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AMBER stretch then pop back place



{m/f, F/m, oral,mast,coerc}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

Do not repost this story without my header. Do not remove my name from
this story.


Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended
by reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

It was the summer of 1997. I had just completed my sophomore year in
high school when Amber's family moved into the house next door. The
housing development we lived in was brand new and our family had moved into
our house the month before. Like most new housing developments, it was
located on the outskirts of town. I had a job as a busboy at a steakhouse
and my parents had bought me a cheap old car so I could get around. My
mother was able to get a good job as a realtor after I started high school
and was old enough to fend for myself.

The hours that I worked were from 4:00 in the afternoon until midnight.
I didn't even know a family had moved in next door. Naturally my attention
was piqued when I learned that the Parkinson's (our new neighbors) were
invited to our house for dinner and that they had had a daughter. My
girlfriend and I had broken up at the end of the school year and I was
getting pretty lonely. When I learned that the Parkinson's daughter was
only twelve years old, my mood darkened. It was just my luck that fate
would send me neighbors that were not around my age, male or female.

I was in front of my computer playing Descent when my mother knocked. I
had heard the knock and arrival of our new neighbors but level 13 had been
kicking my ass and I was finally figuring out the trick to beating the mini

"Charlie, come on out and meet the new neighbors!"

"In a minute Mom! I'm right in the middle of a battle!"

"That's not soon enough! You better get your butt out here this minute
or I'll shut off the breaker to your room again!"

"NO! Wait! That's dirty pool Mom!"

"It may be dirty pool but it sure gets your attention, now come on out!"

I put the game on pause and silently cursed my dad for showing my mother the perfect way to draw me away from my computer games. With a sigh I
pried my butt out of my chair, went to the door and opened it. mom was
waiting there just like I knew she would be. She smiled and patted my

"Come on honey, there's more to life than sitting in front of that
infernal contraption of yours. The Parkinson's seem really nice."

I followed my mother down the hall and joined the gathering. It began
with the usual introductions. Bob Parkinson, the father looked to be in
his late thirties. He was already about halfway bald but his handshake was
firm. He looked to be in pretty good shape for his age. June Parkinson
the mother was a real knockout. I immediately fell in lust with her.

There was something about the way Mrs. Parkinson shook my hand. Maybe
it was because she held my hand a little longer than customary. The way
her fingers traced their way along my palm when she did let go of my hand
certainly stirred my imagination to say the least. I was sure when June
Parkinson looked into my eyes she immediately saw right through my shell
and hit upon the lust that that was driving my sixteen-year-old mind and
body. Her smile, combined with the twinkle in her eyes told me that she
enjoyed the effect that her discrete signals had upon me. The way she
looked me over almost made me start shaking. She did it very discretely,
but I certainly felt her intentions. She was sizing me up, gauging my
reactions to see if I might make a suitable new conquest. Another trophy
she could add to her collection. The tight fitting dress she wore
accentuated her figure nicely. When she turned to sit down I had to tear
my eyes away from her shapely butt.

I was no virgin, but I had sex with only one girl, my old girlfriend
Sherry. We did the deed about five times before a pregnancy scare stopped
our love life short. Fortunately for us her period was only about a week
late. The strain however, was too much for our relationship. We broke up
about two weeks after the scare was over.

Amber was their daughter's name. The look in her eyes when she and I
were introduced was clearly evident that the girl had developed an
immediate crush on me. Although she was cute, I wasn't interested. Her
twelve-year-old body was just what her age implied, a girl who was way too
young to be of interest to me. Amber's little pointers sprouted from her
chest just enough to show the beginnings of puberty. She had no bra on,
and really no need to wear one except to hide her little protruding
nipplets. In fact they brought to mind the old Band-Aids joke that I had
heard so many times at school before. She wore a short yellow sundress,
which was just a little small on her. She seemed tall for her age, like
her body had just gone through a growth spurt. Amber definitely took after
her mother as far as looks goes. They had the same light brown hair.
Amber's hair however was longer than her mothers and showed the signs of
sun bleaching which was normal for a kid.

Our two families sat across from each other and exchanged small talk.
Mrs. Parkinson discreetly steered the conversation towards me, drawing out
what my interests were. I glanced at my parents occasionally to see if
they were aware of what their new neighbor underlying motives were, but
both of them were oblivious. Even though I desperately lusted after this
thirtyish married woman, I felt like she would devour me if she ever got
her hands on me.

When I mentioned my computer Amber's eyes lit up. "Wow, you really got
a computer Charlie? I've been trying to get my dad to buy one but he said
we didn't need it."

Mr. Parkinson dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. "What could
we use something like that for anyway. Computers are nothing but very
expensive calculators. They'll make your mind lazy Amber."

I asked him, "Doesn't your secretary have a computer to use where you
work Mr. Parkinson?"

"Naw, the owner don't believe in them. I'm inclined to agree with him

"Wow, that must be rough. How much correspondence does your secretary
type out in a day?"

"Oh, she's always banging away on her typewriter son. I guess she
cranks out maybe ten pieces of correspondence on a good day, why?"

"Is that counting the rough drafts too?"

"No I guess not, but Clara's a damn good typist. She don't make too
many mistakes."

"Well what about when you want to change something in the draft. Your
secretary has to type it all over again right?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"With a computer, changing a document only takes a minute or two. The
entire document is saved as a file. All it takes to make a change is to
bring up the file and insert whatever you want. You'll still have the
original too if you want it. You'd be amazed at how much time your company
could save."

"Now don't you think we haven't thought about getting a computer or two,
but Clara's getting a little too old to be learning new stuff. We get
along just fine with the old tried and true methods."

"How much time do you think it'll take your secretary to type out a five
page letter after you've revised it Mr. Parkinson?"

"Oh about a half hour or so, Clara's a pretty good Typist."

"Would you care to try a quick experiment sir? I've got an old book
report we could use. I think it's around five pages or so."

"Sure son, I'll play along."

"Hang on and I'll print it out for you. I'll be right back."

Amber asked, "Can I see your computer Charlie?"

With a nod from her parents Amber followed me down the hallway to my
bedroom. She stood by my chair and watched as I searched for the book
report file I wanted.

"Wow Charlie, your computer looks cool! Is it a 486?"

"Naw, I just upgraded to a Pentium 75. This baby makes a 486 look like
a dinosaur."

When Amber bent over to have a closer look at my tower I saw the top to
her dress open up out of the corner of my eye. After I sent the document
to my printer I turned to look, disgusted with myself for trying to look
down the dress of such a young girl. My peripheral vision hadn't deceived
me. Right before my eyes was the ultimate voyeur's dream. I could see
both of Amber's little breasts all the way to her pointy nipples. My cock
gave a lurch and started to grow.

When Amber straightened up suddenly, I knew that she had caught me
checking out the view she had inadvertently given me. Fortunately the
printer had just finished spitting out the last page. I snatched out the
five or so sheets and pretended nothing was amiss. Dreading to look into
her eyes. My mom and Mrs. Parkinson were going into the kitchen to look
after dinner when we came back into the living room so I sat next to
Amber's dad and gave him the report and a pin.

"Okay now go ahead and make some changes. Your changes don't need to
make sense or be correct cause this is just a test. You'll see what I mean
when I bring you back the edited copy."

With several flourishes of my pen, Mr. Parkinson made about ten
changes. Little did he know that his confidence in the old ways would soon
be shaken.

He handed the report back to me and said, "Don't be too late for dinner
son. Your mother will have my hide!"

"No problem with that sir, what time do you have?"

He looked at his watch. "I've got five fifteen on the nose."

"Okay, I'll be back in a bit."

Amber trailed behind me as I went back to my room. She quietly closed
the door then stood beside my chair, watching intently as I went to work.
After answering a few questions I decided to go ahead and give her a step
by step explanation as I went along.

Amber bent over a little and the top of her dress opened again. She
caught what she was doing and quickly pushed the gaping material to her
chest with her hand, then she straightened back up. I could tell she was
thinking about my prying eyes because her hand was still against her upper
chest. Amber would avoid making eye contact when I would look to see if
she understood what I was explaining.

Amber eventually took her hand away from her chest. Then to my surprise
she bent forward just enough to give me a hint of the previous view I had
enjoyed earlier. I tried to play it cool this time and only use my
peripheral vision to see, but my eyes had a mind of their own. My first
quick glances were soon stretched into obvious peeks. Especially, she put
her hands on her knees to support her upper body and bent over more.
Knowing her pointy little titties were not only exposed, but also being
openly looked upon. Amber's nipples became more pronounced right before my
eyes. Even though we both knew what we were doing, we deliberately avoided
making the eye contact that would communicate our mutual knowledge of the
game we had started.

I had to do quite a bit of typing, and some cut and pasting. After I
had shown Amber the commands, she wanted to have a go at it. After some
awkward tries, I suggested she sit on my lap so she could have better
access to my keyboard. My erection was pointing straight up and firmly
constrained by my pants. As long as she didn't scoot back too far, I was
sure she wouldn't feel it and freak out.

Amber's quick agreement surprised me a little. Not only did I have an
almost continuous view down the front of her dress, she couldn't see where
I was looking either. We no longer had to pretend not to notice each
other's part in the game.

It was freshly shampooed smell of her hair, the feel of her butt as she
moved in my lap that caused me to move our game to the next level. My
hormones began to overrule the objections and danger alarms my higher self
was sending to my brain.

I brushed my cheek against her hair and spoke softly into Amber's ear.
"Do you want to go ahead and make the last couple of changes Amber?"

As my mind screamed at me to not make my next move, I placed my hand on
her stomach. The next move was up to Amber. I held my breath and hoped
that she realized why my hand was on her stomach and what her decision
would entail. My reasoning self silently begged her to say no, or at least
pull my hand away and stop me before my intended next move would make
things too plain for her to ignore.

