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ARTMERIT camera hands and she


"Artistic Merit "

Story codes: tv MF MM exhib

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

I truly don't know if Rachel saw through my act. She
was so damned serious about art. I could tell by the
way she hung on every word of the professor. My own
interest in the arts was less genuine. It was just an
easy minor up to this point. The plan was that I would
graduate with a major in physical education, and a
minor in art, and never have to do a moment of real
work in either one.

So far, it had been an easy ride, but now that I was
in my last year, the students who filled the other
chairs in my art classes were different. They were like
Rachel, and totally bought into the culture of art
appreciation. I had to pretend a bit to fit in.

It didn't make it any easier that the professor,
Allan Weaver, was really into modern art. He would show
us slides of the most abstract crap, and praise it as
the best art of the twentieth century. The weirder the
better, it seemed.

" I want you to open your minds, and commit to
experimenting with various ways of communicating your
artistic vision, " he told us in the first class. Most
of our grade would be determined by a single project to
be displayed any time during the semester. " I
encourage you to consult with other pupils in this
class in your personal project, but you will be graded
individually on your own completed piece. "

That was the cue for the class to divide up into
little artistic cliques. I latched onto the group with
Rachel right away. There was something about her that I
found irresistible. I had passed some of my earlier
courses with a foray into erotic photography. If I
could convince Rachel to be my model, I was just sure I
could pass the course.

And even if I didn't... well, nude pictures of this
cute thing would be worth the cost of the course.

To my surprise, she agreed to do it.

" Whatever you need me to do, Rylan, it won't bother
me. It's for the sake of art. Of course, in return, I
hope you'll be my model. "

" Definitely, " I told her.

Those are the fickle winds of fortune. When they're
blowing your way, you just have to put up your sails,
and blow along with them. I excitedly planned a photo
session for the next week. In the meantime, whenever I
saw her in class, my heart skipped a few beats in

The girl was a work of art in herself. Not in a
Baywatch sort of way, mind you. She had these dark
framed glasses that really accented her blue eyes, and
short auburn hair that she clipped out of her face with
barrettes. I got little hints of her body through the
baggy clothing she always wore, but I was looking
forward to getting a better view.

In fact, my mind was so occupied with her, that by
the time I actually had the camera in my hands, and she
was pulling her T-shirt over her head, I had no idea
what kind of artistic statement I was trying to make
with the photographs.

I looked at her through the lens of the camera like
a voyeur, catching a glimpse into an unknown woman's
bedroom. She undressed as if I wasn't even there,
completely unashamed. I caught a glimpse of the top of
her breasts as she bent forward to take of her khakis.

Then I could see those pale blue panties, so
beautifully outlining her ass. Her body was untouched
by the sun, pale and soft. I realized I was shaking a
little. Her eyes caught the lens, and my moment of
voyeurism was over.

" Where do you want me ?"

I desperately wished that I had given this some
thought before I asked her over to my apartment. She
continued to undress, slipping off her socks, and then
unsnapping her bra.

" How about a few shots with you just leaning
against the wall ?"

She nodded. There was no shame as she revealed her
breasts to the camera's view. They were small but
perfect. Her nipples puffed out from the roundness of
those wonderful mounds. I took my first photo as she
bent forward again to pull down her panties. I captured
the outline of those pointed nipples they hung
invitingly beneath her.

For the first time since I began taking art course,
I began to feel inspired. I wanted to do justice to her
beauty. She was the perfect model. Every movement of
her body was carefully planned. She was willing to take
any pose, and lose herself in the art.

I tried to keep up with her, to capture every nuance
of her beauty. In the end, I shot three rolls of film,
my hands shaking as I changed rolls. There was
something very special about this girl, and I was eager
to capture it.

Our final set of shots were close-ups. My cock
bulged in my jeans as I knelt behind her naked body and
steadied the camera for a shot of her raised ass. She
allowed me this pose, and then spread her legs a little
more so that I could include her pussy in the next

We were taking a slow pace now. I circled her
quietly, taking pictures of her on her hands and knees.
Finally, I sunk down in front of her. We were nearly
face to face. I found my shot. I captured the tops of
her breasts as they hung beneath her, and the gentle
curve of her soft belly behind them.

