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ALICE9 cum bad Please let


Alice Has An Answer 9/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 9
It was Friday afternoon, getting late. mother should
be home in an hour and a half. My sister Alice
was tied up deliciously on all fours in front of me.
Laying on our beds on either side, within easy reach,
were all the items I had been using to torment her for
the last two hours. We would have to finish soon.
Alice had to take her bath and I had to straighten the
house before mother came home. But there was still a
little time.

A cool breeze was coming through the window, playing
across Alice's sensitive back where I had been
whipping her. There was only a rosy color to the
backside and buttocks because the fabrics I had used
to beat her with were soft, the force controlled. I
guessed that the cool breeze would feel incredible
over her tender flesh.

It was almost winter. I had started tying Alice up in
summer. Somehow it seemed longer than that.

Everything was better, now. Alice and I had each
other every afternoon. School was better. Mother's
job was going well. She had gotten a raise and a
promotion. Money was better. She had let it slip
that she might get another promotion soon. mother
never talked about her work at home. Home was her

It was hardly Alice's refuge at the moment, though she
would have rather been here than any other place on
earth. Her shoulders must be aching right now. There
were two large throw pillows underneath her that she
could lie down against when her arms got tired. I had tied
the insides of her wrists tightly together so that she
had to lean forward on her little fists. All the
weight of her upper body was leaned on them and after
a while her shoulders and her fists ached. It also
made her balance a little precarious if she leaned
from side to side. Or if I nudged her. Sometimes, if I
nudged her just enough, she would fall against the
pillows, forcing her to strain her shoulders even more
as she tried to raise back up in her awkward position.
But Alice had strong shoulders for a girl her size.
At least she did by now.

So I took the harder belt and stung her just a little
on her back, just in between her shoulder blades where
the muscles would be aching most.

But it wasn't Alice's shoulders I was concentrating on
today. Nor was it her bottom. I had spanked it good
and whipped it. Even now my thumb would nuzzle her
tender anus occasionally. I had concentrated on
Alice's ass yesterday, scoring the exterior and
stretching the hole. Alice's asshole was pliable and
relaxed now, but I didn't want it large and gaping. I
was just preparing it slowly for the day that she
would take my penis there. We had talked about it
thoroughly. She was eager for it. But that wouldn't
be today, or even next week.

Nor was I concentrating on Alice's nipples. But I did
check the rope and make sure that it was still rubbing
them, keeping both the rope and her nipples taut.
Alice's breast had only just begun to develop, but her
nipples were much bigger already and more sensitive:
perhaps as a result of my constant pinching and
pulling. Or maybe it was the clothespins she loved to

I was concentrating on Alice's clitoris today. It was
one of Alice's favorite games because it was so
difficult for her to keep from cuming. I had allowed
her to have a gentle, tender little orgasm when we
first began. If I hadn't, Alice would have never had
enough control. After I had tied her up and spanked
her bottom just a bit, I had held the broad head of my
cock against her responsive bud and affectionately
rubbed it until she had a small little shiver of a

But the rest of the afternoon I had not allowed her to
repeat it. Or rather her own trained mind, a very
beautiful mind that I had come to adore, had not
allowed her to cum. I had not yet given her the code
phrase that would allow her to send herself over the
edge. That's why Alice kept rising up on her arms
even though her shoulders ached. By concentrating on
the discomfort of her shoulders, it helped her to deal
with the pleasure I was causing on her lovely clit.
If she allowed herself to cum before I was ready, she
knew the game would end. And she also knew that
tomorrow's game would be much worse if she displeased

But Alice almost never displeased me. She had a
wonderful capacity to absorb whatever devious ideas I
could think of. Alice always wanted more: more
pleasure, more pain, and more intensity.

There were two bowls of water on her bed, the remnants
of our first experiment. One had contained warm
water, so warm she could barely stand it. The other
had contained ice water. I had sponged her cunt and
clit with the warm, then bathed it with the cold
repeatedly until she howled. Or would have howled if
not for Mother's panties in her mouth to gag her.

They were cotton panties today that mother had worn
all day yesterday. Alice loved the cotton best
because they absorbed more and their odor the next day
was more intense. Still, she couldn't have
everything. Stuffed in Alice's mouth, they made it
drier than the synthetic fabrics did. I had removed
them once already and gave her some ice to suck. Of
course, then I had stuffed her throat with my dick and
her cold lips and tongue was indescribable.

Alice had become a remarkable cocksucker. Her mouth
was the only orifice I had violated completely, but
that was not for lack of desire on either of our
parts. Alice wanted me to fuck her in the worst way.
I had almost lost control several times myself. But
her virginity was Alice's most special torment, the
scab I picked at every afternoon. If I relieved her
of it, I would have to change half of my repertoire.

Even now I was rubbing my cock between her spread
legs. I tilted my hips so the head would drag against
her clit. When the friction made the spot too dry, I
had to drag it back and coat it with Alice's plenteous
drippings. It was a dangerous game, getting the head
of my cock so close to the mouth of Alice's eager
cunt. It was the danger that made it so much fun.

But the constant stimulation was building even higher
than Alice could stand. I palmed her pussy,
slathering my fingers in her accumulated wetness and
smeared it all over my sore cock. I had been hard for
far too long. I had to get release, even if Alice

Alice's juices did feel wonderful on me as I coated my
prick with them. At first Alice had not produced this
much moisture. She was, after all, only thirteen and
only just now entering puberty. But over time with
our little games she had been generating more. After
I was done coating it, I licked my hands because I
loved the taste of her.

I walked to her front and pulled the gag from her
mouth. Alice's continuous moaning was delightful,
sending a delicious thrill down my spine when I heard
it clearly without the gag. It was almost a shame to
run my penis down her throat, but I wanted her to get
a good taste of her flavor on my dick.

