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AMANDA5 cum that many times them

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Itís Probably In The Genes...ÖPart 2 (Continued)
By Hectorís Pup

"Hello! Where are you all?" Came Amandaís voice form the front hall.
The Jorgenson children never knocked as they still felt Monikaís house
was their own, even after all had been living away from home for
years. "Oh, so this is it!" she said as she entered the living room.
"Tied up, ha. I get it. So whatís the plan?"

"Your darling husband was helping Ingrid and I relive some memories
when we sort of slowed down from unexpected distractions, but I think
we could all be up for making new memories, if you are game."

"Were you on the one where you tease him unmercifully for an evening,
bringing him close to relief, only to deprive him same at the last

"That was the direction, dear."

"Did you threaten him with unpleasant penalties if he came before
being permitted?"

"No, I didnít think that would be part of it. He really has been such
a good sport about it. I didnít think it warranted any corrective
action on our part."

"Well why donít we spice things up a bit. Kara, are you really up for

"Sure Mandy, Iím game."

"Cool. Okay, I know what he likes, and that would be more skin for
starters. Isnít that right Sweet Cakes?" as she pinched my cheek and
shook hands with my balls.

"Yes maíam, that would be nice."

"Okay, why donít you all lose those uniforms. No wait. Honey sit
down here in the middle of the couch. Mother, how strong is this
coffee table?"

"Oh, plenty strong dear, but if you have in mind anyone standing on
top with heels, Iíll put a board down first." Monika said as she took
Amandaís smile as a signal to retrieve it.

Monika returned with a piece of quarter inch plywood slightly bigger
than the table top and laid it down. "Perfect." Amanda said. "Kara
why donít you take the other side of Mr. Lucky here and you and I can
keep him in check while experience has a turn at teasing the poor
dear. Aunt Ingrid, you are looking particularly ravishing tonight.
Care to lead off the cause?"

Ingrid reluctantly mounted the low coffee table and started an up and
down, side to side dance in place to the music Monika was putting on
the stereo. This is not what she expected when she came over for the
game. My guess is I would have had the opportunity to view her fairly
well preserved body before the evening was over, but it would have
been on her terms. Now she was placed into the humiliating experience
of doing it on Amandaís terms. "Welcome to MY world Ladies." I thought
to myself.

Kara sat sideways facing me on my right, knees drawn up on the couch,
her left hand parked in my hair at the top of my head, and her right
hand pinching and rolling my nipple. Amanda sat on my left, her right
hand palming my growing hardon looking up at her Aunt Ingrid with
enthusiasm, encouraging her, "Youíve still got it lady. Yeah. Move
itÖ Like that, yeah."

Kara started to pick up on the energy, "Wow, thatís it. Youíve got
what it takes lady. (Whistle)"

As she started to finish unbuttoning the front of the dress, Amanda
took the palm of her hand and back slapped my balls, causing me to
lurch forward, my head leaving Karaís hand behind, insisting, "Show
the lady some appreciation. You think it is easy for her to do this
show for you?"

Ingrid stopped and watched me try to shake off the pain. "Ah phew, Ah
phew, Ah phew. . . Ingggg..rid. Iím sorry. Iíve been lost in your
beauty. I never knew how sexy you were until tonight. Ah phew. I
feel privileged to be a part of this moment. If it is your pleasure,
I would be honored for you to continue."

Ingrid smiled and started to get back into the moment. Monika leaned
over to Amanda and said, "See dear, he really is such a good sport.
Please donít be so hard on him."

Ingrid continued the side to side hip motion lowering and raising her
body up and down, dancing in place as she removed her uniform and then
her bra. She had the tits of Amanda and Monika only a little bigger
and with more sag. She still was quite beautiful for her age and when
she held them up in front with her hands, I felt I could imagine them
in more glorious days.

At the end of the current song, she stepped off to unanimous applause.
This beautiful fifty-something lady in heels and panties finishing her
act and stepping down from the table started to send me over the brink.
Amanda recognized it as I was about to warn her and she clamped down to
get me past the moment, and happy to see that I had the intention of
warning her in time.

"Okay Mom, show him where the Jorgenson women get their stuff."

"Happy to dear. I think you have a good catch there."

Kara got up like she had a particular piece of music in mind for
Monika and played DJ while Ingrid took her place, in virtually Karaís
position next to me on the couch. As Monika stepped up and stared at
me smiling while waiting for the music to start, Ingrid leaned over,
licked my ear and said, "Youíre sweet." Her attentions to my stomach
and nipples and the rubbing of her left hanging breast against my arm,
had me worried about being able to make it through Monikaís dance with
my judge and jury on my left.

