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AMANDA4 cum dribble out your mouth


"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"
Copyright Dave Haugen 2002
MM/ff rape humiliation celeb toys
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!
Chapter 4

Yawning, and opening my eyes, I woke up from one of the
most peaceful sleeps I've ever had. As most men know,
dumping the contents of your balls a couple of times
after having saved up for so long, makes for a nice
restful slumber. Especially when the receptacle happens
to be the tightness of a young Canadian pop star!

In the completely darkened room, I lay still and
listened, hearing only the muffled sound of heavy
vibrations. Damn, Energizer was right, they really did
keep going and going!

Reaching over to the bedside table, I fumbled for the
lamp and turned it on, wincing as my eyes adjusted to
the bright light. Next to me, Amanda was sleeping
peacefully, her angelic little face showing absolutely
no signs of distress or discomfort, even though I knew
that the little dildo was still buzzing away inside her
young twat.

I quietly got out of bed, so as not to disturb Amanda,
and I peeked underneath the covers to see how Avril was
doing. She too was sleeping, but the neat thing was
that you could see her tummy vibrating as I knew that
the monster dildo inside her cunt was still thrumming
away. I wondered what the end result of that would be.
I sure hoped that I didn't numb all of Avril's inner
tissues as I wanted her to experience more brutal
penetrations of her stuck-up pussy. I was sure that
even when I yanked that dildo out of what I assumed
would be a nice large gaping hole, that she would feel
it and start bitching me out again as I was so happily
used to by now. I replaced the covers and decided that
it was time to make some breakfast.

Walking into the kitchen, I glanced at my watch to see
that we had all slept about 7 hours. As I prepared
breakfast for us, Duke sauntered happily over to me and
started licking my hand. Such a good boy. I was
thrilled at the idea of bringing Duke into the action

"You don't know it boy," I said as I rubbed Duke's large
slobbery jowls at the side of his face, "but you're
going to have one hell of a fun day!" I kneeled down
and received a nice wet messy kiss from Duke as i kept
petting him. He really was a friendly Mastiff, despite
his large size, he had a very passive temperament.

Finishing up some nice breakfasts, I went back into the
bedroom carrying two plates containing two over hard
eggs, four pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, a nice
sliced tomato, and two glasses of orange juice. Duke
meandered along behind me, and I knew he was probably
hungry too.

"Rise and shine girls!" I said rather loud, causing both
Avril and Amanda to jump! Amanda's eyes flew open, and
she flashed me a total look of fear as it took her all
of ten milliseconds to realize where she was. I of
course couldn't see Avril, who was scissor locked with
Amanda, but with her head under the covers. Yanking
them off the bed, Avril's wild eyes stared at me too,
with the same frightened look that Amanda's had in them.

"Day 2 girls! Or technically, Day 1 and a half, if you
consider yesterday only half a day. We sure got a lot
done though yesterday, and we have a whole lot more in
store for us today!"

I put the tray of food down onto the end table, and
started to untie the bonds that held Amanda and Avril
together. Amanda's little body wiggled free from the
little dildo that had been buzzing her all night, but
Avril was trapped with her end still up inside her.

Tearing off the duct tape that was all over Avril's skin
generated some fresh screams from the little pop star.
Geez, that silvery tape sure did adhere to skin. By
pulling it off, I was able to watch as the nice pearly
white skin around Avril's arms and legs were pulled
tautly away from her body to its limit before it finally
gave and let the tape go. Avril did NOT seem to
appreciate this at all.

As soon as her hands were free, Avril began to reach
down in an attempt to get the dildo shoved up her pussy
OUT at all costs, but I stopped her, smiling.

"Awwww, come on now slut, don't tell me you want your
little pleasure toy out of you so early? I really know
how much you want to keep it in, maybe we should leave
it in all day?" I said tauntingly over the loud buzzing
sounds that emanated from Avril's tiny tummy.

"Please!!! Take this fucking thing out of me! I can't
take it anymore, please!!!" replied Avril frantically,
obviously not happy with a large and heavy vibrating
piece of rubber having been jammed up her twat for
almost 8 hours.

"Fuck you bitch. Since you don't seem to be at all
grateful for the pleasure I tried to give you, I'm going
to keep it in you for a while longer." I said with a
happy smile.

Avril lost it!

"Fuck you cocksucker!!!!! I FUCKING hate your guts you
FUCKING piece of shit you're going to FUCKING go to jail
you FUCKING....."

...Avril didn't get any farther in her verbal outburst
than that fourth 'fucking' as I lunged forward, tackling
her onto the bed, and landing completely on top of her
tiny 5 foot 3 inch body. I smothered her potty-mouthed
lips with mine, lathering kiss after kiss upon her.
Amanda watched us in fear as Avril tried valiantly to
fight and push me off, but I had her completely
sandwiched beneath me into the mattress. As I kissed
her, my stomach pressed flat against hers, and I could
feel the vibrations of the heavy vibrator right through
her skin! How totally cool!

