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ANNESTOR panties and lowered them her


Anne's story ~ Hard Drive



(Adult bro/sis incest, BDSM, romantic, semi non-consensual forced)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY
or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you
reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the
following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely
possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if
committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


The computer dominated the small room as well as the young woman who sat
before it. Anne was wearing a look of frustration on her face and angrily
paging through a manual on the desk. She knew it was only her paranoia,
but she could have sworn the computer was smiling and silently mocking her
futile attempts to control it.

It was actually her brother, Robert, who was smiling and enjoying her
frustration. He was sitting on the sofa in the living room and pretending
to read a magazine, but was actually looking in on her through the half-way
open door between the rooms. He admired her determination to learn how to
use his computer, and was completely amused by her frequent fits of anger
when the machine didn't do what she expected of it. She had such a temper,
and acted like much like a spoiled child, yelling and shaking her fist at
the uncaring piece of electronic junque.

Robert found it all quite funny, if a bit worrisome. One of those days
she was going to accidentally break something during one of her tantrums.
He thoroughly expected to witness such a fit at any moment. Looking over
the top of his magazine at her as she continued to turn the pages of the
manual, he kept his snickers quiet and waited.

Just as he had expected, she soon slammed the book shut and gave it a
good smack.

"Stupid book!..." she grumbled "...what's the point of having a manual
if it doesn't answer the questions?.

She shoved the book off the desk and Robert heard it hit the floor with
a fluttering of the pages. He began to laugh despite himself.

"Robert, brother Dear..." she called out angrily " out there!?!"

He cleared his throat quickly. "Yes, I'm here on the you need
any help?"

"Yes..." she admitted "...would you come in here and show me how to get
this stupid thing working?"

He put down his magazine and stood up. When he entered his spare
bedroom converted to computer and entertainment room, Anne had retrieved
the manual and was again paging through it with a look of determination on
her face. She had her back to him as he paused to look at her for a
moment. In their twenty-some years growing up together, he had never really
bothered to look her at her so intently, and he didn't understand why he
was being drawn to the lines and curves on her face.

They had always been close friends as well as brother and sister. But
now for the first time, he noticed how truly lovely her straight jet-black
hair was, in contrast to his own wavy medium-brown locks. She had it
pulled back in a girlish ponytail and tied with a red ribbon. Her white
neck and untanned shoulders seemed to be inviting his touch.

She stood up from the book and turned around. "Well, are you going to
help me, or not?"

He startled as he came back to reality and mumbled an apology. Looking
at the monitor, he immediately saw what the problem was. Reaching his arms
around her from behind, he began to type.

"Wait!..." Anne said as she turned to look at him from the computer
chair "...tell me what you're doing so I can learn." She looked like a
determined child who had been thwarted in her attempts to get away with
something forbidden.

From somewhere deep inside him, knowing or caring not from whence it had
dwelled up, Robert felt a sudden urge to kiss his sister smack on her
pouting mouth, but kept himself in check. "It would be hard to explain..."
he mumbled, continuing to type " be honest, I don't know how you
managed to screw things up so badly and get this configuration in the first

She folded her arms and began to pout in earnest but only for a brief
moment before a look of panic crossed her face visibly to him and quickly
hit the push-button that tuned off the monitor.

Robert sighed and gritted his teeth for a moment.

"What are you doing?!..." he asked, beginning to feel his own
frustration surfacing. She was so difficult to deal with at times. "...I
can't help you if I can't see what I'm doing, Anne."

"It's okay..."she said quickly "..I don't think I want to use the
computer right now anyway.

She stood up from the computer chair and turned to go to his bathroom
down the hall, thinking she had actually turned the computer off totally
instead of just the monitor. He stood back as she walked away, watching
the swinging of her nice ass inside her miniskirt, silently chiding himself
for be so suddenly and wrongly libidinously thinking about his sister, and
decided to turn his attention back to his machine.

In a moment he had retrieved the file she had been working on before she
had called him to help. A surprised smile curled his lops as he began to
read the textfile. Now he understood why she had suddenly turned off the
monitor she was exiting out of the application she had been in. The file
was a blatantly pornographic story! Leaning forward, he began reading her
story with increasing interest.

