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Keywords: tg/f, tg/ff, oral, anal, mast, lez, exh, pub, asian, i/rAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: A married Marilyn

Please enjoy my latest story. If you know you ain't
supposed to be reading this, DON'T! I reserve all
commercial and all other non-electronic rights to this
work. Oh, my email is and
please visit my website, So without further
ado, let's get on with it.

A married MARILYN
By Brett Lynn

"Class is dismissed. Don't forget the project due…"

"Huh, what?"

Marilyn woke up disoriented from her nap. When she
finally came to, she vaguely remembered some project
for Intro to Computer Science, gathered her legs from
the chairs in front of her, dusted off her baggy jeans
and began the walk out the lecture hall, backpack in
tow. She walked out of the building, looking at the
leaves of autumn turn around her, setting the overcast
sky ablaze with color. She brushed out a yellow leaf
out of her now bone-straight hair and began to walk
the few blocks to her house. Her blue Timberland
hiking books were almost covered by her baggy blue
jeans, which brushed along the leaves on the sidewalk.
Her matching blue long sleeve t-shirt was covered by
the blue USA basketball jersey from the previous
year's Olympics, replete with the number 9. Glancing
down at the jersey, she thought to herself, "damn, I
need to find something more patriotic after this
weekend. You'd think Tommy Hilfiger would come out
with more American flag shirts by now."

Not paying attention, she stumbled slightly on the
sidewalk in front of her house before turning and
walking up to her door, her arm brushing by the
American flag on the steps. She dug in her deep
pockets for her keys, and let herself into the living
room. Inside was the din of a normally functioning
house, with a tv blaring off in the background. She
was about to turn to call out for her sister when she
saw something out of the corner of her eye turn
towards her.

"KAT!" screamed Marilyn and turned towards her
fiancée. Kat too made visual recognition, and Marilyn
got down on one knee to hug her diminutive love,
squeezing her tightly and giving her a peck on the
cheek. She then got back up on her feet, letting Kat
bury her head in her belly.

"Hey Shari! You here?"

Sharilynn bounded down the stairs, dressed in a faded
old shirt and shorts, barefoot and looking a bit
harried. "Hey Donnie," she said with a chuckle.
"Glad you're back. You know we gotta run around a bit
so we can head on up to Vermont, right?"

"True," Marilyn replied. ""I do want this marriage to
get pulled off. You got in touch with my boys from
back home, right?"

"Yeah, that's done. And all your bags are packed,
ready to roll too. I'll have someone pick you up this
afternoon. I'm gonna be out in a half hour to get
everything straight up there."

"OK…hey!" Marilyn looked down and saw what her sense
of touch had suspected, her fiancée kissing on the
base of her dick for her jeans. She lightly wrapped
her fingers in Kat's hair, gently pulled her head back
and asked, "so I take it you want me?" Kat only
replied with a wide grin and a nod of her head.

"Uh, sis, this conversation will have to finish up
later. My wifey needs me," Marilyn blurted out
quickly, brushing a strand of hair back before
grabbing Kat's hand and sprinting up the stairs to
their room.

"Alright, my sister," Shari replied to a fading
Marilyn. "Remember that pick up at 5!"

In almost no time, Marilyn and Kat got into their
bedroom and shut the door. Before Marilyn could get
to the bed, Kat bent over, unzipped Marilyn's jeans,
pulled aside her panties and pulled out her bulky,
limp dick. She roughly stroked the shaft with her
tiny hands and looked up into her fiancé's eyes.

Kat let out a slight purr and said, "I've been horny
all day. But I thought it was wrong to get off
without you, so I'm gonna get you hard and use you to
get me off. Do you mind?"

Marilyn shook her head in response and smiled. "I
have no problem with that, hun," Marilyn mouthed to
Kat. "Use me. I'm just glad you want me and care
about me that much."

Kat stroked out her hands to Marilyn's tip and held it
straight out right before opening her mouth wide and
taking the tip in her mouth. She worked her tongue
slowly around the fleshy tip, and screwed and sucked
on her lover's dick with her lips. She let her mouth
be opened by the expanding flesh, letting one hand
stroke the rest of the shaft while she let the other
hand dart along her bare thigh under her skirt. She
cradled and toyed with Marilyn's balls in one hand
while grabbing halfway up the semi-hard shaft, bracing
it for the dive she made with her mouth. She let
her mouth and throat pull on the shaft and tip, slowly
pulling it to its full size. Kat's pink lips caressed
the ebony skin, letting them slowly inflate her lover
with her stimulation, and with each pass of her lips
up Marilyn's shaft, she swirled her tongue all over
the shaft, taking special care of the underside of the
tip. She looked up into Marilyn's eyes and smiled up
into them with her own, taking special care of the
hard dick in her mouth while she got her fiancé's

Kat felt Marilyn's dick extend as fully as it could
down her throat and decided to extract it from inside
her mouth, slowly sliding her lips down the shaft and
tip and giving a kiss to the tip. She gave her erect
dick a quick squeeze, lifted it up and gave a long
lick from the base of her balls to the shaft, which
was slick three-quarters of the way down with her
spit, to the tip. She stood up full erect, grabbed
Marilyn about the hips and pushed her onto the bed
with little resistance.

Marilyn sat there, the wet tip of her hard dick
brushing against the rough texture of her jeans,
saying to herself, "I think the woman is hot!" She
sat there and watched as she saw her lover lift up her
wrap skirt and pull down her tiny white panties. Kat
then held up the hem of her skirt by her hips and held
out her hand for Marilyn to pull her onto the bed.
She let her lover straddle her hips and lined up her
tip to Kat's pussy as she let the skirt drop. She
rocked back on her hands behind her as Kat lowered
herself onto the large, fleshy tip, the strain on her
face obvious. She held her lover's hips to steady her
as she lowered herself a third of the way on her
shaft. When she saw Kat smile, Marilyn smiled back,
then took her fiancée in her arms and gave her a
tender kiss on the lips. As she let her tongue paint
her way across Kat's lips, Kat lowered herself a few
more inches and let the shaft halfway into her tight,
wet snatch.

Kat rocked back on her hips a bit, separating her face
from Marilyn's, and let out a small gasp. She steeled
herself against the strain at her nether lips, the
tugging along with the friction of the shaft
stimulating her clit. As she was preparing herself
for the fucking she was going to give herself, she
felt Marilyn's large hand grab her head and pull her
into a long French kiss, letting her mouth be
dominated by her lover's tongue. Just when she was
getting used to the tongue down her mouth, she felt it
licking at her ear, the wet saliva making her ears
tingle with the air in the room. She started to
breath deeply, trying not to let her feeling overwhelm
her. Then she saw Marilyn's face in front of her, her
lips saying some simple words…"I love you. Enjoy me."
With that, she raised herself up on Marilyn's shaft,
getting ready to fuck herself with that dick.

Marilyn held Kat in her arms, feeling her lover begin
to work her hips on her. She could cum fucking like
this if Kat kept fucking her for a while, but she
could tell from the way she was acting that Kat was
going to be selfish today. She held Kat hard against
her, letting her head rest on her shoulder, sat there
and enjoyed the subtle tug on her dick, letting her
hand caress Kat's back. "I like it when we fuck like
this," she thought to herself. "It's nice to know
that we can fulfill each other's needs like this
without having to officially make love every time.
Besides, Kat's cute when she's horny, and I just love
getting those morning blowjobs." She let herself
shudder at the thought of them, and Kat thrust a bit
harder at her in response.

"Hey sis!"

"Huh…what?" Marilyn responded as she slowly came back
to the real world, Kat's soft lips gently massaging
her hard dick. "Whatcha want sis?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Didn't realize that Kat was
fucking you?"

"Like hell you weren't, you perv," Marilyn cracked
back. "Now what do you want to tell me?"

"Everything's a go for the trip. I got in touch with
some of your boys, and they'll be there."

"Mmmhmm," Marilyn replied, her lips pressed to the
nape of Kat's neck. She sucked at the skin there,
then flicked her tongue at it, making her fiancée
shudder a bit. She hugged Kat tight to her chest,
feeling her heat and quivering through her nipples.
"What else do you want?"

"OK, OK. Don't have to be so testy. Anyway, my
friends from my job are coming around 8 to pick you
up, OK? Don't forget!"


Oblivious to the conversation going on over her
shoulder, Kat smoothly rode her tight pussy up and
down the huge shaft that she impaled herself on. She
could feel herself slide up and down easier with each
little thrust of hers, her pussy lubing up to ease her
way. With less and less effort, she was able to
squeeze her way around the shaft, trying to hit every
spot inside her, shuddering with the sensations. Her
clit seemed to pull and rub harder against her lover's
dick as she kept fucking, the stretching making her
sensitive to every little tug. When she felt the heat
of her lover's hard body press tighter to her frame,
she let herself go into those strong arms and let her
hips ride her off into the sunset of her orgasm.
Every nerve in her body was slowly fired, the wetness
on her lips, the friction on her clit, the stretching
of her sweet lips and her sugar walls driving her mad.
When she felt her lover's fingers brush her hair back
from her forehead, the mere touch sent her into a
mini-orgasm, making her gasp and whimper. "So this is
gonna be mind forever," she thought to herself before
feeling her ear being licked and letting her head be
pulled back by Marilyn.

She looked in Kat's eyes, feeling her limp against her
body, her hips tattooing a rhythm on her hips. All
she did was mouth the words "I love you always" before
kissing her hard on the lips, forcing her tongue
deeply into her mouth and trying to swallow her with
her lips. As she gently petted Kat's hair, she felt
Kat go into orgasm, her thrusting getting more
erratic, and her breathing being more labored. She
pulled her head away and let Kat cum on her cock. She
looked in pure pleasure as she felt Kat milk away at
her dick and saw her tiny labia impossibly stretch
around her thick shaft. She let her eyes trail up
her lover's body, with the bare belly quivering, the
chest heaving, the nipples peaking, the mouth gasping
in an open mouth smile and the eyes dilated and glazed
in ecstasy. As she felt Kat slowly start to cum down,
her eyes got misty thinking about the sight before
her. "Wow," she said out loud to no one. "I made her
that happy."