After a good minute of lathering passionate kisses from
Avril, I pulled up and licked my lips.

"Mmmm, that was fun! Okay, enough with the romance,
it's time to eat!" I said as I stood up and watched as
Avril simply rolled over onto her side, holding her
stomach, not trying to take the vibrator out anymore.

"Amanda sweetie, here's your breakfast, eat it while
it's hot!" I said as I handed her a plate.

"Thank you." she replied. What manners! Amanda and I
began eating our breakfasts, and I slipped a piece of
bacon to Duke who was leaking saliva out of the corners
of his large wet mouth.

"Do you like dogs Amanda?" I asked, quite innocently.

"Yes." she replied as she took a sip from her orange

"Well Amanda, this is Duke. Okay boy, go and say hi to
Amanda!" I said pointing at her. Duke lumbered his way
over to Amanda and the most amazing thing happened...she
flashed a brief smile at him as she started to pet
Duke's gentle head. Wow, could it be that Amanda was
really beginning to sense that despite the horrible
predicament she found herself in, that I wasn't going to
cause her any harm, so she was starting to relax? Hmmm,
I'd have to test some of my theories today.

"Isn't he cute?" I asked Amanda, and she looked at me
quickly and nodded, before returning her attentions to
Duke. Amanda must be a pet lover, I thought; she was
really showing Duke a lot of affection.

"How...old is he?" asked Amanda, causing butterflies to
go through my stomach.

Was this girl actually initiating a conversation with
her potential rapist? Okay Mike you ol' softy, I said
to myself, you're falling in love with her, and that's
only going to make it harder to actually rape her.

I loved Amanda Bynes so much, from the first day I
spotted her on Nickelodeon, that I would have given
anything to have her, even if that meant taking her by
force. But to have her fall in love with me, well, that
would have made my life complete. Sure, asking me one
question was a far cry from flirting, yet it made me
feel good that she was feeling safe enough to actually
ask me a question.

"Duke's about three and a half Amanda. He's a
Neapolitan Mastiff, and I think he's pretty much stopped
growing." I answered.

"He's so big." she said as she giggled a little when
Duke plopped himself down on the bed next to her, and
laid passively, allowing her to keep rubbing his head
and his upper body.

"Yeah, isn't he? You know he almost weighs as much as I
do? I think he weighed in around 195 pounds at his last
vet check-up." I added, feeling like a high school kid

Psychologically, I knew Amanda was still terrified of
her situation, but that she was probably ready to accept
anything positive that she could to keep her from
falling apart, and Duke might have been just the thing
to do that.

However, my deviant mind started imagining a 105 pound
teenage princess being violently fucked by an almost 200
pound canine. The visual control centers in my head
started sending the most erotically charged imagery
imaginable to my eyes. Would it even be possible for a
Mastiff of Duke's size to even get into such a tiny
human female? Well, I just HAD to find out! And
luckily for Amanda and I, we would be on the observing
end of that big experiment. :)

"Hey Avril. Do some jumping jacks. I want 50 of them."
I said out of the blue. Where did that come from, I

Avril didn't move, and only continued to lie in a fetal
position that must have been the most comfortable
position she could find, what with that insane hammering
turning her insides to jello.

"Did you hear me slut? Stand up and do 50 jumping jacks
or I'm going to whip the shit out of your ass!" I said
in a more violent tone. Picking up my belt was enough
to get Avril to submissively but slowly stand up from
the bed, and begin to go.

I smiled as I watched her go through a series of
painfully slow, agonizing jumping jacks, but she managed
to finish 50 of them with her cunt still filled. Once
the 50th one was complete, Avril slumped to the bed
again, returning to her fetal position. She had to be
close to breaking, she hadn't uttered a word the entire

"Very good Miss Lavigne, you're learning how to follow
orders. For that, you have just earned yourself some
breakfast." I said, standing up.

"Nooo!!! I don't want any!!!" Avril said quickly.
Memoirs of dog Food I suppose!

"Don't worry your pretty little head off slut, you don't
even know what's being served!" I said laughing. I went
into the kitchen and came back with a banana.

"Here you go slut." I said as I tossed the banana at
her. She quickly peeled and wolfed the thing down as
though it was the last morsel of food on earth. Yes,
she must have been starving.

"Ok girls, it's shower time again! But this time,
you'll be showering together. After all, we are going
through a major water shortage and we should all do our
part to conserve our natural resources. But first, we
should take that dildo out of your nasty twat Avril, I
don't think it's water proof and we don't want to kill
it on our second day do we?"

Avril gladly reached down to start to try and take the
buzzing toy out of her, but I stopped her.

"No no, just wait. I want Amanda to have the honors." I
said as Amanda shot her head up to look at us.

