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AMANDA11 extreme caution while shining her

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays Part 6
By Hectorís Pup
Continued from Part 5:

It wasnít long after Amanda left that I heard Maureenís voice from
upstairs calling me, "Oh, Sweetie, would you please come up and give
me a hand?"

"Hunh?" I thought. What is going on here? I went upstairs and found
Maureen in Amandaís full-length satin housecoat, with her back to me
holding the ends of a necklace under her damp blonde hair, ready to be
clasped behind her neck. Her outline was hourglass erotic as I
approached to close the clasp for her. I had this urge to wrap my
arms around and hug her from the back first, but thought better of
that, and closed the clasp instead. As I did, Maureen let her hair
down, turned her head looking me seductively in the eye, followed by
her shoulders and then the rest of her body.

"Thank you, my love." She said with her hands holding the back of my

Amandaís parting words rebounded in my head, "Do exactly what she says
. . . and thank me later." I decided to play the game.

Maureen pulled the lapels of the robe open to show the crystal pendant
dangling with sparkles in her cleavage. "Do you think this looks good
on me?"

"Oh yes, exquisite."

"Do you think it goes well with this?" She said as she slowly undid
the sash and held the edges of the robe open.

This new kittenish Maureen was confusing me. Her confident posture and
body movements were making this already beautiful female specimen,
exude sexuality from every pore. Here in one of Amandaís sheer teddys
was this voluptuous woman, making the front flap of my shorts open
like the starting gates at the dog track. She looked at it surprised,
then pleased, then curious, and squatted down to look under at it.
After the intimate romp we had the last week, I shouldnít have been
embarrassed by this inspection by her, but she was not the same person
here before me either. She reached up and gently squeezed my balls
with a couple of fingers and her thumb like my scrotum was a piece of
fruit she was testing for ripeness before picking. Then she dragged
her fingers along the underside of my cock as she stood back up,
sending an uncontrollable shiver through my body. "Very interesting."
She said.

Maureen walked over to Amandaís vanity with the open robe flowing,
chose a brush, sat down, held up the brush behind her, and looked at
me in the mirror saying, "Would you be a dear and help me with this

Unsticking my feet and legs from my trance-like stance, I took the
brush from her and tentatively and clumsily began to stroke her hair.
She smelled like Amanda after a shower, so she must have taken a quick
one during or after the time Amanda was leaving. I became a
relatively quick study on how to do it without pulling her hair
painfully and began to establish a rhythm . At one point, she pushed
back the bench and had me stand in front of her between her legs to
brush her hair forward down over her face for a while. It was
difficult to keep my concentration on doing a good job of it, as she
would put her hands under the back flap on my naked buns and grope me.
Or, she would toy with the cord leading to the band around my balls
teasing them back between my legs. She would get totally out of my
reach when she would bend forward and nuzzle, kiss or lick the tip of
my cock, or try to whip the underside of it with her almost dry hair.
As the arousal would become too much for me. I would gently signal
her by putting my hands on her shoulders and guiding her back up to an
upright position. And playfully it would begin again.

She had me finish brushing her hair back in place, while holding my
cock and balls into her cleavage by her hands on my butt cheeks,
kneading them like dough. It was everything I could do to keep from
surprising her with a warm glob hitting her chin. In fact, I had to
decide that her hair was done, back away and say, letting a held
breath out a little, "Looks perfect. Phew!"

Then to make small talk and to cool things down a bit, I commented
that it looked like her breasts were healing nicely, and that I
couldnít really tell that they had been irritated at all at this
point. She slipped a breast out and tried to look at it herself.
Then she looked up at me as if to say, "What are you talking about?"
I reached out and gently stroked the nipple and areola with my fingers
and asked, "Doesnít this hurt?"

She smiled and cooed. "No, silly. Donít stop. It feels gooood."
And she brought out the other one as well. This was obviously Amandaís
work, and miraculously, the redness was almost all gone. Now she was
inviting my touch, which she would have cringed at an hour and a half

This change before me was mystifying, starting with her showing up at
our doorstep. A week ago, when she was Willís done over bimbo. Now
the big hair was normal, the nails a regular length, her face a
natural beauty, her posture more confident and self-assured, and most
of all, she was communicating with me as her own person. She had
peeled off the false veneer and the real sensual femininity was coming
out. In a sense, she was becoming more like Amanda. I was looking at
her with new eyes and experiencing her as a new person.

