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ALSPART video taping their encounter would




Albert's Time

He had a real "thing" for the older married woman. Her name was Mrs.
Sara Ann Bergman and when he was fifteen he still remembered the "incident"
as he chose to call it in his memory. It had started years before when he
was staying over for the night with her son and she had come around in her
nightie. He had a chance to look up from his position on the floor past
her panties to her uncovered round boobs hanging there under the terry
clothed nightly like twin orbs just begging to be squeezed and fondled.
She had been unaware of his fascination or his peek, he knew, as he
fantasized about her all the time afterwards. He had even sneaked into her
bedroom when she wasn't home one time just to find out how big her boobies
were. He was pleasantly surprised to find out at the time that she wore a
thirty eight 'D' cup bra. Later, almost accidentally, he found out she had
gotten a little larger in three years to a double 'D' cup. Even at the
later time, when he was almost fifteen he still remembered that time when
he was only twelve and looked upwards seeing her round titties bouncing
around unfettered by a bra. Albert knew she was beginning to get the
message about his "thing" for her because when he looked at her now she
seemed almost self conscious. She stopped going around her own home
braless when he was around and that disappointed the youth. The older woman who was the mom of his friend also made it a point to make sure she
wasn't showing too much flesh to the young man by wearing her casual
clothing when he was over. He knew she was now aware of her as a woman and
although she appeared not to be bothered by his attention, she was also
careful not to be alone with him and not to show him anything that might
even remotely be considered "showy". Albert felt kind of sad about that,
but even though he saw her covered in clothes every time he was around, he
still had a crush on the older married woman. At fifteen he was sure she
knew it and she always avoided looking directly into his eyes and sometimes
blushed when she found him staring at her large boobs still bouncy under
her sometimes too tight tops. When he was close to sixteen he was helping
her son move a lot of the woman's junk around and into the attic. Some of
the host of trinkets required lifting and so he helped her sixteen year old move the stuff around in the attic and downstairs. It was a situation to
remember because her son had almost broke some of the glass they had taken
up into the attic. The attic was a cramped area and the Albert wanted
desperately to do something that would be of assistance to the older woman.
He had always called her "Mrs. Bergman" and always he had been friendly.
He could tell, even then, that she felt uncomfortable being around him and
that the unfortunate near breakage of the material had finally overcome her
effort to maintain her distance. She was in the cramped attic in a flash
and she sent her son downstairs to rearrange the other material that was to
come up. The attic did not provide enough room to stand in, except at the
peak of the roof. There was lot's of room, one just had to go about on
their knee's in order to get around. Mrs. Bergman was wearing long slacks
and a tight blouse as she helped move the stuff in the rows and order she
wanted them. One of the rows towered over the two moving around on their
knee's as they maneuvered the boxes into the position she desired. Albert
took the opportunity to glance at Mrs. Bergman's big hooters as she moved
around on her knee's and the twin globes of desirable flesh bounced
attractively and invitingly for the teenager. He kept his head turned so
that she wouldn't see that he was very aware of her movements. She then
got behind a row and moved another pile all by herself to the corner of the
sloping roof. She turned, a little too rapidly and hit her head with a
thud against a rafter. The woman swayed and would have fallen hard into
the floor had no she fell into Albert. They both went down together, her
body on top of his. He let her lay there on top of him until she
recovered. This was to be another memory as he lay there for a few minutes
feeling her big boobs press against his own chest and she recovered from
the sudden self inflicted blow she had received to her head. It was only a
few minutes but Albert enjoyed it immensely. While she was laying there
dazed on top of him he took the brief chance that he had to cop a feel of
her big breasts. He alternately squeezed each one, marveling at the
firmness and the sheer fullness of the woman's boobs, then quit when he
realized she was beginning rapidly recover from the stunning blow. When
she recovered enough to realize what had happened she quickly disengaged
herself from the teenager apologizing profusely and blushing furiously at
the same time. Her round face, and blonde hair fell attractively over her
forehead covering the bump. She was still apologizing and quickly backing
away while Albert wasn't sure if she felt the same as he did, but he had
enjoyed the close physical contact even if it had been accidental. As
quickly as she could she backed away and got out of the attic. His smiles
later on would cause the older woman to blush and look away. It wasn't
until almost a year later that he realized the only reason she was blushing
was because she must have had feelings for him too! It was a shocking