"I...I don't want to..." said Amanda, but a flash of
disappointment from myself quickly caused her to change
her mind. Standing up, naked as the day she was born,
Amanda walked around the bed to where Avril lay on her
back now. I had Amanda kneel down in front of Avril's
splayed open legs. Avril tensed up as Amanda grabbed
the small end of the dildo that had been inside her for
the night, and began to gently pull on it, making it
obvious that she didn't want to hurt Avril at all if

"Not so fucking hard!" cried Avril as Amanda gently
tugged at it.

"I'm sorry! Just tell me when it hurts." replied Amanda
calmly as she tilted her little head to examine the
situation, trying to find an easy way to remove such a
large object from such a confined space. Of course,
there would not be any easy way for poor Avril's pussy
to endure this.

I had to remind Amanda of my orders when it seemed as
though she had given up, and finally, with a lot of
screaming from Avril, Amanda managed to pull the
vibrating dildo out of Avril's clenching pussy, and it
finally popped out with a loud PLOPPPPPPing sound. The
dildo was covered in layers of white slime from the
inside of Avril's pussy. I told Amanda to turn the
vibrator to its 'off' position, and to hold it over
Avril's face so she could lick it clean with her tongue.

As Avril reluctantly licked the slimy dildo clean, I
knelt down between her legs to inspect the damage. Wow,
what a sight!!!

Avril's pussy was totally puffy and red, and her inner
lips were kind of bulging out of it. There was no gape
as I had guessed there would be, but that must be a
testament to the elasticity of youth. When I started to
move my fingers forward to do some of my own exploring,
Avril lifted her head up quickly and tried to close her

"Oh nooooo!!! Please!!! I'm too sore, don't touch me
anymore, you'll kill me!" she started to beg.

"Shut the hell up cunt, and keep licking your pussy
leakage off that sex toy. Haven't you realized that I
can do anything I want by now?" I replied as I forced
her legs open wider, and got back to business. Avril
resigned her attempts to stop me, realizing that it
would be a hopeless effort.

Taking two fingers, I pushed them soooo easily past her
puffy hole and I spread it open to peek inside. Wow!
When I started giving her a gynecologist's two-fingered
cervical check, I felt that inside, she really was
gaping! There was a lot of give now to Avril's once
tightly taut vaginal walls. I could feel a lot of open
space, knowing that the vibrating dildo had done a great
job of loosening her cunt throughout the night. I just
had to rub this in to my little singer!

"Wow Avril, are you loose!! So much for ever giving any
man pleasure with this gaping hole in the future, you
slut. I hope you like African Americans because they're
going to be the only ones who will be able to fill you
now! Man, your hole is wrecked. Oh well, cheer up
slut, at least having kids won't be so bad now! You've
already given birth to a big piece of rubber!" I said
as I went on and on trying to say the most hurtful
things I could to her. young arrogant women seem to
pride themselves on possessing a tight pussy, it was
like a source of power for them. Well, Avril's source
of power had been vibrated away big time! I just knew I
had to try shoving my fist up there later. I had always
wanted to know what my hand would feel like when it was
crammed into the precious pussy of some young chick. I
also wanted to try some anal fisting too, and I planned
to do that later on in the week as well. Could life be
any more fun right now?

Once I was satisfied that Avril had licked the vibrator
clean, and I had finished my examination of Avril's
sloppy loose gash, I stood up and ordered my two slaves
into the bathroom for a nice hot shower. After pulling
a chair into the bathroom to give me a comfortable front
row seat, I had them both step into the shower together
and explained what it was I wanted to see.

"Ok you two. You're both aspiring young actresses,
here's your opportunity to act. I'm your director, and
I'll be setting the scene. You're two young lovers,
totally passionate about each other, ready to share some
intimate moments in a steamy scene of love and passion.
What I want you to do is to turn the water on to a nice
comfortable temperature and then soap each other up
using only your tits. Once you're both clean, I want to
see some nice open mouthed passionate kissing and
finally some nice oral. Got it? Okay

You could see the look of disgust on Avril's face and
the look of devastation on Amanda's, but they knew their
choices were quite limited, so they started in on their

It was so much fun directing these two hot young babes.
For the next half hour as my cock grew to its full erect
state, I watched some amazing images performed only feet
in front of me. Amanda bending her knees as she rubbed
her soapy nipples up and down the length of Avril's body
was a big highlight. Each girl's breasts soaped up all
parts of the other girl's body, causing some wonderful
bending and twisting motions. The open mouthed kissing
was juvenile and lame at first, but with a bit of
"persuasion" on my part, the two girls ended up french
kissing like lesbian sluts, hating every second of it.
Finally, the oral was great too as I had each girl lick
each other's pussies out for five minutes each, and then
some more kissing to end out the shower. Hey, I was a
pretty good director! Spielberg and Lucas, eat your
hearts out!