She loosened her grip from around Kat's waist and let
her slowly get control of her body. She looked
fascinated at the juncture between them, still amazed
that she could get her huge dick in there, while Kat's
small clit got tugged on by the friction of her final
thrusts. Her hips coming to a stop, Kat let herself
purr and said in a breathless lisp, "Thanks. I need
that. Wanna cum?"

"No thanks. I'm fine," Marilyn said back in response.
"That did feel nice though."

"You're welcome," Kat replied with a smile. She stood
up on her knees and slowly eased the still-hard shaft
out of her pussy, taking care not to tear herself open
and stimulate herself too much. With a little effort,
she dislodged the head from between her labia, then
jumped down blindly onto the floor. She pulled down
her skirt, then dusted off both it and her white baby

Marilyn stood up then clumsily tucked her hard shaft
down the side of her jeans down into one leg. She
then pulled Kat to her by her shoulders and kissed her
on the forehead. "Make sure you're ready," Marilyn
said looking into her eyes. "I want to make sure
everything's right for the biggest day of our lives."
She let Kat go, and Kat went over to her open
suitcase, making sure that everything was in order for
her trip.



"Alright, alright, I'm coming."

Marilyn put on her navy blue Yankee cap, checked for
her keys and wallet, then picked up her garment bag
and suitcase and walked out the door. When she got to
the porch, she looked down to see a cream colored
Acura with new rims and, based on the bass from the
car stereo, a new, expensive stereo. She scanned the
faces in the car and was in awe. Three model-pretty
women, two in the back seat and one at the wheel, were
sitting in the car, looking much like the babes they
put in car posters. The two women in the back seat
were White and Asian, respectively, and the driver had
to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever set eyes on.
Her golden brown complexion radiated off her pretty
face, and her long auburn hair seemed a perfect
compliment to the body barely hidden by the t-shirt
and denim skirt she was wearing.

"Did I die and go to heaven?" Marilyn said to herself
as she reached up to pinch herself with her slightly
long nails. She gaped in awe at what was in front of

"C'mon! Let's go!" the driver shouted as she popped
the trunk for Marilyn. "Stop staring!"

"Typical male," the white girl commented to her
friends as Marilyn came down to the steps and
deposited her belongings in the car.

"Yeah, but how many guys look that beautiful," the
Asian girl remarked. "I know why Shari said he didn't
hang around other people like him, um, herself.
They'd probably try to kill herself," she finished
with a chuckle as Marilyn let herself in.

"Hi! I'm Diana," the driver said, introducing
herself. "The girl behind me is Heather, and the
Asian girl back there is Carla."

"Thanks, Diana," Marilyn answered, offering her hand.
"I'm Marilyn." With that, Diana put the car into gear
and pulled off, heading for the New Jersey Turnpike.

"Cool. Damn, I know that your sister said you were
transsexual, but I didn't think you'd look this good."

"Thanks! I do model some though, both nude and in
some swimsuits. What about you guys again?"

Diana chirped up in response, "We're all strippers
that work with your sister…and I do mean work!"

Heather chimed in, brushing a strand of hair from her
face, "Yeah, your sister's a good fuck!"

Carla cut off Heather saying, "Hey! Chill out! I
don't know if, um, she wants to know about her
sister's sex life."

"C'mon silly! You must not have been there that night
in the dressing room when Shari was talking about how
good a fuck her sister was!" Heather stated in her
squeaky voice.

"Yeah, I was there, but…"

"Hey, that reminds me," Diana stated as got to the
toll booth, getting ready to pick up a ticket. "I
remember hearing something about that, but I didn't
really believe it. Do you fuck Shari?"

"Yeah, I did," Marilyn answered. "I'm not doing that
anymore though. That was all the past. Besides, I'm
about to be a married girl. And I can't be silly like

Diana listened to Marilyn's answer, eyeballing her
body out the corner of her eye. "She's damn right
it's the past," she thought to herself. "The amount
of hormones needed to put those kind of curves on her
must have shrunk her little wee-wee to the size of my

"Alright, makes sense to me," Diana said, getting her
car up to speed.

"So, girls, tell me about your job," Marilyn stated.
"It sounds like fun."



The four girls kept the time moving along in their
drive north up to Vermont, talking about all of the
experiences Diana, Heather and Carla had had with
themselves, the club and their sister. It involved a
lot of joking, some wrestling and, not surprisingly,
some really interesting stuff about her sister.
"Damn, my sister's such a slut," Marilyn thought to
herself at one point. "Then again, it ain't exactly a
surprise though. She's been like this since she's
been kids."

"Hey, Marilyn!" Diana called out, breaking Marilyn out
of her train of though. "You know your sis had to
suck and fuck some dude to get that first contact,

"Really? Why am I not surprised?"

"Well, there is some reg in our club who runs a bunch
of porno mags. Shari spotted him, offered him a
private dance, and the next thing I see, he's smiling
and zipping up his pants, and she had some info in her

"Hmmm…interesting," Marilyn commented. "Remind me to
thank her for the sacrifice."

"Anyway," Diana continued as she sped her way north on
I-91, "can I ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Can I see what you're working with up top? You look
kind of healthy there for someone who's born a guy and
young as you are. How big are you anyway?"

"38DD, and it's all natural."

"What? Hold up! Now I gotta see this," Diana shouted
out over the oohs and aahs of Heather and Carla.
"Lift up that shirt and lemme see whatcha got!"

"Alright," Marilyn answered as she unbuckled her seat
beat and pulled her the bottom of her shirt up over
her boobs, sticking the shirt and jersey up into her
armpits. She then pulled up the bottom of her sports
bra, letting her breasts pour out from their
confinement, and lifted it up with her shirt. Her
breast hung there perfectly, huge and round with a
teardrop shape and barely any sag.

Diana glanced over at Marilyn while keeping one eye on
the road and opened her mouth in shock. "Wow!" she
said as Carla and Heather scrambled to get a glance of
Marilyn's chest in the rear view mirror. "I can see
big breasts run in your family. You got them that
big, and you were born a guy."

"I know," Marilyn answered haughtily while toying with
her nipples. "Shari's a DDD, you know."

"Yeah, I remember her saying that. I bet your dick
must be tiny with all the hormones it took to make

Marilyn, pulling her bra and shirt back down and re-
buckling her seatbelt, turned to Diana and said,
"Uhuh. In fact, one of the reasons I'm going well
with the shemale modeling thing is that I'm probably
one of the most hung people you ever met."

"Bull! Shit!" Diana screamed out. "Lemme see it

"OK," Marilyn softly replied. She calmly unzipped her
jeans, pulled aside her plain white cotton panties,
lifted herself off the seat slightly and pulled out
her limp dick, letting it lay on top of her jeans.
"There you go."

Diana gasped in shock when she saw Marilyn's member
and screamed out, "Oh SHIT!" She nearly swerved in
reaction to what she saw, not believing it and
believing it at the same time. "Hold up! Let me pull
this car over!"

She managed to get herself over onto the shoulder in
the Massachusetts countryside, then turned on the roof
light in the car so she could better see what was in
Marilyn's lap. "Oh my God," Diana exclaimed while her
eyes devoured the dick between Marilyn's legs. "That
thing there is a monster! That's bigger that 90% of
the guys I've ever fucked…and it ain't even hard! How
big is that thing?"

"Well, it's about 8 inches when I'm limp, and a little
less than 13 when I'm hard," Marilyn calmly answered.

"Ooh, I gotta get that dick hard," Diana said to no
one in particular while brushing a strand of auburn
hair out of her face. "Hey girls back there! Mind if
I take a few minutes to get this girl hard?"

Both girls back there shook their heads in the
negative. "Nah, I don't mind. Take your time. I'm
curious about this myself," Carla added.

Diana lifted herself up a bit and hiked up her knee-
length skirt, exposing her pussy which was nude save
for a small strip above her lips dyed honey blonde
against her caramel skin. She moved across the tight
space in the car and straddled Marilyn's lap with her
hips, her silicone enhanced mammaries brushing across
Marilyn's breasts. After rubbing her breasts against
Marilyn's to get her heated up, Diana grabbed onto the
back of Marilyn's chair and began to rub her pussy up
and down Marilyn's limp dick, letting a bit of
moisture seep onto it. Slowly, we worked her hips and
rubbed that pussy up the slowly lengthening dick, the
rubbing on her clit making herself and Marilyn slick
with moisture.

Diana purred, grabbing her tits through her shirt and
said to Marilyn, her face mere inches away, "Do you
like that, baby? Do you like the way I'm working your

"Mmmhmm," Marilyn replied as she grabbed onto Diana's
hips and ass. She drew her breath in sharply as she
felt Diana's wet pussy on her tip. "Work those hips,

Diana continued to grind herself on Marilyn's dick,
getting herself hot from the friction. She looked
down between her and Marilyn as saw what she was
feeling – Marilyn's thick dick stretching itself out
under her, almost completely hard. "Ooh, I gotta feel
that dick inside of me," said Diana. "Do you mind if
I take a ride on it?"

Marilyn bit her lip, trying to steel herself from the
smooth slick sensation of Diana's pussy on her dick,
and replied, "Sure. Go ahead. After all, this is
supposed to be my last weekend of freedom."

"Thanks. I gotta try this big thing! It's about as
thick as a Coke can, and as long as advertised," Diana
noted as she let her lips slide back and forth over
the erect shaft. She let the large spongy tip rub her
clit some, then slid her hips down to Marilyn's knees,
allowing Marilyn's hard cock to be completely exposed.

