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AMANDA5 tv screen and dont you dare


"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"
Copyright Dave Haugen 2002
MM/ff rape humiliation celeb toys
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!
Chapter 5
For the next half hour, I was in a horizontal paradise
as I sucked, nibbled, licked and savored the delicious
juices coming from Amanda's pussy. She was still
completely wet, but I think that most of the wetness
around her lips was my saliva. I think I had sucked
every last little drop of slime that came from her.
Just to be sure, I had spent about ten minutes digging
my middle finger way up into Amanda's pussy, wiping
around the sides of her hot tight walls, and then
pulling it out, sucking it completely, and then
repeating the procedure. I wanted everything this young
hot actress had to offer. Sadly she didn't cum again,
but her moans let me know she was feeling everything I
was doing to her.

"Ok Amanda, get up, I think you wore my tongue out!" I
said as I felt that the little flap of skin that held by
tongue to the bottom of my mouth was indeed rather sore
from trying to cram itself into Amanda's impossibly
tight places. I thought about how great it was going to
be to insert my now hard cock up inside Amanda's little
crevices. That made me totally aroused again, so I
turned my attentions away from Amanda, and back to my
other little captive slut.

"Hey Avril! How's the ride!" I asked with a sneer on my
face. The moment I removed the ball gag from her
drooling face hole, I found out.

"Take these things off my nipples please!!" Avril
replied, licking moisture back into her lips.
Interesting, I thought. Her nipples were causing her
more distress than her squashed clit and cunt lips that
were sliding all over that long wooden pony mercilessly
propped under her.

"You want to come down and play some more slut? Awww,
isn't that cute." I said condescendingly as I unclamped
Avril's flattened nipples causing her to almost lose her
mind from the blood forcing its way back into them.

Gosh, I thought, Avril's sure been through a lot in the
past day and a half. Oh well! Time to put her through
a LOT more!

Turning the crank that lowered the unforgiving wooden
pony down from beneath her legs, I watched with pleasure
as Avril's legs gave out, and she collapsed to the
floor, writhing in discomfort. Poor thing. It almost
made me feel sorry for her.

Naahhh, she was a total stuck-up uppity bitch, she
deserved it.

It was Duke who I felt sorry for! My poor Mastiff was
forced to watch a lot of this debauchery and not
participate in any of it. For all his years of loyalty,
I decided that Duke was going to see why every man and
boy from California to Maine wanted a piece of Avril and
Amanda's bodies. Who knows, maybe it would turn him off
of canine bitches forever?

"Well you two, I don't know about you, but I'm in the
mood to just sit back and watch a nice movie. We've got
all day to play, but I think we should just rest now,
what do you think?"

When a response from either of them never came, it
didn't really upset me. I simply took their hands, and
pulled them to the nice plush comfy sofa that I had,
which faced my large screen 54 inch television. I
pushed both girls onto the sofa, and watched as Avril
happily cuddled up onto the sofa, holding her hands in
between her sore legs, softly crying. Amanda just sat
there with a dumbfounded numb look that most women get
after my tongue gets through with them.

"Ok ladies, let's see what we have here in my
collection," I said as I rummaged through a few tapes.
"Big Fat Liar? Nahhh, I've jacked off to that to many
times already. "I Spit on Your Grave"? No, I think
you'll like the ending too much. "Blue Velvet"? Great
film, but too softcore for the three of us right? Hmm
how about this one...."Euro Perversion 6: Fists of
Fury"! Perfect!" I said as I popped the tape into the

I sat down in between my two girls, and forced them to
reluctantly cuddle up next to me, their heads nuzzled
against my chest, and my arms going around their
shoulders, as i stroked their soft skin gently with my
fingers. I forced them to each run their fingernails up
and down my chest, and around my nipples as the tape
started. Both of them complied like little angels.
They were doing exactly what I instructed them to,
resigning themselves to their fate, and knowing that
resistance would lead to something much worse.

"Ahhh, you girls will love this film, there's some
pretty heavy anal fisting in here." I said excitedly.
"Maybe we'll try some of that out on you later Avril,
what do you think?"

No response to a question?? Hmmmmm, Avril just earned
herself another few demerits. With a rough movement, I
shoved Avril off of the couch and she landed on the
carpeted floor with a thud.

"When will you learn to answer every question I ask you
fucking dyke? Amanda answers them! Since you
apparently just want to sit there like a fucking object,
I think it's time we treated like you one. Get on your
hands and knees bitch." I said as I continued to cuddle
Amanda with my left arm.

"Noooo!!! Please don't rape me anymore! I'll be good!"
said Avril with fear in her voice. Wasn't that so
precious? She was trying to keep me from penetrating
her again, how adorable.

"Don't be such a baby Avril, I just want you to get on
your hands and knees so I can use you like the piece of
furniture you are. So DO IT!!!"

Quickly Avril resumed the position that had been asked
of her, and I positioned her so that her little ass was
in front of me, and her head was in front of Amanda. I
placed my feet on top of her tight little buns as though
she was my own personal coffee table!

"Hey that's comfy. Try it out Amanda!" I said as Amanda
instantly followed orders, and placed her feet gently
onto the backs of Avril's lithe shoulder blades. The
two of us rested our feet on Avril's back, and I hoped
it was as humiliating for her as it looked.

"Ok girls, now you had better fucking watch this movie
because I'm going to be giving you a pop quiz after the
show!" I said with a serious expression. Hell, I was

"And Avril, you turn your head to the side and watch
that fucking tv screen, and don't you dare close your
eyes or stop looking. I can see your face on the wall
mirror behind the tv, so don't you fucking disappoint me
or I'll fucking piss down your throat!"

