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AMANDA3 hurt her any more than she


"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"
Copyright Dave Haugen 2002
MM/ff rape humiliation celeb toys
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!
Chapter 3

Sipping my ice cold Budweiser and listening to the
wonderful sounds of a creaking bed, squelching pussy
noises, and little moans and whimpers, made me happy.
Yes, i was in heaven. Life didn't get better than this.

For about 20 minutes, I watched little Amanda Bynes
reluctantly ramming her strap-on in and out of Avril
Lavigne's by now sore and swollen pussy. Both girls had
their eyes closed, and neither of them seemed to be
giving any indication that they were enjoying it.
Especially Avril. She had her face all clenched up like
a weightlifter lifting weights. Poor thing.

Speaking of poor things, my ears were going to fall off
my head if I had to hear any more of Avril's CD. She
really wasn't that talented of a musician if you sat
down and listened to her songs. Standing up, I popped
the CD out and threw it in the garbage.

"That's enough of that! man Avril, your music stinks."
I said loud enough that she could hear. Just the sound
of my voice sparked Amanda to start pumping the strap-on
dildo faster in and out of Avril's twat. She must
really be afraid of not following orders, I thought,
after all, she had been the perfect little model of

"I'd better check on our dinner now! Keep on fucking
that slag Amanda, I'll be right back" I said as I walked
into the kitchen to see that the pizza was almost done
to perfection. Avril's 'dog-food-delight' had been
ready for a long time! Man, I was going to have fun
watching her get that piss laced slime going down her

Taking the pizza out of the oven, I brought it and two
plates, and two of the drinks into the bedroom. I left
the dog food bowl and Avril's glass of cold piss on the

"Girls, dinner is served! I don't know about you both,
but I'm starving! Amanda, you can cease fucking the
slut under you and get her arms and ankles undone. And
take those clamps off, I'm sure that Avril's learned her
lesson about what happens when orders aren't followed
around here, right Avril?"

No answer, as Amanda carefully and slowly pulled the wet
juicy dildo out of Avril's red gaping twat, not wanting
to hurt her any more than she already had. And by
gaping, I meant relatively gaping. You could see that
her outer labia was totally red and puffy, and that her
young hole was opened about the size of an oblong
quarter. But it was a gape nonetheless.

Avril screamed as the clamps were removed from her
glowing and squished nipples. Once Amanda had her hands
free, they instantly went to her nipples, trying to
prevent the burning pain of the pent-up blood from
rushing back into them, but it was no use. Amanda
slowly wiggled out from in between Avril's legs, and I
watched as she undid the ropes that held Avril's ankles

"Ok girls, it's dinner time, but first, I have to remind
you both of an important rule in this house."

Standing up, I walked right up to Avril, slapped her
hard across the face, and easily placed her kicking
writhing body across my lap. Amanda cowered onto the
floor in fear, as she watched me slam my hand down onto
Avril's still sore ass cheeks. I spanked her tight
little ass 20 times, while saying aloud:

"This is a reminder that I can dish out pain anytime I
want, and this isn't even severe pain, it can get worse.
All I expect from you both is full and total
cooperation. If you do exactly what I tell you, then
you won't have to suffer any additional pain, because
believe me girls, you'll be doing what I want anyway, so
why make it worse on yourselves?"

Following Avril's spanking, I stood up, causing her limp
body to fall to the carpeted floor with a thud. I stood
up and went back to the food.

"Ok girls, let's eat! Doesn't this pizza smell good?"

Both girls nodded, I knew they would be starving as they
hadn't eaten for so many hours. Neither of them moved
from their spots though...Amanda on the bed, and Avril
kneeling up slowly on the floor, her ass stinging.

"Good! Now Amanda, here's a nice big piece of pizza for
you." I said as I handed a nice slice over to her.
Instantly, she started nibbling on the end of it,
letting her stomach dictate her actions.

"Is it good?" I asked Amanda, who slowly nodded as she

I picked up a piece and took a bite out of it. Mmmmm,
it was good! I'd have to buy that brand of frozen pizza
more often.

"Here's a diet coke for you Amanda, I didn't want to
give you a beer because you're underage and that would
be illegal." I chuckled to myself, thinking 'Yeah, as
if kidnapping and rape wasn't illegal.'

"Thank you." said Amanda quietly as she took a sip of
her diet coke. What polite manners she had!

Avril watched us eating for a few moments, still rubbing
her sore nipples and pussy. Her head went back and
forth, watching us, and I waited to see how she would
react to the fact that we were eating and she wasn't.
When her dainty little hand reached forward to the pizza
box I had set on the floor in front of us, I quickly
slapped her hand, causing her to retract it so quickly,

"Did I say you could take a piece slut?" I asked her
with a stern look on my face. She didn't answer, and
just sat there.

"Are you hungry? Will you eat?" I asked. Without
wanting to look into the eyes of the man who had just
brutally raped her virginity away, Avril nodded. I knew
she was starving.

"Ok then. Hang on and I'll go and get you your dinner.
I forgot it in the kitchen. Now don't you dare touch
that pizza Avril! Amanda, you can have another slice if
you want."