After a moments hesitation Amber nodded her head. "Okay Charlie, I
think I know what to do. Don't help me unless I ask you to okay?"

While Amber moved the mouse over to the scroll bar to find where to make
the next edit, I moved my thumb up and down across her upper belly and
waited for her reaction. All she had to do was to give me a sign of her
disapproval and I would have gladly stopped, but she didn't.

Amber pointed to the screen. "This part right here is where I gotta
make the change right Charlie?"

"That's right Amber." I moved my whole hand up and down as a last
warning. "You're doing really good!"

"Okay so now I push the left button and drag it like this? Hey Charlie,
it worked! This is so cool!"

"Yeah! With a little more practice you'll be an expert." I leaned
forward, acting like I needed a closer look. My hand moved upwards,
resting directly over her left breast. Maybe after we show your dad what
we've done he'll get you a computer of your own!"

Amber looked down at my hand, which was gently pressing against her left
breast. The alarm bells were clanging loudly inside my head, warning me to
remove my hand. My mind played a warning scene of the twelve-year-old girl went running to her parents. I saw the look on my father's face as the
poor upset girl told everyone in the room where I had put my hand. I paid
the vision no mind and dug myself in deeper. As Amber looked on I moved my
hand two inches downward. My thumb came up and flicked across the tip of
her left nipple.

Amber's expression reflected the strange new sensation that the side of
my thumb caused as it teased her nipple. Her eyes shot back towards my
computer screen after my second pass. The sensation from her now fully
erect tip more pronounced. I stopped and waited for the shit to hit the

"My daddy's never gonna buy me a computer Charlie. mom says he's so
cheap that he squeaks when he walks!"

The critical moment had come and gone and somehow the girl on my lap had
decided to let it pass. I had never been so terrified and yet incredibly
turned on in my life. Unfortunately the changes to my document were
completed. The silence between us was becoming awkwardly obvious. As my
blue steel erection demanded attention I took the mouse and moved the
pointer over the print cue and clicked.

"Maybe this demonstration might change his mind Amber. He's gotta see
the writing on the wall sooner or later."

Amber sighed and leaned backwards against my chest. "I hope so Charlie!
Would it be okay if I come over tomorrow and play with your computer some

"Sure, as long as your parents don't mind."

"Oh, my Mom'll be glad to get me out of the house! And Daddy, he's too
busy to even care what I do while he's at work. All's he cares about is
whether my grades are good cause he wants me to go to college."

"There's your lever then Amber!"

I leaned forward to take the papers out of my printer, holding her
against me. As I straightened out Amber repositioned herself on my lap,
scooting her body closer to mine. A shiver ran through my body when her
butt pressed against the bulge in my Levi's. I tried to scan the document,
but my eyes were looking at Amber's now widely spread legs which were now
on the outside of mine. Her short dress showed almost all of her legs and
my mind screamed at me to pursue matters farther. I moved the top piece of
paper to the back and pretended to scan the next page.

"Yeah, this looks great Amber!"

I held my breath and gently placed my right hand on the naked flesh of
her leg just above her knee, hoping that Amber would allow my forwardness.
For a long moment I willed my hand to stay in place, fighting back the urge
to go directly for the prize that awaited me under her skirt. I moved my
thumb back and forth across the top of her leg to prepare her for my next

Amber put her hand on top of mine. "I think we better go and show this
to my Daddy now Charlie."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

I rolled my chair back to give Amber room to stand. After she scooted
off my lap, she turned and looked directly at my crotch. She then looked
me in the eyes expectantly and waited for me to rise. Amber had put the
ball in my court. It was as if she was saying "I let you feel me up, now
let me at least see the erection that you were poking me with." Somehow I
knew that if I chickened out on Amber. It was likely that I wouldn't get
another chance to cop another feel. Fortunately since losing my virginity,
the evidence of my arousal was not nearly as embarrassing as when I was
Amber's age. I gathered my courage and stood before the girl, maneuvering
my cock into a more comfortable position right in front of her eyes. The
papers I had handed her soon covered Amber's wide-eyed stare. She giggled
behind her paper shield as I guided her out of my bedroom and down the

The women had gone into the kitchen to see about dinner when we came
into the living room leaving Mr. Parkinson and my father alone to talk.
Amber climbed into her father's lap and handed him the edited papers that
we had worked on.

"Here's the stuff daddy! Charlie let me do some of it too, it was
really easy too!"

Mr. Parkinson glanced at his watch, then quickly scanned the five
pages. He nodded his approval. "Pretty impressive Charlie. You must be a
fast typist."

"No Daddy, he only changed the parts you wanted done. Charlie called it
uh..." Amber looked at me to fill in the words she forgot.

"Cut and paste Mr. Parkinson. You highlight the words that need to be
moved, then grab and move them with the mouse pointer. The computer does
the rest. Adding and removing words are just as easy to do."

Amber's father rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Hmmm, sounds like I need
to look into this deeper."

My mom broke into the conversation. "Dinners ready folks! Come and get

The group rose off their respective couches and headed towards the
dining room. Amber sat next to her father while I got stuck sitting next
to Mrs. Parkinson. During the meal she would touch my arm or leg to get
my attention right before asking me a question. Her actions seemed
innocently enough, but she was getting a kick out of what she was doing to
me. She steered the conversation towards what interested me, which was
computers. Her hand rested on my leg not three inches away from my crotch
as she set the bait.

"You know Bob, maybe we ought to consider getting a computer. Amber is
certainly interested in Charlie's" June patted my leg as she discreetly put
her cards on the table. "I bet Charlie might even consider teaching our
daughter a thing or two in the meantime. What do you think Charlie?"

June's hand moved up my leg to within a half-inch of my balls. I almost
jumped out of my seat. As I fumbled out my "Yeah, sure." Reply my mind
reeled with the implications of her remark. I looked at Amber and noted
that she only seemed delighted at the prospect of a computer of her own.
Bob Parkinson's expression was one of begrudging compliance. It dawned on
me just who wore the pants in their marriage. Out of my side vision I
noticed Mr. Parkinson's eyes dart back and forth between his wife and I.
The old man seemed to be in on the game. He certainly seemed like he was
not very happy about it either.

Mr. Parkinson said, "I don't know if we can afford such an extravagance
right now honey. I hear those contraptions can run well over a thousand
dollars and we got a house payment to take into consideration now."

"You can take the money out of my allowance Daddy!" Amber voiced

Her father huffed, "At that rate you'll be an old woman before it's paid
off honey!"

A thought suddenly came to mind. "I've still got my old 486 CPU and
motherboard. Maybe I can build amber a computer that won't be too
expensive. If you're willing to buy some ram, a case, keyboard and monitor
we could build one for about $500."

While Mr. Parkinson was scratching his head, his wife made the decision
for them. "That's so nice of you Charlie! We can afford that, right

June's tone was laced with ice. Her poor husband had no choice but to
give in. "Yeah, that sounds like a bargain. Are you sure you want to take
on such a big challenge son?"

"Sure!" my voice almost broke when I felt the unmistakable sensation of
a single finger moving across my balls through the thick material of my

Amber squealed out her delight and jumped out of her chair to hug her
father. "Thanks Daddy! You're the greatest!"

Her mother added, "Don't forget to thank Charlie too Amber!" as she gave
my crotch one last stroke before removing her hand.

Amber rushed around the table and gave me a hug and peck on the cheek.
"Thanks Charlie, you're the greatest too!"

Dinner was completed and the table was being cleared when I retired to
my bedroom. As I had hoped, Amber followed me. She closed the door to my
room behind her.

"Wow Charlie it's so cool that you're gonna build me a computer! How
can I ever repay you?"

"Ahhh, don't worry about that Amber. I love working on computers

I fired up my descent game, loaded my save and started to play. I
barely noticed Amber standing beside me until the mini-boss kicked my ass
once again.

"Shit! He kicked my ass again!"

"Wow, that looks like one heck of a game Charlie! That's a strange name
you gave your player!"

"Oh you mean NumNutz?"

"Yeah, Is it cause they go to sleep if you sit too long or something
like that?"

I let out a quick laugh. "No, but sometimes my legs do that. I guess a
good definition of that name is like calling someone a Dumass. I always
give my characters names like that."

"Oh. What other names do you use?"

"Hmmm, how about FuzNutz?"

Amber giggled.


She giggled again. "You're funny Charlie?"

"Wanna give it a try Amber?"

"Naw, I'd just get my butt kicked. Do you have an easier game I could

"You can do it Amber. I'll start you off on the novice level at the
beginning of the game. How's that?"

I was about to get up from my computer chair but Amber moved right in
and sat on my lap. Right away she put her legs on the outside of mine just
like before. I wondered if she was old enough to comprehend the signal she
had sent me, or if she sat like that to be more comfortable. I put the
thought aside and set the difficulty level to novice, then started at the
game at the beginning. When I got to the character name cue I typed in

Amber asked, "That's a funny name Charlie. What does it mean?"

"It's my special code name for you Amber. You'll have to figure it out
by yourself."

"NertPipples? I hope it's not bad! Gimme a hint!"

"Okay, but only one hint. It's a half assed turned around anagram!"

"Hmmm, I'll have to ask my Dad. He's good at stuff like that."

"NO! Shit, you want me to get skinned alive?"

"How can I figure it out then?"

"An anagram is a word that's..... Okay I give up. Promise you won't
get mad at me?"

"Is it a bad name?"

"Uh....Well.... Not the way I look at it I guess."

"I think you better tell me then but I can't promise anything till I
hear whether you're making fun of me or not."

"No, I wouldn't make fun of you Amber. Hey, I got the perfect hint.
That way I won't have to be embarrassed and neither will you. Okay here
goes. Let's say I have a large dog."

"Okay, go ahead."

