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AMANDA9 girls against guys You two against

The following is intended for adult readers who want to read fiction
about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally
permitted to view such material should read no further. All rights to
this story are reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive
this story in places where no fees are charged for legal adults to
view it and if no words are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope
you enjoy.

Games Amanda Plays Part 4
By Hectorís Pup

As a follow up to the last part, I should tell you about Amandaís
interest in hypnosis, brought on by an incidence she heard about from
her mother, Monika. It unfolded late in our relationship but had been
brewing ever since an artist figure modeling experience she set up for
me. It involved some surprising results, at least for me, as a result
of minor trance work.

Amandaís imagination blossomed when she learned of the vistas trance
induction could open for her. She started reading books on it and the
language patterns in communication with me started to change out of
character for her. For a controlling personality like hers, it could
be like handing her a loaded gun. What kept her from using it right
out of the box, was initially lacking confidence in her ability to use
it, her need to feel like she had complete mastery over it, and
probably a sense of whether it would be an okay thing for her to do.

Amanda had an opportunity to practice after the new neighbors to the
south of us moved in. The previous neighbors wouldnít speak to us.
Either they didnít approve of what they perceived our lifestyle to be,
or it was a reaction to Amandaís snotty attitude toward them, or maybe
still, it could be the embarrassing time Amanda teased the husband
royally starting at our garage sale.

We did it backwards. We moved all of our stuff and then decided that
we didnít need a lot of it after all. Amanda was tending the sale in
a skimpy bikini, a marketing ploy, while I was still unpacking junk in
the basement to add to it. Bob, the neighbor, was sniffing around
Amanda, under the guise of being neighborly and feigning interested in
our castaway possessions. He really was interested in gazing on
Amandaís features close up. Amanda would reach in front of him to
straighten an item having her shoulder and neck waft her natural
feminine aroma, seizing his brain. She would bend to check items in a
box to display her seductive rear entries. She would ask for his help
to move things, commenting on his physical prowess. Everything she
did had an effect on him, and he was a mess.

On one of my trips to the garage, I saw his wife standing at their
side window with her knuckles on her hips staring at her husband
making a fool of himself, with a scowl on her perpetually stern face.
I used to perceived her to be clinging, smothering, and very jealous
of anything he did. Over the couple of years we would have our
jollies overhearing them fight, with her shouting at him mercilessly.
I had to feel sorry for the old fool sometimes.

Well, Amanda, in a playful mood, responded to Bobís question about a
price for the electric chain saw, "Oh, that will cost you a lot." She
joked. "Iíll tell you what, though," She said as she dragged her
index finger forward under his chin, with her radiant face inches from
his, "if you come by at 5:00, when we shut this sale down in your
birthday suit, Iíll give it to you for nothing."

Bob stood there frozen for a while blinking and sort of slowly falling
back. He didnít know what to say. The notion was so preposterous, to
not give it any thought, but he couldnít think of any other thought
until 5:00. At about 3:30 he was out in his driveway in his swimsuit
taking the longest time in history to wash his car. He would stand
with the water running from the hose staring at Amanda and smile at
her when she would allow eye contact. His wife would look out the
window between pacing, or whatever she was doing to stay close by.

At 5:00, sure enough, Bob looked all around. He went down to the end
of the driveway and looked up both directions of the street and
sidewalk, went behind a bush that blocked him from the road and across
the street, pulled down his trunks and said over the four foot fence,
"Ah hum, Iím here for that free chain saw." His wife seeing this
started on her way out.

Amanda, the consummate tease, not believing this guy would go this
far, said, "Well, my burly lumberjack, why donít you just hop on over
here and get it from little oíl me?"

Bob didnít know what to do, but when Amanda flashed him her right tit
for encouragement, he threw all apprehension to the wind and tried to
leap over. On his second attempt, his face instantly showed a painful
shock in mid try. His eyes went wide and his mouth formed a long "O",
and then he fell back out of view. His wife was there in his place at
the fence glaring over at Amanda and then me. The next we saw of him,
he was hunched over holding his nuts getting kicked in the butt, and a
couple between his legs from behind, all the way back into the house.
That was the last either of them spoke to us.