"You know, I didnít get a chance to shave when I took a quick shower.
You donít suppose you would be willing to help me with it, do you?"
She said pushing my wiggling tongue away from her left breast, and
holding my face in her hands looking admiringly into my eyes."

"Love to." I said, glad to have this opportunity to experience these
interesting moments further.

We reconvened in the bathroom. I sat down on the throne with its top
down, content to soak in the visual sensuality before me, while
awaiting my chance to be helpful. Maureen showered herself below the
shoulders with the curtain pulled aside as if on a stage. She put
lotion on her whole body, doubling the amount on her legs and
backside. The way she would look back at me to check my reaction,
gave the show the feel of a strip tease. She proceeded to shave her
legs slowly, standing sideways to me and putting her foot up on the
side of the tub. This showed off her smooth rounded and strong legs
and rear end. I wanted to caress her firm roundness and crawled over
to sit by the edge of the tub, leaning my left arm on it for support.
"My, arenít we getting eager, my pet."

Reaching up with my right hand, I caressed the back of her leg up
around to the top of the buttocks and back down again. It didnít hurt her and the bruising had diminished to nothing more than a fresh
sunburn. She stopped her shaving, put her head back with eyes closed,
and moaned. "Oh yes. Thatís nice." She encouraged. She handed me
the razor and asked, "Would you be a dear, and help me with my hard
to reach places?"

Maureen moved her legs apart and bent down in front of me, pulling
apart her cheeks with her fingers. I helped her with the touch up of
the hairs around her anus and reached for a squirt of lotion on my
finger to work it around this sensitive area. Her body started to
fold into itself and she took her fingers away to catch herself with
her hands on her knees still pushing her rear obscenely back at me,
and contracting her sphincter asking for more sensation. "Oh you
naughty boy. You devil you. That is unbearably wonderful what you
are doing." She uttered in a low sultry way.

After working a finger around for a while then two, I cupped her sex
with my hand and said, "One more area to go."

She hissed in a deep breath, holding it until I let go to allow her to
reposition herself to the edge of the tub. I sat Indian style between
her legs, my cock pointing at the target for the razor, and used
extreme caution while shining up her snatch. I ran a little water in
a wash cloth and dabbed the loose hairs away. There was still a
little redness, but still my touch excited her. I slowly and
deliberately went from sitting to kneeling and began to kiss, then
lick, and finally, suck her love center. She went crazy with lust and
grabbed the back of my head and held on for dear life, as I continued
my steadily increasing mission to make her squeal. I reached up with
my left hand and tried to touch her nipple of her right breast. She
relaxed her right arm still holding my head to her tightly with her
left. Than I reached up with my right and started to stimulate her
left breast. She let go of my head altogether and caught her body
from falling backwards with her outstretched hands against the back of
the tub. I placed her legs on my shoulders while I continued my
onslaught on her breasts and her love button. She took her hands and
placed them on the bottom of the tub and tilted her head back so it
was upside down. Her stomach and hips started to shudder and undulate
harder and harder until she arched her body in a tight bridge,
screaming, "Eeeearrrrgh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Thatís it." (I love it when
that happens.) "Oh stop. I donít think . . . Oh my gooooodddd!
Eeeeeee . . . Ooooooo . . . Oh please no more. Stop! Stop! Really.
That was wonderful. Oh yes. Stop. Oh thank you. Yes. Stop. Oh you
devil you." She said as she experienced one orgasm on top of the

"Phew! Just give me a minute. Then will take care of any stubble you
may be sporting, you rascal you." She said trying to catch her breath
and basking in her after glow while slumped in the tub. I was waiting
pleased with myself sitting up against the side of the tub on the
floor. I just loved taking her that one notch higher than she thought
she could go.

