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A Letter from 'Daddy'

Copyright by author. Do not reopst without permission from author.
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Dear Christy,

I just wanted to tell you that I sure enjoyed the other night when I
almost took your cherry. I know you are only 18 years old, but I'm gonna
tell you, you have the sweetest little cunt that there ever was.

I know that you might not remember it, because of the drugs that I gave
you. Yes, that's right, I spiked your coke with some sleeping medicine so
that right after dinner, you would drift off to sleep. And on top of that,
I gave your mom some, twice as much actually, because I wanted her to stay
asleep while I pulled my plan off. You, well I just gave you enough to
make you groggy for a while and drift off for an hour or so.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know exactly what happened. First of all, I
went took your mom to bed and I talked her into putting my cock into her
mouth and getting it worked up for me. That's right, your mom is a great
little cock sucker. She took my cock into her mouth and slid her lips up
and down on the shaft, working her lips down onto it until she was able to
take the entire length into her mouth. Damn baby, your mom can suck cock,
and one of these days I will teach you how to do it too. Because, you see,
that is my job, to train you to be my little cock slave.

After mom got my cock all lubed up and hard as a fucking rock and I was
about ready to cum, I make her quit for a minute till it went down and then
I made her do it a couple of more times the same way so when I was ready to
shoot my cum into you, you would know what the full load felt like. My
balls were just about to turn blue when I had her stop. I pulled her
panties off and moved between her legs and slipped my cock into her cunt and started to pump. She laid there for a while, slowly drifting in and
out of consciousness and within a few minutes she was asleep. You want to
know how I know she was fast asleep? I know because I slammed my hard meat
into her as violently as I could into her and she did not move. Yes,
that's right, I put my cock into your mother before I came to you so our
love juices could be mixed.

After I got through fucking your mom for a minute, I got out of bed and
went to the door in your room. I opened it a little and there you were,
laying on top of the covers, your little panty covered ass showing because
your nightie had slipped up and your lower body was exposed. I almost came
when you spread your legs a little bit. I slowly opened the door and moved
closer to the bed and you rolled over and I could see the outline of your
little smooth cunt lips through those panties that you were wearing. I
could also see your little nipples through the fabric of your nightie.
Damn baby, I wanted to kiss and suck those little budding breasts right
then and there, but I had to wait.

I walked up to the head of the bed and gently said, "Christy, Christy,
are you awake?" You didn't move and that is exactly what I wanted. I
walked closer to you and pulled my underwear down and my rock hard cock
sprang free, swinging in the breeze. I moved toward you and pushed it down
till it was even with your lips. I took my cock and started rubbing it on
your lips. Oh god, your young lips felt fucking wonderful. You opened
your mouth a little and I pushed my cock head between them and believe it
or not, you started sucking on it a little. Just gentle sucking motions
with your lips but still, that virgin mouth of yours felt like heaven. I
let you gently suck on it till I was ready to cum, but just as I was ready,
I once again stopped because I wanted to blast my semen inside your virgin

I crawled onto the bed and moved down and pulled your nightie up and
exposed your little titties to the air. As soon as the air hit it, they
started to get harder than a fucking rock. I pulled your panties down and
removed them. I saw your cunny glistening in the glow of the soft street
light shining through your bedroom window. I moved forward and hovered
over you with my cock just inches away from your cunt. I leaned forward
and took a nipple into my mouth. I moved my tongue around on your nipples,
nipples that I knew had never had a man suck on them before.

They were so young and tender. I moved over and took the other titty
into my mouth. I licked and sucked that one until you started to stir and
moan. I then started kissing down your body, moving down your torso and
past your belly button. I could feel your stomach muscles contract as I
made my way down. Finally, I found the object of my desire and as my
tongue moved down across the hairless skin of your cunt I felt my cock grow
to the hardest it had ever been. I could smell your juices of your little
pussy permeate the air and I knew that I had no choice but to taste you. I
ran my tongue down till it was directly across from your pussy lips. I
stuck it out a little and gently touched them and I got a taste of your
young virgin cunt.

You tasted so good you little cunt. I took one hand and spread you open
and there it was, a 18 year old cunt open before me. I moved my head
forward till my lips touched it and then I stuck my head into it. You
started to moan, and that fact just turned me on that much more. I pushed
my tongue deep as I could into your pink lips and started moving it in and
out, licking, circling my tongue against your clit. You tensed and I knew
that you came because you grabbed my hair and pulled me into you, although
you did not wake up. As soon as you were done coming, I proceeded to move
back up your body till I was towering over you. I moved forward and laid
myself on top of you and started kissing your neck and ears. You spread
your legs a little, obviously wanting me but not even aware that you were
doing it because of your drugged out condition.

I positioned myself above you and moved my cock toward the entrance of
your pusssy. When we touched below the waist, you flinched and groggily
opened your eyes. You said "D-d-d-daddy, what are you doing?" I said
nothing, because I knew that you were not even really awake and you would
not remember any of this. I stopped kissing your nipples and moved to a
more upright position and put the head of my cock into the entrance of your
twat. You moaned a little and I put my hands on your hips and pulled you
forward a little. I grabbed your pillow and lifted your ass and shoved it
under there so I would be able to get to your little cunt better.

You looked so fucking good there with your nightie pulled up around your
neck, your naked pussy before me propped up on a pillow. I put my hands
firmly on the sides of your hips and started moving my cock into position.
I pushed it in about an inch and I could see your virgin pussy spread as my
meat entered you. I moved in and out a little and then I pushed another
inch until I could feel your cherry stop me. I did not go any farther, I
just proceeded to push in and out of your little pussy a couple of inches,
stretching your cunt a little each time, getting you ready for the time
when I will fuck you.

I stroked and stroked and stroked and rubbed your little bald cunt until
finally, I could hold off no longer, I shot my load of thick hot spunk that
had been building up inside of me for hours and I shot it deep into your
pussy baby. When I had no more cum to give, I pulled off of you and
watched you laying there with cum oozing out of your box. I walked to the
bathroom and got a wash cloth and got back on the bed and proceeded to wash
the cum off of your pussy, running it in and out with my finger till you
were clean, then drying your little pussy and then I slipped your panties back on and pulled your gown down.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that that nightmare that someone was
on top of you doing bad things to you was not a nightmare but your daddy
fucking your pussy. I'm going to sign off now and go put my cock into your
mom before she wakes up. Oh by the way, I haven't cleaned my cock up so
your juices are going to mingle together the other way now.

I'll catch you around some time Christy baby and someday I'll completely
take your cherry, but when I do, I want you wide awake and want you to know
that it is for real. Anyway, I'll see you little cunt.

Your perverted "Daddy"


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