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Archived Sex Stories



by Julia Harringsford


This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictious.
Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

Those offended by sexual imagery should not read this story.

This ASCII text version lacks some text formatting. If you
prefer, the HTML version is available on the web at:

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m/f, oral, male and female solo

I flipped the pillow over and set my cheek against the cool
fabric. The scene was playing itself over in my mind again, as it had
nearly a dozen times that day. The scene last night, when I had finally
lain with a women. And not just any woman. An alluring widow.
Beautiful Liza.
We had coupled a third time in the early hours of the morning,
before I left her. When I was dressed, she slipped into a dressing gown
and walked me down to the front door. She gave me a last, warm kiss
before I slipped outside.
It hadn't been twenty-four hours since then, but I wanted her
again. Even just thinking of it was bringing on an erection. My cock
pressed itself painfully against the mattress. I shifted on the bed again,
bringing only slight relief. Out of habit, my hand slipped down to circle
the hardening shaft, in order to bring myself to release. I hadn't stroked
myself more than once or twice before Liza's words came back to me. I
was to come to her day or night. Had she meant those words?
We would soon find out. With an abrupt motion, I threw off the
I didn't spend many moments trying to perfect my appearance,
though I did try to look at least presentable. I tiptoed quietly past
Mother's bedroom, shoving down the sudden feeling of guilt that came
up to smother me.
The cool night air sobered me slightly. For a moment I
wondered if she would turn me away. I blushed at the mere thought of
the embarrassment. Still, it was late at night. Even if she did bar the
door, there would be no witnesses, besides her servants. My fingers
wrapped around the key that the butler had given me. My talisman.
When I reached her door, my hand trembled. I was strangely
afraid that the key wouldn't work. But it turned easily in the lock and I
was soon inside her darkened house. I locked the door from the inside
and, as a precaution, slid the heavy iron bolt.
Guiding myself by pressing my hands along the walls, I made my
way up the darkened stairway. There was the faint glow of light under
the second door on the right. Letting out a tense breath, I knocked
lightly on the door.
"Come in, Adam."
I slowly swung the door open. Liza was draped across the bed
wearing nothing but a chemise. The hem of the garment ended just at
the top of her thighs. She looked at me from her lounging position, her
hand coming up to gently pull at her neckline until one of her nipples
peeked out. My cock stirred painfully in my breeches.
"I was wondering how long you would keep me waiting." She
reached out her hand, beckoning me toward her. "I was beginning to
worry that I hadn't pleased you."
I couldn't help but chuckle. Please me?
"What do you want tonight, Adam? Do you just want to fuck
me, or should we play first?"
My cock rose in response to her crude language. I had never
heard that word on a woman's lips. I wanted to lift that chemise and
plunge myself into her. I could tell she wanted to play.
I nervously gestured to the bulge in my breeches. "Will you take
me in your mouth again?"
Liza smirked. "Only when you've earned it, my dear Adam.
Only when you've earned it." She spread her legs, making the chemise
ride up and reveal her sex. "What if I asked the same favour of you?"
She was already wet, the pink flesh of her sex gleamed with her
arousal. How would she taste, I wondered. I moved to the foot of the
bed. Grasping her ankles, I pulled her toward me with a jerk, so her legs
hung off the bed. Kneeling, I reached out to tentatively touch the soft,
wet folds.
"What do I do?" I asked, not knowing what would please her.
"Lick me, Adam. Tease me."
Pressing my face between her thighs, I reached my tongue out to
stroke the soft folds. She tasted salty-sweet and infinitely arousing. I
licked her softly, letting my tongue linger in her entrance, then flick over
that tiny little nub that made her vibrate with pleasure. I felt her hands
drift into my hair as she began to moan softly, "Oh, Adam!"
Encouraged, I pressed my tongue firmly against that nub, making
her squirm. She grunted incoherently a few times, her hips lifting
involuntarily off the bed. The arousal seeped out of her. I licked it up
eagerly, loving the taste of her. I wanted to please her. To make her
climax. Hard.
I gripped her hips in my hands and pushed my tongue deep
inside her, wanting to taste as much of her as I could. She clutched my
hair, squealing with each thrust until she gave a fierce shake and went
limp, panting.

She hadn't expected him to do it. Most men enjoyed fellatio, but
would never deign to give a woman mouth play. She had only asked as
a lark. That, and she had also wanted to feel Adam's nimble tongue in
her cunt. Oh, and it had been nimble.
Finally, she pushed herself up onto her elbows. "Well, my dear
Adam, you've earned a reward."
He smiled from between her legs, a spot of her arousal gleaming
on his cheek. "I did it right?" he asked, looking adorably eager to
"Oh, you did it right," she assured him. "Now lie on your back.
I'm going to suck you dry."
He climbed up on the bed and obediently rolled onto his back.
Liza opened his breeches with practised hand, revealing his swollen
cock to her adoring gaze.
She was going to have trouble giving him up at the end of three
months. She knew that already. This was only her second night with
him, and already he'd wormed his way into her heart. Truly generous
lovers were so hard to find.
Lowering her head, she breathed against the tip of his cock,
making it quiver. She paused to inhale the scent of him, then let her
tongue peek from between her lips and touch the little slit in his tip. He
gasped inward, then breathed out, "Liza."
"Good. You remember my name. But by the end of tonight
you'll be lucky to remember your own."
She set to his cock with an eagerness that surprised even herself.
He moaned and writhed beneath her. She moved to straddle him,
pinning him down with her weight as she sucked at licked at his glorious
cock. When he was an instant from coming, she found that little spot
below his tip and pressed it, holding him back.
She brought him to the brink again and again until he was crying
like a whipped choirboy beneath her, desperate to come, to explode in a
froth of white seed.
She crawled up so he was poised at her entrance. "You want to
be inside me, Adam?"
"Oh, God! Yes!"
She lowered herself halfway onto him, then pulled up again. He
whimpered. "Please. Oh, God! Please!"

She plunged herself onto to me. There was no time for thrusting.
I exploded immediately into her. She chuckled evilly above me.
"Remember my name now?" she asked.
"Yes," I snapped. "Bitch."
I flipped her roughly so I was above her. I wasn't at all sure I
would be able to make her suffer the way she had torture me, but I was
willing to try. I latched my mouth over her nipple, sucking and biting at
the tender nub. My hand snaked between her legs, toying with the soft,
intimate folds.
I pressed two fingers deep inside her, then joined a third and a
fourth. She murmured into my ear, "Yes. Oh, yes, Adam."
"You like that?" I whispered darkly, liking the dominant role I
had temporarily taken. I drove my fingers deep into her. She shuddered
beneath me, "Oh! Oh!"
Just before she came, I pulled my hand free and returned my
mouth lightly to her breasts. She whimpered in impotent fury.
"Bastard," she whispered.
"Tell me you want me inside you," I ordered. "Beg me for it."
"Please Adam! Oh, please! Put your hard cock inside me! Do it
now. Oh, God, please! Now!"
I obeyed, plunging deep into her. I was strangely removed from
the sensation of her wet heat around my cock. I was concentrating on
her pleasure. Again and again, I drove into her, listening with delight to
her desperate gasps of need. "Oh, Adam. Oh, God! Oh, Adam!"
It was only when I felt her orgasm beneath me that I allowed
myself to unload into her. I collapsed over her and, for a long minute,
neither of us moved. Then, I slipped from within her and pulled the
bedclothes over us. Neither of us said a word.



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