"Hey, girls! Wanna take a look?" Diana called out to
the back seat. "It's all nice and hard now."

Both Carla and Heather scrambled up from their seats,
straining to look over the backs of the front seats.
Marilyn unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and
pulled out her balls from her jeans, letting the two
check out the whole package. "Oh, that looks so
delicious," purred Heather as she licked her lips.
"That dick has to be the biggest, most beautiful one
I've ever seen!" she continued as she grabbed her
crotch through her tight jeans and rubbed her pussy.

"Mmm, that dick is delicious," chimed in Diana. "It's
so thick and long and smooth…oooh!!!" She stood
herself as much as she could in the car, then grabbed
Marilyn's dick and moved her hips forward. She aimed
the tip at her pussy, then settled herself on the
large mushroom head. "OH GOD, this is huge! It's
stretching me already!!" She eased her way down to
the shaft, feeling her pussy being almost torn open by
Marilyn's massive member. When she finally got her
pussy down to the shaft, she let out a bloodcurdling
scream. "Oww!!! Get it out of me!! It's too big!"

"OK, OK. Calm down," Marilyn reassured Diana. "Just
ease yourself back up." She held onto Diana's hips as
she helped Diana pull herself off of her dick. She
helped Diana back down to the driver's seat next to
her and wiped off the tear running down her cheek.

"God, you're thick!" Diana breathed out, huffing and
puffing from the pain she felt. She heard Marilyn let
out a playful cackle as she continued, "I mean, I've
fucked some long dicks in my day, but none nowhere
near as thick as you, plus I am very tight to begin
with and damn! You are thick! You could kill someone
with that, you know."

"Maybe I will one of these days," cracked Marilyn.
She let herself laugh before reaching over and rubbing
Diana's sore pussy lips. "Look, I'm sorry about that.
Want me to make it up to you?"

"Sure. What's up?" Diana replied meekly, her eyes
looking very scared.

"Let me lick your pussy, and make you feel all better.
Would you like that?"

"Mmmhmm," Diana answered, putting her right leg up on
her seat. "Go right ahead."

Marilyn unbuckled her seatbelt, then got out the door
and kneeled on the shoulder outside. She pulled on
Diana's ankle and pulled her towards her, letting her
leg dangle out the door. After chucking her baseball
cap into the car, she let her long hair feather along
each of Diana's thighs, then let it brush against
Diana's clit. "Are you ready for mommy to kiss it and
make it feel better?" Marilyn playfully said. Diana
nodded in the affirmative and punctuated it with a
response. With that, Marilyn went to work on Diana.

Marilyn lightly grazed her teeth along Diana's outer
lips, then brushed her lips all over Diana's pussy,
smudging the moisture that was already there. She
firmly grabbed onto Diana's thighs and started placing
light kisses all over her pussy, flicking out her
tongue to taste her sweetness. Pleased my the moaning
she heard in her ears, she kissed her inner labia,
taking care to be very gentle and to avoid her clit.
She blew all across Diana's pussy to make her jump and
bit, paying extra attention to her clit, then looked
up to Diana's face. Her hips and thighs were
squeezing and bucking, stimulated by Marilyn's gentle
caress of her pussy, and she had her t-shirt up over
her tits, her hands playing with the mocha nipples and
her face wretched in pleasure. "Oh, don't stop!"
screamed Diana. "Please don't' DARE stop!"

Marilyn slid her hands up Diana's thighs and squeezed
them to remind her who was in charge. "Don't worry,"
whispered Marilyn right before planting a long lick
from just above Diana's asshole to just above her
clit. "Mommy's gonna take care of you." She then
pressed her face to Diana's vulva, flicking her tongue
all around her outer lips. Holding on to Diana's
thighs to keep her head from being squeezed, she took
one of her inner labia in her lips and licked her
tongue wildly against it, trying to get every little
bit of moisture. She peaked her head up to see
Diana's eyes glanced, her mouth mumbling incoherently,
rendered dumb from her tongue. Suddenly, she saw
Carla peek her head over the headrest and play her
tongue inside of Diana's ear. "Looks like you're
doing a good job down there," complimented Carla, and
Marilyn simply replied with a smirk and a cocksure nod
of the head.

Diana laid back in her seat, her tongue playing with
her friend's and the cool air mixing with the moisture
on her pussy to drive her wild. Her eyes were lost in
a daze, and her fingers were playing with her nipples,
trying to drive her body to end the torture it was
being put through. When she felt Marilyn's tongue
lick her lips like an ice cream cone, she started
breathing sharply, lost in the pleasure she was
receiving. She barely muttered a yeah to a question
asked off in the distance and sat up perfectly
straight when she felt a tongue invade her sugar
walls, caressing them and killing the dull pain from
them with a wave of pleasure. She wrapped her fingers
in Marilyn's hair and held her head there as Marilyn
flicked against every spot in her pussy with her
tongue, making her jump when she hit her g-spot.
Desperate for an orgasm, she died to pinch her
nipples, but didn't want to lose the tongue in her
pussy. Lucky for her, Marilyn ended such thoughts
when she took her clit in her mouth, massaged it a bit
with her lips, then stuck out her tongue and batted
her clit around with it. She let out a throaty
scream before collapsing back across the front seat of
her car, floating in a cloud of bliss. When she came
back to Earth, she felt Marilyn's large body over
hers, Marilyn's lips lightly kissing hers.

"You look nice when you cum," Marilyn said with a
smile. "I'm surprised you're not a porn star or

"Thanks for that cum," Diana answered, giving Marilyn
a friendly peck on the cheek. "I needed that after
what your monster did to me. Hey, stand up. I wanna
give that dick a kiss too. Without it, I wouldn't
have found out how good you were at eating pussy.
Your future wife is one lucky woman."

As Marilyn stood up next to the car, Diana slid over,
took the big dick in her hands and gave the tip a
nice, long tongue kiss, leaving the tip nice and wet
before she slid back over into the driver's seat.

"Hey you!" called out Heather.


"Come back here! Both of us want to play with that
thing of yours. Plus since Di can't relieve you, I'd
figure we pitch in."

"OK," replied Marilyn as Carla opened her door and
stepped out the car. Assuming that they wanted her
between them, Marilyn walked back there, hard dick
hanging out of her jeans in the cool autumn night, and
slid into the back seat. She looked to her left and
finally got a good look at Heather. She had long
platinum blond hair hanging midway down her bra, and a
tight baby blue baby tee that exposed her tiny belly
and matched her eyes. The words 'baby phat' on the
shirt were stretched flat by her massive mammaries,
and her outfit was finished by a pair of tight red
leather pants, of which she was rubbing her crotch.
"Damn, she's much bigger than me up top!" Marilyn
thought to herself. "Talk about better living through

The slam of the door brought Marilyn's eyes to
Carla's. Her tanned complexion shone off of her
radiant face with the almond shaped eyes, and while
her frame was small, it was a very tight package. She
wore a black New York Liberty t-shirt that draped over
everything except the medium-sized breasts that looked
large on her frame. An athletic looking leg with a
platform heeled foot stuck out of the wrap skirt she
was wearing. She felt the hum of the engine under her
seat when Carla began to talk.

"That was one hell of a show you put on over there, my
big girl…or should I say man-oh-MAN with that baseball
bat between your thighs."

"Thanks for the compliment," Marilyn replied. "I can
see how much you liked it, with your little peek over
the headrest!" she finished with a chuckle.

"Ooh, that was a hot show," Heather commented as she
kept stroking her little kitty through her pants.
"I've been playing with myself the whole time. Mmmm,
I can see you're still very hard yourself."

"Yeah. Seeing someone get off like that gets me hot."

"How about we take care of you babe," Heather said as
she grabbed Marilyn's dick around the base. "I think
a nice hand job would do the trick, right babe?"

"Yeah, I think we can handle that," said Carla as she
took Marilyn's dick from Heather's hands, pushed it
down against Marilyn's left thigh, then pulled her
panties over it and let it pop back up. "You got a
nice one there…and it's shaved too!"

"Mmm, that's delish," Heather said as she rubbed her
hand over the smooth skin. "Let's see the rest of the
package up close."

With that, Heather slid her hand under Marilyn's shirt
and lifted it up until it was over her sports bra,
revealing her bra-encased bosom and her washboard
stomach. "Ooh, this is nice! Your stomach feels so
strong yet so smooth. I gotta get my boyfriend to try
to get it like this. Heck, I'd try your dick, but I'd
have to stretch myself out first."

"Well, no one else is trying out this dick for a long
time after this weekend, babe. I'm a one-woman woman

"Ah, that's sweet," Carla said as she lightly gripped
Marilyn's huge dick in her small hand and stroked it
up and down. "It's a pity, though. Such a nice
dick," she added as she got up on her knees on the
seat and reached through the slit in her skirt to play
with her slit.

Marilyn smiled at Carla and laid back as the two women
began to stroke Marilyn's thick shaft up and down with
their hands. "That feels nice there. Keep going, and
you'll definitely relieve me!"

"Hey, I got an idea," Heather excitedly squealed as
she took her hand off of Marilyn's dick and reached
for her purse on the car floor. She pulled out a
small bottle of baby oil and smiled as she poured some
just above Marilyn's navel. She rubbed it around
Marilyn's belly and just above her dick with her
hands, getting both it and her hands nice and slick.
She then grabbed the bottle again and poured a strand
of it from Marilyn's tip down to her balls, then
stroked Marilyn's shaft from her tip down to near base
in one long smooth stroke, making Marilyn buck her
hips under the ministrations.