We talked for about fifteen minutes. I had to fight back the urges to
fulfill my curiosity by asking her about her relationship with Will,
surmising that it would kill the moment and take her back to the
earlier Maureen. The new Maureen was far too much fun. Finally, she
started to stir. She tapped me on the shoulder. "Why donít you take
off those amusing clothes. Its time for you to hop on this horse here
for some bare butt riding." She went on to explain, as she positioned
me. "Here this handle on the soap dish are your reins. This is going
to be a bumpy ride so youíd better use two hands. Thatís it." She
said as she had me face the side wall of the tub. "Better bow them
there legs out a bit to fit around this here saddle." She said as she
placed my feet apart and tapped the inside of my legs for me to take a
bowlegged stance.

It actually made me feel more like a jockey the way I was positioned,
so the attempt at a cowboy accent was getting lost on me. She took a
cup and poured warm water all over my backside a couple of times,
which loosened me up but good, then greased me up with the lotion.
She started shaving my butt and all around my crack. Then she took
some lotion and dabbed it on my hole, saying "You know, whatís good
for a gander, is a goose." With that she grabbed my loose hanging
balls with her left hand and took a vibrator of Amandaís she found and
started twirling it in. She turn it on low and decided that my balls
shouldnít be so loose when she tries to shave them, worrying she might
nick the skin. So, she ran cold water from the tap and basted my
balls with it until they ran up to my cock to hide. Then she had me
turn around and said, "Reach for that over hanging limb. Your horse is a runaway." And, I reached to touch the ceiling, while she shaved
my front in this monkey pose. "Here comes your lady friend with a
fresh horse to save you. Turn around and jump on." I played along
and got into the original position while she shaved every hint of new
growth she could find on the back of my balls.

Fortunately, she handled them with care. She stood back momentarily
to admire the job she had done. Then she rinsed me with warm water
relaxing me again. With her strong but gentle hands, she massaged
lotion onto my groin area, which actually got me to move my butt in a
motion as if I WAS riding. "Hey weíve got to high tail it to those
rocks over there. The bad guys are gaining on us." She said as she
turned the vibrator up to high. Then she started lifting my balls in
the palm of her hand in a rhythm and motion to simulate a saddle to my
groin. Then her hand would leave my balls a little so that the upward
stroke was a pat, then a gentle slap, slap, slap. "Faster Honey,
weíve got to go faster!" The gentle slapping came faster and faster.

"Oh, Maureen, this is exciting, it is working. Youíre about to make
me cum!" I said in delighted anticipation.

Suddenly, she stopped slapping and grabbed my groin to pull me around
ninety degrees "Letís duck in here." Then grabbing my cock hard, she
whispered, "Shuush! I think they are near."

"But," I started to say. She put her hand on my mouth, turned off
the vibrator and pulled it out, then pulled me out of the tub by my

"Letís run for cover." She said as she pulled me to the bedroom.
"Here, hide under there." She said motioning for under the bed. I
climbed under the bed remembering Amandaís words to follow what she
says to do. I waited while she did some rummaging.

"Comíon!" She said. "I think they are on to us." She was waving me
out with her hand. She pushed me in front of her, holding some things
behind her back. "Quickly, down these rocks." We were headed down
stairs. "Over to that clearing. If weíve shaken them we can set up
camp there. "Oh no. Stop! Donít look around. They have guns pointed
at us. They want you to put your hands behind you back. Thatís it.
Now these are supposed to go on so we canít escape." She put me in
our hand and ball cuffs, which are regular handcuffs with an
unpleasant chain that runs along the crack of my ass and connects to a
ball harness. If I, or somebody else, pulls on my hands or arms, it
pulls on my balls.

"Honey, itís all Amazon Women. What are we going to do? They all
look sex crazed and in heat. Watch it here comes their leader."

And with that Maureen appeared before me with Amandaís breast harness
on, which points her nipples straight out to the front, and her riding
crop slapping it into her left hand. Maureenís breasts are a bigger
than Amandaís, rounder and fuller. The leather crosspieces looked
like they were digging into her breasts a little, but they were still
tantalizingly presented before my eyes. "Werenít you told to be
kneeling for the Empress? You pusillanimous cunt sucking slaveboy." I
knelt. . .

Meanwhile at Will and Maureenís. . . .

Amanda appeared at Willís front door in a cut off tee-shirt, flared
pleated skirt, and heels. Under this she wore a skimpy bikini, with
an almost thong bottom showing most of her hips and cheeks, and a
skimpy top which was two triangular patches leaving a little of the
inside and outside of her naturally firm breasts exposed.