Shortly after Albert Ross's seventeenth birthday he confided his secret
infatuation with the older woman to another one of his friends. This
friend was a much closer friend because they shared the same infatuation;
Mrs. Sara Bergman. This friend was Bernie King and when Bernie began
asking questions Albert broke down and told him his life story with the
older woman. Bernie didn't laugh, he didn't even make fun of Albert.
Albert knew the older woman was plump, with a chunkiness that the other
guys called "gross" but didn't bother him. Evidently the older woman's
plumpness didn't bother Bernie either. Then Bernie suggested something
that was a life long fantasy come true. Albert couldn't believe it, but
after reviewing some photographs Bernie had of Mrs. Bergman he realized it
had to be true. The photographs were nudes of the older woman. Instead of
being "grossed" out like he thought he might be seeing her naked, he was
turned on even more. Bernie told him that if he could keep his mouth shut
and if he could do a couple "favors" for Bernie Albert's sexual needs as
far as Mrs. Bergman was concerned would be met. All Albert had to do was
agree to be taped when he was alone with the woman. The older woman would
be told ahead of time that she had to "obey the whims of Albert Ross" and
she would do it! Albert still couldn't believe it. The older woman would
not be told that a video taping of their encounter would be taking place
and Bernie even showed Albert ahead of time where the hidden camera's were
located. All he had to do was make sure he had a sexual climax at least
twice with the woman. Albert told Bernie that he'd be able to meet these
"conditions" were no problem what so ever. It would be on a Wednesday
afternoon in the small library where he would have his "good time" with the

The week dragged by and Albert felt more and more intense, appreciating
the suspense. He didn't see Mrs. Bergman that week, he had always tried
to before in the previous weeks, but he deliberately tried to stay away
from her until Wednesday afternoon. This would be the first date as the
King's called them. A first date was where the woman and the man got to
know each other intimately. It was also a key word for the woman and she
would know when Bernie told her that Albert was her "assignment". If
Albert could hold up his end of the deal, there would be many more dates
between the two. Albert looked forward to that as well and agreed with
Bernie that the first date was an important time. Bernie told Albert that
in the King home women were not allowed to wear panties. In fact, panties were forbidden whenever an "arrangement" was made with the women. Bernie
also told Albert that the reason she was doing this was she was being
blackmailed into it. She would normally never have agreed to this but she
did this to keep the blackmail from becoming public. Even though Bernie
never told him what the blackmail was Albert knew that Bernie had something
very potent for an older woman to follow the demands of a kid as young as

Bernie ushered Mrs. Bergman into the small library where Albert already
waited for her. She was still dressed in her overcoat, it was a light one,
but it was also raining outside. "I believe that you two know each other
already," said Bernie as he helped the older woman out of her jacket. She
was wearing a white blouse and a navy blue skirt.

Mrs. Bergman didn't say anything, and neither did Albert as Bernie said
this, but there was a shocked look in her face.

Bernie draped the woman's jacket over his right arm and headed for the
door as the older woman leaned against the desk facing Albert. She looked
like she was in shock. "You can consider this a first date with Albert,
baby," said Bernie with a sneer and a chuckle as he left the room.

Mrs. Bergman blushed bright red and gasped as Bernie left the young man and the older married woman alone in the room together. It was only the
second time in Albert's life that he was alone in the same room with this
woman and he took the opportunity to survey how well she looked in her

Her heels were strapped and open toed. Her legs looked as if she were
wearing tan colored hose. As for her skirt it was loose about her knee's
and snug around her waist. Her blouse was white with a plunging 'V' neck
line and short half sleeves with lace everywhere. Albert could plainly see
the outline of the older woman's bra beneath the white blouse, as well as
the pinkish skin tone of her skin beneath the blouse. She wore her hair
straight as he remembered it, and pulled back over her right shoulder. Her
eyes were heavily made out with eye-shadow and eye mascara. Her lips were
covered in the reddest red lip stick he'd ever seen her wear. In some
ways, Albert noted mentally, he understood now why the woman didn't like
the bright red lip stick. She had been right, the contrast of the red lip
stick, against her white skin made her look almost cheap, not quite but
almost. She definitively looked more provocative.

