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ALLEYRAPE stretch the size


Alley Rape

It is evening and the sun has just gone down. The city streets are dark
and the shadows play tricks with your mind. You are alone…..almost alone
that is. I say almost because I am stalking you and although you don't
consciously know it, your radar tells you that something is amiss. You
creep along the dark street, trying to decide if you should stay on the
main thoroughfare or take the shortcut through the alley. Your heart rate
increases as you try to decide between safety and time. Your womanly
instinct tells you to stay on the thoroughfare but your thoughts of you
parents being angry because you are late lays in the back of your mind like
a 100-pound weight. The inexperience of your age tells you that it will be
safe. You are young and therefore invincible in your mind. Who would
bother a 12-year-old girl anyway? You pull your jean jacket up, hiding
your ears from the cool evening breeze that is blowing down the street.
Coming to the intersection you decide on the alley. It is what I had hoped
for. Your nightmare, my hunting ground.

A sharp left turn takes you into the darkness of my world. It is a
darkness that I am accustomed to. I live on the street you see, waiting,
wanting and stalking my victims. It doesn't matter if they are child,
young girl or middle aged women. All that matters is that they are
available. A virgin is just icing on the cake, something that gives that
extra bit of a thrill. You are not my first virgin, you will not be my

The lights grow dimmer but I can see you. I can see your young little
body that is covered above the waist by your jacket. Your ass however is
not covered except by your tight blue jeans. My eyes can almost make out
the thong of your bikini panties as they cling to your thin hips. They
sway unknowingly inviting me, calling to me to complete the destiny of our

Adjusting to the light of the alley your mind realizes that you have
probably made the wrong decision made the wrong turn in life. Darkness
overtakes your very being as you walk along alone and unprotected. Your
feet pick up their pace. I can hear the designer sneakers shuffle along
the asphalt. That is fine with me because, you see the harder I have to
work for it, the better it makes for me. My heartbeat increases with your
steps and I increase my footsteps. Soon the only sounds I hear are the
sounds of my heels click against the pavement in unison with yours. You
begin to move quicker, quicker, quicker and I move with you.

Like a tiger ready to snatch his prey, I stop and wait. You stop also,
looking to see who or what was there. Am I there or is just a figment of
your young imagination? My breathing is ragged and I am trying my best not
to let it be heard in the stillness of the night. You mentally shrug the
fear off as you stand there, waiting for your instincts to tell you what to
do. Unfortunately for you your instincts are wrong. Your inexperience
once again tells you to go to the safety. That means a quick turn in the
direction that you came from will put you on a direct path with your
stalker. Almost at a run, you turn and run toward the street and you
cannot see me. I am moving stealthily along the brick wall, slower,
slower, quietly moving toward you. My arm reaches forward and you are just
fingertips out of reach. My heart pounds in my ears as my prey comes
within touching distance. I can see your eyes get bigger as your mind
grasps the severity of the situation. You panic as I grab you around the
waist. You struggle and I hold tight, putting my hand around your mouth. I
can feel your breath as you open it, trying to scream for help but you can
get nothing out but a muffled sound against my palm. You continue to try
to scream but it does not do you any good. "Be quiet my little sweet and
you'll live to tell your tale," I hiss as I hold you tightly against me. I
have you within my grasp. The rest will just happen. You have no control
over it. You have made your decisions, you have come into my territory.
You are mine!

"Hello little girlie," I say my as my hand moves from your waist and
takes hold of your long dark hair that is pulled tightly into a ponytail.
You try to run but I have a firm grip, too firm for your nubile little body
to pull away from. You are trapped, trapped like a rabbit in the jaws of a

I release your mouth slightly, ready to slap it tightly again if you
scream. Tears are moving down your cheek, causing your cheap mascara to
make trails down your young face. "Nooooo…….," I hear your frightened
words. They are words of fear, not really audible words at all. "No,
p-p-please," you beg as it begins to sink in that you are in trouble, big
trouble for the first time in your life. Usually I revel in a young girl's
protests but not tonight. Tonight I am in the mood for just one thing, and
that is sweet young pussy
"Oh yes little girl," I say as I hold onto my terrified little victim.
"Oh yes my little sweet. I am going to have you tonight!" You feel my hot
breath as I lean forward and bite lightly on your neck. You are terrified,
I am in control. I want you, I want you now, I want you here. "Take off
your clothes little girl," I bark as I release you. I can feel you shaking
as you pull from my grip. It is your last chance, your last chance for
survival. It will do you no good, but you begin to back away, begin to
move away and I let you move just so far and then I once more lunge at you.
This time I am not gentle at all. I grab your ponytail once more and you
squeal with pain as I pull it tightly, your head snapping back. "Very well
you little cunt," I hiss as I pull you down to your knees, "the hard way it
will be!" You whimper and I laugh. It is good for me, bad for you. It
matters not, as I said before I am in control.

My right hand moves to my crotch and I pull the zipper down as you close
your eyes. "Open your eyes bitch," I say as the zipper moves down. You
obey, too frightened not to. "Take it out," I command as your eyes burn a
hole through me. You hand trembles as it moves up and goes into the
opening of my jeans. "Very good," I say as your hand moves in and your
slender fingers touch my throbbing manhood. "Please," you say nervously,
"please don't hurt me, I will do whatever you want."

