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ALLHALLOW movies doesnt count) you should try


"All Hallows Eve"
by blankpage
(mc / FF)


First off, your basic disclaimer of "If you're under 18 or offended by
sex, especially female-female sex, get lost." Also, a warning that this
story contains scenes of mind control and love between women. If the
thought of two women kissing offends you (and only liking it in porn
movies doesn't count), you should try reading another story.

My offering for the erotic MC Halloween story. Enjoy.


Sharon sighed softly to herself as she glanced at her clock. Two in
the morning. Halloween was pretty much over, and there were certainly
no more people who would be coming for candy. She looked out the
window one time, to be absolutely sure there were no more kids, and
then shut off the outdoor light.

"Time for bed," she whispered aloud.

She sighed deeply and closed her eyes, reminiscing. 'If Kerri were
here, she'd come and hold me tonight,' Sharon thought to herself.
Kerri was Sharon's close friend and roommate for four years. They were
inseparable. Those few who knew them could easily mistake them for
sisters. But there was more to their relationship than they told
everyone else.

Kerri was always Sharon's one and only lover...

A cold breeze whipped over the back of Sharon's neck. She at first
curled her jacket closer around her, but it wasn't enough to keep her
warm. She decided it was time to get into her nightgown and go to

Sharon set to work turning out all the lights. Since Kerri left,
Sharon usually left all the lights on at night. She didn't feel safe
when Kerri wasn't around. As Sharon turned out the lights in the
kitchen, she paused and looked at the moon. It was so beautiful -
round, white and bright. It seemed to glow more than usual.

'Kerri would have liked to see this,' Sharon lamented. Kerri loved the
night, unlike most people who feared it. Kerri had always told Sharon
that the night was a time of calm and of wonderful dreams, and she made
Sharon feel safe. That was one of the reasons Sharon loved Kerri so
much. Kerri gave Sharon a safe place where she could be who she wanted
to be.

But that was the past. Now Kerri was gone, and Sharon was alone.

Although no one was watching, Sharon choked back her tears as she
departed the now-dark kitchen...


Sharon's clothes had been neatly placed into the hamper. The bathroom
was thick with steam. Sharon stood naked under the shower head,
closing her eyes and feeling the comfortably hot water flow over her
body. She leaned her head back and rinsed the shampoo out of her long
dark brown hair.

She opened her eyes and watched the white foam begin to flow on the
ground around her feet and into the drain. Before long, the foam
dissipated leaving just the warm water flowing all over her olive skin.
Sharon listened to the sound of the running water and could feel her
mind beginning to drift. She let out a deep sigh...

...and let it happen...

Two women curled up together in the dark along the riverbank. The
only light came from the moon reflected in the running stream. The
only sounds were the running water and the soft voices of the

"Kerri..." Sharon whispered. "I'm scared."

"That's okay, my dear," Kerri replied, tenderly stroking Sharon's
temple. "It's alright to be scared. We are alone here, after
all. The moon is our only witness."

"That's not helping," Sharon said, with a small nervous giggle.

"But also remember that I have been here before," Kerri reassured
her love. "And I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you
can be at peace." She tipped Sharon's chin up and looked into her
walnut shaped brown eyes. "No harm can come to you here, my

Sharon blushed. She always felt very warm when Kerri used her
birth name. "I know, honey," Sharon said, looking up into Kerri's
deep grey eyes. "But I can't help my nerves. I'm not used to it
being so dark..."

Kerri gave a soft, sweet laugh. Then she rolled around so she was
behind Sharon. She wrapped her long arms around Sharon's round
body and brought her down. Soon the two were laying, cuddled up
like a pair of spoons, right along the riverbank.

"Can you hear the sound of the river?" Kerri whispered to Sharon.

A soft, flowing sound. "Yes," Sharon whispered back. "I hear

"Listen to the river, my love," Kerri said. "The water's gentle
rush through the stream. Very relaxing. It just flows... flows
along the ground... drifts away under the watch of the moon.
Feel it as you listen, my love... listen and feel..."

"Drifty," Sharon heard herself say. Then Kerri's voice continued.
Her beautiful, sweet voice. Listen and feel, her voice told her.
Sharon did so.

"The water flows on and on," Kerri whispered. "You feel it...
you feel it happening to you. You feel your concerns slip away
like water was washing them away... washing you away... flowing
over you... and with you..."

