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Archived Sex Stories




Alphabetical Listing of stories with Notes (As of August 23, 2000)

**** ANNIVERSARY MF Romance Hot. 2800 Words. Originally posted in May
1998, rewritten and reposted in November 1999.

A wife gives her husband a special gift for their anniversary. It is a
night to remember.

David Rills, reviewing for Celestial Reviews, rated it 9, 7, 10,
although he began his review "God, I love this story." It was CR's 20th for
May 1998 (back when Celeste was doing monthly ratings).

In Rogue Review 41, Lee Vine rated it Outstanding.

**** BABY MMF Humiliation NonConsensual interracial Pregnancy Adultery.

7200 Words. April 1998, rewritten in August 2000.

Sam loses everything gambling and he's in debt to his black bookie.
Sam's wife agrees to have the bookie's child to settle the debt, but the
story is more than that.

On the original story, the reviewer for Celestial Reviews was R'khaan
who rated it 7,7,7. R'khaan was notorious for giving low ratings to any
story he reviewed. The review itself was more positive. The story is much
better than that, particularly after the rewrite.

**** BABYSITTER'S mom MFffm FF incest Blackmail April 1998.

This was cute little blackmail and incest story, but it's in rewrite and
won't be posted until rewrite is complete.

**** BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN M+F+ wife Consensual Gangbang Humor 7000
Words. April 1998, rewritten in June 2000.

Wil's wife has always dreamed of fucking a cowboy. Wil and his boss
help her make the dream come true.

No reviewed.

**** BAD girl M+F+ FF "Many but mild" story codes. 3300 Words. April

A woman reading an erotic story on a plane meets the author and tells
him she wants to be a bad girl for the only time in her life.

In CR 363, Celeste rated it 10,9,9 and said it was "sexy with some
interesting twists and turns."

**** BALLBUSTER MF Ds BD Romance. 4700 Words. February 1999.

He loves her but she was a bitch (even her mother said so). She
realizes she loves him and she wants him back. He sets out the terms. I
considered this a romance and was very surprised (and disappointed) by the
firestorm of controversy it created.

In Celestial Review 316, Celeste attacked it as a sex slave story (it is
not) and rated it 9, 5, 4. I thought Celeste was dead wrong and said so.
It's a romance.

Lee Vine in Rogue Review 307, rated it Outstanding and said it "sizzles"
and was "hot, hot, hot." He included in his "The Best of 1999."

**** BASS BOAT MF Adultery Light 2000 Words. August 2000.

A young wife deals with her husband's cheating the best way she can.

Not reviewed.

**** BEST WOMAN (THE) MFF Romance. 3400 Words. June 1999.

At a high school reunion, the wife sees her husband's interest in his
old girlfriend. The wife invites the old girlfriend to have sex with them.
Celeste gave it 10, 10, 10.

Lee Vine in Rogue Reviews gave it a 7.5 of 10 and Good, saying it wasn't
arousing, but it made him think. Lee hit way low on this one, but straight
romance isn't his preference.

**** BOUND AND HELPLESS MF Romance with very light consensual bondage.
2100 Words. April 1998.

My very first story posted. It's a sweet teenaged romance which Celeste
called "sophomoric" although she rated it 9, 9, 9.

**** CAROL'S CHRISTMAS MFF incest BDSM Humor 1600 Words. December 1998.
A divorcee's children give her the Christmas present she really wanted.

Not reviewed

**** CAROL'S UNDERSTANDING MMFFF Spanking Incest. 4600 Words. April

NOT YET POSTED - IN REWRITE Carol devises and implements a plan to trap
her boss, who is the town's most eligible bachelor, into marriage. It's
fast paced and "light".

The guest review for Celestial Review was unfair and brutal, rating it
8, 6, 2. He later privately admitted "2" was a high ranking for him
because he hated incest stories. Not one of my best stories, but much
better than the review.

**** CATHY'S SENTENCE MC, Psychological and physiological modifications.
5400 Words. November 1999 as one of the ASSM Gala Reopening stories.