In the story, a young woman was depicted as being tied to a four-poster
bed while her lover alternately caressed her and beat her with his belt.
Robert felt himself getting an erection despite himself even though he had
never been interested in bondage and discipline that much, trying to
imagine why Anne had been writing this sort of fantasy-story.

He closed his eyes and wondered silently what Anne would look like tied
to a four-poster bed - helpless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted
to do to her. He began thinking of all the things about his sister Dearest
that had never crossed his mind before. The thought of stripping her naked
bottom with his own belt suddenly became deliciously appealing to him, from
a place somewhere in his soul he had no clue existed until then. So was
the thought of watching and feeling her struggling in vain against him. He
laughed quietly to himself as he thought about how much she really deserved
a good whipping for all the past hurts and embarrassments that his older sister had beset upon him over the years. And, a good whipping would go a
long way towards calming her irritating temper.

The hard drive made slight whirring sound as the screen saver engaged
and Robert realized that he had been daydreaming, the screen saver flashing
a bright yellow smiley face at him at various intervals. Robert had never
noticed before, but the darned thing seemed to be smirking rather than
smiling. He hit the spacebar and returned to the story, hoping to be
finished by the time Anna returned from the bathroom.

The woman in the story had been beaten and teased into a near-frenzy and
the man was beginning to have sex with her. He kissed and touched her red bottom, commenting on how warm it was to the touch. She whined and pleaded
with him to release her. He told her to beg. She gladly begged him to let
her go, but he wasn't pleased with her level of sincerity. So he began to
beat her with the belt again until she screamed and begged enough to suit
him. The two had passionate sex for the rest of the story.

Robert squired in the computer chair trying to find a comfortable
position as he imagined doing the same thing to Anne. Did she want him to?
Was that why she had called him in here? She had to know that he was going
to find the story eventually on his computer and read it. He was lost in
the desire to possibly act out his fantasy when she returned to the room.
Never before that evening had a single incestuous thought about his sister ever crossed his mind, let alone one involving such a scene of domination
which wasn't usually in his consciousness, either. He swirled around in
the ortho computer chair and faced her with a hungry smile.

She looked at him and raised her eyebrows in question: "what?".

"I think you should go upstairs and wait for me there" he responded
coolly. He couldn't believe what he was saying to her.

"Why?" she looking sincerely confused at his blunt, unusual request.

"Just go...we have something to resolve."

Shrugging her shoulders, she turned and headed up the stairs. He felt a
sudden thrill at her response and began to imagine exactly what he was
going to do to her. He didn't even notice the slight whir of the computer
as he left the room.

Anne took a seat on his bed in his master bedroom since there was no
other place to sit and waited for her Brother-Friend to arrive. She
pondered the strange look he had on his face when she had returned from the

What had that been about? A discomforting thought occurred to her as
she sat waiting; what if she had actually done something really bad to the
computer, his assurances aside that she couldn't do anything to do
irreparable harm to it? What if she had accidentally erased the hard drive
of something like that? Perhaps Robert was really angry with her. She
swallowed hard, hoping that she was mistaken.

After a few moments Robert opened the bedroom door and stood there
looking down on her with an odd expression on his face - one she had never
seen before. She bit her bottom lip knowing that he was surely angry with
her. She hoped that she hadn't done anything that was going to be costly
to repair.

"Did I do something bad?..." she asked in her sweetest voice.

Robert began to roll up the cuffs of his sleeves of his white cotton
shirt, then thrust his hands into his pockets. He gave her a patient smile
and nodded.

"Yes, you did."

Anne sighed and looked up apologetically at him. "I'm sorry Robert...I
didn't mean to cause any trouble with the computer...I just forgot how to
exit the file, and..."

