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AMANDA7 split and walk down the


The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays Part 2
By Hector’s Pup

Thank you for your support for my journal therapy regarding my
marriage to Amanda. Here is more on the games that we played. Like
when we went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Amanda decided to make a
contest out of it. She wanted to see who could get more beads, her or
me. I protested because it was mostly guys giving beads to women who
flashed. They wouldn’t do it for me.

Amanda countered, "No, silly, the guys may start out with the best
supply of beads, but who do you think ends up with them."

I still thought it would be like trick or treating other trick or
treaters at the end of a Halloween evening. But, I learned that times
like this were pointless to argue about, because Amanda hangs in the
battle, long past being worth it, in order to stay right.

So, by the time Fat Tuesday rolled around, she turned a favorite old pair of my jeans into essentially a pair of chaps, with the pant legs
held to the belt band around the sides. This left me exposed front
and back. To allow me to walk with her down the street and in the
crowd, she had me to wear a Nehru type jacket, which buttoned all the
way up the front, which just ended below my crotch, when dong and the
boys were hanging down at parade rest, and which had slits up the
sides to about my belt.

Amanda, who could catch anybody’s eye even in a burlap dress, wore sky
blue hot pants to show off her athletic legs and a sleeveless yellow
sweatshirt with a swish logo in red across her upper chest with the
slogan "Just do it", only the "it" was crossed out and "me" written
in, across her breasts in black. The bottom was cut off so it ended
just bellow her breasts if she were to sag them forward. Without a
bra, any ten year old or younger could feast their eyes on two
bonerfied wonders of the world. Now I ask you, how can a guy compete
with that?

We stood next to each other and tested our uniforms in the mirror.
We tested ourselves, and we tested each other’s. One problem was
abundantly clear to me. An erection of her nipples was nothing for
her to deal with compared to an erection for me. No matter to her, of
course, so out we went.

The party had been going on without us. We walked into the crowd and
allowed ourselves to be swept up in the current. We were greeted by
friendly strangers everywhere we turned. Amanda turned heads and got
propositions right and left. tits were periodically flashed and
cameras flashed tits periodically all around us.

The excitement, the evening air wafting my genitals, and the sexual
tension of the partygoers was giving me a tenting in front of my
jacket. As we walked about, the friction of the material across the
tip of my cock was keeping me constantly aroused. Amanda’s excitement
was noticeable as well, but it just added to her overall sexuality.
We explored and got the lay of the land before ducking into a café to
finalize the rules of our game.

Amanda suggested we split up and walk down the opposite sides of the
street, cross the street a few blocks down and see how the other is
doing, then continue back switching sides until we met back at this
cafe in two hours to count up the spoils.

That wasn’t going to work, I protested. This wasn’t going to work at
all. If I were to walk with Amanda, we would be surrounded by nothing
but men only interested in coaxing Amanda into flashing. Hell, I’d
give her my beads if she flashed me on the street, and I know her. If
we were to walk separately, no women would think to have me flash
them. I doubt gays would think to have me flash them either. In fact,
if I were to flash anybody on my own, I might end up in jail or just
plain beaten up.

"Then come with me Darling. We’ll work something out as we go along."
Amanda said as she gave my cock a quick rise with her hand, slipped
out of the booth, and looked at me amused as I slid out following her,
flashing her my crotch and squeaking my bare butt on the vinyl.

Within a few minutes, it was clear how this was going to go. Amanda
would flash her tits to her crowd, then she would flash me to the
crowd, sometimes giving me a rub to keep me hard and on edge. She
would attract the beads and I became her beast of burden to carry
them. I was the side show and she was the main event. It was like we
were partners in the effort, well okay, she was the owner, and I was
her pet.

Things progressed in this vain into the evening until we ran into
another couple where they were both flashing as well. Some guys were
just, frankly, following Amanda wherever we circulated. So, as we
approached this other couple, we kind of brought an entourage with us.