"Thank you." said Amanda as she eagerly grabbed another
piece after gulping down another sip of diet coke.
Avril looked over at Amanda with a look of disgust, but
Amanda was too busy feeding her appetite to even notice.

I returned with the dogfood bowl in one hand and the
glass of piss in the other. Avril's eyes widened when
she saw me holding the bowl in the cutest way. And she
didn't even know the contents of it yet!

"Since you're kind of ugly Avril, I thought you should
be eating your meal from a dog food bowl. Here you go!"
I said as I placed it on the floor, just in front of
her. Her eyes looked down and she caught the wafting
odor of the horrible smelling canned dog food. She
recognized immediately what it was, but I don't think
she knew that it was more than just dog food...that it
had my urine soaking through it!

"Well?" I said as I took another bite of pizza. "What
the fuck are you waiting for? You said you were hungry!
Eat!! That's some premium dog food there. My dog Duke
loves it!"

Avril held her knees up to her chest and grabbed her
wrists over her shins, shaking her head back and forth.

"There is no fucking way I'm eating that shit!" she said

I was not in the mood for playing games.

"Do I have to remind you that I can make your life a
living hell bitch? NOW EAT IT!!!"

"NO!!!!!" shouted Avril as she looked at me, then
quickly looked down at her knees. Time for some action
I see.

I stood up and before Avril even had a chance to react,
I pushed her knees down until her legs were flat, and i
kneeled over them, sitting down on her knees. She was
already afraid, as I pinned both of her wrists together
with one hand, and lifted them up over her head. I
reached forward and grabbed her left nipple in my hand
and squished it in my fingers as hard as I humanly
could. Avril screamed, causing Amanda to drop her pizza
and place her hands over her ears, not wanting to listen
to something so bloodcurdling.

"I told you BITCH that you are GOING to do WHATEVER I
tell you or you are going to pay SEVERELY!" I shouted,
twisting her nipple at every emphasized word. Tears
began forming at the corners of Avril's eyes but she
bravely shouted out: "NOOOOOO!!! I won't do it!!!!!
Fuck you!!!"

Fine. I told Amanda to bring me my jacket that was
sitting on a chair by an end table. Quickly, Amanda did
as she was told, and I dug into the pockets until I
found what I was looking for. My handy dandy never-
lets-me-down lighter. Avril's eyes opened wide when she
saw that.

"Wh....what is that?" asked Avril nervously. I flicked
it on for her to see the golden yellow flame come
faithfully out.

"This bitch, is insurance that you are going to stop
being such a fucking disobedient CUNT, and that you will
start doing what you are told!!" I shouted, and with
that, I lowered the flame downwards, and quickly flicked
it across her reddened left nipple, just enough to
antagonize the heat sensors in her skin and her brain.

"NOOOOO!!O!O!!O!!!!!!" screamed Avril in sheer horror,
not so much from the pain as the flame passed by so
quickly, but from the shock that I would actually do
something like that to her. Her young sweet body bucked
underneath me but to no avail, I was way too big for her
to even contemplate overthrowing.

"I am NOT fucking around here BITCH!" I said sternly,
"If you don't eat that fucking dog food on your own, I'm
going to toast your nipples until they look like burnt
marshmallows, and then I'm going to shove the food down
your throat. Either way, that dog food gets in your
stomach, so which way is it going to be?"

As I started to lower the flame again in a motion
towards her breasts, Avril panicked and kicked into

"OK OK I'll do it!!!!!! Don't burn me please!!!!!!"
begged Avril nicely. I flicked off the lighter, to
assure her that I was going to keep my end of the
bargain, and I leaned over and planted a nice passionate
wet sloppy kiss on her lips. I just had to, she was so
adorable in her panic. And besides, I wouldn't want to
be kissing her after what she was about to eat, yuck!!

I stood up and returned to my chair where I picked up
another piece of that delicious pizza. Wow, Amanda must
have been starving, she was working on her third piece!
She hadn't said a word as I disciplined Avril, but I
knew she was watching us, and I would have given
anything to know what was going on in her mind.

Reluctantly, Avril moved at a snail's pace as she looked
at the bowl of dog food sitting in front of her like a
nightmare. I watched her with fascination as she looked
as though she didn't know how to approach it. I thought
she might need a little bit of coaching.

"And since you're a dog Avril, you won't be eating with
utensils. Just get on your hands and knees, lower your
face, and dig in!" I laughed heartily as she flashed me
another look of hate. God this was fun!

The moment her face lowered to just a few inches above
the dog food, she recoiled it, shaking her head back and
forth. I knew the terrible aroma was getting to her, I
could smell it from here and it was very unpleasantly

"If your face is not in there in 10 seconds Avril,
you're going to see what it feels like to be a candle,
with your nipple as the wick. START EATING!!!" I
blasted out. Deciding in her mind what the lessers of
the two evils were, Avril's spirit was broken, and she
leaned over, and took a little nibble of the dog food.
After a second nibble, she again sat up and looked at

"There's pee in it!!!!" she said in a great revelation,
causing me to laugh out loud.

"Yeah there is, neat huh?" I replied happily. "Keep
eating!" I warned as I flicked on the lighter again. At
the sight of the flame, Avril's head again lowered to
her doggie bowl again for another bite. Before she took
her third bite, she said outloud "Fucking cocksucker."
which made me laugh again.