She stopped suddenly as he sat down next to her on the bed. He placed
his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them slowly and
deliberately. Anne shuddered form the chill that ran through her as he
touched her. This was her brother, after all. Still, she delighted in his
warm touch - unexpected as it was. She had had a deeply secret crush on
him since they were kids, but certainly never had expected even this tad
little bit to come to reality fruition. She closed her eyes and allowed a
sigh to escape her lips as he moved his hands over her neck and then along
her jawline.

Anne felt a warm excitement envelope her as he expertly continued to
touch her in ways she had only dreamed he would. She felt her own desires
growing and decided to put a stop to things before they went too far. But
as she opened her mouth to protest, he took her chin firmly in his hand and
turned her face towards his. He looked deeply into her brown eyes and
kissed her passionately. She closed her own eyes and responded to his kiss
eagerly as she felt her own resistance melting away. She placed her arms
around his neck and hungrily returned his kisses as she ran her hands
through his hair.

Robert cupped his sister's right breast in his hand and caressed it
gently. He could feel her hardened nipple through her blouse and teased it
with his thumb. Feeling certain that she was as ready as he was, he began
to unfasten the buttons of her sheer blouse. He pushed her open blouse off
her shoulders and stared at her breasts held tightly in her lace brazier.
He undid the front clasp and they bounced free. Her honey-colored nipples
were hard and erect and he immediately took one in his mouth and began to
suck and bite on it.

Keeping her hands tangled in his hair, Anne tilted her head back and
thrust her breasts towards his face. As he continued to ravage them with
his hands and mouth she moaned with increasing pleasure and desire.

As quickly as he had begun to touch her he stopped and stood back. He
looked down at her sitting on his bed. Her hair had fallen out of the
ribbon that held it and was cascading all around her naked shoulders. Her
clothes were half-on half-off . Her breasts were exposed and beautiful
with their erect nipples.

"Please don't stop, Robert..." she said demurely as she held out her
arms to him, inviting an embrace "...since we were kids, I have dreamed of
this so many times."

"Take your clothes off!" he demanded.

Anne felt a chill run over her with the tone of his voice. She had
always wanted a man to take control of her. She didn't know how many times
she had fantasized about her own brother Robert doing just this. She felt
a weakness in her knees and a queasiness in her stomach. Despite that she
quickly got to her feet to comply with his wish.

Robert watched approvingly as she slowly peeled off one piece of
clothing after another.

"You are quite the little slut, aren't you, Anne?...he asked
rhetorically " come over here with the premise of using my computer,
but this is what you actually came over hoping for all along, isn't it?"

Anne could only nod her head in agreement. How had he known that? She
had never breathed a word of her wrong and secret fantasy to a soul ever,
not even to her best friend.

She now stood before him wearing only her panties. Hesitating a moment
for effect, she then hooked her thumbs into either side of the
silky-feeling panties and lowered them to her knees where she promptly
stepped out of them. Looking at the lacy white panties lying on the floor,
Robert noticed that they were slightly damp. Judging by the blush he
observed on Anne's downcast face, she had noticed as well and felt

Robert undid the first few buttons of his shirt and looked appraisingly
at the naked woman who stood submissively before him. He was having
difficulty keeping himself from moving to quickly. He wanted to make this
last as long as possible.

"Turn around" he said, his calm tone belying his burgeoning desire.

She turned slowly and shyly looked back over her shoulder at him. Her
skin was lovely and smooth. She had a faded tanline in a heart-shape on
her bottom which drew his attention there. Her cheeks were round and firm
and healthily white. She had kept her beauty so well-hidden over the years
from him under her conservative clothing that he had never suspected that
she would be so lovely.

He moved towards her and stood directly behind her. Pressing his body
into hers, he embraced her from behind and returned his hands to her taught

Anne again let head fall backwards as he touched her. She felt his
gentle but strong hands on her breasts and cried out softly when he began
kissing and biting her neck from behind. She began involuntarily to twist
her hips, pressing theme firmly into his. She could feel his erection hard
against her bottom. She wanted desperately to turn around and kiss him or
touch herself, but she reflexively waited for his permission before she
took any action.

Turning her head to meet his wide-eye glaze, her eyes pleaded with him
to allow her to do something but he shook his head "no" in refusal at her
unspoken request.