Outside of the discomfort of not having next door neighbors you get
along with, Bob and old whatís her name, spent most of their time
working on fences between us and making their backyard the most
extravagant of any backyard for miles. They had few guests, besides
those we believed to be relatives, and nobody in the neighborhood
could fully describe it from first hand experience. It did have a
waterfall, hot tub, and pool complex, we know, because we could see
that much from our second story. It wasnít until Will and Maureen
moved in, that we discovered what we had been missing.

From the glimpses of them moving in, Will and Maureen didnít look to
be any type we could relate to. Thatís unfair, I know, but by first
impression, based on physical appearance, their cars and other
possessions, the way they dressed, it didnít look anything close to a
match. Despite how weird you think Amanda and I were in our
relationship, we were into healthy food, exercise, practical cars,
adventure without chemicals and so on. By all appearances, Will with
his gold necklaces, bracelets, fancy watch, almost pimp clothes and
cigarettes, and Maureen, with her super high heels, full hips and
breasts, long painted nails, fake eyelashes, tight fitting short
dresses and big hair, they seemed like the playboy swinger and his
bimbo. Hey, but you got to give them a try, right?

Not knowing their phone number or last name, Amanda and I decided to
walk over with a house warming basket of fruit to introduce ourselves.
As we were approaching the open front door, we could see a figure
walking toward it, then turning and starting up the stairway in the
front hall. Instead of going for the door bell, we were at the front
door by the time the woman was halfway up the first flight, so Amanda
said, "Hello. Excuse us. We are your neighbors right next door."

Rather than continue up the stairs to put some clothes on, the naked
lady wrapped the towel around her, descended, and greeted us at the
door. After introductions, and as we were passing the offering
through the screen door to her, her manís voice was heard approaching.
"Who are you talking to Sweet Cheeks?"

"These are our new neighbors Hun." She said hesitating on our names we
had just given her, so we introduced ourselves again.

"Well what are you waiting for? Letís show them in." He said as he
opened the door for us to enter. His eyes were pulling the clothes
right off Amanda as she passed. Me, I was invisible, as usual.

So there we were standing in their front hall dressed in casual summer
shorts and shirts, and there they were standing in towels with wet
hair looking us over. Will, probably 45 was maybe 5í10", combed back
dark hair with gray highlights, very dark tan, wide shoulders, barrel
chest, slight paunch, narrow hips and skinny legs. Maureen, probably
35, was 5í5" without the heels, dyed blonde, 38-27-36, with painted
toe and fingernails.

"So, why donít you come on in back so we can become better
acquainted." Will said with his arm outstretched in the direction
heíd like us to go. Amanda and I looked at each other and neither of
us objected, so we followed his lead through the house to the back.
The house looked neat, orderly, and seemed strangely unused. As we
exited the house through some sliding glass doors to the backyard, we
could see why.

"Oh, Amanda! I donít think we are in Kansas any more!" I said to
emphasize my awe for the sight that beheld us. I hope I can do the
description justice.

Their backyard was designed to be a house out of doors. The pool was
essentially shaped like an "X" that divided the sizable backyard into
four quadrants. The walls of the pool were not straight, but kind of
meandered into the four corners of the space. The quadrant we walked
into was a recreational space with pool table, card table, and tv on
the wall of the house under an eave. As you went counter-clockwise by
crossing an arched footbridge to the next quadrant, you entered a
living room type space complete with a freestanding outside fireplace.
As you continued over to the backside quadrant, there was a sleeping
area with an open shower, closed off john, covered
makeup/closet/dressing area, and a curious bed made essentially like a
cube. The four 6íx 6ícorner posts were about seven feet high,
connected at the top and bottom by 6íx6í beams the same length, making
a perfectly square cube. At the end bunched up against the wall over
the top was an overhanging pitched canvass roof that could be rolled
out along the top like a tent to cover the bed in slightly inclement
weather. The final quadrant was a food preparation and eating area,
complete with cabin sized appliances and a small but well stocked bar.
Between the living room, Iíll call it, and the bed room, at the end of
the pool arm was the hot tub. Between the living room and the
recreation room was a rock waterfall sculpted down the corner between
the house and the privacy fence. Each of these spaces were demarcated
along the edges of the pool by healthy tropical plants, that by now
had matured to love their location. Iím telling you, this has to be
seen to be believed.

