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by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictious.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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m/f, oral, male and female solo

Liza arranged a few last flowers in a vase on
the table. She was full of nervous energy. She
always felt this way before greeting a new pupil. It
was the final test. After tonight, she would know
whether she would need to take a rough hand to
make the young boy a passable lover, or whether she
would only give encouragement where
encouragement was needed to polish skills her pupil
already had.
She didn't charge for her services. It was a
pleasure. She laughed slightly to herself. The ones
that should be paying her were the virgin brides of
the Regency. If those boys were sent off to
consummate a marriage without her instruction,
many a woman would have been quite displeased
with her wedding night.
She moved to sit at the mirror. Taking up a
comb, she brushed the dark hair that was already
gleaming in the candlelight. The rooms had
transformed themselves wonderfully. Gone were the
garish colours that had made her strangely
uncomfortable. It had been necessary, however, for
her last pupil to even be able to get it up.
Liza bit her lip. At least with Adam, she
didn't have to worry. His virility couldn't be denied
in any case. Her preliminary explorations had shown
her that. She smiled, thinking of the look on his face
when she had closed her lips over his cock. He had
stretched her mouth wide. She hoped to be stretched
in other ways tonight.
A timid knock came on the door. "Come,"
she called, adjusting her dressing gown. Turning,
she saw Adam standing in the doorway looking shy
and uncertain. "Come in, my dear Adam," she
repeated, rising from her chair and crossing to him.
She held out a hand, which the nervous boy kissed
with punctilious gallantry.
As always, Liza was amused to notice the
glances toward her bosom and hips. They always
though they were being so discreet. Adam's glances,
at least, weren't as lecherous as most.
"Why don't you lock the door, Adam? We
don't want to be disturbed."
Sheepishly, he pulled the door closed behind
him and turned the key in the lock. Liza crossed to
the bed and leaned against one of the bedposts. She
smiled at the young man, trying to reassure him.
"Well, Adam. Tonight we finally get to know each
other. How we do that is up to you. Do you want
me to undress for you?" she asked slyly. "Or would
you rather do it yourself?"

Of their own volition, my hands reached
toward her. Unfortunately my feet did not move and
I was left grasping at air. Sheepishly, I stepped
forward and set my hands briefly on her shoulders.
My fingers slid up her neck to tangle in her hair and
tilt her head back. I was remembering the taste of
her kiss and wanted it again. I pressed my mouth
timidly to hers, sliding my tongue against her lips.
They parted invitingly and I allowed my tongue to
slip into her mouth. She sucked gently on it, making
my cock quiver with anticipation. I moved my
hands down over her body, feeling her generous
curves through the fabric of her gown.
Her arms circled my waist and held me close,
her lips pressing against my neck, her hands clasping
my buttocks. My cock brushed heavily against her
and I gave an involuntary groan. She smiled and
gently guided my hands to the fastenings of her
dressing gown.
My hands slipped under her gown. Her skin
was wonderfully soft, I moved over her breast,
feeling the soft fullness filling my palm and the
contrasting hardness of her nipple. I kneaded it
lightly and was pleased when she gave a little sigh of
Feeling more confident, I pushed the fabric
off her shoulders. It pooled onto her wrists,
exposing her to the waist. She was exquisite. They
were the same beautiful shapes I had seen in
paintings and illustrations, but real and touchable. I
looked with delight on the fleshy mounds, her brown
areolas surrounding her tight nipples. I took one nub
between my thumb and forefinger, twisting it lightly.
She gasped, then gave me a soft smile, reaching for
my coat buttons.
I was quickly stripped to my breeches. She
would have removed those too, but I was anxious to
see her entire body and pushed her dressing gown off
her wrists, making it fall to the floor. I positively
gapped at her, admiring the slope of her belly
leading down to the nest of curly black hair between
her long legs.
"You're beautiful," I whispered. She smiled
kindly, but I knew she had heard the words a
hundred times before from a dozen different men. I
said nothing more as she unfastened my breeches
and began pulling them down. When I was naked,
she took a step back and glanced over me. "So are
you," she said softly.
Her hand closed gently around my cock and
led me to the bed. She lay down on her back, lifting
her arms invitingly for me to join her. My need for
her was driving me nearly to madness, but I wanted
to prolong this night as long as I could, to treasure it.
I sat on the bed beside her, letting my hands run over
her skin. It was soft as rose petals.
Leaning down, I pressed my mouth to the
little notch below her throat, trailing down over her
breasts. She exhaled as I closed over her nipple. I
prodded at its hardness with my tongue. She arched
her back, filling my mouth with her breast. I sealed
my mouth over her skin and suckled at her. "Oh,
Adam," she breathed. She was pleased, I realized. I
released her, kissed the spot between her breasts,
then began to pay the same attention to the other
delightful mound, enjoying the deep moans that
escaped her.
My fingers wandered between her thighs,
discovering the pleasant coarseness of her pubic hair
and the slick wetness of her sex. My fingers
wandered through the folds and found a tiny spot at
the top of her entrance that made her gasp loudly. I
chuckled at the reaction and softly stroked it, making
her gasps progressively louder until she shook
violently and gave a great moan, her legs falling
The sight of her wet folds, presented to me
like an offering, was too much for my virgin body to
resist. I climbed onto her, bracing my weight onto
my forearms so I wouldn't crush her. The tip of my
cock found the moistness of her channel and I
plunged into her wet heat with a gasp of pleasure.
She opened her eyes at the motion, then slowly
smiled. Her hand behind my neck brought my
mouth down to hers for a deep kiss.
I pulled back so I was nearly out of her, then
forged inside again. I couldn't count the times I had
imagined how it would feel to have my swollen cock
plunged into a woman's channel. My mind had
fallen far short of reality. With each push into Liza's
sex, I groaned with the sensations that flooded
through me. In less than half a dozen thrusts, I had
spent myself into her body.
I collapsed over her, my face burning with
shame. It couldn't have been more than a minute.
From mount to release, less than a minute. I hid my
face in her neck for a moment.
Realizing she probably couldn't breathe
beneath me, I rolled to the side, leaving my legs
tangled with hers.

