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AMANDA12 cum relieve the pressure


The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about woman and men in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Pt3, Its Probably in the Genes
By Hector’s Pup

It is probably time to tell you about the last two members of Amanda’s
immediate family, her sister Jenna and her brother, Jon. I’ll tell
you what I know from bits and pieces, because we were not in regular
contact with them.

Jenna was the most interesting of the sisters to me, in a way. She
was a rebellious one. Not like Amanda who was her own person and went
after what she wanted, but more in the sense of being against the rest
of the family, except Jon. She had a special relationship with Jon
and tried to keep him away from their family, and to herself much of
the time, as well.

There were moments when she and I were great friends, and others where
it was just pretty casual. There was this time, that I have to look
back on in retrospect as significant to my understanding of my lot
with Amanda. Jenna was staying with us for a couple of weeks because
she and her roommate had a falling out and she was in the process of
getting set up in a new situation. She was in the kitchen at the
table and I was fixing her some breakfast. She was in a terry cloth
robe which came to her knees and her hair was finger picked out into
natural curls. One day you would call it blonde, but damp today, you
would call it light brown. If Kara, Amanda’s oldest sister, looked
more like the father, Carl, and Amanda looked like her mother, Monika,
you’d have to say that Jenna was somewhere in between, a little more
boyish in physical looks, body mechanics and mannerisms than either of
them though.

It was warm out and I was in a wraparound towel. Not a regular towel
that was tucked in, this was actually a ‘wraparound’ towel with a
Velcro band to hold it on. It was meant to be worn as such, and came
to just below mid thigh.

Sipping some coffee, with two hands on the cup, elbows on the table,
and legs crossed below, Jenna said, "So how’s it going between you
two?" She had a knowing impish grin.

"Just fine. Couldn’t be happier." I said, as I put her breakfast
down before her.

"So, then she’s pretty much got you by the balls right?." She said

"Ah, what?" I said eyes wide, in a heightened state.

"I mean, she has that groin tease thing going, I bet, doesn’t she?"
She said, sensing her target.

What could I say to my sister-in-law at this point. "Uh, what do you
mean exactly?" I said, hoping my private life with Amanda was not
going to be on the table for dissection this morning.

"Well you know she has had the training, and from the best." I looked
on rapt with anticipation of what she was going to disclose next.
"You see, mother taught us as teens, well Kara and I were teens, how
to control men and boys through their gonads. I bet you didn’t know
that, did you?" I shook my head, body frozen everywhere else. "To
demonstrate how it is done, mother brought home a stranger she picked
up for the purpose, when father was away on business. She told us to
watch how she could get him to do anything she wanted by controlling
his groin."

"Where were Jon and Amanda?" I asked, trying to get the whole picture.

"Oh, Jon was on a camping trip, but Amanda was there."

"How old were you all again?"

"Well, Amanda was about twelve, if that is what you’re driving at."

"I’m sorry, please go on." I hastened to add.

"So, mother brought in this guy one evening and had him eat dinner
with us. We made him feel pretty uncomfortable because Kara was sort
of practice flirting with him, I was pissed at Kara, I suppose, and
Amanda was being a brat, as usual. We would talk to this guy, asking
him inane stuff, while mother sitting to his right, around the corner
from him, had her left hand on his crotch. We had to hold back smiles
and giggles, as his body responded to various sensations she was
creating. At one point, he had to back his chair up quickly, putting
his napkin over his crotch and ask if he could speak to her a minute
in private.

We quickly put our ears to the crack at the kitchen door to listen to
him complain about what mother was doing to him in front of her
children. ‘You like me touching you there, don’t you?’ She asked.

‘Yes.’ He said.

‘You want me to help you cum to relieve the pressure in those balls of
yours, don’t you?’

‘Yes, but . . .’

‘Well, let me have my fun and I’ll see to it that you have yours.
Okay?’ Then before he could answer, Kara told us from her vantage
point peering through the gap in the door to the jam, mother was
kissing him while cupping his groin with her hand. They came back and
finished dinner with us, but not without a couple more sudden small
rises from his seat.

We all moved to the living room where we talked a bit. He wanted to
be alone with Mother, but she never cleared us from the room. She put
on some music and asked him to dance with her. Kara and I started
dancing too, and your Amanda sat at the edge of the couch, knees
together, elbows on knees, chin in hands, feeling sorry for herself,
until Kara and I asked her to join us. Dancing as three was awkward,
so we just circled the couple joining hands in a ring, skipping around
like a carousel.