Given decent weather, which we get plenty of here outside of San
Diego, they wouldnít need to use the house. The areas that needed to
be covered were covered or could be covered when need be, and the
areas that were always open contained objects and furniture designed
for our weather conditions.

"Please. Make yourselves at home while Maureen gets us some drinks.
Now, what would you all like?" Will said presumptively. Amanda and I
looked at each other for clues. "Bourbon? Scotch? Whatís your
poison?" He continued.

"I think wine would be okay for me. Amanda? Sweetie?" I responded.

"Great. That will do fine, if it isnít too much trouble." Amanda

"No trouble at all. Usual for me Honey Buns." Will said with eyes
glued to Amandaís body trying to visualize the shape of her breasts, I
figure, under her sleeveless shirt tented out in front.

We sat in the living room sipping our drinks learning a bit about each
other. The furniture was two couches at right angles, following the
general contour of the pool behind them. Amanda and Will sat on
either side of the vortex. I sat next to Amanda and Maureen sat sort
of sidesaddle on the floor next to Will with her right elbow on his
thigh. Will did most of the talking and he and Maureen looked mostly
at Amanda. When I caught Maureen occasionally looking my way, she
displayed a shy smile looked down and went back to checking out

When our glasses of wine were done, Amanda and I tried to excuse
ourselves, thank them and made motions to leave.

"Nonsense." Was Willís reply. "The evening is just about to begin.
Why donít you stay a while longer, have a swim and a bite with us,
and we can get to know each other better." He pleaded, gently holding
Amandaís arm behind and above her elbow.

We looked at each other again for a sign of a veto from either of us,
and Amanda responded, "A bite would be fine, but weíll have to step
over to our place to get our suits."

"Great. But, suits are not required here. In fact they are frowned
upon, unless that is the only way youíd feel comfortable joining us."
He said, throwing the ball back into our court.

We consulted each other again with our eyes, but my expression made it
clear, that this one was Amandaís call. She was stuck, and that was
rare for her. She had opinions and decisions for everything. Will
put his hand in the towel Maureen was wearing and unfurled it, leaving
her naked to the wind. She tried to cover herself from the surprise
of Willís maneuver, but quickly relaxed and let her arms drop to her
sides. There we were stunned by this and gazing upon this slightly
Reubenesque beauty with full hips and large breasts that only sagged
as much as breasts would have to for that size. They were rounded and
definitely a double handful each. She was shaved like us except she
had a little patch of pubic hair in front revealing her true light
brunette hair color.

When we remained speechless for a moment, Will slipped his towel off
too. His tan was total. He was shaved like me and his cock hung
straight down over his low hanging balls.

"Come. Join us. Weíll put suits on too if thatís what it takes to
have you stay for some more visiting." He encouraged as he held his
hand out to Amanda to walk toward the pool. Amanda just looked him in
his eyes, I think to see into his soul before deciding. "Just leave
your underwear on and follow us in." He finally said in compromise, as
he took Maureenís hand and they walked to the steps at the middle of
the "X" and entered the pool.

Amanda was trapped into a mental coin toss and started to take off her
shirt. I followed her lead. She took off her shoes and shorts, but I
had nothing on underneath except a band around my cock and balls which
read, "Youíre Serve". When Will saw that he started swim/walking to
the edge of the pool saying, "What you got there fella?"

