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AMANDA10 cum and had stop

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays Part 5
By Hectorís Pup
Continued from Part 4:

It was the next weekend, when I answered the door in a pair of
modified shorts and shortened tee-shirt. The shorts actually had no
crotch. They were nylon running shorts slit up the sides with the
front held back by a Velcro band sewn to it that went around my cock,
and the back anchored by an elastic chord ending in a band around my
balls. It gave the illusion of running shorts as long as I could keep
my willy down.

At our door was Maureen in sweat clothes and jogging shoes. She had
no makeup nor lashes on and her nails were shortened, although still
painted red. For my sensibilities, it marked an improvement in the
right direction for her, but no one would hire me as an image
consultant. I asked her to please come in and make herself
comfortable while I found Amanda to announce Maureenís presence.
Amanda came down stairs and Maureen brightened to see her. Maureen
seemed anxious to deliver information she was sitting on, but
reluctant to disclose. We started with small talk about the fun we
had at her place, what a magnificent place it was, what had she been
up to during the week, and so on. We tried to give her as many
openings as possible to get whatever it was off her chest. Finally .
. .

"Iím here, well, you see you folks are the only people I know around
here, and you both seem so nice, well, I thought that maybe I could
talk to you about Will. He has really changed since you two came by
to meet us. He has always put me down, for, well you know, my weight
problem and things. He does it because he loves me, I know, he wants
me to be better, and that he wants what will be good for me." Maureen
confessed. Amanda was starting to shift at the thought. "Well he
wants me to be as perfect as I can be, like the military slogan. But,
now that he has met you, Amanda, he wants me to be just like you."
All of a sudden Amanda was taken back from where she was about to go
with this. "Itís Amanda this and Amanda that, constantly, whenever we
are together. He is becoming obsessed with transforming me into you."

"Thatís absurd." Amanda replied. "He married you for you. There are
things special about you that attracted you to him. Itís probably
just going to pass and we will all be laughing about it in years to

"I donít expect you to understand, or believe me. And, I know there
is nothing you can do to help me. Thank you for listening to me."
Maureen shifted to leave. "Iíd better be going. Iím supposed to be
jogging right now."

"Now, wait. Sit down here and talk to us, please." Amanda said
intending to get to the bottom of this. Amanda took Maureenís hands
in hers and guided her back to the couch.

"No thank you, please, I prefer to stand." Maureen said with

Still holding a hand, and swinging it forward and up a bit, Amanda
said, "We both find you very attractive just the way you are, donít we

Maureen looked up hopefully at me. "I do very much, and I think you
are sweet too." I said. She blushed. I meant it too. She had a
very attractive smooth curvy body and her face was actually prettier
without makeup. Right at this moment, a little more self-respect,
self-confidence, and self-appreciation would go a long way to making
her down right irresistibly sexy.

"So whatís happening besides put downs that is making you this upset."
Amanda probed.

"Well, heís beginning to humiliate me physically now." Our involved
attention told her to proceed. "Well, like this morning, he had me up
on our exercycle pumping away for half an hour." We didnít look
impressed. "Well, I had to be naked, okay, and he rigged this
modification where I had to straddle a plastic clothesline so I
wouldnít be able to sit in the seat. He said it would burn up more
calories if I were forced to stand while cycling. It didnít matter to
him that it first made me cum and I had to stop and then it made me
really sore. All that mattered to him was that I kept on going while
he sat near by reading the paper. When I came those couple of times
in a row, he took one of those paddles and reddened up my rear each
time I couldnít go on right away."

"Would you let me see if it is okay back there?" Amanda asked
concerned. Maureen hesitated, because she wasnít on her own turf, and
wasnít done up the way she was accustomed to being. Nevertheless, she
turned her rear toward Amanda and pulled down her sweatpants, leaving
them at her ankles, her hands supporting her on the arm of the couch.
Amanda lightly touched the welts. "Does that hurt?" She said, and
Maureen nodded biting her lower lip. Amanda was pulling open her
vulva, "Is it okay if I check here for you?" To which she got the
same reaction. "Well, this all looks pretty angry, but I think you
are going to be just fine, you poor dear. What do you think, Hun?"

"Ouch." I said. "I wouldnít want to have to go through that routine
again for at least a few days."

"Itís not like our regular games. This is part of my daily routine
now along with other exercises and variations he is adding everyday.
He has warned me that it is going to continue like this until I am
slimmed down like you Amanda. I canít get out of it like I can when
we play at it." She stood back up and started to pull up her top.
"Can you take a look at these for me too?"

The ends of her breasts were red with inflammation. "How did this
happen?" Amanda asked getting more perturbed.