He led her towards the bed, but before she could lie down on it he put
his hands on her waist and stopped her. He then pulled two or three of his
oversized pillows free of the bedspread and placed them one atop the other
on the edge of the bed.

"Bend over" he commanded as he pointed to the pillows.

Anne looked back over her shoulder at him with a shocked look of
disbelief in her face, a look which was quickly evolving to one of
potential panic.

"What?...what?..." she asked quietly. She felt like she would soon pass
out from fear. Her stomach continued to turn to liquid from her combined
feelings of dismay and intrigue. Was he serious?

Robert took her firmly by the shoulders and led her to the edge of the
bed in front of the pile of pillows. "Bend over and shut your mouth, you
little now have to pay for your mischief."

Anne hesitated for a moment lost in thought. She felt a thrill of
excitement, but was terrified at the same time. She had spent so many
hours fantasizing about having a man just take her, spank her, and then
make love to her - especially her brother Robert.

But now that she was on the verge of having her fantasies realized, she
was stricken with fear. Besides, how had he known?

"If you do not bend over, I will bend you over myself and tie you down"
threatened Robert.

She immediately laid her bare stomach across the pillows and balanced
herself on the tips of her toes. The pillows were high enough that her
naked bottom was hoisted high into the air. Robert looked approvingly at
the sight. He was going to enjoy punishing his sister, and he was going to
take a longgggg time doing it.

Taking a moment to run a hand gently along her left asscheek he felt her
delightfully smooth skin. She was as soft as satin. He took his time
stroking her bottom and teasing her by running his finger along her crack.
Slowly he began working his finger inside, she trying to turn her head
around to see what he was doing, he giving her a stern look which was
enough of a warning in itself that she immediately turned her head back.

He nudged her legs apart wider and continued to tantalize her pussy until he was gently caressing slightly inside her tight hole. She moaned
and began to move her most sex to the motions of his hand. She arched her
back and thrust her bottom out prominently to allow him easier access to
her sex, he taking great pleasure in watching her squirm and stretch to
meet his touch.

"Do you want me, Sis?.." he asked softly as he kept caressing her

"Ye-e-e-ssss!..." she nearly gasped, almost breathless from his touch.

"Tell me that you want me, ME, Anne."

"I...want...youuuu!....Robert!..." she responded breathlessly.

He gave her exposed cunny a little squeeze and walked around to the one
side of the edge of the bed where she could see him better.

She lifted her face from the bedspread and looked up at him. Her face
was a mixture of exhilaration and fear. He smiled down at her smugly and
began to unfasten his belt while she watched in apprehension.

"First things first..." he said calmly " have to learn a little
bit about behaving yourself properly, and I am going to teach you that
lesson now."

Anne's big brown eyes widened with fright as he pulled his belt off and
doubled it. Holding it firmly in his right hand, he leaned forward with
both hands landing on the bed and gave her a quick kiss.

"You deserve this, you little slut...we'll see how hot your temper runs
once I've finished with that sweet little ass of yours...and I'm going to
enjoy every second of've had this coming for a long, long

Pushing himself off the bed and back upright, he stood once again and
folded his arms, belt still in hand. He began to walk back around to the
other side of her again. Anne felt like she would explode. She was so
afraid, but simultaneously she felt possessed by her desire for Robert.

The belt had been a horrible sight. The thin, black leather strap was
obviously expensive judging by the suppleness of it as he had held it in
front of her. She knew it was going to hurt terribly and she dreaded the
pain. Despite that, she didn't make a move to stop him or escape. Not
after secretly living this scenario in her mind deeply for so many years.

Anne jumped slightly as her brother laid his left hand on her back and
positioned himself behind her. He looked once more at her beautifully
clean and smooth bottom proffered before him. Without further delay, he
drew back the belt above his shoulder and brought it down hard on her rump.
Anne drew a quick breath and released it in a low moan of pain.

Before she had time to recover, he brought down the belt on her
defenseless bottom again with a resounding smack. She tensed and rose on
her toes as he brought the belt down for the third time. He moaning became
louder and more urgent as the pain became harder for her to endure. When
the belt hit her defenseless flesh for the fourth time, Anne screamed.

