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AMYSTORY camera right then take


Amy's story {Continuation of "Reunion" story} by PlanetDweller

(FF adult sister/sister, FFg mother/daughter, mild pedo, heavy lesbian menstrual sex)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY
or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you
reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the
following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely
possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if
committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time...the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


A week and a day had passed from the time Uncle Ken left the arms and
bed of my dearest sister Michele. Fucking him along with her and my
niece/Mickey's six-year-old daughter Ashley was truly one of the absolute
kinkiest experiences that my poor brain could ever comprehend or not, not
even in my wildest fantasies did I ever expect him to be truly hypersexual
like he always told Michele he was nor be as open to what would total
perversion to the outside world by screwing all three of us.

I didn't mention a word to my husband Kelly, of course. Not that he
would have been terribly upset, I don't think. We do have an open and
non-monogamous within certain rules marriage, but if I had mentioned it and
especially mentioned how mind-blowing a' lover my Uncle Ken had been then
he might have thought I was trying to rub his nose in it, so there was no
point doing that.

Drip-drip my pussy was going into my padded panties now. Yep, right on
schedule. Ever since first getting my period at age eight, every
thirty-three days right on schedule. Even though Mickey was a couple of
years older than me, I actually started three or four months before she
first did, she getting her first one on the same day my third or fourth one
started, and except for her being pregnant with Ashley, we two had been in
perfect synch ever since. Strange, though. Our two younger sisters,
Rachael and Brenda, didn't synch with us, in fact they tended to be
somewhat irregular. But Michele and me, we can set our watches by when our
periods begin.

Even mom noticed that from the start, not that she wouldn't have,
considering she had always had at least weekly or so mutual masturbation
sessions with us both since we respectively turned ages five or six. After
Mickey finally got her period, mom did have a few more "group" sessions
than normal that included she and sis and I, and a couple of times
including even Rachael too who by then had turned six and so whom mom had
initiated into our female-only play. Before mom finally left 'Skorsy,
Rachael and Brenda's biological dad, and we as sisters were split up, we
four did have one memorable session when Skors' was out on a twelve-week
shipbound tour of duty to whoknowswhere and back, when Mickey and I were
flown-blown dripping like crazy and mom let her barrier down of normally
only manually playing with us and we her and went oral on us too as well as
Rach' and getting us to do her as well and of course each other. Rachael
really didn't like doing oral on our bleeding twats, but Michele and I sure
liked it, and after that we never lost our comfort level and enjoyment of
doing each other.

Don't mistake our sisterly love and love for being sexually with each
other sometimes for being lesbian or even bi, though. Michele has never
been with another girl or woman besides me, Mom, and our sisters, and I've
only been with a couple of other girls, mainly to please my husband.

My husband. Kelly. What can you say about him, sheessshhh? I am,
really am, in love with him, and he me. We just can't be with each other
only, so after we both simultaneously caught each other cheating six months
or so into our marriage, we had a choice to make, either split up or stay
together, stay together with certain ground rules.

I told him about my past relationship with my Mom, and how my mom initiated all of us girls, and how I had been "cheating" with him on a
monthly basis with Michele, but that was all his fault, since as soon as
the first drop of monthly blood wept from my cunt he not only wouldn't fuck
me but hardly would ever touch me until I stopped, totally menstrually
averse, and considering how horny I stayed and even became more so during
my period it just wasn't fair for me not to have sex, especially
considering I had been having more or less regular sex with my older sister since we were kids, even sneaking in sessions sometimes when we would see
each other despite being in different nearby foster homes at the time.

So, we agreed I could see Mickey any time I wanted, but usually it would
be when she and I got our periods together, and during those times he could
go screw Sharon, the chick who I caught him cheating with in our bed who
was his co-worker at the eyeglasses megastore where they were both
dispensing opticians, her or someone else, as long as I knew and agreed to
it. I also could have my own boyfriend if I wanted too, but don't tell
Kelly this, but he was and is the only man I really want.

