom.

Gawd, Alice cummed hard that time, harder than I had
ever seen her. She pushed so hard against me that I
thought she was going to break my nose. I put my
hands on her thighs to hold them still and leaned
against her with the weight of the top half of my
body. This let me bury my nose in her pussy even more
and get the tip of my tongue farther up her butt.

But after a while I had to come up for a good, long
breath. I had never expected to do that. If Alice
had asked me to do it, I probably wouldn't have. But
I realized it was the excitement of doing something
new, something more forbidden, that made the situation
so intense.

I wonder if everyone experiences sex like this? How
long could we keep trying new things, looking for
something more intense?

We experimented all summer like that. I never went
back to Jani's house. I thought about it several
times, but any time I mentioned it to Alice, she
seemed upset. Besides, I was having a lot of fun with

My voice started to change, getting deeper. Alice
noticed hair growing near my penis. I began to get
hair under my arms. mom set me down and told me that
I was going through puberty. Whatever it was, I felt
awkward and strange a lot of times. The only thing
that felt good most of the time was being alone with

Only on the days when mom stayed home did we act like
other kids. mom was usually only home one full day a
week. One other day, she would sometimes work a half
a day. But, she needed to work the overtime to pay
the bills, so whenever she could, she worked.

I loved having mother at home. We'd sit around all
morning and drink coffee together. I enjoyed talking
with her and was always fascinated by her affect on
me. But on those days Alice and I couldn't play our
games. Alice might go into Mother's room and snuggle
in her bed with her in the morning. I didn't think I
could trust myself to do that.

One morning, after Alice and I had both cum in
Mother's bed, I was just thinking about everything
that had happened and how different life was. I
thought more and more about mother these days and the
problem of when she stayed home. Alice seemed to read
my mind again.

"How could we get mom to play with us like this when
she's home?" she asked aloud.

"I don't know, Sis. I've thought about it, but I
don't think it's possible."

"Maybe we could tie her up and force her to play with
us until she cummed."

"That wouldn't be very nice, Alice. I don't think
Mother would like being tied up, do you?"

"I don't know," Alice said in a quiet voice. "Some
girls like it."

"Who likes it?" I asked, wondering what Alice was
leading up to or what she was talking about.

"I'd like it, Johnny. I think about you tying me up
all the time and sticking your penis in me," she
whispered as if confessing a crime. I'd never stuck
my dick into Alice. As I got bigger, my penis was
getting bigger too. I only put one finger in her, and
my penis was a lot bigger than my finger. I was
afraid of hurting her, on the inside.

But the idea of tying Alice down and playing with her
pussy sounded interesting. It had that edge of
nastiness that I was looking for most of the time.

"How did you have in mind me tying you up, Sis?"

"Come on, I'll show you!"

Alice knew just where to find a collection of soft
belts and knit pants, all various devises that she had
practiced restraining her own limbs with before. She
stripped her own bed of everything but the sheet and
then tied down one of her legs, loping the belt under
the bed to tie against its leg. Then she tied her
other ankle and bent over, showing me where to tie it
off. Then it was just a matter of me tying first one
wrist and then the other down in the same way.

I looked down at Alice, stretched out on the bed,
naked. Something told me to take this nice and slow.
This was something that Alice had wanted me to do for
a while; she had just now gotten up the courage to

Obviously she wanted to be helpless, wanted to feel as
though she didn't have any choice but to do what I
wanted. But Alice had always done what I wanted her
to do. Maybe there was something that she wanted me
to do that I had never done.

While I thought about these things I began to draw an
imaginary triangle from Alice's nipples to her
clitoris with just the tip of my finger. Hmm, I could
always ask her. In fact, the direct approach always
worked well with Alice.

"Is there anything else you've been wanting me to do,
little one?"

I had just touched her clit with my finger and so I
twirled it around once before heading back to her
heaving chest. "Any deep, dark secrets you haven't
shared with Bubba yet?"

I could tell that Alice desperately wanted me to dive
into her pussy and start eating and touching it. She
was already straining against her bonds, trying to
reach down and scratch the itch that was beginning to
worry her between her legs. But I reasoned, rightly
or wrongly, that if she didn't want to be tormented a
little, why would she want to be tied up?

"Anything you want to tell me, sweet Alice?"

"Yesss," she growled from deep within her. Alice was
breathing very hard now. I hadn't even begun to play
with her pussy yet and she was more wound up than
usual. I could already see a small circle of wetness
on the sheet beneath her.

Somehow, with Alice being tied up, new thought and
ideas were running through my head. She had always
let me be in charge. Alice had always done what I
asked her to do. I had enjoyed that part of our
relationship. Now I was totally in control of her.
Now I could do anything I wanted with her.

"When I'm tied up, Johnny," she said, panting and
straining through each word as though they hurt her,
"be rougher. Be rough with me, Johnny. Be rough."
Her voice growled the word like it was sandpaper,
scratching up her throat to get out.

I had never seen this side of Alice. Alice had always
been a quiet child. I had always thought of her as a
sweet girl. But, now I wondered if quiet and sweet
were necessarily the same? Maybe what Alice needed
when she was tied up was for someone to be a little
mean to her, just like Jani liked.

Then I thought, mom likes rough guys too. Hadn't
every man that mother dated so far been a little
rough, a little mean? Maybe girls liked men that
could be nice and kind, but that also could be rough

"So, Alice," I said in my most menacing voice, the
voice she liked for me to scare her with, "you want me
to be a little rougher, eh?" I took one nipple and
pinched it just a little tighter than I ever had

"Just when I'm tied down, Johnny," she said as she
grimaced, my fingers sending a little sliver of pain
that she seemed to be enjoying.

"OK, sister dear. But you'll have to tell me if I go
too far," I replied, twisting the nipple just a little
with each word.

Alice was groaning almost non-stop now. I moved my
left hand forward, palming her between her
outstretched legs. The contact of my hand caused a
shiver to run up her body. I pressed down with the
heel onto her clit and stretched the middle finger
down to her anus, circling it aggressively.

Alice arched against the bonds, almost rising to
release, needing one last thing to push her over the
edge. I let go of her left nipple, quickly shoving my
index finger into her open, gasping mouth. I
commanded her to suck it, to get it nice and wet with
her saliva. Then, when another wave of pleasure
seemed to be building up within her, I pulled the
finger out and began to squeeze and twist her right

Alice cummed, bucking against my hand, her chest
pulling back, withdrawing from the pain in her nipple.
Her little pussy was sputtering, spewing creams
against my palm as her asshole clenched the tip of my
finger, gripping it tightly.

Afterward, I untied her slowly. Then I pulled Alice
into my lap and rocked her gently like she was my

I think we were both a little stunned at what had
happened. I was stunned at the strange enjoyment of a
violence I hadn't realized was in me. I think Alice
was a little stunned too; first that I would do it and
second at the intensity she seemed to experience
because of it.

"Do you still love me, Johnny?" she asked with a

"Of course I love you Alice. I always will," I
whispered as I stroked her hair and kissed her

As I rocked her, she seemed to almost be slipping into

"Only be mean when I'm tied up, though," she said with
a yawn. Then, after I agreed, she added with a
mischievous, sleepy grin, "but you can be a little
rougher if you want."


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