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AMANDA13 cum dampness appear made

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays, Part 7
By Hectorís Pup
Here are some more examples of games Amanda played with me from her
inventive mind. For example, I have mentioned in other posts about
ways Amanda encourages me to stay in shape. Hereís a game she played
with me for a while. First of all, there is the general theme to many
of the games, of delaying my orgasm until she was through with her
agendas. I was okay with that arrangement, pretty much, because the
relief was generally so explosive, having had to prolong it, that
somehow it was worth it. There was a time however, for a summer,
where Amanda would consent to have me in her mouth when it was time
for me to come. The condition was that I had to do push-ups into and
out of her mouth if I was to get any friction. In the beginning, this
was extremely frustrating. I couldnít do enough repetitions to bring
me over the brink, and Amanda refused to let me come any other way.
You can see why I was motivated to become an endurance push up artist.

For her amusement, she varied this theme with her hand or creative
devices that she would hold over my erection and have me bridge up my
body to put my cock into them for the friction. One such device was
designed out of a two inch diameter PVC pipe section about fourteen
inches long. Into that we stretched a bicycle inner tube cut to about
sixteen inches long. The ends of the stretched inner tube got folded
back over the ends of the tube making an artificial vagina. When you
greased it up with a non-petroleum lubricant at either end, it was
almost as good as the real thing. She could just hold this at the tip
of my cock and I would have to arch my back to thrust my groin up so
my penis would enter the tube. She would toy with me, changing the
height, or moving the target to the side or to angles, so I would get
better exercise, and she could amuse herself at the same time.

At other times she, she arranged an avoidance situation for
motivation. She had her dad, Carl, fabricate a prototype from a
design she had in mind for a contraption, which would allow her to sit
relaxed, watching me, TV, or read a magazine, while she tapped a pedal
in rhythm to music. The pedal articulated a stick that was between my
legs, with a vinyl covered disk attached at the end. The stick would
come up to my balls with a thud if I did not step up on one of the
boxes on either side of it, lifting my them out of harms way. The
swing of the stick could be adjusted to the height of the boxes, so I
was safe as long as I kept working out in time to the music, and
Amanda could keep time with it. Her goal was usually my working out,
so getting the painful reminder was more under my control, which I

Amanda could make a game of just about anything. An example would be
the time she was pressured by former classmates to come up with a
product or service as an auction item for an alumni fund raiser for
her school. She couldnít come up with anything until she had the wild
idea of renting us out as a "servant for a day". We each dressed in
servantís costumes, me in a Butlerís uniform and she in a French maids
uniform. It was her challenge, that the one of us that went for the
lowest amount would have to agree to what ever was asked of us at our
servantís day obligation. The other would be able to stay within
parameters of their choosing, basically the difference between a
servant and a slave.

At auction day, the room was filled with wealthy alumnae in gowns and
tuxedos around tables. The wine was flowing and the bidding was brisk
for weekends on peopleís yachts, travel packages, 10 hours of
landscaping, and so on. Of course there were lots of items that
companies donated, since the alumís owned the companies. The
conceptual gifts like a weekend in someoneís condo, a free
chiropractic exam, and an interior consultation for up to two rooms,
were announced off of cards. People had to use their imaginations
from the descriptions. In our case, however, Amanda had us dress the
part and stand on stage during the bidding.

Fortunately, Amanda went first. The crowd was stunned. Everyone,
including the auctioneer just stared for a time at how sexy she looked
in the short black maidís dress with white trim, heels, and a feather
duster as a prop. When the bidding started, it was as if there was a
pent up urge to bid. Mostly men bid for her, what a surprise, but
women bid as well. I say "fortunately" she went first, because when I
came up, the women sort of got into to mocking their men, and their
enthusiasm put my amount way higher than I would have expected.
Unfortunately, though, Amandaís out matched me and she greeted me off
stage with a sly smile.