"Of that I have no doubt," I tell you as you kneel there before me. I
hear you whimper as your mind is grasping exactly what is going to happen
to you. "You know the drill bitch," I bark at you. You hesitate, I slap
your face hard enough to make it sting, but not enough to leave a mark.
You recoil from the blow and I pull your face back to my crotch again. The
aroma of the dried sweat that once there fills your nose and I know that
you are sickened by it. It matters not to me. I am in control, I am your
master at the moment. "Lick it!" I command, my impatience growing by the
second. You sense my anger and you decide to comply immediately. Your
face moves forward and your tongue moves out and I feel the soft roughness
of it as it touches the end of my now hard dick. I shiver at the thought
of someone so young, someone so vulnerable, someone so pure serving my
needs tonight.

"Ugggh," you say in disgust as you feel the slimy texture of my precum
dribbling onto your toungue. I smile, relishing the feeling of power of
the situation. My hips move forward and plant a big wet glob onto your
tongue and I laugh loudly as you gag. I smack you sharply against the
cheek once more, reminding you who is in control. Your head sways slightly
from the blow. Accustomed to the taste now, you begin to lick the head
gently, knowing in your heart that the only way to get this ordeal over is
to just obey.

Your ponytail is still between my strong fingers and I pull your head
forward and my cock parts your lips. I feel your teeth touch them and I
pull hard onto your hair, letting you know that to bite would be a bad
idea. Your mouth opens more, and my hips thrust forward, taking in the warm
wetness between your lips. "Yes, that's my girl," I groan as I begin to
fuck your face. Your gurgles can be heard all through the alley as my
manhood rapes your poor young mouth. I feel the drool from your mouth as
it trickles across my shaft. "Such a good little mouth," I say as I pull
your face away.

You look up at me with those doe eyes and my heart begins to melt
slightly. You are so beautiful in your prone position of your knees. I
contemplate letting you go home to your mom and dad but I know that it will
not happen. I have to have you, I need you more than life itself! "Stand
up!" I command as I pull on your hair. "Please let me go sir," you beg as
my cock sways in the cool evening air. I glare at you and you hang your
head. You know that I am here for the duration of your humiliation.

"Strip," I command!

"Please," you beg as you shrug your jacket off.

I raise my hand to strike but you drop the denim coat to the ground.
"What is your name?" I ask. You mumble something that I can't hear. It
doesn't matter. I don't need a name, I need your sweet pussy. You start
to unbutton your blouse and I become impatient. I reach forward and hook
my hands into it. I pull and the buttons pop off and your braless breasts are exposed to me. "Move it cunt!" I snap at you. My mouth waters as you
pull the thin cotton fabric from your shoulders. Your nipples are big and
seem too large for your youthful breasts. Reaching forward, I take one of
them between my fingers and squeeze. You begin to cry as I take the tender
flesh between my fingers. They are hard, either from excitement or from
the cool air.

My hand moves down and I begin to unbuckle my belt. Your eyes widen as
you watch me pull it from the loops of my jeans. "Please don't hit me.
I'll give you what you want!" I release your hard nipple and watch as you
pull your shoes off and then begin to remove your jeans. I nod and smile
as you drop them and step out of them. You are intoxicating my senses.

"Turn around!" I command as you stand before me in your white socks and
panties. Your white skin almost glows in the pale light of the city. My
dick is pulsing as I take in your innocent beauty. "Turn around!" I
command once again, this time with an ice in my voice. You do as I bid and
I take a deep breath as I look down your backside. As I suspected, a thin
strip of cloth is positioned between your sweet little ass cheeks. My cock
jumps at the sight of your little girl ass. The crack of my belt against
your ass flesh rings through the alley and you scream in agony.

"Put your hands behind your back girl!" You comply and in a split second
I have the leather strap around your upper arms and pulled tightly. Your
cries can be heard as I pull it tighter and tighter until you can't move.
You struggle to get away but I hold tightly and look around. By a doorway
of one of the buildings I see a cardboard box illuminated by a single light
that is dangling just by the electrical wires. "Let's get this over with
girl," I say as I begin pulling you backward by your leather restraints.
You begin to stumble but I hold on tight. Nothing can stop your fate now
as I pull you towards the leather carton and push you over the top of it.

All my nerves are on end now as I look down upon your exposed butt as it
sticks up in the air. "Is this your first time," I ask as I slide my
finger down the crack of your exposed cheeks. You don't reply but you
whimper as you feel my finger against your soft skin. "I think it is," I
say as I move forward and press my dick between your cheeks. You stiffen
under my touch. I press tighter against your thong and then lean over you
and bite you lightly on the shoulder. You arch your back and
unintentionally pressing against my erect dick. I stand and laugh as I
watch you shake as you lay against the cardboard box.