Mrs. Bergman blushed under the intensity of his stare. Then
straightened and stood up about two or three minutes after Bernie had left
the room. She cleared her throat and smoothed her skirt over her thighs
nervously as she anxiously looked at the teenager across the room. "Come
over here, please Mrs. Bergman," said Albert maintaining his polite use of
her married title and trying to stay away from any emphasis on that married title.

Sara blushed profusely from the obvious command, but proceeded to walk
the distance of about fifteen feet and as she did so he saw her big boobs bounce with every step. A little cleavage was displayed as well through
the frilly lace of the plunging 'V' neck line. She stopped about two feet
away. "A little closer please," he said waving his hand. He watched as
she moved closer, then saw her jump as his right hand came out to caress
her left calf just under her knee. She obviously swallowed nervously as
his hand moved up and down over the contour of her calf highlighted by her
three inch high heels. Her calf felt extremely firm and the hose only
added to the sexiness of the silk like feeling against his palms as he
rotated his and without leaving her leg to the front of her left leg and
then slightly under the hem of her skirt rubbing the soft but firm lower
inner thigh flesh just under the hem of her skirt. Her skirt hem rested on
the teenagers wrists as he continued to fondle her lower thigh and she
cleared her throat saying, "You realize Albert that .... that I am being
blackmailed into doing this?" "Yes, as a matter of fact I do, Mrs.
Bergman," he replied surprising himself with the firmness he felt in his
own voice. He certainly felt far less certain internally about the
"rightness" of what he was doing to the poor older woman, but the feeling
coming back from his hand as he slid his palm half way up her inner thigh
more than made up for any guilt that he had been thinking of. "It doesn't
bother you that I'm being forced to ...... to submit to you then, Albert?"

Albert withdrew his palm from her inner thigh and said, "Sit down, next
to me here, Mrs. Bergman."

She frowned and immediately obeyed turning and sitting next to him on
the two seated padded chair as she looked over at him and said, "I would
like an answer Albert. I-I think I've always treated you fairly in the
past. The least you could do is tell me." "Kiss me with some enthusiasm
and I will tell you, Mrs. Bergman!" he exclaimed as he put his right arm
over her shoulders.

She looked at him a moment, studying his face, then leaned into his face
and kissed him. It was a direct lip on lip kiss. A kiss where she
genuinely tried to please him and tried to show the enthusiasm he expected
from her. A kiss that lasted longer than what she had intended; a kiss
that he maintained while he rubbed her shoulder and slid his left hand up
and down her skirt covered thigh feeling the garter belt snaps beneath the
skirt. A kiss that when it ended left her somewhat breathless and
momentarily confused because of her own feelings. Albert knew she was
suppressing her own feelings about him; he'd known it from that day in the
attic more than a year ago when he'd seen it in her eyes as she had quickly
backed away from him. He'd known it ever since because after long,
penetrating looks, she would blush and turn away from his stare. "You-you
have been fair with me, Mrs. Bergman. You deserve an answer. In a way I
feel .... guilty.... ab-about having a relationship with you that .....
that you don't want to have ..... but, well, I guess I will get over it!
That was one hell of a nice kiss too!"

She sighed, evidently relenting and then leaned back into the double
chair as she looked down to her right seeing and feeling his hand drop off
her shoulder to lay across the swelling of her big right breast. She
shivered; he could feel the shiver move through her whole form, as she
looked back at him and said, "I...I was hoping that I would never.....
never have to ..... " she didn't finish her statement a tear coming to her
right eye. Albert finished it for her, "Kiss me." "Yes," she responded.
Yes indeed, he thought. The kiss had revealed her inner feelings. She
liked it, what was more she wanted it!

