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ALL HIS old her that they should not



She was anxious. The wedding would be starting any moment. Her mind
was racing. The wedding night She and he had sex weeks ago, but he had
told her that they should not have any for awhile, and that she should stop
her pills. She had protested. They should wait, they should not rush, it
was a big commitment.

He only smiled. "If I am not making love to you, you don't need them
anyway do you? You have another lover?" It had been silly, but she let him
convince her that her body could use a break from the drugs, and besides,
he could always wear a rubber, couldn't he? Everything went perfectly, the
cake was cut and finally the limo came. She was exhausted by the time she
finally climbed into the limo beside him and headed for the hotel.

But she was obviously not going to be able to rest. He locked her into
his arms at once, kissing her with such intensity that it took her breath
away. His hands began to wander, and she tried to push them away, "We'll
be at the hotel soon, wait" He ignored her and in a few moments his hands
were lost in the folds of her dress, pinching her clit and rolling it
between his fingers. She was trying to resist, but even so, she could feel
herself beginning to get wet.

Finally at the hotel, she stumbled out of the car, he gripped her arm
possessively. She knew she was flushed, her face red and her breathing
fast, it was embarrassing, but everyone just grinned at her as they went
into the empty elevator and the ride up to the room began. The instant the
elevator doors closed, he turned to her and lifted her hem, and again she
pushed his hand away, but he insisted. "Ah your so wet baby, are you sure
you want me to stop?" he murmured as he kissed her again and her resistance
faded. Just before the doors opened, he turned to the opening doors and
smiled innocently at the waiting passengers. She faintly heard
congratulations being exchanged, but she moved toward their room, turning
her flushed face away from them. He was opening the door.

The room was beautiful, he again took her arm, guiding her inside and
closing the door behind them. Tossing the keys on the side table, he
turned and for the first time seemed to be looking at her. "Mine, all
mine" he whispered and went around behind her and began to unfasten her
dress. "Shouldn't we have a drink or something?" she asked. "You won't be
drinking for awhile" he answered.

She turned and looked at him, confusion showing. "What?" He only smiled
and continued to unbutton the dress. She turned and held still while he
worked the buttons, as he did so, he began kissing and licking her neck.
Her skin stood up and the throbbing inside her began to cause her insides
to rhythmically pulse. Her dress fell away, and his hands slide around her
and grasped her breasts. Pinching the nipples, one hand drifting slowly
down between her damp thighs. "Ummm, your wet for me aren't you?" He again
pinched her clit, but this time he could not hold it, it was wet and
slippery, so he pinched over and over, it popping free each time, she
responded with shudders each time it popped free.

"You should step out of that dress baby, I'll be right back." He
suddenly released her and disappeared into the bathroom. She stood there
for a second, swaying. Her skin was hot and the rhythmic pulse in her was
hotly centered in her belly and between her thighs. She stepped from the
dress and pulled the covers on the bed back and collapsed onto the cool
sheets. Reaching up, she pinched her own nipples and pressed her fingers
into that hot wet hole. The throbbing wetness exploding over her hands, so
that when he finally emerged from the bathroom, she shoved her hand under
the covers to hide the sticky mess. "All ready for me?" he grinned. He
stood at the foot of the bed, his huge member an angry red. He saw her
staring at it. He reached down and stroked his pulsing flesh. "You like
that baby? You want some?"

She shivered as he moved to stand next to her on the bed. He reached
over and turned her face toward him, his cock right in her face. "Open
your mouth" He commanded. She had never done this quite this way, but
obliged him. He suddenly grabbed her hair and thrust his hard flesh deep
into her throat and began gliding it in and out of her lips. "Suck my cock
bitch! Suck it, you’re mine now and you’re going to serve me!" He reached
down and began fondling her pussy, the juices flowed out over his hand.
"Ah, what a good girl, your all wet for me aren't you! Suck it, ummm that
feels good, your going to be a good girl and let me fuck you aren't you?"
He was pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat and she
was helpless to stop him. She was frozen by the sensations coursing
through her, she wanted this, more than anything.

What ever had possessed her had complete control, and she sucked hungrily at him as he continued to reward her with his hands, tugging at
her wet pussy flesh and causing jolting hot charges of lighting to surge up
into her cunt and deep into her body. "You ready baby, you ready for me to
fuck you? Hum?" He drew the shaft from her mouth, and she managed to lick
it once more before it got out of range. "Come here baby, come here and
spread your legs for me" He pulled her around on the bed so that her legs
lay over the edge, and he pushed her thighs apart. She didn't resist him.
He pulled her butt to the edge and began licking at the wet sweetness
between her legs. She moaned and spread her legs wider. Throbbing throws
of ecstasy coursed through her, and in a few moments her first orgasm
released a pent up flow of juices into his mouth.

"Ummm baby, that tastes sweet. You taste fertile and ripe. Are you
ready for my seed? Hum baby, you ready for me to pump my hot load into
you?" Alarms went off in her head. She had told him they should wait. The
sensible part of her tried to gain a portion of her thoughts. But he was
not letting go. He continued to nibble at her clit, to lick the wet cum from her cunt, and she only hesitated a moment before any resistance to him
again crumbled. "Yes" she whispered. Then, gaining conviction she said
again, "Yes baby, I am yours". He smiled. Her juices glistening on his
lips. "That's my good girl".

He stood and taking his hard cock in his hand he leaned forward and
began to guide it into her wet hole. She spread her legs for him, but it
must not have been far enough to suit him. He decided to help her.
Grasping her ankles he forced her legs even wider apart. "I can't wait to
fuck you while your belly is swelling with my seed. You'll look so sexy
pregnant. Just knowing my baby is growing inside you will make me want you
more..." He rammed his cock deep into her, and she moaned, loudly as he
thrust at her again and again, her orgasm building with each thrust until
she was screaming. Her breasts bounced with each thrust and she reached
down and began to rub her clit. "Yea baby, play with yourself while I fuck
you, you'll need all the lube you can get for my hard cock, its going to be
a long night..."

Several months had gone by, and he had been true to his word. As her
belly grew, he had practiced on her in every imaginable position. He had
spanked her and caressed her, placing her on the bed on her hands and
knees, her swollen belly cradled beneath her as he mounted her from behind.
She was in ecstasy.

One night, a month after the baby was born she had awoken groggy, as
usual reaching into the bed side bassinet for the crying infant. He had
insisted that she breast feed, and that she not leave the bed to do it.
Her back to her sleeping husband she pushed her nipple into the babies
mouth and he began to suck at her hungrily. "Just like his father" she
thought. Just then he rolled over. Awakened by the babies cry. "He's
getting his, I want mine" He reached down and felt her moist pussy and then
formed himself around her, pressing his cock into the soft warm flesh of
her behind. She was going to return the baby to the bassinet but he
stopped her. "No, let us both have you..." He murmured.

So, as his son suckled her breast, he pushed his hardened cock into her
as the pulsing cunt juices flowed out to meet him. He cupped her other
heavy breast, drawing it to his mouth and taking the nipple between his
lips, he began to suck, tasting her milk. "I love getting you pregnant" he
said, as he licked her nipple and began to work in earnest at pushing his
cock deep into her, forcing open her wet throbbing cunt, prying her womb
open with his hard cock. His balls were warm and tingling and as he felt
the seed begin rise within him. "You ready for me baby? You ready for my
hot seed?" She closed her eyes in surrender.


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