Mother started unbuttoning his shirt and he tried to stop it so her
hand went to his groin again and he kissed her while she continued to
remove his shirt. Then she went for his belt, zipper, and pants. He
tried holding the open pants up by the sides, but mother had her hand
cupping his balls, and said, ‘I’ll let go, if you don’t let go.’ And,
he dropped his pants. Amanda crouched into the circle and pulled them
out of the way. His pole was sticking straight out of his boxers at
Mother’s belly, and he tried to have it rub on the materiel of her
dress, but she would continue to back out of its way.

We all climbed back up on the couch and she said, ‘Now off with the

He said, ‘No, not in front of your kids.’

‘Are you sure?’ She said, as she was tugging on his balls trough the
opening as one might milking a cow, only not as forcefully. He pulled
down his shorts, fearful she would stop touching him there.

Hid hands went to cover his crotch area from our view, but even with
two hands, his boner wouldn’t let him cover up completely. ‘That’s
it, touch it for us.’ mother said, the opportunist that she was then.

‘But, but, . . .’ He stammered.

‘You are aching for relief aren’t you?’ She said, ‘Well, move those
hands on it."

Meanwhile, my cock was raging hard through the overlap of the towel,
as I listened in trance to her story.

"He began to glide his hand on his dick while he cupped his balls,
aching for relief, with the other, growing oblivious to the female
audience in the room. ‘Show the girls what a big strong man like you
does to get the relief he needs, with his hands.’ mother said,
cheering him on. ‘That’s it. Faster. Faster. That’s it. Oh that’s
nice. Yes. Faster. Yes. . . . Good job!’ She finally said as he
lunged into his hand over and over again shooting his goo at mother who avoided it with the grace of a matador."

"What happened then?" I said.

"Could I have some more coffee please?" She said holding out her cup.

When I got up to get her the coffee, my wraparound was tented out
obscenely. She just took advantage enough of the situation to enjoy a
quick peek by pulling the flap aside for a second while I poured, and
smiled to herself. I quickly sat down again red faced to hide the
offending organ from view.

Realizing my embarrassment, she continued without a further prompting
from me. "Well, mother wanted to have some more fun with the guy for
our education, but he was so embarrassed that he collected his things
and dressed in the hall, mother thanked him for the wonderful evening
and sent him on his way."

"Did you ever see the guy again?"

"No, apparently he wanted to see her again, even if we would have been
in the picture, but it wasn’t Mother’s plan. She explained to us how
you can get a man to do just about anything you want him to do if you
stimulate his sexual urges and keep him stimulated. But, once you let
him cum, you’ve lost him until he has the urge and comes around again
for more later. So, that’s how I know Amanda ‘has you by the balls’."

All I could do or say at this point was swallow hard.

"I bet I could make you do anything I wanted you to do by touching
your balls." She dared.

My body shivered at the thought. "I’m sure you’re right. I guess
Amanda does have me under control." I confessed, trying to end it
right there.

After that, I asked Amanda many questions about Jenna. It turns out,
according to her, that Jenna had a "special" relationship with Jon.
It was Amanda’s guess that Jon was Jenna’s experimenting partner.
They became inseparable, and Jenna moved to where Jon went to college.
She introduced Jon to his wife and then moved on to her own thing.
She still keeps in touch with him more than the others do, even

Amanda had one experience to tell her that her suspicions from a
series of circumstantial instances, were true. Back when Jon was
fourteen or fifteen and Jenna was sixteen or seventeen, Amanda was
spying on them, curious, because they were often evasive, secretive,
and wouldn’t let her play with them.

Jon was at a pretty horny period in his life. Heck, what male growing
up with those four lookers wouldn’t be. Jenna was confused about
boys, and was curious how to deal with their behavior toward her. She
ended up being mostly angry at them. So with Jon she had a safe
laboratory to figure it all out for herself.

By the time Amanda had decided to hide in Jenna’s closet and watch
through the louvered slats and crack between the double doors, Jenna
was up to dressing Jon in her bra and panties, teasing him mercilessly
and having him bring her to many orgasms with his tongue, before
letting him cum in front of her, acting bored with her obligation.
Amanda was certain they never had intercourse together, because they
all knew in her family that Jenna was into women, not men.