A flash of light reflects against the building from a passing car. It
reminds me of the task at hand. "Playtime is over my sweet," I say as I
put my hand into my pocket and pull out a pocketknife. Hooking my hand
into your panties I slice through the thin material and put the sharp
object back into my pocket. You freeze at the feel of the cold steel
against your ass flesh. I laugh as I imagine the terror going through your
mind now. "Don't worry angel, I'm not going to cut you." I lift my hand
and the soft material presses against my nose as I inhale the scent of your
pussy juices on them. "I'd love to taste you my dear but there is no time
for that," I say as I slap your ass and watch it jiggle. You scream louder
this time, and your voice cuts through the stillness. I move forward and
press my weight against you, my hardness between your soft crevice. You
yell in protest but I press the garment that was once between your legs
into your mouth. You try to spit it out but it is lodged too deeply.

"It's showtime," I say as my foot moves between your legs and I kick
them apart. Your bare pussy glistens in the light above you and I take my
cock into my hand and aim it at your young sex. I unsnap my pants and drop
them to the ground. A muffled groaning emanates from your panty filled
mouth as you feel my dick for the first time against your virgin pussy.

The tightness cannot be described as my head touches the entrance to
your cunt. You are tight as anything I have ever felt in my life. You try
to move but I take hold of your ponytail and pull your head back. "Go
ahead cunt! I want you to fight!" You buck against me and I pull your head
farther back and then in one thrust, I push myself deeply into your sweet
virgin pussy.

Your agony is my ecstasy as I sink into your virgin entrance and feel
the warm fluid flow from you onto my balls. I leave my dick buried into
your pussy, not because I care how you feel but my balls are boiling and I
want to fuck you before I cum! You sob at the thought that I have just
broken your most prized possession! I have taken the cherry that you were
saving for that special man in your life. I have robbed you of it and I am
not sorry one bit!

Regaining my composure I slowly move my hips back. It feels like I am
pulling the walls of your pussy with me as they grip my rigid member. I
close my eyes and take a breath and push into you again, this time less
violently. I increase the pace of my movements. You are still fighting
but not as much. My hips begin to move as if they have a mind of their
own. The fluid from your broken cherry keeps my cock lubricated. In and
out of your defiled cunt my cock rams in and pulls out and then rams in
again. Your groan against your panties that fill your mouth becomes just a
soft sound in the dark and I can tell that you are not protesting as much!

"You want this don't you bitch," I hiss as I push into you. "You wanted
a man to fuck you didn't you!" I yell as I fill you. Your head moves side
to side as you deny what is happening inside you. "You have wanted this
for a long time. You have wanted this to happen to every since you found
your daddy on top of your mommy thrusting his big cock in and out of her!"
You shake your head violently, denying what you know is deep inside you.
"You wanted to know what it feels like to have your daddy fuck your pussy!"
You try to deny it in your mind but you can't. You know it is true!
"Yes," I taunt, "you wanted to be where your whore mommy was! You wanted
to be your daddy's little cum slut!"

You moan in protest but it does you no good. I can tell what you want.
I can tell because your body is beginning to betray you! Little by little
your cunt begins to stretch to the size of my dick. My hand releases your
hair and I lean forward, pressing myself against your small frame. My hips
continue to move in and out against your body and I can sense that you are
about to cum.

"Oh no you don't you little slut!" I tell you and reach and pinch your
small breast hard between my fingers. Your nipple is harder than before.
Your hips buck against me. "You're not done yet!" Pulling myself off your
small frame I move my hand back and hit you hard on the ass. You quiver as
my palm hits your tender skin. You grind yourself against my dick. I can
feel the heat as you are smashed against my nut sack. "Oh god!" I hear
from you. Somehow you have managed to spit out your panty gag. "Please
don't cum in me mister," you moan unconvincingly.

"I'm gonna cum deep into your cunt," I whisper as I keep your hair tight
in my hand. "I'm cum deep in you and you will like it slut!" My hand moves
down and I find your anal opening. My finger pushes into it and you buck
against it. "Here we go cunt!" I say as I push my finger into your

"Noooooo.....," you protest as your ass tries to expel my finger. You
tremble and your pussy walls begin to contract and then it happens. Deep
within my cock a rumbling has started. It is that familiar rumbling that
means I'm going to spill my load of sperm. "Oh fuck!" I groan and then I
begin to pump my semen deep inside your newly deflowered pussy. You sob
and I stiffen, my mission complete, I stay inside you until I am completely
spent. It is over and done, your rape and humiliation are complete. I
pull my half-hard cock out of you, take hold of the belt and pull you to a
standing position. My hand pulls on the end of the belt and I release your
arms. "Thank you my dear," I say as I pull my pants up, stuffing my penis
inside. "You will thank me some day." I reach forward and dry the tears
that are running down your cheek. say as I turn and leave you naked and
cold in the alley.

My apartment is dark as I enter it. The surroundings are humble but
they are home. I shut the door and walk to the phone. The number on the
machine is flashing a 1. I push the play button and a voice as sweet as
the angels are on it.

"Hello? I wasn't sure if you got home yet," your soft voice says, "but
I wanted you to know just how wonderful you were tonight! I hope we can do
it again soon." The sound of you hanging up the phone finishes the message
as I turn and walk to my room. "Good night cunt," I say as turn and fall
into a deep sleep.

The end


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