A few months after that, after I did find a boyfriend who I thought
wasn't blood-shy but in the end fell in love with me and wanted me to leave
Kelly which I wasn't going to do for any reason, Kell' asked me if Michele
would consider doing a threesome with us. She more or less agreed even
though she didn't find him particularly attractive. While that one time
wasn't a disaster, it really didn't work out, either. She never did let
him fuck her, and while he enjoyed watching us, he didn't get all as
hyped-up as I hoped he might with she and I together, so without any more
words it was never brought up again, and we've kept our other partners in
the radar of each other but not the visual view. Well, not except the one
couple we did swing with a few times a year or so after that.

So my squirmy cunt was now rubbing against my pad, my blood smearing its
traces against my MaxiThin, thoughts of Michele crossing my mind without a

"Watcha' doing, Sis?" I asked as quiet patter from the flower shoppe
where I worked in the same strip shopping center as Kelly was blanketed by
the much louder brass of noise of the Wal-Mart where Michele worked at just
down and around a couple of boulevards from us, me having to cock the phone
a little away from my ear to keep from having noisepain.

"Not much, you?..."

"Just the same...know why I called, Mickey?"

She hated being called that, even though me and her sisters all did. It
suited her, with those Mickey Mouse ears on either side of her pretty face
atop her six foot height.

"Oh, let me guess...could it be because you just started and want us to
get together tonight?....hhhhuiuuu?"

I softly giggled into the phone. A ritual almost twenty years old now,
and still brand new.

"Gotta your tampon in?"

"Uh-hu, you wearing your manhole cover?"

"Yep...but tonight's not good for me...Kelly wants to go out to eat with
his district manager, and I think he wants me to go with him...tomorrow
night, maybe?"

"Sure, Am'...that'll be goin'ta fix dinner for Ash' and me
like you normally do then?"

"Of course...lemon chicken and mashed potatoes okay ?..."

"Yeah, that'll be nice...I'll leave a note for Steven to fill the hottub
up for us and leave the heater on so we can enjoy ourselves when I get

"Sounds like a plan...see ya' ya'..."

"Love you too...bye..."


I caught the four-fifty Blue Route bus down Desert Highway Ave. to
Michele's condo complex. She wouldn't be home for another couple of hours,
working the eleven to seven shift at her Wal-Mart, and my darling niece
Ashley would already be there, home from her first grade class an hour
before I got there. At least Mr. & Mrs. Gaines were there to watch over
her and the other three or four latch key kids that lived in the mostly
singles condo complex, they being part-owners of it and the resident
managers too. I had nagged Kelly into seeing about us trying to buy a
condo of our own there, mainly because they were so cheap at under one
fifty for a three bedroom and also of course to be closer to Mickey, but my
poor credit history made it hard, meant that we'd have to wait until I
somehow got it cleared up or waited seven years.

Mr. Gaines was mowing the tiny patch of grass in the middle of the
cul-de-sac circle. He waved at me and I waved back. My visits were
frequent enough to where we sometimes saw each other, and they had been the
ones that Kell' and I had talked with some time back about buying a unit
there. He and Mrs. Gaines were good folks.

Ashley was sitting in front of the tv watching Mr. Rogers or something
on Channel 7 as I made my way in lugging my small overnight bag and a
couple of plastic bags of groceries. I wish we had money for another car,
but Kelly always took it to his work dropping me off first and making me
take the bus back home, just in case he needed it to make a run into San
Diego to pick up an emergency somethingorother. I usually didn't mind too
much, and he did try to pick me up if it was raining, but lugging stuff
like I was today and did most months to see Mickey was a pain at times.

Ash' didn't come to the door to greet me, just sat there transfixed by
Mr. Rogers visiting a factory that made bottles or something glass on the
TV as she munched on some generic-brand Safeway cookies and a small glass
of Coke. Dropping my bags on the couch, I went over to her and leaned down
to give her a nice big hug, she hugging me back with a "Hi Aunt Amy, mommy gointo be home later?"

"Uh-hu, her usual time.."

"You ginna stay the night tonight?"

"Uh-hu, planning on like to have some fun with us after mom and
I have ours?"

"Sure, Aunt Amy, you know I wannta have fun too..." she grinned.

"Let me get started with supper first, then after mom gets home and we
eat and you do your homework, then we all can have some fun if you'd

"Will you play some Nintendo with me, Aunt Amy?"