Avril had a hard time taking more bites of the slimy,
ground up greasy dog food, and it was only a few seconds
later when she popped her head up yet again and spoke

"Why the fuck isn't SHE eating dog food?!?!?!" asked
Avril loudly, in an expression that declared that she
felt cheated and picked on. Which she was of course,
but it was nice that she noticed.

"Why slut?" I answered. "Because Amanda has been
perfectly obedient, and has done everything I asked of
her. She took off her clothes when ordered without any
hesitation at all, she fucked your little pussy for half
an hour non-stop, and she doesn't utter profanities out
like you! She deserves pizza. You deserve your dog
food. Oh yeah, and I want this downed too. Some more
piss that wouldn't fit into the bowl." I said as I
placed the glass of piss next to the dog food bowl.

The most miraculous thing was starting to happen. Avril
was no longer staring at me in hate, but now at Amanda,
who noticed the pop-singer's stares as well. A million
and one ideas raced through my mind as I saw how angry
Avril was getting at what she felt was unfair treatment.

"You know what girls? I've decided that because Amanda
here has been so good, I'm not going to rape her at all.
Now, I'll be letting you both go free in a week or so,
and you can return to your pathetic little lives, but
since Amanda has been such an angel, and has actually
listened to everything I said, taking orders like a pro,
she is going to get out of this untouched. So no rape
for you Amanda!"

Yes, I was lying. Not about the part about letting them
go, that was planned in a week's time. But I wouldn't
be able to let Amanda go without feeling her pussy
constricting itself around my hard cock, and knowing
that my cum had bathed her insides at least a few times.
But right now, I wanted to create some tension between
this friendship, just to see what would happen.

"Now I do want to keep this semi-fair, so I'll give you
a choice Avril. Do you want to share your food and make
Amanda here eat half of your dinner for you? I'm sure
you don't want her to suffer, but I'll let that choice
be yours." As I verbally stated my offer to Avril, I
noticed that Amanda literally froze still in mid-bite,
horrified at the idea of trading up her delicious pizza
for some piss coated dog food!

Well, I made a quick prediction of what would happen
next, and sure enough it did!

Without any hesitation at all, Avril made her choice.

"Yes! I want her to eat half of this shit!" Avril said
vengefully. I just knew she didn't care one iota about
Amanda or the friendship they shared. She was so
fucking selfish that she was going to try dragging her
friend through the mud with her. Well I wasn't going to
let that happen so easily.

"Very well Avril." I said as I turned to Amanda. "Ok
Amanda, Avril said that she wants you to eat have of
that dog food. You know, I pissed in there, it's
totally disgusting. So Amanda, how does that make you

Amanda wasn't sure what to say: "Not good, I don't want
to eat that!" said Amanda fearfully. I could see Avril
watching the action closely, hoping to be spared from
such a horrible fate. Or at least, half a horrible
fate. I knew that it would make Avril feel better to
see Amanda getting debased, and of course, I couldn't
let my little rock star feel better!

"Ok Amanda, then I'll give you a choice. You can either
eat half the dog food that Avril is so bitchily trying
to force upon you, or you can whip her pussy with my
belt for a while as I hold her down. That's your two
choices Amanda sweetie, so what's it going to be?"

"Amanda please!!!!!!" begged Avril, hoping her friend
would choose the dog food.

I almost fell of my chair when I heard Amanda's

"I....I'll eat the dog food." said Amanda submissively.

Oh my God, was she insane??? She was actually going to
eat that disgusting mess? And then I thought about
Amanda Bynes' personality...she really was a sweet
loveable thing, and she didn't want to inflict any more
pain over her friend, despite the fact that Avril was
willing to sell her out.

"You are so adorable Amanda! Now YOU are a REAL friend!
For being so good, yet AGAIN, I'm going to let you off
the hook. Avril, being the fucking slut that she is,
will be finishing off her meal alone. And she will
doing it in under 15 minutes! So Amanda, you and I will
enjoy our pizza, and Avril here will enjoy feeling dog
food sliding down her throat. Hey Avril, do you want to
know what they actually put in dog food??? Nahh, I'd
just ruin your appetite. Oh well, enjoy, you fucking
slut! Hey Amanda, can I get you another diet coke?"

I loved the humiliated look on Avril's face, but the
problem was she wasn't eating. I stood up and walked
around behind her, having to hold her down by her hips
to prevent her from trying to run. Holding my hands
around her waist, I forced Avril roughly into the hands
and knees doggie-style position, and watched her squirm.

"Ok bitch, you have 15 minutes to eat every last drop of
dog food, and to drink my piss from that glass. If you
don't get it done, you're nipples are ruined forever.
Startingggggggggggg NOW!" I said happily.

When Avril didn't move, I grabbed my lighter and flicked
the flame quickly over her pussy, hearing one of her
sperm and pussy juice matted crotch hairs singe. Wow,
that did it! Avril knew she had no choice, and for 15
minutes, Amanda and I watched as she ate every last
morsel of dog food. She retched a few times and I
didn't think she was going to make it at one point.
Thank God she didn't puke, I can't stand that smell, it
makes me want to vomit myself!