The other couple were entertaining a group around them with teasing
and antics which got Amanda’s competitive juices flowing. She took me
by the cock and pushed our way through the crowd and pulled me up
alongside the other man who had pierced nipples and a piercing with a
ring on the underside of his cock just behind the head. He actually
had a wrap around pastel print skirt, a bikini type top of the same
material with holes cut out to expose his nipple rings, jewelry, make
up and a wrap around his head matching the rest of the outfit.

The women exchanged glances (purrs and growls. . .hssst!) and started
playing to the crowd with their playthings. To look at this guy I
felt sorry for him until I saw some of myself in his eyes. There
wasn’t much time to bemoan my future because there was competition in
the air. First the other lady flicked the man’s nipple rings with her
tongue to cheers from the crowd. Then Amanda unbuttoned my jacket
down the front to my waist, slid her hands in around my body, and
sucked on my nipples while sticking her buns of steel back into the
face of the crowd. When she would swing it side to side, the crowd
whistled, cheered and reached out to touch it.

Then the woman held the man’s skirt open, hooked a finger in the man’s
cock ring and pulled, lifted and jiggled it to everyone’s amusement.
Amanda responded by petting my balls and cock under the front flap of
my jacket tail bringing my groin teasingly into view for those low
enough. It was evident that she was getting the crowd behind her when
some in front bent over to sneak a better view of her ministrations.
When the crowd started chanting, "Skin. Skin. Skin. . .", she stood
behind me holding the front flap up, looking back at the crowd for
their reaction under my right arm as she turned me around 360 degrees
displaying my hairless crotch for all to discover, gawk at, and
comment on.

The lady was getting a little perturbed by the crowds’ favoring us, so
she pulled her saggy large breasts out of her top that matched her
man’s outfit and let the material hold them up and out. She started
to masturbate him with one hand while she pinched, squeezed, and
otherwise menaced his nipples with her other. She would bend over
occasionally showing her thong covered ass to the crowd on one side
while she would lick the head of his cock with a slutty expression for
the crowd on the other.

Amanda, not to be outdone, not wishing to wait for the cops to bust us
for this lewd behavior, and knowing my responses like a book, had me
hold up the two flaps with my hands, spread my legs, and not to cum until her signal. She stood to the right of my front, put a hand to
work on my butt, put her other hand to work on my nuts, spread her
legs to shoulder width apart, bent at the waist with her legs and back
straight and started to lave my cock head with her tongue. The really
crude ones in the crowd fought to get over to my right side behind
Amanda to take in her smooth, strong, athletic legs, butt and breast bottoms on display under her top.

Hands on both men and women started going for their own tits and
groins or the tits and groins of their neighbors. If a cop were to
break through the crowd to witness this, any arrest would have caused
a riot I’m sure.

Amanda waited for the other man to cum in his lady’s mouth, for the
lady to swallow it, and for them to receive the appreciation from the
crowd, before giving me the signal to go for it. She switched to my
left side, crouched down like she was going to do the limbo under my
cock, held up her top completely exposing her perfect tits to crowd
for the first time, and batted the underside of my balls with the tip
of her tongue. I started to get into a telltale lurching motion then
she switched to the underside of the tip of my cock. "Holy shit! What
an arc I got on that baby." I thought, pleased with the results of
the incredibly intense orgasm.

With all of the noise and commotion at our location, the crowd had
swelled. We ducked our way through the crowd and out of the fray
luckily in just the right direction to avoid the cops, that had
arrived to investigate the disturbance. We went running and laughing
hand in hand until we couldn’t run any more, stopped, leaned our butts
up against a building, hands on our knees, and caught our breaths
together. When we both regained our composure, we looked at each
other, and burst out laughing again as we "high-fived" our hands.

Well that takes care of you tonight, Sweetie. Now how about me?"
Amanda said, grabbing my forearm and pulling me to the curb. "Oh
taxi! (Whistle) (wave). You’d better have some energy left Big Boy.
The night is still young." She said to me with her usual determine

If you play a game with Amanda, its always better to be on her team.
You can reach me at:


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