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ANYMORE movie star Dad) Well its


I'm Not a Little girl Anymore!
(Mg, pedo, preteen, inc, cons)

Written by and copyright 1999 Admiral Cartwright, a pseudonym. It is
intended solely for the entertainment of its audience. Any publication,
reproduction, retransmission or other use of the descriptions and
accounts of this story without the express written consent of Major
League Baseball is prohibited.

Unless, of course, you ask the author first (Email address provided

Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or
with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of copyright
law and may result in some serious shit.

(Warning: the following explicitly depicts sexual activity which may be
frowned upon and/or illegal. Reading further constitutes your assertion
that you are mature enough to understand and accept the nature of the
material hereinafter, and the author assumes no responsibility for your

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I'm not a little girl anymore! WOO HOO!!

Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Crystal. I turned 12 yesterday. What a present
my daddy gave me! He says I'm a woman now!

I guess I should start at the beginning. Dad used to call me his `little
horn-dog' when I was six. He says it really started when I was 2 or so,
and he and mom would catch me in the bathtub rubbing this little spot on
my pussy which felt really good, you know. Oh. Maybe you don't know.

If they only knew. It wasn't just in the bathtub. My favorite place was
in bed at night so no one could see. It felt really good when I rubbed
outside my panties and my finger could slide up and down the material
real easy. It was fun to make my legs twitch with my finger, it felt so

I didn't get an orgasm until I was six. Dad used to call it a `warm
feeling'. Wait I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was 4 I think when my babysitter stuck her nose in a book and said I
could go play outside and she never saw when Thomas came over. Thomas
and his sister used to live down at the end of the street. He was older,
like 10 or 11, I think. She was 9? She said he was older.

Anyway we went around back of the house and he showed me his cock. He
called it his `dick'. Weird name huh? It was pointing straight up and he
told me to put my hand on it and it was like HARD! Daddy's was always
soft and pointing down when he went to the bathroom so this was new. He
pulled down my shorts Thomas did and kissed me all over on my face, and
my mouth, and my shoulder, and my chest and even on my little pussy even
though I still had my panties on.

Okay. I called it my `pee-pee' then. Kinda juvenile huh? But I WAS only
a kid.

Oh yeah. I didn't mind Thomas kissing me. I like to hug and kiss. Dad
said he was always afraid I'd like hug the wrong person and get into

A lot he knew, huh?

Thomas showed me how to pull his `dick' back and forth and soon he was
dripping some clear stuff on my hand. It wasn't pee but I didn't know
what it was.

I think I said, "Ooh, yuck!" or something and I went around front and
washed my hands with the hose and went back in the house and watched
cartoons. I told my babysitter I was tired of being outside and she said
okay just don't interrupt her reading.

It was the Bible. Funny, huh?

Thomas never did it again but he still got in trouble a few months
later. The old woman next door told mommy and Daddy that she saw us back
there and Dad talked to a detective I think that's right? They took me
into a little room and a nice lady asked me some questions. Actually,
Thomas didn't get in trouble but his big brother did. They said he raped
Thomas and his sister both. I think that's like real mean.

Mom and Dad were really cool, they didn't like get mad at me for keeping
it a secret and everything and told me they would always be here if I
wanted to tell them anything and to always tell the truth.

So now you're like wondering how I got Dad hooked. Hee hee.

He sleeps naked so that made my plan easy. One morning mom was at work
'cuz she worked weekends all the time on her job, sucks, huh? and I woke
up before Dad did. I just started playing with his cock and it got like
really BIG and HARD. A lot bigger than Thomas! (Give me a break, Crys,
I'm only six-and-a-half inches! - Dad)

Well, that was big when I was six!

Anyway, I pulled it up and down a little but I didn't want that stuff
getting all over my hand again so I covered it with the sheet just on
one side so I could look at it while I played with it.

Yeah. Daddy woke up and saw what I was doing. I thought he'd get mad but
he talked to me like very quietly and asked what I was doing. He said I
shouldn't do that and only big girls like mom get to do that. I asked
him why and he said because little girls can get hurt if they try to do
too much with sex when they're too little or with a boy who would like
hurt them 'cuz he liked to.