There's nothing like tossing out a threat that your
victim just knows you could actually accomplish! Sure
enough, Avril turned her head, and I could see her
watching the screen.

"Ok you two, after this great film, the person who
answers the most questions correctly gets to spend the
rest of the day being my own personal assistant. And I
promise you both this, you DON'T want to find out what
it means to not be the participant in what follows. Do
you understand?"

A couple of head nods in response wasn't good enough for

"If you understand, I want you to say, 'Yes Mike, you
hot fucking stud, I understand how fucking hot and sexy
you are to a cunt like me.'" I instructed. Wow it was
fun to hear words like that come out of these two sluts'
mouths. As the words sunk it, I fantasized that they
actually meant it, but just hearing it was great

As we watched the 2 hour film showcasing sperm filled
holes, gaping openings, vaginal and anal fisting,
cumswapping and piss drinking debauchery, I highly
doubted that neither Amanda nor Avril would ever want to
visit Europe if this was any indication of what went on
overseas. Avril spent the entire time with our feet on
her back, and I had Amanda playing with my cock and my
balls with her fingers.

"Ok Siskel and Ebert, what did you think?" I said as I
turned off the tv. Silence! I don't believe that
either of them knew what to say about it, they were both
equally repulsed and disgusted! I'd have to bring out
my illegally purchased, private women-on-donkey
collection I had a friend bring back from Tijuana. That
oughta get even more a rise out of their delicate

"Quiz time!" I said as I began alternating questions on
what they had just seen. Of course I stacked the
questions up in Amanda's favor. Both of them could see
how obvious that was, and I could tell Avril was really
starting to hate how nicely I was treating Amanda in
comparison to her. I loved those little flashes of hate
she was sending Amanda's way. I was only getting looks
of fear out of Avril now. I think she finally realized
that it was best not to piss me off.

"Well Amanda you win, congratulations!" I said as I
patted her on her little head, before turning to Avril.

"As for you slut, well, you get to have a little more
fun. Are you up for it?" I said to Avril
enthusiastically, and you could literally see her heart
sinking in her chest. She knew that this was not going
to be any kind of fun. For her at least.

I told Amanda to lay on the bed on her back, and then
had Avril climb on top of her in the 69 position. Once
Avril's swollen pussy was above Amanda's neck, so I knew
that Amanda would have a good view of the activities
which were about to commence, I handed Amanda a little

"Okay Amanda, your job is to keep buzzing Avril's clit
and to suck on my fingers when I hold them to your
mouth, do you understand?" I asked, resulting in my
good little pet to nod nervously.

"Good. And your job Avril is to take this like a tough
girl, and get this over with. If you take it, I
absolutely promise you that you will get to partake in a
delicious steak dinner that I am going to be preparing
tonight, and you can join Amanda and I to eat to your
heart's content. If you get off of Amanda at all, just
ONCE and don't take this, then I'll tie you up, whip the
living SHIT out of you, and do it anyway, AND you'll be
eating more dog food. Get my drift SLUT?" I asked,
punctuating a few words with a greater volume.

Avril nodded fearfully, gulping. I went in front of her
and made her tongue-kiss me for a few minutes to make
sure there were no hard feelings between us. Ha ha, I
loved forcing kisses off of Avril's pouty lips.

Moving back into position, I knelt on the floor where I
had a bird's eye-view of Avril's holes facing me, and of
Amanda looking up at them. Show time!

Holding two fingers down to Amanda's mouth, she licked
them, wondering what I was going to do to poor Avril
next. I'd think that after the film we just watched,
both girls would have an inkling.

Avril tensed her body, but remained remarkably quiet as
I started to rub my wettened fingers around her pussy
lips, feeling how soft and tender they were. God they
were so beautiful. I loved the idea that I had raped
her twice already, that I had dumped a huge load of
sperm inside her, making her feel unclean and filthy.
And now, I was going to violate her in a way that she
would never have thought possible.

For several wonderful minutes, I played with Avril's
pussy, like an artist sculpting clay. I tested its
elasticity, its texture, its warmth. Every so often,
especially after probing inside Avril's twat, I would
take my fingers out and force Amanda to suck them off
with her tongue, lubricating them for the next dipping.
Man it was fun, and the little moans and groans from
Avril were exciting too, as Amanda buzzed her little
clit in between the folds of skin that protected it,
urging it out.

Adding another finger, I could easily slip three fingers
past her still loosened hole, and twist them all around.
The inside of a woman's pussy is so soft and moist, and
Avril's was even more so.

Now a fourth finger was inside, and I could feel the
pressure of her tight cunt squeezing my fingers together
when I pushed them in all the way. Avril was begging me
to stop, that it was too much, but like a trooper, she
didn't try to climb off of Amanda's squirming body under

"I can't take your hand Mister, please!" Avril moaned
out quietly, as she predicted perfectly what was about
to happen.

"It's fate sweetie," I replied, "Your beautifully tight
young pussy was just made to be plundered, it just has
to happen, it's the price you pay for possessing such a
hot little body." I said as I pulled my sticky fingers
out and had a wincing Amanda lick off all of Avril's
juices, and then liberally lick my entire hand in
preparation for the big finale.

With a moan, Avril arched her back as I started to push
my four fingers back inside her, this time, holding my
thumb in between my second finger and my pinky. I was
determined to feel my entire fist being shoved into
Avril Lavigne, if it was the last thing I did. Nothing
was going to stop my forward progress.

Fortunately for her, her once virgin pussy had been
really stretched open inside from my cock and that
ridiculously huge vibrating dildo that I had let her
sleep with internally. Breaking the barrier of her
tight opening was the trick, and I had Amanda horking
gobs of spit all around the bottom side of my hand while
I added some to the top. And fate was fate.

