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ALICE8 girls and women Their preadolescent humor


Alice Has An Answer 8/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 8
The rest of the waning summer Alice and I explored our
new game. At first I approached it tentatively, a
little afraid of hurting her and even more afraid of
my own response. Slowly I probed her capacity for
pain and the erotic thrill she found in it. I found a
corresponding thrill for me as well, a thrill in
tormenting her body and dominating her mind.

From the hardware store around the corner we bought
soft, pliable rope. To this Alice added, to my
surprise, a bag of wooden clothespins. We found a
used scout manual at a thrift store that taught us the
names and methods for tying knots. It was hard to
keep from bruising her at times. Alice pushed for
more. I drew a firm line at anything involving
cutting, bleeding or scarring. I'm not at all certain
where Alice would have drawn the line.

That's not to say that Alice wasn't satisfied by our
experiments. After a day of being tied down and
worked over, Alice was tired and nearing exhaustion.
Even with the soft ropes, I learned to pad her wrists
and ankles to prevent chaffing and rubbing her joints
raw. She started taking baths before mother came
home, deflecting her gaze from our artistry on Alice's
lovely flesh.

We still played our other games. We began each
morning sprawled on Mother's bed, Alice's head bobbing
between my legs. She became adept at sucking me, at
bringing me to the edge repeatedly and then finally
pushing me over. I became proficient at drawing out
her pleasure as well. When she was unfettered, Alice
liked quick, fast orgasms. When she was bound, I
would prolong her anguish for hours.

I learned that Alice had a wicked, vivid imagination.
She often described in lurid words what she desired,
sometimes wanting me to go further than I was willing.
But I learned that if I simulated what Alice wanted,
describing in equally graphic terms what it might feel
like, it was often enough to give her what she needed.
In this manner, I learned to scar and brand and abuse
the flesh of her imagination, sparing the flesh of her

We worked on signals, Alice and I. After a while, I
had to gag her so that her screams would not rouse the
neighbors. We tried washcloths, handkerchiefs and
scarves. In a peculiar twist, Alice's favorite gag
proved to be Mother's soiled panties. She learned to
tell me what she wanted with her eyes and with her
touch, even when her mouth was full.

In fact, almost any action we took or description I
embellished could be made even more titillating for
Alice and I by my verbal inclusion of mother to our
bizarre games. Our mother unknowingly became a third
member of our sexual escapades.

Alice did not always prefer to be tied on the bed,
though. Sometimes I would tie her in disturbing ways
in the middle of the floor, ways that exposed her
bottom for spanking and her vagina for my amusement.
Often I would spend as much time probing, stroking and
teasing her anus as I did any other of her lovely
parts. I became adept at titillating one portion of
her body for so long that even the original pleasure
became an intense distraction.

At first I assumed we were spiraling downward, that
our games were in some way sick and twisted. But
Alice flourished under my hand. mother raved about
the new Alice, lavishing her and I with praises. She
even praised me, flirting with me teasingly as she did
it, for my maturity and dependability.

Meanwhile, I meticulously learned the limits to how
far I could bend without breaking, how far I could
psychologically prod Alice without damaging her mind.
Perhaps we were just lucky that we never got carried
away too far. Or, perhaps our common love and respect
kept us safe even through this dangerous storm.

In any case, we both began the next school year
completely changed individuals. We both were used to
starting new schools. Mother's penchant for changing
(or losing?) jobs and our limited economic status
meant we had had to move frequently, going wherever
the next job was available. This time, I entered our
new school more confident, more in control than ever

It was probably for the best that we had switched
schools. For one thing, Alice acted completely
different now. She talked to other girls, was more
attentive to people and was generally less shy and
distant than she had appeared before. In short, she
acted much as any other girl her age, albeit still
being a little more shy and reserve than her
classmates. Certainly Alice did not stand out as
being completely different as she had in previous

On the other hand, even I could recognize the swagger
that I entered school with that year. I was bigger
than most boys my age were and, just as important, I
knew more than these little boys about the ways of
girls and women. Their preadolescent humor and their
immaturity astonished me. A few months ago, I too had
been completely naive. Had I ever really acted that
way? I understood how much I had changed when I saw
how little others my own age had done so.