So Amanda had to spend her day at an older guyís mansion. He was
initially content to have her work and dust around his study while he
pretended to work. But when the excitement of that was wearing off,
he decided to have her wash his three expensive cars. Iím sure he
stood by directing her work so he could watch her beautiful legs and
body as she ran the sponge over the sheet metal. Amanda, started to
get into the tease when she got over the fact that he was basically a
harmless letch. She made quite a sight when she asked if it would be
okay to step out of her uniform so she could keep it clean and dry.
There she was monitoring his hardon out of the corner of her eye while
she washed the cars in her bare feet, black panties, and matching bra.
Her curly blonde hair, sky blue eyes, smooth tanned skin, and well
toned athletic body drove this guy nuts. By the end of the eight
hours, the guy had to change his clothes once because of a mysterious
wet spot on the crotch in front. Amanda thinks it happened when he
had her crouch down and buff his shoes while he was wearing them, so
he could watch her chest move in counter motion to her arms. But,
then it could also have been the time he had her shampooing entry mud
mats with a hand scrub brush, and would walk around behind her to gaze
upon her prominently displayed rear view, as she bent from the waist
to scrub them. Before she was through, Amanda had done all sorts of
chores that were mostly outside, requiring running water so she
wouldnít be inclined to put her uniform back on for a good chunk of
the time.

She was asked to water plants, hose down a patio and front entry, pull
some weeds, wash outside windows with the gent steadying the ladder
for her, and empty and load the dishwasher. He finally asked her to
give him a back rub, but she said, "Sorry, the eight hours are up. Be
sure to be high bidder for me next year." She gave him a peck on the
cheek while he stood frozen, as she walked out the door with her
uniform over her left arm. There is a possibility, she tells me,
that he is still frozen in that position to this day.

Well my end of the game was not as fortunate for me. First I couldnít
even remember who was high bidder. When I showed up at an upscale
abode on half an acre or so, I was greeted at the door by an
attractive young woman in her early twenties. She looked confused at
my butlerís outfit and wouldnít open the door all the way. When I
explained that I was here to be a servant for the day as part of an
auction prize, she opened the door and yelled "Mother!"

My mistress for the day was probably in her fifties, but with the
mileage, she could pass for in her sixties. She was heavy on the make
up and walked sort of straight legged. She was shaped kind of like a
battery with stick legs, arms, and a head with big hair. How this
beautiful daughter came from her, Iíll never know. She introduced
herself as Mrs. Windham and her daughter as Rebecca. She said that
she was going to have me serve at her bridge club in a couple of hours
and until then I was to do anything Rebecca wanted or come back to her
for a project.

"Iíll take care of him for a while Mom. Call us when you need
something." Rebecca said.

Mrs. Windham said, "Becca Dear, keep him busy, I paid a pretty penny
for his services here today."

"Oh, count on it Mother." She replied as she hooked her hand in my
arm and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

In her room, there was a basket of laundry on the foot of her bed.
Rebecca sat down near it at the edge of the bed, leaning back on her
straight arms with her legs crossed. This position sort of shrugged
her shoulders and accented her medium-small but firm breasts that
poked out unencumbered through a thin knit material top. Her crossed
leg dangled her shoe on her toe as she rocked it up and down. Her
skirt had settled at mid thigh, and she was not inclined to pull it
down. She asked questions about me, the auction, and my thoughts
about doing this, while I folded her frilly underthings.

"So, for the next, almost eight hours, you are to do whatever I or my
mom tell you to do?" She asked for clarification.

"Yes Maíam. That about says it." I replied.

"Is there anything you wouldnít do?" She challenged.

"I am suppose to do what you ask of me."

"So, if I asked you to take off your jacket, you wouldnít have a
problem with that?" I took off my jacket with a smile and laid it on
a chair neatly, and went back to folding. "So, if I asked you to take
off the shirt, but to retie the bow-tie on your neck without it, you
would do that too?" She asked.

With a moments hesitation because of her tone, I responded, "If that
is what you wish, then I will comply." And, I took off my shirt and
retied the tie in her mirror, looking back at her looking my backside
up and down. "Oh no not that!" I thought to myself.