When Will came to the door in a satin robe, gold chains, and a high
ball, his eyes widened in keen anticipation. "Well Amanda, What
brings you here? Weíre not talking Ďone-on-oneí rematch here are we?"
He covered his groin with his free hand in jest. "What a nice
surprise. Come in, come in." He said holding the door for her, then
sticking his head out looking both ways for Maureen before closing it
and attending to her in the hall.

"So, whereís Maureen?"

"Oh, sheís out running some errands. I expected her back a while ago.
Did you come to see her, me, or the both of us?" He said, starting his
query into the nature of her visit. He was encouraging her to walk
toward the backyard with his movement, extended hand, and body
language. "Where is that woman." He muttered.

Amanda started to lead the way to the backyard with her hands clasped
in front of her, padding slowly one foot on a line in front of the
other, swaying her skirt back and forth as she walked, and looking
back at Will saucily over her shoulder. When she reached the pool
table, she stopped, picked up a pool cue and made like she was going
to use Willís balls as a cue ball. Will put his palms up facing her
in surrender, backing up, and they both smiled. Amanda continued on,
looking and touching things like the exercycle. "What have you done
to this?" She asked.

"Since we met you guys and saw what great shape you are in, we have
been concentrating on getting into shape ourselves." He said trying
to dodge the essence of her question.

"We?" Amanda asked, making an obvious point staring at his cocktail.

Will slid his body between her and the next piece of equipment, saying
in a lousy British butlerís accent, "Why donít we retire in the
sitting room?" He put his hand out to guide her way, then in his
normal voice, "or would you rather the hot tub?" He continued

She continued slowly in her sexy swagger, touching everything that she
passed until they were facing each other in the living room space.
"You recall, this is a clothing free space." Will said, as he put
down the empty glass, undid the robe, and started to slide it off his

"Too early tiger. Put it back on." Amanda said, inching her way into
taking control. She walked over to the hot tub. "I left some things
here last week. Do you know where they are?"

"Oh, humph. Theyíre over here." He said with a little blush of
embarrassment. Amanda followed close behind him over the bridge into
the bedroom. He looked back at her hoping she would have stayed put,
and proceeded to a chest next to the bed, opened it, pulled out
Amandaís bra and panties she had shed by the hot tub on her last
visit, and tried to close the lid quickly while handing her the

Amanda ignored the garments and walked around him to lift the lid.
Inside she found all manner of bondage equipment, disciplining tools,
and sex toys. "Looks like ĎLeather-B-Us Incorporatedí in here." She
said with the enjoyment of discovery. She started picking things up
and looking at them, imagining what they would do and how they would
work. She was far from being naive to this kind of thing, but he had
custom and collector items from foreign countries she had never seen
before. "I know what you do with this one." She said, holding up a
cock and ball spreader harness. "Iíd love to see you model this for

He backed up to the bed, eager to have something develop this
afternoon, but he was used to giving the orders. He was too entranced
by Amanda at this moment to refuse her. She walked it over to him and
he held his robe open waiting for her to put it on him. "No, you put
it on. Iíll watch."

He had a little trouble getting it on because he was beginning to
become aroused. so he ended up with a tight fit getting it around to
snap. By the time he had the spreader band snapped in place, his
balls were held tightly away from his body, trying to escape out the
openings created by the spreader band, only to be held back by the
taught skin of his sack. "Why donít you lose that robe now." She
said pensively as if she were directing the creation of a painting.
"Needs something more. Oh these will do." She said as she handed him
some ankle and wrist cuffs.

"No, No, those are Maureenís." He said as if that would be enough to
change her course.

"So you are saying they belong to Maureen and you need her permission
to play with them? Hard to believe."

"No, No, they are for her to wear."

"Well Will, you can give me the idea of what they look like on her and
put them on for me, because you enjoy trying new things."

He looked quizzically at her, yet he complied.

"We have all of the extremities covered except one. This collar
should do." Amanda said creating the proper picture.

"NO! No. Thatís not for me. Thatís for Maureen." He said waving off
Amandaís advances with his leather cuffed hands.

