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ANGEL cum the same time


Guardian Angel (MF, FF, cons, cheat x2) This story is written by Darqness,
the copyright for this story is held solely by him. It is written for the
entertainment of its readers only. This story may be freely distributed
across the internet or in print, provided that the following conditions are
met: - The entire text, including this disclaimer, is preserved and
supplied. - The author must be notified through email
( - If this story is archived on a pay-site, the
author is given access to the story. The following story is pure fiction,
it is a fantasy concocted by the mind of its author. It therefore does not
reflect reality and should be looked upon as such. I do not condone any of
the actions that follow. If you can't differentiate between reality and
fantasy please do not read this story. This story is written for the
entertainment of adult readers. If you are reading this illegally please
discontinue and go to a more suitable site. If you are under 18 or 21,
depending on the laws in your area stop reading. If you agree and meet all
the requirements then please continue and enjoy the story. After reading
please make comments to the email address following.

Guardian Angel (MF, FF, cons, cheat x2)

-> Tom <I raised my head to check my plane times. I had rushed from my
house, almost forgetting my passport. I had arrived at the airport rushed
to check in and then rushed to the terminal. I was standing there with my
luggage staring at the information that was telling me I had rushed here
for no reason at all. The flight had been delayed. I walked over to a
seat and dropped down. I dropped my stuff around me and I sat back. I
closed my eyes when I heard footsteps. I opened my eyes and saw that a
woman was running towards the same terminal I had been heading towards a
few minutes earlier. She stopped, squinted and then dropped her stuff.
She was searching her bags when I saw the destination. It was the same as
mine. "It's been delayed." She turned around. She looked confused. "The
flight to Florida, it's been delayed, it's probably the bad weather between
here and there." She realised I was talking to her. She picked her stuff
up and came to sit next to me. "Thanks, I couldn't find my glasses. I
wouldn't have been able to find out where it was." She put on her glasses
and sat back, still catching her breath from the trip to the airport. I
looked at her as she sat back, she had darkish blonde hair that came down
below her shoulders. She was obviously fit, but not overly muscled. She
had wide hips and long legs. Her breasts were probably a large B cup, not
being an expert I could've been wrong. I closed my eyes to wait for the
call that our flight had arrived. I would soon be on my way to meet Julia
Hasten for the last time, she would soon be Mrs Tom Stevens. We had met
just over three months earlier and we had fallen for each other on first

-> Julia <I had just arrived at the hotel where I would soon be married to the man of my dreams. My family was arriving a day later and they would
begin preparations. I checked in and I made my way up to my room until
Friday when we would be transferred to the honeymoon suite. I unpacked
what little luggage I had brought with me. The rest of my luggage would be
joining me with my family. My soon to be husband had not arrived. All the
flights from Boston had been delayed, so he would be awhile. I had smooth
and rapid transport from Washington state so I was early. I lay back on
the bed to enjoy the service they provided, I picked up the phone and
ordered an ice-cream sundae and a large bottle of wine.

-> Tom <I was awoken by a hand on my leg. I opened my eyes and saw the
women I had helped staring at me. "I have just heard that the plane will
be arriving in a couple of hours, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind
joining me to kill some time." I looked at her. I couldn't read her eyes.
"What sort of thing were you planning." She smiled devilishly. "Something
exciting, something that we will remember for a while." Her hand had moved
up my leg and it was resting and slowly kneading my growing hard-on. I was
unsure what to do. I tried sitting up and she followed my groin. "I'm
engaged so..." She looked at me strangely. "... so what. Do you realise
how many men regret getting married, giving up the bachelor's sex filled
life. All it will be is a 2-hour stand and after the plane lands you'll
never see me again." I understood what she meant, I had considered what it
meant to get married. I still was trying to be loyal. "I can see you need
further persuasion, I can do things to you that I guarantee no other women
can, you'll have no regrets after you've been with me. You'll be fulfilled
after you get with me." I wondered what she meant. I was getting turned on
by her massaging and her words. I was losing any chance of resisting so I
gave up. "All right then." She stood up and she held my hand and led me to
the airport's bar. She had obviously done this before. She let me go and
told me to wait. She spoke to the barman and he handed her something. She
walked back to me and led me to a locked door, she had been given the key.
She unlocked the door and led me to the pool room. She locked the door
behind her and she pushed me down onto a table. "Strip, now." I was
surprised at her dominance. I stripped and she watched intently, I had
never been anything special but I wasn't ugly. I was naked quickly.
"Whatever you do, I want you to stay on this table, don't move too much." I
followed her orders and she pulled something out of her bag. She put a
blindfold on my eyes and she proceeded to handcuff my wrists above my head.
I could hear her moving around and I heard her go into her bag again. She
then walked towards me and she started to massage my inner thighs. It felt
wonderful, after a while a strange warm sensation started to permeate that
area. It was different to anything I had ever experienced. She then
massaged my chest and I realised that her hands were slightly wet. She
stopped rubbing me and she then started to lick my neck and face, it was
erotic and it was making me feel so wonderful. She was also caressing me
with her hands. She stopped and she straddled my stomach. She continued
her ministrations for several minutes and I slowly began to realise I was
getting closer and closer to cumming with ever passing second. She stopped
again and she turned around. Her back was to my face. I felt her moving
her wonderful ass towards my face. She stopped moving backwards when her
wet, puffy pussy lips were near my own lips. I began to lick and she
copied my motions on my solid erection. I realised this and I began to use
her for my own pleasure. I licked her slowly along the entire length of
her lips and she copied me. I managed to coax her small clitoris out and I
began to suck it between my lips. She took my cock in her mouth and took
control herself. I copied her as she used her tongue to stroke my cock. I
heard her begin to take shorter breaths so I intensified my sucking and
licking, she began to use her hands to help me cum at the same time as her.
We got closer together and we moved together. We licked together, we
caressed together, we kissed together, soon we both came together. She
arched her back and came silently, I continued lapping at her dripping slit
and she swallowed down my hot juice. She collapsed on top of me and we lay
like that until we heard a faint announcement. She quickly uncuffed me and
we were ready before the announcement had finished. I followed her out and
we collected our luggage before heading towards the terminal.

