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AMANDA8 camera and started snap away

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays Part 3
By Hectorís Pup

In case you are reading about Amanda and me for the first time, let me
say that Amanda was my wife for ten years in an unusual relationship
that evolved from paradise to unpleasantness over the course of the
ten year bond. Monika, referred to here, is her mother that looks so
much like her, it is amazing.

Amanda knew I loved her and trusted me enough to lend me out to others
if she felt the experience would be humiliating enough for me. It was
her game to keep me horny, attentive and in her control basically in
everything she did.

So, it was not surprising that when Monika, an artist/teacher by
trade, came over to pass along a request from one of her students,
that Amanda agreed. It seems that when Amanda lent me to her mother to pose for her figure drawing class, I had made an impression on one
of her more enthusiastic students. She approached Monika with a
request to allow me to pose for her in private for pay, and would she
ask her daughter and me if it would be okay.

Amandaís response to Monika was, "If you see no problem with it and
its okay with you, then its okay with me."

Of course, nobody would think to ask me if it was okay with me!

"Honey, I need you to do a favor for Mother. Please go to this
address and follow directions of a Ms. Anderson when you get there."
She said reading the name off of a piece of paper she handed me.

"What do you think will be involved?" I asked with reservation.

"Oh, she needs a manís help on some sort of project I guess. I expect
you to fully cooperate and I think there was even mention of maybe
some money involved, not that that should make any difference. I said
this was a favor for Mother." She finished saying with an
authoritative air. "Here, why donít you put this and this on? They
will be more comfortable on a muggy day like today."

Amanda handed me a pair of red nylon jogging shorts, which,
thankfully, she hadnít done any modifications to, like she was
accustomed to doing, and a tight fitting white tank top she had
shortened to show off a hint of my six-pack abs she had me working on
all the time. For her fun of it, she had the shirt custom inscribed
to read "This is just the knock around model. The Caddy is parked at
home." From her collection of cock and ball straps and cloth covered
elastic bands, she was collecting, she passed over "Sanitized for your
protection.", "Less Filling/Tastes Great", and "Property of the US
Womenís Volley Ball Team" in favor of "I Aim To Please". This red on
pink satin or silk covered elastic band she put around the base of my
cock and balls as a constant reminder of her equity in them. These
fit snugly to lift my balls out and to keep my cock at some level of
arousal all the time I wore them, but not so tight that I would lose
circulation or cause damage.

Since I was relatively used to this kind of preparation to do a favor
for Amanda or Monika, I didnít think much of it except the background
nag of not knowing exactly what I was getting into. I showed up at
the appointed time and address, which was a suburban house, on maybe
half an acre, nice place.

An attractive blond lady, maybe between 28-32 yrs answered the door
and acted excited to see me. She looked strangely familiar. "Thank
you for doing this." She said appreciatively. I didnít have the
heart to ask what exactly at that moment.

"Iím Annie and this is my friend Alicia and my other friend Drew.
Wonít you please come in. Can I get you anything?" She said after
motioning to a thirtyish light brunette and prim blond, respectively,
then leading me to the living room to join them.

As I sat down, I looked out over a patio to a nice sized pool, which
explained why each of them were in bikinis, with open housecoats
draped on either side of their crossed well toned legs. As my eyes
came back to the patio on their way back to the room, I refocused on
three chairs placed facing an ottoman with a drop cloth draped over
it. Just then I experienced this incredible sinking feeling as I
recalled who this Annie was. She had indicated an interest in having
me pose outside of Monikaís figure drawing class where I first saw

That class was such a humiliating experience, I donít think I could
identify anyone but Monika in a line up, even if my life depended on

Annie, sensing my reticence, asked if I would like a tour before we
were to begin, in an effort to break the ice. I nodded "Yes" but was
thinking, "Sure whatever. How am I going to get out of this?"

Annie gave me a tour of her immaculate house, (I notice these things
because I do most of that work at home) before leading me back to the
patio. There, Alicia and Drew were stretching their lissome bodies in
the warm air, talking, and fidgeting with their art supplies in
anticipation of my return. They brightened when they saw me come out
with Annie and as I was led over to the ottoman.

There was nothing but the details left of what they wanted me to do
now. I was there. I couldnít let on that I was surprised by it or
that I wasnít willing to go through with it, because it would get back
to Monika and Amanda. So, what would be a morningís reprieve from the
humiliation, would end up being months of reprisals.

So, I stood there with my hands trying to cover the lump forming in my
pants, while the bikini clad beauties took their seats. "What nice
bodies." I was thinking, "They must all go to the gym together as
well." There was already going to be a problem, I realized, as each
of the ladies bent over to pick up her sketch pad and pencils before
sitting down. Unlike Monikaís studio, these ladies were nearly naked
and I would have more trouble diverting my attention.

Drew said, "Mind if I pose him?"

Annie said, "Go right ahead."