For a second, I thought that we would kiss, but I
let the moment pass. I regretted it later, but I was
too absorbed in the photography. When we were finally
done, I could barely wait to develop the film.

It's hard to be objective. The next day, I stood in
the dark room while her images ripened on the paper.
Surrounded by her beauty, it was hard to choose just a
few of the shots for display. Rachel was perfect. I
couldn't wait to exhibit the photos to the class.

" Ladies and gentlemen, " announced the professor, "
it appears we have the first completed project of the
semester. Rylan Davies is ready to display his
photographic series, entitled Perfection. "

Rachel sat nearby. I wondered how she would feel
about the photos I chose. Sure, she was unashamed when
posing, but this would be in front of all her
classmates. The room darkened as I prepared the slide


The first slide appeared on the screen. I had
started the series looking for a little shock value. It
was the close-up of Rachel's ass and pussy from behind.
Her privates covered the entire screen, in vivid black
and white. There was no sound from the room.

Every detail was clear for all to see. Rachel was
displayed for the world, only they didn't know who she
was. I paused on this one. Maybe I was showing off a


A full body shot, cropped just below Rachel's face.
We had agreed not to reveal each other's identities in
our displays. In this shot, she cupped her beautiful
little breasts in her hands, as if offering them to the
viewer of the photograph. Just a shade of hair covered
her crotch.


This was the shot that had almost ended in a kiss.
It wasn't the best of the photos, but it carried an
extra erotic thrill for me. I sneaked a glance at
Rachel now, her face dimly lit by the light of the
slide projector. She was wearing a little smile, but
didn't return my glance.

There were twelve shots in all, each one fully nude.
When the lights came up again, the class clapped
politely for my presentation.

After class, while I was itching to talk to Rachel,
and see her reaction to the slide show, the professor
called me over. The other students emptied out of the

" Frankly, Mr. Davies, I wasn't impressed by your
work, " the stuck-up prick told me. " Perhaps in your
rush to be the first to present your project, you
didn't spend enough time planning. The photos were
attractive enough, but they lacked any artistic vision.
I didn't know what message you were trying to convey."

So there it was. It was the only time since I came
here that I even cared enough about a project to put
any effort into it, and Mr. Weaver dismissed my work
completely. Rachel was waiting for me when I left the

" How did you do ?"

" Pretty good, " I lied. I didn't want her to know
how badly the guy had trashed me. " So, when do we work
on your project ?"

" Soon, " she seemed excited. " I'm working on the
details right now. I'm really glad that you're going to
help me with it, Rylan. I wouldn't trust too many guys
to be secure enough to do this, but you obviously have
no problem with a little bit of nudity for the sake of
art. "

I smiled. I was itching to find out what she had in
mind, but she wouldn't give me any details. We still
talked in class, but she kept her project a secret from
me. Of course, I still had the photos, and I visited
them often. Unlike the ones I had shown the class, the
pictures in my private collection showed Rachel's face

As the semester drew towards a close, she called me
up to model for her project. When I went to her
apartment, she finally explained some of the details.

" My project is an interactive piece of artwork. I
want to involve the viewer directly in the experience.

I cocked my head. I wasn't quite getting this.

She was amused. " Don't worry, you'll understand by
the end of the night. I'm just going to do a test run
tonight with a few close friends. It's a completely
safe environment. I'll make a few adjustments over the
next couple of weeks, and then present you to the
class. "

" Wait a second... what do you mean, you'll present
*me* to the class. "

" You're part of the project. It's an interactive
display. Just keep an open mind, and try to relax. I'll
hide your face so that no one will know who you are. "

The whole thing had me really damned curious.
Besides, she had been a really good sport about the way
I had exhibited her body to the class. I couldn't very
well turn around and claim to be shy.