Liza lay back on the bed, too tired to
disengage her limbs from Adam's.
He hadn't been concerned about her
pleasure, she told herself, no matter how it had
seemed. He had only been fascinated by his first
view of the naked female form. That was why he
had touched her like a treasured prize. It had meant
nothing. No man was that generous.
But then there had been that chuckle when he
had discovered her clitoris. His hot mouth on her
breasts had aroused her to the point where a few
light strokes on the little nub had taken her to the
peak. It had been only a coincidence that Adam's
explorations had lead to her orgasm. Only
Still, she thought as she snuggled against
him, it had been lovely.
"Should I go now?" he asked timidly.
"Do you want to?"
"Then stay. Rest. And we can try it again."
There was a long silence before he answered.
"I'll do better next time. I swear."
She smiled. They were always so insecure
after the first time. "You did wonderfully," she told
him. And it was the truth, she realized. She reached
over and began to stroke him intimately, feeling him
stir. "And it looks like you'll be ready again soon.
Perhaps I won't let you have a rest," she teased. "At
least not until you've earned it."
He grew hard again with all the rapidity of
his age. Liza lifted herself so she knelt over him,
pressing her mouth to his neck and drifting down to
his nipple, where she bit him gently. He tasted of
the sweat from their first coupling. Liza stroked her
tongue over his body, teasing him, playing with him,
until she could feel the tense need for release fill his
body. His hands clasped her thighs tightly.
She raised her hips and lowered herself onto
him. She moved slowly, so he would last, enjoying
the feeling of being stretched over his width and
length. After a few moments, he raised his knees,
bracing his feet on the bed and began to meet her
thrusts. She smiled down into his twinkling eyes,
their gazes communicated the pleasure they were
taking in each other's bodies.
He lasted longer this time, but not by much.
Liza only sighed as she felt his warm seed spurting
up into her. His undeniable enthusiasm made up for
any temporary lack of stamina. She leaned down for
a kiss, then moved to lie down beside him. They lay
still for a few moments, catching their breath, before
Adam pushed himself up.
Liza bit her lip to keep herself from asking
him to stay. The last thing she needed was to
become attached to him. She wouldn't ask.
Her wish, nevertheless, was granted. Adam
reached down to the foot of the bed to tuck the
blankets over their bodies, then pulled her against
him, his hands still exploring her body. She allowed
it, and even found herself whispering as she caressed
his chest, "I think I'm going to enjoy the next couple



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