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AMANDA2 sucked silly Despite pleas

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about a woman being in charge of a man through his genitals. Anybody
who is not legally permitted to view such material should read no
further. All rights to this story are reserved by the author.
Permission is given to archive this story in places where no fees are
charged for legal adults to view it and if no words are changed,
including this disclaimer. Hope you enjoy.

A Late Invitation To The Party (F/m)
by Hectorís Pup
It was 8:00 am Saturday, time to get up and make Amanda breakfast. By
this time in our relationship I learned to remain nude in the house
unless I wanted the wrath of Amanda to come reigning down on me.
While in the kitchen, I was required to wear a frilly apron which had
a token sized breast plate up the front and a semi-circular patch of
material down covering my groin, but justbarely. When Amanda would
tease me to an erection, it would lift the bottom of the apron up to
expose my genitals.

In an effort to please her, and thus, start the day off properly, I
decided to fix an elaborate meal of Eggs Benedict, freshly squeezed
orange juice, and fresh fruit cocktail. I quickly snuck out the back
door and cut some flowers, hoping the neighbors werenít up yet, and
arranged them on the table.

When she appeared at the entrance to the kitchen, in her clinging
robe, drying her hair with a towel, she smiled and said, "Good morning
Sweetie Pie. What a lovely way to start the day."

I held the chair for her as she laid the towel on the seat and sat
down. "Here. Come stand by me while I enjoy this." She said as she
held out her hand for mine.

As I stood next to her, she took her free hand, when not cutting the
meal, and put it around my genitals. As I grew harder, she would
alternate occasionally between my erect penis and my churning balls.
She liked to keep me erect as much as possible but not to let me cum until it suited her. In fact, since we were married, she consciously
or unconsciously spent most of her time having me concentrate on my
sexuality. Whether she was in the mood to give me pleasure or in the
mood to train me to behave in the manner she desired at any given
time, she would use my sex organs to give me pleasure or pain.

At first she was so giving and playful with my genitals, I loved to
surrender the control to her. As time wore on, I was surprised by
painful reminders to behave. Eventually, humiliation was added to
keep me in my place. Since this happened gradually, I was sucked into
this arrangement. Today I can look back with perspective.

Well, breakfast done, Amanda informed me that she was having some
friends over and that the house needed to be thoroughly cleaned. It
was 10:00 and her guests were coming by at 2:00. Now, when I clean
the house, I am permitted to wear a pair of nylon running shorts that
have slits up the sides to the waist band and that have the material
at the crotch cut out. The front is held in place by a Velcro strap
sewn to it that goes around my cock and the back is held in place by
an elastic line attached to it running between my legs to a band
around my balls. In effect these act like loin coverings, but to the
glance of a neighbor through the window, I look to be wearing shorts,
unless I am sporting an erection and, of course, the jig is up.

As Iíd push the vacuum, bend to dust or something, Amanda, would on
occasion, come up to me and tap my balls with a ruler, hand, or
something to point out a place I should pay attention to. Other times
sheíd slink up and massage them from the front or the back to tell me
she was pleased with the job I was doing.

At a little after 1:00 a car pulled up. A lady was walking up to the
front door with a briefcase. I called Amanda to let her know. "Oh,
answer the door for me Sweetie and show the lady in, please." She said
from upstairs.

As quickly as I could, I put the vacuum in the closet and grabbed an
authorized tee-shirt for visitors. It was a regular tee-shirt cut off
just below the sternum, that I was permitted to wear when someone came
to the house. Amandaís plan was that I would pay more attention to my
abs if they were exposed to visitors that came to the house. What I
didnít have time for was to jump into regular shorts. As I opened the
door, I was greeted to a sensually attractive, maybe thirty-year old,
woman in a business suit, top folded over her arm. The white blouse
was slightly transparent and showed off a lacy topped slip. I
introduced myself and asked her to please come in.

She said her name was Vickie, and she was here for the party. And,
would I please help her carry some things in from her car. "Go
outside?" I thought. I was already worrying about the effect this
voluptuous woman was stirring in me. But, how could I not agree?

When I went outside, the warm sun on my head and shoulders, the balmy
breeze wafting up around my genitals and the hot stone on my bare
feet, started my cock a stirring. By the time we reached her car, I
started to bend forward in advance of her opening her trunk. I prayed
that my ill-timed eagerness to help her with her things did not get
her to notice my predicament. I picked up one box and held it low
while I asked her to hand over the second and put it on top. I nodded
for her to lead the way back into the house, which was probably a
mistake as the sight of her athletic legs and behind sent mestirring

As we walked into the living room, she pointed to the coffee table and
said, "This will do nicely. Why donít you put them here."

As I put them down I tried to turn as I stood up, but this time she
got a glimpse of my dilemma, smiled and muttered, "Uhmm."

