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AMANDA4 men and women adult situations

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Itís Probably In The Genes...ÖPart 2
By Hectorís Pup


In Part One, I was recounting isolated circumstances which went to
explaining the unusual relationship I had with Amanda. Amanda and her
mother, Monika, were very close. Amanda, being the last to leave the
house and a little further removed from her brother and sisters agewise
than they were from each other, may be a contributing factor. At the
end of part one, I was recounting a period of time in which Monika helped
me understand her husband Carl and their relationship. The rest of
Amandaís family may be of interest to you as well . . .

Following a memorable night in which Monika shared some intimate
details of games she played with her husband (see part one), I was
anxious to find just the right moment to catch Monika in the mood to
reveal to me an example of the reversed role in a game they played. I
tried unsuccessfully several times to stimulate the mood by initiating
discussions about Carl. I was defeating my purpose, however, because
the more opportunities I gave her to talk about him, the less she
needed to, so I eventually stopped trying until . . .

Amanda sent me over to Monikaís house to check the dryer which was
turning but not generating any heat. While in the basement working at
pulling the heating element to inspect it, I looked up at a small
free-standing closet I had not noticed before. There was a latch to
padlock it, but there was no padlock. Curiosity had got me into
trouble more than once in my life, and this was no exception. I got
up and looked inside.

There were several white nurse outfits, with collars, flat broad
shoulders, and which buttoned all the way up the front. On the floor
were several pairs of black high-healed shoes with three inch heels
and a black doctorís bag. To the right, hung a pair of gray pajamas
that looked unkempt compared to the presseduniforms. I closed the closet
and left with the heating element to the parts store.

When I came back, Monika was at her kitchen table looking at
the addresses on her mail. "How long before these places learn that
Carl doesnít live here any more?" she said rhetorically, as she palmed
the mail down with a sigh.

A light went off in my head as I took the element down to the basement
and replaced it. When I got back upstairs Monika was outside in back
tending to the plants around her patio. I snuck back down and brought
up the ladder, box, a uniform, pair of shoes, the pjís and the
doctorís bag. I was going to go for it. I quickly threaded the rope,
put on the pjís, laid the uniform and shoes across the couch next to
the doctorís bag, put the cuffs on myself, and waited for Monika to
come inside. It must have been at least forty-five minutes and my
patience was tested to the max. Several times I had to fight off the
waves of panic coming over me for this harebrained scheme to keep
myself from dismantling it all and putting it safely away.

Monika entered the room, from the dinning room and was on her way to
the front hall as she took off her sun hat, set her gloves in it, and
tussled her hair back into place. Then the white uniform shoes and bag
caught her eye. It stopped her frozen for a second. It must have
been that moment when you realize you have entered the "Twilight Zone"
for her to see it, then me in makeshift prison garb waiting to be
strung up. She showed an instant of longing, then forced back a tear
with a sniffle, composed herself, and said, "You know, it is just
about right except for this rag that used to make for a perfect
blindfold. We canít have our prisoners anticipating our procedures.
It would influence the testing results."

In a matter of seconds, my hands were drawn up over my head, and
Monikaís hand traveled in a caress from the side of my face, down my
neck, unbuttoning the front of my top, coming to rest with an upward
cupping of my balls. She patted them lovingly and said, "Donít go
anywhere. Iíll go see if the Dr. is in."

With that, I heard her talking on the phone, something about, "yes, for
real. Trust me, come right over."

This time it must have been half an hour before I heard the front door
open, some excited hushed conversation and them leaving to another
room. With in five more minutes, or so, Monika announced, "Dr. Rutger
can see you now. Oh, but wait, you canít see the Dr. Iíll fix that,

When she removed the blindfold, there was Monika and her older sister,
Ingrid, in white uniforms. Monika filled out the nurseís uniform I
laid out for her so that the buttons looked tense. The skirt of it
went to mid-thigh, and the high-heels made her legs look even sexier
than normal, if that was even possible. Ingrid was a beauty in her
own right, but her hair was darker and she looked as if she led a more
serious, or even sadder, life than Monika. The women in that family were all blessed with exceptional bodies, but I donít think Ingrid was
as physically active as Amanda and Monika. Ingrid wore a white lab
coat over her uniform, wore reading glasses and had a clipboard with a

"Could it be," I thought, "that Monika shared these games with her
sister after her sisterís husband died in Laos in the early seventies?"

"Okay nurse Holden," Ingrid said starting to take control of the
situation, "I think it is time to test for some vital responses, donít
you? Please remove those pants. Prisoner please spread your legs.
Yes, thatís it. No, nurse, I think it is better if his legs are held
apart, donít you? Yes, that will do fine. Nurse, have you checked
for the nipple responses yet?"

"No, Dr., I have been waiting for you."

"Please proceed."

Monika approached my side, with her left hand resting in the small of
my back, she sawed her index finger ever so lightly along the
underside of one nipple, then the other, causing them to stiffen. She
went into the bag and retrieved two nipple clamps which she screwed on
to each nipple, causing me to breath in short breaths. The nipple
stimulation and the immersion into Monikaís game sent my penis to full
salute. When Monika noticed this she lightly grazed the underside of
my cock head forward and back with the side of her index finger,
saying, "Looks like we have the proper response Dr."

"Good. Now please check for the Thermo-relaxation response."

With that, Monica left the room briefly while Ingrid advanced toward
me, looking me up and down, flicked the clamps, one after the other,
and hefted my cock in her open hand to feel its weight. She stopped
and backed out of the way when Monika returned with a tumbler almost
full of very warm water. She brought it up around my scrotum, dunking
my balls into the almost too hot water. This relaxed my balls to the
point that they hung down in a loose sack as low as I could ever
remember them hanging.