Watching Avril drink down a glassful of my cold piss was
especially satisfying. By the end of the 15 minutes,
Avril sat crosslegged on the floor, with a rather pale
complexion, clutching her stomach, thinking about what
she just did.

"Now that our feeding appetites have been satisfied,
it's time to satisfy our sexual appetites with a bit of
dessert!" I remarked happily. "Amanda, take off your
panties and get on the bed, hands and knees please." I

"B....b....but you said that you weren't going to....."
Amanda couldn't even finish off the sentence saying the
dreaded R word.

"Oh I won't rape you sweetie. Remember, I promised you!
Avril's going to be giving you some pleasure by eating
out your pussy and your ass. After the shit she's put
you through, you really deserve that. Isn't that

"You're sick." said Avril quietly as she held her face
in her hands, still shocked by everything that was

Ignoring Avril's typically bitchy comments, I watched
with arousal as I made Amanda take off her panties,
exposing her full body to me. Oh my God, her pussy and
ass were absolutely phenomenal as I watched her climb
onto the bed, and go onto her hands and knees, with her
knees right at the edge of the bed, causing her feet to
point out, parallel to the floor.

Amanda's pussy was like Avril's in that it was almost
totally hairless and thin. Her little asshole was
everything I had dreamed it would be, tight, crinkled
and a darker pink color than the rest of her pale whiter
skin. It took every ounce of strength in my body to not
jump up and start fucking Amanda Bynes right then and
there. I wanted her in the worst way, and all of those
reruns of "The Amanda Show" had not helped to curve that
desire in me that had been building for years. My cock
had grown hard again, and I was so excited to watch some
more lesbian action between these two slutty starlets.

"Ok Avril, it's dessert time!" I said as I had dragged
Avril's body by pulling her by her hair a few feet until
she was just under the spot by the bed where Amanda was

"Now, I want you to suck that tight little pussy that
Amanda has with energy and passion. Dig your tongue in,
suck her lips and her clit, and then start tongue
fucking her tight little ass. Got it Avril? Go to it

As I watched the arousing spectacle of Amanda Bynes
being eaten out by Avril Lavigne, I started jacking off
my cock right there. I picked up Amanda's panties and
brought them up to my face, inhaling deeply, and
smelling her sensational bodily odors. Her panties had
nice faint yellow stains on them from her pussy juices,
and the smell was that beautiful acidic smell that only
teenage girls emit from between their legs. I started
to lick the crotch of Amanda's panties as a disgusted
Avril began licking out the real thing. I was in
heaven. I sucked the crotch of Amanda's sweet panties
into my mouth, tasting the juices and sweat that came
out of them. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I then picked up the discarded strapon that had been
buried in Avril's twat for almost an hour, and was about
to clean the dried juices off of that too, when I
suddenly remembered that the dildo was also covered with
lots of my dry sperm all over it. Yechh, to think I
almost shoved that thing in my mouth!

Amanda wasn't at all moaning from Avril's oral
administrations, and I could see why. Avril was doing a
horrible looked as though she was licking a

"Jesus Avril, you aren't a very good lesbian are you?
No, I think you make a better cock sucker than a carpet
muncher. Move aside!" I said as she gratefully pulled
her now sticky face away from Amanda's dampening pussy.

"Here, shove this in your mouth instead and suck that
off." I said to Avril as I handed her the dildo.
Angrily, she started to lick it off, wincing in disgust
at the taste of her own juices and my semen on it.

Amanda was shivering on the bed, knowing that I was
going to be continuing the task that Avril had started.
Mike, I thought to myself, you are one lucky fucking
bastard. Here I am, on my knees, looking directly at
Amanda Bynes' pussy and ass just inches in front of my
face! And I could eat her out for as long as I wanted.
My objective was plain and simple, eat this cunt out and
make little Amanda cum. I knew I could do it, I was
talented enough in this area to make any female juice
herself out. Yeah, I was going to suck an orgasm out of
this tight little 16 year old body if it meant losing
all feeling in my mouth! What a way to have your tongue
go numb.....eating out Amanda Bynes. Just think, All
That was mine!

"Avril, stop sucking that cock you whore. Get up on the
bed, on your hands and knees, facing us, and start
tongue kissing your friend now!" I ordered. Avril was
too afraid of me to not do what I had ordered, and she
climbed up onto the bed without any argument at all. I
watched these two little dykes as they kissed each
other. I knew it was by force, but who cared, all I
needed was the visual stimuli of seeing two young girls
doing that, knowing that it was all because of me!

As they kissed, I lowered my head to Amanda's pussy and
inhaled deeply, taking in the aroma. I sniffed Amanda's
little butt too. God, she was fucking hot. Eagerly, I
licked my tongue all over her thighs, her pussy lips,
that little bit of skin separating her pussy from her
asshole, and of course her asshole itself. Time stood
still for me as I ate and ate and ate and ate. Amanda
juiced up like every little slut did that I ate out, and
I sucked it into my mouth, letting her pussy juices coat
my taste buds, filling my senses completely with her
womanhead. And to know that I was the first to tongue
fuck Amanda Bynes was the, if you'll pardon the pun,
cherry on the pie.