Amanda came in and greeted Vickie and told her that I would be at her
disposal if she needed any help. She told Amanda that I had been more
than helpful already. Amanda turned to me and said, "How much longer
before youíre done Honey?"

I said, "I think thatís it. Looks okay to me."

Amanda made a clearing her throat sound and motioned her head. I
turned and looked in the general direction she was indicating but
stood densely unaware of her intended meaning. "What about this?" she
said as she grabbed my balls from behind and pushed the back of my
head down to look upon a rag and the half polished brass hearth trim.

I acknowledged it by an "Oh!", and continued down to my hands and
knees to finish the job. Vickieís reaction was first of being
stunned, then a smile while nodding her head as if to say,
"Interesting!" As I worked in this position, my cock and balls were
visible from behind, and Vickie was not too shy to step around to take
a look. I didnít dare move from this position until Amanda was
satisfied with my efforts at finishing. Then she walked away to
converse with Vickie. At this point I was able to finish the job
seated on the side of my hip propped up on one arm. Only my shaved
butt was on display for Vickieís curious eyes.

Amanda kept me at various things until her guests started arriving.
This looked like an opportunity for me to get out on my own for
awhile, so I asked Amanda what time the party would be over and when
she would want me back. Instead she asked if I would buys the things
on her list first before going out, and I agreed.

Saturday attire for times like this amounts to sweatpants or
sweatpants cutoff as shorts with no underwear and a tight shirt, again
to encourage me to stay in shape. After getting the things at the
grocery store and liquor store, I put away the perishables and
proceeded to the living room to let Amanda know I had returned and
would be heading out for awhile. When I poked my head around in the
living room, The room was filled with eight women besides Vickie and
Amanda with different kinds of lingerie on, some holding bedroom toys,
giggling, talking all at once, and posing for each other. I stood
frozen taking in the sight. I was beginning to tent my shorts so I
tried to get Amandaís attention by going, "Psst! Psssst!" then waving
to her, when she and the others started looking up.

"Come on in Sweetie. We need your opinion. Tell us what you think."
Amanda waved. I waved her back to me. She waved with more
insistence, as if to say, "Now donít embarrass me in front of my

There was no avoiding it. I had to bring my lower body into view from
around the door jam and enter this room full of estrogen. One lady
exclaimed "Oh my!" as she looked at my crotch behind my efforts at
modesty with my hands. Vickie responded, "See ladies, these will
attract your men."

It was difficult to find a polite place to direct my eyes. The
see-through and semi-see-through garments were all around on vital,
well-proportioned women. I recognized Sandy, Vanessa, and Sally, but
I never saw them like this before. The others were strangers to me.
I didnít think I would be able to look at any of these ladies again
without getting an erection.

Amanda grabbed my arm in hers and walked me into the middle of these
beauties. When I looked in their faces, they flirted with their eyes.
When I looked down, I was gazing on some of the finest breasts I had
ever seen in print, film, video, or the beach. "My Sweetie here, can
provide us with a measuring stick to see which outfits each of us
should buy." Amanda announced to the group. "Honey why donít you sit
here." Placing a stool in front of the fireplace. "First, letís get
the measuring stick out." Amanda started untying the top of my shorts
and pulled them down.

"No, Amanda. Please! Not here! Not now!" as I tried to pull them
back up.

Slap! Amanda hit my balls. "Now, now this should be fun."

The sudden pain made me wince and hold my breath, as I let her take
them down and have me step out of them. The women stopped talking and
stood mouths open, amazed at what they just saw. As I climbed up on
the stool, ten shades of embarrassed red, I could have one foot on the
floor, one on a rung, or two feet on a rung, but the stool was too
tall for two feet on the floor. This put my "appreciation meter" on
display for all the ladies in the room. As I was situated, the pain
was subsiding, the commotion in the room started to pick up again. As
I overcame my discomfort, and returned to the present moment of the
party, my erection started to come back.

One of the ladies I hadnít met before, wearing a red see-through teddy
and matching panties said, "How can we tell if likes what he sees if
he is hard already?"

"Good point," I thought, "but I didnít like the direction this was

" Iíve got a remedy for that, gals. Close your eyes Sweetie, and keep
them closed until I get back. Now you girls, into the dinning room.
Calm down Honey and Iíll be right back." Amanda finally said and
patted my cock gently.

When she returned, she had our ice bag full of ice and without
warning, plopped it on the underside of my cock and over my balls.
She had me breathing in gasps fighting for a normal breath for a few
seconds as I popped my eyes open. It was just Amanda and Vickie in
the room now, and they had both covered up with robes. Vickie was
putting all of the loose garments and toys into a box and placed it
behind the couch so there was nothing in my view but my wife and this
attractive saleslady in robes. Amanda checked under the ice pack and
determined that it was safe to remove it. This was Vickieís cue to
call in the ladies one by one. Each one walked up to me in her
sexiest swagger and approached me to either kiss my cheek or caress by
body with the lightest and sheerest of fabrics. As long as my
peter-meter was going up and twitching, Vickie continued to call in
more amateur models to test her garments on me. Amanda would call a
momentary halt here and there to ice me down.

