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APARTMENT sucking him in pushed


Apartment Adventures (Part I)
(Mf, MF, interr, oral, lac, 1st, blackmail, rom, bd)

This story is written by Darqness, the copyright for this story is
held solely by him. It is written for the entertainment of its
readers only. This story may be freely distributed across the
internet or in print, provided that the following conditions are
- The entire text, including this disclaimer, is preserved and
- The author must be notified through email
- If this story is archived on a pay-site, the author is given
access to the story.
The following story is pure fiction, it is a fantasy concocted by
the mind of its author. It therefore does not reflect reality and
should be looked upon as such. I do not condone any of the actions
that follow. If you can't differentiate between reality and fantasy
please do not read this story. This story is written for the
entertainment of adult readers. If you are reading this illegally
please discontinue and go to a more suitable site. If you are under
18 or 21, depending on the laws in your area stop reading. If you
agree and meet all the requirements then please continue and enjoy
the story. After reading please make comments to the email address

Apartment Adventures (Part I)
(Mf, MF, interr, oral, lac, 1st, blackmail, rom, bd)
Apartment Adventures

The last box landed on the floor next to all the others, it had
taken all day but Aurora Ciappa and her mother, Karyn, had moved
into their new apartment. It was nowhere near as big as their last
house, but the area was a massive improvement. Children Aurora's
age could go out without worrying about being kidnapped, raped or
murdered. It had been so restricting for Aurora, she loved to write
and draw. She needed inspiration. She felt like the proverbial
caged bird. She couldn't spread her wings.

As soon as her mother had suggested moving, she was packing her
possessions into the nearest box. When the day had finally arrived,
Aurora had so much energy that she couldn't sit still or stop
smiling. She had helped as much as a 4'10", 12 year old girl could.
The new apartment was a mess but at least it was safe. Thoughts and
ideas were swirling through Aurora's head. She would spend most of
the night writing about her day.

She kept a diary religiously, she had several books worth. She
detailed everything that happened to her in a day. Anything that
came to mind she wrote down in a little notepad and transferred it
to the newest diary she had. She could recall details from almost
every day since she could write. She had had to find an activity to
take up her time. When her mother had suggested she kept a diary,
she found the perfect outlet for all the ideas she had during a

She had documented her first crush on a boy, her teacher when she
was 8. He said that she would one day be famous for something. She
asked how she would get to be famous and what for, but he couldn't
answer that question. He just told her to keep writing and one day
it would happen. She had soon after written that she would marry
him. The crush died and she was terribly embarrassed when she read
her girlish fantasies about marrying the good-hearted teacher.

As the day drew to a close and the sun set in the distance she
heard the door open and then close. Her mother had gone out. She
often went out. Aurora had been told that her mother's friends were
very sociable. They must be, her mother went out every night, but
only during the night. When her mother returned was unknown to
Aurora, she had never stayed up late enough to hear her mother come
back. She didn't mind anymore because the area was so much safer.
As long as her mother came back then Aurora was happy.

The thoughts flowed as fast as the cars on the nearby freeway. She
wrote under the light of the little sidelight. She was curled into
as tight a ball as she could manage, she was in her own little
world. She wrote all she could manage. Her eyes, hand and mind were
exhausted when she finally stopped. She put her diary down on the
floor. The thoughts returned, these were the thoughts that haunted
her. She had been thinking beyond her years all her life.

The thoughts she had were like a little voice. They taunted her,
they told her that she was a freak, that's why nobody spoke to her
at her school. She told the voices that she was going to a nice
school. The voices told her it would be no different. She would
always sit on the outside of the group, shunned by those she should
be friends with. She couldn't understand why and she just had to
put up with it. The diary was her only family, friend and escape

Across town her mother was in a totally different frame of mind.
Anger and jealousy and selfish desires ran through her mind. So
many people called Karyn passionate and nobody knew why. She had so
much basic emotion running through her thoughts. She was currently
in a lift heading for the penthouse with a man in an expensive
suit. This was a rare escape. Normally the men she picked up were
dirty and treated her a lot more like shit. She had been treated
very well so far and she was beginning to luxuriate.