When Cathy cheats and betrays Mr. Thompson, he hires a company
specializing in correcting those kind of situations. I wrote it so the
Gala would include a mind control story.

In Celestial Review 345, Celeste gave it 10, 10, 10.

**** CHIP MALONE MFFF Humor Spanking 5400 Words. July 2000

The story of a horny young man and the even hornier women he lives with.

Not reviewed by Celeste, Lee or LadyCyrrh, but received very favorable
comment from others.

**** DEALING WITH A BASTARD MFF, FF, Threesome. 2700 Words. April

The second story I posted, this is about a man having an affair with two
women. He connives to make them a threesome.

Celeste rated 9,9,9.

**** DIANA'S SLAVERY (Parts One and Two) Heavy Sado-Masochism. Violent.
Warning!! 4900 Words. April 1998.

This is a violent story of a college boy using pain and drugs to make a
sex slave out of the girl of his dreams.

R'khaan, reviewing Part One for Celestial Reviews, gave it a 5, 5, 4,
but, remember, he had a history of underrating stories and there were more
than a few complaints about him in ASSD. I got a lot of e-mail from people
they liked it and one e-mail saying I was a very sick person.

**** DOORS MF Romance 750 Words. May 2000.

A sweet story of a man and wife, and the passages in their lives.

Not reviewed.

**** EVESDROPPING MFF Adultery 250 Words. 1999.

A very short story about a woman overhearing her lover tell his wife of
their affair.

Not reviewed.

**** FREED mfF Humor First Time 1600 Words. 2000.

The story of a young man who discovers what that thing is for.

From Mary Jorsay Gandmar, guest reviewer in CR 359, "This is a
first-rate example of a situation where the controversial rating system
simply breaks down. How do you "rate" a story that's so terrific? Three
perfect 10 aren't nearly good enough.

**** FINDING BETSY MF Romance 2800 Words. June 2000

Two wounded birds fly together and heal. A lovely little romance
written for the "Ruthie's Foursome" project.

**** GARDEN (THE) MF Romance. 2900 Words. May 1999.

A man's wife has died. He realizes his daughter's best friend loves him
and that he loves her. It is a "really sexy story with almost no explicit
sex." (Celestial Review 326).

Celeste rated 10, 9, 9.5. That's too low, but she'd just returned to
active duty and was trying to keep three ten ratings to a minimum.

Rogue Review 401 (Lee Vine) rated it 8 of 10 and very good. He rated it
low for lack of arousal, which is not surprising since it had no sex to
speak of. Again, too low for a very sweet romance.

**** HANNAH'S HUMILIATION F Humiliation.

4200 Words. April 1998.

This story was written at the request of a female reader who specified
the parameters.

An older woman is humiliated by a younger, more attractive woman and her

Not reviewed. I received little e-mail on it except from the woman for
whom it was written. She really liked it. It's a favorite download from
my archive site.

**** HEAT MF Romance Hot. 1600 Words. June 1998.

This is a mood piece about two lovers doing what comes naturally. Read
it with someone you love.

In Celestial Reviews 290, Sven the Elder rated it 10, 9, 10.

**** JASON'S POWER MC Multiple Teen incest Preg etc. Romance 10400
Words. April 2000.

Jason can hyponotize anyone. He hynotizes Cindy, the fifteen-year old next door who's the narrator, and a host of others. To no surprise since
Jason's a teenaged boy, there's a lot of sex involved.

In CR 364, Celeste gave it 10, 10, 10

**** KAREN MF Surrender Ds Romance. 10,500 Words. August 1999.

Polly brings her fianc‚, Eric, home to meet her parents. The next
morning, Eric and Karen, Polly's mother, began an affair.

One correspondent of mine asked why I didn't use the reluctant story code. I replied Karen was eager, not reluctant.

In Celestial Review 335, Celeste said it was a well written sex slave
story, but she didn't "buyin" to sex slave stories. She rated it 10, 8, 8.
She missed the point.

In Rogue Review 414, Lee Vine rated it a 10 of 10 and Excellent
(retroactively raised by him to Outstanding). He included it in The Best
of 1999.