That was confirmed by us directly one day at the nude beach in our
neck of the woods. Amanda and I were there for the day. She wanted
to put a silken covered elastic band around my cock and balls to
present me to the world "in style". These fit snugly, but not too
tight, to lift and separate my balls from my body for better display.
They are conversation starters at my expense. She has a collection of
them with different colors and inscriptions, such as "Buy the balls -
See owner", "Handle With Care", and "In case of fire, grab hose".
This one had "Your Serve!" on it. I protested because of the tan of
line, really because of the humiliation of everyone wanting to look
closely to read it, but Amanda said, "And your point is?" She
followed with, "I’ll just have you wear it when we are walking around.
When you swim or sun bathe, it can come off."

So we were walking south on the beach, with the hot sun baking our
bodies, with couple we met there. I was trying to be polite and look
past Amanda at them to let them know I was a part of the conversation
too, but I was also trying to take in as much of the scenery as well.
When I was looking to my right, I heard, "Watch out!" Then wham! A
Frisbee hit me square across my uplifted nuts. My knees buckled to
the ground and I doubled over holding my nuts and my aching stomach,
trying to relax my body enough to take in a breath so I wouldn’t pass

An attractive woman, with very short hair, ran up to me asking me if I
was okay. I replied, "I don’t know. The pain is fierce."

"Here, come over to our spot, and I can get you a bag of ice for
that." She said, and joined Amanda, each holding an arm to help keep
my balance along the way.

Her "spot" was three blankets and six women couples, with beach gear
and coolers. Two were in the throws of making out, when we were
approaching. The lady holding my arm said, "Cool it gals. In coming

They stopped kissing, undid their embrace, and the woman on top took
her hand off the other woman’s snatch. When the woman on the bottom
caught her breath and looked up at Amanda and me, she made a surprised
scream with wide open mouth. Then scrambled to sit up for a moment
then stand, brushing the sand off of her butt. Amanda was laughing
into her hand at her sister Jenna’s surprise and embarrassment. Jenna
walked up to her half smiling and shoved her shoulder, saying, "Hey
what are you laughing at?" She looked over at me in sort of an
overcompensating male posture, and said "What brings you guys here?"
While she looked me up and down, finally fixating on my hands holding
my nuts. "Did Amanda discipline her naughty boy on the beach?" She
said teasingly.

"No, Fancy Jugs, one of your friends nailed him hard with a Frisbee
just now." Amanda retorted.

The first lady appeared with a sandwich bag of ice and told me to sit
down and put it on.

Jenna crouched down and stopped my hand with the bag of ice, "No,
wait. Let me see it first." She looked at the band and said,
"Amanda’s work, right?" I nodded. "Mandy, you never cease to amaze
me." She looked around, "Don’t you all think it would be better if
this came off at this point?"

There went another member of this family treating me in a humiliating
third person way.

"I’ll do it." I quickly said.

Jenna tilted me back so I had to catch myself with my arms behind me
to prevent my fall. Then she put her hands under my balls and caught
the tips of her fingers in the edge of the band. But, instead of
getting a good grip to expand the band, she ended up rolling it a
turn, inside out onto my aching balls at the backs. My arms shot up
to cover them, my back hit the blanket, and Jenna tried several times
to get her hands in to correct her mistake, while I wailed on the
ground. She got the band to inside out again across the front on the
injured balls and then she was able to slip it off. I could only roll
onto my side in a fetal position holding my balls with both hands in
agony for minutes, oblivious to the watching eyes and the conversation
about me. Jenna kneeled next to me the whole time with her hand on my
shoulder trying to comfort me apologetically.

Amanda had walked the couple, who had been walking with us, back to
the water’s edge, and said good bye to them. Then she came back to
sit with me too. The two of them took the time to catch up on family stuff, droned on about various sister subjects, and I nearly went to
sleep. Before I drifted totally off, Amanda nudged me, "Hey Mr.
Sleepyhead, lets go." Jenna and her friends were mostly dressed and
wanted Amanda and me off of their blanket so they could go. I guess I
was a damper on their fire. Jenna hugged us both and left.