"You donít have to cooperate with me, now. I could just go."

He reached out quietly and took the collar form her and sat for a
moment looking at her standing irresistibly before him. "You know a
person could cooperate with the moment, because it could relax, now,
the both of us and we could see what the next order you would follow
from me would be." He stared at her breasts pushing the bottom of her
shirt away from her body.

"You know, it is easier to visualize what is under this shirt if you
let your mind think of nothing else in this room except my breasts and
my voice which will guide your thoughts to see my breasts resting on
my chest."

Will continued to stare with his hands resting limply on the edge of
the bed at his sides. "One may, Will, feel comfortable and relaxed
knowing that I am standing right here in front of you so you can
visualize what my breasts look like under this shirt. Maybe you
havenít yet discovered that it is easier to imagine my breasts are in
your hands, maybe you have, if you fall deeper into a sleep-like state
, still looking at only my breasts and listening to what I say so you
can follow directions that will help you relax and feel my breasts in
your hand. You might want to reach up and imagine you are touching my
left breast, now by letting your hand rise out in front of you.
Thatís it. As you squeeze the breast, you fall deeper into a dream
like state that allows you to enjoy the experience blocking all
distractions from your mind but my breasts and my voice that is
guiding you now."

Amanda was nearly jumping for joy watching his hand levitate and
fingers articulate as if he were actually touching her breasts.
"YES!" She thought, but keeping her composure, "A big strong man like
you could show me how this works, couldnít he? She said, holding up
what looked to be spreader bars. You could take these and put them on
in place and ask me for help for the things you need help on. We
could pretend, because it would be a fun game between us, that you are
Maureen and I am you. But for me to play the game the way you want me
to play it, you will have to show me how to treat Maureen for you,
wonít you?"

"Yes Amanda." He replied.

Will proceeded to attach the appropriate spreading bar to his wrists
and his ankles, threading cables into guides recessed in a channel on
the underside of the top beams of the cube, and leading to fancy
cleats near the feet of each the uprights. Amanda stretched his
spread arms and legs up tight leaving little weight from his abdomen
on the bed. She noticed that the ankle spreader was adjustable by
pressing in a button in with her finger and sliding the two sections
apart until the button poked back through the next hole with a
"click". She stretched Willís legs as far as they would go.

"You will stay resting in bed, deeply relaxed, and not make a sound,
until you hear my voice again, wonít you. Tell me you agree by
nodding, now." (Nod)

Amanda was beside herself with this victory. She was getting
incredibly horny, but couldnít stand the thought of Will touching her,
so she looked around and recalled the exercycle. With Will catatonic
in his bed, she saw no harm in stripping down to her altogether and
trying the stationary bike arrangement. She had to tighten the
plastic cord a bit because her legs were a little longer than
Maureenís. She rode with visions of Maureenís intimidation and
uncontrollable orgasms. She rode thinking of her contempt for Willís
attitude toward women, his obsession with her, and his cruel streak
that comes out in unpleasant ways. She basked in the successes she
was having with her new craft of hypnosis. She concentrated on the
sensations the smooth plastic cord made on her nether lips and
clitoris as she went side to side and forward and back over the cord.
She was awash with competing thoughts and sensations. She reached an
up stroke on the right pedal she knew would make her explode as it
stroked down. The momentum kept her pedaling, but the orgasm that
rocked her was almost making her pass out. She tried to slow to a
stop. She couldnít just stop so suddenly, her legs were shaking. She
kept on slowly, it was making her belly quiver and shake. She didnít
have the strength to go fast and power through it, she came in another
uncontrollable body quake, screaming the tension out through her

"Uh oh!" She thought in panic. "Will would have heard her voice."
She was snapped back into reality, climbed off the machine, pulled her
cut-off shirt and flared skirt back on, ran through the living room
and over into the bedroom to find Will groggily confused, looking
around, incredulous that he was bound up as he was.

As she stood next to him by the bed wondering what to do, she noticed
him staring up at the exposed underside of her breasts revealed by the
cut-off shirt. "My breasts," She began again. "It is easy to
imagine sucking on them, is it not, if your mind goes back to a
relaxed state and visualizes your tongue on this tit." She said as
she gave in to desperation and exposed her left nipple to his gaze.
"You might want to go back to playing our game, now where I am you and
you are Maureen to show me how to play as I am you in the best way
possible, is to relax and give your mind like Maureen over to my
control. Thatís it, relax. Relax."