One lady, Stacy, was the least enthusiastic of the bunch. In fact,
maybe even a little depressed. She complained that this wouldnít do
anything to get her husband more interested in her, that I was
reacting in general to all of the other beautiful women present.
Vickie saw her as a challenge and a possible "stick in the mud" which
could affect her sales that day, so she took her into another room and
had a talk with her. She came back without her and started to talk to

Vickie left and I could hear a rustling and din of conversation in the
next room and then it was silent. Vickie appeared at the door and
held both hands to her side to draw attention to Stacy, who stood
behind the doorway, the way I did, with just her head looking in.
Amanda, who had been standing by my side with her arm across my
shoulder, crouched down in front of me and said, "Honey, I hate to do
this, but it is for a good cause." And, before I could say anything or
react, she gathered up my balls in one hand and hammered her fist down
onto them with the other. I rolled off the stool to the floor in a
fetal position in unbelievable pain. She didnít hit me hard enough to
cause any permanent damage, but I was sure to be feeling it for a

When I regained some senses I looked up at her with pleading questions
in my eyes. "How could she do this to me? I thought she loved me."
Were the types of thoughts going through my head.

When it looked to her that I was able, she helped me back up to the
stool. As I climbed back up, she explained to Stacy, "My husband has
gone through a lot of pain for you. In his condition, if you can get
him up, you can get anybody up."

When she wouldnít come out and parade in front of me, Vickie went back
to talk to her some more. The added recovery time was welcomed,
because I was smart enough to realize that I had better give the
proper reaction, because Amanda, and thus I, had a lot riding on this
as well.

Through continued concentration, deep breathing and a little rubbing,
I got myself in the best shape for the trial that I could in the given
time. A chant started from the other room, "Stacy, Stacy, StacyÖ."
Vickie appeared in the doorway again and silently presented Stacy
again with her arms, as before. Stacy was steeled to walk towards me
with one hand on her hip and the other waving the hanging material of
a see-through diaphanous veil-like boa. She was wearing a nightgown
that came to mid thigh, with a see-through skirt of lace from the
waist down and see-through lace bra. Her bush was visible and were
her nipples and aureoles on athletic breasts. She tucked her chin and
started walking towards me in a seductive, almost blank gaze placing
one foot in front of the other all the way across her centerline as
she walked.

It was going to work. I was starting to feel something, and then she
stopped and turned back starting to tear up. "I canít. It wonít
work. Nobody would want me."

"Stacy." I said, as I stood up, "I think you are beautiful. Please
come to me here." And, I sat back down.

Amanda looked at me and beamed with pride and admiration. Vickie
turned her around and she proceeded again with more confidence. The
others filled out the opening to the dinning room to watch. I tried
to keep my concentration on Stacy but two of the ladies in front and
on either side of Stacy in my line of view flashed me their tits. I
tried not to let Stacy know what was happening behind her but the
whole scene was bringing me back to life. When Stacy reached me she
reached down and put her hand around my cock and felt its rigidity,
put the veil-like boa around my neck pulled my head towards her,
kissed me and whispered, "Thank you."

She turned to cheers and walked slowly away back to the dining room
one arm down her side and the other holding the boa around her neck.
Half way back she turned to find me entranced with her long athletic
legs and firm well shaped rear-end, before joining the rest of the
ladies who all gave her hugs and pats.

One by one, the ladies came up to me to show their appreciation for my
participation. I eventually had female hands on every part of my
body, my hair, my face, my neck, my chest and so on. "Ladies! Ladies!
Stop for a second. To show our appreciation, lets have a contest."
Vickie said, as she came up to me. She took my cock in her hand and
pointing to the underside of the head continued, "The object of this
contest is to see who can reward our surrogate husband here by licking
one lick on the underside here. After everyone gets one lick, we go
to two, and so on, until someone makes him cum. The one who does,
gets her pick of these." Pulling out selected garments for

This was the fun part. Kittenish women in see-through lingerie
crawling up to my crotch giving the underside a lick. I wanted this
to last forever. It started off pretty tame with a lick and then a
new person taking her place. Things got a little more competitive
though, when some drops of pre-cum started to appear. Sally nuzzled
my balls first with her nose before licking my cock. When the others
caught on to this they started using their hands to caress my balls
before licking. When I showed the telltale signs of cumming, that
Amanda knew so well, she cut in line, grabbed my balls and put my cock
in hermouth and sucked me silly. Despite my pleas for her to stop and
my flopping like a fish out of water on the stool, she rode me to
exhaustion to the amusement and applause of the others.

Just to be fair, the prize was awarded to the next in line, Vanessa
who said, "Maybe Amanda will let me come over and model it for you

"Canít wait."

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