"Well, would you let me see how tall you look without your shoes and
socks on?" I removed them knowing what was coming next. "Nice, very
nice. Now before you go back to folding clothes, would you be drawing any lines at taking off those trousers?" She asked in gleeful

With a deep breath to ward off the frustration and embarrassment, I
removed my trousers and added them to the pile. "Well, arenít you
well maintained." Rebecca said sincerely impressed and pleased at her
discovery of my forced compliance. Rebecca picked up the phone and
punched in two numbers. "Oh, Mother, I think you should come to my
room right away." Then she hung up the phone, not taking her roving
eyes off of me.

When Mrs. Windham appeared, she stopped suddenly and one hand went to
cover her gasp and the other reached back to touch the door frame for
support. "Rebecca, what are you up to?"

"Relax Mom, this is what youíve paid for. He is our servant, and so
far has done everything I have asked him to do."

There I stood in my briefs and bow-tie holding a pair of Rebeccaís
panties absentmindedly in my hands at my chest. What a sight this
must have been for these two strangers to me. "Oh, my. They didnít
go into this kind of detail at the auction. Is this some kind of a
fetish thing for you?" She asked me, trying to explain my behavior in
her mind.

"No Maíam. Letís just say that there is an obligation behind the
scenes working here. For the eight hours I am to serve you." I said
honestly, and exposing my vulnerability to them.

"Rebecca Dear, youíre going to have to take over here, I think I am
feeling a little faint." Mrs. Windham said, sort of fanning her face
and tapping the top of her chest at the same time with her right hand.

"Okay, Mother. What time do you need us for the Bridge Club?"

Theyíre arriving by eleven, so please have him ready to serve by
10:45. Iím going to go lie down for a bit. Thank you dear." Her
mother said a twitter, as she turned and left the room.

"Letís see, its 9:30 now, so that gives us an hour and fifteen
minutes. So let me see if I still have this right. If I ask you to
remove the briefs, you will comply, is that right?" She asked
expecting my compliance.

With a reluctant nod, I put my thumbs in my waistband and started to
pull them down. A sudden wave of panic swept over me, I blushed, and
my heart started racing, as I realized that Amanda had me wear one of
those embarrassing cock and ball bands that she collects. These are
elastic bands covered in silk or satin, in different colors and with
inscriptions on them like, "Iím busting my . . . for you", "Hold On.
Iím Cumming . . .", and "On the Straight and Narrow". This one said,
appropriately, "At Your Service". The object of these, in her mind,
was to present my cock and balls in an interesting way if ever
exposed, to keep me hard and thinking about it, and thus, thinking of
her all the time I wore them. The band went around the base of my
cock and scrotum, giving my balls a lift out and a little pressure on
my cock to keep it semi turgid. I rallied my nerve, knowing I had no
alternative, and pulled the briefs down, off, and put them with the
other clothes.

"Wow." Rebecca said. "Iíve never seen a guy shave himself there
before. Can I feel?" She said as she got up and approached me.
"What have we here?" She said looking at the band, hiding a chuckle
behind her fingers at her mouth. "You are an interesting guy, you
know that?" She said delighted at her discoveries. "You are going to
be such a hit at the Bridge Club today. I canít wait to see which old hag keels over."

"Youíre not going to have me serve them like this, are you?" I

"Weíll have to see. Now, come over here and help me paint my nails."
She said diverting the issue. She sat at the bench of her vanity.
She placed a "TV table" like you would use temporarily to eat while
watching the television, between us, and had me pull up a chair to sit
across from her. She sat leaning her right elbow on the knee of her
crossed legs and placed her right hand on the table for me to paint.
While I was doing my best to paint within the lines, she reached under
the table to feel my smooth balls and cock. I stopped like a
frightened animal in headlights while she gently pinched, pulled, and
stroked the scrotum and penis held out to her by the band. "This
feels so smooth. You must have recently shaved."