"Sure, Hon', but just a couple of games, I promised mommy that I'd make
my lemon chicken that she likes so much..."


We sat in front of the tv and played a math game that Michele had bought
her and a couple of other action games, my arm reaching around to hold her
close to me from time to time, her arm snuggling my waist, me kissing her
on the top of her head or her cheek when she'd do something especially well
on a series of addition or subtraction problems or kill a bunch of tanks on
Sgt. Rock. Aunt and niece sitting in front of the TV, innocent, happy,
just spending time together.

"Gotta start fixing supper, Honeybunch, before mommy gets home..."

"Okay Aunt Amy...can I go outside and play some?"

"Sure, as long as you don't leave the grounds, sure..."

Steven had filled the hottub up but hadn't turned on the heater. He
never does. Wants to save a nickel on his electric bill, I think. In
Michele's bedroom I changed clothes, getting out of my pantsuit and
slipping into my nicer print robe which felt like silk but was just
polyester, my bra coming off too but my panties staying where they were.
Ashley was playing with one of the two or three other kids that lived in
the complex in the large common backyard as I looked out the kitchen window
while seasoning up the chicken pieces before plopping them into the
cast-iron skillet. She started chasing this little boy about her age,
laughing while she did so, tackling him but not hurting him when she did
catch him, tickling his ribs while playfully fussing at him. That's my
girl, that's my niece. The continued to play on the lone combo slide and
monkeybars and swingset off to one side of the backyard as I finished
browning the chicken before adding my homemade lemon and honey sauce to the
pan for it to finish simmering. The sun creeping lower as Ashley came in
almost at the same instant Michele walked through the front door, Ash' gave
me a "smells great Aunt Amy, oh Hi Mom!" before heading to the bathroom to
take a quick pee before dinner.

Michele clunked off her boxy workshoes with a "damn, Am', I'm give
out..." as she plopped down to the sofa, her fingers working the remote
with a man's impatience like Kelly does to find something to watch, she
settling on a rerun of "Roseanne".

"We don't have to do anything tonight, if you're really that tired..." I
whispered to her as I sat down next to her, she plopping her feet in my
lap, my hands instinctively rubbing her dog-tired dogs.

""Oh, don't start that shit, Sis, you know I want to..."

My eyes locked on hers with a "just a kidding!"

"Oh, you!...despite the fact you're the biggest pain in my tail
literally I could have for a sister, I still love you..."

"I love you too..."

Ashley came into the living room and Michele shooed her off to do her
homework. She closed her eyes for a moment or two as my foot massage of
her continued and taking a deep breath, sighed deeply. "Damn, Sis, that
feels good...I'm so relaxed I gotta go pee now..."

"Need any help?" I asked politely, she just flashing me one of her
patented shiteating grins.

I helped her out of her navyblue pullover dress in her bedroom, shoes
being slung to the far wall as her arms outstretched high and my hands
grabbed and yanked rough fabric. Kissing her lightly, she teasingly pushed
me away as she made her way to the bathroom door near the dresser. Sitting
down with a hard thump on the commode, I kneeled on the softpiled mat in
front of her, my slight smile reflecting the very real love in my heart for
her. Her pissed piddled in the bowl as I pulled off some toilet paper to
wipe her with. "Need to change your tampon too, Sis?"

"Uh-hu..." wicked grin with.

"Wan' me to do it for you?..."

"Uh-hu, if you'd like...hehehehe" giggling.

I reached over her to the open box Playtex Supers atop the commode tank
behind her fishing one out, making a show of it, slowing peeling the
wrapper off, sucking on the end the plastic applicator like it was a dildo,
my lovely Amazon of a sister corners of her mouth rising with typical kinky
approval. Letting it fall to floor for a moment, my hand reached to her
cunt and pulled the string of the one already present inside her, it
sliding out browny-red as it usually looked during the first couple of days
of her period. My nose sniffed it like it was a champagne cork. Wrapping
it in a wad of toilet paper, it found an arc to the open trashcan a couple
of feet away. My left hand found and massaged her breasts as I kneeled on
the bathmatted bathroom floor before her, serving her every whim, my right
hand plunging the new tampon inside her as she spread her legs as best she
could for me, the applicator being rubbed on her labia and clit before
finding my mouth for a tonguewrap of it and being tossed into the wastecan

"Chicken smells good, Am', let's go eat."