I said Thomas didn't hurt me, I just didn't like the stuff that came out
of his `dick' all over my hand. (Yeah, and you really blew it! You'd
told your mother and me that you didn't touch him while he was hard. -

Whoops. Caught. I tried to say it was a different boy. A different boy
named Thomas. Dad's too smart, he can always figure out when I'm lying.
But I know a few things too. He made me hold his hard cock (yeah I still
called it a `pee-pee' then too) with my BARE HANDS until I admitted I
lied to him. But that just proved he liked me to hold his cock. (You got
me there! - Dad)

My other favorite thing to do with Daddy was to lie down on top of him
and ask him to rub my belly. I always made sure his arm had to go
between my legs so while his hand was rubbing my belly, his arm was
rubbing my pussy.

But like I said, Dad's smart, he figured it out. Finally he just said
it, "Would you like me to rub you there?" You BET I said yes!

First, he rubbed outside my panties. That was good! It got better. He
started to rub inside. I said, "Daddy, you're going inside." I learned
that from the nice lady with the police department.

Daddy said "do you want me to stay outside or rub inside?" I said
outside first but I changed my mind. That's when things like REALLY

He rubbed with his thumb gently at first but when he tried a little
harder it hurt, so he licked his thumb to get it wet and started rubbing
really fast. I tried watching the tv but I was forgetting most of it
'cuz it felt so good! I felt real warm like I was in the bathtub and my
pussy felt wet on the inside.

Dad asked how it felt and I told him good, but I wanted him to go
faster. He went faster but I guess his thumb was getting tired 'cuz he
started like slowing down again. I was going to complain but he had a
funny look on his face like he wanted to say something but he couldn't,
you know?

I think he asked me if he could try something that might feel kinda
weird but like really good too and I said it was okay. He leaned over
and that was the first time he kissed my pussy! It tickled! It also felt
good! BEYOND good!

My legs twitched like when I rub my button just right and I pushed his
head HARD between my legs and I just exploded! Like, jumping into really
hot water but it doesn't burn you, it just washes over you kinda like
splashing in it. Except it's on the inside instead of the outside, you

It was so strong I had to push Daddy's head away and make it stop. I was
shaking all over! WOW!

Dad said I'd had my first `warm feeling'. I never heard the word
`orgasm' until I got older. He says it's because he didn't want me
repeating words at school or anything like adults would say 'cuz that
would mean I know what they mean and I guess I wasn't like supposed to

I'm getting ahead of myself again.

Dad explained that Thomas had a `warm feeling' when I pulled his `dick'
back and forth and boys shoot some white stuff. He said girls mostly
don't shoot stuff but just get wetter inside like I did.

I didn't really care about that, I just wanted to make sure he did it
again and like SOON.

He didn't mind I guess, 'cuz he licked me all the time and I got `warm
feelings' all the time. I have really strong orgasms I guess, it took a
long time before I could let him keep going until it stopped by itself.
Sometimes I thought it wasn't GOING to stop.

One of my girl friends says she's had `multiple orgasms' she called it.
I just seem to have like one really long one, I mean REALLY long.

Some days I just couldn't wait to be alone with my Dad so he could lick
my pussy and make me come. Oh yeah, I learned that word too.

I should've known that I was going to have to like return the favor.

Dad had been licking me for a couple of weeks. Well, not like that
entire time or anything, but you know what I mean. It felt like it
sometimes. Daddy's got a GREAT tongue. (Thanks! - Dad) Sometimes when I
was done coming he would keep licking very slowly until I asked him to
go fast again and he would make me come again!

But he asked me if I would do what Thomas wanted that one day. He wanted
me to like put his cock in my MOUTH! Yuck! Daddy said if he could put
his mouth on my `pee-pee' he called it then I could do it too. He says
it's like an acquired taste.

(Hey, that's pretty good. First word I had to correct. - Dad)

I wasn't fair and I admit it. He would lick me for lots of minutes and
make me come every time. I only licked his for a few seconds and wanted
him to go back down on me. Oh. More words I learned as I got older.

Like I said Dad's smart. He got an idea. He rubbed root beer all over
his cock one day and suddenly I liked it! It tasted good and I didn't
mind when he started teaching me to take more and more into my mouth and
how to use my tongue to lick the head and the shaft. More new words. I
learned to lick while it was in my mouth at the same time. That made him
nuts! Dad says I could suck three inches in before my seventh birthday!
I was like proud of that.