This really was relaxing... she could feel the drift, the flow of
the river... washing away her troubles and cares, and almost...
almost wash her away, too... such a wonderful feeling... Sharon
wanted it to happen... but she didn't want to flow... away from
her Kerri...

"Oh darling... you'll be safe... you'll always be safe... I am
watching over you... just as the moon watches over the river...
no harm shall came to you..."

Sharon moaned softly. It was so true. Kerri was her moon,
guiding her along. She felt the light of Kerri's love. Another
moan... and a heat from deep within. Passion blossomed like a
flower inside of Sharon as she realized... how wet she was... soft
mewls like bubbles in the river as Sharon flowed, along with
Kerri, to Kerri's pull... safe, warm, wet and so close to each

A beautiful dream in the darkness...

And the river flowed...


Sharon's eyes fluttered open again. They were swollen and full of
tears. The water had become lukewarm. She slowly withdrew her hand
from her sex and turned off the shower. She stepped out and wrapped a
pink towel around herself. She paused and wiped the steam off the
mirror so she could look at herself.

A pair of sad walnut shaped brown eyes gazed back at Sharon. She could
hear Kerri's voice so clearly every so often... from the many times she
had drifted for Kerri. But it was always just a dream... no, a phantom
of the past. Dreams were beautiful and alive. Kerri had taught her

But Sharon hadn't had any dreams. Just reveries.

`Oh Kerri,' Sharon whispered to her reflection. 'Why did you leave


Sharon was ready for bed. Her long hair was done up in two ponytails.
She wore a long red flannel nightgown to keep the cold out, and as
always, her bedtime socks - fluffy yellow ones with green colored toes.
She never felt particularly sexy in this get-up, but Kerri always
thought Sharon was most beautiful when she was about to go to sleep for
the night.


Sharon looked up at the moon again. Kerri had changed her life.
Before Kerri, Sharon was so lost, trying to find her place in the
world. Then along came Kerri and her beautiful darkness. Sharon felt
so at home in the world Kerri lived in. It was a land of wondrous
dreams, dreams of love, of life, of warmth. The "real" world felt so
bleak in comparison.

Kerri used to say that she felt the most alive in dreams...


The moon shone down on the two women in the sleeping bag. The
wind was steady but gentle. No sound but the occasional chirp and
the soft sound of the wind. The lake in the distance shimmered
with moonlight.

Sharon curled her arms around Kerri and whined.

"What's wrong, lover?" Kerri asked.

"Mmmmmmmm," Sharon moaned and looked at Kerri through half closed
eyes. "I really want to play, but I'm so tired... I don't wanna

Kerri laughed another warm laugh. "What do you think of dreams,

"Dreams?" Sharon whimpered. "They're just... just weird stuff
you see while you sleep..."

"Oh, child," Kerri chuckled and began to stroke Sharon's temple.
"Trying to make sense of everything only takes the beauty out of
it. Science has been really bad to dreams."

Sharon purred when she felt fingers slide down her tummy.

Kerri went on. "Dreams are the realm of your feelings - your true
feelings, not bogged down by things like order and 'sense'."

"You think... order and sense are bad?" Sharon whispered, trying
very hard to listen.

"No, I don't think they're bad," Kerri said with a sigh. "It's
true that humanity wouldn't have progressed and improved this much
without all that order and sense. But sometimes... I just wonder
if it's worth it."

Sharon touched Kerri's hand with hers, and looked up at her. She
could understand what Kerri was saying... but her mind was slowly
giving in to the desire to rest...

Kerri kissed Sharon's nose and then looked skyward. "We're
trying so hard to make everything perfect that we're missing the
beauty of the world the way it is. People don't stop to smell
the flowers or to listen to the wind blow or to watch a sunset
anymore. And they're missing... they're missing a lot."

Sharon smiled. She felt like that a lot too. She moaned softly
and nuzzled Kerri's shoulder, hoping she would know that she

"That's why I love dreams," Kerri continued. "Things... feel
right in dreams. They may not make sense, but they feel right.
And that's really important. Maybe the most important thing of
all. I love you dearly, my Hoshiko, and those feelings flow
through me so freely when I am asleep. And deep down, I know you
feel the same way too."