Albert quickly moved his left hand under her skirt hem and then lay his
palm over the roundness of the tops of her lower thighs pushing the skirt
ahead of his hand until his hand came into contact with her cool naked
thigh flesh. She jerked as his hot palm crossed over to her bare skin.
His head moved closer to her lips and he gently caressed her big right
breast, his hand now moving down over the conical front of her breast as he
squeezed it while planting his lips on hers. He noticed she closed her
eyes as his fingers rotated around her stiff nipple beneath the blouse and
bra, while his left hand moved closer to her crotch. The only sign the
older woman gave him that was positive, other than her kissing, was the
opening of her legs ever so slightly to give his probing fingers access to
her genitals. Her mouth opened as his index finger found her pussy lips,
while his other hand was actively rubbing her right tit. He slid his
finger through the hot, wet slit as the woman shot her tongue into his
mouth. He was surprised by both the strength of her tongue and the
quickness of the sudden jab as he exchanged his own tongue in her mouth and
their breathing intensified together. His finger was now moving up and
down her slit and found her clit. She moaned as he fingered her hard
little love bud catching it just outside it's hood while his middle finger
delved into the hot, tight wetness of the older married woman's pussy. She
thrust towards him now wobbling her head as she intensified her kissing.
It was obvious, even to Albert, that she was turned on. He liked it; he
liked her aggressive turn on a lot. His signal to slow down came when he
pulled away from her hungry mouth. She sighed and sat back letting him
finger fuck her while he played with her big right nipple. He stopped
fingering her pussy after a short time and moved his still slick left hand
to her right tit. He rubbed the nipple, not surprised to find her right
nipple pushing through bra and blouse. His hand moved away from her nipple
towards the first of four buttons as he felt her own hand caress his right
thigh. Her hand moved quickly as he unbuttoned the second and third
button. Her hand cupped his crotch then found the outline of his hard on as
she traced it with her finger. She stopped stroking him and helped him
with the removal of her frilly lacy blouse. Then at his prompting leaned
into him so that he could unbuckle her bra at the woman's back. The bra
almost jumped from her stupendous breasts as it was released. Her big tits bounced free and actually bounced as they dropped. Albert thought that her
tits might sag for as old as she was and as big as her titties were. He
was surprised to note there were no sag marks, no sagging what so ever.
Her big boobs, fully exposed had large areola that had little bumps and
peaks to them that culminated in her one inch hard long pink nipples. Her
nipples pointed downwards slightly because of the hugeness of her tits.
Albert would find out later she could wear an 'F' cup although loosely.
Still she had the biggest set he had ever seen and been able to touch and
fondle. The two began kissing again, more like lovers, rather than older married woman and teenager. He heft her round globes of flesh admiring the
sheer density of the taut flesh while manipulating the hard, nut like
nipples as they kissed. She fondled his crotch and finally unzipped his
fly to get his erection out as she pumped him up and down. He broke away
from the kiss as she lowered herself to his erection. She pulled at the
erection and rubbed his thick cock meat over the soft firmness of her
breasts, trapping his hard on between her two marvelous orbs of flesh and
then sliding back and forth. He almost came then, but he was able to hold
off. He looked down at her nude back, marveling at how even the nakedness
of this woman's back was a turn on for him before he felt her mouth slide
over his erection. It was one of the most intense feelings he had ever had
in his life as she mouth his hardness, licking it and loving his penis like
it never had been sucked on before. She didn't apply suction until she
started cupping his balls deep down in his trousers. It was obvious that
she wanted to do this or she had been told to do this, but it didn't matter
to Albert because the warmth of her mouth, the slickness of her tongue, and
finally the suction of her mouth drove him over the edge and he came. He
ejaculated deep into her mouth as her eyes widened in shock and she choked.
Some of his sperm came out of her nose, some out from between her lips as
he continued to spasmodically ejaculate load after shooting load into her
mouth and then into her face. Albert used her blouse to clean her face,
then had her stand and remove her skirt. He noticed with some satisfaction
that there was no protest on the part of the older woman and she even shook
from excitement as she got out of her skirt. He rubbed her legs some more
and she opened her legs splaying them wide so that he had easy access to
her wet cunt. His fingers easily found themselves deep in her pussy as he
rubbed her clit and kissed her on the lips. In a matter of a few minutes,
after shedding her skirt, she was churning on the double seat next to him,
her hips rotating in unison to his fingering of her clit. Her pussy was
making squishing sounds as he rapidly finger fucked the older woman's
pussy. He continued to fondle her tit while kissing her as she closed her
legs wrapping his hand and wrist between her thighs now as she jerked
spasmodically reaching an obvious intense climax herself. This continued
for a good thirty seconds and two of his fingers were still buried inside
her wet cunt when he separated lips with her and said, "Can we fuck now
Mrs. Bergman?" "Wha-what position?" she asked. "On your hands and knee's
facing the desk," he said.