"Dr. will you help me with this test?" Ingrid stood on the opposite side
of me from Monika and they met the back of their hands at the middle of my
scrotum, lifted up and each wrapped a hand around a ball. I canít imagine
how anyone could feel more vulnerable than I felt at that particular moment.
With a gentle pull apart to see how much leeway there was, they let each
ball go back to the bottom of the sack in unison.

"Iíll take this opportunity to place an ID band around the sack for future
reference." Monika took a three quarter inch wide leather strap with a
Velcro closure and wrapped it snugly around my scrotum below my cock,
trapping my balls at the bottom. "I think this prisoner will do Dr.,
donít you?"

"Yes, nurse, a fine specimen, but we still need to perform the Cumming
Interruptus test before we can be sure. Please ready the prisoner."

That was Monikaís cue to start unbuttoning the top few buttons on her
uniform. The tops of her magnificent 37-38D breasts were on full
display in a half-cup push up bra. She crouched down and pushed her
breasts forward so my cock slid into her cleavage. She moved forward
and back giving the underside of my cock a pocket of friction sending
me into a dream state of bliss. Next she unbuttoned her uniform a few
more buttons so she could pull the dress aside and rub a nipple along
the length of the shaft.

"Maybe you would like to assist me with this Dr." Monika said, as she held
her hand around my cock in a holding pattern while Ingrid removed her
glasses, clipboard, and lab coat. As she approached me, she took her hands
and raised the hem of her skirt and raised her high-heeled foot up to the
underside of my extended balls, and lightly tapped them to get them to
bounce off of the toe and her instep. Even in her early fifties, this
lady had fine legs, with smooth skin and musculature. Although there was
some discomfort from her sexy foot, I was willing to put up with outright
pain to experience this provocative lady for the first time like this.

Monika was taking her thumb and fingers of her right hand and dragging
them off the head and tip of my cock coaxing a precum signal to
appear. Ingrid knelt down and put my balls into her mouth and swirled
her tongue around them feeling me ready for my relief. "Now, nurse!"
she said suddenly, and Monika clamped her thumb and middle finger down
firmly on the top and bottom of the base of my cock preventing the
release I was craving so badly. I opened my eyes in shock and horror
at the rude roadblock in my road to orgasm, bending forward as much as
my bonds would allow, panting heavily.

Just then the front door opened. "Helloooo. Motherrrr. . Oh My Goddd!.
. .Mother!. . . Aunt Ingrid!. . . What are. . . What is happening? . .
You canít mean. . . With Dad, that is one thing, but your own
son-in-law? Oh Pleasssse Ö"

It was Kara. I couldnít do anything about my modesty and I just hung there
with sweat running down my body, flushed pressure pounding in my head, and
adrenaline pumping in my body form the intense humiliation, embarrassment,
and need forrelief.

"Oh darling. Your wonderful brother-in-law here was being kind to a
lonely widow and nothing more. You know how happy this used to make
your father. Why donít you grab your uniform and join in the fun?"

"Hunh?" I thought. That was an insight I was not prepared for at that
particular moment.

Kara walked up to me. She was the eldest of the children and looked more
like her father than her mother. She had short, curly brunette hair in a
style she could just wash and wear. She had her familyís clear soft rosy
complexion and blue eyes like the rest. But, I never much noticed her
potential for sexuality, being my sister-in-law, always wearing jeans,
shirts, sweaters, and other more frumpy or masculine outfits. She was
usually just politely friendly to me, and nothing more.

Now she was walking up to me, looking me up and down, in almost a
slinky way until she was right up in my face, her left arm around my
side, up my back and hand back over my shoulder, and her right hand
firmly around my cock and balls. "What do YOU say? Do YOU want me to
play?" She said now staring at my mouth.

Pursing my lips in a slight grimace, holding my breath, I nodded
"yes." Then she let me go, turned, and dragged the upturned palm of
her hand along the bottom of my balls as she walked away, presumably
toward the basement. Out came my held breath in an all out exhale,
while I shook my head to shake off my bewilderment.

"Dr., I think it is time to take a break while I make a phone call."
Monika said as she left to call from the hall. "Oh, hello Amanda
darling. Your wonderful man is tied up for a while longer over here.
You donít need him back for awhile do you?. . . No, sure come right
over. . . OK then, see you then."

Monika came back. "Had I heard her right? Had she just invited
Amanda over to see this? How would Amanda react to this? What would
she do to me for this?" were the thoughts that raced through mind as
my hands began to be lowered from the beam. I had been experiencing
so much distracting pleasure and confusion that I had forgotten how
numb my arms were. I instinctively bent forward hanging them down in
front to let the blood back in. While in this position, Monika
unfastened the strap as I held a paralyzed pose until she finished in
that delicate area. This position also let the blood try to fight its
way back in to my nipples, which were still clamped down. Monika let
down the rope enough to arrange for me to step over the part which
linked the cuffs and stand up again with my hands behind my back. Off
came the clamps and she briefly rubbed my nipples in the palm of her
hand to get the blood flowing again. The pain shot back, as much as
the first moment the clamps went on, and I was relatively stiff again.

When Kara appeared in tight white uniform and high-heels, I looked at
her as I had never looked at her before. Neither the ugly bridesmaid
dress at our wedding nor her other non-descript outfits at dress-up
occasions caught my attention as she was doing at this very minute.
Iíd never be able to look at her the same way again. "So what are we
waiting for?" She said.

"Oh, Amanda decided to come over and sheíll probably want to join us,
dear." Said Monika.

"Figures." Said Kara in mild disgust.

Continued in "Living With Amanda Part 5"

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