"Ooh, that feels nice," Marilyn whispered as the two
women kept milking his slick, thick cock. "Don't you
dare stop." She felt those soft hands gently milk and
massage her large shaft, enjoying how she felt the
cool air stimulate her tip. Closing her eyes, she
relaxed as she felt Carla rub her balls with her hand
while Heather seemed to try to pull the cum out of her

"Oh, this looks sooo hot!" Heather hissed lustily. "I
just wish that big thing would just slide into my
pussy!" She hurriedly unzipped her tight pants and
dove her hand onto her nude vulva, rubbing it and her
clit frantically. "So big…need that…cock!"

Marilyn opened her eyes to see Heather curled up in a
corner, plugging away at her pussy and entangling her
foot with Marilyn's, and Carla smoothly stroking her
slick dick in her hand, her mischievously smiling face
mere inches from her tip. Then as her hands began to
fly up and down her dick, creating an itch she was
dying to have scratched, Carla began to talk dirty to
her, trying to get her to cum.

"Come on baby…cum for me! Oh, I want your cum so bad!
Would you like to cum on my pretty little face? Make
my pretty little face all nice and gooey and slutty
with cum? Oh, I'm your little slut dying for your
cum!!! Don't you wanna come for me? Oh yeah! Come
on! Come on! That's it! Come!!"

Marilyn felt Carla flick the ridge on her tip a bit
with her finger before letting herself get pushed over
the edge and cumming. One shot from her dick landed
right between Carla's eyes, and the next shot landed
on Carla's lips, causing her to lick her lips and
smile. The rest of her semen fell onto her belly as
Carla moved her hands from Marilyn's dick and moved
her fingers across her face, trying to scoop the cum
up. As she calmed herself down, she saw a glowing
Heather laying next to her lightly strumming her clit,
licking her lips in lust. Marilyn reached up, lifted
up her cap, smoothed down her air, and smiled widely
as she replaced her cap. "Thanks, ladies. I needed
that," said Marilyn with a laugh in her voice. "You
know, making love and all that feels nice and special
and all, but I'm gonna miss having sex. This shit is

"Glad we could be of service," Carla said with a
smile, her hand playing along Marilyn's limp, slick
prick. "You just got a little taste of what your last
night of freedom is gonna be."

"Shit, if making love to Kat for the rest of my life
is slavery, I'd rather be a slave forever," Marilyn
thought to herself.

"Hey, Marilyn!" Heather called out after sitting up
and pulling her hand out of her pants. "Do you mind
if we lick that cum off your belly before it dries

"Sure, go on ahead ladies."

Marilyn laid her arms back on the seat back as both
Heather and Carla licked up the cum from her belly
like a cat licking up milk. She let out a smile,
enjoying the feeling of their hair and tongues on her
and relaxed to enjoy the rest of the ride to Vermont.



Marilyn sat up from her slumber, pulling off the
sheets and brushing the hair away from her face and
sports bra. "What the hell do you want?"

"Room service!"

"Alright, sis, I know it's you. Cut the bullshit,"
said Marilyn as she got out of bed and walked to her
hotel room door.

"I see someone's cheery this morning," Shari said as
Marilyn opened the door. "You're a regular teletubby
right about now."

"What do you want right now?" asked Marilyn as Shari
stepped in and closed the door behind her.

Shari walked right up to Marilyn, grabbed her jean-
covered crotch and said, "This." She promptly got on
her knees before her sister, unzipped her jeans and
pulled out her dick. "You know, I used to give you
wake-up blowjobs all the time. I figured that I'd
give you one last one while I still can," said Shari
as she stroked Marilyn's semi-hard member.

"Yeah, I remember those," Marilyn said before losing
herself in thought. "Wait a sec," she thought to
herself. "It ain't normal for someone to be getting
morning blowjobs from their sister."

Seeing the concern on Marilyn's face, Shari said,
"Hey! What's…Well, let me give you this blowjob, for
old time's sake you know? It'll help you to relax."

With that, Shari bent down and planted a long, wet
kiss on Marilyn tip before easing the tip wetly into
her mouth. She sucked tenderly on the tip, then
stroked Marilyn's cock as she licked all around the
tip, flicking her tongue along the ridge on top,
making Marilyn moan. She held the thick shaft in her
hands and lapped at the tip as Marilyn palmed her
breasts through her sports bra, then yanked it over
her head, exposing her tits to her hands and pouring
her hair all over her head in a cascade. She gave
Marilyn's dick a long winding lick from balls to tip,
then stroked her dick quickly with one of her hands.

Licking her lips, Sharilynn said, "don't you wanna
fuck my sweet throat? Don't you wanna pour your sweet
cum down my throat, filling my belly with my sweet
cum? Don't you wanna cum on my tongue?"

Marilyn pulled a hand off of one of her breasts,
placed it on the back of her sister's head, pressed
her tip to her sister's lips and slipped her dick to
her mouth as the lips went slack. She held her
sister's head still as she slowly pumped her hips,
easing her dick into the sensations her sister's lips
and tongue were creating on her shaft. She brushed
her long hair back over her shoulders, then wrapped
her fingers in her sister's long wavy hair, thrusting
harder into her sister's impossibly stretched mouth
and hitting the back of her throat. She paused,
looked deeply into her sister's tearing lustful eyes,
and then eased in her shaft into the soft pump of her
sister's throat. When she felt her sister's teeth
press into her bare shaven flesh above her dick, she
smiled into her sister's eyes, seeing them glazed with
pure lust. She pinched and pulled at a nipple while
she began to thrust her hips, pumping her way to a
cum. Marilyn gave her nipple one last long pull
before gripping her other hand in her sister's hair
and beginning to thrust away into a nice cum, her
sister's throat milking her shaft and pulling her ever
more closer.

"Ooo, yeah sis! Work that fucking throat!"


Marilyn took a deep breath, trying to keep her knees
from buckling from the feelings that shot through
every nerve of her body. "Do you want me to cum?"


Marilyn squeezed her breasts with her upper arms while
keeping her hands in her sister's hair, trying to
squeeze out her sensations through her nipples. "Do
you want me to cum down your slutty throat?"

"Mmmhmm," Sharilynn moaned, undulating her hips and
sucking her sister more animatedly.

"Do you want me to fill your tummy with cum, my sweet
sister slut?"


"Yeah! I'm about to cum sis! Ready to take my cum
down your slutty little throat?!"


"Oh, you're such a good slut, ready to take my cum!
Here it CUMS!!!! AAAAAH!!! YEAH!!! OOH YES!!! TAKE
THAT FUCKING CUM!!!! AAAH!!!! YEAH!! That feels so
nice! Milk out that last little bit! Oooh, yeah!

Marilyn relaxed her grip, and Sharilynn eased the dick
out of her throat and mouth, trying to catch her
breath. Shari gripped the slimy shaft, then licked up
the last strands of cum from it, holding it in her
mouth. She looked up into her sister's eyes, opened
her mouth with the last remaining cum, swallowed and
beamed a smile into her sister's eyes. She got back
up on her feet, bracing herself with her sister's
hips, then gave her sister a hug and a kiss on the

"Mmm…that was nice the way you talked to me like that.
You still know how to get me hot," purred Shari into
her sister's ear.

"Thanks. And thanks for the blowjob, too. I needed
that to calm down."

"No prob. I think I'm gonna have to get out my vibe
now to take care of myself."

"Hehehe. You're such a horn dog."

"Look who's talking!" Both Marilyn and her sister
shared a chuckle over that thought, then they broke up
their hug. "Look, you got get in the shower and get
dressed. By the time you're finished, I'll have Mai
over for you two to spend some time. You know Kat and
me and our parents got a lot of running around to do."

"I don't mind," Marilyn said, walking over to her
suitcase. "This is my usual day to be with my little
boo all day. Plus, I know that femmy as I love, I'm
still the groom, and the groom ain't got nothing to do
with the wedding," she finished with a chuckle.

"Alright, my little Donnie," Shari said as she opened
the door to walk out. "See ya later!"


"A-YO! You in there?"

"Yo, Mike! Is that you?"


"Hold on! I'll be at the door in a minute!"

Marilyn picked up her daughter from her chest, petting
and kissing her forehead, and laid her down on the
bed. She got up, dusted off her baby tee, then
shuffled her way to the door and opened it.

"What's up, playa!" Marilyn said before giving Mike a
five and giving him a hug.

"I'm i-ight dog. Yo, your sis has the jump-off on and

"Cool, cool. Yo, lemme get my daughter ready to take
her to her mama so we can go, alright?"

"Alright," Mike muttered in reply before sliding his
wiry frame into the room, the baggy denim suit burying
his arms and almost covering his boots despite the
jeans being tucked in. He walked into the room and
over to the bed, looking at little Mai as Marilyn got
together her baby bag.

"Cute kid," Mike remarked.

"Yeah. That's my little boo."

"She has that kind of exotic blackanese look to her.
Maybe she'll be in a Hype Williams video."

"YO!!!" Marilyn replied before placing her daughter in
her bassinet. "That's my daughter here. I'm not
raising her to be no video hoochie. Besides,
hopefully Hype Williams vids will be out of style by
the time she's old enough for them."

"Yo, you ready to roll?"

"I'm ready, man," Marilyn replied as she slipped on
her black denim jacket, then picked up the baby bag
and the bassinet. She walked out the door, then
checked for her keys and let her friend Mike out the
room before closing the door. She led the way down
the hall to her fiancée's room. She checked the
doorknob before easing herself in. Marilyn shouted
back over her shoulder, "I'll be right back, Mike"
before closing the door behind her.

When she looked at into the room, she saw Kat sitting
at the table, reading a Heinlein sci-fi book. She
gently laid down the bassinet on the bed before
placing the baby bag next to it. Then, she calmly
walked behind Kat's back and gently rubbed on the
shoulders, causing Kat to turn around with a start.

"Hi, hon!"

