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AMANDA1 cum that she could ask


The following is intended for adults readers who want to read fiction
about a woman being in charge of a man through his genitals. Anybody
who is not legally permitted to view such material should read no
further. All rights to this story are reserved by the author.
Permission is given to archive this story in places where no fees are
charged for legal adults to view it and if no words are changed,
including this disclaimer. Hope you enjoy.

As Amanda’s World Turns…
By Hector’s Pup

When I first met Amanda, she was an angel, so sweet and innocent. She
loved being courted and being taken care of. I adored her and married her. In the beginning of our ten year relationship, sex was
intriguing. She had a healthy appetite for it and my world was bliss.
I remember the first time she asked me if she could touch my balls.
"My balls are your balls, Honey." I told her. Her first feel was so
gentle and respectful that I turned to Jell-O in her hands.

When she woke up horny, she would reach over and cup my groin with her
hand making almost imperceptible movements with her fingers that
gradually woke me up with a hardon, raring to go. After a while I
just liked to pretend I was a sleep a little longer to increase the
tension in my groin before giving in to her longings for lovemaking.
As Amanda evolved from an angel to a princess, she grew a little
impatient on such occasions, and half joking, once grabbed my balls
and squeezed sharply saying, "I know you are awake. Now, roll over
and do me."

The pain was unexpected and I had to explain to her between labored
breaths to give me a break before expecting me to perform. This was a
beginning of my training, as it were. Amanda had experimented with
many different ways to give me intense pleasure ministering to my
balls, everything from holding, tugging, rattling, gently pinching,
patting, sucking on, rolling, to my favorite, where she put her
fingers flat on the base of my cock, two fingers on the cock and two
on the top of my balls rocking her hand back up and down between each
while keeping her hand in place. This got me so ready and wanting to
cum that she could ask me to do anything before letting me ejaculate.

As I mentioned, she had a healthy appetite for sex in those days and
she would expect to cum more than once for each of mine. She expected
me to minister to her for her second and, sometimes, third orgasms
well after we each had a romantic mutual release. She got randy at
varying times, but when she was, she grew less understanding about my
fatigue from a day on occasion, and grew more and more demanding of
me, communicating this with tight holds of my balls or relentless
light slaps until I gave in to her wishes. The usual position would
be a partial sixty-nine where I would be on hands and knees, head
between her legs lapping her winking slot, reaching back and massaging
a breast or two, but with both knees on one side of her. This way she
could hold on to my nuts to insure that I did things the way, and for
as long, as she wanted.

My crotch became the object of her attention for all things between
us, even in public. Where in other couples one might give an elbow to
the ribs, kick to the shins, or a stomp to an instep when annoyed,
Amanda went straight to my groin with a back fist, slap or squeeze.
You can imagine how embarrassing this ended up being, trying to shake
off the pain and maintain my composure.

Amanda eventually evolved from a princess to a despotic dictator. By
this point in our relationship, gone was the logic and behavior
management in her punishments. She even began to make up reasons to
get her licks in. As our relationship diminished further, she looked
for ways to humiliate me, cause me pain, and keep me under control for
her amusement. If there is interest, I’ll try to relate some examples
for you here.

As Henny Youngman used to say, "Take my wife…please!"


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