Then there was this time that Amanda was invited over to Jenna’s to a
party for Michelle. Michelle was a cousin about Jon’s age but was
friends with both Jenna and Amanda. She always liked Amanda, and
included her when they played, many times over Jenna’s objections,
when they were all growing up. We dressed in summer attire, me in
shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with sandals and Amanda in a sleeveless
white cotton top and pink short shorts, with sandals. Amanda, in
usual fashion, to keep me thinking of her and semi excited while I
mingled, put on of those silk or satin covered bands around my cock
and balls. This time the inscription read, "Slippery When Wet".

When we arrived at Jenna’s door, she smiled at Amanda and gave her a
hug, while looking at me politely. Then I got an obligatory family hug, and we followed inside to the party. When we got in back, I
discovered just why that was. The guests were all women, seven of
them. With Michelle canceling out Amanda, I made a ninth wheel on an
eight wheeler. When I got the chance, I whispered to Amanda that I
thought it would be best if I left. "Not on your life." She said,
grabbing my arm. "Do you see the way those two women over to the
right are looking at me?"

"I think the invitation was just for you. I don’t think it included
me. It’s not a couples thing."

"Oh, it’s a couples thing all right, I can make out three right now."
She said. "Did I say ‘make out’?" We tried to hide our private

Jenna walked us around and made introductions. I can’t remember their
names very well, but I’ll sure remember Michelle. I won’t be able to
tell you the family structure that makes her a cousin, but the
branches on that family sure have delectable fruit. She had dreamy
blue/gray eyes and an alluring face framed by long brown hair. She
was about Amanda’s height, like 5’7" or maybe a little less at 5’6".
She had a compact body, maybe 34-35 x 25 x 34. As I would see later,
her exquisite long legs ended artistically in nicely shaped hips and
rear end. The party was a way for Jenna to have Michelle meet her
friends, on this long over due visit. Amanda was invited because
Jenna wouldn’t have heard the last of it if she hadn’t at least been
contacted. No reason in particular why the oldest sister, Kara wasn’t

As the evening wore on, I would occasionally notice one or two of the
women looking at me in ways that made me feel like an unwitting symbol
of a stereotype that displeased them. Amanda, on the other hand,
would clutch me close when guests would do things like, come up to her
and rub their fingers up and down the outside of her arm, and ask if
they could get her a refill of what she was drinking. Michelle, who
acted aware of all of the layers of the evening, came up to Amanda and
asked her to the side for a more private conversation.

"A beautiful woman like you, Amanda, should be used to people reacting
to your beauty. What’s the difference whether it is a man or a
woman?" She challenged in an understanding tone. "As long as it
doesn’t lead to anything you feel uncomfortable doing, what is wrong
with going with the flow of the moment?"

"It is just creepy to me. The attention is designed to stimulate
reciprocal sexual feelings, and it just doesn’t do anything for me,
that’s all. I’m happily married to a devoted husband, and life is
good for me that way." Said Amanda openly.

"Amanda, would it shock you if I told you that, I’ve always been
attracted to you, since I was a teenager?" Amanda was stunned like an
animal caught between fright or flight. "We have always been great
friends, and you never let my attraction for you get in the way of our
having fun together, have you?"

Amanda had no option but to respond "No."

"I think it is probably that I always respected that, you only like
doing things on your own terms, and since you hadn’t developed signs
of feeling the same way toward me, I had to accept that about you and
be content with just palling around. Does that make sense to you?"

"Well, yes. I always appreciated your friendship and consideration
for including me with the things you were into. I knew that you were
going out of your way to be nice to me when Jenna and Kara thought I
was a brat or a bore."

"It seems to me that you could let these people here tonight show you
considerations because they find you attractive too. You can relax in
knowing that nobody here, that I have met, would have you do anything
other than on your terms." She said assuringly. "Now, that husband
of yours, is there anyway we could change his gender for the
evening?" She said to get a laugh.

"You know, he would look pretty good as a woman." They touched each
other’s hands and laughed.

Amanda and Michelle returned. Then Amanda pulled me aside to talk in
private. "Hey, are you ready to go yet?" I asked hopefully.

"No, Sweetie. I’ve just had a talk with Michelle and she would be
heartbroken if I let right now."

"Well then, at least I should go. I am single-handedly putting a
damper on things despite my best efforts not to."