-> Julia <There was a knock at the door, I got up and walked to the
door. I was wondering whether Tom had made it yet. I opened it to see room
service. "Could you put it down next to the bed?" The young man put the
tray down and I handed him a tip as he walked out. He closed the door
behind him and I sat down, preparing to tuck into the large ice-cream
sundae. The wine had been opened and there were glasses next to the
cooler. I poured myself a glass and quickly swallowed it. The liquid
quenched my dry mouth. I picked up the spoon and scooped up a large
mouthful of the ice-cream, it was wonderful, I closed my eyes to savour the
taste. I licked the spoon clean before taking another bite. I was going
to enjoy this hotel.

-> Tom <I felt guilty as I stepped aboard the plane. My mind was
tearing itself apart. I couldn't stand it. I could see only one
resolution to my predicament. I was going to get as drunk as I could. The
plane took off and I anxiously awaited the drinks cart. The cute young stewardess stopped when she saw my face. She must have read my mind
because she handed me a large glass and a bottle of wine. "I think you
need to relax." She smiled and walked off, I pressed a button and my chair
fell back several inches. I drank the first few glasses of wine very
quickly and slowed to a reasonable pace towards the fourth glass. The
alcohol was having the desired effect and I was fading fast. I realised
that some people would need a lot more, this was one time I was glad that I
couldn't "Hold My Drink". Before I knew it the tyres of the plane
screeched and we slowly stopped. I waited for the instructions and then
started to depart the plane. I saw the stewardess that had served me and I
stopped. "Thank you for that, I needed it." I handed her a twenty which
she covertly took and hid it. She smiled and let me get off the plane. I
headed to the luggage collection area and picked up my three bags. They
were heavy and I struggled until I found a trolley, I offloaded the baggage
and I wheeled it out of the airport. I saw the taxi lane was full so I
walked up to one. "Waterfall hotel?" He opened his door and came around to
help me with my luggage. He realised why I had a trolley. "What have you
got in here then." He said it smiling. "I'm getting married in a couple of
days, I was ordered to bring everything, I may have forgotten the kitchen
sink though." He had a knowing look. "I've been through that twice,
believe me, the divorce is easier, you don't have to worry about carrying
everything, they take it all." He laughed at his joke. I joined in
half-heartedly. After we had loaded my bags I got in and we headed off to
my hotel. Considering the taxi drivers I was used to he drove quite well.
We arrived several minutes later and he helped me again with my bags. The
porters then collected it and took it to the reception. I handed him the
money. "Good luck with the marriage and enjoy the consummation." He had a
wide smile. "I will." He drove off and I headed in to the hotel to get
checked in. I saw a man wearing a very expensive suit behind the
reception. He was distinctive because of his red-hair. It just seemed out
of place considering his colouring and his dark suit. "I'm the manager, I
have already booked your fiancée in and you will be transferred on the
requested date. I'm very happy you chose our hotel to be joined together.
I hope you two have a wonderful time and if you need anything just call." I
smiled and nodded, I took my key and headed to my room. We had arranged to
meet each other for dinner at 9pm so I had several hours to relax. I toyed
with the idea of going to see her but I decided to wait for our dinner