Kara found something with somewhat of a disco beat, which surprised
Monika, who looked at her quizzically, but proceeded to pick up the
beat, nevertheless. Kara smiled like the cat who ate the canary as
she cheered her mother on. We all clapped in time to the music and
Monika was down to panties and heels in half the time Ingrid was but
no less erotic. Monika was the envy of Ingrid and the pride of her
daughters with how good she looked for her age. "Amanda!" I said and
she knew to clamp down hard.

Monika went for the stereo to pay Kara back for the selections she
played but Amanda intercepted her and asked Monika to give her a try.
Monika gladly took Amandaís place, undid the cuff on my left hand and
placed my arm around her shoulder, tucking her body into mine and
holding my groin down with her left hand.

Kara, who had all the confidence in the world all evening, started for
the tabletop, stopped and turned around. "Hey, comíon. Your turn."
Ingrid said forcefully, "Go Kara, GO." Said Amanda like her personal

Kara turned like she was only teasing, smiled, mounted the table
saying, "Welll,. . .Okay."

When the music started, Kara started to move on the first note, only
to find that Amanda had put on a polka. After a laugh by all, she put
on a slower dance number which had Kara dancing in a slow sexy motion
which included hands up over her head between unbuttoning, knees
slightly bent, and her hips making a circular counter-clockwise
motion. By the time her the uniform was all the way open in front,
she was thrusting her hips and pussy forward at me with each

This was so out of place for me. Here was my sister-in-law
successfully stirring the primal urges in me. Her athletic body was
well proportioned like her sister and mother. Her cute face and short
hair made her look more Amandaís age than some six years her senior.
Next to Amanda they looked like sisters from the neck down, but there
were only hints of resemblance in facial expressions or isolated features
here and there.

When she teasingly removed her bra, she took it between her legs and
rubbed forward and back along her crotch, acting like she was really
getting herself turned on. Monika and Ingrid were getting more and
more into Karaís performance because she was really pouring it on.
Amanda said in a loud throaty voice, "Nasty! . . Work it!" I lost
consciousness of the rest of the room and nothing else mattered when
she started massaging her breasts and stroking from the bottoms out
toward me. "Amanda! Amanda! I canít holdÖ.Oh God. .. .Oh, No." and I
shot all over myself with one of the most potent gushers I could
remember in a long time.

Amanda got there too late, put her knuckles on her hips and exclaimed,
"Damn! Now youíve done it Mr. There will be hell to pay for this."

Kara, with one arm across her middle and the other headed up to her
mouth to hide her laughter, stood and enjoyed Amandaís annoyance.

"Now that youíve got off, you weasel, youíre going to have to get
everyone off in this room until they can take no more, if it takes all
night. Who would like to go first?" No one spoke up right away.
Kara was still stifling back her laughter, Monika was comfortable and
content in her cozy cuddle and Ingrid was a mixture of emotions from
the unexpected turns of the evening. "Okay then. Get started on me."
Amanda said as she unceremoniously took off her shirt, shorts, bra,
and panties. "Here, put this on." She put a collar around my neck.
"Letís put your hands up here. I want to feel them on my ass when you
wag your tongue." She attached my hands in cuffs that could be
attached to the collar. "Lie down here, so I can get this bar back in
place." She spread my legs. "Ready?, It better be good." She
challenged as she straddled my chest facing my feet.

She backed her bottom to my face and I started immediately to give her
the best job I could muster. I knew she would be finding reasons to
spur me on with my cock and balls, which were unavoidably at her

All three ladies sat together on the sofa watching the sex act before
them. Monika had shifted over under Ingridís arm now in much the same
way she had been cuddling with me. She was unconsciously caressing
Ingridís left breast, with her right hand, at the nipple and areola.
Kara sat with her right arm stretched out on the back of the sofa and
held Ingridís wrist. Her feet were on the floor and her knees were
hanging comfortably apart. The first time I could glimpse them on the
couch was when Amanda would shift, Kara had her left nipple in her
left hand. The next time, she had her hand on the outside of her
panties. The next time she had her hand inside her panties and she
was no longer watching the show with her head tossed back and her
breasts heaving.

"Thatís good for now. . . Next?" Amanda said as she dismounted, stood
up, took a deep breath and ran her fingers through her hair.