"Oh, its a product of Amandaís humorous side. See?" I said as I
stopped on the steps before it was underwater so he and Maureen could
read it. They looked at Amanda and grinned at learning a tidbit more.

Amanda, in uncharacteristic shyness, followed me into the pool in her
bra and panties, as Will suggested. She exuded sexuality no matter
what she wore. Once in the water, she might as well have been wearing
nothing at all anyway, as the sheer undergarments would be
transparent. She just wasnít feeling totally comfortable with them

"Butt Cheeks," Will said. "run along and get us all another round."
And gave Maureen an underwater goose. She lurched her breasts out and
obediently climbed the stairs to the kitchen/bar area. Watching her
ascend the stairs, I was admiring her womanly curves. She wasnít
really in shape, but then she wasnít really out of shape. She was
kind of in between. She looked strong, but not toned. She was sexy
walking away from us, and that was without her turning it on. My
guess was that her main source of exercise was sex, and that they did
plenty of it.

While Maureen was bartending, the three of us were making our way down
the canal to the hot tub. When she came back through the bedroom
area, the tray had glasses and the bottles, I guess to save her more
trips. Walking over the bridge, her breasts had a gentle sway.
Although she was prone to artificially making up her appearance, my
guess was that her breasts were real, and if they were, they were

We all continued conversation in the hot tub. As time wore on, and we
became more dehydrated, we consented to refills of wine more readily.
In an effort to last as long as these seasoned professionals in the
hot tub, Amanda and I climbed out to get some cooler air on our bodies
while we just dangled our feet in the bubbling cauldron. Amanda was
starting to feel a little self-conscious about having clothing on now,
especially since it did nothing to provide any modesty, so she reached
around and undid her bra without ceremony, and removed her panties in
the same way. Then she quickly dunked back under the cover of the

Now she was coming back to life, as she grabbed my cock in a
clandestine way to get me hard. I tried to reciprocate by tweaking
her nipple to attention. Will and Maureen noticed this and shifted in
their seats at the recognition that something may come of this
encounter after all. I put my hand back down and practically sat on
them trying to turn back the clock a few seconds.

Will said, "This is about all the heat I can take for the time being.
Anybody want to join me in the pool?"

We all thought that was a good idea, except I wanted to change my mind
now that I would have to exit the hot tub with a raging hardon. I
maneuvered myself so I would be the last to leave, but it took some
doing as Maureen was insisting on guests first. But I countered,
referring to her beauty, and she accepted that, like she had a place
inside her waiting to collect these rare compliments.

We spent some time talking and exploring the other canals of the pool
till Will lead us out to the pool table. Here we were all standing
around naked about to play pool, a game which puts you on display in
very seductive ways when you shoot. Will gave Maureen a slap on her
rear sending her breasts a flutter, as she whisked her hands back to
rub the spot. "Hey Butter Buns. Be a dear and get us some more
drinks." Maureen dutifully left.

Amanda was feeling a bit confused by the way she was reacting to the
evolution of the evening regarding Willís interaction with Maureen as
he got more and more polluted. On the one hand, she could relate to
his need to be in charge but on the other hand, she felt a kinship to
Maureen, being a woman, and abhorred the chauvinistic, even cruel
streak Will was displaying toward her.

When Maureen returned with glasses and new bottles, Amanda challenged.
"How about a wager?"

"Maureen canít shoot for shit. No way." Will said disagreeably.

"No, how about girls against guys? You two against Maureen and I?"
Amanda countered.

Will looked at me. "Okay. Okay. What do you have in mind?"

"Howís this? Before each shot, you take a shot of what ever youíve
been drinking, just to keep it interesting. Each team is one player
so if you make a shot the other team member alternates for the next
shot. Got it so far?" (Nods) "Okay then." Amanda was thinking this
up as she went along, I could tell. "So, for every shot you sink,
you, you get to, ah, have the opposing players bend over and grab
their ankles for a spanking. Okay so far?" (Tentative nods) "So you
start off with one for the first ball then two for the second and so
on. So the most you can get at any one time would be eight, and that
is only if you lose the game. Howís that?"