With a gasp from all three of us, my hand was literally
swallowed by Avril's stretched out cunt, and I watched
as her clinging inner pussy lips sucked tightly around
the narrower part of my wrist, and for me at least, it
felt absolutely fantastic!!!

"Oh shit!!! Fuck Avril, I've got my hand jammed up your
little teenage pussy! Yeah!" I said, cheering myself on
as Avril gasped and cried in pain with every little
movement, every little tug of my hand inside her. It
was so hot in there, I couldn't believe it.

Ever so slowly and gently, I eased my hand back out,
causing great cries of pain from Avril as the wider part
passed through, pulling and sucking her pussy out with
it. Once I was free, her elastic pussy returned to
form, closing up as though nothing had happened.

"Here Amanda, suck this off," I said as my hand was
covered in some milky-clear pussy juices, and Amanda did
as she was told, filling her taste buds with the
arousing aromas of the insides of one of the sexiest
rock starlets around.

Once my hand was all saliva coated again, I pushed back
inside Avril's pussy, and it was certainly easier this
time. I smiled to myself as I thought about how loose
Avril's pussy was going to be after her week of
captivity with Steve and I. I loved thinking how she
would never again have her tightness back, and how every
sexual encounter she had in her future life would be
that much less enjoyable for her partner as I was
literally stealing her tightness away from her. Nothing
was better than this; humiliating this little slut,
wrecking such an important part of her.

Once again, Avril's pussy clung to my wrist in a tight
grip, and I was able to rub my fingers along the sides
of her slick, heated inner pussy walls. The next part
was tough, but I did it one finger at a time. I was
able to pull each finger into my palm, and eventually,
after several minutes, I was able to form my hand into a
big balled fist, and Avril's body was literally
trembling. You could see it shaking and quivering like
a dog shitting razor blades. Fuck it was an erotic
sight, one that will be burned into my head forever!

I tilted my head as I tried to imagine just how in the
hell my fist could fit in there! Her petite waist was
so tiny, and I knew how big my fist was, it was just
amazing to know that in between those tight little ass
cheeks of hers, sat my bulky lumber some fist.

I then began a twisting motion, turning my wrist a few
degrees in one direction, than a few more in the other.
That elicited a lot of squeals from Avril as she begged
me to stop, but I continued on, amazed at how her pussy
clung and gripped my hand in its grip. I could feel
little contractions happening all over from her pleasure
pit, and it made my cock totally hard again.

Amanda stared wide-eyed at the horrific scene happening
just above her. The vibrator continued to buzz away at
Avril's clit, which was peeking out more now because of
how my wrist was pulling the top of her lips so widely

Avril's asshole was also stretched into a tiny
horizontal line, rather than its usual crinkled star, as
it too was pulled out of shape from my huge wrist. When
I looked at Avril's entire bottom in front of me, I
wondered how double penetration was even possible, I
mean, how in the living hell do two large cocks fit into
two such tiny holes, in such a thin petite girl like
Avril! man that was going to be fun finding out. I
couldn't wait for Steve to arrive tomorrow as I had
never been one end of a sex sandwich before. I just
knew that I would have to test out Avril's cute puckered
little ass with my cock before Steve got here. I just
had to feel how tight that virgin hole of hers would be
around my cock.

Becoming a little bolder now, I started pushing and
pulling my fist in and out with two inch movements now
at the rate of about 30 pumps per minute, twisting it
now and then just for fun. I was really ravaging
Avril's poor pussy, but she remained stationary on
Amanda's tummy, taking this like the slut she was. I
was glad she was cooperating because I kind of wanted
Avril to have some real food for a change, to keep her
feeling ok. I shivered as I thought of her digesting
that piss laced dog food I had given to her yesterday,
wow that was a great sight.

"Oh yeah Avril you whore, your pussy aint so tight
anymore with my fist jammed up it, I'm going to loosen
it for you baby, I'm going to make this hole gape!" I
said as I increased the speed of my thrusts inside her.

I was hoping that she would have a mind-blowing orgasm
with the vibrator working away on her clit. It never
happened, but I didn't really care, as long as I could
feel the delightfully tight insides of Avril's pussy
clenching and writhing over the bulk shape of my
churning fist.

After about 10 solid minutes of fisting, I tried to pull
my hand out, but this time, while it was in the position
of a fist. It felt impossible! The inside of her pussy
hole just did not seem like it was going to budge one
bit and it felt as though I could pull her off the bed
and around the room simply from my fist plugging her up
inside. I wondered if that was how she would feel with
Duke's massive cock knot crammed up in her. My hand was
maybe the size of a large orange inside her, Duke's knot
grew to the size of a large grapefruit! It was going to
be a very erotic sight to watch that tonight, it would
be the desert after a delicious steak dinner!

I tugged my wrist, lifting my arm up, and sure enough, I
lifted Avril's body up as well. I was totally embedded
inside of her pussy!!!

"Stop it!!!!! You're hurting me!!" Avril begged out
pathetically as she could feel my massive fist inside of
her pulling at her insides, suctioning away around her

Finally, I undid my fingers from my fist, and I was able
to pull out my hand from her reddened twat, and I mean
reddened. As I pulled out, some of her inner pussy came
out too, and as it opened, I could see how red and puffy
the irritated skin was inside of her. It must have hurt
her a lot because she started saying "fuck" over and
over as I finally brought my hand out.

Ever had one of those baths where your hands turn all
wrinkly and water logged? Well that was what my
fingertips looked like, they were soaked from the heat
and wetness of Avril's gaping gash, and were all
wrinkly. I placed it down to Amanda who was forced to
suck off all of the white slime from my fingers, it was
so much fun to watch.