Kara jumped up, pulled down and stepped out of her panties, quickly
climbed on top of me the same way as Amanda, put her pussy on my
mouth, and only then said, "Is it okay if I go next?"

"Looks like youíre going to be too easy for him, girl. Grab a hold so
you donít fall off." Amanda said putting her hands around my balls for
her, since her eyes were already closed and going for it. Kara began
humping my tongue as if it were a cock, rubbing her pussy up and down
across my face. I basically stopped trying to lick and suck and just
concentrated on maintaining my access to oxygen while trying to hold
my tongue out for her to rub against. Her orgasm built up audibly to
a steady scream while at the same time her grip on my genitals grew
steadily tighter. This caused me to lurch up harder into her snatch,
causing her to stiffen like a board, head tilted back, momentarily
frozen until she melted into a limp pile on my stomach. When it
didnít look like she planned to get up any time soon, Amanda nudged
her arm with her fingers saying, "That was a good one. Looks like its
been a while, hunh? Come on now. Make room for others." And she helped
her dismount me and stand up.

By this time Ingrid was standing and stretching her arms in the air,
obviously energized by her nieceís experience. "Okay if I go next?"
she said.

"Here get on your knees like a good boy." Amanda said as she grabbed
my wrists and helped me up to kneel in front of Ingrid. Ingrid looked at
Amanda waiting to see what she had in mind. "Kara there was too easy
on you. I want you to help Ingrid off with her panties and shoes with
only your teeth."

This had an amazing affect on me as I took in the womanly aroma of her
soft skin form her belly and rear, to her nether region, down her long
strong legs, to her feet. When I came back up with her panties hanging from my mouth, she decided to use them to wipe off my face
from all of Karaís juices left there, finishing with a tender pat on
my lips with her index finger. For her shoes, she held her leg
forward to allow me to nuzzle them off with the side of my face. As
each foot was released from its confinement, I kissed her wiggling
toes. I lay down again without being prompted and Amanda held her
hand out toward my face in a gallant gesture of welcoming her to the
seat of pleasure.

As she climbed on into the position of her predecessors, her breasts hung down more pendulously than the others. While she was testing her
position for comfort and pleasure potential, I said to her, "you might
like it more if you release my hands."

She looked at Amanda, as if to ask for permission or her opinion, and
got, "Itís your show, Aunt Ingrid, its up to you." With that she
momentarily climbed off and released my hands. I worked my arms up
and down while she re-positioned herself, to get the circulation
flowing again. When she was ready for action, I started giving her
the most slow attentive cunnilingus that my varied experience could
afford her. I reached up and massaged the ends of her hanging breasts with the tips of my fingers. This made her get past any inhibitions
she may have had about any of this and she moaned in blissful abandon
turning everybody in the room on , including moi.

Suddenly she stopped, gently placed my hands down, pulled forward away
from my face and asked, "Would it be okay with you Amanda dear, if I
let him put his weight on me and put his penis inside me?" Then she
climbed off to learn Amandaís answer.

Amanda looked at me with reservation as if she expected me to take the
mile when given the inch. "Sit up Honey. Look at me. Do you think
youíre up to that? You know if you cum again, there will be pain
involved." She said as she placed her foot on my cock and balls,
pressing down.

This was quite a dilemma for me. I wanted my cock inside all of them
and I wanted to cum that many times in them as well. I knew it would
be playing with fire because I was growing fond of Ingrid this evening
in a way I had never been before, as I was with Kara and Monika. With
a reckless mind I looked at Ingrid and said, "I think Iíd like to very

Ingrid blushed slightly as she took a position on the floor on her
back. I took one of the side pillows and placed it under the small of
her back brought her legs into a knee bent position with her feet
spread wide on the floor. During this, and as I was crawling on hands
and knees between Ingridís legs, Iíd look at Amanda looking at me with
a challenging stare and I found myself excited to be doing this with
Ingrid but unable to erect myself to the task. I started licking her
snatch again, sticking a finger in to let her know that I would be
coming this way soon, but I was running out of stall tactics, basically.

Monika recognized the problem right away. Amanda did as well, but she
was gloating in having this effect on me too much to do anything about
it. Monika said, "Let me crank this shaft and get the motor running."
She got down behind me and started to caress my ass cheeks, the front,
back and inside of my thighs without touching my groin area. She
started gently sawing the inside of her index finger up and down the
sensitive exposed crack. She moistened a finger and made circles
around my sphincter muscle before gently pressing and guiding it in.
With her other hand, she slid it down till it dragged along the
backside of my balls forward along till it left the tip of my cock.
Then she repeated this a couple more times until I was stiff and
forgetting the intimidating reason which originally kept it down. She
gave my butt cheek an audible friendly slap and said, "Why donít you
hop in this here saddle there, cowboy?"