'Oh yes,' thought Sharon. 'Oh yes... I am so proud to be part of
your dreams. I want to learn more about dreams. Show me, Kerri.
I love you. I love you.'

"Sometimes, child," Kerri whispered in a hush. "I feel like I
am most alive when I am dreaming..." She chuckled softly, and
turned to Sharon. "Or am I just nutty?"

Sharon was asleep, purring ever so quietly and contentedly.

Kerri kissed her gently on the lips. "I love you, my star
child," she said. And then drifted away herself...


Sharon cried quietly. That was such a long time ago... but it's over
now. 'I don't even dream of Kerri. What's wrong with me?' She got up
from the bed and eyed the clock. 3:43. She'd never wake up on time

But still, Sharon was restless. She opened the door to the balcony and
stepped out. Maybe the night air would help her rest and sleep. Maybe
even dream.

The wind was brisk and at times nipped at Sharon's face. She undid her
ponytails and let her hair fall and flow along with the wind, and
looked to the sky. The moon was still glowing bright, and the stars
sparkled. Down below, she could see the waning city lights.

Her eyes were drawn to the moon, and helplessly her thoughts turned to
Kerri. So beautiful and bright, just like the moon. Sharon wished the
moon could shine here forever.

Then, all of a sudden... a new thought entered her mind.

If the moon were to shine here forever... what about the rest of the
world? They'd never get to see it...


The moon reflected beautifully upon the rolling ocean. Two women
lay alongside each other, glancing at the ocean and at each other.

Kerri's normally bright smile, though, had now faded a bit. "Are
you sure this is what you want?" she asked.

"I know it seems to be moving really fast," Sharon said. "But...
I really feel so connected with you. You're like... like... a
soft light in the darkness."

Kerri blushed just a little. "Why, thank you, dear," she replied.
"But still... being together all the time..."

"Is it that you think we'll get sick of each other?" Sharon
asked. "I understand completely if that's what you're concerned

"No, not that," Kerri shook her head. "I don't think I could
ever get sick of you. I am a little worried, though, that you'll
get used to me. Come to rely on me... and if something were to
happen... I'd be really worried."

Kerri's smile was gone now. This was quite a departure from the
Kerri that Sharon had come to know. Sharon could feel something
in herself start to get frightened. She scurried closer to
Kerri. Tried to think of something to say to comfort her.

"I need you."

That slipped out. Sharon knew that wouldn't help Kerri at all.
She almost covered her mouth, but she knew it was pointless. The
words were out in the open now. Kerri turned to Sharon and
looked deep in her eyes.

And suddenly it seemed like a dam sprung open, as Kerri's eyes
seemed to melt. Her arms wrapped around Sharon's body, and
pulled her close. Fingers stroked Sharon's hair. Her body was
rocked back and forth.

"I understand. And I will protect you. You will always be safe
from harm when you're with me... I promise."

Sharon thought that sounded like a really big promise, but
when she looked up into Kerri's eyes, she could see something new
there. Something she hadn't seen before.

And Sharon believed.

Kerri's fingers stroked Sharon's back in a circle, and she
began to whisper. "You can relax here with me, my Hoshiko.
You're safe... and you can feel totally relaxed and warm..."

All tension left Sharon's body, and she felt body and mind
begin to surrender themselves to the warmth that Kerri offered...



Sharon spoke the name of her loved one aloud.

"Kerri, I miss you..." She gazed into the sky. "I know you must be
somewhere, in a beautiful dream right now. But... I don't know what
else to do.

"I truly do love you, but I think I came to need you too much... just
like you were always worried I would do. And maybe that is why I miss
you so bad." Her voice began to break. "Kerri, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean for you to make that promise. I was foolish to think I could keep
you forever."

Sharon wiped her eyes. "And now you're gone... and I'll never get the
chance to tell you how sorry I am. And how much I really love you.
Your intensity... how deep your feelings go... I love that. And I love
your strength, not just in trying to keep me safe... but your strength
in who you are. I love that too. There are... so many things to love
about you, Kerri. So much that... maybe I was wrong to want to keep
you forever...

"Or maybe I actually kept you away." A deep sigh. "I'll never know.
But there's just one thing I want to know. Why... why don't I dream
about you? I truly do love you... but all my dreams are memories. Why
can't I see you in my dreams?"