"Hi, my soon-to-be husband," Kat replied. "I take it
you're off to the party."

"Yeah," said Marilyn, looking into her eyes, giving
her fiancée a chance to read her lips. "Something
tells me my fair sister has one hell of a bachelor
party planned. Pity you don't wanna go. I wouldn't
have minded you there."

"You know I don't like parties."

"Don't sweat it hun," Marilyn said before giving Kat a
long, deep French kiss. "Tomorrow begins the party of
our lives. Anyway, Mai's pretty close to sleep. She
won't worry you much. Everything's in the bag, and my
parents will be by to get her in the morn so you can
get ready, OK?"

"Alright," Kat answered before giving Marilyn another
kiss. She waved Marilyn goodbye while Marilyn waved
back, then went back to reading her book.

"Alright, Mike," Marilyn said as she was closing the
door. "Let's roll."

"OK, man. And let me tell you…the party is definitely
a jump-off! Remind me to thank your sis."

"Thanks, man."

"Yo, what's up with your baby mama," Mike asked as he
opened the door from the stairs, entering the hotel
lobby. "Is she hard of hearing or something? I
overheard her, and she could hardly talk."

"Actually, yes."

"OK, I gotcha," Mike answered. Marilyn followed him
to his car, an ordinary looking 90 baby Blue Nissan
Sentra with new rims. "I can see you tricked out your
car, Mike. You're always were a car nut."

Mike looked at Marilyn as she made that comment and
for the first time in a year got a good look at his
childhood friend. The dark blue denim jacket was
open, revealing a white baby tee with the word "slut"
written on it with glitter paint. The long black hair
brushed against the jacket, and the only make-up on
Marilyn's face was some light pink lipstick. "This is
still Donnie from the block?" Mike thought to himself.

"Yo, open the car Mike!"

"Alright, alright," Mike answered before opening the
power locks, giving the chance for the two of them to
slide into the car. Mike started up the car, letting
the stereo blast Jay Z's latest CD, then pulled out of
the parking space, heading for the road.

"Yo, Mike, where are you heading to?"

"Some bar 10 minutes down the road…though it mind as
well be 10 hours with all these dark woods around.
The shit scares me man."

"I hear ya, playa."

"Speaking of things that scared me, YO! You really
tricked out your body there! I mean damn! Is this
the same cat Donnie from the block."

"Yeah, it's me. The same person."

"Sorry about that. You know I haven't seen you in a
minute. But yo, how can I explain this shit to the
boys that couldn't make it up here?"

"Well, just tell peeps that Donnie's the same old
nigga...I just look better than 98% of their chicks."

"I bet. I can see how you make paper off that
modeling shit. But how much surgery did it take to
get like that?"

"None. Just worked out some, and let the hormones do
the rest."

"Whoa. You a lucky motherfucker. Chicks pay for that
shit you got. But yo, how is it that your, you know,
dick is still working? Apparently, you got that kid."

"The gene lottery is a mother. Somehow, I managed to
not only avoid shutting that down, but it kind of gave
me a boost down there, if you feel me."

Sucking his teeth, Mike was relieved when he saw the
sign for the bar glowing in the night. He quickly
turned into the parking lot for the place and found a
parking space a bit away from the bar. After both he
and his friend got out of his car, he locked it up,
and they walked around to the back. Finding a door
with some music blasting from behind it, Mike knocked,
only to have the door answered by a short, stocky
Black guy with a clean shaven head.

"A-yo Joe! How's it going?"

"I'm alright. Damn, I still can't believe you're
doing the chick thing, man."

"Don't sweat it man. I'm alright," Marilyn said as he
gave another one of his long lost friends a pound and
a hug. Then he jokingly whispered in his friend's
ear, "You know, maybe I'll fuck you next!" and
punctuated it with a slap on his ass. Giving a hearty
belly laugh, she broke off the embrace and walked into
the main party room. Quickly scanning the crowd in
the loud room, she started to recognize people, such
as friends from high school, colleagues from her
modeling job and about a dozen fellow strippers from
her sister's job. Slowly, she progressed around the
room, the Timbaland beats thumping her eardrums,
meeting and greeting everyone…even being groped by a
couple of her former lovers in the process. "Damn,
those girls must miss me," Marilyn thought herself,
"or maybe it's my 13 inch pianist…"

Marilyn lost her train of thought when she felt
someone behind her grab her tits and grind their hips
against her ass and the dick that was tucked between.
She rushed to pull the hands off of her when she
realized that they could only belong to one person.


"DONNIE! How's it going?"

Marilyn wheeled around and took a good look at her
sister. She noticed that her sister was already
drunk, her eyes glazed and her hair tousled. She wore
a white bikini top which her breasts overflowed and a
pair of white basketball shorts that failed in their
attempt to show off her ass. Getting her eyes of her
sister's body, Marilyn answered, "I'm alright, sis.
And be careful about what you say. Not everyone knows
about my past."

"Ah, hush. The music is loud enough that not everyone
heard. Relax!" Shari then pressed up against her
sister, their tits mashing together, and whispered in
her ear, "Have a few drinks and relax, my sexy shemale
sibling." She punctuated her message with a lick of
Marilyn's ear.

"C'mon. You know I can't drink too much because of
the hormones."

"Ah, come on! You aren't taking that much. And
besides, soon, you'll be off them anyway. You only
have one of these parties, you know. So sit back,
relax and…enjoy!" Shari retorted, punctuating the
remark with a firm grab of Marilyn's ass.

Walking away from her sister, Marilyn picked up a
Corona with a lime slice from the small bar set up,
then picked a seat among her sister's stripper friends
and nursed her beer. She preferred to sit on the side
at first while everyone else around her was starting
to party wilder and wilder, with inhibitions and
clothes shed as the music kept thumping. "Damn, those
stripper look so fucking fine!" Marilyn thought to
herself. "I need to visit Shari's job more often!"
Slowly, she insinuated herself into the party, tepidly
dancing with some of her old friends as the party got
hotter and hotter. The feel of all that female flesh
around her, along with the driving beat, slowly got
her into the swing of things. Suddenly, as she was
feeling up her old one-time stand Asia, while being
felt up by someone else, she heard her sister's voice
come over the speakers.


As the crowd of about twenty or thirty or so found
their way to the side, taking their seats around the
dance floor, she felt a couple of hands squeeze her
breasts roughly. "Come on, my dear sis," Marilyn
heard Shari whisper in her ear. "I got a seat of
honor for you." Marilyn let herself be pulled over to
a stuffed chair conveniently placed at the front of
the room by the DJ stand. Marilyn flopped herself
down as her sister picked up the microphone to speak

"Hey peeps! Thanks for coming out! As you may know,
this is my little sister's bachelor party, her last
night of freedom before she gets locked down. How
stupid that she's gonna do this so young!"

Marilyn shouted back in mock anger, "Fuck you, you
stupid bitch!"

Shari then continued on with her little spiel. "Keep
saying that and you won't get your little present
latter," she said with a chuckle. "Anyway, Marilyn
here has always had a thing for little schoolgirls.
So I've decided on giving him a little of what he's
gonna miss soon. Without further ado, let's bring out
Carla and Diana!"

Marilyn shifted herself a bit in her seat, trying to
get her tucked-under dick in the most comfortable
position as Carla and Diana walked up. They were
wearing pigtails and identical outfits: white button-
down shirts tied up over their bellies and showing off
their cleavage, ultra-short plaid pleated skirts with
white g-strings, navy blue knee-his and platform Mary

When the music started, Carla grabbed onto Diana's
arms and grinded their chests together, pushing her
way into a kiss and a lingering intertwining of their
tongues. She pushed away from Diana with a passion
that belied her sweet smile and squeezed roughly on
Diana's large tits before pulling Diana's shirt open,
with Diana responding with a slight gasp and a smile.
With Diana's silicon enhanced mammaries exposed in
their white demi-bra, Carla grabbed on to those firm
breasts and licked one of the exposed areolas. In
time to the beat, she kneeled and held onto Diana's
powerful legs, letting her hands trail her body as she
came back erect to exposed Diana's pure white thong
and getting a nice, rough squeeze of Diana's ass.
Before Carla could come back fully upright though,
Diana decided to take charge of the girl-girl show.

She pushed down Carla's head down between her legs,
pulled up Carla's skirt, smacked then grabbed Carla's
tight ass, then pulled aside her g-string so she could
slide one of her fingers up Carla's wet slit and
quickly tweak her clit with her long fingernail, to
the cheers of the crowd in the room.

"You like that, Marilyn," Diana leered out to the
guest of honor. "You like the little show I'm putting
on for you?"

"Mmmhmm," Marilyn weakly replied, her lust taking over
her body, trying to avoid the lump she was sitting on
while she felt her nipples peek out through her shirt.

"Now what this!" Diana screamed out while she pushed
on Carla's ass, making her fall on her butt. Diana
quickly pulled her up and gave her a quick passionate
tongue kiss, with a few quick licks of her lips. She
yanked Carla's shirt open, then held onto Carla with
one arm as she wetly licked her way down from her
cheek to the handfuls on Carla's chest. She pulled
Carla's bikini top away from the breast closest to
Marilyn and made a show out of tweaking the nipple
with the tip of her tongue, eliciting a slight purr
from Carla's lips. Diana then turned Carla around by
her pigtails, squeezed Carla's tits hard, then pulled
Carla's hips close to her crotch and grinded against
her ass. As they bumped and grinded to the tune of
the music, Diana lifted up Carla's skirt and roughly
squeezed and grabbed Carla's ass, enunciating her pure
lust with a lick of Carla's ear.