Ingrid mercifully was ready to explode after only a few full thrusts.
I kept sawing against her clit until she just couldnít take it any
longer. She wrapped her legs tightly around my lower body and her
arms around my upper body and held me fast for a little while allowing
the waves of pleasure to pass enough for her to regain her composure.
If it were not for the fact that she was ready to explode, her
trapping me like this and contracting on my penis while still inside
of her, would have given me no way to avoid cumming and determining a
worse fate.

Monika was next. Kara however was putting on an, "if only it was my
turn again look." Monika was happy to be next or to wait. It didnít
seem to matter that much to her, so when she intuited Karaís urgency,
she said "Kara dear, why donít you get him ready for me and go ahead
in line."

Kara sat down in front of where I was kneeling, put her arms around my
neck and pulled me over on top of her still hanging on to my head for
a passionate kiss. The kiss was a little longer than I felt
comfortable with, with my wife looking on, even if Kara was a
relative. When it ended, we both looked at Amanda who looked pretty
peeved. How odd that a passionate kiss could spark jealous streaks in
these women, but sharing me for their carnal pleasure didnít seem to
phase them.

With a sense of urgency, Kara reached down to stiffen up my faltering
erection. The awareness of Amanda watching and the impatience of
Karaís rough hand, didnít seem to change my condition much. Kara
decided to go for it anyway and sort of guided/stuffed it into her
furrow. I stayed still basking in the warm silky feel of her vagina before I started any motion. The exquisite sensation got my erection
back to full hardness. When Kara opened her eyes to see what was
wrong, I took it as my cue to get moving before unpleasantness

Kara turned out to be a wild woman, bucking, moaning, scratching
screaming, and cumming. When Kara came, her legs stiffened like rock
pillars and her back arched off the floor. I hoped the neighbors
couldnít hear. It was pretty damn exciting really. I stopped,
thinking I had gone too far, and may have even hurt her in some way.
She implored, "Donít stop! Please donít stop! Harder!. .Thatís it.
Deeper!Ö.Thatís it. Oh yes! Oh Yes! OH YES!"

I stopped. I tried, even to pull out. It came up on me too fast to
realize with the distraction Kara was presenting me. She opened her
eyes wide in panic. "Oh No! Donít Stop!Ö Oh not now!Ö Oh God, donít
let him stop!" Kara grabbed me to her as best she could. She was not
going to let my cock get away. I was cumming. There was no going
back. I had the lame thought that I might be able to disguise it if I
fought through it by continuing to pump. I would almost pull out, to
reduce the sensation, wait for an instant then realize I had to pump
back in to pull the deception off. This would create unbearable
sensation and Iíd pull out again. It was no use. Kara exploded at the
time she experienced me cumming inside of her. I kept going as if I
had everyone fooled. The jig was up. Each time I thrust, Kara would
have body shudders. Then she began to calm down and just lay there
limp on the floor with one arm across her eyes. I was sweating all
over her as I pulled my limp cock the rest of the way out and pushed
my body up so I could leave her in her dreamland. When I erected
myself but still on my knees, I looked up at the three woman on the
couch all staring at me. Ingrid looked impressed, Monika looked
worried for me, and Amanda looked like she was calculating what kind
and how much punishment it would take to teach me a lesson I would
never forget.

"Well Mom, heís all yours. Have your way with him and donít be too

Monika stood me up and took the spreader bar out so she could walk me
a little bit away from the couch and so the others were all at her
back. She held my arms in her outstretched hands just below my
shoulders and took a minute to look me up and down. Then she looked
all around my face finishing with eye to eye contact and smiled.

"You know Dear, a woman my age canít keep up with you young ones. And
Iíve had about as much excitement as I can take for one evening. If
it is all right with you, Iíd like to take a rain check." Monika gave
my arms a squeeze and turned to be sociable to the rest of them.

The irony was, I bet she could outlast all of them, not only in her
day but today as well. What a woman.

"Well, if there are no objections, Iíll just take this wretched pig home and begin his lesson." Amanda had me ride in the car with my
clothes bundled in my lap. It proved to be a long and painful evening
indeed. But more about that at another time.
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