After stepping out of the shower, I let the two starlets
dry off each other's hair and bodies, but I didn't want
them dressing up in any clothes, I liked them totally
naked like this. Later I would play dress up with the
slutty clothes and other props that Steve was going to
be bringing tomorrow, but for now, I liked them just
like this.

Now that the softcore portion of the day was over, it
was time for a little hardcore action, I chuckled to

"Very well done ladies. You performed so well that
you've earned yourselves a little treat. Amanda, come
here." I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Remember what I promised you yesterday?" I said as I
had her kneeling on the floor in front of me and my hard

"Y....yes..." said Amanda, becoming more nervous now
that she was only a foot away from the huge protrusion
sprouting out from between my legs.

"And what was my promise to you...."

"That...that you wouldn't rape me." the adorably cute
Amanda Bynes stuttered out.

"Yes, but what was the stipulation that I wouldn't rape
you? What did you have to do for me?" I asked as I
began stroking her hair, causing her body to cringe as I
touched her.

"That...I....ummmmm...have to be good." she said.

"Yes sweetheart. And have you been good?" I asked.

"I've tried so hard." said Amanda, hoping that I would
be in agreement with her.

"Yes you have Amanda. Unlike your slutty friend over
there, you've been a perfect angel. So I am going to
stick to my promise of not raping you. But I can't let
Avril have all the fun Amanda. I do want you to do
something for me now, and I don't want any complaining
or else I just might have to remove the deal we have in
place. Do you understand?" I asked the adorable Amanda
Bynes kneeling in front of me. She nodded yes.

"Good. So do you promise you are going to do this for
me? Remember what is at stake Amanda...your virginity."

"Yes, I'll do anything you want as long as you don't
rape me, anything!" said Amanda with some renewed vigor.
Man, if my cock was any harder, it would explode!

"Good girl. Now, I want you to suck my cock Amanda.
Have you ever done that before? Be honest." I said as I
felt my nuts tightening up, getting ready to do their
thing yet again.

"No." replied Amanda fearfully. I believed her.

"Well you're about to learn how to pleasure a man, and
who knows? Maybe it will even arouse you. Avril's
going to help you out." I said, as I turned my attention
over to Avril.

"Get over her now slut! Get on your back, which is
where you were born to be, and scoot your face under
Amanda's pussy. She's going to be sitting on your face
while she sucks me off." I explained. Could life get
any better than this? Oh yeah, once Amanda's thin sexy
lips wrapped themselves around my huge cock, life was
about to improve exponentially!

I just knew that Avril was hating the idea of having to
do some more pussy eating, but she did as she was told,
probably glad that this event didn't involve anything
large being crammed up her young cunt for a change.
Once she was in position, I pushed down on Amanda's
shoulders and she squatted her little pussy down onto
Avril's lips.

"Now start sucking slut, and don't you stop! I want to
hear lots of lip smacking sucking noises coming from
down there, or you're going to piss me off." I said as I
indeed heard Avril eating out the pussy that had been
planted over her lips and nose, filling her senses with
the pungent smells of nice virgin pussy.

"You're very lucky Avril to be sucking the cunt of
Amanda Bynes. Do you know how many men and women would
kill to be in your position right now?" I stated,
smiling at Amanda, who was too busy making little
uncomfortable faces to smile back.

"Okay Amanda, now I want you to start by licking my cock
all over with your tongue, covering every inch of it
with your saliva. Understand? I want you to do that
for a while. Don't miss any part of it, and don't use
your hands. You may begin." I said as I leaned back and
prepared to watch my fantasies come true.

Trembling, Amanda opened her mouth a little, and gave my
cock a quick test lick with just the bare tip of her
tongue. Pulling away, she looked up into my eyes then
back to my cock as she started licking me again. Amanda
was proving to be very submissive and very brave, I
admired her a lot for that. Her spunky extroverted
personality was really saving her ass by letting her
accept her fate and simply following her survival
instincts to do what she had to do to get out of this
situation intact. And I really believe that she trusted
me on letting her keep her virginity. I didn't know if
I would be able to hold up to that promise, but all
Amanda had to believe right now was that by sucking my
cock, she was saving her most prized possession, the one
thing that all young girls treasure the most...her
virginity, even at the cost of some of her purity.

I couldn't help but moan a little as I watched Amanda's
beautiful face moving around my cock, and her tongue
licking every square inch of it. It was so fucking
erotic. Shivers of pleasure shot up my spine whenever
Amanda's wet little tongue would run under the head of
my cock, the number one pleasure center of nerves on my
entire body. I felt my cock being covered in saliva,
cooling in the room temperature air in places where she
hadn't licked for a while, but feeling warmth again
whenever her tongue returned. I even had her lick her
tongue all over my hairy balls as they hung below. It
was pure heaven.