Sharon didn't expect an answer. So she was more than shocked when she
got one...

"Because you miss me so much," a warm, familiar voice answered.
"You're focusing on what you lost. That is why you only dream of

"Who's there?" Sharon gasped, a chill running through her spine. She
turned towards the bedroom where the voice came from.

And saw a figure... laying in her bed.

Sharon hastily stepped in and closed the door behind her. Looked at
the person laying beneath her covers. Paused. Then gasped again in
total shock. The pale skin, the moussy brown hair, but most of all the
deep grey eyes. It could only be...

"Kerri!" Sharon gasped. "But I thought you were..."

She was cut short as Kerri put her finger to her lips. Sharon stopped
talking. Then Kerri smiled. "Come sit by me, child."

In mind, Sharon was uneasy, but her body slid upon the bed and beside
Kerri. A shudder went through Sharon's body. She could never resist
direct commands from Kerri... but something was different this time.
Still, it was definitely Kerri. Sharon's heart told her it was Kerri
for sure.

"I never left you, darling, I was always here. You missed me so
intensely that you didn't notice. That is okay. Those feelings are
natural, and you were right to let them flow."

Kerri lifted up the covers and Sharon slipped underneath them. She
felt so much warmer now. She nuzzled Kerri's cheek and purred softly,
even as tears rolled down her face.

"Did you... did you hear what I said, Kerri?"

Kerri's fingertips grazed across Sharon's temple, and she blew softly
into her ear. The way the air flowed from Kerri's mouth into Sharon's
ear sounded almost like... flowing water... Sharon immediately felt herself
begin to flow and drift.

"I did, Sharon... I did. But Sharon, my love, please... you don't
ever have to apologize for expressing your feelings. I am glad that
you told me how you felt."

Fingers caressing Sharon's shoulders. Feeling so snug. "But that
promise... that promise you made..."

"I still abide by it, child. Like I said... I never left. It was very
hard not to be able to be there for you. I wanted to hold you, and to
take your hurt away... but your feelings have to flow, my love."

Sharon felt a hand slip underneath her nightgown and whimpered. The
other hand remained on her temple and helped her to continue to drift.
"They were terrible feelings, Kerri... terrible..." More tears came
down her cheeks.

"I know," Kerri whispered, pressing Sharon closer. "But the bad
feelings have to be treasured, along with the good. Because we would
never truly enjoy pleasure if we never experience pain. Close your

Sharon's eyes fluttered shut, and she knew she wouldn't open them again
unless she was told to. She felt fingers trace her inner thighs, and
her physical excitement stirred. "Did you... know you were going to
leave, Kerri? Even back then? Mmmm..."

Kerri laughed her beautiful laugh and kiss-nuzzled the top of Sharon's
head. "So full of questions. So full of wonder. That's one of the
reasons why I loved you from the start... dear Hoshiko."

"Mmmmmm... didn't... know you loved me back then..." Sharon's passion
heightened as Kerri's knowledgable fingers slid down and caressed
Sharon's lips. She knew just where and how to touch to bring her loved
one to a boil.

"Oh yes. From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew. Your pure
heart, your golden soul... I could see it all. So much potential in
you... I wanted to know you and show you what you could be. Are you
down deep, baby?"

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm," Sharon mewled. She was flowing like a river now, with
Kerri as her guide. Just the way it always was. But not quite.
Something had changed. "You seem... different... Kerri..."

"I know," Kerri whispered. "I've shed more of my veils. You can feel
more of who I truly am, child." The hand at Sharon's temple moved down
to her shoulders, pressing her back closer in. She nuzzled Sharon's
head and maneuvered her other hand to bare more of Sharon to her, to
deepen her arousal.

Sharon helplessly cried out as Kerri's digits danced deeper within.
"I... I... I don't understand..."

"It's okay. You couldn't understand now." Kerri's voice began to
change as she spoke. It wasn't anything that Sharon could
distinguish... but it did change. "You will understand, though. Very

Sharon's legs slid apart of their own volition, just ever so slightly
to allow Kerri's fingers more room to work their magic. But despite
all that, she felt the same strange chill run through her when she
heard Kerri's voice change. "Very soon?"

"Yes. I am taking you home, star child."