"Would we be using our hands?" Will asked.

"Well, what else do you have in mind?" Amanda asked.

"Hey Lard Ass, go get the things." He ordered. Maureen looked
apprehensively at Amanda for what she was committing her to and went
off to the bed room area and brought back some leather covered
paddles, two inches wide, eighteen inches long, with a little bit of
give to them for a whippy action.

"Oh, this will do nicely." Amanda said gleefully, now that the stakes
were up where she likes them. What none of us realized, except maybe
Amanda, was that the losers would end up with 36 swats total. That
sounds a whole lot different than only eight at one time.

Will let the ladies break. Amanda let Maureen do the honors. And, as
luck would have it, she sank two on the break. "Weíre solids, youíre
stripes. Bend over. Letís see thatís three stripes, I mean swats,
isnít it?"

We bent over to take what was coming to us. Amanda took the honors
with Will, and Maureen did me. Lucky for me, Maureen didnít have her
heart in striping me too badly. Mine were a far cry different than
the sound of Amandaís swats on Willís bony ass.

"Okay, my shot." Amanda said bending over for an easy side pocket
shot. Will craned his head in a not so subtle effort to peek at
Amandaís snatch. "Bingo thatís another three." Back over we went.
Instant replay, and I was still doing okay.

Will wanted a chance to even the score next. He took his shoot of
booze and tried for a corner shot but over played it and muttered
under his breath. Maureen shot next and missed. Then I shot and made
it. Will pulled his hand down from above his head and raised his knee
to join the elbow celebrating with a hissing "Yes!"

Over Amanda and Maureen went. "Mind if I have your minx for this
one?" He said, not expecting an answer from me. He approached
Amandaís side and started to rub his fingers up and down her pussy first and she protested.

"Since you fondled mine I get to do yours next time."

"That is if there is a next time Missy." He gave Amanda a pretty hard
swat, but he didnít know Amanda like I did.

Well there was a next time when Amanda sunk her next shot. She took
his balls between her hands and rolled them between her hands sawing
forward and back for a few strokes. Then she let off four quick ones.
Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Willís ass was turning an angry color. We each missed until Amandaís
turn again. "Oh baby, Iím liking this a lot." She gloated. We each
got five. Good ones. I guess Maureen was drafting off of Amandaís

Then Will made a shot. Youíd have thought he won the Super Bowl. He
just was getting too plowed to learn, though, as he tried to put his
finger up Amandaís vagina again, her hand came up and back handed him
in the nuts to get him to stop. I knew that feeling. Will swatted
her across her buttocks once and then did a vertical swat to include
her pussy.

Amanda hurting and surprised said, "Youíll wish you never did that!"

In a battle of control junkies, Iíd put my money on Amanda.

Next shot I inadvertently set Maureen up for an easy corner shot and
enjoyed watching her body get it together to make it. Will was not
too pleased and almost refused to go over. He couldnít hold his
ankles with his legs straight together. With his paunch, he could
only do so with bent knees or with his feet apart enough to allow for
his stomach. In an effort to protect his danglers, he chose the knee
together/knees bent option. Amanda aimed in with half shots on only
one butt at a time to tenderize the sensitive inner area around his
anus. Each time this happened, Will opened his legs a little more to
close this sensitive area to Amandaís onslaught. "Batter up." She said
as she aimed down low to catch the backside of his dangling balls.

He went down to his knees holding up his balls in the palm of his hand
not believing they could cause so much pain. He pulled himself up by
the table. He reached toward me for the cue I was holding. " My
shot. My shot." He said trying to quickly look over the table.

"Iím sorry." Amanda said. "I believe it is MY shot."

Will muttered to himself. As Amanda made her shot, he swung his head
away saying "Oh, No." We took these seven like men, which is to say,
we showed up, assumed the position, and fought back the tears. Amanda
was more merciful this time on his balls. She aimed to have his balls
sting on the back rather than put him out of commission.