"Phew!" She thought, that was too close for comfort. "You seem to
like to play with me, Amanda, do you not?" He nodded. "Amanda will
only play with Will when she agrees to play. Will, Iím going to give
you a signal, because it will be easier to know when it is time to
play with Amanda when I signal you it is time to play. The next time,
and any time I signal you, or Maureen signals you with the words ĎItís
time to play, Willí, you will instantly return to this deep
trance-like state where it is safe to play with Amanda, isnít that
right Will?"

"Yes Amanda." He responded.

"We are going to see if you understand these instructions, because we
both know you want to do it right, donít you Will? I am going to
count to three and when you hear me say three, you will open your eyes
and be wide awake but have no memory of what I have said, except the
signal it is time to play with Amanda with the words, ĎItís time to
play ,Will. Now Will, one, two, three."

"Hey what the fuck. How did I. . . What . . . Okay, whatís going on
here?" He said in a worried pissed off way.

"You said you needed a spanking. You have been a very bad boy."
Amanda said in a proud way as a child might do to imitate a parent.
"I am here to help you with that need." She said as she unsnapped the
spreader strap on the cock and ball harness. She dug up a riding crop
and whipped it in the air a few times and made a slapping sound with
it in her hand for a few more."

"Hey you bitch! You canít do this to me." Amanda started over to the
end of the bed facing Will from between his outstretched legs, looking
at his two balls stretched out to the ends of their sack by the
stretcher part of the harness. "Hey what are you doing you cunt?"

"My, my, such words in polite company. Well look what we have here,
these look like a tiny fanny sticking out ready for a spanking." She
said referring to his balls that did have just the hint of a crack
between them.

"No! Amanda, Iím sorry, I didnít mean to use those names. (Whack)
Yeeeaaaag! Phew! Phew! Oh, please not again. (Whack)
Arrrgggrrrh!" He said in a low throaty, guttural voice. "Please stop!
Ohhh! Owe. Youíre ruining me! (Whack)"

"Itís time to play, Will." She said, and he went silent, at peace in
his bondage. "You did very well, Will. You came right back as you
were supposed to. You can see how easy it is to follow my directions
and how fun it is to come to this place to play. Maureen can be fun
to play with this way too, donít you think? When you look at Maureen,
when itís time to play, you will look at her and see me and hear me
when she is talking to you, do you understand?"

"When I look at Maureen, I see you."

"Thatís right, when it is time to play, you will come back here to
this deeply relaxed and attentive state where we can play. When
Maureen tells you it is time to play, you will come back here as well,
because you will get to play more often if she can make it so you can
play with Amanda as well, donít you agree?"

"Yes, more often."

"Now, donít you think that Maureen is looking just as good as Amanda
these days, like everybody else does? It is time you treated her like
your Queen or you will lose her to the next man that realizes that she
is just a pretty as Amanda. If you donít want to lose Amanda, you
will have to treat Maureen like you appreciate her and want to make
her happy, now that she is the way you always wanted her to be, isnít
that right."

"She is just like Amanda."

"Amanda likes her men to be in shape. If you want to be more
attractive to her, you will have to work on toning up your abdominals.
Read up on it, work on them everyday, and cut out the smoking, donít
you agree that it would be the best thing to do to attract Amanda

"No smoking."

"Good thinking Will. Lets get these things put away." She said as
she lowered the spreaders and watched as he dismantled his bonds and
put them away, closing the lid on it. "When I count to three again,
you will come back to conscious reality and remember only that it is
fun to play with Amanda, it is important to get in shape and quit
smoking to attract Amanda more, Maureen is just like Amanda now, and
that, whenever you hear Amanda or Maureen say ĎItís time to play,
Willí you will be instantly transported back to this place where you
play with Amanda. You do a good job at following my directions so I
know you will remember and continue to do a good job. Now put your
robe back on, one, walk me to the front door, two, and three."