Putting her old housecoat on before heading to the kitchen, we kissed
for a moment in her bedroom before she broke spell and called for Ashley to
quit what she was doing wherever she was at and come to dinner.

Having ignored flipping the chicken pieces like I should have one side
of each was a little more cooked if not slightly burned than the other
sides, my marinade honey and lemon sauce aside, but neither Mickey or Ash
said a word, complimenting me on my usual culinary skills as they wolfed
the poultry and mashed potatoes and gravy and salad and all down.

Finishing the meal around eight-ish, the hot tub still hadn't been used
and Ashley confessed that she still needed to finish her homework. "Can I
join in later like usual, Mommy? she asked.

"Sure, Baby, but go finish your homework first...we'll come and get you
when we're ready."

" 'K."

Ash walked out of the kitchen and down the hall back to the living room
to finish doing her homework as she lay prone in front of the tv per her
normal way of doing things. Mickey and I went back to her bedroom to shed
our robes and grab a couple of towels, my padded panties hitting the floor,
she unconsciously looking at my soaked pad to see how much blood was on it
as it hit the carpet.

Hitting the large pushswitch to get the jets going, we slid into the
slightly foamy hot water as it began soaking the tensions and travails of
the day and our lives from our sore and weary muscles and souls. Scooting
around I leaned back into my sister that I loved so much. Her six footish
frame cradled my five five one like a joey in it's mother kangaroo's pouch.
Her hands lazily played with my 34B boobs as I felt her much larger 38C's
press flat against my back. Her lips and face nuzzled my neck. We didn't
say a word. We didn't need to.

After about half an hour or forty-five minutes our skin started to prune
out so we got out, not really wanting to, both of us having dozed off as
she held me so tenderly in her arms in the freshesh nonsalt hot brine.
Back in her room, we laid the towels out as she climbed atop them,
stretching out with her face buried between two pillows. Fishing our
bottle of massage oil out from the nightstand, I first warmed it best I
could under the hot water tap of the lavatory faucet before starting my
slow, easy, sensual massage of my beautiful sibling. Her muscles and heart
melted under my touch. Flipping her over, she closed her eyes and just
purred as my hands yes indeed concentrated on her breasts and pussy, my
fingers molding her flesh into passions shortly to come.

Pulling me down to her, she kissed me fully, my fingers red with her
monthly fluid from working her bleeding twat, she sucking them clean, with
a "your turn, Am-ish..." using a pet name she knew I didn't like much
either just to playfully tease at me.

Her hands so large she could almost palm a basketball with, my sister Dearest having been center on her high school basketball team for a year
before foster care circumstances moved her once again, kneaded my lower
back muscles, she knowing from years of experience with me that those spots
usually was where I felt my backcramps from my period the worst, her palms
pushing my mittleschmersch pains aside.

Flipping me over, she rubbed my lower stomach and uterus rise area,
getting me so relaxed that big glob just freed itself from deep inside me
and plopped out onto the towels beneath me. Then to my breasts and
nipples, gently tugging on my nips with her oil-slickened fingers as she
leaned into kiss me. "Wanna do a mudmask, too?" she asked "...sure, why

Steaming each other's faces first with washcloths soaked in hot water,
she gopped up a handful of MuddMask from the jar on the vanity, smoothing
it into my ever-so-slightly aging pores of my face, working it thick but
smooth over my cheeks and chin. Then I did her as well, plucking her
eyebrows straighter with some tweezers before slathering on the bluegray
goo which at thirty dollars a jar was a rip-off but which for the sake of
slow and sensual and sisterly affectionate ritual was worth every penny.
As we stood there in front of the vanity for a moment our bodies next to
each other's in a nonvised embrace, our menstrual evidence leaking down our
respective legs a little, little stinker Ashley burst through the
half-closed bathroom door in all her naked glory with a "hi Mommy, Aunt
Amy...I'm through with my homework...can I play some, now?"

"Sure, Baby, sure..." Mickey whispering aloud to her.