Maureen missed on purpose, Iím certain. She lives with the guy. Then
I made my shot. Amanda passed in front of me to bend down before Will
saying, "My arenít we lucky tonight." Said in such a way that she may
have expected me to throw it as well.

Will was torn between playing it straight and taking advantage, but
decided on playing it straight, however, he gave Amanda four heavy
blows that threw her out of her stance each time. We had become the
sorriest bunch of red butted fools this side of the Mississippi. Two
of us would become sorrier as Will sunk his shot. He was feeling his
oats again and decide to venture out on Amanda this time around. For
Amanda, keeping her legs together when bending over put her pussy out
to be smacked so she kept her legs straight and out. Will tried a
page from Amandaís book and swung at her inner thighs below her butt
making her want to move her legs in to prevent it. When she took
numbers three and four as half shots to her snatch. She opened them
for the last shot to avoid this, which was a batter up to her snatch like earlier, only with more drunken vengeance.

She was really hurting. I didnít like to see her this way and I went
up to her to hold her and check on her condition. Between irregular
breathing, she said, "Thanks. Iíll be okay Honey. Itís all part of
the game. Really. Iíll be okay."

Next shot, I was certain I tried my best to make it. At least I think
I didnít try to throw it. So Amanda was up, and talk about working
under pressure, sometimes I think she wrote the book. I think she
sunk that eight ball while looking Will straight in the eye.

"No. No. I donít think I can do eight." Will tried to weasel out.

"The gameís the game. We all agreed to the rules. Now front and
center buster and grab those ankles tight." She commanded.

"You too." Maureen told me in a humorous attempt at forcefulness.

Amanda worked Will out of the bent knee position with a few well
placed shots stinging his ass hole. Then worked the inside of his
upper thigh like he did to her, just missing his balls, but scaring
the begebies out of him. Then six, seven, and eight on the left nut,
the right nut, and both nuts together, in short quick upper cuts
before and as he fell away to the ground.

Maureen went for some ice. Will looked up at me from his huddle on
the floor and said, "Youíve got quite a broad there."

"Yeah. Tell me about it." I said to be polite. Amanda didnít know
how to take it so she took as a compliment.

She crouched down and pried his knees apart and said, "Here, let me
check on them for you." She gently removed his reluctant hands and he
slowly uncoiled till he was on his back, knees up hanging loosely to
the sides. Maureen returned with the ice but was holding it on her
own butt waiting until Amanda was through with her inspection. She
was now to his side squatting with her knees apart and her arms and
elbows down in between them, holding his nuts, asking him about them.
Will was looking right at her openly displayed pussy as they talked,
and reached out and touched it. Amanda froze not knowing whether to
punish him or not.

"Hey, youíre checking mine. Iím checking yours." He said

Amanda reached up for the ice from Maureen and put it down with a
little bit of attitude on his crotch, and stood up. "Honey, I think
itís time we go."

"Hey, thanks for hanging out with us. Youíre welcome back any time,
despite the fact that you are our neighbors that are a pain in the
butt." Will said in an effort to end on a good note. We all decided
to let that be funny and laughed it all off. "Pardon me if I donít
get up to see you to the door." He continued, as Maureen walked up to
Amanda and surprised her with a sincere hug of appreciation. She
looked at me as if to sense if it would be okay to give me one too,
and closed her eyes, tucked her head and gave me a warm hug too.

"Wow, nice sensation! What a huggable body. Time to go, here comes
my pussy divining rod." Iím thinking as I hastened to retrieve my
clothes, stumble into my shorts and hold my shirt in my hands over it
while waiting for Amanda to put on her shorts and button up her shirt.
Maureen escorted us out to the front door, hiding her body behind it
as she waved us good bye with friendly eyes.

Amanda and I ran around to our house and burst out laughing as I
fumbled with the keys in the door. "Thereís no place like home." She
said in a little girlís voice, as I carried her across the threshold.

Continued in "Games Amanda Plays Part 5." (Living With Amanda Part 10)
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