Drew came up to me put her left arm under her breasts across her
abdomen and had her chin cradled in the space between her thumb and
index finger of her right with the elbow of that hand supported in the
palm of the left. She was in serious contemplation as she looked me
up and down. It turned out to be a simple pose. My left foot was up
on the ottoman, and my left arm rested at the elbow, hand hanging

Drew went back to her seat and joined the others. "That will do
nicely for starters, Drew" Annie said making Drew smile a little.

"Are we supposed to draw the shirt too?" Alicia asked, causing me to
suspect how much experience at this Drew and Alicia really had.

"No, itís actually better if it goes." Annie said looking right at
me. Without objection I shucked the shirt and went back to the pose.

"How about the pants then?" Alicia said with a touch of shyness.

"Oh theyíll be going any time now. Is that okay with you?" Annie
said looking at me again for an answer or other response.

Boy, they didnít waste any time. So, I turned and slipped out of the
shorts and looked at Amandaís cock and ball banding, and thought "Oh
God!" as I turned around and proceeded to retake the pose. This pose,
without my running shorts put my trussed cock and balls on full
display for these inquiring eyes.

Annie, not believing her eyes, stood up and then walked over to me to
see Amandaís handiwork. She waved the others up while she read the
inscription. "Look girls! Come and check this out. ĎI aim to
please.í You are a dear. Youíre really into this arenít you?"

If they only knew.

"Look! He has no hair there." Drew said with increased boldness. "Do
you have some kind of a skin problem or something?"

As laughable as that question seemed to me, I responded seriously.
"No, my wife likes it this way so I shave it for her."

"What a thoughtful man. You know, now that I see it, I like it that
way too." Said Annie. "I donít suppose you would let any of us touch
you there to see what it feels like, would you?"

"As much as I would love three gorgeous women in sexy bathing suits to
touch me there, I donít see how I could do that without embarrassing
myself by making a mess." I said, not closing the door completely."

"Iíll tell you what. Why donít we girls go back to our seats and
start to draw, and you put your hand on it for us and weíll all see
what comes of it." The pun was not lost on me. "You think what you
want about us and weíll imagine what it feels like as you touch
yourself there. This was a pose I was hoping for anyway. Okay?"

So what do you do with logic and a question like that? As they
re-seated themselves, I put my right hand on my cock and just massaged
it up and down the shaft, deciding to try and turn them on. Their
longing looks, their shifting in their chairs, comments like, "Oh,
this will be nice", "keep it up", "Hang on, Iím coming to this part
of my sketching" were driving over the brink.

"Iíve got to stop now. I wonít be able to go on without losing it."
I warned.

"Oh, its okay. Put your hand back on and continue. Iíll take
pictures so we can finish from them later." Annie said as she pulled
out a Polaroid camera and started to snap away from different angles.
When one pack was through, she ripped open another like a banshee and
kept on going. I was beyond going back. I put my left leg down on
the ground with my right and lost myself in the moment. Arching back,
I came, and Annie snapped a perfectly timed picture of the initial cum rope and one other after shot, capturing the moment forever.

"Please donít be embarrassed. I thought it was beautiful and I feel
honored to witness it. I never saw a man so proudly hail before."
Alicia said, but I questioned her sincerity with that last remark.

With my balls drained and my penis happy to lie like a limp noodle
over my balls, I sat down on the ottoman for a breather. I just
waited to see what would happen next as the ladies critiqued the
photographic artistry of Annie for a few moments with the instant
replay of the Polaroid shots.

Annie came over to me holding the Polaroid down in her hand resting on
her hip, put her other hand on my shoulder and said "You were great.
Iíve never seen anything like it before." "Click" went the shutter.
"Oh, woops!" She said trying to make me believe that that shot was an
accident. What she really wanted was a close up of my cock so you
could read the "I aim to please" inscription on it. If it wasnít an
accident, she could have given the shot to me, but instead she put it
with the others.

"Well gals. We sure arenít getting much drawing done." Annie said.
"Can I pose you again, please?" She asked.

"Unh, okay." I muttered.

Remembering an incident at Monikaís studio it seemed, she posed me
sitting on the front edge of the ottoman, with me leaning back
supporting myself with my hands on the back edge. My knees were to
fall naturally to the sides, leaving my groin on open display. It was
as if she were hoping to replicate an experience where I had a hardon
and came without anybody touching me there. At this point I was
spent. The band was starting feel tight. "Fat chance." I thought,
but I played along.

Annie stood back pensively to observe her plan unfolding. "How would
it be for you if the precious ornamental cock thing were to come off
for this?" She asked hopefully.

"That would be great. It is actually uncomfortable right now. If I
can get out of this pose for a second, I can do it."

"Oh, here. Let me do it. You just relax, now." She said not letting
me have a chance to sy much more than . . .

"Please be care . . .araghh!" I groaned as the elastic slipped from
her fingers while slipping it over my balls. "Arraaghhh!" I exclaimed
as she quickly dug her fingers back in to expand the band and slide it
off the rest of the way." "Why does this always happen to me?" I
thought, whimpering to myself.