His favorite was when I came in and woke him up in the morning when mom
was at work. He hugged me on top of him but with my butt like in his
face and he'd start licking me and I'd lick him too. That was okay 'cuz
I could watch cartoons on the bedroom tv at the same time. That must
have looked funny! Dad licking my pussy and me with a big hard cock in
my mouth watching cartoons!

I never gave him an orgasm though. Too gross. I still wasn't fair, huh?

But Dad got some more ideas to give us both `warm feelings'.

Am I going too long? I'm sorry.

Anyway Dad had some oil in the bathroom that you can like eat? He says
it's for lubricating stuff inside and outside like when you have to go
to the bathroom and you can't, you know? He poured some on my pussy and
rubbed a whole lot onto his cock and starting rubbing them together.
That feels pretty good but not as good as his tongue. I guess he liked
it though because he put an old towel on top of me and started shooting
his stuff all over the towel. He licked me until I got an orgasm too and
we were both like feeling real good.

Sometimes I'd get oil on his cock and on my hand and slide back and
forth until he comes. He likes that too and always licks me until I have
to push his head away. I don't know how he got so good at it but it's
like his tongue is a paintbrush and I'm a picture. Or painting.
Whatever. It has to be like more beautiful than I could say anyway. I
wish I could take pictures of feelings.

Dad says this is about the time I started asking questions. Like why
dads and daughters aren't supposed to do that. I didn't think it was
fair to keep it a secret.

He said laws are made to protect people who can't do it themselves and
there are grownups who like to hurt children and they need to go to
prison. But the law says ANY adults and kids so they could come after my
Dad too. They still could, I guess. That's like TOTALLY not fair!

I asked what mommy would think if she knew. Dad said she'd be REALLY mad
and moms and dads are only supposed to make love to each other if being
married is supposed to like mean anything. The pastor in church says
that too. So why were WE doing sex things? I asked Dad and he said
sometimes people like to have fun, more than they like being married.
Don't you love Mommy? I said. He said yes but they like don't do much
sex stuff anymore.

Okay, that's boring. We talked some more and I said I didn't want Daddy
to cheat on mommy and we stopped. Like everything. For five years

Well, mom went away last year. We all sat down and mom and Dad said
they'd tried really hard to make things work out and they were kinda out
of love for a long time or something. I was scared she'd found out about
Dad and me but they never said anything. We cried a lot. They said I
could spend time with both of them but I had to spend most of my time
like living with only one of them and they asked if I wanted to choose.

I love mom very much but I guess I've always been closer to Dad so I
picked Dad. mom said she understood and maybe she expected me to say
`Dad'. She always said I was `Daddy's girl'. I still didn't want her to
go though.

I still miss Mom. I know Dad kinda misses her. All he does is go to work
and come home and watch a little tv with me and play on our computer. He
always cooked so that's the same. Cleaning up is my job now.

Dad plays with his cock at night. I know because he leaves a dirty t-
shirt all messed up next to the bed in the morning. My toys are more
fun. I have a hairbrush that fits up inside my little hole just right.
Dad still has a vibrator he thought was like hidden in a drawer but I
found it. I think he heard me scream the first time I turned it on! WOW!
I told you, I come like FOREVER!

It's rubber and it looks a lot like Dad's cock. I tried for a long time
to push it inside me but it hurts after just a little bit so I just push
the end in and out a little and soon I'm coming again! I do it every
night! (And don't think I don't know why you're buying all those AA
batteries! - Dad)

Whoops. I'm sure I had more fun than you though.

Dad was lonely 'cuz he didn't want to get me mad by bringing girlfriends
home I think. (I was busy raising you! When did I get to go out looking
for a girlfriend? - Dad) Oh. I don't have a boyfriend yet (Good thing!
I'd have to chain you to your room! - Dad) DAD! But I have my toys and I
was feeling bad. I wanted Dad to have fun too.

So if he's not cheating on mom anymore we could, right? Makes sense to

My twelfth birthday was in about a month and I decided I was going to
let Dad really teach me about loving each other like he explained years
ago, how a boy puts his cock in a girl's pussy. He told me then that
little girls don't do that 'cuz it can hurt like real bad. But I'm not
so little now.

