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by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictious.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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m/f, oral, male and female solo

My father had died when I was a toddler. My
mother, bless her, did her best by me, but she
sheltered me too much. Had it not been for my
uncle, Captain Andrew Harringsford, my life would
have turned out quite differently. It was Uncle
Andrew, when I was nearing my eighteenth birthday,
who arranged for an important part of my education.

The butler haughtily looked me up and down
then, without a word, held up the salver for my card.
I laid it on the white doily that lined the salver.
Before the butler could disappear, I said softly, "I've
been recommended by my uncle, Captain
Harringsford," and laid another card, one Uncle
Andrew had given to me, beside my own.
The butler's frown faded ever-so-slightly. He
nodded to me and moved to the drawing room. I
nervously adjusted my coat and neckcloth. After a
long moment, the butler reappeared and nodded
again, holding the drawing room door open. My legs
shaking slightly, I entered the drawing room, not at
all certain what I expected to see.
The lady was seated in a comfortable-looking
armchair, dressing in a dark-green silk dress. She
was much younger than I expected when I heard she
was a widow. She couldn't be above thirty, but
more likely she was twenty-five. Her face was
framed with curls, her nose straight, her mouth
pouting and kissable. Her neckline was cut low over
a full bosom. She was stunning. I sent a prayer of
thanks to Uncle Andrew.
She held out an ungloved hand in greeting.
"Mr Adam Harringsford, how lovely to meet you.
Your uncle has spoken of you several times."
I took her hand in mine and bowed over it.
"The pleasure is mine, Lady Wilforth."
"Call me Liza, please. We must be on a first
name basis if we are to become such close
associates, my dear Adam."
"Liza," I said obediently.
She motioned to a chair across from her and I
timidly sat on the edge.
"Now, Adam. You must know that I don't
take on every young man that comes to my door. I
only burden myself with one pupil at a time.
Luckily, you find me unengaged. Still, I must learn a
few things about you before we can make an
I nodded.
"First, how old are you?"
"Seventeen, ma'am Liza."
"A little older than some I've taken on, but
that's nothing to deter us. What experience do you
To my shame, I blushed furiously. "I'm sure
I don't you what you mean."
"Yes, you do," she said knowingly.
"Liaisons with the chambermaids?"
I shook my head.
"Clandestine encounters with young ladies?"
Again, I indicated the negative.
She gave a knowing smile. "Have you even
seen a naked woman, Adam?"
My blush deepened. I whispered, "No."
She smiled slowly. "A perfect innocent!" she
said, her voice amazed.
I pushed myself up from the chair, but Liza
put her hand on my leg, stopping me. "Don't be
embarrassed, Adam. You are a blank slate. It will
be so nice to have a young man with no bad habits to
I allowed her to push me back into the chair.
"Now, are there any questions you wish to
ask me, Adam?" she said, leaning back in the chair.
I knew I should ask something, but I couldn't
think of anything and so sat dumb before her.
"Do you find me attractive, Adam?"
"Oh, yes," I breathed.
"Good. That is, as you may predict, of
utmost importance. And at first glance, I must
return the compliment. Stand before me."
Sheepishly, I stood. Liza rose as well and set
her hands on my shoulders. Her fingers stroked over
me as she murmured a running commentary.
"Strong arms...a small waist...nice buttocks..." She
pinched them lightly. "...very attractive legs...I
abhor a man who uses sawdust...."
Suddenly I realized her fingers were
manipulating the buttons on my breeches. I took a
surprised step back.
"Shh, Adam. One last inspection." The
buttons now open, she slipped her hand inside and
closed her fingers around my cock, which was
already half-erect. She stroked it a few times and it
willingly hardened.
"Oh, yes," she purred, "I do believe I can
work with you."
She withdrew her hand. Crossing the room,
she silently turned the key in the lock. "Shall we
seal our arrangement with a kiss?"
She came back toward me and, placing a
hand behind my neck, pulled my mouth down to
hers, stopping when my lips were but a breath away
from hers. "I have one rule, my dear Adam. You
will be my pupil for the next three months. During
that time you may come to me anytime, day or night,
but you are not to enlist the services of any other
woman during those months. I've no intention of
catching any nasty diseases. Understood?"
She pressed her mouth to mine. Her tongue
stroked over the seam of my lips. When I obediently
opened them, she extended her tongue into my
mouth, stroking in and out with symbolic thrusts.
My cock grew painfully hard.
Her hands slid around me, cupping my
buttocks, pulling me against her. I groaned
involuntarily as my cock pressed against her.
Her hand reached back into my breeches and
fished out my cock. She sank to her knees. I was
shocked when she put her mouth to it, laying kisses
along the entire length. One hand lightly clasping
my balls, she opened her mouth and slid me between
her lips. I shuddered as she began to suck at me, her
warm, wet mouth running up and down my shaft, her
tongue stroking playfully over me.
With a hard shake, I ejaculated in her mouth.
I watched, dumbfounded, as she swallowed my seed,
then licked my cock clean, gently tucking it back
into my breeches. She leaned back on her heels and
smiled up at me. "That was just a sample of the
pleasure I will give you, Adam."
She rose from her heels and pressed another
deep kiss to my mouth, releasing me almost
reluctantly. "I need to make some arrangements
before we can continue."
I nodded. "When can I come to you?"
"Tomorrow evening."
It seemed like an age from now.
She smiled. "Don't worry, my dear Adam,
I'll make it worth the wait. Go now."
With a deep sigh, I bowed, kissing her hand,
and slipped out of the drawing room. As I crossed
the hallway, the butler appeared again. He held out
a key, which I took instinctively.
"My lady's room is on the third floor, the
second door on the right."
I nodded, slipping out of the house. Reality
hit me at the same moment at the cool, outdoor air.
She had accepted me. Tomorrow night, I would
make love with her.
I set off for Uncle Andrew's house to give
him the news.