For a good 15 minutes, I ate out Amanda, uttering little
words here and there like "Arch your back more Amanda",
"Faster kissing girls", "Open your legs a little more
Amanda", "Swap some spit back and forth", "Squeeze my
tongue when I get it in there really deep", "Rub each
other's titties", "Hump my face now", "Lick each others
cheeks and face now, both of you"....and on and on.

Suddenly, all three of our heads bolted upwards
synchronously. It would have looked very funny if the
image had been captured on film.

The phone rang.

Just once.

I silently counted to 10.

The phone rang again.

Two times now.

I silently counted to 10 again.

The phone rang again.

This time I answered it, knowing that it was Steve,
giving me the code. I picked up the phone and held it
close to me while I continued licking Amanda's pussy
lips up and down.

"Keep kissing girls, it's only my friend Jake." I said
as I answered the phone.

"Hiya Jake." I said as I made some intentionally loud
sucking noises so that he could hear all the things he
was missing.

"Hey pal, having fun?" Steve asked, knowing that more
than likely I was.

"Yep, it went without a hitch, not one fucking problem.
How are things on your end Jake?"

Steve laughed at my calling him Jake. "All hell has
broken loose here at Warner Brothers. Have you been
watching tv at all? CNN's going fucking ape shit about
this story, it's international right now!"

"No shit!" I laughed, as I shoved my tongue back inside
Amanda's saliva coated asshole, causing her to groan
inside Avril's mouth. I knew that both girls were
listening very carefully for clues, for information, for
anything....their eyes were wide open and they were
looking at each other while they kissed.

"The entire LAPD all the way up to the fucking feds are
looking for them. In fact, Amanda's and Avril's parents
are going to be doing Larry King tomorrow night doing a
plea show. I'm telling you this story's bigger than
OJ!" Steve explained.

Man, I thought, I'll bet every man, woman and child in
the world was thinking the worst...that some rapist
kidnapped the two celebrities. Smart world.

"Can you still get away?" I asked, looking forward to
Steve coming down. I had always wanted to try fucking a
totally petite girl in the ass while another guy was up
her cunt, a real sex sandwich, and I had two of the
tightest girls I had ever known right here, what a
perfect opportunity! And modesty aside for a moment,
Steve and I had larger than average cocks, so I
hypothesized that our boys would be getting squeezed so
nicely. I wondered if a cock in one hole makes the
other one tighter? So much to learn.

"Yeah, I'll be there in two days. For me, it's vacation
time as planned. I really think we're in the clear here
Mike. Man, I can't wait to get there to fuck up those
broads. You're not untightening all four holes on me
now are you? You promised to save me some!" Steve

"Nahhh, just one so far." I replied. "Speaking of
which, it wasn't the one I was expecting, if you know
what I mean...what the hell happened Jake? I got kind
of surprised when I unwrapped package number two."

"It's a long story man, and probably best saved when I
get there. So you save some of that ass for me ok bud?"

"You bet. See ya soon! Oh Jake, before you go, someone
here wants to say something to you...hang on...." I said
as I muted the phone with my hand and whispered to Avril
to tell my buddy on the other end of the phone that she
was excited about having him come over and fucking her
like the slut she was. Avril was steamed at having to
do that for some reason. I held the phone up to Avril's
face, and listened.

"I'm excited about you coming over and fucking me like
the slut I am." I knew it took a lot of strength for
Avril to say that. Sure it was cold, and
expressionless, but at least she did as she was ordered.
I think the lighter bit really scared her. It's a good
thing she didn't call my if I could actually
burn her! I pulled the phone back to my face.

"What do you think Jake? She wants ya! Heh heh." I

"Fuck man, I've been trying not to jack off now for a
week! I can't wait to fucking drown the little slut in
it." replied Steve.

"Well don't tell me, tell Miss Lavigne here!" I said as
I put the phone next to Avril's ear. As she listened,
her face so cutely scrunched up again, and I knew that
Steve must had told her what she really, yeah, wanted to
hear. Right. :)

"Take care bud, see ya in a day!" I said as I hung up
the phone and slid it across the carpet into the

"Fuck me Amanda, you taste like heaven!" I said as I
proceeded to eat her out for another half hour. As
promised, I drew that orgasm out of her with some
serious clit suctioning and tongue action. Again, no
female is able to withstand that kind of pressure and
pulling on her clit when it comes to my lips. Fuck
yeah, eating pussy was one of the greatest joys in life.

Fucking pussy was an even better joy, and my cock was so
fucking hard, it was humping air!!!

I watched as Amanda slowly came down from her orgasm.
Her muscles around her pussy and asshole were clenching.
In fact, I got a bird's eye view of her asshole winking
at adorable! Amanda was breathing heavily, and
I fantasized that that was the first time she had ever
cum. When I asked her though, she said no, and I was
about to extract from her that she did diddle her little
clit and pussy alone in bed at nights. Well, at least
she was a healthy typical teenager, and not some
repressed unhealthy one.

"I hoped you liked that Amanda because I'll be doing it
a lot over the next week."

"But, no making love right???" Amanda checked.