Carla responded to the lick by reaching behind her and
pulling Diana's hands off of her. She then roughly
pulled Diana to her, making sure Diana's thigh was
between her legs, and started humping against it,
letting her moisture collect on Diana's soft skin.
She pulled Diana's head down towards her and coaxed
out her tongue for a long series of kitten licks on
Diana's tongue while she got herself off on Diana's
thick, soft thigh. Diana finished off the licks with
a rough tongue kiss, then abruptly pushed away from

"So you're just the hot little slut, huh," Diana
moaned out, playing it up for maximum effect. "You
wanna get off on my thigh, huh?"

"Mmmhmm," Carla replied while sucking her thumb,
pawing at her pussy through her g-string.

"How about I give you a show while you fuck yourself?"
Diana asked for effect to Carla. She then smoothly
strode away from Carla, who looked surprisingly
innocent when she pawed at her nipple while sucking at
her thumb. Diana smoothly got on her knees in front
of Marilyn's chair and slid up Marilyn's body,
unclasping her bra in the front to reveal her huge
breasts to Marilyn's hungry eyes. She then grabbed
onto the back of Marilyn's chair and began rubbing her
chest on Marilyn's, making both of them peaked with
lust, and grabbing onto Marilyn's crotch, feeling out
for the big dick she tried to fuck yesterday. With a
practiced ease, she quickly turned around and ground
her ass onto Marilyn's crotch, making Marilyn squeeze
hard on the chair armrests, trying to find an outlet
for her lust. While Diana skillfully worked her ass
on Marilyn's dick, she reached back for the back of
the chair and pulled her body so it was flush with
Marilyn's. She let her tongue play in Marilyn's ear
for a bit, then smiled widely for the lusty crowd.

Diana let her free hand cover her lips while she
whispered a message in Marilyn's ear, her hips still
entertaining Marilyn and the crowd. "So I see you're
trying to hide your big thing, you little slut," Diana
whispered. "Well, I got a little surprise for
you…just you WAIT!"

Diana sat back up in Marilyn's lap before shouting out
to the partiers, "Hey, Marilyn shouldn't be getting
all the fun! Who wants to grind against my ass?!"

Mike, looking back at the crowd for a bit of approval
first, decided to be a volunteer and got up and walked
in front of Marilyn and Diana. Before he had a chance
to ask, Marilyn answered, "Come on, man! It's OK.
It's all just fun."

With that, Diana slid off of Marilyn's body, then
stood up and bent over Marilyn's legs to slide her
chest up and down them. She worked her ass up and
down, subtly inviting Mike to press up against her big
soft ass, and Mike responded to the call, grinding in
time to the music against Diana. Meanwhile, Diana
smoothly and subtly unzipped Marilyn's jeans, then
pulled out Marilyn's dick from under her, letting a
few inches of her erect cock peek out. Quickly, she
devoured it with her lips, sucking hard on Marilyn's
tip and causing Marilyn's eyes to roll back in her
head. Marilyn petted her hair like a kitten while she
kept working her ass to harden Mike's dick in his
jeans and to suck Marilyn's dick out of her jeans.

Marilyn idly rubbed her nipples through her shirt as
she felt Diana suck on her thick shaft. Diana looked
hungrily into her eyes as she felt Diana slowly devour
her into that velvet vacuum Diana made her mouth to
be, her lips pulling her out of her jeans inch by inch
to be devoured. To keep herself calm, she scanned the
crowd for their reaction to this sex show. She licked
in lips in lust as she saw the mostly female crowd
trying to secretly masturbate, squeezing their legs
together or subtly rubbing their nipples with their
fingers. Her attention shifted back down to her
crotch when she felt Diana's soft lips pull a few
inches out of her jeans and then felt her lips,
tongue, mouth and throat work to pull her deeper into
Diana's throat. She worked Mike's crotch harder with
her hips a few times, then slowly eased Marilyn's dick
out of her mouth. As the huge member was revealed,
she manipulated her tongue around the tip, then the
shaft as her hand stroked the slimy shaft.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Mike screamed out when he saw the snake
standing up out of Marilyn's jeans. "How the…what

"Lucky genes, man. Lucky genes," Marilyn replied with
a chuckle.

Diana stood straight up, making sure to keep her ass
glued to Mike's crotch. "Hey, don't be too sad. Tell
ya, what. Follow me, and I'll get a condom and show
you how much of a man you are."

A visibly flustered Mike nodded his head in assent,
and Diana grabbed his crotch and pulled Mike off to
the side. Meanwhile, Marilyn got to check out a
delicious sight while the cool air was working with
the slickness on her dick to keep her hard. She saw
Asia pawing at Carla's breasts from behind and kissing
her hard while she was still rubbing her sweet shaved
pussy, Asia's cappuccino colored skin contrasting
perfectly with Carla's honey amber skin tone. asia
pulled away from Carla's lips just long enough to lick
Carla's ear, then pulled her back to her seat, where
Asia licked on Carla's nipple while her friend Kamesha
gave Carla a series of passionate kisses.

In the midst of the slowly developing orgy, Shari
stepped back up in front of the DJ stand and tosses
Marilyn a condom. "Put it on," Shari quietly asked,
and Marilyn followed order, taking off her boots,
jeans and panties before unwrapping the condom package
and rolling the condom onto her hard dick. "I wonder
what the plan is with this," Marilyn thought to
herself. "It seems well planned out if she had the
good sense to get me a magnum-sized one."

As Marilyn sat back down on her seat of honor, Shari
picked up the microphone from the DJ stand again.
"OK, that was a wild show there, huh, sis? Anyway,
for the next show, I've decided to give Marilyn and
that monster between her legs a nice send off before I
give her my gift. So, without further ado, I bring
out your friend Stacey!"

Stepping out from the other side of the DJ stand was
Stacey, wearing a white button-down shirt that showed
off her ample bosom without being too revealing, a
denim ankle-length wrap skirt and 4 inch high heeled

"You know," Stacey started saying, adding a twist in
her hips. "I've gotten to see a lot of you since that
first photo shoot. I've gotten a good look at that
delicious…little…body of yours," she continued, subtly
revealing a long smooth leg from the slit in her
skirt. "…and when your sister gave me a call, I
couldn't wait for the opportunity to do this to you,"
she finished, sliding off her sandals and walking
directly in front of Marilyn.

She picked her foot up, placed in on Marilyn's dick
and caressed it from balls to tip with the sole of her
foot. "You know…I've even given this big thing I'm
stroking here a bit of a ride. I've enjoyed myself a
bit, but you're the one that came. Now, it's my

As the DJ started up the music again, Stacey straddled
Marilyn's lap, facing her, and ground her panty
covered pussy up and down Marilyn's dick, slowly
getting herself hot. "Ooh, that dick feels sooo
nice!" Stacey moaned out as she brushed her auburn
hair out of her face before grabbing her shirt and
ripping it open, revealing a burgundy lace bra. "I
just can't WAIT to ride that thing off into the

Stacey shifted hands away from the back of Marilyn's
chair and onto Marilyn's chest while rubbing her pussy
against Marilyn's body. She pawed at Marilyn's
breasts, pulling ever more insistently on Marilyn's

"Oh, I just love those marvelous tits of yours…so big
and so round? Maybe I should show everyone your
double-D delights, huh?" Stacey moaned out with
increasingly lust. Suddenly, she dug her fingers into
Marilyn's shirt and ripped open Marilyn's shirt,
showing off the lacy demi-bra that barely held in her
huge tits. Stacey squeezed Marilyn's breasts half out
of her bra and raked her fingernails along the
partially exposed areolas. She then shucked off her
shirt and skirt and ripped off her panties, exposing
her pussy and getting herself ready to fuck Marilyn

She stood herself up on her toes, reached down for
Marilyn's dick, then aimed it at her glistening vulva
and settled down onto the tip. "I'm so glad you have
that condom of yours on…I just want to enjoooy this
big dick tearing me…AH!!!…opennn!!" Stacey closed her
eyes, gritted her teeth and bared down on the huge
shaft, letting it stretch her pussy and belly out and
rub against her inflamed clit. When she finally hit
bottom, she placed Marilyn's hands on each of her ass
cheeks and told her, "Hold on you fucking hot little
slut! You're about to be taken for a ride!"

Marilyn tepidly held on as Stacey began to slowly work
her hips on and down on her, Stacey's hands feeling
out the slight bulge in her belly made by the invading
fuckpole. Slowly, she felt Stacey move faster and
faster on her, the slap of Stacey's ass on her hips
getting louder with each thrust. With her friend's
hips tattooing a loud rhythm on her, she felt Stacey's
fingers and nails pinching and pulling all over her
breasts and her dick being gently milked through the
rubber by Stacy's sugar walls. Suddenly, as she was
enjoying the sensation of Stacey working up and down
on her cock, she felt Stacey slap her face hard.
"You're gonna make cum mother fucker, GOT IT!," Stacey
barked out, riding her harder and harder. She saw
Stacey roughly unclasp her bra, pull it off and then
was buried in between her breasts. Guessing that she
wanted them to be kissed while that hard clit and
those slick labia rubbed on her shaft, she blindly
kissed all over Stacey's breasts, feeling her way out
to her nipple. Making a quick glance into Stacey's
lust-clouded eyes, she took one of her nipple's
between her lips and held on for dear life, sucking
and nibbling on that pebble-hard piece of flesh.

Stacey became lost in the pure, unadulterated lust
that consumed every inch of her flesh and holding on
to something with long hair for dear life. She heard
herself screaming in pleasure off in the distance as
she felt the fire spark from the friction in her
crotch. Her glistening clit was rubbing against her
lover's latex sheath. Her nude lips were being pulled
to their limit, the outer lips feeling like they were
kissed by lava. She felt a dull pain inside of her
from the pounding and stretching overwhelmed from all
the now-exposed nerve endings being stimulated from
the massive shaft inside of her. She didn't care
about whether Marilyn was getting off or not. Stacey
was merely masturbating herself on the biggest living
dildo she had ever felt. Slowly but surely, the fire
that was sparked on her lips began to rise up her
body, shooting up her torso, through her arms and legs
and out through her nipples. She felt something warm
and wet just hit nick one of her nipples, and she was
off. She just felt a wave crash through her body and
then she went limp, being lost on the feelings coming
from her crotch. She felt some moisture on her inner
thigh then a pure sensation of pleasure.