After 10 minutes of great licking, I decided it was time
to move on to some sucking. I pulled the chair I was
sitting on a little closer towards Amanda, who herself
seemed to be getting aroused a bit. Avril's tongue must
have been flustering her as Amanda was blushing a

"Okay Amanda, that was fantastic! You did a great job,
and you have saved your virginity! Now I want you to
try opening up your pretty little lips and taking some
of my cock inside of it. Go slow, and go at your own
pace, but I want you to eventually work on taking as
much of it inside of your cheeks as you can.

"Yes." said Amanda, as she really didn't have any other
answers as options.

"Good. You may begin." I said as I gently stroked and
scratched Amanda's hair and scalp, trying to give her
even a little pleasure back from the sheer joy she was
giving to me.

Amanda licked her lips and was about to wrap them around
the huge pink swollen head of my circumcised cock when I
stopped her, wanting to take a few more indulgences with
the girl of my dreams.

"Amanda, before you start sucking me off, can you say
the opening line of "The Girl's Room" sketch for me?" I
asked innocently as though I was a fan in a 'meet-the-
star' session.

"What?" Amanda asked as though I had a screw loose.

"You know, what you always say once "The Girl's Room"
sketch starts. Just do it for me, and make it sound
real." I said, waiting to see if she would actually do

Amanda cleared her throat, and while looking down at the
floor, as though she was embarrassed to say it, she
spoke out:

"Welcome to "The Girl's Room". I'm Amber, and I'm

Well, she said it, but it was expressionless, flat, and
out of character. I gently lifted her head by placing a
hand under her chin, and forced her to look into my

"Amanda, that was the most pathetic attempt I've ever
seen you do. Pretend like we're on the set of "The
Amanda Show" and say it right. I'll give you one more
chance. And look at me when you talk please."

That little hint of a threat tacked on seemed to work as
Amanda repeated her line with vocal enunciation and

"Welcome to, "The Girl's Room!" I'm Amber, and I'm

Folks, I thought I was going to cover her face with cum
right there and then! Fuck that was great! If you only
knew how many times I had jacked off to Amanda in that
sketch, well, you would have thought I would have spent
a small fortune on living-room carpet-cleaners.

"Oh my God that was great, do it again Amanda!" I said,
and she repeated it just as perfectly.

"Okay Amanda, now in your Judge Trudy voice, say the
closing line of that sketch."

"Bring....bring out the dancing lobsters." said Amanda,
her face blushing a bright pink from that. I felt like
a kid in a candy store.

"Cool! Now say in your best penelope Taint voice that
you must have my cock in your mouth. Say it!" I

"I must have your cock in my mouth, please!" Amanda said
perfectly. How cute, she even added the please, in
perfect character.

"Then if you must, you must. It's all yours Amanda." I
said as I leaned back, continuing to stroke her head. I
watched as Amanda had to open up her gorgeous lips quite
wide to fit the head of my schlong inside of her little
mouth. As though testing the width, I felt her close
her lips around just the tip of my cock, and her tongue
resting along the bottom of it. Fuck that felt great.
I moaned out in pleasure, to let Amanda know how much I
appreciated that.

"Oh God Amanda, you were born to do this! Now suck on
it gently, like you were sucking on a straw." And she

"Now, start to move your head up and down. Eventually I
want to see as much of my cock inside your mouth as I
can. And with your hands now, I want you to rub my cock
and play with my balls while you suck me. And most
importantly, look into my eyes Amanda. I do NOT want you
to remove your eyes from my eyes, is that CLEAR?" I said
in a more dominant tone.

Amanda nodded her head in a yes, and our eyes met. I
was hypnotized by them, as I stared dreamily into her
inner soul. She never took her eyes off me with the
exception of blinking, and she moved her face so nicely
up and down the length of my shaft. For ten minutes,
she continued, gagging and choking a little whenever my
cock started going in too deeply, but I allowed her to
pull her head back to get used to it, and she kept on
sucking me, flicking the bottom length of my cock with
her tongue that was getting flattened into the bottom of
her mouth. There just was not a lot of room in a mouth
as tiny as Amanda Bynes', but she did one helluva job
for a first time cocksucker. I was impressed, and was
getting ready to blow!

"Okay Amanda, I'm going to release my semen out pretty
soon, and I want to do that in your mouth. Now, this
next part is very important. And Avril, I want you to
hear this too, you dirty little dyke. Get your twat
tasting tongue outta there, and get up here!" I said

Avril kneeled up alongside Amanda. Her mouth, nose and
cheeks were covered with Amanda's delicious pussy
juices. Hell, I was quite envious of that! Avril
looked really pissed, what else was new.

"Okay now both of you listen. If you fail in this next
order, you are going to pay for it BIG TIME! I will
seriously whip both of your tight little asses with a
ping pong paddle ONE HUNDRED TIMES EACH if you fuck up!
Here is a little taste of what you'll get. Avril, stand
up, you're going to help me demonstrate.