"Well, have you ever heard the term "Bass Ackwards?" It means Ass
Backwards. So a large dog would be a darge log. Get it?"

"Hmmm, Nert Pipples.......Charlie!"

"Want me to change it? It's really a complement Amber, honest!"

"No, it's okay. You're strange!"

"Is that bad strange or good strange Amber?"

Amber twisted around in my lap to look at me. After a moment she
smiled. "Are you gonna show me how to play or not Charlie?"

It took Amber a little while to get the hang of the joystick. She was a
charger, which was the opposite way I played the game. Her direct charge
approach ultimately got her character killed pretty quickly as I had
expected. I took over the controls and showed her how to use my stealth
and methodical method. My joystick had what is called a "hat" which allows
the player to "slide" sideways instead being an easy target while trying to
turn into firing position. We were still at the first level and both of us
had become familiar with the lay of the hallways and where the enemy robots

"Now watch this!" I stopped at the first corner that had a robot on the
other side then turned my ship sideways. "This is called a slide." I
pushed the hat on the top of my joystick to the side and moved sideways,
fired three shots and killed the robot. After I slid back behind the
protection of the wall. I pointed out how the dead robots shots flew past
the spot where I was previously. Between the two of us we killed off all
the robots in the first level.

Amber killed off the last robot. I pointed out the exit but she flew
past it.

"I just want to cruise around a while and get used to how the controls
work okay Charlie?"

"Sure Amber, that's a good idea."

I sat there watching Amber move around, not realizing what her reasons
were for roaming the hallways without battling. When she leaned back into
my chest the realization suddenly hit me. I Placed my hand on her abdomen
then nuzzled her ear with my cheek. She smiled slightly, but pretended
once again like nothing untoward was happening.

Amber had set up the rules of the game. She would ignore my
explorations as long as I didn't move too fast or get too bold and make her
nervous. I looked down the front of her light summer dress and enjoyed the
sight of her small swells with the rose colored tips once again. With
assuredness I gently worked one of her nipples between my fingers and
watched as it stiffened and became more pronounced in response to my touch.

Amber's eyes became fixed to the screen her craft slowed to a crawl.
The sensations of pleasure her body was sending to her brain greatly
diminished her concentration on the game. I felt her body quiver ever so
slightly as my hand gently came to rest on the bare flesh of her leg.
Getting braver I grasped the hem of her skirt with my other hand and gently
lifted it up, exposing for the first time the white cotton panties she
wore. Her movements had pulled the thin material tight against her pussy. I
could see the distinct outline that the twin swells of her labia made and
even the cleft in between. The sight made my rock hard cock strain against
the tight confines of my blue jeans, demanding attention.

I sandwiched the hem of Amber's skirt between my hand and her abdomen
then I pulled her against me. She wiggled her hips appreciatively when she
felt my hardness against her backside. I decided to make a bold move when
I remembered how ticklish the inside of a girl's legs could be. My hand
was resting on her right leg, just above her knee. I lifted it away and
moved directly to her panty-covered pussy, bypassing the treacherous
traverse up her leg. Amber gasped, her body stiffened when she felt the
tips of my fingers press gently into her slit. I held my breath and waited
for her to settle down. Amber's hands came away from the joystick and came
to rest on top of my arms, just above my wrists, but she didn't try to stop

I began to gently trace the crease in her panties from top to bottom.
Amber's breathing grew heavier as her clit swelled and opened the
protective petals of her labia like a flower. Soon the evidence of her
sexual excitement soaked through the material of her cotton panties. The
tips of my fingers became coated with her moisture and my nose flared as I
caught the first traces of her scent. I leaned back in my computer chair,
almost overbalancing and tipping the two of us over backwards. Amber's
weight settled along mine and my cock nestled itself nicely between her
butt cheeks. I smiled to myself after I released the hem of her skirt and
the material laid flat against her belly.

I hoped that Amber was now too aroused to stop what I wanted to do next.
My libido wanted me to take Amber to my bed and fuck her. There wasn't
much of a chance of doing that so soon after we had just met. She must
have figured that it was fairly safe to let the pleasure I was giving her
continue, especially since both of our parents in the next room. Her
eyelids fluttered then settled closed, content to drift along with the
newfound pleasure from my fingers.

I carefully reached down and pinched the front of her panties between my
thumb and forefinger then gently pulled them open. Amber's eyes were still
closed. Her attention was concentrated on the wonderful sensations that
were pouring into her brain. The fact that her smooth mound had become
exposed to my greedy eyes failed to register in her mind.

I moved my fingers lower and played with the source of Amber's wetness,
craning my neck to see the place where her cleft began. The twin lips of
her labia had just a thin line of dark hair, another sign of her body's
struggle into puberty. I hooked a finger of under the elastic waistband of
her panties, then pulled her panties open until the tightly stretched
material reached their limit. Her pussy juices made the crotch of her
panties become almost translucent, the light from my monitor showing
through as the sodden cloth peeled away from her pussy.

Amber started to stir when she felt the tension on her panties. Before
she could stop me, I slipped my other hand under her panties and down
between her legs. My middle finger quickly found the bump of her little
erect clitty, but only momentarily.

Amber clamped her legs together and tried to sit up, "No Charlie!"

The realization of how far I had gone while her guard was down startled
Amber. She grabbed my invading hand tried to pull it from between her
tightly clamped legs. I tried to find her clit again, but my fingers were
squeezed together and held tightly in check.

I pulled her body back against mine and spoke quietly into her ear.
"It's okay Amber, I won't go any farther. Relax, you can trust me."

"But someone's gonna come in and catch us! The door isn't even locked!"

"Nobody ever comes in my room without knocking first. I just want to
make you come, then I'll let you go I promise. Have you ever had someone
give you an orgasm?"


Amber stopped her struggling, but she still had a firm hold on the hand
that I had between her legs. I started moving my finger from side to side
as much as her legs would allow.

"Come on Amber, loosen up your legs up for me okay?"

Begrudgingly Amber opened her legs up a little at a time, finally
allowing me enough room to find her clit once again. When my finger found
Amber's little nubbin she sucked in a quick breath.

"Mmmm, there it is Amber. I bet nobody else's finger's been there
before me, huh?"


"Have you ever had an orgasm then?"


"Mmmm hmmm. After you leave and I go to bed, I'll be thinking about you
when I do it."


"Oh yeah sweetie!"

I dipped my finger into her honey pot then came back up to her clit. My
ears delighted in the ever so slight smacking noises her juicy pussy and my
finger made together. Amber's breathing became heavier, her hips began to
buck and writhe as the pleasure she felt began to build. She gripped my
hand and pressed it against her gyrating pussy, to heighten the pleasure as
her orgasm neared.

"Here it comes sweetie, there's no stopping it now!"

As if on cue from my words Amber moaned through her gritted teeth. Her
body went rigid just before the floodwaters of her orgasm broke through her
dam of sexual tension. With a long, low pitched cry Amber rode the waves
of sensation and her body quaked in my arms until her orgasm eased.

Amber was enjoying the last bits of sheer pleasure when I heard voices
coming down the hallway. I quickly withdrew my hand and sat up, taking my
feet off the desk. The voices I heard approaching my room were from my
mother and Amber's mother too. Fortunately Amber heard the voices too.
She jumped to her feet and stepped to the side of my chair, hastily
straightening her dress. I grabbed my joystick and gave the ship a blast
of throttle to get our game moving once again. Amber's mom opened the door
right after a quick knock.

"Time to go home honey. We got a big day tomorrow remember?"

Amber quickly masked her harried expression then turned to face her
mother who was standing in my doorway "Okay Mom."

Amber's mom asked, "Are you feeling okay sweetie? Your face looks a
little flushed!"

"Uh Yeah Mom. I feel fine."

When I turned in my chair and saw how Mrs. Parkinson's eyes darted from
her daughter to me, I thought the shit would hit the fan right then and
there. She glanced at the bulge in my pants then her eyes locked onto mine
reading my guilt like a book. The slight smile that came over her face
chilled me to the bone.

"Charlie, why don't you come on over tomorrow and help Amber and I break
in our new swimming pool. I'll make the three of us some lunch okay?"

"I gotta leave for work around three Mrs. Parkinson. Maybe some..."

"We'll see you around 10:00 then. You be sure to bring your suit."

Amber was looking at me expectantly. Her mother grabbed her arm by the
elbow and hustled her out of my room. I looked at my mother to see if she
was wondering if any funny business had gone on behind my closed bedroom
door. She cast her eyes upwards as if to say, "What a pushy woman our new
neighbor is turning out to be." I followed the three females down the
hallway feeling sorry for Amber. The way her mother steered her to the
doorway made me think that Amber would catch hell as soon as they got home.
Shortly after our guests left, I took a long shower. The skin on my
cock burned slightly after I used the soap to masturbate with, but the
powerful orgasm was well worth it. After finally beating the mini boss, I
went to bed. True to my word, I fantasized about Amber before I drifted
off to sleep. In my mind, it was Amber's hand what was wrapped around my
cock instead of mine. I was showing her how to drive a guy crazy by slowly
stroking my cock. We had all the time in the world for that fantasy. It
was her white cotton panties that wiped up my sperm instead of my BVD's.

The ringing of our doorbell wrested me out of a sound sleep. My eyes
focused on my alarm clock. It was 10:15 in the morning.

"Oh SHIT!"

I suddenly remembered that I was expected next door. I sprang out of my
bed and rushed down the hallway only realizing that I was bare assed naked
as I reached the door. Racing to the linen closet, I snatched a towel off
the shelf and hurriedly wrapped it around my waist before I opened the
front door. It was June Parkinson I expected to see standing on the other
side, not her daughter Amber. I was half chuckling to myself, thinking
that Mrs. Parkinson was gonna get a real show when she cast her eyes upon
my usual morning piss woody.