Marilyn, shocked that Stacey suddenly collapsed while
riding her dick, tried to ease herself out of Stacey's
gripping pussy. Quickly, Shari, Heather and Joe
scrambled to Stacey's side on the hold and stabilized
her quaking body while Marilyn was able to slide her
large cock out of Stacey. When her dick popped out,
she flopped down in a bit of shock, wondering if
Stacey was OK. After a few minutes, Stacey came down
from her very powerful orgasm, and Heather raced to
her side, kneeling over her face.

"Are you ok, there?" Heather asked, brushing her long
blonde hair out of her face.

"Mmmhmmm…where am I?"

"At a bachelor party, where you got fucked by a very
big dick."


"I bet your little kitty is nice and sore after being
stretched out by that big bad dick. Want me to kiss
it and make you feel better?"


With that response, Heather pulled Stacey off to the
side, dove in between Stacey's legs, brushed her hair
aside and started placing light kisses on Stacey's
pussy, making her coo yet again.

Shari scanned the crowd and noticed that the whole
party was slowly degenerating into an orgy. While her
fellow stripper Carla was eating out some girl that
she didn't know, Diana was slowly riding Mike, trying
to keep him hard while their cum dribbled down her
thigh. There were moans of lust permeating the room,
the smell of lust was becoming obvious, and sex seemed
to be on everyone's minds with the furtive fingerings
of their privates.


Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing, in
some cases straightening themselves out, and glanced
in Shari's direction.

"Thank you guys. Anyway, I did mention that I had a
little gift for my sweet sibling here, which I
prepared while you were, shall I say, engaged?" Shari
noted with a chuckle. "And, by the way, Marilyn,
could you take off that condom now?"

"Sure, sis."

Marilyn nonchalantly shucked the condom off of her
dick while she saw her sister calmly put down the
microphone, then walk through the room away from her.
Suddenly, she stopped in the middle of the room,
kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her shorts, which
dropped to a puddle by her feet, then kicked away both
the shorts and the sneakers before getting down on all
fours on the cool tire floor. Shari then reached
behind her and slapped her big round booty with her
right hand before turning her head around to look over
her right shoulder at Marilyn.

"Here," Shari cooed before quickly sliding a couple of
fingers up her liberally lubed asshole before licking
off her fingers. "…is your gift. I'm letting you
fuck my sweet ass for the last time."

Marilyn's mouth dropped open in shock, not knowing
what to do next. "Oh my God!" she thought to herself.
"She wants me to fuck her in public. Plus everybody
knows…But wow! This may be the last time. Wow!"

"Come on, sis! Get up! Oh, and by the way, take off
your bra. I wanna feel those rock hard nipples on my

"O-O-OK," Marilyn quietly assented before standing up
and reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. When she
got the catch loose, she pulled on her cups, let her
bra slide down her bra and tossed it behind her, and
everyone in the room was in shock. Finally, everyone
got to see what she had been making herself to be.
Her flawless face was framed by the long straight hair
that hung down her strong back. Her arms were strong
and chiseled, but just lean enough to hint at
femininity, and her manicured hand looked incredible,
topped off by pink 1 inch tips. Her nipples were
nearly as long in their aroused state was they topped
off her DD cup breasts, which were firm and proud, but
sagged just enough to remind you they were real. Her
washboard stomach led down to her hard, veiny dick,
which pointed out from her and up just a slight bit,
and her hips dueled with it for gender identity with
its slight width. Her long, athletic legs were coated
in the same smooth dark chocolate complexion that
covered her body. As she steeled herself, she began
to crack a smile, getting more confident as she
realized how much everyone in the room admired her

"Ooh, nice body there, Marilyn."

Marilyn scanned the crowd to find the voice that made
that comment. Quickly, she zoomed in on her old high
school friend Mindy, wearing her blonde hair in a pony
tail, a blue t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans
encasing a pair of legs that were subtly squeezing
against each other.

"Oh, hi, Mindy," Marilyn replied as she took a couple
of steps toward her sister.

"Wow! Your body is gorgeous! It's better than
anything I could have dreamed of."

Marilyn stopped her walk, turned her head towards
Mindy and simply said "Thanks."

"Will you come on, and fuck my ass, Marilyn? Yeesh,"
Shari sneered half-jokingly.

Marilyn closed the distance between him and his sister
and, while kneeling, said in a mock Southern accent,
"Well, girl, don't make tear up that little BEE-hind
of yours!"

"Hehehe. I'd love that."

Then Marilyn lined up her tip with her sister's
asshole, grabbed onto her sister's pillowy ass with
both of her hands and shoved herself in, her efforts
eased along by the generous amount of lube in the
rectum. So stimulated was she by her tight, smooth
passage gripping her cock, Marilyn bit her lip and
made a sharp intake of breath as she felt her balls
press against her sister's velvety smooth pussy. She
squeezed her eyes shut and grinded her nuts against
her sister before slowly beginning to fuck in and out
of her sister. She went slowly at first, breathing
sharply as she felt her cum being slowly pulled out
her shaft by the tight grip. As she got comfortable,
she kept pumping her hips faster and harder with each
stroke, enjoying the feel of fucking her sister and
the tugging on her tip, especially after all the
teasing she'd gone through that night.

"Ooh, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big dick of
yours!" Shari lustily leered out, enjoying that
familiar pounding at her back passage. She raised up
some on her knees then commanded, "Grab my fucking
tits!" Immediately, she felt Marilyn's strong touch
slide up her sides, felt her arms cross across her
chest and felt her squeeze and maul her tits hard, her
sister's nipples pressed into her back. Feeling those
huge mammaries sway back and forth against her back,
she let herself get into the loud rhythm being pounded
on her ass and the burning, stuffed feeling she got
from having such a big dick pound at her ass. Purring
from the pounding her body was receiving from the pile
driving Marilyn did up her ass, she reached back,
grabbed Marilyn's head and played her tongue in her
sister's ear.

"You like fucking my ass?" Shari whispered into
Marilyn's ear. "Do you like pounding away at my big
ass and my tight asshole?!" continued, punctuating it
with a squeeze of her packed ass. Satisfied by the
flaring of Marilyn's tip inside of her, she continued,
"You like fucking this, huh?"


"I know you wanna coat my sweet ass with some of your
hot, gooey cum…"

"Oh yeah! I wanna flood that fucking ass of yours…"

"Are you gonna cum for me? Aren't you gonna cum for
your hot sis? Aren't you gonna…"

Marilyn muttered a reply she barely understood
herself. She loosened her grip on her sister's body
so that her hard nipples could freely rub against her
sister's smooth skin. She felt her dick swell up
inside her sister, helped along by the milking action
Shari did on her cock. She started to moan
uncontrollably as she kept fucking along, driven wild
by the sensations all around her body: the weight of
her breasts lowering her nipples just enough to rub on
her sister, the soft friction of Shari's tight ass and
the flow of wetness cooling on her balls coming from
rubbing them on Shari's baby smooth pussy. Slowly but
surely, she felt herself get pushed to the edge, her
eyes slowly starting to look focus.

"I'm about to cum…Are you ready sis? Here's it
MMMMM!!! Mmmmm!!!! Yeah! That feels good!"

Marilyn let her arms limp around her sister's body and
let the rest of her orgasm progress, feeling her dick
dribble out the last bits of cum up inside her sister
and some of it ooze out onto her balls. As she slowly
came back down, she started to hear the distinctive
noise of sex, of body parts being licked and sucked
and fucked and of people being sexually trusted on.

"Uh, you're finished with your gift. Get the fuck out
my ass," Shari said with a playfully smile. She then
turned around and laid a light slap on Marilyn's arm.

"I'll stop fucking ya when I wanna," Marilyn joked
back, slapping at Shari's breast in humorous
retaliation. The two briefly began play fighting,
trading playful smacks at each other before Marilyn
placed her hands close to Shari's neck and pretended
like she was going to choke her. She then said,
"Thanks, sis," before giving her sister a light peck
on the cheek.




"Hey sis? Are you ready?"

"Close to it, Shari. Come on in."

As Marilyn started herself out, Shari let herself into
the church basement room that served as Marilyn's
dressing room. She had managed to put on something
respectable, a powder blue dress suit with a knee-
length skirt, along with 2 inch respectable heels, a
matching purse and a small wreath of matching flowers
around her head. Marilyn herself managed to look
respectable in her cream colored men's suit, the suit
jacket tailored to her relatively smaller waist and
open enough to show off her otherwise uncovered, push-
up bra enhanced cleavage. The pants were similarly
tailored for her waist, and were just baggy enough to
hide her for-once untucked package.

"Here's your wreath of flowers, Marilyn," Sharilynn
noted, holding forward a flower box.

"Thanks," Marilyn replied as she took the clear box
from her sister's hand, opened it and fixed the wreath
on top of her head. She got a good look at herself in
the mirror, the wreath completing her outfit. "Damn,
I look good," Marilyn thought to herself as she looked
at her lightly blush face and peach-shaded lips.
"Perfect blend of masculinity and femininity.

"Thanks for the wreath, sis."

"You're wel…"

"Matter fact, thanks for everything. In a few short
weeks, you managed to put this all together. Plus,
this whole wedding set-up is nice. The small white
chapel, the hills with the autumn-shades trees, the
grassy knoll where the chairs are set up? Looks like
something straight out of Rockwell! Where you're
brother will smother your mother…and your sister think
I love her!" Marilyn remarked before bending over in

"Why the 'Straight out of Compton' reference?" Shari
asked, looking puzzled at her transgendered sibling.