Grabbing a large set of vibrating Japanese Ben-Wa balls,
about an inch and a half in diameter each, I crammed
them into Avril's twat where they found some nook and
cranny in there to rest in the off-position.

"Avril, you took that like a pro! It looks like
someone's going to be getting a gourmet meal tonight!" I
said as I pulled my fingers back from Amanda's licking

"Now, just one more little thing to try, and then we'll
start to do some cooking." I said as I brought my
fingers up to Avril's tiny almost untouched asshole.
Having a finger up there the other night was great, I
was going to try a few more in there now.

Placing two fingers at the entrance to Avril's tiny butt
hole, I began pushing and testing the hole's tightness,
which was so different to her loosened pussy.

"No, not there!" Avril said, her danger-sense tingling,
believing that I might be wanting to try one of the
disgusting acts that we had seen in the porn flick.

"Don't worry slut, as much as I know you want me to cram
my fist up your sweet little asshole, I'm just going to
be doing some probing." I replied as I continued
forward, managing to sink the first two inches of my two
fingers inside her asshole. It was drier and hotter
than her pussy, kind of like Arizona weather to
California weather. Well, I thought it was a good

I pulled my fingers out and smelled them, and that nice
unmistakable scent of young female ass was on them.

"Since you're getting out of here without being raped
Amanda, the least you could do is suck some of Avril's
ass slime off of these..." I said as I held my fingers
down to Amanda's face. Her face scrunched up as if to
say "YUCK!" as she caught a whiff of my fingers, but
without hesitation, she sucked them off inside the
inside of her mouth. I made sure to wipe them clean
over Amanda's inner cheeks and her tongue before pulling
them out and returning them back to Avril's asshole.

I was able to get my two fingers jammed all the way
inside Avril's rear end passage, and I played with the
balls that I could feel just on the other side of her
thin membranes that separated her two slut holes.

Turning on a little remote control that I had, I felt
the balls instantly start to jump alive by buzzing and
knocking against each other. Avril jumped and started
trembling again when that happened. I pushed against
her rectal walls, trying to move the balls around into
different positions inside her cunt. This was almost
like performing little dexterity exercises as I wiggled
my fingers uncomfortably inside her.

Not wanting Avril to have all the fun, I produced a
matching set of balls, and told Amanda that she was
going to get some shoved up her snatch too. I handed
the balls to Avril and instructed her to lubricate them
and then to GENTLY insert them into Amanda as her pussy
was still virgin and would need some TLC.

As if Avril was just looking for a chance to get revenge
on her little counterpart, Avril took the balls from me,
and without lubricating them, she literally CRAMMED them
up inside Amanda with brute force!!!

Wow, I had no idea how pissed off Avril was that she was
suffering the brunt of the sexual abuse dished out to
them, and it appeared as though she wanted to give a
little back! Amanda cried out in pain as she felt the
large balls being crammed inside her extremely tight
pussy, and a few tears formed in the corners of her eyes
as they went in. I started them buzzing as well, and I
began to think about how viciously Avril had just
treated little Amanda underneath her. The possibilities
started forming in my mind!

After a few more minutes of toying with Avril's
scrumptious ass, I decided I had to rape her again.
Standing up, I moved the already totally hard top of my
cock to the edge of Avril's pussy lips and I proceeded
to rub the dripping hole at the tip of my cock, up and
down the length of Avril's hole. I loved that Amanda
was going to get a great close-up of the action
happening just inches above her, and I wanted to try a
little hole-to-mouth action with her. After all, she
had escaped a lot of the torments that Avril had to go
through, so it was a bit of payback time.

With a massive thrust, i buried my cock inside Avril's
pussy, feeling my cock head make contact with the Ben-Wa
balls, forcing them all the way back to the entrance of
her womb. Avril cried out from the sudden intrusion,
but after my fist, my cock was no doubt a much more
welcome visitor inside her little twat.

I started slamming my hips in and out as I fucked Avril
hard, pulling out now and then to have Amanda suck off
the juices that coated my cock, before ramming it back
inside Avril. For 10 long wonderful minutes of sheer
pleasure I fucked Avril's ball filled pussy before I
pulled out all the way and shot gobs of semen all over
her gaped pussy lips and inside the yawning mouth inside
her hole. Amanda closed her eyes as my stringy sperm
began to drip down all over her face. I held her head
still and told Avril to force Amanda to suck out the
sperm from her pussy.

With great gusto, Avril sat up and started grinding and
mashing her sperm filled pussy all over Amanda's face,
turning her into a complete mess!! Amanda wiggled and
thrashed a lot as though she couldn't breathe even
though it was obvious that she could. At first I
wondered why, but then I saw that Avril was cruelly
digging her fingernails into Amanda's poor little
nipples, while squashing herself on her face!

Digging through my knowledge of psychology, I made the
assumption to myself that Avril was simply trying to
cope by dishing out a little bit of pain, discomfort and
humiliation to Amanda. It was as though she could
regain some of her own strength and self-respect back by
inflicting some back. Kind of like that infamous
experiments of how two helplessly shocked labrats start
to become aggressive towards each other!

Little rivulets of sperm began leaking down the sides of
Amanda's face and onto her cum-matted hair, as Avril's
thighs continued to mash my sperm erotically all over
her. Amanda was making all sorts of noises as she tried
to beg Avril to stop. Finally, I made Avril step up off
of Amanda, who instantly started to rub some feeling
back into her sore nipples that Avril had tortured. I
forced Avril to lick off the remaining sperm from
Amanda's face, and instructed the two of them to kiss
for a while.

"You sperm-licking little sluts, I think it's time we
put some real food into you. Come with me, you're in
for a real treat girls!" I said as I had them follow me
into the kitchen.