Biting my lower lip, I nodded. I didnít want her to hear my labored
voice. It would have blown my cool and shown her just how excited she
was making me. I went to work as fast as I could on that hand so I
could get the other one on the table before she made me explode. She
was really enjoying the tease, looking me straight in the eyes for my
every reaction. When I finished with her right hand, she reluctantly,
and with a knowing smile, removed her hand and let me work on it while
she blew on the right one to hasten the drying. When it was time to
do the toenails, she removed the table and drew me close facing her.
She placed one foot on my knee for me to paint and the other on my
groin. She pushed, lifted, flipped, and flopped my balls and cock
around. She took her big toe and adroitly smeared a precum forming at
the tip all around the crown. I was just about to lose it when I
finished her one foot. "Iím ready for the other foot please." I said
with urgency. When she placed her other foot on my knee, she left the
first one in place. Now I had to finish the last foot trying to avoid
the panty clad bottom on display, as her skirt fell away. The smell
of her feet and feminine sex wafting up to my face, kept me twitching
and on the brink.

"Okay then, all done." I said, as I placed her feet on the floor and
quickly stood up.

"Well then. So, I donít mean to be too personal, but does your wife have herself shaved like you?" She asked curious.

"Yes Maíam. She even has me do it for her." I replied. "Oh god." I
thought, "I just should have said ĎYesí."

"Would you do it for me?" Rebecca said, in her best coy approach,
grazing her index finger along the underside of my chin, staring at my
mouth for my answer.

"Yes Maíam, Iíll do my best." We headed for the bathroom. "Maíam,
might I respectfully suggest that you trim as much as you can yourself
and I can do the hard to reach places for you. I could wait out here
until you call for me."

"Nonsense. Iíve never done anything more than the edges. I think a
professional touch would be in order here." She said holding out her
hand reaching for the back of my upper arm to drag me into the

As we entered the bathroom together, I just instinctively went over to
the toilet, put down the lid and sat down. She looked at me and I
immediately stood back up. "Well, what do you want me to do?" She
asked, ready to put her "sex central" in the hands of a pro.

"Do you have some scissors I can use first?" She handed me a pair.
"Is it okay if I sit here?" Pointing to the toilet seat. She held out
her hand motioning me to sit. "I think it will be best if I trim as
much of your fur away first before we move on to shaving. Will that
be okay with you?"

"Do your thing, Shear Wizard." She said, as she straddled my knees in
a semi-squat, holding her skirt up, and her panties around her right

With a nervous hand, I began the journey to Shineydom. Snip, Snip,
Snip. Off fell her curls. Her head was back with eyes closed and a
smile, listening to the sound of the scissors, feeling my fingers
pinch clumps to be shorn, and beginning to feel the sensation of a
fresh trim. Her fur at her vulva started to glisten with a sexual
dew. I broke her reverie with the directive saying, "That is all I
can do with the scissors, next weíre going to need to use a razor. I
donít know how you do it for you legs, oh, nice legs, but we use
lotion on wet skin. Would you like me to leave so you could wash
there and apply lotion?"

"Thatís what servants are for, arenít they?" She said seductively, as
she peeled off her top over her head, leaving her young, firm, pointy
breasts aiming their nipples at me, while she undid the skirt from the
back, and let it fall. I guessed Iíd better get the shower to
temperature, but she said, "I think a bath would soften them even
more, donít you?" So I filled the tub instead. I held her hand as
she stepped her lissome body into the water and sank down into its
blanket of warmth. "You know, I think I need to clean myself all
over, would you be so kind?"

With a washcloth and soap, I washed her whole body from the neck down.
My penis was hard the whole time because of the sexy way she was
responding to my touch. When I got to her short hairs, she said, "I
think you should pay particular attention to how clean I am down
there." With that, I stroked her pussy to a body quivering orgasm.
This was probably a good plan, because I wouldnít have wanted her to
release any pent up energy in the middle of my shaving her sensitive
skin down there. She had me towel dry her and apply lotion to her

She playfully wiped some lotion off of her body and started to rub it
onto my cock. I was just too far gone to take any direct stimulation
so I backed away and respectfully said, "You are going to need me
steady and with full concentration when I am working in your sensitive
area." I said in almost a playful, scolding way.