I went into the other room to get out a ping pong
paddle, and overheard Avril whispering something to
Amanda that she thought I wouldn't have been able to
hear. What nerve! I heard Avril actually say to Amanda
the following words: "You should have fucking bit that
faggot's cock off."

That fucking slut! She was going to pay big time for

Fuck the lame ping pong paddle! I returned into the
bedroom with a sixteen inch leather tawse, pretending
not to have heard the bitchy comment that Avril had
whispered. This tawse was a vicious tool. The leather
that came out of the wooden handle was about 10 inches
long, and 2 1/2 inches wide, cut into 5 half inch
fingers. This thing promised to leave welts, and I was
about to find out if that was true.

"Ok dyke, lay on your whorish belly on the floor, now."
I said as Avril did as she was told. I sat on her
shoulders, facing in the direction of her legs, and by
placing my palm flat down against the arch of her back,
I had Avril effectively pinned to the carpet. Seeing
what I was holding in my hand had her justifiably

"Now, this is what will happen to both of you if you do
not follow my next order." I said as I raised the ping
pong paddle in my hand up as high as it could go. I saw
Avril's body tensing up as she knew what was coming.
She just never expected it to be so fucking hard! My
arm came down with a vengeance, much much much harder
than what I was originally planning.

screamed bloody murder as I whipped that leather tawse
directly over the center of her perfectly rounded ass
cheeks and upper thighs. A series of five large bright
red welts instantly appeared on Avril's white ass
cheeks, making for a strking contrast in color.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!" screamed Avril as
her body and legs began kicking and thrashing as though
I had just given her a blast of electricity from a

arm came crashing down again, leaving another series of
welts on her painfully aching rear end. Avril's screams
annoyed Duke who patiently lumbered into the kitchen.

"Bite my cock off huh slut? I'm a faggot am I? You
fucking SLUT, take THIS!!!" I said as I whipped her ass
again three times, without mercy. Avril probably
thought that she was going to die, or at least wished
she was. I hoped she could never have imagined that her
young perky body could have felt this kind of pain. I
really went to town on that tight young ass underneath


"Your mouth is going to get you in big trouble one day
BITCH! Allow me to help correct your attitude you
fucking dyke!" I said as I hammered her ass three more
times with the same resonating splats. By the time I
had finished, Avril's singer-trained voice was hoarse
from having screamed so loudly, and her ass was
literally glowing! And I mean glowing, holy shit! I
didn't think skin could get that red! I couldn't
believe that I didn't split the skin on Avril's hot
little ass cheeks. Tears were now flowing down Avril's
cheeks, I think I had finally broken her tough girl
spirit. I had to know!

"Now girls," I said standing up, as Avril again curled
herself into the fetal position again, sobbing like an
infant, "That is just an example of what will happen if
you do not follow the next command. The only difference
is that I will hang you by your arms from the ceiling
and whip the shit out of not just your little asses, but
also your tits as well. And don't think I'll stop at
10, I'll go for 100, EACH! Is that clear?"

As I resumed my seat on the chair, Amanda's head bobbed
up and down in a frantic yes. I knew she would wouldn't
have a hard time following orders.

"Avril, quit your fucking crying and get your red ass
over here NOW!" I said. Avril quickly obeyed and knelt
down by Amanda, sniffling and shaking from the heat and
pain emanating from the welts I had slammed into her
little tush.

"Good. Now, I am going to spurt my cum into your mouth
Amanda, and I do NOT want you to swallow it.

More frantic noddings from Amanda.

"Good. I then want you to start snowballing with Avril.
That means that I want you to lean over her and let my
cum dribble out of your mouth into hers. Now Avril,
your job is to rinse my semen in your mouth for a few
seconds, and then I want you to snowball it back to
Amanda. You will repeat this process back and forth
until I tell you to stop. The girl who has the cum in
her mouth when I say the word "STOP" will then swallow
it. I do NOT want that sperm swallowed before I say
"STOP", nor do I want any of it leaked out. The person
who fails in either situation will get 100 lashes of my
whip, and I mean that with every fucking ounce of my
soul, do you both understand?

The result was synchronized head nodding. What a bunch
of airheads, I laughed to myself, as they both nodded
their heads quickly into an up-and-down yes.

"Alright, now lets get you two to do some serious
snowballing!" I said as I instructed Amanda to suck
still hardened cock again. I knew I wanted to bust my
nuts into Amanda as she was my main inspiration for the
whole kidnap idea. It was Amanda Bynes that I wanted to
inundate with my sperm every single day for the rest of
my life. I lusted after her so much, for so many years,
and now my dreams of watching myself cum all over the
inside of her mouth was about to come true!

I wanted to do this "Down the Hatch" style, so when the
time drew near to losing my white milky load, I pulled
out of Amanda's wet suctiony mouth and told her to keep
her mouth open as wide as she could.