When Kerri said that, Sharon felt both fear, joy and excitement. Most
of all, joy. She wanted to ask where home was... but somehow deep
inside, she knew. No questions necessary. Her body melted, both with
the thrill of going home and the pleasure that Kerri's fingers

"Kerri..." Sharon whimpered. "I'm scared."

"That's okay, my dear," Kerri replied, kissing Sharon tenderly on the
cheek. "It's alright to be scared. But I've been there before. And
I will be there now, and for always, with you, my Hoshiko."

Sharon moaned happily. Her true name didn't make her feel sad anymore.
She saw visions flash through her head. Visions of Kerri. So much
more than a lover... yes. Kerri was a beautiful dream... of love, and
pleasure, and moonlight. And Sharon was... something wonderful, too.
She didn't know what. But Kerri did, and wanted to show her.

"It's time to go deeper than you've ever been, star child," Kerri
whispered. "When you come, you'll be there. It will be a warm and
happy place and all your questions will be answered. And I will be
there with you. No turning back now. Are you ready?"

"Yessss..." Sharon said through non stop moans. The intensity of her
pleasure grew immensely. Warmth, wetness, most of all love. Her mind
gave out, surrendering to the water that burned like a flame. She
couldn't think anymore, just feel. Pleasure, joy, love, warmth.

Kerri's finger brushed over that deepest magic spot inside Sharon. Her
back arched and she yelped what she thought was "I love you" but came
out as a breathy growl. A few more strokes there and Sharon was ready
to spill over the edge. A nibble on the ear was all it took.

Sharon's cry of pure joy reverbated throughout the inner recesses of
her heart, and she would remember it forever...


The moon shone high in the sky and reflected upon the boundless
sea. The cruise boat provided its own light, though. A woman
stood on the docks, alone.

Sharon slumped her body over the guard rails and looked up at the
sky. The moon was beautiful tonight. It took her mind off the
utterly boring cruise someone had convinced her to go on. A lot
of times, when Sharon was down, she would look at the moon and
feel better.

"Dull day?" a voice beside her asked.

Sharon turned and looked eye to eye at the most beautiful woman
she'd ever seen. She had shoulder length black hair and a
roundish kind face. Her skin, while pale, complemented her
willowiness perfectly, and her body was curvy in the right places.

"Y-yes... very," Sharon stammered. She suddenly blushed when she
realized she was gushing this way over a woman. Although she had
some experiences with women before, Sharon never really considered
herself a lesbian. But something about this woman was just...

"My name is Kerri," the woman said, moving in just a bit closer.
"What's yours?"

"Sharon..." she replied, and then looked away. If she stared too
long... what would Kerri think? It crossed her mind that Kerri
might not mind at all, but she put that silly wishful thought out
of her head.

"Sharon, hmm? That's a nice name," Kerri said.

"Well... my real name is Hoshiko," Sharon blurted. "But... no one
calls me that anymore." Why did she say that? She never told
anyone that before. She felt a little bit of sadness come over
her and she looked out into the sea.

"That's a beautiful name," Kerri said with a smile. "Why does it
make you sad to think about it?"

"I... don't know why..." Sharon said, glancing at Kerri. Then
she sighed. "I'm sorry, just... please just call me Sharon."

"You don't have to be sorry. It's OK," Kerri said. "Sharon is
a perfectly nice name for a good looking lady. But you seem kind
of down. If you want to talk... I can listen."

Sharon blushed and looked at Kerri. No one had ever called her
good looking before. Being shorter and plumper than average,
she didn't get much compliments. But Sharon couldn't help but
smile. She had no reason to doubt Kerri.

"Well, tell me... why do people like these cruises? They pay
the people a bunch of money and then do nothing."

"Hey, I've spent some of my most quality time doing nothing,"
Kerri said with a wink.

"I think I know what you mean," Sharon agreed. "But the
stuff they do on cruises is just... silly. Cheap magic shows,
overpriced food, silly party soirees. I just never understood
what people see in those things." She then blushed again.
She was never so frank with anyone before.

But Kerri just laughed. Not a derisive laugh... a beautiful
laugh, lilting, free and happy. "Oh, my, I do know what
you mean. Those kind of things do nothing for me. I'd
much rather be all cuddled up with a warm body under the
moon and stars..."