Over the next hour, I grilled up three perfectly tender
pre-marinated steaks, baked up three buttery/garlicky
baked potatoes, and steamed up some asparagus, Brussels
sprouts and cauliflower. Peppering and seasoning up the
steaks, I finished the three meals. In the time that I
cooked, I had both girls orally servicing my cock and
balls, and licking the rest of my body anywhere I told
them to as they followed me around the kitchen on their
hands and knees doing whatever I instructed them to do.
Now that dear readers makes cooking enjoyable!

Once we returned into the living room area, we sat on
the floor and I poured out three glasses of a nice pink
Zinfandel, and we ate our delicious meal. Avril chowed
down as though she had never tasted food before, whereas
Amanda was more refined. During the meal, I struck up
some general conversation about Hollywood, and their
careers...totally non-sexual stuff, and was interested
that they were genuinely answering me. Of course I knew
that they were too scared of not saying anything at all,
but it felt neat to have a normal conversation with two
sluts that you had just fucked, raped and humiliated.

They were shifting around a lot with the little buzzing
balls inside of them, but not once did they ask to
remove them.

"Well girls, what did you think, were those not the best
steaks you've ever had in your life?" I asked, and they
both nodded.

Suddenly, Duke came lumbering in and started to lick
Avril's plate clean as I chuckled.

"Hey Duke! Hey boy! Are you hungry?" I said as Duke
scooped up every last drop of steak juice and piece of
potato skin that he could find, before plopping his
almost 200 pound body on the floor next to us. Duke
laid down on his side and sighed contentedly as I
watched both girls for their reactions. Amanda was
looking at Duke, but Avril was only looking down...she
wasn't much into eye contact after everything she had
been through.

And her level of experience was about to go up one more

"Hey Avril, I know that Amanda likes Duke, but the
question is, do you?" I asked the loaded question.

"Yes he's cute." said Avril quietly.

"Really? You think so?" I asked. Avril nodded.

"Good! Why don't you pet him?" I asked, feeling my cock
starting to get hard again. Avril reached over and
patted the huge lazy Mastiff as he lay on the floor.

"Awww Avril, you can do better than that..." I
encouraged. She started to use two hands, rubbing him
around his front legs and his upper body.

"Now give him a little kiss. Duke likes kisses." I
said, watching for how she would react.

"What??" asked Avril with a glint of disgust in her

"You heard me give him a kiss on his lips. He won't
bite." I said, waiting.

Slowly, Avril leaned forward, her head being smaller
than Duke's was, and gave him a little peck on his lips.
Duke just laid there, not moving.

"That's not a kiss slut, that was a peck. Give him a
kiss!" I repeated.

Avril was becoming nervous now, wondering how far I was
going to be taking this affection. But she leaned down
and gave him a longer kiss, but the moment that Duke's
tongue came out to slobber her lips, Avril pulled back
quickly, and wiped her face off on the bed sheets.

"See? I told you he liked to kiss. Do it again." I
said, and Avril reluctantly gave him another kiss. "Now
lets see you give him a body massage. Duke just loves
to be rubbed and stroked all over..." I hinted to Avril
who looked into my eyes with a look of contempt. I had
to believe that at that moment, she knew exactly where I
was going with all this, and I smiled a wickedly knowing
smile her way, causing her to shiver. She did move
towards Duke and started to rub him all over his body,
with the exception of the one area I wanted to see her
touch most of all.

"Ok rocker slut, let's cut to the chase. You know what
I want, so just do it!" I said. Avril's reaction was to
stop and turn to me.

"You want me to fucking touch his cock?" she asked
incredulously as though I had lost my mind. Nope, my
mind was intact alright, and thinking of pairing a 100
pound human female with a 200 pound canine male. The
possibilities were monstrously cool to think about!

"Yep. And I want you to show Duke how good you are with
your hands, because if either he or I are not convinced,
we might have to find a different body part to make Duke
feel good with, if you catch my drift slut." I replied.

Avril let out a noise of disgust as she started to move
her hands lower to Duke's sheathed, hidden cock. It was
so cute when Duke lifted his leg into the air as though
to give Avril some more room to rub. I loved the sight
of Avril's dainty little hands stroking all over Duke's
hairy sheath, which was starting to open, and expose the
pink veined cock underneath.

"Atta girl. Hey Amanda, what do you think? Avril's
pretty good with that? Do you think she's had some
former experience in rubbing animal cocks?" I said,
causing Avril to mutter some unmentionable words under
her breath as she angrily rubbed his cock.

The two girls couldn't take their eyes off of Duke's dog
cock as it was growing at an incredible rate. It had
now poked about 6 inches out of his sheath and was only
about an inch wide, but thickening with every passing
minute. Duke's clear pre-cum was starting to leak out
from the pointy tip at the end of his cock, and I made
Avril wipe it up with her fingers.

"Hey Amanda, I don't want you to miss out on all the fun
over there, do you want to help Avril out?" I asked, and
immediately, a grossed-out Amanda shook her head no!

"Avril, I know you don't like to share, but would you
like Amanda to have a little shared time with you and

"Oh yes!!!! Please!" replied Avril with a devilish
glint in her eyes as she stared over at a frightened

"You heard her Amanda, she wants some help, you'd better
go do it."

I felt my cock growing hard again as I watched little
Amanda Bynes start to rub Duke's huge cock with her
fingers, joining Avril's. Avril started to observe the
horrified look on Amanda's face, and I could tell that
although she wasn't smiling, that Avril was tremendously
enjoying Amanda going through the process of sexual
debasement with her. God it was cool to watch. And
Duke calmly laid there, turning more on his back as his
leaking cock was now jutting up a good 8 inches towards
his stomach from the base where his knot was just
starting to emerge.