"Oh God Amanda, here it comes...remember...don't you
fucking dare spill a drop of it....just keep your mouth
open....just like that...oh yeah.....oh fuck....oh
man....yeah MAN!!!!!!"

I was jacking my cock rapidly with my hands when
suddenly, that beautiful rushing feeling of sperm
flowing from your balls to the tip of your cock bathed
pleasurably through my entire shaking body. Fuck
yeah!!!! I watched with elation as spurt after spurt of
hot milky cum blasted into Amanda's sexy mouth, coating
her tongue completely and dropping in stringy ropes from
the top of her mouth down her cheeks and all over her
pearly white teeth. What a beautiful sight to watch
Amanda's eyes practically bulging out of her head as she
felt my boys swimming all over the inside of her mouth,
yet she kept her head still, too afraid of being
punished to even think of moving it!

I must have cum a quarter of a cup of sperm into poor
little Amanda's mouth. You could see it pooling up near
the back of her throat, and she was effectively
breathing through her nose so she wouldn't be able to
swallow the slimy stuff down.

As I finished, I wiped the rest of my leaking sperm from
my cock around Amanda's gaping lips and chin, smearing
it with the white shiny liquid that so beautifully
plastered her little face.

"Oh fuck that felt sooooo fucking good!" I said as my
body went blissfully relaxed. "Ok Amanda, you know what
to do."

I watched happily as Amanda leaned over Avril's face and
let my sperm leak out like a faucet into her open mouth.
These girls must really have been afraid of being
whipped as they acted as though losing even one little
drop of sperm would be the end of the world. It was a
terrific show!

Avril gagged, and I thought she was going to lose it,
but she managed to start controlling her reflexing
throat, and she swished my cum around in her cheeks as
ordered. Meanwhile, Amanda was wincing, having tasting
semen for the first time in her young life, and the look
on her face was not one of enjoyment. Oh well, I didn't
care whether she enjoyed it or not. What I did care
about was seeing Avril cumswapping my boys back to her.

Avril grabbed Amanda's head rather roughly, tilted it
back, and unceremoniously spit my sperm and her mixed
saliva back into Amanda's mouth, causing her to make
some little mmmmm sounds. My cock was hardening again
as I watched this slutty spectacle taking place in front
of me.

Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne snowballing a quarter cup
of hot sperm. The world needed to see this. I would
have to make some videotapes of some perverted action
later on. This was definitely keeper material!

Back and forth my sperm went and after about the 40th
pass, I noticed that my cum was losing its whiteness and
was becoming more of a clearer saliva looking color. It
was also becoming much stringier. I assumed that it was
because of the girls' combined salivary excretions that
was causing the change. It was fascinating at how many
opportunities for scientific discovery there was in the
field of sexual degradation and humiliation, I thought
as I chuckled to myself.

When Avril had received my cum from Amanda's mouth for
about the 35th time, I told her to stop and swallow, and
she did, retching a little as my sperm gooped down her
throat into her little belly.

"Good girls, that was a great fucking show. We'll have
to do that again later on! But right now, we have
something that needs taking care of. Avril, commence
eating out Amanda's pussy while I get everything set
up." I said as I watched the two youngsters slowly crawl
back into position. It was interesting that they chose
the facesitting position again, but I didn't really
care, as at least in this position, Avril wouldn't be
able to see what I was setting up for her. Amanda did
watch however, with a morbid curiosity, knowing in her
heart that whatever it was that I was doing, it couldn't
have been for anything good.

I had decided to set up a wooden pony for Avril to ride,
as I was still pissed off at the comment she had made to
Amanda. What a fucking bitch. I imagined that she had
been spoiled rotten for her entire young life so far and
had never had anyone to discipline her. I'm so glad
that I was able to intervene and to put young Miss
Lavigne into her place.

I set up my adjustable sawhorse-like wooden pony that I
had proudly constructed and placed it at a height that I
knew would be just enough for Avril to climb up onto it
with ease. I had built a height adjusting crank on it
so that I could raise the height of the "saddle" to
exactly the right point. The "saddle" was simply a long
plank whose edge I had sanded off and rounded, so that
the top part that was to come into contact with a set of
young delicious pussy lips would be safe and splinter
free. I did serrate the top a little so that any back
and forth motion would cause some tugging and pulling of
flesh in some nastily wonderful ways. Amanda watched me
curiously. I'm sure she had no idea what the hell I was

Well, she was about to find out.

"Get off the floor Avril you fucking whore." I said,
watching her stand up, her face again soaked with pussy

"Get your ass over here slut, you're about to pay for
your little outburst." I said menacingly. She screamed
as I cruelly pinched her welted ass with my fingers for
a second before easily lifting her body over the wooden

"What....what are you going to do to me???" Avril
begged, "I'm sorry!!!"