I think that Amber was as surprised as I was when we saw each other
there at my front door. The little blue bikini that she was wearing was
twice as skimpy as I would let a daughter of mine wear, especially at her
age. It even had the strings that were tied in a bow at her hips like an
older girl would wear.

Amber's eyes trailed down my body and settled on the definite tent my
erection made in the towel I had hastily snatched off the shelf. It was
only a hand towel and just barely made it all the way around my waist.
Where I held the ends together was towards the front so my fist could rest
against my hipbone. When I looked down I could see that although my cock
was covered, the tent it made spread the ends apart, allowed a good view of
my pelvis. It was clear to me that the view Amber was witnessing stopped
her dead in her tracks. I had to break the silence between us.

"I'm sorry Amber, I forgot to set my alarm last night. Give me about
fifteen minutes. I gotta take a shower, then I'll be over okay?"

Amber pried her eyes away from my towel, "Mom said that I'd better not
show up without you or there'll be hell to pay. I'll just wait outside for
you if that's okay Charlie."

"Well if that's the case, you might as well come on in. No sense in
staying out in the heat."

I opened the door enough to let Amber in, then closed it behind her.
She tried to play it cool, but her eyes kept drifting downwards. Her
reaction to my semi nudity was starting to work up my hormones. I got a
sudden flash of memory from last night then wondered what had transpired
between her and her parents when they got home last night.

"That Bikini looks great on you Amber. go head and make yourself at
home while I hop in the shower okay?"

"Thanks Charlie. My mom just bought it for me last week."

"What did your Dad have to say about it?"

"Oh he had the usual cow, but he got over it."

"I just bet he did! Well nobody's home but us. There's pop in the
fridge if you want one."

"Is it okay if I fool around with your computer until you're ready?"

"Yeah, knock yourself out."

Our house has a split floor plan. That was a big selling point for my
parents. I had become accustomed to strolling from the bathroom to my
bedroom down the hall in my all together's. I had forgotten that Amber
would be in my bedroom playing with my computer until I reached my door and
saw her sitting in front of my monitor. She turned around and got a good
look at me before I had the good sense to cover my nudity.

I hid my lower half behind the doorframe. "Uh...I gotta get dressed
Amber. I guess I forgot that you'd be in here, sorry."

Her wide-eyed expression slowly turned into a devilish smile. "Looks
like we've got us a bit of a standoff Charlie. Remember what you did to me
last night?"

"Yeah. By the way, what did your mother say to you after you guys got
home last night?"

"She didn't say anything. What do you mean?"

"Really? The way she looked from me to you, I was sure she knew
something was going on. Especially with the way she grabbed your arm and
practically marched you out of our house."

"She was definitely a little hot under the collar, but not at you."

"What was she mad about then?"

"I didn't catch all of it I heard my mom telling Daddy that your mother acted like a old stick in the mud. I think your mom said something last
night that set my mom off."

For a brief moment I considered telling Amber about her mother's taste
for teenage boys, but thought better of it. I let the matter drop.

"I need to get dressed Amber." I motioned with my head. "Come on out
before you get more than you bargained for."

Amber crossed her arms across her chest and set her jaw defiantly.
"It's not fair Charlie. Especially since you didn't stop when I asked you
to last night."

"Are you really sorry I did what I did Amber?"

Amber thought a moment. "No, but you almost got us in trouble!"

"So what do you want then?"

"You know!"

"Okay Amber, you asked for it! You realize you just might end up on my
lap again one of these days?"

Amber's face turned one shade of pink from my remark, but she held her
ground. I took it as an agreement to my implied demand, even if she might
not fully realize the terms. I stepped into the doorway and stood there
with my arms crossed, imitating her pose. My cock had been at about
half-mast, but it grew to its full 6 1\2 inch glory while under her
wide-eyed gaze. To up the ante, I reached down and gave my cock a loving
squeeze before I strolled over to my dresser. Taking my sweet time, I dug
around in several drawers until I found the pair of Speedo's that I had
earned when I was on the swim team last year. I pulled them up until they
were just below my outstretched cock.

"You want to feel it Amber?"

Amber's eyes got even bigger than they already were. "NO!"

She spun around in my computer chair and faced my monitor. I had hoped
she would say yes, but deep down I knew she wasn't ready for anything like
that yet. She was watching me out of the corner of her eyes when I pulled
my Speedo's the rest of the way up. There was one hell of a bulge at my
crotch. Fortunately, a towel would conceal my situation until I got in the

"Okay. I'm ready to go Amber, c'mon."

When Amber turned to face me, her eyes went directly to the obvious
bulge I displayed. "Charlie! You can't let my mom see that! She'll have
a coronary!"

"I'll get a big towel from the closet. It'll go away after a bit, don't

I held my hand out and pulled Amber her to her feet. She looked into my
eyes expectantly and smiled nervously when I bent down to kissed her. She
didn't resist when I guided her hand to my cock. Amber held my gaze for a
moment then she averted her eyes downward, avoiding my knowing smile.

We headed out my front door and cut across the newly planted grass in
Amber's front yard. I wondered how Mrs. Parkinson would look in her
swimsuit. If she allowed her daughter to wear so little, what she had in
store for me might be nothing more than a thong.

Amber opened her front door and called out, "Charlie's here Mom!"

We heard her voice coming from somewhere in the back of their house.
"Oh Good! Why don't you kids go ahead and hit the pool, I'll be right

After Amber closed the patio door behind us, I asked her, "So what type
of suit does your mother have Amber?"

"Mom's a lot braver than I am..."

Amber clammed up when we heard the patio door open directly behind us. I
turned to say hello.

"Sorry Mrs. Park..... Whoa!"

"Oh you just quit it right now Charlie! I feel positively naked n this

My reasoning was right on the money. Mrs. Parkinson was wearing just
about the skimpiest thong I'd ever seen a female wear in person. She
carried the suit off extremely well, even at her age. The whisper thin
material just barely covered her pussy. It was cut really high at her hips
and only a little over two inches wide in front. What little there was in
material was stark white in color. The top part just barely covered her
nipples. The thin material conformed to the graceful curves of her medium
sized breasts. I stood there and gawked like a typical teenager.

"Charlie, I'm gonna go back inside and change if you don't stop staring
at me like that!"

"I'm sorry Mrs. P. Uh,....Are you gonna go swimming with us?"

"Oh you silly boy! This little thing isn't built for swimming, you
oughta know that!"

Mrs. Parkinson took a couple of steps closer to me. Her predatory eyes
darting behind me to be sure her daughter wasn't looking. I froze in front
her like a deer in the headlights, my fear and desire battling for control
over my legs.

I do declare Charlie! I feel like a little girl down below right now!"

She looked once again over my shoulder then in a quiet conspiratorial
voice, she said. "I knew when I bought this little thing that I would have
to do a little hedge trimming if you know what I mean!"

To toy with my mind, Mrs. Parkinson's hand moved down her body and
stopped at her pussy mound to drive the point home. My eyes followed her
hand just like she knew I would.

"By the time I was done Charlie, that hedge was almost gone!"

Her pinkie finger pushed the thin strip of cloth that covered her pussy ever so slightly to the side as she took her hand away.

"That's why it took me so long to get dressed! Now I think I'll just
lay out and work on my tan."

I couldn't move, and could only watch as Mrs. Parkinson reached out and
removed the towel that was around my waist. She appraised my aroused state
with a satisfied smile then spun me around and pushed me towards the pool.

"You better get some cold water on that thing before it busts out and
runs amok!"

Amber hadn't been paying attention to what her mother was saying to me.
She was having a great time playing in the water at the shallow end of
their pool. I dove into the deeper water and used my momentum to surface
right in front of her.

"Hey this water feels great Amber. You guys are really lucky to have a
swimming pool."

"Yeah! My Dad's always wanted a pool. He promised to teach me how to
swim too."

"You can't swim? I thought people that can't swim are afraid of getting
in the water?"

"Well I can do a dog paddle but that's about it. It's not very pretty
but it gets me around."

"Can you hold your breath and go under water?"

"Sure. Want to see?"

"Yeah. I'll go under with you."

Amber pinched her nose between her thumb and finger, took in a breath
then went under the surface. I almost laughed at the comical way her
cheeks puffed out. I glanced towards her mother who by then was lying out
on a patio lounger. It surprised me a little that her head was turned away
from us. I shrugged my shoulders, took a quick breath and went under to
watch Amber. After about fifteen seconds she ran out of air and stood up.

I'd always been proud of how long I could hold my breath. I hadn't
prepared myself by hyperventilating beforehand but there was plenty of
oxygen left in my lungs to dazzle Amber with a small demonstration of my
abilities. I let out enough air to sink to lay flat on my back on the
bottom. Looking up to the surface I could see Amber watching me. My eyes
then went to where the water level was on her flat tummy, then to her
bikini bottoms. The cut of her suit wasn't nearly as revealing as her
mother's but the water made the material loose and pliable. The ends of
the bow ties that held her suit together floated lazily in the water,
beckoning me to test the strength of the knot by pulling on them. Too bad
her mother was basking in the sun not twenty feet away from us. I pushed
my hand through the water so I could watch the bow tie move in the current.
When Amber felt the current against her body she bounced up and down and
squealed. The sudden movements she made in the water made her suit slip
down her hips just a little, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of her pussy.
When the burning in my lungs could no longer be ignored, I had to come up
for air.

Amber said,"Charlie, I was getting worried about you! Don't do that any
more okay?"

"Do what Amber?"

"Don't stay under for so long!"

"Shoot that was nothing! I can stay down for three times longer than
that if I want to! Watch this!"