"That's right sweetie, your cherry is safe." I said in a
soft romantic voice, as I stroked her hair tenderly with
my fingers. A smile from her would have been nice, but
instead, she made eye contact, and nodded quickly, with
a bit of relief, as if to say 'Ok, good, I wanted to
make sure.'

I just knew that Avril was totally pissed off that she
was getting shafted. Here Amanda was being treated like
an angel, and she was being raked over the coals. And
it was about to get worse!

"Ok I need some more fucking, my balls have built up a
fresh load of sperm and I need something tight and juicy
to pump into. Hey Avril, bring that slutty pussy of
yours over here, I'm going to pump some more cum into
it!" I asked excitedly. Again with that look of hate!
Boy, she must really have despised me, every last inch
of me, right to my core. Oh well, who the fuck cared.

"Mmmm, I can't wait to shove my hard cock back inside
that tight little fuck hole of yours. That's all you're
really good for Avril." I said in a childlike way, as I
rubbed my hands together happily for added effect. I
wanted this bitch to hate me.

"Get on your back SLUT!" I commanded her, and quickly
she did. There was no way she was going to risk getting
burnt again.

Kneeling over Avril's body in between her legs, I
started rubbing my leaking cock over her pussy lips
again. She wasn't gaping anymore, just the contrary,
her vagina had swollen up and was tighter than before!

"Ok Amanda, I need you to hold her open again for me
dear." I said, and instantly, Amanda bounded up and did
just that.

"Avril, look into my eyes while I fuck you and don't you
dare turn my head. You're gonna get fucked anyway, but
if you choose not to look at me, you're going to get the
nipple clips back."

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't put those on me again please!"
Avril begged frantically. That kind of pissed me off.
She was more afraid of the nipple clamp pain than from
the pain my cock gave her. How insulting! My cock did
not need to know that it was not the biggest fear factor
here. This slut was going to pay.

Once I held Avril's legs completely up so that her knees
touched her armpits, and Amanda had a good grasp of
April's pussy lips, I SLAMMMMMMMMMMED home with a good
power thrust, forcing my cock inside her swollen dry
pussy in one major thrust!!

screamed Avril in severe pain, as her poor pussy was
forced to totally open up again, only two hours or so
after being so brutally raped by myself and Amanda.

BIGGGG...TAKE IT OUTTTTTTTTT.....!!!" Avril begged over
and over in a cute feminine voice. She really was in
pain. Good. I pulled my cock completely out before
slamming it home again on her.

"NOOONNONNONONONNNO" Avril said as she thrashed her head
back and forth.

"Look at me CUNT!!!" I commanded, grabbing her head, and
forcing her to look me right in the eyes. Instead of
hatred, her look was pure fear and pure pain as I
rapidly fucked my cock in and out, feeling her tight
silky pussy walls grasping me so nicely.

"Yeah bitch, I'm going to fuck you like this over and
over, you'll have so much of my cum in you, it will be
leaking out for you for months!" I said as I sharply
jabbed her down, pumping her pussy into the mattress.
Amanda's hands didn't move as she listened to the
tortured yells and cries of her friend.

I played with Avril's nipples and bellybutton as I
fucked her with great thrusts, feeling myself bottoming
out in her every time. I had her head held in a strong
grasp so she was always facing me, and when she closed
her eyes, I gave her a particularly savage thrust and
shook her head, which resulted in her opening them up
again and looking into my eyes, the man that was
defiling her little body.

"Serves you right bitch for flaunting your ass in all
those rock videos!" I said as I rode her with impunity.

"Your fucking pussy is so fucking tight, oh man, YEAH
MAN!!!!" I said as I pumped it inside her in different
angles and pressures, making sure she felt it all. Fuck
it was good!

"Hey Avril, I'm gonna pump my boys into you again, but
this time I'm going deep!!!! I'm going to cram my cum
into you, deep inside you!!!! What do you think about
that slut??? All of it inside your tummy. If you're
not pregnant already, you sure as hell should be now!" I
continued to assault her with humiliating taunts and
laughs and all she could do was lay there and take it.

"Here it comes BITCH!!!!" I said as I collapsed my body
onto hers, all 200 pounds of it. She screamed over and
over again.

"Fuck yeah!!!!" I said as I ground my hips into hers,
feeling my balls explode a fountain of semen which
gushed inside her, filling every nook and cranny of her
tight female pussy. I stayed inside her for about two
minutes after cumming, pumping a little now and then,
just to make sure that my debasement for this fuck
session was really complete and thorough.

I always say, if you can't do a job correctly, than
don't do it at all. :)

Finally, I pulled my cock out of her. It was a mess,
laced with semen and pussy juices.

"Ahhhhh, Avril, you're a bitch, but wow do you have a
nice tight pussy." I said as I used her silky brown hair
to wipe all the liquids off my cock. She didn't like
that at all, in fact, I thought she was going to swear
at me, but she held it in.

Looking down to inspect the damage, I saw trails of
sperm leaking out of her tightening pussy. Some of it
was going up her womb-tubes, I knew that, but a lot of
it just had no where to go I suppose. Wait a
minute...sure it did.