She had been forced to resort to this line of work when she had
been thrown from her home onto the harsh streets. She had been 13
years old. She hated her parents with passion. A baby in life's
terms. She had been thrown into the unrelenting world before she
had even had her first serious boyfriend. She had told her parents
that she was pregnant. She had been plied with alcohol all night by
a college guy. He thought that this young girl wouldn't be able to
handle much alcohol and he was right. By her second glass of vodka
she was giddy. He had made sure that she was wasted before taking
her outside into the street and fucking her brutally with no mercy.

He had been 6'2", a football player for the local college. She had
been 5'. She hadn't even grown proper breasts yet. He didn't care.
He wanted to take out the frustration of being dumped on some
anonymous girl. She had been the unlucky recipient. She hadn't
known she was pregnant until a lot later. She had tried to tell her
family but they didn't want to know. They were a good Italian
family. They didn't associate themselves with whores. Those were
her fathers exact words. He had dragged her to the car and driven
her to the poorest part of town he knew. He had thrown her out, hit
her and left her on the street. She had not moved all night and she
had cried herself dry. A man who she believed to be very kind at
the time had looked after her. As soon as she was totally taken
with this man he pushed her into prostitution.

She had spent so many nights out on the prowl looking for guys to
enhance her pay packet. She had fucked the worst dregs of the town
in which they lived. She had been beaten and abused regularly for
almost 12 years. She had hoped that she would be left alone when
she had given birth to Aurora but this had sealed her fate. Her
pimp realised that this young girl brought in more money than some
of the seasoned pros. The forbidden fruit aspect helped her appeal.
He knew paedophiles weren't the nicest guys usually so he thought
that she would last. She had stood up to all challenges and beaten
them back. She had lasted until she was no longer of interest to
the paedophiles. She had bottled up all the abuse she had taken and
she kept it close to her heart.

She blamed Aurora for everything that was her world. If it hadn't
been for Aurora she would still be with her loving, caring family.
Applying for college. Having a boyfriend. Getting married. Having a
career. Having respect from her work colleagues. Instead she was
being beaten, fucked and mistreated.

She had spent as much time as possible away from Aurora. She had
left her with her namesake. There was a strip club on the road to
the other side of the tracks. She had left Aurora there once and a
young girl paying off her college by stripping, who went by the
name of Aurora, had taken care of her. She thought she was the
cutest little thing.

She had managed to convince her daughter that it was actually not
someone else looking after her. Her daughter had started to believe
her and was now convinced that her early years had been with a
doting mother who cared a great deal. She had been planning revenge
on her daughter for years. She needed total trust to total fuck up
her little girl.

The door opened and she stepped inside. The guy was behind her, he
was caressing every part of her body. Her tight ass that was only
just hidden behind her miniskirt. The thong panties she had on
rubbed her clitoris deliciously. Over the years she had come to
enjoy her work but this had just increased her anger and hatred for
her young charge.

The businessman pulled her skirt and panties down her long legs. He
kissed every part of her body as he passed it. She was enjoying
this, it was different to her normal abuse. The skirt and panties
went over her platform heels and they were thrown into the corner.
Her short top was next. Her large breasts were exposed to the air
conditioned room. Her nipples were long and stiff. Her long hair
was pulled forward over her chest. She made herself look as
innocent as possible. The guy brushed her hair back and gently
pulled her head back with her hair. She let him and he kissed her
on her lips. She pulled him closer. His expensive suit rubbing
against her naked body.

"Your skin is so soft. I could spend all night just kissing you."
She smiled. This was a great guy. She just wished that she could
find someone like this every night. He picked her up easily and she
continued to kiss him as she wrapped her legs around him. He was a
big guy. She hoped his cock was in proportion. He put her on the
bed and stood up.

To him she looked nothing like a common street whore. She was so
beautiful. His girlfriend back in New York was nothing like this
woman. She was all career, career, and feminism. He was a decadent
guy, he believed his woman should be more than barefoot, pregnant
and in the kitchen. He wanted a woman who would be his companion. A
woman who would care for him and not try to question or take him
down. The person on which he could fall back on. This beautiful
woman on the bed was the epitome of this.

He pulled his bag out from under the bed. He opened it and pulled
out the gear he had brought with him. He had certain sexual desires
that his girlfriend would never allow him to indulge in. This was
normally called bondage. He felt that the woman should have no
power and this was highlighted perfectly in the bondage world. He
just hoped the mood wouldn't be spoilt by this.