I started to take several quick deep breaths, wanting to see more of
Amber's bouncing charms. The ringing sound from a cordless phone on
stopped me. Mrs. Parkinson was lying on her stomach in one of their
loungers by the pool. The strap to her bikini top was undone and both of
her breasts came into view when she rose to an elbow to pick up the phone.
My 16-year-old eyes zoomed right in on her breasts like a remote camera.
The fact that Mrs. P didn't realize that I was getting a show allowed me
to enjoy the view even more. A punch on my arm followed by Amber's
reproachful expression made me tear my eyes away.

"Sorry Amber, I couldn't help it." I said in a quiet voice so her mother couldn't hear.

"That's my mother you pervert!"

Amber's voice was a little louder than mine was. It also carried with
it a hint of jealousy. A point that I logged in my memory banks for
possible future exploitation.

o Mrs. P came up to the edge of the pool "I'm sorry Charlie, but I'm
afraid the lunch that we planned has got to be postponed for another day."
She looked at her daughter. "That call was from your father. You know
that big project he was working on all last week?"

Amber's face changed to disappointment. "Yeah?"

"Well there's a meeting about it today and your father went off and left
all his papers in the den. We need to go into Phoenix and bring him the
papers so he can have them for the meeting. After that we've got to pick
up Cassandra at the airport, her flight's been moved to 3:00 this afternoon
instead of this evening."

"But what about gymnastics tryouts Mom? All the best coaches will be at
the gym today!"

"Oh shoot, you're right Amber. We've got to find a way to get you to
the gym somehow. Do you think Lori's mom can give you a ride?"

"I don't know Mom, maybe. I better call her."

Amber went to the edge of the pool and took the phone from her mom. She
punched in the number, put the phone to her ear and waited.

"Darn, nobody's answering!"

When she started looking panicky, I stepped in. "I can take you to the
gym if it'll help, Amber."

"Yeah! Is that okay Mom?"

"I don't know honey. Charlie, didn't you say you need to leave to go to
work at 3:00?"

"Yeah, but I don't have to be there until 4:00. About all I can do is
stay and watch for a while though. Amber do you think you can catch a ride
home with somebody?"

"I'm sure Lori will be there. If she's not, Becky Larsen or Samantha
Magruder will be there. Someone oughta be able to get me home."

"I'll give you my work number just in case. They'll let me go long
enough to get you home if you can't get a ride okay?"

"Amber looked at her mother for permission. Mrs. P looked at me then
to her daughter, assessing the risk of allowing her daughter to be alone
with a horny 16 year old boy.

"Okay honey that's okay by me."

Mrs. P looked at me, her expression unreadable. "Charlie, can I talk
to you for a moment, inside the house?" She looked at her daughter. "Amber
honey, I know you'll be kind enough to wait for Charlie to come out. It's
nothing to worry yourself over."

"Okay Mom, I'll stay in the shallow end so don't worry about me."

Ice water ran through my body. I knew Mrs. Parkinson was going to read
me the riot act when she got me alone. Hopefully she would only air her
suspicions about what happened between her daughter and when she walked in
on us I last night. Whatever she planned for me, I knew that I deserved
it. I obediently followed her into the house, grabbing my towel to hastily
dry myself off while on the move. Once inside, Mrs. P led me into their
living room then turned to face me.

"Charlie, why don't you tell me the reason why I need to talk to you?
I'm not stupid so don't even think about trying to bullshit me okay?"

She was less than a foot away from me. Her eyes bore right into my
soul. I knew that trying to play innocent would only cause me grief.

"You don't trust me with Amber?"

"That's a start. I got a question for you to answer. Does playing
stink finger with a girl in your bedroom behind a closed door leave a
telltale odor? Even if the girl is only 12 years old and the boy is
certainly old enough to know better?"

"Yes Ma'am, I guess it does."

"Why would a good looking boy like you go after a girl who's too young and innocent to know who can be trusted?"

"I'm sorry Mrs......"

"Are you? Do you think I'll believe you if you promise me that you'll
never ever do it again, honest Injun?"

"No Ma'am. You're right."

"Good! Now why then am I allowing some 16-year-old, boy who's prick
does his thinking for him another opportunity like the one he had last
night with my daughter?"

"I don't know. Maybe cause Amber would be heartbroken if she missed the

"Charlie, would you care to guess what happened to me when I was around
Amber's age?"

"What? I mean I don't know!"

"The neighbor boy is what happened Charlie! What do you think he did?"

"He raped you?"

Mrs. Parkinson smiled seductively. "No sugar, I stayed a virgin until
I was 16. What Tommy did was to allow me to believe that I was his
girlfriend. It took about a month for the bastard to talk me into sucking his cock!"

My body jumped when I felt Mrs. Parkinson's hands on my hips. Meekly I
tried to take a step backwards but she grabbed the waistband of my
Speedo's, stopping my retreat.

"He saw me watching him eating a Popsicle then called me over and said
he would give me half of it if I showed him my panties. I was only Ten
years old and that half a Popsicle looked really good so I showed him.
Naturally the next day he was out on his back porch with another one. That
was the first time he felt me up. Before too much longer the two of us
were in his tree house. I ended up completely naked, sitting on his lap
eating my half of his Popsicle while he played with my pussy and himself at
the same time. I held out for a whole Popsicle when he wanted me to jack
him off. He kissed me for the first time after I got him to come. The
next time he wanted me to put his cock in my mouth but I said no."

"Tommy ate his Popsicle the next day as I watched through the fence.
When I asked for mine he told me that I wasn't his girlfriend any more.
What he said to me hurt worse than the loss of even a whole Popsicle. When
I started crying he went inside his house and got another Popsicle. I
watched him climb up the tree in his back yard and go inside his tree
house. When I climbed up after him, I didn't realize exactly what I was
getting into. He handed me the Popsicle while he undressed. Usually he
was the one that took off all my clothes, but that time he told me to
undress myself. Naturally I had to give him my Popsicle to do it. When I
was naked Tommy was rubbing my Popsicle all over his erection. He broke it
into its halves and put them on either side of his cock. By then they were
melting fairly quickly. To make a long story short, Tommy ended up getting
what he wanted, especially after he threw my clothes out the window and
refused to retrieve them until I had at least tried it."

"Tommy was real nice to me after that because I ended up cleaning every
bit of the root beer flavor off from his dick. When he got close to coming
the bastard held my head in place and jammed his cock down my throat. Not
only did he get my clothes, but he brought me another Popsicle too. Tommy
hugged me and promised that I could be his girlfriend forever.

Like a foolish little girl, I believed him. boy was I in for a surprise
about a week later when Tommy's friend Jake somehow managed to catch the
two of us just as I was putting Tommy's cock in my mouth. Naturally he
threatened to tell on us unless I did the same for him too."

Mrs. Parkinson started working my swimsuit down my hips as she
described what happened. Although I was terrified, my cock strained at its
confines, eager to come out and play. She grabbed my cock as soon as it
sprang free.

"I ended up blowing the both of them Charlie, one right after the other.
Yes, I was more than a little scared when I did it, just like you are right
now. Jake's cock looked like a monster to my inexperienced eyes way back
then. As a matter of fact he was about your size, VERY respectable for a
sophomore in High School."

Mrs. Parkinson's hand started slowly jacking up and down on my cock.
Her other hand cupped my balls. She smiled the smile of control, of

"You're about get the blow job of your life Charlie and you're scared,
aren't you? Half of you wants nothing better than to run away and hide but
this rock-hard teenaged cock of yours is doing the thinking for isn't it!
When I see a good looking a boy who is just about ready to reach his sexual
prime, I need to own him. If only for a little while."

Mrs. P moved her hand to the end of my cock. She squeezed and pulled
on my cock at the same time, as if she was milking a cow.

"Have you ever had a blow job little boy? I'm not talking about when
you and Johnny what's his name shared the same tent at summer camp. I mean
a real toe curler, by a connoisseur!"

I shook my head. The words "No." stuck somewhere deep inside me.

She released my balls then grabbed a handful of my Speedo's. I was led
by my cock and Speedo's over to their couch then prompted to sit with my
butt on the edge of a cushion.

I could see the pent up desire in Mrs. Parkinson's eyes when she told
me, "When I blew those first two older boys so many years ago Charlie, I
was naked and at their mercy. I felt so dirty when they finally left me
alone. I didn't dare come out of my house after school for about a week.
Tommy and Jake hung around my house then got bored and went into the tree
house. For some reason I fought down my fear and snuck up tree ever so
carefully. Would you care to take a guess at what I saw those two bullies
doing? Tommy was on his hands and knees and Jake was behind him! Yeah,
you guessed it Charlie. Tommy was taking every bit of his best friend's
cock up his ass and loving it! The next day I happened to mention what I'd
seen while the two of them tried to lure me into Tommy's yard. From then
on I was never bothered by the likes of them again. There's a whole lot
more I can tell you, like when I spent the night at my girlfriend's house
and sucked off her older brother who was fourteen. All this talking has
gotten me all worked up and you got exactly what I need."

Mrs. Parkinson reached behind her back and released the catch to her
bikini top. She held her top at arms length to her side then let it drop
to the floor. Her skimpy thong bottom soon followed suit. My eyes
traveled from her medium sized breasts to her freshly shaven pussy.

"So here I am Charlie."

Mrs. P knelt in front of me then she reached out and took my Speedo's
the rest of the way off. With a gentle but commanding tone she ordered me
to spread my legs. When I complied she pushed on my chest until my back
was resting against the back of her couch. She grasped my cock and
squeezed it tightly then forced my painfully hard member downward between
my legs. When she let go, my cock spring back to its upright position and
wobbled in the air.

Mrs. Parkinson Giggled, "THAT'S why I've developed a taste for young cock. My god but you got a hard one Charlie! boys around your age can
shoot what I'm hungry for again and again, with little or no rest in

I gasped at the incredible sensation when she slid my cock inside her
mouth, taking all of me in one quick movement. My hands involuntarily
grasped her head but she took my hands in hers and pulled them away. Mrs.
P stayed there with my cock buried to the hilt down her throat. As her
tongue worked its magic on my sensitive underside, I felt my balls draw up.
I was too worked up to even try to hold myself back. My cock began to fire
off inside the warmth of her mouth before I could even think about giving
out a warning.