She rolled to one side as his fingers slipped out of her and was quickly
on the floor facing the desk and the hidden camera. She looked back at him
and said, "Loose the pants big boy, and come fuck me!"

He penetrated her pussy slowly from the rear. She moaned as he slid
into the tight, wet, warm hole. He slid deeply on the first thrust, then
on the second all the way in, his entire eight inches of erection buried in
the married woman's pussy. She pumped him as he knelt there behind her and
ran his hands up under her body across her belly to cup her tits and force
them towards the hidden camera as he fucked her. She responded in kind
obviously enjoying his fondling of her big tits as she pumped on his
erection. Later, when he reviewed the tape, he found that her eyes were
closed and a look of sheer lust was across the woman's face as she pounded
back and forth on his rod. Whenever he thought of this he would remember
the look of her dangling tits as they bounced against his grabbing hands
while his rod slipped back and forth in the older woman's wet cunt. She
was enjoying the fuck as much as he was!

He withdrew his hands from her tits and grasped either side of Sara
Bergman's hips holding onto the flared hips like handles as he thrust
himself with considerable force back and forth into her pussy, his balls
bouncing on her thighs. "Oh-h-h-h! Oh ye-yesssssss!" she was shouting as
he thrust with smacking sounds now his pelvis against her firm ass cheeks,
"yes-yes-yes!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me deep like that, yes fuck me harder,
oh god that feels so good! Yes-yes-yes! Al-almost there....almost... a
little more!"

The rapidity of his fucking was filling the small library with slapping
sounds as she thrust herself against him and he thrust his pelvis against
her ass cheeks. She lowered her head and continued to fuck and fuck hard
then lifting her head she squealed in a loud near hysterical pitch and
exlaimed, "God! Yes! I-I'm cummming! Yes, I'm cuming! Oh god it feels
so good! It's so wrong but it feels so good. Oh god yes, yes yes, oh!"

She collapsed in front of him his cock making a plopping noise as she
fell away laying limply on the carpet. He got down on his knee's next to
her before he realized she had fainted from the intensity of her climax!

He grinned and rolled her limply over to her back. Albert pulled her
legs apart marveling again at both the shapeliness of the woman's thighs
and accented by the hose and garter belt. Her legs were spread wide now,
her pussy dribbling the ooze of her own juices and his recent cum. He slid
his cock along her thighs and felt it get harder as he moved over her hose
to her naked thigh flesh. Then he positioned himself between the woman's
legs and inserted his now erect penis into her wet pussy while she was
still unconscious.

Laying across her unconscious form he sucked on a nipple. She slowly
began to respond as his cock twitch deep inside her spent and still wet
cunt. He continued to play with a left tit while he sucked the nipple on
the right. She returned to the world of the living with his hard on buried
deep in her pussy and her big, aroused nipple in the teens mouth. "Fuck me
now Albert," she said to him as she awoke to arousal. He did too. He used
her tits like handles and she fucked him on the floor thrusting and
churning beneath him, just like before but this time with their bodies
melded together. This time when she came, for the third time, she remained
unconscious despite his efforts to arouse her further.

He was putting on his trousers when Bernie walked into the room and
looked down at the nude, unconscious woman on the floor. "C'mon over
tomorrow and we'll go over the tapes, Al. Did you like?" "I liked very
much Bernie. Very much." "Good. Next date you can take her out in
public." "I'll look forward to it," said Albert as he walked with Bernie
out of the library.


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