Last year I had ignored the girls around me, assuming
they were just like boys when I noticed them at all.
Now I knew that girls held the mystery to life and
pleasure. I noticed them, and like some ancient line
of priestesses, they seemed to recognize that I did.

I was a poor boy and new to their school. By any
measure, I should have been shunned and ignored. But,
when I returned the looks of even the popular girls,
frankly appraising them by my new standards, they
shied away demurely, attracted nonetheless. Only with
the mature women, my teachers, did I have to restrain
myself, being careful when I imagined them tied and
helpless on my bed.

But after I got over my initial shock of confronting
these new girls at my school I started thinking, what
are they to me? I didn't need a girlfriend; I had a
sister that was willing to do anything I wanted and
more. I didn't want to walk them home from school or
talk to them on the phone. Every minute spent on
these girls outside of school was another minute I
could spend with Alice, pursuing more worldly

So I decided just to return their frank glances, to
watch their hips sway in front of me more dramatically
when they saw me looking and to consider them
knowingly as they adjusted their clothing before me
without any further comments except our mutual
understanding. Some of the girls were as oblivious as
the boys were. But I could tell the ones that were
already in touch with their sexual natures. At our
age, there were many more girls that understood the
ways of sex than boys.

All during the day I thought about what I would do to
this one or that one if I had complete control over
her body and mind. All during the afternoon I worked
out my fantasies on Alice. Her body became the anvil
on which I forged my desires.

On the third day of school, after I had reached this
conclusion, even Alice could see an eagerness to my
steps on our way home. I told her I had been thinking
about her all day, thinking about what I would do to
her when we got home. Alice's eyes brightened and her
step quickened as well. She told me that she had
heard some girls in my grade talking about me today,
but I wasn't sure whether she were trying to tease me
or to inflame my desires more.

"Jamie Nelson told Laurie Cooper that you were
`dreamy' today in the bathroom while I was there."
Alice always did have the knack for listening in on
people's conversations. It surprised me that she knew
their names already, but they were two of the most
popular and Alice was always a bright girl.

"Jamie Nelson has slutty hips. She probably frigs
herself all night." Now that I had an ear for the
language of sex, I had learned many more words and
became more descriptive in their use, especially with

"Maybe she'll dream about you when she's frigging
herself tonight, " Alice teased back. I think she was
looking forward to me being particularly vicious when
we got home.

"Jamie Nelson would think I was really dreamy if I
were to tie her down and cum down her throat, don't
you think, Sis?"

"I know I would, Johnny," she whispered hoarsely.

"No, Alice. You will. Not you would."

Alice just groaned and walked even faster.

When we got home I ordered Alice to strip immediately
and lay down on her belly between our two beds. I
tied her ankles together with several loops and then
her thighs with several more. By running a line
between those loops I was able to pull the two loops
towards each other so that Alice would have to perch
on her knees insecurely, balancing on just her
kneecaps without the use of her feet. From our
experience this position began to really hurt after 30
minutes or so.

Then I tied her wrist together tightly and then tied a
short loop around her neck and to her wrist so that
she had to lean forward on her elbows. I stood back
and inspected her. Alice was perched precariously on
her elbows and her knees, her feet high in the air,
her bottom sticking up higher than her head.

"You look beautiful like that, Alice," I said, ticking
my fingers across her vulva. Even just tying her with
the ropes had gotten Alice to panting already. I slid
my index finger into her slick warmth, carefully
stimulating her slowly. I almost raised her to her
peak, then slowly eased my finger out of her.

"I think your cherry's almost ripe dear!"

When Alice began to curse me for not finishing her, I
decided it was time to gag her. I had a very special
gag in mind today. One I had thought about while
considering my English teacher during class today.

I walked to the front of Alice, nudging her just a bit
with my hand on her pretty ass to remind her of her
balance. After I removed my pants, I knelt down in
front of her, appraising her position. Then I pulled
back on her hair and stuffed my hard cock between her

"Poor Alice, your mouth feels so good, I might never
fuck you. I know you want a good fucking, too. Don't
you want a good fucking, my little virgin?" I
inquired, knowing her mouth was full. Alice groaned
in response, wiggling her upthrust bottom as much as
the weight on her knees would allow.