She tensed and relaxed her bottom cheeks in a futile attempt to relieve
the pain but it was just too intense. After the fifth and sixth blows
landed as heavily and painfully as the others, she began to shriek as her
panic grew.

Robert was unmoved by her screaming and squirming. He took no pity on
her. If anything, he came more excited as he continued to rain blows down
on her bare bottom without mercy. He distributed the strokes evenly across
the field of her flesh, never increasing or decreasing the his tempo or the
strength of the impacting blows. He covered her entire bottom with thin
angry red welts that extended down to the tops of her china-white thighs in
a couple of places.

Anne wasn't holding back any longer. Her screams were genuine. She
grasped the bedspread with her fists clenching. She had begun to twitch
her legs slightly and had rearranged the verticality of the stack of
pillows underneath her butt.

Robert continued his relentless assault on her trembling bottom. He
brought the belt down even harder mow, driving Anne's screams to a greater
intensity and to a series of high-pitched curses mixed with please for

Another ten blows strongly fell before Robert paused for a moment to
examine his handiwork. Anne was moaning into the bedspread and writhing
with the fiery pain in her backside. He moved the pillow-pile straight
again and adjusted gently adjusted her tail atop it until it was present
and ready once more for his inspection. He admired the series of red welts
that now marred her doll-like bottom.

He had given her at least thirty of his best. Her bottom was hot to the
touch. She continued to moan but still hadn't begun to actually cry tears,
so he took the belt back quickly and placed three blows in the exact same
place in quick succession. Anne started to scream again.

Anne had thought the beating couldn't have gotten any more painful until
Robert had hit the precise same spot three times more within split-seconds
of each other. She screamed loudly and without shame, tossing her head
from side to side as her brother delivered three more and three more again
to the same line of focus that he was aiming at with his belt on her

She had never felt anything this intense in her whole life and was now
willing to do anything to convince him to stop.

"Please!...Robert!..." she begged "...I'm sorry for what I did...please
have mercy on me...I can't endure any more of this..."

"You have no choice!!!..." he snapped back and delivered three more
perfectly placed licks to her left asscheek in quickfire motion "'ll
have to take this and a whole lot more...I see that I still haven't beaten
the temper out of you..."

He gave her three vicious strokes to the inside of her right thigh. She
wailed banshee-like as he then repeated the move on her inside right thigh.
Anne finally had endured all that she could with dignity and began to
cry. As tears rolled down her face as she tried to muffle her cries by
burying her face as best she could in the comforter on his bed, she began
trying to slowly edge herself off the bed and away from the terrible belt.

Robert grabbed her flailing fists and held her wrists behind her back
easily, forcing back to the edge of the bed more properly, releasing
another three licks down low on her left buttcheek. He then placed his
knee firmly on the small of her back to keep her on the bed.

"Have you had enough now?!?..." he asked, placing another three blows to
the apogee of her right cheek.

She screamed and struggled against him. "Yes!...Oh Yes!!!..." she
sobbed "...please let me go...I'm sorry..."

He placed another three licks on the same spot where the last three had

"Please!..." she begged like a little girl being spanked "...I can't
take anymore...please let me go."

"You want me to let you go?..." he asked snidely "..I thought you wanted
me, wanted me to do this to you so badly...are you changing your mind,

"Nnnn....No..." she replied sincerely, her tears slightly subsiding
"...please, Robert, please - I want you so badly...I haven't changed my

He brought the belt down hard three times across her right cheek,
eliciting fevered screams from her renewing struggle within herself. "I'll
fuck you, Sis, if you beg me to do it."

"Please, Brother, please..." she whined "...I'm begging you...please
stop....please fuck me."

"You can do better than that!...:" he growled and brought the belt down
again on her naked bottom.

"Ooowwwww!!!...please Robert...please, I'm begging and pleading with
you....fuck me!"