"Too late cunt! When will you get it Avril? You are
such a fucking bitch, you have the worst attitude I've
ever seen, and I just can't let you get away with that!"
I said as I placed her hands behind her neck and
effectively tied them there so that she wouldn't be able
to move her arms. I then tied two little leashes to her
ankles, to prevent any attempt at lifting a leg over the
wooden-pony and effectively escaping. Now, she was
standing comfortably, her little breasts heaving up and
down from her rapid, nervous breathing. I don't think
Avril realized what I was doing until I started cranking
the adjustable board upwards, staring at her with a
deviously satisfied grin on my face.

With panic, Avril watched the board slowly inching
upwards. The very second the board made contact with
her pussy lips, she gasped, and stood on her tip toes to
avoid the touch. Perfect! I cranked it up a few more
inches until I felt it was at the perfect height. Half
the fun of a wooden pony was getting just that perfect
location where the slut on top of it was just able to
avoid pressing her pussy and clit painfully onto the top
of the board, but only if she stood on her tiptoes,
causing her calf and thigh muscles immediate distress.
Once those muscles began to tire, the slut would start
to lower herself, only to find that it was agonizing to
feel the board pressing into the most sensitive, private
parts of her little body. That resulted in another
attempt at a tiptoe, only to ultimately sink down again.
Back and forth the frustrating movements would happen,
thus giving the appearance of riding a pony. This was
going to be a great show.

"Now Amanda, we're going to have so much fun watching
Avril ride the wooden-pony." I said to Amanda who was
obviously horrified by what I was doing to her friend.

I smiled tauntingly at Avril as I leaned in close and
said to her "You're completely at my mercy, I am your
fucking GOD! Don't you just love me you little whore?"

I knew Avril wanted to call me every name in the book so
badly, but instead, all she did was flash me a look of
hate as she tried so hard to stand on her tiptoes,
feeling the lactic acid building up in her everstraining
leg muscles.

"Amanda, while I watch our little slut here, I want you
to come here and give me a tongue bath. Start at my
feet and work your way up my body, licking every square
inch of flesh that you can." I ordered. Immediately,
Amanda walked up to me, and she bent down to start
licking the tops of my feet and my ankles. What a
degrading thing to do, I thought, but she was doing it
so well! My skin shivered, and I felt tickled a few
times as I felt Amanda's tongue watching me. I was
focusing more on watching how every little quivering
piece of Avril's flesh was reacting to her pony ride.

After about two minutes, Avril's legs finally started to
give, and she attempted to lower herself down. She
could only drop a half inch before her sensitive
privates were getting mashed painfully into the board.
Quickly, she rebounded up again, back on her tippy toes.
Her breathing was becoming quicker and faster as her
fate began to sink in on this devious device.

By the twenty minute mark, Amanda had already worked her
way up to my shoulders. She had complained at one point
about her mouth getting dry and running out of saliva,
so I horked a big wad of spit into her mouth so she
could finish the job. I didn't really care that she
would be finishing up my upper body with my own saliva,
as long as it was her tongue that was painting it on!

Avril was really suffering now as her toes and legs just
couldn't sustain her body weight anymore, and she was
now in the process of squirming around on the pony,
trying to find the position that would provide her with
the least possible amount of pain.

She was starting to annoy me with all of her beggings
and pleadings to let her down, so I jammed a huge ball
gag into her mouth and strapped it around the back of
her head so I wouldn't have to listen to all that
racket. The moans and whimpers were a nice change, as
she painfully slid her sore reddening crotch back and
forth across the board under her, trying to get
comfortable, which of course, was an impossibility.

To increase my fun, and to stick with the 'wood' theme,
I placed one wooden clothespin on each of Avril's
nipples, and I then attached these little spring coiled
weights on the ends of the clothespins. They were the
kind that when you pulled down on them and let go, they
would bounce up and down almost indefinately like those
quaint little Swiss miniature clocks. I set the weight-
bouncing to alternate so that each of Avril's poor
nipples would get pulled at different times, causing her
to experience even more varied discomfort.

I licked the side of Avril's cheek which really pissed
her off, and I could almost make out the nasty words she
was attempting to muffle out around that nice big gag in
her trap. I just smiled at her evilly with a look of
insulting victory in my eyes. I knew she hated me now
more than ever.

I then laid down on the nice plush carpet onto my back,
and had Amanda sit on my face so I could taste some more
of her delicious teenage pussy. I made Amanda suck me
off again as we 69ed on the floor right below Avril, in
a position where I could peek up every now and then to
see how she was coping with her riding technique.

Half an hour more, I thought to myself. I'll eat out
Amanda's sweet pussy and musky little asshole for half
an hour before I let Avril get off the wooden-pony, and
then it would be Duke's turn to have some fun!

I knew how to treat my pets right.

All three of them! :)
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