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AMANDA01 thick white cotton underwear only slightly

Rose Noire rose_noire@richards-realm.com
www.richards-realm.com/rosenoire/amore3/amore3.htm Copyright 1997

Amanda goes to the Principalís Office

Amanda sat nervously tapping her feet as she sat on the hard, cold
wooden bench in front of the principalís office. Heíd summoned her there
just after lunch. Itís been only a month since her last visit. Her heavy
woolen skirt was just below her knees as she sat there. Her white cotton
socks were folded down over the tops of her black leather school shoes.
The cotton blouse she wore barely masked the small girlish breasts contained beneath. She jumped when the door opened and Mr. Flasque
stepped into the hallway, blue eyes peering over his bifocals to look at

"Young lady, come in." He said; his lips drawn tight. He turned on his
heel and walked back into his office.

"Stand here, in front of my desk so I can see you. This is the second
time youíve been to see me. The last time it was for chewing gum during
class. This is not good." He took his seat behind the desk after he closed
the door, turning the bolt.

"Miss Pigeon tells me youíre constant trouble in her class." He
continued looking sternly at her.

"I donít know what you mean, sir." She said, her voice wavering as he
looked sternly at her.

"You talk continuously in her classes and donít stop when told to.
Thatís a very serious offense. Here, at this boarding school, youíll find
discipline is something we work hard to instill in our students. What do
you have to say for yourself?"

"I donít know. I only talked once to Mary. I couldnít find my pencil.
I didnít realize I had been misbehaving during class." Her voice faultered
as her eyes watered.

"Well, Miss Pigeon says you did and of course, Iím going to take her
word over ours. Stand up. Ten swats with the paddle for the first offense
and five more for a repeat visit. Weíll do this each time, until you

"But, I didnít...." Her voice trailed off when she saw there was no use.

"Here, lean over the stool here. Thatís right. This will take only a
minute, but hopefully youíll think twice next time. You mustnít speak
until Iíve dismissed you. Thatís how I will begin your instruction." That
said, he proceeded to paddle her bottom.

"What? Did you say something? Well, still want to talk do you? Five
more swats on top of the original fifteen." He lifted up her dress
revealing her thick white cotton underwear, only slightly whiter than her
white, firm thighs and calves. Briefly he rubbed her smooth, ripe bottom
before beginning again.

"Oh, stop. Please stop. It hurts. I wonít do it again." She pleaded,
her voice trembling.

He looked sternly ather. "Silelnce!" He continued his efforts.
"Fifteen." He said as he stopped briefly, then administered the remaining
five. He caressed the cheeks of her ass through the panties then allowed
his hands to roam further up rubbing her back then her belly. He replaced
the skirt over her bottom when there was a knock on the door.

"Sit." He motioned to the chair in front of the desk. He unlocked and
opened the door to admit Miss Pigeon. "Come in. Iíve just finished. She
hopefully will not continue to be a problem." A tallish woman in a grey
wool skirt and jacket and sensible shoes walked into the room. Her dark
hair was pulled tightly back into a French knot and her dark eyes glared at
Amanda from behind pince nez frames.

"She doesnít look very contrite to me. I hope you dispensed the
paddling without sympathy for her tears. Iím sure she put on quite a show
for you. Here, let me see if your paddling was effective." She walked over
to Amanda and pulled her to her feet. "Here, bend over the stool here."
She lifted the Amanda's skirt and pulled her panties down slowly to her
knees. Pink ass cheeks stared back at her with barely a mark on the smooth
round globes. "See itís just as I thought. You were easy on her. Well,
perhaps Iíd better take over." She placed her middle finger on the rim of
Amandaís anus as she said this.

"Oh, please no. I wonít do it again." Her voice trembled with fear.
Amanda tried to pull away, but Mr. Flasque moved to the front and braced
her shoulders to keep her from moving. Slowly, Mrs. Pigeon spread
Amandaís legs then placed the index finger of her other hand on the button
of Amandaís clit. "What are you going to do. Please donít touch me

"Perhaps we need to give her something to pacify her." Ms. Pidgeon said
looking at Mr. Flasque. As if on cue he opened the fly of his pants. He
pulled out his somewhat limp member and stood in front of Amanda. Amanda
tried to look away, but was forced to look back by a slap on her buttocks
from Miss Pigeon.

"Lick it!" He commanded then put itís tip to her lips. Her tongue
flicked out and she did as she was toldl. Soon his noodle responded and he
forced his cock into her mouth and was rewarded with a groan from Amanda.
Miss Pigeon in the meantime bent over and ran her tongue down Amandaís
slit. Amanda jumped, but found she could go nowhere.

"Thatís right Amanda. When you can be good in class, you wonít have to
spend time in the principalís office." He began thrusting rhythmically in
and out of her very wet mouth. Miss Pigeon was busily licking Amandaís
cunt while she fingered her rim. Mr. Flasque began to grunt and then he
began to tremble.

"Stop there. Donít spend it all in one place. Letís switch places."
They traded off, but Mrs. Pigeon sat instead on the credenza directly in
front of the stool. She hiked up both her skirt and slip to reveal
stockings a garter and no underwear. She pulled poor Amandaís head towards
her cunt while Mr. Flasque grabbed Amandaís hips. After running his rod
over Amandaís wet cunt several times, he breached the entry to her ass.
Amanda stiffened and clenched her cheeks, but Mr. Flasque reached up and
pinched a nipple through her blouse.

"Behave or thereís more with the paddle. Now, bury your face in that
snatch and let me finish my business here." He thrust deep into her bowels
as he said that and smacked her hard on the ass. Miss Pigeon pulled her to
her cunt again and released her hair after Amanda began to perform
adequately. She then reached under Amandaís front and began to fondle her
breasts through the blouse and bra. Unwillingly Amanda began to respond to
the efforts of her disciplinarians. Miss Pigeon began to shudder and
pulled Amanda as far as she could go into her snatch. Mr. Flasque let out
a groan behind her and shot his wad into her ass. Miss Pidginís thighs
clamped tight and she came with a lurch that nearly unseated her from the

"I think, Amanda needs a few more swats to be sure sheís learned her
lesson," said Miss Pigeon. She reached for the paddle and began spanking
each cheek separately. Mr. Flasque reached around from the front and
inserted a middle finger to the third knuckle into Amandaís cunt. He
rubbed her tits roughly as he finger fucked her. Suddenly her legs began
to tremble and her body shook all over as she came violently.

They helped her to sit on the stool. When sheíd regained her composure,
she stood up and adjusted her clothing. Her petite frame was no less well
formed than Miss Pigeon's. Miss Pigeon was already arranged. Both woman
were familiar with this game and awaited their pay. Mr. Flasque walked
around to the other side of the desk and picked up four $500.00 bills. He
handed one to each woman. Amanda and Miss Pigeon linked arms as they
strode through the door of the office.

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