He gave her another ten burning strokes against as she continued to beg
him to stop and have sex with her. Tears kept rolling down her face and
dampened the bedspread as her face stayed pressed against it. Robert
finally released her hands and removed his knee from the small of her back.
Finally free, she grasped her burning bottomcheeks tightly in her hands
and rolled onto her back moaning in pain. Robert finished undressing
quickly and laid down on the bed beside her, taking her tenderly in his
arms and covering her mouth with his. He had grown so excited that he
couldn't hold back any longer. He quickly positioned himself above her as
she lay before him and entered her with one quick thrust.

She gasped in surprise and delight as the warm, pleasurable feel of him
within her began to grow stronger than the pain which still wracked her
brutalized bottom.

"Is this what you wanted, Sis?.." he asked softly in her ear as he held
her passionately close to his body as he kissed her earlobe and nibbled on
it gently.

Anne opened her mouth to answer him but he brought his lips to hers and
thrust his tongue in her mouth with as much control and passion as he had
thrust his swollen sex into her. She returned his kiss hungrily while he
cupped her head in his hands.

Grasping his buttocks as she lay underneath him, Anne pulled him toward
her and greedily ground her pudenda against his. She was beginning to feel
drunk with the pleasure that was building up from deep between her thighs
as she responded to every possessive thrust of his hips. The stinging in
her bottom now paled in comparison to the ecstasy that was overtaking her,
the tingling and throbbing evidence of a titillating reminder of his
uncompromising domination of her.

He kneaded her breasts and pinched her hardened nipples which brought
small screams of excitement from her as their lovemaking continued. He
buried his face between her breasts and kissed them hungrily. Working his
way along her shoulder and neck, he breathed deeply the floral scent of her
perfume and ripening perspiration.

She began to main loudly as she finally felt her mounting passion
explode into waves of orgasms. Oblivious to everything but the feeling of
her brother Robert within her and the dizzying pleasure that enveloped her,
she gasped and called out his name.

Robert took her hands in his and held them against the bed firmly as he
allowed himself to succumb to his own growing ecstasy that was beginning to
overwhelm him. He plunged his member forcefully into her, time and time
and time and time again, driving her bruised bottom into the bed with each
determined thrust of her hips. Orgasm swept over him suddenly and he
gasped audibly from the strength of it. His body trembled and shook as the
spasms overtook him, then slowly decreased in intensity. With a strong
sigh, he tensed and finally collapsed breathlessly onto the bed with his
dearest sister.

Later as Anne rested her head on Robert's chest as he affectionately
stroked her hair, she turned to face him and ask him the question that had
been nagging at her since all that had just happened started a few hours

"How did you know?"

"Know what?" he replied with puzzled expression.

"How did you know that I wanted you to totally dominate me like you did
and then make sweet, tender love to me?...I know I've never said anything
to anyone about it, let alone you...have I, Robert?"

"Well, you left that suggestive story on the hard drive...that told me
everything I needed to know."

It was Anne's turn to become confused. "What story?...I didn't have a
suggestive story on your hard drive...I was working on my French paper for
my night class and while I was trying to figure out the key combinations to
get the special French characters to type, the darned computer just went

Robert's jaw dropped in sincere surprise.

"You didn't write that story I read, seriously!?"

Anne silently shook her head "uh-uh".

"Well, then..." Robert thought aloud for both of them "...if you didn't
write it, and I know I didn't write it, who wrote it, and how did it get on
my damn computer?"

Downstairs in an empty room, the computer whirred and beeped softly,
contentedly, the smiley face screen saver smirking, its master now happy at


The Dawn



Written for Anne D., 2-23-95


Dusk settles slipping slod clothes shed falling rod ropes felt tied mod
blindfolds illuminate seeing dod

but the truth night hides all you give yourself totally into my will,

kiss the rod of love, of discipline bare your bottom as you bare your
soul lose your will, so that you may win

submission becomes control and control becomes meaningless your body
becomes my toy your mind is mine, open then fold

In a world where no means yes and stop means don't ever I destroy your
boundaries you settle for nothing less

gags speak volumes qod playmarks feel tying jod skins become clothes kod
Dawn break harping sod


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