Wanting to be treated like a grown-up in every respect she first wanted
a MuddMask too. Michele sat on the toilet and spackled her sweetest
six-year-old daughter's face with the slimy goo of women's vanity, trying
to create a perfect beauty she didn't need because at six she was already a
perfect beauty.

Cleaning up our twats a bit with old washcloths, the dampened cold of
them being something I never have gotten comfortable with, Ashley helped
both of us with a familiarity that would be too weird if it weren't for the
fact that this was how Mickey and I and our sisters all had grown up as
well, we made a quick run to the kitchen to get glasses of Coke before
playfulling jogging back to our, errrr, Michele's bedroom. Clicking on the
TV atop the chest of drawers, Mickey ran the gamut of channels again before
clicking it off as she nestled next to me on one side and Ash did on the
other, the three of content just being close to each other.

Getting up to head back to the bathroom for a moment, we peeled and
picked at each other's now-dried MuddMask, washing the trace residuals off
with a funny roughness and steaming hot water. Ashley pulling and picking
at her mother's dried mud mask as Mickey knelt before her, Michele kissed
her full on the lips more as a lover than a daughter. Nothing new there.
In the six months or so since she had initiated Ash into the ways of our
family, she had become an apropos at apropos time lover to her, which was
regular but not daily, she not having any problems switching back and forth
between her roles and identities as both daughter and lover, as neither did
Mickey or I when we were growing up with Mom.

Back in the bed, Michele and I quickly sunk down into our familiar
sixty-nine as we lay on our sides, our fingers and tongues exploring where
they willed. Ash being the monkey that she is would scoot from one cunt to
the other, manually playing with and licking as she liked who she wanted to
when she wanted to. mom had always been "careful" not to oral us during
our weekly playtimes with her, our sexplay with her being strictly mutual
masturbation, she getting oral with us only a few times during all our
years together as a family. But Mickey had made a conscious decision not
to worry about being oral with her daughter or her daughter her during
their mutual sexplay times together. They mostly did handfrigs and
massages and such, but if she felt like licking Ashley's little cunny she
did, and if Ashley wanted to tongue her Mom's she did or if she wanted
Mick' to tongue her she knew she could ask anytime. Over the years that
Michele and I had been giving each other comfort and love and pleasures
untold by our monthly at least times together we had lost our fear of being
"lesbian" with each other by our oral'ing of each other, so we just didn't
care any longer.

My tongue probed deep into Mickey's tunnel, like licking the last tiny
bit of strawberry ice cream out of the very bottom of an ice cream cone.
Ashley smiled at me as she kneeled next to me as my face lay buried in her
mother and my sister's crotch, I offering my lightly blood-covered tongue
to her and she accepting, sucking my pink tongue like it was a raw hotdog.
We kissed as my arm reached around and pulled her closer to me for a
moment. Her arm held my shoulders closer to her as well. From the
headboard Mickey looks down at us as her daughter and sister kissed a
lover's kiss and beamed a proud smile at us while she ground her pudenda a
little harder into the MuddMask'd smooth of my cheek.

Then it became "lover's choice", and I was first. Mickey sucked on one
breast while Ash did my other one, her sweetest tiny mouth sucking my
nipple more like an infant than a young woman. When she was still an
infant she'd sometimes suck on them when I'd come over just so Michele
could have a break, not caring usually that no milk came out of them unless
she was really hungry. As they sucked a hand from each frigged my
womanspace and clit, the feel of Ash's little fingers contrasting
noticeably with the angularity of her mother's as my labia and lovetunnel
and G-spot was expressed. Cover me in honey and throw to me to my sister and niece anytime.

Then it was Mickey's turn. Ashley striding her mother's face, I scooted
around and down and picked up her butt enough to get off the towels and
stuck my tongue firmly on and in her anus. She didn't last long, she never
does when I do that, Grin. Then it was Ashley's. Ash can be a downright
little stinker when she wants to be, and doesn't have just one or two
favorite things to do or have done to her during her "dealer's choice"
times with us. After Uncle Ken's visit and hearing something that Mick'
probably didn't want her to, she told her that she wanted to tie her up and
spank her, just like Uncle Ken had done a week or so before. I would have
given a thousand bucks to have had a camera right then to take a picture of
her face.