Sharon knew she was turning red now. She just pictured
herself as the warm body. She closed her eyes for a moment
and touched her cheek. "That sounds nice, but I couldn't
do something like that. I'm so scared of the night..."

"Scared of the night?" Kerri said with a gasp. "Sharon,
Sharon, Sharon... we need to keep in touch. Night time is
a marvelous time. I really want to show you just how
nice it can be."

Sharon stammered aloud and lowered her head. This conversation
was becoming so strange, but she liked the direction it was
taking. Something about Kerri... made her feel like she could
be more open.

"In the meantime," Kerri went on, "there's something I can
do to help your boredom."

"What's... that?" Sharon said, making an effort to look at
Kerri in the eyes.

"You can come with me to my cabin," Kerri said, matter of factly
like it was something everyday. "And you can cuddle up with
me. It's a nice way to pass the time and I want to show you
how good it can be."

"What?!" Sharon gasped. "I... uhm... I..."

"Clothes on. No pressure," Kerri said. "Just friendly hugs.
I think you might like it. Very warm and cozy."

'I can't believe this is happening to me,' Sharon thought.
'I've gone from perfect strangers to wanting to go to her
cabin and cuddle... I really shouldn't be doing this.'

"I don't know..." Sharon started.

"Well... what does your feelings tell you?" Kerri said,
smiling softly while gazing into Sharon's eyes. Sharon
felt so strange when she looked into Kerri's eyes. They
were so deep and grey and...

"I... would really like to try..." Sharon said without

"Okay then," Kerri said with a wink. "Let's go!" She started off
to her cabin, and Sharon just stood there for a moment, blinking,
before she decided to just follow Kerri and go with her feelings.

'Who knows... something just might happen out of this...'



Darian Thompson rang the doorbell again. "Morning, Ms. Orikaza! I
have the paper..."

Darian was the paperboy along the posh part of town. He didn't
normally make deliveries like this to anyone else, but he had kind of a
soft spot for Sharon Orikaza since her good friend passed away a few
months ago. Ms. Orikaza got more quiet and a lot more sad, and
sometimes Darian just wanted to make sure she was okay when he
delivered the paper.

But today she wasn't answering. It was unusual... while she didn't
work, she usually never slept in on a Wednesday. 'Maybe she stayed up
late giving out Halloween candy,' Darian thought to himself. But he
had a creepy feeling when he rang the doorbell again and still got no

Darian checked the doorknob... and found it open. He felt chills.

'Maybe something... happened.'

Darian went inside. "Ms. Orikaza! Sorry to come in, but the door was
open... it's Darian? The paperboy?" He waited, but no answer. He
suddenly became very nervous. He crept up the stairs to see if she was
still in bed. She was usually okay with him coming in to deliver the
paper, and was always very friendly with him.

The bedroom door was open, too. He peeked into Ms. Orikaza's bedroom
to make sure he didn't walk in on anything. Nothing. He crept in a
bit more, and saw her laying in her bed.

"Ms. Orikaza?"

He moved in closer, very slowly. It looked like she was sleeping - her
body was resting on its side. But there was no perceptible movement.
Darian shook as he unsteadily reached out and shook the woman very
gently. He rolled her over on her back.

Ms. Orikaza's eyes were closed. And she was smiling. But not
apparently breathing. Darian began to break out into a sweat as he
checked her pulse... Nothing! He didn't see any bloodstains or signs
that someone broke in or anything.

"Oh my God," he stammered. "Oh my..."

He immediately grabbed the phone and called 911. "Hello? Yeah... um,
send an ambulance p-please to 1995 Calle Escalon... Um, I'm the
paperboy and I usually check up on this lady to see if she's okay,
but... I tried ringing on her doorbell many times... and then I tried
the door and it was open..." Darian tried to get control of himself.
"My God! She's in bed here and she's... I think she's..."

Darian paused, and looked at Ms. Orikaza's face. Sharon's. The way
she looked, especially with the smile on her face... 'Dead' didn't seem
like an appropriate word. "Just send an ambulance," Darian said to the
operator and then hung up.

'Not an appropriate word at all...' Darian thought to himself as he
looked at her. 'She looks more like... an angel, dreaming...'

A very special thank you goes out to Dreamfire for proofreading my
story. And to all of you for reading. Please send your comments to
<>. And remember your lost loved ones on


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