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ALLERGIST video talk about allergy proofing your room


Author's Note:

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to real people is entirely
is your own head. But enjoy it anyway.

Also, this is my first erotic story. Thanks to Kristen, of
"The Kristen Collection" on for the inspiration and
for collecting so many fantastic stories.

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As long as you give it away don't change it, don't be a prick and
claim it as your own work, and keep this header intact, feel free
to redistribute this story in any way imaginable. All I ask is
that you email me and let me know where you are posting it.

Bongo Ras,


"A Trip to the Allergist"

I need to tell you about something wild that happened to me at
the allergist's today. But first I need to fill you in on some background.
I used to be sexually adventurous in college, but since I had moved in
with my fiancée, the love of my life, I had calmed down. I love her so
much, but she's not exactly a firecracker in the sack, or at least, not
that I have ever seen. Needless to say I'm sexually frustrated and
I watch a lot of porn and read tons of stories on the net.
Anyhow, my allergies were getting worse and I had to do
something about it. I hadn't been to this doctor before, and chronic sinus
pain prompted me to call an allergist that my fiancée goes to. She had
told me that Dr. Hasid-Khmeer was "very hands on," an excellent doctor
and "very experienced." I wasn't looking forward to seeing some weird
arrogant little Pakistani guy who makes $150,000 a year and barely
speaks English. That's my first reaction to hearing the name of a foreign
doctor. But I try to keep an open mind.
So I called and made an appointment. I left work early and drove
to the office, sat in the reception room reading a celebrity chronicle
magazine and admiring the fashion section - floozy Hollywood starlets
in bras, and all sorts of suggestively titillating text. After a short wait an
unattractive nurse's assistant type called my name. After answering
some dull questions about my symptoms, she wheeled a VCR / tv combo into the examining room on a cart with a large stack of
videotapes. She put a tape in the VCR called "Environment Allergy
Control" and said "Just watch this video about how you can improve
your allergies. The doctor is running late and will get to you after the
What a dull crock of shit, I though, watching some lame lady in
the video talk about allergy-proofing your room. I casually glanced at
the stack of videos next to the VCR. "Food Allergies - Just one Bite can
Kill", "Alexander - the Elephant who couldn't eat Peanuts", etc, etc, etc.
Then my eye was drawn to a hand labeled video without a case at the
bottom of the pile. I pulled it out read the scrawled title "The Doctor's
Prick Test Technique." Well, I was no more interested in seeing some
slob get allergenic needles stuck in his arm than I was in hearing about
allergen proofing a room, but for some reason I popped that sucker in the
After some static, an obviously home made movie started. On
screen was a man's face. He was moaning slightly. "Holy shit," I
thought, "this prick test must HURT." Then I listened again noticed
more sounds. He wasn't moaning in pain... he was moaning in ecstasy,
and I could hear a woman's voice moaning as well. Then the camera shifted down and revealed a woman's face sliding up and down on this
guy's cock. She was moaning around his prick and really getting into it.
What a fox! She had black hair shoulder length hair and her skin was a
little bit dark ... almost mediterranean ... her fingers gently scratched the
underside of his swollen nuts ... she moaned against his cock, sliding out
until it was almost out of her mouth, her hand stroking the length of it,
rhythmically jerking, then tightening her mouth and beginning the long
slow journey down. This was some talented cocksucking! Whoever the
chick was, she sure was one hell of a slut. She pulled back up the guys cock and let it leave her mouth, a line of pre-cum trailing from her lips to
his head. In a sexy, French-accented voice, she said "mmm... I don't
detect any allergens in your semen yet David... but I think I need to
perform more research."


What the fuck is this? Some sort of specialty allergist porn?
Boy, Dr. Hasid-Khmeer must be one sick fuck. I wonder if the nurses
know he watches allergist fuck flicks in between patients. But I couldn't
really think because my own cock was raging hard inside my jeans and I
quickly became absorbed in the action on screen.
The slut was really into this. Moaning, she licked down the
length of his cock, one hand constantly jerking him off, slowly, intently,
while her took his entire nut sack into her mouth. I could see the passion
in her eyes as she rolled his balls against her tongue and the guy started
moaning loudly, begging her not to stop, calling her the greatest
cocksucking slut he'd ever met. She seemed to like the dirty names
because she then let his balls out of her mouth and, pushing him back on
the table, began to lick his asshole. She started tongue-fucking his shit
shoot! I couldn't believe it! Even professional porn stars rarely give rim
jobs. My, what a lucky bastard this guy is. She was really loving the
taste of his asshole, moaning, saying 'yes, you like my tongue in
your ass, you love it,' in the most delectable slutty French accent. I
could tell from the way the guy was thrusting his hips and his balls were
contracting that he was about to shoot his load. She licked back up his
pole and started her journey to glory. While the slut deep throated him
the camera dropped down to show one hand between her legs, her skirt
pushed up, panties on the floor, and three fingers rapidly and roughly
fingerfucking the prettiest trimmed black haired pussy I've ever seen.
And the wettest.
Now the camera slid back up and panned out. I got, for
the first time, a look at the room this was filmed in. It was familiar.
"Holy Shit! That's this room!" I couldn't believe it! That dirty bastard
must of brought a hooker into his office to film his own porn flick! Now
she was moaning against his cock, sliding furiously up and down while
he rammed his prick into her mouth, fucking her face like the fuck toy it
was. Then he pulled out and started shooting gasping and moaning
while shot after shot of white sperm blasted the whore in the face, eyes,
throat... every shot that hit her in the mouth she swallowed! Swallowed!
A hooker who swallows, holy shit, I'll have to ask this dirty fuck where
he gets his talent. He was still blasting her face with sperm, the sound of
his voice like a man who had died and gone to heaven, and my prick was
like an iron in my pants when the door to the room I was in opened.
I didn't have time to even jump... I was busted. Into the room
walked not the Pakistani doctor I expect, but the slut from the video, who
(on the tv screen) was still eagerly swallowing cum. I was too turned on
to be embarrassed, and too embarrassed to talk, when she smiled and
said, in that same French accent, "Hello, I'm Dr. Hasid-Khmeer. I see
you've been prepared for examination properly," as she smiled and
looked at the bulge in my pants, her hands opening her blouse. Needless
to say, I'll never assume all doctors are men again.
But as she deep-throated my cock and I started making the exact
same noises the guy in the video made, one thought crossed my mind
that made my prick start to twitch in her talented slutty mouth. What
exactly had my fiancée meant when she described this slutty doctor as

- Bongo Ras


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