Liza locked the door again after Adam was
gone. With a sigh, she moved back to the chair
before the fire. She was certainly going to enjoy
this. Especially if the boy took after his uncle. Liza
had been girlhood friends with the captain's wife,
Julia, and so was privilege to even more intimate
information than Harringsford suspected.
And it didn't hurt that Adam was enormous.
It had taken all her self control not to exclaim with
delight as her fingers closed over that glorious shaft.
Still, it wouldn't do to give the boy a swollen head,
no pun intended. A large cock was an asset,
certainly, but if a man couldn't use it properly, he
would be insufferable all the same.
She would have to quickly redecorate her
rooms. Adam would be titillated more by the
boudoir of the widow than the garish silks and satins
of a whore that had excited her last lover. What a
disappointment that boy had been!
Thinking of Adam's huge cock, she allowed
her fingers to open the bodice of her dress, each
hand cupping over a breast. Her nipples were
already hard. She could feel the slick liquid of her
arousal seeping from her sex. She slowly pulled her
skirt up above her knees. One hand stayed at her
breast as the other drifted down to play along the
edge of her channel. She leaned back in the chair,
exhaling deeply.
A solitary finger circled her clitoris,
spreading the wetness over her and sending shocks
of pleasure through her body. She slid one finger,
then two, into her entrance. She stroked slowly in
and out, making her sex water with arousal. Soon,
her excitement grew, making the fingers moved
faster and harder through her channel, she gasped
involuntarily as her body tightened. Her fingers
transferred to her clitoris, rubbing the sensitive
button. She gasped softly with each touch.
She came closer and closer to orgasm. She
rubbed the tiny nub faster and faster until she could
stand no more. She had to come, and quickly.
Focussing on this image of Adam's aroused cock
standing straight out from his lithe body, she touched
her clitoris one last time and climaxed violently.
Slowly coming back down from the height of bliss,
she, perforce, abandoned her painfully sensitive
button and stroked her slit until her breath grew
normal again.
Lowering her skirt again, she breathed
another deep sigh. Standing, she refastened her
bodice and crossed the room, unlocking the door.
"Grahamsfield!" she called.
Her butler appeared almost immediately.
"You gave Mr Harringsford a key?"
"Yes, madam."
"Good. Will you send for Madame Jeanette?
I wish to have my rooms redecorated."
"I confess that I anticipated such a decision.
Madame Jeanette will arrive in less than half an
"Excellent, Grahamsfield. What would I do
without you?"
The butler nodded, acknowledging the
"Have her meet me in my rooms when she
arrives. We must give my dear Adam a proper
welcome tomorrow night."



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