My head thrashed from side to side and I cried out loud. Amber's mother held my arms in place, backing her warm wet mouth off only enough to give
her throat the space it needed in order to swallow. She hungrily welcomed
each and every powerful jet of semen my youthful loins could produce. Just
when I thought I'd given up my last dollop of goo, Mrs. P slipped a single
saliva and come soaked finger past my sphincter. She had only penetrated
me to the first joint of her finger, but the surprise and strange new
sensation made my cock give up the last of its reserves.

When my body relaxed and I let out that long full breath of sexual
tension released. Mrs. Parkinson slowly withdrew her finger, then her
mouth. She took my cock in hand then played her tongue along the sensitive
underside for a moment. Then she took all of me inside her once again. My
eyes were closed when she finally released my cock My spent but still rock
hard sprang up, slapping my belly then did it's little dance to the beat of
my heart.

I opened my eyes when I felt her breasts pressing against my chest, the
sharp smell of my semen heavy on her breath.

"Kiss the mouth that sucked you dry Charlie!"

Mrs. P parted my lips with her tongue, sharing the sharp aftertaste
with me. "So, how was it Charlie? I'm sure you can talk now that we've
gotten so......... Intimate?"

"Fantastic! I'm sorry that...... well I was so quick."

"Don't be Charlie. Some of my little youthful conquests never made it
to my mouth until they were trained. You know what sugar? You're the
oldest one of them all, at the beginning anyway. You see, I'm as perverted
as you are. Oh, don't worry. I'll let you go eventually, but not until
I'm ready. You don't have a choice in the matter, understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good! Now I'm gonna lay out the ground rules. There's only three
simple ones. The first one is the one you'd better never break or I'll
slice your balls off personally. Don't even THINK about fucking my
daughter! Not even if she begs you to do it, Got it?"

"I promise!"

"Now I'm not thrilled with the thought of anybody coercing my little
girl into satisfy their own perverted needs, but you can't help that can
you? As long as you don't push her too hard or break the trust she has
given you, I'll pretend to be the gullible adult all kids at that age
thinks their parents are. Did you make her come last night with your
finger in her pussy?"

I nodded in agreement.

"But you didn't have enough time to talk her into getting your rocks off
though did you?"


"Have you done it with other little girls before?"


"You get her to come enough times and she'll do just about anything you
ask her to do. Take that as a word of advice from someone with experience.
Have you ever licked a girl's pussy?"

"No, but I been kinda wondering about it."

"Do it Charlie! I'd be making you lick mine this very minute if we had
the time. Now here's rule number two. When I say the word, you come
running! No matter what else you had planned or who you're with at the
moment understand? You make your excuses, and get your hard cock over
here. Be discreet about it too. My husband has known about my little
trysts since before we were married. He's not thrilled with the idea, but
he's learned to pretend it isn't happening."

"Okay, I understand."

"Rule number three Charlie. Now I'm not cruel or sadistic, I promise.
But whatever I tell you to do, you do it or it'll all be off! I'll drop
you like a hot rock! That includes Amber, I'll put her way out of your
reach! "

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Good! Now get yourself out of here before my daughter's curiosity gets
the better of her!"

Mrs. Parkinson snatched up our suits. She pitched mine in my lap and
headed towards her bedroom. After putting my Speedo's back on, I sat there
for a moment trying to get a grasp on what I had gotten myself into. I
shook my head then headed out to the pool.

Amber looked at me worriedly. "What did mom say to you Charlie? You
guys were in there for an awfully long time!"

I dove in the water, using the time underwater to think of something to
tell her. I was glad my erection had subsided and I could tuck my cock
downward before I came out of their house. As Amber's little bikini bottom
with the ties at the side came within my reach, my tool tried in vein to
unfold itself once again. I surfaced in front of her.

"She said that you have a crush on me and that she expects me to act
like a gentleman around you."

"Parents can be so stupid. You aren't a gentleman around me, are you

"Well I guess you're both right Amber. I shouldn't be letting my other
head do the thinking for me when I'm around you. And YOU shouldn't be
wearing that skimpy little thing you have on around me either! It gives me
naughty thoughts!"

"Oh no you don't Charlie! I swear is that all you think about? You are
such a perv!"

"I may be a pervert Amber, but one thing I'll promise you. You don't
have to worry about me trying to go all the way."

"Uh huh, and you expect me to believe you? You're a guy Charlie! What
do all guy's want?" "Satisfaction, that about sums it up in a nutshell.
Some guys only want sex, maybe most guys Amber, but there's a lot of other
ways to have fun without doing the "F" thing!"

"Oh yeah, like what?"

"Well what about last night Amber?"

As Amber started to blush, her mother came out to the edge of the pool
putting on her earrings. "Okay I'm off, you kids have fun okay?

"Okay Mom!"

Mrs. P turned and walked off. Just before she opened her patio door
she turned to us. "Good luck at the tryouts honey, and don't give Charlie
any trouble, You do what he says okay?"

After the patio door closed I turned to amber smiling. "You heard your
mother Amber. You gotta do as I say!"

"She didn't mean THAT Charlie!"

I laughed out loud. Amber's expression was priceless. We heard the
garage door open, then close as their car drove away. Now we were totally

Amber looked a little hurt so I took a few deep breaths and dove
underwater to give her a little time to compose herself. I settled to the
bottom and watched her body from a safe distance. Soon she walked closer.
I heard her squeal through the water when I grabbed both of her feet. She
backed away inadvertently holding her hands over her pussy. A quick laugh
from me brought bubbles to the surface. Amber came closer once again as I
was running out of breath.

"What were you doing under there so long Charlie?"

"Just watching you, and waiting for you to come closer."

"I almost peed myself when you grabbed my ankles! You scared me!"

"There's nothing to be afraid of Amber. What do I need to do to prove
it to you?"

"Teach me how to swim? WITHOUT feeling me up!"

"Now that IS a challenge, but I accept. You do realize that I need to
hold you up while I'm teaching you don't you?"

"Of course silly! That's the perfect test. If you can do that without
pawing me then I think you might be able to be trusted."

"You know what would be even a better test? Take off your bikini and
let me teach you that way! There'd be a whole lot less resistance from the


I had to laugh once again. The girl thought I was serious. She
puckered her lower lip for a moment, then decided to laugh along with me.
When our laughter died down I motioned her over to me and held her out
prone, face down in the water.

"Okay now show me how you can kick."

I watched how her legs moved, which was more than adequate to propel her
through the water. Then my eyes settled on Amber's little blue cloth
covered butt. The currents of water her kicking feet made caused the
material covering her butt to flutter. It didn't reveal all that much, but
it was still very alluring to me. My cock was still tucked down but even
that little trick had its problems. My cock strained against its bounds,
but couldn't overcome it. I promised myself that before the day was
through I would undo those little bow ties that held her bikini bottom in
place. I let Amber loose and bent over in the shallow water. When I
showed her how to windmill her arms and turn her head to the side for
breathing, we hit our first stumbling block.

"But I can't do both my arms that way cause water gets in my nose. I
gotta use one hand to pinch my nose off."

Well that's easy to cure Amber. You need to learn how to keep water out
by blowing air out of your nose. You don't need to blow very much to keep
the water out. After a little bit all you need to do is to blow just
enough air out to keep air in your nostrils. Then you can stop and hold
the air there. I guess you get a feel for it.

It took a little persuading to get her to try my idea. Once she finally
tried it she got the hang of it very quickly. I showed her how to do a
back flip in the water and how that was the only time she needed to blow
air out her nose. When Amber swum a lap lengthways in the water she was
ecstatic. I was treading water in the middle of the pool when she swam out
to me. She clung to my body like a monkey and I had to double my efforts
to keep the two of us afloat.

"I did it Charlie!"

"You sure did Pumpkin! Now we better get to shallower water before you
drown both of us."

I kicked onto my back and started frog kicking towards the shallow end
with Amber's arms around my neck. With a big smile I held her body against
mine by putting both my hands on her butt.

"Lesson's over Pumpkin okay?"

Amber didn't answer. Naturally I took her silence as her agreement. At
the shallow end I made a turn and headed towards the opposite end. I made
the first couple of slow laps with amber clinging nervously to me.
Eventually she relaxed, letting her legs trail behind her.

"What I'm doing is called a frog kick pumpkin. It works really well
underwater too."

"Uh huh."

While propelling us through the water at a leisurely pace my hands
roamed up and down her back, calming her fears of the water and of me.

"I won't do anything to hurt you sweetie. You believe me don't you?"

Amber nodded, her cheek nestled against mine. I pulled her wet hair
away from between us and kissed her cheek. Once we were back at the
shallow end I stopped kicking and then crouched in the water enough so that
just our heads were out of the water. Amber wrapped her legs around my
middle to help hold her body in place. I reached under Amber's butt then
slipped a hand inside my trunks. My straining cock thanked me by rising
into full glory after I pulled it into an upright position. The stairs at
the shallow end gave me an idea so I slowly headed that way and sat on one
of the lower steps. Amber ended up sitting on my lap facing me with her
legs still wrapped around my hips. We kissed tenderly and spoke to each
other in low hushed tones. I felt and fondled my way around her back and
butt freely. Occasionally I would slip one hand inside the back of her
bikini bottom. They became looser on her body as the material stretched to
accommodate my hands.

Each time one of my hands ran into the bow tie in the middle of her back
that held her top in place, I would hold myself back. I let Amber know
that it was in the way by slipping my hand underneath it or let the
material stretch then pop back in place as my fingers went past it. The
time had come for me to remove that first barrier in the middle of her
back. My fingers found the two ends and slowly pulled. The knot had
tightened from the extra tension caused by my hands. There was no
mistaking when the knot popped loose. Amber hugged me tighter holding her
top in place between us.