"Amanda Bynes, please report for sperm-transfer clean-up
duty!" I said jokingly, as Amanda began the process of
shoving her fingers up Avril's twat and pulling ropy
slimes of semen out of her pussy, and transferring it to
Avril's mouth where she reluctantly sucked it all down
in her wet mouth. Once the sperm transfer was done, and
I was satisfied that most of it had been pulled out and
swallowed by Avril, I decided that a little additional
clean up was in order before bed. I was tired, and
wanted to get some shut eye.

"Ok sluts, I think it's shower time! Let's go into the
bathroom together and get ready for bed. We have all
worked so hard today and I know that we all need a good
rest." I said as I easily marched the two girls into the
large bathroom that was just off of the bedroom.

"Now who has to piss or take a shit? Now's a good
time." I asked. Both of them nodded, and I humiliated
them by having them watch the other person closely, face
to the toilet closely, as they each took turns taking a
piss, and a dump. I had them wipe each other's butts
clean with toilet paper too for added effect.

"Ok, Amanda, you're first. Step on in and Avril and I
are going to watch you have a nice soapy shower."

I closed the bathroom door behind us, and sat on the
floor, leaning back against the door. I put Avril
sitting on the floor right between her legs, and I
pulled her back so that her back was pressed against my
stomach and chest. Her skin felt so soft and smooth
against mine. Avril was tense and repulsed as I
tenderly stroked her hair while we cuddled and watched
Amanda take a nice 10 minute long hot shower. The room
was all steamy as Amanda washed her body all over with
soap, and shampooed her long hair. I watched with
fascination as she turned off the water and began to
towel dry herself, and her long hair. Once she was
done, I told her to trade places with Avril. This time,
Amanda came to lay by me, and I fondled and cuddled her
as Avril stepped into the shower.

"Ummm, Avril, for being such a bitch about the dog food,
there will be no hot water for you." I said with a

"What????" asked Avril, who had been so looking forward
to enjoying a nice hot shower that she had just spent 10
minutes watching Amanda get to enjoy. I knew how much
Avril wanted to wash her body to get the sperm out of
her hair and out of her pussy, and to have nice warm
water course down her skin. No such luck as far as the
warm water would be concerned.

"Amanda, shut off the hot knob please." I said as Amanda
did as she was ordered, before returning to lay on my
belly again.

Avril shivered and froze in the icy cold water that was
powering down onto her skin from above, and she began
her swearing act again as she quickly lathered up and
soaped herself, concentrating on between her legs.

"Fucking son of a god damn fucking
colddddd.....fucking motherfucker...." etc etc etc was
all that Amanda and I heard from Avril as she "enjoyed"
her unpleasant shower. I forced her to shampoo her hair
too, and in 5 minutes, Avril stepped out of the shower
and towel dried off, keeping the towel on her body for

"Chilly huh bitch? Don't worry, I'll make sure you warm
up during the night." I said to Avril menacingly,
knowing that she was starting to worry about what sick
and deviant thing I would be doing to her next. I
yanked the towel off her body, looking at the tiny bumps
that had formed all over her skin.

Naked as the day we were born, all three of us left the
bathroom and headed back to the bed. I reached into my
sex toy chest and pulled out a large thick-rubbered
vibrating double dildo. Well half of it was large.

To describe it, it was about 13 inches long, but one
half of it was a staggering 2 3/4 inches thick, and the
other half was only about a half inch thick, if that.
Two very different ends, for two very different girls, I

"Look what toy you two will be sleeping with tonight!" I
exclaimed eagerly. "Both of you are way too old for
teddy bears, but not for a vibrating dildo! Now, we
have one more problem here...both ends vibrate really
strongly, but the ends are kinda different sizes."

Kinda? Oh man, that 2 3/4 end was fucking enormous!

"Now, you two will be sleeping with this thing inside
you, and I'll make sure it is turned on to the MAX
setting and won't come out, but now I have a decision to
make, which end goes in who?"

I think that both girls already knew the predestined
answer to that loaded question.

"Any ideas girls?" I asked innocently.

"Fuck you to hell." said Avril, who didn't give me a
direct answer to my question, but enough evidence that
she knew.

"That's right singer-slut. You're the whore, so you get
the big fat end jammed up your cunt, whereas our sweet
innocent angelic cherubic Amanda gets the nice tickling

"But....I've never had anything in me, I want to be a
virgin, please!!!" Amanda started to beg, thinking about
something foreign going in between her legs.

Avril rolled her eyes...

..."Go fuck yourself, I can't wait till he rapes you."
Avril replied!!!!!!!!

Oh my!

"You are such a total BITCH!!!" I said to Avril, making
her jump as my voice was raised.

"Why don't you fuck HER up for a change! You haven't
fucking done a thing to HER!!!" Avril pleaded her case.

"Yeah, but you're a piss drinking, dog food eating slut
Avril. And Amanda's hotter than you. So, you lose." I
said, rubbing salt into her wounds. I gave her the
greatest look, I wish you dear readers could see
look said 'I love the fact that you're totally under my
control you whore'. She hated my guts, and I loved it.

Forcing Avril down onto her back, I held her down,
giving Amanda the honors of shoving it up her twat.
This dildo was much thicker than the strap-on was. A
little groove in the middle of the dildo prevented the
wearer from pushing it out, but for what I had planned,
it really didn't matter.