Alice could easily accommodate my whole length by now,
though keeping myself buried fully within her mouth
blocked her airway, so I didn't do that long.
Besides, she loved my full cock in her mouth so much I
couldn't very well allow her to enjoy it. After she
had cleaned it off well, I withdrew it until just the
head was in her lips.

"You've done very good today, Alice. I'm going to
reward you now. I'm going to shoot my load right on
the tip of your tongue like you love so much. You'll
be able to taste it fully that way. I love you, Sis."

With just a few strokes, I ejaculated into Alice's
willing mouth. She only allowed a little of it to
dribble down my shaft. She knew I liked to see that,
so she made the sacrifice. I felt her love, looking
at my sperm sliding down my shaft before her talented
tongue scooped it up.

"God that tasted good, Johnny! Please Johnny, I need
to cum so bad! Please let me cum!" Alice mumbled

No doubt she really did, but Alice would beg to cum
all afternoon if I left her ungagged. I was inured to
her pleadings by now.

But, it was getting late. I needed to finish her.

I left the panties underneath her and walked around to
her backside, kneeling down to prepare her final
touches. Just then, my eyes recognized the shadow of
a familiar silhouette. My God, mother was standing on
the other side of the doorway! How long had she been

I looked at Alice. I tried to see us as mother would
see us. We were both naked and Alice was tied down,
obscenely presenting her pussy toward the door where
Mother watched. I had just cum in her mouth, had just
forced myself down Alice's throat for all mother knew.
She must have thought I was raping Alice, damn near
killing her for all that her moaning must sound like.
Thankfully, I don't think mother had seen me pull her
own panties out of Alice's mouth.

There must be something I could do while mother waited
and watched. Why was she waiting?

The only thing I could think to do was to convince her
that Alice wasn't an unwilling victim. A victim
perhaps, but not unwilling. I could convince mother
that Alice wasn't being raped. Or rather, Alice could
convince her.

"Alice dear, what do you want more than anything in
the world?" I asked, knowing her answer. My voice
surprised me with its steadiness. But why should it?
Wasn't this all theatre, wasn't this game with Alice
all about drama and suspense? And great sex, of

"Oh God, Johnny! I want you to fuck me sooo bad!" Uh
oh, maybe Alice was being a little too dramatic.

"You know I can't do that, Sis. You're still a virgin
after all!"

Well, at least I got that in before the ax fell.

But then, this might be the last chance I would ever
get. Here was Alice, spread before me, quivering with
the need to fuck me. God knows I wanted to fuck her,
even knowing mom might stop us at any moment. I might
never get the chance again.

It was very tempting to take her, but I loved Alice
with all my heart. She wanted me, but she wasn't
prepared for it just now. As wet as she was, as much
as she said she wanted it, if I were to penetrate her
right now, it would be painful for her. I couldn't
cause her pain like that. I loved her.

I couldn't cause her pain. Somehow the situation made
the irony of that thought even more perverse.
Something in my sadness for that irony made me lose my
mind just a little, made my control slip and let my
wicked side come through even more than I intended.

If you dig yourself into a hole and can't get out,
what do you do?

"If I'm not going to fuck you, Sis, what do you want
me to do more than anything else in the world?"

"I want you to fuck Momma, Johnny! I'd like to watch
you fuck her."

You dig a little deeper, I suppose.

"Why would you want to do that Alice? What makes you
think mother wants to be fucked?"

"She needs a good fucking, Johnny. She's so lonely.
I know you could fuck her good and make her happy."

That's about as deep as it could get I guess. It was
what Alice and I had both always wanted. Besides each
other. I'm sure I was in as much trouble as I could
be in. But, there was one last thing I had to do,
even if it caused me more trouble.

Alice had been such a good girl all day. She had
withstood my torments. She was still primed and
ready. Her body and her mind needed release.

I bend down alongside Alice and ran my hands
underneath her between her tender thighs. I brought
my lips right up to her ear; the words I had to
whisper were for her alone. This would be our secret.

As I began to tease her clit with my fingertips I
whispered, "Mother's watching you from the door right
now, Alice."

How perverse could I be? Alice would think this was
all a part of our game. Only I knew it was reality.

"She's come home early and she wants to see her little
girl cum real hard. Give Momma a show, Alice. Let
her see you cum real hard."

There was only one thing left to say now. Alice was a
gun, cocked and ready for firing. All I had to do was
give her the phrase that would pull her trigger.

"I think your cherry's ripe now, Alice!"

The accumulated torment and teasing of hours swelled
up in Alice. I was not worried about her restraints.
If anything the ropes helped to hold her down, helped
to control the force of the orgasm that ripped through
her. She grunted with a long, guttural sound that
came up from her bowels. Her vulva fluttered and
undulated, her creamy spending sputtered out with the
strength of her contractions. The force that rippled
through my sister surprised even me, made a mockery of
all my torments. The violence that her own orgasm did
to her body was greater than all my petty tortures.
It ended with a scream I had to stifle with my hand or
half the city would have been at our door.

I was stunned that such intensity could come out of
her little body. From the look of Mother's face in
the doorway, so was she. It took her a moment to
realize that I was looking at her, to realize that I
knew she had watched and did nothing. I saw a wave of
embarrassment wash over her. Then, a wave of anger.
Mother turned around and fled the room.

I untied Alice's limp body, checking first to even
make sure that she was alive. She had a charming
smile when I released her. Her face looked so
innocent and sweet as I embraced her -- the face of
an angel, or a cherub.

"I know you're tired, Alice, but don't fall asleep on
me just yet, dear. mother really was at the door.
Now she knows."


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