"Maybe you are, and maybe we can do something about that, but I am not
letting you out of my sight. I need you to protect me." She said,
stimulating my natural urge to protect my woman. "I’ve got an idea.
Maybe you’ll even find it enjoyable."

Well, that didn’t come across too motivating. As it turned out,
Amanda and Jenna fixed me up in Jenna’s friend, Pat’s bikini swimsuit
and a wig. Having shaved off all of my body hair, and adding a little
make up, I felt like a clown at a pervert’s circus. They walked me
out, each grabbing an arm, to the group in back. Jenna announced,
"Anybody for a swim?" The conversational din turned silent, then some
laughter at my expense, then a few congratulations from Michelle and
one other for being such a sport. Amanda and Jenna took off all of
their clothes and took me to the pool with them.

"Come on gals, let’s jump in." Said Pat, as she went to her panties.
All but one was down to skin, panties or bra and panties and in the
small pool. She was content for a while just dangling her feet in the
water as she looked on to see how things developed first, before she
eventually went for it all and joined in ten-fifteen minutes later.

Amanda received her share of test gropes from people to test the
limits of her resolve. She passed those on to me as she pulled the
bikini bottoms down to under my balls and squeezed, shook and pulled
on my groin area to keep me tiptoeing around the pool on the edge of
relief. The others openly groped, embraced and kissed their partners
and the partners of each other in a waterland orgyfest. I wished I
were scuba diving that evening.

The shimmying mass of female sensuality slowly made its way out of the
pool and cuddled up round its edges, in chairs and on towels on the
cement, that Pat and Jenna passed around. Amanda wanted in on the
action everyone else was getting, so she had me do to her what she saw
others were doing to each other. If she saw a knee or a thigh
exciting someone’s crotch, then she had mine do hers as well; when she
saw someone getting off with fingers, she’d have me switch to fingers;
my tongue had to match their tongues, and so on.

With my eyes closed in total attention to Amanda’s responses, I could
hear different precincts reporting their ecstasy at varying times
around the pool area. I sensed Amanda’s body responding to the
realization that the hand on her nipple and breast was someone’s other
than mine. I opened my eyes just after she did, to discover Michelle
sitting sort of sidesaddle next to Amanda’s right side, leaning on her
left hand for support.

"Are you glad you stayed?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, I found it rather fun. How bout you Hun?" I nodded between
her legs.

"Amanda, Dear, would you grant me a dream fulfilled after all of these
years and do me tonight? On your terms of course." She asked with

"My terms hunh." Amanda said pensively. "Honey over on your back
please." She said to me. "Michelle, straddle his face facing me this
way." She directed her. Michelle hesitated. "Trust me for now. You
said my terms." Michelle straddled my face on hands and knees facing
Amanda, who was kneeling at my groin between my legs. "Sit back and
let him touch you with his tongue."

"But . . ." Michelle began to protest.

"Shush!" Amanda said, and silenced her with a kiss. As Michelle sat
back onto my face, Amanda started to work on my cock and balls, as
only she knows how. I began to get it. She was communicating what
she wanted me to be doing to Michelle through by my genitals as her
controls. This was getting to be really fun, except when it was
painful. Amanda continued kissing Michelle and playing with her
breasts as she communicated what she wanted me to be doing at
Michelle’s love center for her. It is hard to explain how she
directed my pace, intensity of touch, direction and location all
through my cock and balls. Michelle, with her eyes closed, being
kissed by Amanda, was transported to that hypnotic place she had
dreamed of all those years to be with her. Michelle started grinding
my face hard with her cunt. Amanda held onto both of her nipples in a
gentle squeeze and tug, and she sucked out Michelle’s scream in the
kiss as she rocked with her body-quaking orgasm.

All eyes were on us now, for how long before that, I don’t know. It
was clear though, a line would have formed behind Michelle, quicker
than the horn behind you at a stoplight turning green in the big city,
if Amanda had given any indication she would have been up for it.
Thank god she wasn’t so inclined. I don’t think I could have taken
anymore ruff stuff down there that evening.

All the guests seemed more relaxed with me there after that, but soon
after, it was time for us to go. I got a warm hug from Jenna when we
left and a special hug and a whispered "Thank you" from Michelle, with
a gentle squeeze in my groin.

Amanda said, as we walked to the car, "What a team. What a team."
She gave me a high five and we headed home to our world, make that,
HER world.


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