I'm growing breasts. Finally. I think they've grown two inches this
year. Dad noticed. He says I'm growing into a very pretty young lady.

Dad always knew how to make me feel good!

I couldn't push the vibrator very far in my pussy but I could take more
in my mouth. I remember how much Dad likes having his cock sucked on so
I've been practicing. Will he be surprised!

(Was I EVER! - Dad)

Last night I cooked dinner all by myself for the first time. Not much.
Chicken and noodles and some vegetables. I ran a real hot bath and
waited for Dad to get home from work. That was before I made dinner. I
took his hand and walked into the bathroom. This was going to be

I pulled off Dad's tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He's lost a lot of
weight in the last few years and his chest and belly look really good. I
sat him on the toilet and took off his shoes and socks and I stood him
up again and started to unhook his belt. He held my hand for a minute
and said "are you sure?" I smiled and said yeah and took his belt off.
Pants open and zipper down and I slid them slowly down his legs while I
brushed his cock with my face. I kissed the tip, I couldn't help it. He
smiled but he didn't say anything. I made him get in the bath and I got
on with dinner but I wasn't done surprising him yet!

When I turned around a little bit later he was standing there in his
shorts and his jaw hanging to the floor. Okay, not really. But I was
putting on a show for sure. I was wearing only a nightgown he bought me
when I was like 8 and it didn't even cover my butt anymore.

I think he liked it. The big bulge in front of his shorts liked it!

We ate dinner fast. Yeah, surprise! Not! I cleared the plates and pushed
him away from the table and crawled up into his lap. I haven't done that
in years. I could feel him get hard as I cuddled up to Dad and gave him
a big hug. We kissed like a dad and daughter. For about a minute maybe.

Then I licked his lips softly and he let my tongue go into his mouth.
(She didn't like French kissing much when she was younger. That she
would take the initiative there was a real surprise! - Dad) Uh uh, the
surprise was still coming, get it? Coming?

I licked his tongue and it was so soft and warm. I licked his neck and
his chest. I licked his belly button and I pulled his shorts down. He
couldn't stop me if he wanted to. I don't think he wanted to!

I licked his balls. Kinda hairy, but okay. I licked straight up the
bottom of his cock on the spot he once told me was like real sensitive.
He started breathing faster.

Time for the surprise! I'd practiced with the vibrator and now it was
the real thing. I slid his whole cock right down my throat without
stopping! He said "ohhhhhhh" in a weird voice like I'd never heard
before. His head fell back and he said "ohhhhhhhh" again.

I let him slide all the way out and looked at him. Then I swallowed it
back in again. And back out. And back in. And again. I tickled his balls
with my hand. He showed me that once. I sucked him long and slow and I
tickled his cock with my tongue. He started to twitch and said "Crys,
I'm coming".

No, I didn't stop. I wanted to know what it tasted like. I didn't know
there would be so MUCH! It came like so fast I couldn't swallow it all.
Most of it. Tastes kinda strange. Not too bad. I don't know if I'll do
that again, though. I might.

Dad asked me why I was giving him the special treatment when it was MY
birthday. I said "Well where's MY present?"

He got it. I wanted something special. He picked me up off his lap and
sat me on the table in front of him. He used to lick my pussy like that
sometimes. He did it again but he said this time to hold my knees and
don't let go.

His tongue started slowly licking up and down my pussy lips. More new
words. His finger pushed inside a little until he found my hymen.
Learned that one in science class already. His tongue went faster and
faster until I felt the twitch. "Hold your knees tight" he said. I came
for his tongue like I was 7 again. It was even bigger and it kept coming
and it hurt a little but I kept coming and coming and coming some more.
Beyond more! Longer than EVER! Then I saw why.

Dad's finger was all the way INSIDE me! He slid it in and out slowly and
asked if it hurt. I said like a little but not much. The more he slid in
and out the less it hurt. He put in another finger. It was like the
vibrator going further inside than before and it was new and oh FUCK!

I'm sorry. It was good!

Dad stood up and his cock was hard again. He licked my clit once more.
Science class again. The fingers came out and his big cock was pushing
at my little hole. The head made me twitch when it slipped inside. But
it kept slipping inside and then it WAS inside!