"Oh, he has it in his mind that he can make my breasts firmer like
yours if he stimulates them while I exercise my chest so that they get
more circulation or something." Amanda gently touched them watching
Maureen for a reaction to their sensitivity. "He has me do all sorts
of chest exercises like push ups over a too hot tray of water,
isometric chest squeezes while he rubs them with Ben Gay, and swatting
them with a fly-swatter while Iím hanging upside-down with gravity
boots to stimulate them, he says, in anti-gravity."

"Iím sorry to say this to you Maureen, but Will is a real piece of
work, and needs to be taught a lesson heíll never forget." Amanda said

"Oh, please donít do anything to him. If he finds out Iíve told you
anything, heíll make my life a bigger living hell. Oh God, Please,

"Heíll never know. In fact, heíll never know what hit him, I suspect.
But first, why donít you let me see if I can help you with the pain,
and maybe even help you heal faster, with some mind tricks Iíve been
studying. Let us put you in a tub with some Epsom salts and leave the
rest, now, to me." Amanda said reassuringly.

Amanda had me run a warm bath with the salts, and brought her up with
her clothes off when I called "Ready!" I extended my hand and helped
her in the tub. Amanda suggested she lie down in the tub on her
stomach first, and I scooped up the water and basted her backside.
Amanda sat down by Maureenís head and started talking to her.

"You want us to be friends, and friends help each other. Youíve come
here for our help, and we want to help you. You are in the tub
relaxing now and the water that is covering your soreness is going to
soothe the pain away. Iím going to talk to you for a while, you can
listen to the words I say, and drift off into a deep state of
relaxation. If you imagine that the water has a magical effect on
your skin and bruises, then with each cup of water that is poured on
you, you will feel more and more relaxed." She had her focus on the
sore areas and notice how they were becoming numb. No matter how hard
she tried to feel the pain, she wouldnít feel anything because the
pain was now in the water and would go down the drain when she was
through an so on. Then she had Maureen turn around to her back with
her knees up so her backside could soak and I continued by basting her
angry tits this time.

Being relaxed and in a trance made Maureen look sexier. She was at
peace with herself and would be a prize catch for any guy who could
appreciate her beauty, her capacity for loving devotion, and her
willingness for adventure. She just hooked up with somewhat of a
creep that saw her as an object to possess rather than a person with a
soul to appreciate. She picked him, of course, but the question
remains, is she getting what she bargained for, probably not.

Amanda was new at this, so she had to test Maureen to make sure she
was really under. She had her stand up and step out of the tub, and
sent me downstairs to wait in the living room. "You know my husband.
Nod Ďyesí if you agree. (Nod) He thinks youíre beautiful, and most
people think you are beautiful. You will know this to be true when I
awake you later. You are enjoying a deep relaxation while you
continue to listen to my voice and follow the fun instructions I give
you to do. Follow me to my room." Amanda led her to the bedroom.
"Here are my clothes, here are some toys we enjoy, and this and the
entire house is yours to use for the rest of the day until I return.
Iím going to do you a favor while Iím gone and I want you to do me a
favor for me in return. Will you agree to do me this favor in return
as my friend?"

"Yes Amanda, I want to be your friend."

"Thatís good. We are going to do each other a favor so we can become
better friends and have a more relaxed now, relationship between us as
friends. Here is what I need you to do. My husband is downstairs. I
want you to take my place and be me while Iím gone so he wonít miss
me. I like to think of ways to get him sexually aroused and keep him
aroused for hours on end. I like to have him give me orgasms, and you
can have him give you orgasms too, since you are taking my place while
I am gone, but I donít want you to let him have any orgasms while I am
away doing my favor for you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Amanda, arouse him, but he canít cum."

"Thatís good. From the moment I leave this house until I return and
you hear my voice again telling you what to do next, you will be my
friend and take care of my husband for me any way you want as long as
you keep him aroused, but keep him from cumming. Every time you let
my husband touch your body you will go deeper into this trance taking
care of my husband for me. Every time you tease my husband with your
body you will realize how beautiful you really are, and you will
discover the natural power beautiful women like you have over men.
Because this trance is what you really want to do, you will enjoy
doing it until only I, Amanda, tell you it is time to stop. Touch
your beautiful breasts if you agree."

Maureen caressed her breasts with her hands from the bottom-side out
off the ends sending a shudder through her body.

"Amanda is leaving now. Her husband is waiting for you downstairs.
Join him and start taking charge when you are ready. If he calls you
ĎMaureení, then he means to say ĎAmandaí." Amanda said while changing
into new clothes.

Amanda left Maureen to inventory her possibilities, came downstairs,
and said to me on her way out, "Off to settle a score, Dear. Please
do exactly as Maureen instructs. You can thank me later. Bye."

Continued in "Games Amanda Plays Part 6" (Living With Amanda Part 11)
You can reach me at: hectorspup@hotmail.com

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