**** LAURIE MF, Romance, a nice, sexy inter generational romance. 3200
Words. October 1999. A man and his daughter's good friend, who is
divorced and in her twenties, find romance.

Celeste rated 10,10,10.

**** LITTLE FILLY MF Romance. 1600 Words. April 1998.

She meets a cowboy in a bar. He invites her out to his ranch to breed
with his stallion, which is him. A fantasy relating to horses, this is not
a bestiality story.

This was reviewed by LadyCyrrh who gave it an A.

**** LONELINESS Revenge. 1600 Words. June 1999.

Cathy played around. Her husband takes revenge.

There is no sex in this story, but it is an erotic sex story.

In Celestial Reviews 332, Celeste rated it 10, 10, 10.

**** MRS. BURNS MmF Adul cheating Blackmail Ds. 3600 words. February

father and son plan some fun things to do together - like bonking the
neighbor, who loves to be bonked. This one is fast and fun.

Celeste rated it 10,10,10

**** MY INHERITANCE M+F+ Mind Control. Every story code except Pedo and
MM. 140,000+- Words. April-August 1998.

This is a 52-chapter 750KB epic about a young male college graduate
(Davy) who inherits $20 million, a treasure hunt for a mind control
formula, 3000 women programmed to be his sex partners and two very special
women who are his full time kittens (as the programmed women are called).
While the story appears to be about mind control and sex, it really is
about power and its use, but the sex is plentiful.

This story was never reviewed or rated, but it has generated more e-mail
than all my other stories combined. On, it has been
rated by the readers as among the top 10 stories archived there since it
was archived there.

**** MY BOSS' SLUT M+F+ Slut wife Adultery Pregnancy BDSM Prostitution
Interracial and probably a few more. 45,000+- words. April-August 1998.

Becky and Bobby can't have children. Bobby's boss offers to be Becky's
stud if she becomes his slut. Becky accepts with elan. This is a fast
paced wild story with a happy ending.

Sven the Elder reviewed it in November 1998 during Celeste's hiatus. He
gave it an 8.5, 9.5, 10. This story is second to My Inheritance in reader

**** NIGHT TABLE Humorous quickie. 700 Words. July 1999.

Written in response to a fun question Mat Twassel posted in ASSD, this
is a short piece and a fun read.

In Celestial Reviews 334, Celeste gave it a 10, 8, 8. I think that's
low on the first eight. It's too short to have a "real" plot.

**** PUNISHMENT FITS THE CRIME (THE) MF Adultery BD Romance. 3800
Words. Originally posted in 1998 and reposted with slight modifications in
June 1999.

She commits adultery. He wants to keep her but knows she must be

When originally reviewed by R'khaan for Celestial Reviews, he concluded
"Good Job EZ", but gave it 8, 8, 8. Dave Myers for Celestial Review gave
it an 8 on reposting.

In Rogue Review 88, Lee Vine rated it Good.

I think it's a better story than that, but I'm not going to argue with
three reviewers. I may rewrite this some day. It had some humor in it
which was light, but was there.

***** RAPING HELENA MF NonConsensual Rape(?) 4400 Words. 1998.

Helena and her husband lose a bunch gambling. She agrees "to work it
off." The narrator rents her and pays her debt. This is the story of their
first time together. One lady I know said it was a woman's rape fantasy. I
think it's a man's rape fantasy.

In CR, Kim, as guest reviewer, gave it a 10,10,0 but said it would be
10,10,10 except rapes have no appeal to her. Honest review, honestly

In RR 294, Lee Vine rated it grudgingly good and said while he got
aroused, it made his "skin crawl".

The question is whether or not it is a rape, because the story is
tightly written and very visual.

**** REEL men MF+ Adultery. 1800 Words. June 1999.

While his brother and the brother's friends go fishing, Jamie stays home
with their wives.