"Sorry about that. Just had to throw that in. Anyway

"You're welcome. Oh, and, um, by the way, can I tell
you something?"

"Sure, sis," Marilyn answered with a concerned tone
before turning to face her sister. "What's up?"

"You know how me and Kat used to hang out a lot and
stuff. One thing I never told you was that me and Kat
were lovers. In fact, she was my first, and honestly,
only, relationship, you know? I kinda miss that, too.
Anyway, do you remember the day when you Kat first
hooked up?"

"Yeah, what?"

"That was a set-up. A set-up that worked better than
I could have ever thought of, but a set-up,
nonetheless. I knew you weren't the most confident of
guys. Heck, even now, you aren't that secure.
Anyway, I didn't want you to glom on to me. I mean,
incest is one thing. I mean it's weird enough that we
fuck, or should I say, we HAVE fucked. A relationship
with your fraternal twin is another. What I didn't
expect is for you to get along so well, you know?"
Blinking back tears, "And now, you're getting married,
and I'm so glad everything's worked out for you. I'm
so happy for you, Donnie…"

Marilyn closed the distance between herself and
Sharilynn and gave her a long, strong bear hug and a
kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, sis. That's so sweet of
you for you to do all of that…" She then stepped away
from her sister and glided her hands over her figure
and continue, "…and for making all of this. You've
definitely turned me into the Marilyn you see today,
and I'm not just talking about the pills in the
beginning, either. I owe you one."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank…"

"Ah, don't sweat it," Marilyn replied, punctuating it
with a playful pinch of her sister's nipple through
her suit jacket. Walking for the door, she called
out, "C'mon, sis. Let's get this wedding going."



"Everyone, everyone, can I make an announcement?" Mr.
Walker called out to the attendees of the wedding
reception in the hotel. "I'd like to offer a toast to
this…wonderful, um, child of mine. I wish her and my
beautiful new daughter the greatest of success in
their new life together. Cheers!"

The crowd all picked up their glasses and tapped them
with their neighbor's, resulting in a pleasant chorus
of sound before they all took a sip. Marilyn set her
glass down after her sip and allowed herself to beam a
bright smile while a few camera flashes went off.
"Damn, this is nice," she thought to herself. "All I
have to do is make Kat happy for the rest of her life,
and I can keep feeling this rush. Cool."

"And now for the wedding cake…"

Marilyn was distracted from her father's announcement
by a tug on her pant leg. She glanced down to see her
wife's form. The wispy, milk-white doll-like dress
made the most of her slim frame and, combined with her
perfectly made-up face, made her look perfect.
Blinking her eyes from gawking too long, she mouthed
to Kat, "what do you want?"

Kat made a gesture for Marilyn to bend down, and
Marilyn complied, squatting and bringing her head to
Kat's eye level. Then, Kat whispered in her ear,
"hey, when we get our slice of cake, I want you to
come follow me."

Marilyn got a puzzled look on her face, looked back at
Kat and mouthed "Why?"

Kat replied in a whisper, "just do it."

Marilyn, conscious of appearances, stood back up and
dusted off her pants with her hands. She took a deep
breath, and glanced in her father's general direction,
where he was just taking a slice of the wedding cake
from the server. Marilyn's father closed the short
distance between them and handed them the cake.
"Here's your slice, my daughters."

Marilyn looked around nervously through the crowd,
trying to figure out how she was going to get out of
here, then took the slice in her hand and meekly
replied, "OK."

"What's up?" Marilyn's father asked, wondering what
was up. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Um, well, Kat wanted this moment to be on the private
side," Marilyn replied. She raised her voice some of
the people gathered could hear her and said, "she's
kinda shy, and she wanted this special moment to be
shared alone. Is that OK Dad?"

"No problem. Go on, go on," Marilyn's father replied,
trying to save face. "Now if you want your slice,

Before her father could finish the sentence, Marilyn
took Kat's hand and, cake in hand, walked away from
the table at the head of the room. Quickly, they
snuck through a side door out the hotel reception
room, and when Kat spotted an open maintenance closet,
she tugged Marilyn in that direction, letting the two
of them in before closing the door, making sure to
leave a small crack. Marilyn set the plate with the
slice of cake on the floor next to her feet, then
turned to Kat, waiting for her to make the next move.

Kat looked up into her wife's eyes and simply said, "I
love you." She reached up her arms towards Marilyn,
and she, in turn, got the hint and bent down towards
Kat. The two embraced each other tightly and kissed
each other firmly, pressing their lips tightly
together before devolving into a tongue kiss, their
tongues trying to pull the other down their throats.
Kat pressed on her wife's arms, convincing Marilyn to
pull away from the kiss and hold Kat more loosely.

Kat continued, "And I want to take care of every part
of you." She deliberately moved her head between
Marilyn's bountiful cleavage and kissed the exposed
flesh, kissing and sucking all over the pillowy
mounds. Marilyn held Kat's head in her arms and
gently caressed her hair, breathing deeply over the
emotional as well as physical sensations washing over
her. She kissed the top of her wife's head as she
kept kissing the exposed parts of her breasts, gently
feeling their heft in her hands. Kat pressed back on
Marilyn's hands, encouraging Marilyn to let go of her

Kat then reached down to the side of Marilyn's feet
and picked up the plate with the cake in her hand.
She then smoothly reached for Marilyn's crotch, felt
her limp dick snuggled in her panties and squeezed it
firmly. She finished, "And now I want a piece of you
on this cake, as a symbol that a part of you will
always be inside of me."

Kat fumbled to unzip Marilyn's pants with one hand
before Marilyn got over what Kat just said and helped
her to unzip her pants and extract her dick from her
panties. She placed her shaft in Kat's free hand,
then brushed a few errant strands out of Kat's face
and looked into her eyes.

"So you want me to cum on the cake?"

Kat softly nodded her head before pressing her lips to
Marilyn's tip and let it slip between her soft lips
and against her wet tongue. She sucked lovingly on
the tip while looking longingly into Marilyn's eyes
and gently caressing her smooth, veiny shaft. She let
her hand pick up the pace and sucked harder on the
hardening cock, taking care not to be too rough with
her spouse.

Marilyn looked down in complete and total
appreciation, getting a bit of lipstick on her teeth
after biting her lip to keep herself from screaming.
She looked over her chocolate colored mounds to look
at the delicious blowjob her wife was giving to her,
feeling her tongue lick and suck her tip like a
lollipop. As she felt Kat start squeezing on her
shaft while she was stroking it, trying to milk her
cum out, she reached in her jacket and toyed with her
nipple, trying to help Kat out. She felt Kat's tongue
stimulate her expertly, making her shiver and reach
for a shelf to keep to her feet.

Marilyn looked down into Kat's eyes while she stroked
and sucked her harder and licked her faster, hitting
all those spots she knew too well. She saw her eyes
pleading, begging for her to cum. She mentally let go
her usual blocks to her cumming too fast, closed her
eyes and let the sensation take her away. She felt
her tip swell up against Kat's tongue, exposing every
nerve ending and slight bump on her spongy tip, and
flicked her nipple faster, trying to make sure Kat
didn't have to pump her for too long. As she felt
herself about to be pushed over the edge, she opened
her eyes, looked down at Kat and mouthed the words
"I'm about to cum!"

Quickly, Kat removed her mouth from Marilyn's dick and
placed the slice of cake directly in front of the tip
as she milked insistently on Marilyn. Marilyn held on
tight to the shelf she was holding and bit her lip and
she felt her spend start to shoot out onto the cake,
glazing the icing with her hot semen. As she felt
herself calming down, she looked down to see the slice
of cake covered with her cum, with a bit of the plate
on her wife's fingers, and smiled down at her.

Kat took her hand off of Marilyn's shaft, mixed in the
cum a bit with the cake icing, then took a small piece
of the cake up with her fingers and made a show of
putting it in her mouth, chewing it slowly and
swallowing it. She then let out a toothy grin and
opened her mouth, showing that she did in fact swallow
a piece of her. Marilyn then took off another piece
of the cake with her fingers and shoved it into Kat's
mouth. She then kneeled down and gave Kat a nice,
long tongue kiss, pushing that piece of cake down into
Kat's stomach and enjoying the lingering chocolate
taste in her mouth.

Marilyn separated herself from her spouse, then looked
into her eyes and let out a mischievous grin. "So,
you wanted a piece of me?" she asked, looking into
Kat's eyes. "Now I'm going to get myself a piece of

Marilyn got down on all fours, then lifted up Kat's
long skirt just enough to let herself slide under.
Thankfully, Kat went panty-less that day, and Marilyn
took to getting a taste of her sweet spouse. Gently,
she parted her wife's nether lips with her thumbs and
gave her a nice long lick from her asshole to her
clit, enjoying the citrus taste of her feminine fluids
and forcing a mew out of Kat.


Marilyn huffed in frustration, then got herself out
from under Kat's dress, tucked herself back in her
pants and zipped herself up, straightened out her hair
and opened the door.

"What's up, dad?"

"Oh, I was just wondering where you guys were at?"

"Don't sweat it. We were just about to come back.
Just had some stuff to talk about, you know? It is
our big day."

"Alright. Just making sure you don't miss your own


As Marilyn's father walked away from the door, Marilyn
turned around to see Kat looking at the door, trying
to read what the conversation was about.

"Don't worry, Kat. We'll finish this up later."
Marilyn then closed the distance between the two and
gave her wife a peck on the lips. She then backed
away and mouthed to Kat, "Come on. Let's go. They're
expecting us."

She took Kat's hand in hers and they walked out the
maintenance closet, ready to go back into their
reception, ready to receive the world.


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