"Oh, Iím so sorry!" She said as she put her hands around my balls
ever so gently.

"Itís okay. Its okay, really, Iíll be all right. Please, just give
me a minute. Iíll be fine." I pleaded with her while trying to stop
her well intentioned padding, petting and rubbing of my hurt balls.

"Okay then. Iím really, really sorry." She said as she backed up to
her seat.

"Please. Not another thought about it. Iím just fine." I confirmed
to her with my right hand held temporarily up in acknowledgment. I
put my hand back down into the pose, titled my head back, closed my
eyes, and tried to will away the pain.

It must have been several minutes. The scratching on paper seemed to
have stopped, and was replaced by whispered voices and shifting in
their chairs. I was delightfully relaxed, everywhere, and that was
probably the problem. I brought my head back up and opened my eyes to
find Annie in front of me with her top off, breasts pushed forward by
her hands clasped behind her back at the end of her straight arms,
standing with all of her weight on one leg.

Can I get you anything? Anything at all?" She said invitingly.

Craning my head around behind her I saw Alicia and Drew getting up to
approach me topless as well, sauntering up to each side of me with
their chairs, then leaning forward hands on their knees fingers
pointing inward toward each other.

"Anything at all?" Drew said in a seductive way. Alicia just smiled
while Annie went to retrieve her chair as well.

My eyes scanned the panorama of squeezable, suckable tits on display
before me. They werenít close enough to make me nervous, but
definitely close enough to make the area around me an erogenous zone.
My cock was twitching to life until it was an iron bar. My balls were
churning and making ready for "play time" again. Annie looked each of
the ladies in the eye with a "See, this is what I was talking about."
like expression.

"You might notice a stiffness the longer you hold this pose for us, so
why donít you relax, now, because you will be more comfortable the
more you relax, donít you think? Try to resist the deepening
sensation in your hands and feet so that will feel glued to their
spots, now, because it will help you hold this pose you agreed to do,
now, didnít you? One might, you know, be amazed how your hands can be
glued in place, but you can still feel what it is like to touch our
tits through you mind, that works for you as you get more relaxed,
now." Annie droned staring at my cock, they each started playing with
their nipples and then the nipples of the one next to them. They
started moaning one by one. Still staring at my cock, they played
with their breasts, squeezing, pulling, shaking them with their upper
bodies. "People like you can , you know, feel excitement rising in
their loins, when they imagine touching these tits like this. "You
like playing with our breasts, do you not?" Annie said in a way that
continued to mesmerized me.

Then they each followed Annieís lead and cupped one hand palm up in
front of them and then placing the other palm to the side forming a
cylinder over it with their rounded fingers. Annieís hand palm up
started to move her fingers in and out as if she were testing tomatoes
for ripeness. "You might notice that it is difficult to tell which
one of us is giving you the most exciting sensation with our hands on
your balls, like this. Look and see if you call tell which one of our
motions gives you the most exciting sensations that bring you closer
to relieving the tension that builds down there when a woman excites
you with her breasts and touches you with her hands like this." She
continued. The others followed suit, so wherever I looked, I was
seeing these female hands giving my balls, I imagined, the royal
treatment. Annieís hand on the imaginary cock started stroking up and
down the shaft. "This is the right amount of friction for you, I can
tell from your breathing." She declared. "You could nod your head
when you canít take much more of the unbearably wonderful sensations
we are placing on your cock and balls, when you are approaching that
point of no return when you finally get to have your release."

"Okay!" I eked out as if in a trance between labored breaths.

My breathing was heavy, I couldnít take much more of this stimulation.
I nodded my head. Annie tapped Alicia on the arm, motioning for her
to stand up, then to turn around, and finally to pull down her bikini
bottoms, place her legs somewhat a part, and bend forward at the waist
to the chair for support. Annie and Drew each placed their fingers
on a labial lip and pulled them back to expose the moist pink canal to
my mind. "How much longer can you resist what you know is going to
happen, now that you are in this pleasure cavern sucking the last
resistance out of your cock and balls?" She asked again. "Youíre
about to cum now, arenít you. Oh here it comes, now. Youíre
exploding in side here. . . Nowwwww!"

My loins lurched forward over and over again at Annieís words, sending
cum all the way to Aliciaís backside. My body quivered and shuddered
to a slump. Sweat poured down my body and made the spot I was sitting
on entirely soaked. "When you are ready, now, you can become fully
aware of how well you did holding your pose."

The ladies seemed pretty pleased with Annie and themselves. Annie
said to me, "I knew you could do that again. You just needed a little
help this time."

It was far less humiliating this time because the first time everyone
was surprised by it. This time when I came without being touched, it
was a group effort despite the fact that I was merely there for their
entertainment. If I remember again, or am reminded, Iíll try to put
down what Amanda did when she learned of this and got interested in
hypnosis herself.
You can reach me at: hectorspup@hotmail.com

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