It took a lot of pushing, and a lot of teary-eyed
complaining on Avril's part, but Amanda managed to shove
that monster sex toy in, and Avril's pussy lips wrapped
around the groove in it. Six and a half inches of an
almost three inch thick cock buried in Avril Lavigne's
pussy. To quote Homer...(no...not the Iliad
Homer)...WOO HOO!

Avril was really uncomfortable having that huge piece of
heavy rubber stretching her once tiny cunt apart. I
then placed her wrists to the sides of her hips and ran
duct tape all around in big circles around her,
effectively keeping her wrists pinned to her hips. I
repeated the process by wrapping duct tape just above
her elbows, all around her, and over her nipples. I bet
it would hurt to rip that off in the morning! Avril's
arms were now really pinned to the side of her body. It
looked so cute when Avril tried to move her arms but
could only move her fingers and rotate her wrists. She
wouldn't be getting out of that tonight.

I then instructed Amanda to "scissor" Avril's crotch.
She slowly inserted the little thin end of the dildo
into her pussy, and it managed to go in the full six and
a half inches. Amanda's pussy pressed against the part
of the dildo that separated each half, and her pussy
lips touched Avril's pussy lips. 13 inches of dildo
buried in two very sexy girls! The only difference
being that while Amanda's felt arousing and comfortable,
Avril's was punishingly thick and unforgiving.

Okay bondage experts out there, go easy on me!!! I may
not know how to tie all those fancy knots but I know how
to keep sluts from effectively moving!

Amanda's left leg laid over Avril's chest, running right
in between her boobs, so I used nice rope (I didn't want
to hurt Amanda's skin in the morning from tearing off
sticky adhesive duct tape) to tie her leg there. I did
the same to Avril's legs on either side of Amanda's
front and back sides, and the two girls were scissored
together enough that their pussies were squishing up
against each other, as they scissored each other's legs,
their heads pointing to totally opposite ends of the
bed. It was hard to concentrate on tying them up just
right, what with Avril repeating over and over like a
broken record: "It hurts, take it out!!! I'll do
anything you want, I'll suck your cock, anything!!"

"You are do anything slut." I replied, "Just remember,
this is happening to you because you were acting like a
bitch. If you behave better tomorrow and do everything
I tell you to do, then maybe I won't make you sleep with
the dildo."

As Avril continued to pout, I placed the girls on the
bed right where I wanted them. Avril's head was at the
foot of the bed, which I had previously lifted all the
covers off of it. Amanda's head was at the head of the
bed, and I turned off the lights in the room, with the
exception of a small lamp at the side of the bed. I
snuggled into bed, laying next to the two girls, whose
pussies were still grinding against each other.

My plan was to cuddle Amanda in my arms all night as we
slept. I put the covers over all of us. Avril's entire
body except her feet was now covered, and Amanda and I
comfortably rested our heads on the pillows. Poor

I kissed Amanda, and she really had no choice, seeing as
her complete mobility was totally gone, but to kiss me
back. We tongued for a good 10 minutes, and I started
to fall even more in love with this amazing girl. I
gently stroked her tiny a-cup breasts and concentrated
on making her feel really good. Every once in a while I
would roughly pinch Avril's thighs just to hear her

"Ok girls, it's beddie bye time." I said as I reached
down and turned the control box that was attached by a
long wire to the vibrating double dildo. The second I
turned it on, I cranked it up to the MAX setting and
both girls squealed loudly!!!!!

Man, that was kind of a monstrously powerful dildo. I
had tested it out earlier in the week by holding it in
my hand while it buzzed. That fucking thing strummed so
strongly that my hand was going numb almost instantly,
so I dropped it on the floor! Man, that was vibrating
power at its greatest! And the best part was, the
batteries lasted for 10 hours, more than enough time
than what I wanted for tonight, as I planned on only
sleeping for about 7 or 8 hours.

I knew that Amanda's pussy would be buzzing nicely from
the little end of the double dildo, totally arousing the
inner walls of her pussy, but not hurting her as it had
little to no girth, and I knew it would effectively make
her squirm all night with a frustrating pleasure.

In Avril's case, that dildo was literally detightening
the tautness of her cunt walls. Her pussy would never
be the same after tonight and she knew it. Her
tightness was going to be vibrated away by this monster
dildo humming, pounding and banging around in all
directions, consistently all night long. Every second
of every hour for the next seven hours!!! Yeah!!!!

Man, so much for that hole, I thought. Even my mastiff
Duke with his HUGE cock wouldn't get any pleasure from
fucking that hole. That gave me some ideas for
tomorrow's activities......

Irregardless, both girls would NOT be getting a good
night's sleep tonight.

I would. :)

"Good night Amanda. Good night slut." I said as I
turned off the lights and held Amanda close to me all
night long.

Day 1 of this abduction was FANTASTIC...I just knew that
the next 6 days would be just as great!
Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about
my stories. Your comments, criticism and feedback are
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your
great contributions. And to all readers out there,
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a
layman trying to give a little back. My belief is that
even poorly written erotic literature is better than
non-written erotic literature. And writing this stuff
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of
fun. So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,


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