Duke, albeit cumbersomely, allowed his instincts to take
over, and he slowly started to stand up, ready to mount
the first thing that he could. Both girls stopped
touching him and watched as he stood on his feet, all
200 pounds of him. Seeing as how Amanda was closer to
him than Avril, Duke started to try and hump her upper
body, causing Amanda to panic.

"Oh my God, get him off of me!" said Amanda frantically
as she turtled, making sure that her little butt was
facing away from him. Duke looked so adorable trying to
hump his cock over the back side of Amanda's hair as she
lowered her face to the floor and had Duke crawling over
her back.

Avril watched with a morbid fascination as Duke's weight
pressed down against her friend's, and I decided to pull
Duke off of her. He was so good tempered, he simply
laid down on the floor next to me while I rubbed his
upper body, and he resumed his position with his cock
still pointing out prominently.

"Well girls, now you've done it, you've got him all
aroused and I think he wants a little piece of the
action. Now, since I made a promise to Amanda that I
wouldn't rape her, I am going to keep my promise, BUT, I
will allow her to decide who Duke mates with. Ok?" I
said as I turned to Amanda, curious to see just how much
of a friend she was going to be. Earlier, she was going
to agree to eat dog food and urine just to help Avril
out, but this was somewhat more of a stretch. If you
could only see how large Duke was, then you would
understand the issue at hand.

"Well Amanda? Who does Duke fuck, you or Avril?" I
asked, putting the situation quite bluntly.

"Her!!" answered Amanda quickly, obviously not wanting
to have anything else to do with Duke.

"You fucking cunt!" replied Avril immediately, "I've
been raped already, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! You
have to fuck him, I CAN'T!!!" begged Avril with a nice
mixture of anger and distress.

"Nooooo noooooo, I don't want him to touch me," answered
Amanda, who then turned to me, "Please, don't make him
touch either of us!!"

"Sorry Amanda sweetie, that really isn't an option. I
want to see Duke fuck one of you, so please tell me
again who it should be." I said.

Amanda turned to look at Avril.

"I'm sorry Avril....I'm sorry....I just...I...I
can't!!!" Amanda pitifully sobbed to Avril.

"You fucking piece of shit, you bitch!" Avril angrily
replied. "I hope he does all this shit to you too!"

CLICK! All of a sudden, the proverbial light bulb
clicked in over my head. :)

"Girls, girls, please, the last thing I want to do is
break apart such a beautiful friendship over something
like this! And obviously, by having one of you make
this choice, well, that is just going to upset the other
one. I think we need a more neutral, objective way of
deciding this." I said rationally, coming off sounding
more menacing to the girls than calm. I had captured
both of their attentions as they stopped speaking to
each other, and stared right up at me as I continued to
rub Duke, who's massive erection had still not simmered.

"The only fair thing to do is to put you both to a fair
test, and the loser will end up having to fuck Duke.
This way, the decision is out of your hands. Does that
sound good to both of you?" I asked.

Both girls didn't say anything at first, but then they
both nodded in defeat.


Standing up, I returned with my good ol' goatskin
flogger. Goatskin was a material that was much lighter
than leather, and resulted in any administered strokes
being much lighter in the beginning, but over time,
caused more intense burning hits on skin that was
repeatedly whipped.

"Oh fuck...." said Avril as she saw me holding my whip,
clearly not excited about what she new was only
inevitable. Amanda's jaw was gaping as she realized
that she was not going to be a mere observer this time
around, and she started saying the word "No" over and
over and over again.

"Ok girls. Here's how we're going to decide this little
matter of who gets to be Duke's bitch...." I started to
say, but I was interrupted by Amanda who cowered her
little self backwards to the bed as I walked closer.

"No!!!! Don't hit me, please!" cried Amanda as she was
obviously very scared.

"Oh don't worry Amanda, I won't be the one whipping
you...Avril will! And you will be hitting her."

Watching both of their reactions made me realize that my
plan was starting to sink in.

"Here's what we'll do. I'm going to have both of you
take turns whipping each other, and the one of you that
can last the longest, avoids having that huge, and I
mean HUGE, dog cock being crammed up their twats.
Brilliant idea don't you think?" I asked, grinning from
ear to ear.

Both girls sat motionless, taking this all in.

"Of course," I continued, "I could always let Duke fuck
both of you if you're not interested in a whipping

Well that seemed to do it, both Amanda and Avril quickly
agreed to the whipping contest, weighing all the
negatives, and deciding that whipping was a thousand
times more takeable than being fucked by a 200 pound

"Very well. Now here's how we're going to do it. No
one, and I mean NO ONE will strike the whip until I say
the word PROCEED. Once you are holding the whip, you
will wait for me to say that word, understood?"

Two nods. Good! Time to explain the rules.

"Good. Now, I am going to have you each taking turns at
spreading your legs, standing on the floor, and bending
over so that your hands are flat on the top of the bed.
Your legs will be spread exactly two feet apart. The
girl in that position will be whipped by the other over
the ass, just once. After being hit, you will have to
thank the whipper by name and stay in that position for
ten seconds. I will tell you when the ten seconds are
up. You will alternate until a loser is decided. The
loser will be the first one of you to jump out of that
position after being whipped, or the one who simply
gives up. This is clearly a contest of stamina girls,
and to see who can resist the most pain. Any

Two shakes of the head. Great! Time to get some
snacks, this was going to be fun!

Stepping into the kitchen, I poured out a nice big bag
of Ruffles into a bowl and opened up a beer. Mmmm, I
just loved Ruffles and beer. The best snack around.
Sitting down in my comfy reclining armchair, I opened my
beer and started to munch away, like a relaxed
spectator. Hell, this was going to be better than
watching the Cards lose another game.