Wasn't that supposed to hurt the first time? It didn't hurt it felt
fucking INCREDIBLE! Sorry again but I can't help it! My pussy is full of
Daddy's cock and all I feel is GREAT!

"I pushed past your cherry when you came for me a minute ago." Cherry?
Oh yeah. Some of my friends say that. Especially boys. My hymen, I
guess. He apologized for being sneaky but said it feels better this way.

He must be right 'cuz we're making love. FINALLY! I've never felt
anything like this before but I already know this is like the best
beyond best I've EVER felt! I love my dad!

He started sliding his big cock in and out. (Stop that! You make me
sound like some huge adult movie star! - Dad) Well it's big for me okay?
I feel full when it slides in and empty when it slides out. It's like
when you slid it against the outside years ago but way better inside! I
can feel the warm tingle growing inside of me and we're moving faster
and faster and oh my GOD what was that?

Dad's made me come but never like that! It was like BOOM from fireworks
inside my pussy pushing through my body and blowing out through my skin!
My hair tingled! My TOES exploded! Then it did it all over again and
again and again! FUCK! FUCK!!

(She's never been like this before. - Dad :-)

Oh my GOD it's like, WOW!! You've GOT to try this!! Oh. Maybe you have.
On the dining room table? Dad used to joke that you're supposed to eat
at the table when he licked my pussy. Eat me out, get it? But the table
was just the right height for Dad to stand up and slide his cock in me.
It is kinda hard though so Dad picked me up and carried me into the
bedroom with his cock still inside me. I hugged him so hard I thought
he'd like pass out or something!

Dad leaned over and put me on the edge of the bed and rolled me over
onto my tummy and got on his knees. He never pulled out so he had his
cock still inside me from behind. It was in like even deeper and I could
feel it bump something. It hurt but only a little. Soon Dad was sliding
in and out of my pussy from behind and OH MY GOD!

I started coming so hard I SCREAMED! My back arched so far I was looking
at the ceiling. If the sheets were alive they'd be dead where I was
holding them so tight I left fingernail marks in my hands! Dad held my
hips hard and kept pushing faster and faster until I made him stop. Well
I BEGGED him to stop it was too much!

Dad rolled me back over and kept inside me and started sliding very
slowly. We kissed soft and wet with our tongues and Dad kissed my ears
and my shoulders and then one of my breasts. Hello! Ooh, that felt like
WAY intense! I watched him lick in little circles and he was flicking
his tongue up and down and he took it in his mouth and sucked on it.
Yeah he did the other one too. Way cool!

All the time during this he was like sliding slowly in and out of my
pussy so I was getting tingly feelings all over at the same time. Dad
said he wanted to come at the same time as me so he pulled out. I wanted
him back in! It felt empty. I felt empty.

He took a condominium or something out of the drawer. (ROFL, there she
goes making me huge again! - Dad :-) Oh. Condom? That's it. He sat back
and rolled it over his cock until it looked kinda like one of those
rubber gloves mom used to use. I do miss her but I think I'd miss THIS

I got on top this time and Dad pointed his cock at my pussy and I sat
down. Oof, full again! GOOD full though.

Dad told me to slide up and down at my own speed so I started like
slowly and figured out how to move kinda back and forth instead of up
and down and I leaned over and we kissed again. God I love my Dad! We
started going faster and faster. I could feel that twitch starting and I
knew I was going to come big!

It hit me like the wall and I sat straight up and I felt like I was on a
rocket heading into space only there were NO STARS!

I remember feeling Dad's hands rubbing my body and I looked up at his
face and he was smiling a big happy smile I'd never seen before. He said
I passed out for 30 minutes! WHAT? Like no shit!

I slept with Daddy all last night. I want to do that every night! (We'll
see. - Dad) I think I can handle all those big orgasms, don't you? I
don't think he'd mind. I might even swallow his stuff again.

Cum. That's it.

I guess I don't mind keeping it a secret anymore. I don't want Dad to
get in trouble because we love each other like he used to do with Mom.
Only I'm kinda the mom now or something.

I wanted to share our story so Dad told me to write one and maybe he'd
like post it on the Internet. Just don't tell, okay? I love my Daddy. I
don't want to lose him like EVER!

Like? Dislike? TELL ME! <>


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