"C'mon, now, Sis, this is 'lover's choice' and she has chosen, so you
gotta give, hehehehhe..." I couldn't help but just burst out laughing.

She half-rose up as her hands propped up on her hips with a

"Now Sis, there's no harrump to it...Ashley is part of our fun, and she
wants her fun to be spanking Mommy..."

Michele took a couple of deep breaths and reached to pull Ashley closer
to her. "Maybe...well, okay...but this is for fun...I'm not letting you
spank me because I need to be punished for anything I've done wrong...and
if you ever need to be spanked, you'll get a real one, okay, Sweetie?"

"Okay, Mommy...I understand...where's Uncle Steve's rope?"

I just burst out laughing, geehawing so hard that a dribble of urine leaked out down my leg with my drying menstrual fluid, Mickey punching me
in the ribs hard enough to break my laughing fit.

"Uncle Steve's toys are back in his closet, and you know we're not
supposed to go in his room without his permission..."

"Oh, I'll find something that we can use!!!" I teased as I rolled off
the bed to go get us some wet washcloths and find something to tie up and
spank her with.

The two of them followed me into the bathroom. Michele and I washed and
cleaned each other's cunts as Ashley helped us, making half-love as we did,
gropes and kisses and all being freely exchanged.

Stopping in her closet to poke around, two old silken scarves hung from
a skirt hanger. Perfect. Ashley made a slow, erotic, teasing show of
tying Michele's hands behind her back. I made sure the knots were good and
tight, hehehe. Propping her up on all fours, Mickey's exposed ass and
bleeding cunt presented themselves before her precocious little
six-year-old. Ashley didn't spare her. With a wicked gleam in her eye,
her tiny open palm repeatedly slapped her Mom's pussy and asscheek. I told
Ash to make her mom count them down from thirty, and Mickey turned her head
to shoot me a gaze that could have frozen a medusa. "30...29...28..." then
on down as she expertly placed her blows here and there on her upturned
rump as I gently played with her tits and kissed her neck as she knelt tied
up and face down on the bed before my niece and me. "Don't get too amused,
Am', this little tart of a daughter of mine could have picked you or both
of us instead of just me, hehehehe yourself..." she grunted.

"That was kinda boring, was okay, but I don't think I'll do
it anymore..." Ash mentioned to Mick' as she and I untied her wrists.

It was now three past eleven pee emm. "C'mon, Stinker, you've had your
fun for tonight...way past your bedtime, school's tomorrow, so give me a
kiss and get your rump to bed before I return the favor!"

"Can I have a goodnight hug, Mommy, Aunty Amy?"

The three of us sat on the blood-crusted towels on the bed just hugging
each other. Michele gave her daughter a motherly kiss on the cheek as
Ash's hands gently touched and felt Mickey's left breast as I hugged
Ashley's waist closer to me. We sighed a simultaneous happy sigh as Ash
broke her embrace of us and pittered-pattered towards her bedroom.

Alone in her bedroom, we lay next to each other, our eyes deeply seeking
the love for each other through the windows of each other's souls. My hand
deeply frigged her pussy and she mine, our mutual mensing fluids lubricant
enough so that our hands slipped past our respective labias, our wrists
bumping each other's pubic bones in our mutual slow hand-fuck of each
other. Her mouth licked at my nipples for a moment, then mine hers.
Pulling out, our hands grasped each other's as our fingers interlocked and
our bonding with each other went beyond manual into the ethereal. Our
hands easing up between our faces, our tongues licked our shared feminine
essences like two momma cats cleaning each other before we flipped around
in a last good-night sixty-nine and finished actually doing so, chewing on
each other's labia as our tongues drilled one last testhole seeking the oil
of our familial connection.

"It's late, Sis, I gotta go...awanna take a quick shower with me?"


The hot water hitting the bottom of the tub/shower ran pink as the
evidence of our cunt tartar lovesession was washed away for one more month.
Well, maybe just another day or two, depending on if one or both of us got
superhorny, hehehehe.

The desert air was dry and cold as it hit my still damp skin in the
midnight still, the warmth of the blood on my pad keeping my pussy icky
feeling but cozy, Mickey's sweet goodbye kiss leaving my lips longing for
our next time.


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