-> Julia <I was halfway through my sundae when I heard another knock on
my door. "Come in." The door slowly opened and the first thing I saw were
two very long and beautiful legs. A blonde women had just walked in. She
walked to my bed, closing the door behind her and she sat on my bed. I was
surprised at the confidence of this women. "I saw you check in and I was
immediately enchanted." She smiled at me. Her smile was so wonderful, it
almost floored me. I could detect a faint aroma around her, it was
captivating. I had been straight all my life and I had never questioned my
sexuality, even though I had had the opportunity to do so many times, my
roommate at college was gay and we had got drunk one night and she had come
on to me, I had resisted and put her to bed. I then dismissed it. This
was different though. This one women had waltzed into my room and had me
in the palm of her hand with one sentence and a smile. I would have done
anything for her at that point. She picked my hand up and she kissed it,
ever so gently that I barely noticed. She then picked up my other hand and
did the same thing. She was now holding both my hands in her own. She
manoeuvred me into laying flat on the bed, she then crawled between my legs
and moved up my body. She ran her hands through my hair and kissed me,
more passionately than I had ever been kissed. Her soft lips pressed
delicately against my own and her tongue was caressing my own tongue. Her
eyes were open but mine were shutting. She stopped kissing me and I
pressed my head forward, missing the comforting kiss of this beautiful
women. She didn't kiss my lips again but she turned my head and kissed and
licked behind my ear. My eyes shot open at the sensation. Nobody, not
even Tom knew about my secret. The spot behind my ears was so sensitive, I
moaned at her ministrations. She stopped and I whimpered, she dragged her
long hair across my face before repeating the action on the other ear. I
was getting hotter and hotter from her wonderful mouth. She stopped and I
whimpered again. I was at the mercy of this extraordinary woman. She
placed butterfly kiss on my eyes and then she travelled down my face and
neck until she got to my dress. As she undid the button she placed a kiss
at the exposed spot. The buttons stopped at my navel and she French kissed
my 'innie'. She pulled apart the dress at my shoulders and pulled it off
my arms. She gently slid it off me. I raised myself to allow her to take
it off me. She stroked my legs as she eased it off me. I lay there with
my eyes closed with only my white thong panties on. She moved back up my
body, placing more kisses along my legs. As she approached my wet panties she avoided the area entirely. She caressed and stroked my body with her
hands as she kissed my breasts. I hadn't worn a bra because of the
tightness of the sundress in that area. She placed her soft, luscious lips
over my hard nipple and she sucked, gently to begin with but she randomly
increased and decreased the strength to keep me responding, it was her
roaming hands that kept me concentrating, they weren't directly stimulating
me but they were stroking every exposed area. She then moved across where
she gently flicked my nipple with her tongue. Her touch was electric and
my breathing became erratic. She had stopped and I hadn't realised. It
was a strange phenomenon, she wasn't touching me but I could feel her hands
and tongue on me. I opened my eyes and saw she had stripped off. She was
now naked apart from her clear platform heels, her white stockings and her
white thong panties. She leaned down and she kissed me on the lips again.
This time it was not passionate, it was pure care. She than straddled my
legs and she ran a finger down from my lips between my breasts, across my
navel and to the waistband of my panties. With an incredible show of
strength she tore them open. She threw the remnants away and she ran her
fingers through my short pubic hair. She turned around and seductively
wiggled out of her own panties. She leaned down to put her with licking
distance of my wet open pussy. I saw her own approach my face and I
instigated the ending of our affair by licking her from her clit down to
the bottom of her slit. I then sped up and I concentrated on pleasing her.
I licked in circles around her pussy lips and around her clit. She moaned
and it was animal. I then teased her further by flicking her clit. She
moaned louder and she began her own teasing. I realised what she was
feeling when I began to approach orgasm just for her to move away or stop.
I relented and I took her clit into my lips and began to massage and suck
on her clit. Her breathing got heavier as mine did. She stiffened up and
she squeezed her legs around my head. The feeling of nylon encased legs on
my cheeks added to the sensation as I felt my own orgasm approaching. She
then used her fingers in my pussy, she pushed hard and I felt her rub her
long nails inside my pussy. She pushed again and I felt my hymen give way.
This pain triggered my orgasm and I clamped my lips around her disappearing
clit. We came together and I was exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep. I
awoke just before I was scheduled to meet Tom and I looked around. My
sundae was gone, my clothes were on me and my panties were intact. I got
up and realised that I would have to rush to get ready. I walked out of
the door unsure if anything had happened or if it was a dream. Then I
remembered that my sundae had gone. I was confused. I walked into the
restaurant and saw Tom sitting alone. I sat down in the chair. "You look
wonderful Julia." He leaned to kiss me, I let him. We were about to call a
waiter when one walked up to our table. "This is for you, it was left at
the desk, and I will be back in a couple of minutes to take your order,
here are the menus." He handed me a letter and a menu. I looked at the
letter and in perfect handwriting was a message. "Open together, read and
look together." I opened it and I took out a letter. Tom moved around to
read it with me and we both gasped. The letter was from the women I had
been seduced by. There was no name. It explained what had happened and
how she wished us well in our marriage. She mentioned both of us by name
even though neither of us had told her our names. Tom explained his side
of the story and so did I. We bonded after our admissions. I then
realised that there was something more in the envelope. It was a photo.
It was the woman. She was smiling and blowing a kiss. I turned it over
and in large script was the signature 'Adrianna'. I put the picture in my
purse and we talked all night. The wedding went better than planned and so
did our honeymoon. I felt guilty not having proof of my virginity when Tom
wanted to consummate the marriage but strangely my hymen was there and I
felt Tom break through. I realised that Adrianna was special and would
always be with us. I thought I saw her several times, once when I had my
own daughter, Adrianna, she seemed to appear before I felt the first
contraction and she told me it was time. She seemed to appear at important
times in my life. I'm never sure what she is but to me she's my guardian

--> END <-

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