Rebecca sat down on the edge of the tub with an amorous smile on her
face, and plopped her legs wide open with a double thud on the floor
from her heels. I got down in a crouch and started to carefully glide
the razor over her mons and nether lips. It didnít take too long
before she was bald as a baby down there. She felt it for the first
time, she looked at it in a hand held mirror, then the full-length
mirror on the door, and she blew air on it by waving a towel. She
asked me to check what time it was. It was 10:50. "Oh blast! I
promised to have you ready down stairs. I need you to kiss it so bad.
It will just have to wait. Letís go. Letís hurry. No leave those.
Thereís no time." She said as I tried to reach for my clothes. She
was putting on a robe as she turned me toward the door and directed my
way ahead of her down into the kitchen. As we crossed the front hall,
the doorbell rang. "Here, Iíll get it, you wait for me in the
kitchen." She said as she opened the door for a couple of ladies.
She directed them to the solarium and was hurrying to the kitchen when
the doorbell rang again. She let them in and ended up letting in all
seven ladies before she could meet me.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I ran into the cook, Mara. She had her
back to me at the sink washing dishes. I walked up to the island and
pinned my crotch against it to hide it from her view. She startled,
realizing that a person had snuck up behind her, then screamed, when
she saw a naked man standing in her kitchen with just a bow-tie on.
Rebecca came rushing in and began talking to her in Spanish. It
didnít seem to be working, as she clutched the top of her uniform
closed and said, "No! Miss Rebecca, por favor . . ." Rebecca had to
try several times to get her to understand, but apparently she did as
Mara started to calm down. Rebecca asked her to retrieve a beach
towel, and Mara left.

"Here, Iím going to have you wear this for now." Rebecca said as she
handed me an apron which just covered my crotch in front. When Mara
came back with the towel, a multicolored floral number, Rebecca folded
it in half lengthwise and wrapped it around my hips, tucking it in at
the back, while Mara stepped around to get an eyeful of butt.

Rebecca handed me a tray of finger food and told me to serve the
ladies. In I walked to the solarium, where two tables were set up for
bridge. One by one, the ladies looked up from their cards and stopped
talking. They were dumbfounded. Eventually, one spoke up. "Millie,
what have you done, hired a moonlighting Chippendale?"

"This is the gentleman I was telling you about that I won at the
schoolís auction. Iíve turned him over to Rebecca, who is
incorrigible this morning. Iím not responsible for this." Mrs.
Windham replied.

Heads were turning to look me up and down, and there was shifting in
the chairs, as I bent with the tray of snacks between each pair of
ladies. "Looks like weíre going to have the best bridge club day yet,
the way things are shaping up." Said one of the more attractive
ladies, as she openly stared at my groin. With how excited Rebecca
had been making me, the band around my cock and balls, and the
attention I was getting from these older ladies, who were starting to
get a little randy, my towel was beginning to bulge out obscenely
before their eyes.

Returning to the kitchen, I discovered Rebecca and Mara giggling.
They had been monitoring the ladiesí reaction to my presence. Rebecca
took another tray from Mara and handed it to me, waving me back out to
the solarium. And, so it went with drinks, food until one trip, as I
walked out the door of the kitchen, I felt the towel coming off. I
stopped and looked back, waiting for Rebecca to replace it, only to
find her shooing me on. Now I entered the solarium with just the
apron covering my bound stiffness. When I bent in to serve the ladies
as before, they now craned their necks to look at my rear and under
the front of the apron at my hardon. As I walked, bent, twisted, and
turned, the material of the apron rubbed against the tip of my cock,
causing a precum dampness to appear. I made my way back to the
kitchen walking sort of bent forward to minimize the contact with the
material, but also thrusting out my butt as I disappeared from their

"I need some ice in a bag quick, or I going to lose it here and now.
Yeah. Frozen peas will do nicely." I said holding the apron flap
away from the end of my penis, bending slightly forward. Mara handed
me a bag of peas which I placed on my groin under the apron flap to
cool down the heat this morning had been building up. When I was back
in control, and shrunk back in substantially, I said "Thank you." And
awaited my next task.