She saw him lift up the handcuffs and other bondage gear. Her heart
jumped. She wondered how he knew that she was into bondage. She
loved being taken out of the equation. She felt distanced and free
from her life. She moaned lightly at the thought and she jumped the
bed and kissed him. She hit him lightly around the face. He was
stunned, he saw the lust and passion in her eyes and he picked her
up as well as a pair of handcuffs. He forced her down onto the bed
and then pushed her hand into the cuffs. He attached the other end
to the bed. She pretended to struggle free. She whimpered. He tied
her other hand to the bed. The legs were next. She thought they
would go to the base of the bed, she was wrong. He attached them to
her wrists. She was grateful that she was flexible from the ballet
she had done before she had been thrown out.

She felt him come close to her face. She closed her eyes and
puckered for a kiss. She felt a ball gag enter her mouth and get
tightened around her head. Her nipples were then clamped together
with a strange device. Her nipples were in tiny clamps and the
connecting chain was connected to some kind of pendant. He saw her
questioning face and he turned a dial on the device and her nipples
were pulled together. He tightened it further until he saw the look
on her face turn to ecstasy. He was in heaven with this woman.

Her wet pussy was exposed for all to see and he sat back to
appreciate the view, her long hard legs, topped off with high
heels, another of his fetishes. Her clean shaven pubic area was
perfect in his opinion. He didn't want to touch anything, but he
could see she was getting more and more frustrated. He slowly
caressed her long legs with one hand as the other went to her his
hard cock. He released it and moaned. She was now whimpering. She
was so hot she couldn't stand the wait. He just had to get a taste
of the incredibly beautiful pussy in front of him. He started with
gentle, feather-like licks around the edges of her hot pussy. She
moaned with each touch.

He got harder and harder, he started to use his hands. He pulled
the lips apart and used his long tongue to taste the warm liquids
that were now flowing so freely. Her body was no longer dry. The
sweat was building up. Her chest was gleaming with stress from the
bondage and the building pressure between her legs. His hands
occasionally roamed up her legs and towards her chest. He tweaked
her stretched nipples and she groaned. As she began to reach a
plateau that she rarely reached so early on with her clients, the
room seemed to betray her and heat her even further. Her breathing
was laboured under his ministrations and her lips seemed to be
puckering as her mouth had been earlier. They needed him. She was
pulling against her cuffs to try and pull him to her hot, steaming

He stopped slowly. As she got closer to the edge he got closer to
entering her. As her orgasm started to take her, he plunged what
seemed to be a freezing cold 9" cock. It fitted her perfectly. He
had been made to enter her in this aroused state. She shook
violently as he held her hips and pistoned in and out, he ignored
her orgasm. He knew that she was gripping him tightly. She screamed
into her gag as he sped towards his own orgasm. She was still
reeling from her first as she headed towards her second. He changed
angle and used his hands to manipulate her clitoris. He would pull
out, tweak her clit and push in. He repeated this motion and he
felt the heat take him in. They were one body. They were both
glistening. His shirt stuck to his large chest. Her legs were rigid
from the approaching orgasm. She was so tense she could feel every
inch and every detail of his cock as he entered her wanton pussy.

His tempo increased as he got closer to his first and Karyn's
second. She stopped breathing as their combined orgasms began. She
began to shake again. They were soaked in sweat and he could easily
slide his hand over her body. He slowed but his penetration
increased. She could his cock demanding entrance to her womb. The
orgasm still taking over her body. She felt like screaming. Her
head snapped back and she moaned into the gag. He tensed up, but
continued his penetration. Her aftershocks shook his cock. He could
feel her pussy sucking him in. He pushed in as deep as he could and
his cock exploded as she tensed at the same moment. He grunted and
his muscles bulged. She pulled hard at her bondage. She squeezed
him as he slowed down. As they came down he undid her legs. He
undid her arms and she undid the gag. She wrapped her whole body
around him and he turned over. She collapsed on his broad chest and
kissed his neck. She could still feel his cock in her well used
pussy and she squeezed tighter, not wanting to let go.

(Part One is finito)

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