"Now girls, the first decision to make obviously is who
gets their ass whipped first. That is important because
the person who gets whipped first will always be one
stroke behind, if you'll pardon the pun. Therefore,
that person could flinch first. So here's how we're
going to decide that." I said happily.

Now, the NFL may use a coin for their opening decision-
making, but I was going to try something a helluva lot
more fun.

"I am going to give each of you 20 seconds to stand in
front of me and act. You're both actresses right? Well
at least you are Amanda, but somehow Avril, I have the
feeling that you'll end up trying your hand at acting
one day, seeing as how badly you sing. Here's the scene
you're going to act out. You are a young slut, totally
out to get fucked and you've just walked into a biker
bar in the seedy side of town, looking for action. I am
the head biker and you are going to try and say
everything in your power to beg me and my buddies to
gangfuck the living shit out of you. I will be judging
you on sluttiness, creativity and how serious your voice
sounds. 20 seconds. Make your argument. In fact, just
to make this more interesting, the loser will get the
first three whips on her ass before alternating, so make
it good!"

Both girls looked mortified. It was one situation to
have things forced upon you, but quite another to be
forced to say such horrible things, and to make it sound

"Amanda, you first. Stand up here please." I said as I
watched Amanda slowly walk up to in front of my reclined
legs. "You may!" I said as I
looked at the second hand on the wall clock behind her.

For the first few seconds, Amanda didn't say anything at
all, but one raise of my eyebrow and an angry glare got
her speaking...

"Ummmmm, I want you men to, ummmm, have sex with me, and
to umm, please, have, sex with me now, please....."

"Time." I said as I chuckled at Amanda's poor
performance. "You call that slutty Amanda?" I commented
as she turned and sat down on the bed, horrified by what
she had to say.

"Ok Avril, you're up next." I said as Avril stood up
quickly and walked over to me. As she passed Amanda,
she gave her the snidest look, as if to say, I've
gotcha! Wow, I wondered if Avril was feeling confident
that she could win this, or maybe it was just her
excitement to whip the living shit out of Miss Goody-
Two-Shoes Amanda Bynes.

"Ok Avril, you may!" I said as I watched
Avril perform....and what a performance!"

"I want all of you to fuck the living shit of me all
night long, to fuck me all over and to totally pump me
and fuck me." said Avril quite impressively. As she
spoke, I imagined how amazing it would be to watch her
saying those words in the real situation. I had a
sneaky suspicion that the bikers would probably have
been in favor of her request.

"Avril, that was perfect! You were born to be a slut,
you know that!" I said. "Amanda dear, I'm sorry, but
you just weren't slutty enough. I do sympathize with
you, it's hard to compete when you're up against a
slutty skank like this. So hop to it Amanda, assume the

With some verbal coaching, I got Amanda to the position
that I wanted her in, bent over the bed, her legs spread
apart by two feet, and her delightfully little petite
bottom jutting up into the air. I reminded her that if
she moved her palms from the bed or her feet from the
floor, even a fraction of an inch before I told her she
could move, she would be popping her cherry with an
animal. Amanda was clearly horrified, but she knew that
the only thing that mattered in her life right now was
keeping her feet and hands where they were!

I handed the whip to Avril, who appeared to be way too
eager to whip her little friend, and watched as Avril
kind of tested the whip in the air, swinging it back and
forth a little. With those cold glassy eyes, dear
readers, I had the inclination that Avril would make one
hell of a good Dominatrix!

"Now Avril, stand next to Amanda, and remember, only one
whip at a time, on the ass only, and only when I say the
word PROCEED. Understand?" I said and Avril nodded her

Fuck this was going to be great, I thought, as I munched
a few more potato chips. Even at its greatest strength,
I knew that this goatskin flogger would sting a lot, but
was manageable, at least for the first few hits. It was
the slow burning stinging pain of multiple hits that
would eventually sear through the loser's butt, thus
making them the loser when they begged for
was all so perfect!

"Alright Avril. Hit number one. Proceed." I said.

Instantly, Avril brought down the whip, HARD, right
across the ass cheeks of Amanda in front of her, the
resulting noise being a nice solid SPLAT.

Amanda screamed out, more in shock than in pain, but she
managed to keep herself from moving.

Geez, that was kind of a healthy hit, I thought, Avril
must certainly be determined to win.



"NOOOOO!!!!!! Avril not so HARD!!!!!" cried out Amanda
as the whip landed nicely on her ass for the second



Avril really laid into her that time, bringing down the
flogger with great force, obviously wanting to make that
third hit count. The bitch was probably hoping to break
her little friend without having to receive anything in
return. It didn't work though as Amanda held her
ground. After 10 seconds, I let Amanda come up for her

"You did it Amanda, you survived, so now it's your turn.
Avril, get your ass into position." I said as I watched
Avril roughly shoving the whip into her hands, flashing
her a look of bitterness and hate. Amanda looked really
scared as she rubbed her sore little butt with one hand
and held onto the flogger with the other. She was so
cute, how was she ever going to win this contest?

"Ok Amanda, get ready..." I said as I finished off my
beer. "Proceed."

Amanda's hit was the most pathetic whipping I had ever
seen. She basically tapped Avril's ass with it, not
even causing Avril to flinch out.

"You may get up now Avril." I said as Avril stood up and
energetically took the whip out of Amanda's hands.

"Amanda," I offered, "If you want some advice, I would
really suggest that you use put a little more muscle
into your whipping procedure. Remember how Avril
whipped you? If you keep this up, your pussy is going
to be full of doggy sperm. Do you know how you're going
to feel if Duke fucks you? You won't be able to walk
for a week!" I said, hoping to inspire Amanda into
greater heights.

Avril looked over at me as if she was jumping the bit to
whip Amanda again, her confidence was obvious.