Rebecca removed the apron. "Oh gawd!" I thought. Then she handed me
an eight inch ornate silver tray with two handles at the ends. She
had me hold it up under my balls, as if I were serving them on this
platter. Around this she scattered some green foil covered mints and
sent me back out. The ladies gasped almost in unison as I reappeared.
"Look he has no hair there.", "Whatís that there?", "I wonder what
it feels like.", Were the comments I had to stand through as I was
beginning to present the after meal treat to each of the ladies in
turn. The second lady took her thumb and middle finger and placed it
on either side of my scrotum, looking into my eyes for a reaction to
this bold move. I just sort of stiffened, grinned and bore it, while
she gently squeezed, pulled and caressed. The first lady who had just
looked and taken a mint, waved me back. "Just a minute there young man." She said, to bring me back. She, too, fondled my cock and
balls until I was about to cum, and I backed away. I was a little
more reticent about handing the third lady her mint, because of my
heightened condition. She just put her hand around my cock and pulled
the skin back to my body and held it for a few seconds. I was so
ready and it was so surprising to me that she would do this that I
erupted all of a sudden, shocking me as much as the guests, in
particular the one across the table who received a good dose of the
initial cum rope. "Oh my! Ladies! Ladies! This is getting way out of
hand." Mrs. Windham said as she stood up. "Letís go out and sun by
the pool for awhile, okay?" She looked at me, "Iím sure you will have
this mess cleaned up shortly."

"Yes, Maíam, Iím terribly sorry for this Maíam." I said
apologetically, humiliated and embarrassed.

Rebecca came in with Mara, laughing behind their hands, as the ladies
milled out to the back all excited and giddy. She handed me wet and
dry paper towels to clean up the mess. Rebecca patted, hefted, and
gently squeezed my balls saying, "Boy, you can pack quite a load in
these." She looked through the solarium at the ladies sunning on
chaise lounges and said, "Those broads are going to need some lotion.
Iíll get you some to take out and apply if they want you to." When
she returned with a couple of bottles, she said, "Here, Mara and I
should see that you are covered as well."

Maraís eyes widened as Rebecca squirted a substantial amount of lotion
in her hands. She watched transfixed as Rebecca started to apply the
lotion to my body. Then with a head movement from Rebecca, she too
started to rub her hands up and down my body. As Rebecca started to
grease up my balls, she indicated with her face that Mara should join
her there. Maraís hand replaced Rebeccaís on my balls while Rebeccaís
went to my cock. They had me standing on tiptoes in a state of
apprehensive ecstasy. And stopped short of letting me cum again.
"Good. Now be an attentive servant and offer to apply this lotion
onto the bodies of our guests, wonít you?" She said giving me a pat
on the rear as I started to leave for the outside.

There was no pretense any longer now. I was walking toward these
ladies with a tray holding body lotions, sporting a raging hardon, in
the warm afternoon sun. Rebecca came out shortly after me clapping
her hands as she approached to get their attention. "Ladies, ladies.
Today is the day you add a little adventure to your Ďsame oíl thingí
bridge day." She said as she started opening her robe, showing them
her shaved crotch. She walked over to her mother, grasped the straps
on the top of her suit and, before she could mount a protest, peeled
it down to her waist."

Her motherís arms crossed the chest to cover her breasts. "Rebecca
Windham, how could you! What has taken charge of your brain?" She
said, not wanting to remove her arms to replace her top just yet.

"Mother. Everybody. Letís all let the sun shine on places that it
doesnít usually shine on, and feel what it is like to be free."
Rebecca said, as she slid the robe off of her slender body.