"Pumpkin, look at me honey."

When Amber's head came away from my cheek and she looked into my eyes, I
said. "We've got a six foot fence between the two of us and the outside
world. Your house and mine are the only ones on this block. Even the
construction workers have left for the day, okay? Nobody but me is gonna
see anything."

The bow tie at the back of her neck pulled apart easily. I grabbed one
free end and pulled outward. Amber felt the tension and released her hold
around my neck just enough to allow her top to slip away. She redoubled
her efforts and clung to me once again. Even though the skin on my chest
could barely discern her nipples pressing against it, my excitement grew. I
let the moment pass and gently ran my nails up and down her unencumbered
back. When I grasped her arms wordlessly ask her to release her grip she

"What's the matter pumpkin, are you scared?"

"No. It's not that." Amber said in a quiet but high-pitched tone.

"What's the matter then. You can tell me."

"I just don't know why you want to see up there. I don't have

"Do you remember when you realized that I could see down the front of
your dress last night honey? I know you caught me looking cause I saw it
in your face."

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well? You DO have something up there, cute LITTLE ones with pointy
little nipples that stick out. I got hot as hell when I got my first
glimpse of them. I got even hotter when I felt your nipples grow as I
played with them."

"You're gonna laugh at me. Why else would you want to do it when you
can get an older girl to look at."

"Amber............. Honey. I'm gonna be honest with you. Now look me
in the eyes so you'll know I'm telling you the truth okay?"

"You right in wondering why I want you when I can get other girls that
are closer to my age. I've had girlfriends at school. I've even had sex
with one of them. Why am I interested in you, I really wish I knew why,
but you really turn me on! I've NEVER been turned on by a young girl before, but you get me hot! There's something inside me that makes me like
I am. It's wrong to feel like I do, but I just can't seem to help myself.
I DO know this though."

I held her head to ensure she would see into my soul. "I'm not gonna
hurt you, or laugh at you. I know better than to try to go too far
and..... well...... you know."

I felt Amber slowly release her arm lock around my neck. Her body came
away from mine, allowing my eyes to feast upon her newly budding beauty.
Her smile answered mine when our eyes met again. I wrapped my fingers
around her ribcage on each side and used the side of my thumbs to tease her
nipples into standing proudly.

"I dare you to swim to the other side of the pool and back like this

"I'll do it if you'll do it too Charlie!"

"That's not quite fair, but you got a deal!"

Amber swam as fast as she could to the deep end then back to where I had
moved to stand in the middle of the shallow end.

"Okay it's your turn now Charlie, but you gotta take your swimsuit off

"That wasn't the deal Pumpkin."

"UH HUH! You agreed!"

"Yeah, But who's the one that took your top off?"

I held out my arms indicating what she needed to do if she wanted me to
complete my part of the bargain. She set her jaw and stepped up to me then
started working my Speedo's down my hips.

"It'll be easier if you undo the drawstring in the front Pumpkin."

Getting a little angry with herself Amber boldly pulled the front of my
suit open, found the ends of the knot and pulled. When the knot came free,
she pulled them down as far as she could reach without her head going
under. After looking at me for guidance she realized that she would have to
take them all the way off herself. Amber pinched her nose with one hand
then went under. She had to take her hand away from her nose to get my
suit all the way off.

Victorious at last Amber came up sputtering. "There smarty pants! Now
let's see how you like this!"

I watched calmly as my Speedo's came flying out of Amber's hand to land
well away from the edge of the water. I would have to climb out of the
water to retrieve them, a small matter for me. "Okay here goes nothing

I did my best backstroke, using a frog kick instead of the racing style.
With my cock standing proudly from my pelvis. I made several leisurely
laps, then stopped beside Amber who was wisely clutching at the ties of her
skimpy little bikini bottom.

"Hey squirt you did pretty good holding your breath underwater! Now try
this. Its called hyperventilating."

Amber followed my lead taking several quick deep breaths then went under
with me, holding her nose. Her buoyant body floated to the top but her
head was still under the water, her eyes fixed on my cock. I had settled
to the bottom and lay my back directly beneath her. To give Amber a show I
brought my hand to my cock then started slowly stroking up and down.
Amber's eyes grew wide, mesmerized by my blatant show. The little
12-year-old held her breath as long as she could then brought her head out
of the water. I surfaced beside her, my erection bumping against her body
as I rose.

"Is that how guy's do it Charlie?"

"Yeah. I saw where you were looking so I thought I'd give you a little
show. What'd ya think, did you like it?"

Amber's blushing face answered my question. I decided it was time to
see if I could get her bikini bottoms off her body.

"How long do you think I can hold my breath underwater Pumpkin?"

"I don't know, over a minute?"

"I'll make a bet with you okay?"

Amber eyed me suspiciously. "What type of bet?"

"If I stay underwater for one and a half minutes, I get to untie one
side of your bikini bottoms. Two minutes and I get to untie the other
side. Two and a half minutes and I get to pull them away from your body.
If I don't stay under for at least two and a half minutes you get to tie
everything back up and I won't try anything else for the rest of the day.
How's that?"

"NO WAY! What do I get if you lose?"

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me, that way it's fair."

Amber thought for a moment, then her face lit up. "You have to do
whatever I say for a whole day!"

"You mean be your slave for a day? Would it start today? Or some other

"Not today, cause it's gotta be for a whole day to be fair."

"What about your mother? She's gonna think something's up when I start
doing anything you tell me to do, have you thought about that?"

"Okay, but maybe when nobody's gonna be around?"

"You can divide it up if you want to Amber. How does 12 hours sound?
If you tell me to do something that only takes a few minutes it'll count as
an hour. How about that?"

"Okay! Gimme your watch!"

"How am I gonna know what time it is if you have my watch? Can I trust
you to signal me at the right times?"

Amber nodded her head solemnly. I gave her a comical evil eye then
started hyperventilating while taking off my watch. When I head swam from
the over abundance of oxygen, I pressed the timer button then handed the
watch to Amber and went under. I decided to grab Amber's ankles to help
hold me down instead of blowing off air. The longest time I'd ever been
able to stay underwater was just under three minutes. That time I had to
let out enough air to lose buoyancy so now I had a slight advantage.
Unfortunately it had been at least a month since I had been swimming. I
wondered if my lack of exercise would affect my lungpower.

One-one thousand, two-one thousand, I counted off the seconds in my
mind. Sixty seconds went by, then thirty more seconds. Amber's feet
shifted nervously in my grasp. She signaled me with a hand, a little bit
late to my reckoning but I let it pass. Her bottoms, loosened by my
exploring hands already allowed a hint of her almost hairless labia to peek
out from under the blue cloth that covered her crotch. Reaching out with
one hand I pulled the knot free. Amber squealed and clutched at the ends.
Another thirty seconds passed and the other knot fell victim to my fingers.
She never even gave a signal, but I couldn't blame the girl. The next
thirty seconds seemed to take an eternity. Amber was clutching desperately
to the material at the front of her little bikini bottoms. To make the
time pass quicker I maneuvered my way behind her to look at her tight
little butt. I used her legs to propel myself behind her so even if she
tried to twist her body around I got the view I wanted. My mind had lost
count but I knew the two and a half minutes had elapsed. The burning I
felt in my lungs told me that much.

The poor girl seemed more than a just a little bit scared when I tugged
on her free floating bottoms. Amber's cries became plaintive. She dropped
my watch to hold the back half of her bikini to her body.

I snatched up my watch from the bottom of the pool then brought my head
out of the water, gasping for air. When I saw how hard Amber was crying I
felt about two inches tall. I was to blame for causing her fright and

"I'm sorry Pumpkin!" I apologized as I pulled her shivering body against

She still clung desperately to her suit with one hand but wrapped her
other hand around my neck. Her cries went into full gear and rang in my

"I should have known it was too much to ask of you. Please forgive me

"Cuh-cuh-can we get out of the water now Charlie? I really didn't mean
to act like such a baby, honest!"

"Don't you worry one bit about that honey. Let's get you dried off

I barely recognized that Amber had wrapped her other hand around my neck
as I carried her naked body out of the water. My mind did register that
she still had her little bikini bottom clutched tightly in her fist because
it was now trailing down my back, leaving runnels of water flowing off the
soaked material. I snatched up the two towels that were on a table waiting
for us and wrapped one of them around her as best as I could with one hand.
The cool air-conditioned temperature inside Amber's house made her shiver
even more. I carried her down the hallway looking for her bedroom.
Passing the open door to a bathroom I got an idea. I turned on the water
to their bathtub and tested the temperature. When the water seemed about
right, I pulled up on the knob that directed the water to the showerhead.
Amber still clung tightly to me as I stepped inside and closed the sliding
glass door to the shower.

Amber calmed considerably as the Luke-warm water from the showerhead
sprayed over her body. I sat us down in the bottom of the tub, grabbed a
handy bottle of shampoo and started lathering her hair. After I rinsed the
second batch of shampoo from her hair, she was back to her usual self.

Amber was sitting in my lap facing me as I soaped up a washcloth and
began scrubbing her back. The guilt from upsetting her in the swimming
pool had caused my erection to drop away although I had hardly noticed the
fact at the time. As my washcloth reached her butt, my cock began to rise
once again. I halfway expected Amber to react badly when I felt the head
of my cock press against her underside. She involuntarily shuddered then
she squirmed in my lap, reacting to the strange new contact on her backside
Amber giggled. "Your wiener is tickling my butt hole Charlie!"

"I'm sorry sweetie. Sometimes it has a mind of it's own. I got your
back all cleaned now. You can stand up now and clean the rest by

"Would you do it for me Charlie? It really feels nice when you wash

"Sure Pumpkin. I'll let you do your private parts okay?"