He fluttered his eyes and looked at Amanda. "Do you have to leave so
soon? Why donít you stay awhile longer till Maureen gets home and we
could play." He said moving his eyes from side to side as if
searching for the answer to, "did I say Ďplayí?"

"Another time. Got to run. Thank you for the hospitality." She said
turning. He watched her naked body move under the cut-off shirt and
short skirt as she sashayed down the driveway and around to her yard.
His first thoughts were time to get some exercise, turned and walked
back in.

Amanda started to leap and skip to our front door, when she reached
our driveway, giddy from the event and eager share her conquest. "Oh,
shit!" She thought to herself as felt her breasts bounce. She had
left the swimsuit and heels by the exercycle. "Oh well, maybe Iíll
just start to develop a wardrobe over there." And brushed off the
thought further.

She opened the door to find Maureen bent over forward, leaning on an
ottoman, sticking her rear back into my face. Me, I was kneeling with
my hands still in the cuffs and my face buried with my nose at the
level her anus and my lips working her snatch. My cock was twitching
wanting needed relief and I was slightly pulling on the cuffs to get
my cock and balls rocking up and down in an effort to get myself off.
It had to be subtle because of the chain was chaffing my butt crack.

"Oh hi, Amanda." Maureen said.

"Hey, Hun." I said, looking ridiculous with Maureenís juices all over
my face.

"Is she still in trance?" Amanda thought as she undid my cuffs and
told me to wait for her upstairs, chaste.

Amanda knelt down beside Maureen, who was looking back at her over her
right shoulder awaiting what Amanda would do or say next. Amanda put
her hands where my face had been and continued putting Maureen back on
the road to orgasm, one stroke at a time, while asking, "Amanda just
did a favor for you as your friend. Did you do your favor for me
while I was gone?"

"Yes, Amanda, I did just as you said. I took your place for you, I
kept him excited the whole time, but didnít let him cum." She
responded as she moved her hips back up and forward down trying to get
the most sensation possible from Amandaís ministrations.

"Did you have him make you cum like you are going to do when I count
to three?"

"Yes he made me cum many times."

"Okay then, I want you to cum with at least the same intensity as the
most special cum he gave you, now, one . . . two . . . three."

Maureen jerked her body around until she was laying on the floor
bucking her whole body like she were a fish on a hook on the dock.
Amanda watched as her breasts shimmied and shock and her flesh
quivered all over. I thought from the sounds I heard that she was in
the deepest reaches of agony.

Thatís good. Youíll feel better now. Better than you have ever felt
before in your life. With that last orgasm, you got rid of all of the
bad thoughts about how you look, how powerless you are in your
relationship with Will, and that you have to do artificial things to
make yourself attractive to others, all out of your system for ever.
Now I am going to fill that space those thoughts left, with the
reality that you are a naturally beautiful woman, that nice and good
people are all attracted to you, and that you are in control of your
relationship with Will now. If you ever need to take charge with
Will, say, ĎItís time to play ,Willí. Can you say that for me, now?"

"Itís time to play, Will."

"Thatís very good. When you say to Will, ĎItís time to play, Willí,
he will do what ever you ask him to do. You deserve to have a good
husband like mine, and to be treated a well as I am by mine, by your
husband. You deserve it because you are a good person, and people
like you like we like you. You are my friend, so if you ever need
help with Will again, you should come to me. Here letís have you put
your clothes back on. Now, on a count of three, letís bring you back
out of this deeply relaxed state with your skin feeling normal and
good, one, forgetting everything here today except the things I have
told you to remember, two, refreshed and feeling as if you had a nice
long nap, three."

Maureen who had been staring in the direction of Amanda, on "three"
snapped her eyes into focus directly at Amandaís eyes. "Oh, she said,
Iíve probably taken up too much of your time. Nice to see you again."
She said with a strong hug. "Iím going to check in on Will and see
what heís up to. Bye."

Amanda liked the sound of the new demeanor, smiled and sought me out
upstairs. "Oh does my baby need a little relief?" She said, punching
my cheeks like I was an infant. Then in her normal voice. "Well, me
first. I did all the ĎHardí work."

Well, I could have argued, strangely the other way on that,
considering the state my cock was in for the last couple of hours, but
I knew better and got to work, she really did deserve it, this time.
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