This hit was the hardest of all! Avril literally left
her feet as she slammed the flogger as hard as she
possibly could over Amanda's ass. Amanda cried out in
pain, and her knees buckled a little, but thankfully,
she stayed put. To be honest, I didn't want Amanda to
lose. As if I could let some dog take the virginity of
the girl that I wanted so badly. Oh well, I was hoping
that I didn't have to resort to figure skating judging,
perhaps Amanda could win fair and square.

Either way, a bookie's odds would place her at a
definite longshot. Avril was really using that whip
like a pro.

"Switch." I said as Avril got into position, thrusting
the whip rudely into Amanda's hands.



Albeit a little harder, the hit barely phased Avril, who
anxiously awaited my command to switch. On her turn,
Avril cracked Amanda hard again and so the pattern

On the 20th exchange, I stopped them to observe their
little butts. Avril's was a light shade of pink as
Amanda had been hitting her somewhat harder out of
desperation, but even her hardest hits were hardly
making an impact. As for Amanda, her glowing ass was a
reddened crisscrossing pattern of welts, evidence that
Avril had been giving her everything she could in her
attempts to break her.

I couldn't believe that Amanda had lasted as long as she
had, but my hopes for her lasting any longer were
fading. I just knew that she was going to give soon.
On hit number 16, Amanda flinched a little, lifting her
hand off the bed in reflex, but quickly replacing it,
and Avril begged me to deem her the winner. I lied, and
pretended that I hadn't seen her take her hand off the
bed, and Avril was pissed off, feeling that she had been
cheated of a victory. That only made her hit Amanda
even harder on the next four strokes. It would have
been obvious to everyone that Avril was going to win
this thing, so I decided to act.

"You girls are really impressive. I can tell how much
you both are trying to not get dog fucked. I want to
watch this action close-up, you two are so great." I
said as I stood up next to Avril as she held the whip,
and Amanda moved her sore, tired body into position

"Proceed." I said as Avril slammed the whip into Amanda,
causing more distressed cries and tears. But still,
Amanda didn't move, and they exchanged places.

This time, as Avril got into position, facing away from
us, I told Amanda to get ready. However, I lifted my
finger up to my mouth, placing it into a "shushing"
position, secretly motioning Amanda not to say anything.
Amanda watched as I took the whip from her and held it
in my own hands!

"Proceed." I said as I raised the whip up over my head.
With all the arm strength I could muster, I SLAMMED it
down HARD over Avril's begging little ass, and then
quickly shoved it back into Amanda's hands.

Game over.

Avril leapt up out of her position, her hands
immediately flying back to her burning backside.

"FUUUCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!" said Avril as the burning
sensation flowed through her! Amanda stood there,
staring in shock as Avril turned around and glared at
her. After Amanda's first 20 pathetic little hits, it
was the pure shock of such a sudden jolt that made Avril

"You fucking bitch I'll kill you!!!" said Avril as she
attacked Amanda right before my very eyes! She lunged
forward, knocking Amanda to the carpet and both Duke and
I stared in total amazement. While Duke simply walked
into the kitchen, I pulled Avril off of Amanda before
she could do any harm, and restrained her in my arms.
Amanda looked up in fear at both of us, and I knowingly
winked my eye at her, flashing a smile at her.

"Don't be such a sore loser bitch!" I cursed at Avril as
I spanked her ass, causing her to yelp out! I wondered
if she would accuse me of cheating, but instead, she
simply dropped to her knees and starting begging me not
to make her fuck Duke! How precious!

"Noooo!!! Mister please let me try again! Give me one
more chance! I won't move again!!! Please!!! Just one
more chance, Amanda can even hit me three times each,
please!" said Avril, horrified that she had lost,
knowing what the consequences were.

"Hmmmmm, I don't know...." I said. I actually did know,
but hey, I wanted to see how badly Avril wanted to avoid
fucking Duke.

Sensing that there was a potential opening for her to
sway my decision, Avril began begging more than ever!

"Please!!!! Give me another chance Mister, please!!"

"Will you suck my asshole for a while if I let you go
for round 2 with Amanda?" I asked, watching to see how
Avril would react.

Again, Avril flashed me a look of hate, she was really
steamed, but in only a few seconds, she replied "Yes."

"Would you let me piss down your throat, and drink it?"

"Fuck!!!!" replied Avril, exhaustedly "Why the fuck are
doing this to me????? Why don't you fucking do that to
her!!!! Nothing happens to her, nothing!!!" Avril
stated her case. I didn't bother to reply to her.

"Oh Duke! Here boy!" I shouted out, causing my well-
trained four-legged friend to come bounding excitedly
into the room.

"Ok!!!! I'll drink your piss, I'll kiss your ass,
anything!!!!!" begged Avril frantically. Imagine, I
thought, a few days ago, Avril Lavigne wouldn't have
given me the time of day, and now she was begging to
swallow my piss and ream my ass out with her tongue. I
was a model for the pursuit of happiness. :)

"Too late slut, you had your chance to say yes, and I
would have given you another shot at Amanda's ass. But
now, your ass belongs to Duke!" I said with an evil

"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted
Avril at the top of her lungs. I grabbed her roughly by
her wrists, and yanked Avril's tiny body right up off
the floor, pulling her up so that her face was directly
in front of mine.

"No BITCH, FUCK YOU!!!" I replied as I spit into her
face before I threw her roughly to the floor.

"Ok Duke ol' boy, you're going to be the best groupie
this little rock-slut has ever met!" I said as I patted
his monstrous head.

Avril looked up at me with furious anger in her eyes as
I started to mock sing....

"He's just a dog, you're just a bitch, can I make it any
more obvious?....."
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