"You can do those too. I'm not scared anymore, honest!"

"Okay honey. Why don't you stand up for me then."

Amber giggled when she stepped right on my cock while standing in the
tub. Her pussy was poised just above my face as she stood before me. For
the first time I got a good close up look at her. I grabbed the washcloth
and cleaned up her legs then down her front, saving the best for last. For
her pussy I tossed the washcloth aside and soaped up my hands. My eyes
took in the downy hair that sprouted from where the swell of her labia
turned inwards. It formed two thin, slightly dark lines that barely met at
the top of her pussy.

When my soapy fingers slipped between the folds of her pussy I knew I
was in heaven. Amber squirmed about and held on to the handles in the wall
and shower door while I cleansed and explored every crevice and fold that
she had to offer. She even raised her leg and set it on the side of the
tub to give me complete access. She giggled when I gently probed her tight
little butt hole with the tip of my finger.

When Amber was squeaky clean and rinsed all over I stood up. She seemed
just a little disappointed when I grabbed a fresh towel and began to dry
her body off after I hastily dried myself. When I was satisfied that she
was completely dry, I wrapped a towel around her slim body and picked her
up like a newlywed wife.

"Where's your room Pumpkin?"

"Right there." Amber pointed towards a closed door. There was a slight
hint of resignation in her tone of her voice that betrayed her belief that
our games were over.

Laying her out on her bed, I looked into her eyes. "Do you trust me

Amber nodded, then bit her lower lip when I opened the towel that
covered her squeaky-clean nakedness. Her legs were slightly apart,
exposing her pinkish pussy to my feasting eyes. I ran my hand up her leg,
which made her giggle and close her legs. After a moment she smiled
broadly and then spread her legs far apart. Her pussy lips separated,
revealing her inner flesh. From my sitting position at the foot of her
bed, I grasped both of her legs and lay on my stomach with my face pointed
directly between her legs. As Amber tried to wiggle away, not knowing what
I was up to I made my move. My tongue separated her labia and came back
with the taste of her sex. The second time I probed between her lips until
my tongue came into contact with her clitty. Amber took in a sharp breath
and thrust her pelvis into my tongue. I went back in for more, battering
her sensitive clit with my tongue. Within mere minutes she was grasping at
the covers of her bed, her body shook in reaction to the sensations that
flooded the pleasure center of her brain. .

Amber came hard. She voiced her ecstasy loudly and thrust her pussy against my face. With one last lusty cry the little 12-year-old's body
went rigid, then her muscles relaxed. Amber was too far gone to react to
my tongue when I bent her knees and probed her tight virgin pussy with my
tongue. There was no reaction when I probed her butt either. I knew that
I could fuck her right at that moment and she wouldn't stop me. As badly
as my cock cried out for release, I held myself back.

I rose from the bed and sat between Amber's legs to wait for her to come
back from sexual never-never land. Amber sighed and opened her eyes. In a
flash she was in my arms hugging me tightly. Her wet pussy lips opened to
accept the length of my achingly hard erection. She sighed and wiggled her
hips, nestling her pussy around my cock even more. The tender underside of
my cock was pressing against her opened pussy from her super sensitive clit
to the opening of her virginity. I wrapped one arm around her upper body
and cupped her butt with the other then pressed her to me even tighter.
Amber wiggled and I moaned. She wiggled again and I responded in kind.

My hands urged Amber to move her body up and down against mine. The
intensity of my sensations grew exponentially as Amber's pussy spread its
wetness to my cock. Amber bit her lip and began slipping and sliding up
and down the length of my cock in earnest. I came for her as she looked
into my eyes. She came for the second time shortly after me. After a
blissful eternity we released each other and fell back onto her bed in
opposite directions.

I found the satisfaction that I hadn't known until now. Closing my
eyes, I relaxed and let my mind drift. I was awakened when I felt Amber's
hand gently grasp my slightly flagging but still erect cock. When I opened
my eyes Amber was looking the semen she had sampled between her fingers.
She looked at me and smiled.

"So this is what a guy's stuff looks like huh?"

"Yeah, gets kinda messy don't it."

"I can fix that Charlie, I'll be right back."

Amber came back with a warm wet washcloth and sat on the side of her bed
and cleaned me up. Even though I had two of the best orgasms of my life
that day, my cock rose to the occasion like a trooper. After rinsing out
the washcloth, she came back into her bedroom.

She sat on her bed and let out a sigh. "It's almost 2:00 Charlie, I
gotta make us something to eat, then we gotta go."

"Yeah, I guess you're right Pumpkin."

"We can just stay here and forget about the tryouts."

"Oh no we won't! What would your mom think when she found out about it?
Who would she skin alive, certainly not you!"

"But we'll never get to do stuff again! You'll get another girlfriend
and forget all about me!"

As Amber began to cry, I pulled her slim little naked body on top of
mine. "That'll never happen honey. What you and I experienced was the
best EVER! I'll never forget about it, or YOU!"

"But my stepsister is gonna be here tonight. She'll ruin everything!"

"Cassandra is your step sister? You sounded like you were happy she was
coming. Why would she make a difference between us?"

"Cassandra's Almost 14! She's got tits and everything!"


"She's gone all the way too! Cassandra's BEAUTIFUL and she knows it
too! She can get any boy she wants!"

"I'll ignore her then, don't worry. I've seen lots of girls like that
Amber, they're all me, me, me. I've been there and learned all about that

"No, you can't ignore her. She's my best friend."

"What do you want me to do about her then sweetie?"

Amber looked worried, she climbed from on top of me and sat on the edge
of her bed, facing away from me. "Why does things have to get so

"What's wrong Amber? Want me to promise to resist her charms? That's
not a problem."

"I can't tell you, you're gonna hate me if you know!"

I turned on my side and looked at Amber's back, wondering what she was
so worried about. It didn't take long to come up with an educated guess.

"Amber, I think I can guess what your secret might be and it doesn't
matter one damn bit to me."

"No you can't!"

"Does Cassandra sleep in here with you when she visits honey?"

Amber turned and looked at me, her shocked expression revealed the
truth. She quickly turned away and covered her face in her hands.

"Do you love her then honey?"

"NO! Yes.... I kinda thought I did, but now things are different."

"Because of you and I?"

Amber nodded her head. "What am I gonna do tonight Charlie?"

"Whatever you feel like sweetie. I got no hold over you anyway."

"You'll never want me again if I do it."

"Bullshit Amber. It won't make any difference, honest."

Amber looked pleadingly at me. "Do you hate me now that you know?"

"Would Cassandra hate you if she knew what we did Amber? Did she
promise that she'll only love you the last time you were together?"

"No, She likes boys too but not as much as girls I guess."

"So you're pretty sure that she's been with other's since she was here?"

"Yeah, she's even told me over the phone."

"Sleep with her Amber, then come to me. I'll prove what I say is true

Amber looked into my eyes and saw the truth there. "Okay Charlie, I
will if that's what you want. I'll even let her use her tongue on me now
that I know how good it feels, thanks to you."

"Did you lick her the last time she was here?"

"No, but she wanted me to."

"You were the first one that I did it to Amber. I just had to try it."

"Really Charlie?"

"Yeah, I liked doing it too!"

"Can I try it with you Charlie?"

"I was hoping you would Amber. I sorta thought I'd have to talk you
into it though."

Amber looked at my erection then reached out to touch it. I had to grab
her hand, knowing there was no way I'd want her to stop if she began.

"There's no time sweetie. If I let you touch me now, I'd lose control.
Tell you what though. Let's get dressed and we'll go for a burger before I
drop you off at the Gym."

Amber looked a little hurt but when I showed her what time it was she
understood. While she got dressed I went out to the pool and retrieved my
swimsuit. I went home and got dressed for work and picked Amber up. She
looked so sexy in her leotards with her little niblets poking out. It was
everything I could do to keep my hands away from her. After we grabbed a
quick meal at the burger barn I dropped her off at the Gym, then headed to

Around 6:00 my boss told me that I had a phone call. I went to the desk
and picked up the phone.


"Charlie is that you?"

"Yeah honey. Need a ride home?"

"Kinda, I mean I can get a ride if you can't take me. I was thinking
about Cassandra and stuff like that."


"Well, you remember the bet we made and what you said about being my
slave for a day?"

There was no way that Amber had won that bet, but being her slave might
prove interesting. I let her go on.

"That's right. I guess I owe you that huh?"

"Oh Good! Before I try what we talked about with Cassandra, I want to
try it with you."

"What time are your parents expected home? I don't think there'll be
enough time."

"I was kinda thinking about,....Well on the way home."

"Now there's an idea Pumpkin! I'll meet you out front in about fifteen
minutes okay?"

I hung up the phone and shook my head. My boss already knew that I
might need to take off for a little while so that wasn't a problem. I
grabbed one of the cloth napkins from the linen supply and stuffed it in my
pocket on the way out the door.

Amber was waiting at the sidewalk when I drove into the parking lot.
Her blushing smile made my already stiff cock give a lurch in my pants.
Like a good slave, I undid my pants and took my cock out at her request.
For most of the drive home Amber's hands were working their magic. It was
too dangerous to let her do anything more than that while in traffic. I
finally had to pull off into a side street when I couldn't take it any

Amber smiled at me and licked her come slickened lips when I dropped her
off in front of her house. Her stepsister came out of the house laughing
and waving. They were hugging each other when I drove off. The skin on my
cock was raw and hurting from Amber's inexperienced teeth, but I didn't

I'll always remember that first time Amber sucked my cock. In time her
skill equaled her mother's. Amber definitely had one thing over her
mother. She had the most incredibly tight pussy that I've ever felt.
That's right, I couldn't help myself. Fortunately Mrs. P never found out
about it. But she knew I was a pervert anyway, Right?

The End.


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