One lady immediately peeled her one piece down to her waist saying,
"Iím game." It was as if she was taking advantage of this once in a
lifetime opportunity to play out a long held fantasy. "Could you do
me with Ďnumber 15í please?" She asked of me, then rolled over onto
her stomach, and waited with eyes closed for my hands to spread the
lotion, all over her. The other ladies, including Mrs. Windham, still
hugging her chest, watched in wonder as I dutifully applied the
lotion. When I got this lady to moan a bit, while working her upper
legs and rear, she turned over to reveal her large sagging breasts to
everyoneís view. By the time I was working the lotion onto her
breasts, the other ladies, not wanting to be left out, started to
remove their tops, and in two cases, their bottoms as well.

Now there was a line for my services. As I would bend to work on one
lady, another would reach up and grab my balls and play with them,
distracting me form my task. She might squeeze and say, "Hurry up.
Iím burning over here."

Finally, with all of her guests taken care of, I went over to Mrs.
Windham, still clutching her chest in a trance. I laid her back
gently on the chaise lounge and gently guided her arms away from her
chest by holding on to her wrists gingerly and pulling them to her
sides. She lay frozen, looking straight up until I started with the
lotion on her midsection. She started to melt and relax, eyes closed
and moaning. "Thatís it Mom," Rebecca said, "relax and enjoy
yourself for once." She said looking over, shielding her eyes from the

Since she was my mistress for the afternoon, I decided to give her the
special treatment. I placed my fingers on the inside of her suit and
made the motion that I was going to pull it further down. She took in
a breath, bit her lower lip and raised her bottom off of the lounger.
I took this as my signal to slide it all of the way off. Before she
could change her mind, I was putting lotion on her lower abdomen.
When I placed my fingers on her pubic mound, pressed gently, and held
them there, she pulled her legs apart and straddled the lower section
of the lounger with her feet on the ground. I worked my fingers along
her inner thigh and pussy lips, avoiding her clit. When I asked her
if she would like me to do her back, she turned over as if in a dream.
Instead of lying down, she turned onto her hands and knees, her
breasts and head hanging down. I spread the lotion on her shoulders
and back. When I got to her rear, she started to move it to increase
my tempo or pressure. I cupped one dangling breast with one hand and
manipulated her pussy with my other. She bent her arms, lowered her
head to her hands, and thrust out her rear to my hand in the most
uninhibited of ways. She and I were both oblivious to her daughter and seven of her friends watching in rapt amazement at the show she
was putting on. She came bucking forward and back, her loose tits flapping her face and stomach, and a scream that could have waken the
dead, well at least the neighbors. She curled up in a fetal position
facing away from everyone sniffling back tears, while equalizing her

"Way to go Mom!" Rebecca said in a flippant way.

Now bottoms were coming off, and the ladies were getting on hands and
knees, swaying their asses looking back at me like "do me next
please." I went for the chaises that were close enough for me to do
two at a time first. The others caught on and everyone put their
chaises closer in a row. I worked my way up and down that row, trying
to get them all off but not taking too long at any two pairs, because
they were all in heat at the same time, and wouldnít tolerate it.
Rebecca was having too much fun with this. She went up and down the
line too. Working their hanging tits and nipples, cheerleading their
pleasure with, "Go Mrs. ****, thatís it, let it all out.", "Oh, Mrs.
****, these feel nice. Youíve been working out, havenít you?", "You
ladies are so attractive when you are excited like this." and, "She
who cums first cums best."

When all of the guests were satisfied, Rebecca beckoned me with her
index finger inside, then upstairs to her room where my clothes were.
She looked at the clock. "There are only fifteen minutes left." She
said with her arms on my shoulders and her hands hanging down below my
neck in back. "I still need that kiss." I leaned in to give her a
kiss. "No. Down here." She said as she sat back on the edge of her
bed and spread her knees wide. I didnít want to be working any
overtime so I gave her the best cunnilingus I could muster and sent
her into orbit relatively quickly, but not without almost losing
clumps of hair on top my head.

Amanda beat me back by a few minutes, and was randy as could be.
Teasing horny men always seemed to do that to her. My hardon
basically hadnít gone down since before the pool-side events. So,
that evening I had to endure another in a series of games Amanda
played until she finally let me cum before we went to sleep. Better
than a sleeping pill, though.

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