Celeste said "this is a really sweet story" (Celestial Review 330) and
rated it 10, 9.5, 9.5. Again, that was in her not to many three 10s

**** SALLY AND ME This story just disappeared in the mass of ASS when
ASSM was down. It's in rewrite and not included herein

**** SHARING MFFF Romance Humor. 3500 Words. October 1998.

Jack likes sex every day. Monica, his girlfriend, likes it twice a
week. Monica comes up with a solution. She shares Jack with her friends.

Rated Excellent by Rogue Reviews (No. 169).

**** SHARING KIM MMFFF FF wife Sharing Exhibitionism Adultery. 10300
Words. November 1999 as one of the ASSM Gala Reopening Stories.

Before he marries Kim, he tells her she'll have sex with his best

In Celestial Reviews 345, Celeste rated it 10, 10, 9.5, with the
deduction apparently for the problem of a man pushing his wife into

In Rogue Reviews 257, Lee Vine gave it an 8.0 of 10 and a Very Good. I
think this is a little low.

***** SLAVES Violent Sado-Masochism. M+Ff+ NonConsensual

A man who runs a breeding farm of women, who have babies that he sells,
captures a mother, Elise, and a busload of girls, including her two
daughters, to add to his herd.

Dave Myers, as guest reviewer in CR, did not rate it but gave it a
tentative thumbs up.

LadyCyrrh in Annex Reviews gave it an A+, but said it was "too realistic
and comples" to be arousing.

**** SPEED MF Romance. 3100 Words. May 1999.

Suzy loves car and sex with her husband. She combines both.

In Celestial Reviews 317, Celeste rated this a 10, 9, 9. I think that's
too low. This is one of my favorite stories.

**** SUELLEN'S WEDDING M+F+ Humor. 2500 Words. May 1998.

This is an over-the-top humorous story about a rather wild wedding.

The reviewer for Celestial Review obviously had a humorecotomy
immediately before he read it and gave it a 2 in a caustic review.
However, Wyyrd liked it and asked that I post it in his
site. I also received some great mail on it.

**** TRUST MMF Adultery cheating Anal Oral Prostitution 6200 Words.
December 1999.

I'm not sure of the story codes on this one.

The wife's boss establishes very rewarding financial security for his
mistresses, who are women he selects to bear his children. The wife wants
to become his mistress so her children can have the best possible genes.
Or is that what she wants?

In CR, Celeste called it "very creative" and gave it a 10,10,10.

In Rogue Reviews 472, Lee Vine rated it 9 of 10 and Excellent. That
surprised me. I thought he'd rate it higher. However, he did include in
The Best of 1999 so I really have no complaint.

**** ULTIMATE MIND CONTROL (THE) Mind Control, Humor. 2900 Words.
April 1998.

This is a "silly but entertaining" little piece with a mind control
theme that is "humorous rather than sexy". (Quotes from reviewer).

A man who runs a company to program women to be sex slaves meets the
woman he can't program.

DG reviewing it for Celestial Reviews gave it an 8, 9, 8.

*** V DAY MFF Adul cheating FF Preg 5300 Words. February 2000.

A wife gives her husband the ultimate Valentine's present: her best
friend whenever he wants her. And the wife asks him to make the friend
pregnant. But why?

In CR 359, Celeste gave it a 10, 10, 10 and said the story made her
think and to "check it out."

*** WANDA Slut, Humor. 2100 Words. April 1998.

Wanda is the ultimate slut and this is a story about her wedding day.

Not reviewed. Included in Wyyrd's hootisland site.

*** WINDOW MFF Light

A man and his wife discuss whether they should have sex with her younger

Not reviewed.

**** WINNING DENVER MF NonConsensual(?) Romance(?) 5200 Words.

Some of the stories I write aren't easy to fit into story codes and this
is one of those.

Chet's offered the opportunity to have sex with Denver if he pays off
some of her gambling debts. But they fall in love.

In CR, Celeste gave it a 8, 5, 5, and said I should have worked harder
to make this a good story. As a result, I wrote Raping Helena which was
"one of the stories trying to get out" of this one. I think Celeste's
review was too harsh and so did a bunch of other people.

You be the judge. This one and Raping Helena might be read at the same
time to see how an author can and does change a story.


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