"But I like looking at your ass like this too, Alice.
Maybe I'll fuck your ass first. Would you like that
dear?" I inched my penis further into her mouth so
that the head would feel the vibrations of her

"Or maybe, when she joins us, I'll just fuck mother
ever day and have you lick us both clean. That way
you can stay a virgin forever, Alice. Would you like

I picked up several strands of the soft rope that I
often used to whip her with because with just enough
force it would sting but not mark. I began to strike
her upraised bottom with it, slowly timing each stroke
to coincide with my gentle thrust into her mouth.

"Or maybe I'll tie you both up and force you to eat
Mother's pussy while I rape you from behind. Would
you like that Alice? Me shoving your tongue deeper
into Mother's cunt every time I fucked into you?"

I knew that Alice was highly agitated now. If I could
reach around and even lightly touch her clit that
would be enough. If I were to shove even a little
finger into her ass or cunt, that would be enough.
Even at the risk of pushing her over the edge, I
whipped her so that just the frayed ends of the rope
struck her sensitive anus and vagina. Every time I
did so, Alice lurched forward onto my cock, rocking on
her aching knees and elbows.

I took us both to this high state of anxiety and
tension and held us there until we could not stand it,
and then held it longer until we both ached with the
need of it. My penis became so sensitive that when I
quit rocking, even Alice's minute wobbling threatened
to send me over the edge. And Alice -- Alice was
writhing even more than her position would bear, held
up only by my left hand in her hair and the tension in
her back for release.

After a long time had passed like this, I pulled my
cock brutally out of her mouth. As I rolled her on
her back, Alice grunted with relief from her aching
knees and elbows. I hurriedly untied her legs and the
loop around her neck, leaving her wrists tied

When I crawled between Alice's limp legs and spread
them wide apart, her eyes flew open, expecting me to
plunge myself inside her. In her eyes I could see,
she urgently wanted me to do just that.

"Not today, little virgin," I growled, throwing one
more torment on the heap of my sister's pain.

I stretched out over my sister so that just the base
of my cock fell between the slick, hungry lips of her
vagina. She tried to scramble up, tried to raise her
hips so that her greedy little maw might swallow the
head of my dick, but her tied wrists and my firm grip
on her shoulders would not let her engulf it. I
wrapped my arms around my sister, pushing down on her
shoulders to force her cunt to press against the
underside of my cock. Then I began thrusting on her,
my shaft running along the outside of the slippery
groove of her cunt.

I saw it in her eyes. Her pussy could taste the meat
of my dick, but couldn't eat it. It was like waving a
piece of steak before a starving girl. She was
desperate for cock, but this was as close as she would
come today. This was my last torment of my sister,
and the most effective.

Despite being denied, my penis was spreading her
sensitive lips and bouncing along her swollen, rigid
clitoris with every thrust. She was denied what she
most desired, but given more than her aching body
could refuse. She was waiting as long as she could to
see if I would weaken and slide into her fully, but
her body was ready to take what release I was

As I saw her will break and she began to thrust
against me, struggling for her climax, I covered her
lips with my own and completed our writhing coupling,
fucking into her mouth with my tongue. As I came, my
semen squirted itself hotly against her belly, pooling
in her navel and smearing itself obscenely on our
stomachs as we thrust against each other.

With the spasms in my cock, Alice pulled her weary
legs high around me and found her own release, forcing
her clit against the underside of my root, kissing my
testicles with her clenching asshole.

When I fell over, she was grunting at me, eager for me
to untie her wrist. The moment I did, she ran her
hands along her sticky stomach, collecting my spunk on
her fingers and running it to her mouth. That's
another of the reasons I loved Alice. She truly
enjoyed the taste of my cum now.

"You're gonna have to fuck me one day, you bastard,"
she growled between licks of her fingers. That meant
that Alice still loved me. I had found that she
needed to lash out with words immediately upon being
freed. It was her way of releasing the tension and
the pain.

"I don't know sweetie. You squirm so well right now."

Alice rolled onto my chest, pressing herself against
me, seeking comfort and reassurance as I hugged her

"Yea, but think of how good I'll squirm when you stick
you dick in me the first time."

That's another thing I loved about Alice. She
certainly had a way with words.


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