" Okay, I'm in. What do you need me to do ?"

" Take off your clothes, and we'll give you a bath.

That sounded promising. She led me to her washroom,
and watched while I undressed. The water was already in
the tub. My cock stood straight outwards, and Rachel
looked at it appraisingly, as if judging how well it
would fit into her artistic concept.

" So, tell me a little about the project. I'm dying
to know, " I asked her, as I settled into the warm
soapy water.

She picked up a sponge, and began to wipe me down.
The feeling was wonderful. Despise having all of those
naughty pictures of her in various poses, I found
myself looking down her blouse as she washed me.
Something about a sneaked peek still gets to me.

Rachel wouldn't answer my question. She just told
me, " It's probably going to be a little bit
uncomfortable for you, but I really need some shock
value. Promise me to give it your best try, and if you
want to back out after tonight, I guess I'll
understand. "

I knew how much this grade meant to her, and I
didn't want to let her down. Whatever it was, I'd go
through with it for tonight. Hopefully, it wouldn't be
so bad in the end.

" Okay, let's shave your legs, " she instructed.

I gave her a little smirk of displeasure, but I
helped her to shave my legs and ass clean of hair. She
then did the same to my chest and armpits. When I
stepped out of the tub, the feeling of the cool air
against this newly exposed skin gave me goose bumps.

" Next is your mask. I want to make sure you can
breathe okay in this. "

The mask was horrific looking. It was obvious that
Rachel had crafted it herself for this project. The
false head had long blonde hair, curled into intricate
ringlets, but where the face should have been was only
a blank space.

Rachel helped me to fit the mask over my head, and
then secured it around my neck with a leather strap. I
could breath okay because of some small holes around my
mouth and nose, but I couldn't see at all now. I had no
way of know just how strange I now looked in the
outlandish mask.

" Just sit down, " she instructed me, leading me
back out to the living room. " I have a few more
adjustments to make before strapping you in. "

I was trying to remind myself to be a good sport
when she began applying fake nails onto my fingers. I
could smell the glue as she fussed over each of my
fingers. Of course, I now knew what direction she was
going with this. With the shaving, the long blonde wig,
and now fake nails, she was transforming my appearance
to be more feminine.

Again, I resolved to just go along with everything.
The feelings weren't unpleasant, really, and it wasn't
much more personal than what I had asked her to do for
my project. My cock had been hard since the moment I
took my clothes off in the washroom, and remained erect
as she painted my fingernails.

" This is really coming out nicely, " she told me. "
Let's get your corset on. "

Corset ? I wasn't even sure what that was. I
couldn't talk clearly through the mask, so I just had
to wait to find out.

She had me stand up, and fitted something around my
midsection. The feel of it was leather, although I
couldn't be sure. Then she began to tighten it. I
grunted as the cruel garment compressed my belly.
Rachel was relentless. " Just a little more, " she told
me at least three times.

By the time it was as tight as she wanted, I felt
like I couldn't breathe. Her hands quickly roamed over
my body, renewing my erection. She checked my legs to
make certain they were smooth, and then had me sit back
on the sofa while she dressed me a little more.

I could feel some underwear being pulled up my legs,
but she stopped at my upper thighs. The tight lacy
underwear clung to my thighs while she worked some long
socks up to my knees. I could feel her strapping on
some shoes too, but they seemed different. When she
stood me up again, I knew why. They were high heels,
and I had trouble keeping my balance in them.

As a final touch, she fit me into a bra. I could
feel her fidgeting with some inserts to make the bra
look realistic. In my mind's eye, I considered what I
must look like. The most ridiculous thing was that my
cock was still standing straight out. I'm fairly well-
endowed that way, and so it must have looked doubly odd
on my feminized body.

" You're doing so great, " Rachel hugged me. " We're
almost ready to start. I just have to strap you into
the display now. "

She led me by the hand. I was lost in direction, but
I assumed that we were gong into her spare room, where
she had been working on everything. Rachel coached me
onto my knees.

" Remember, Rylan, I'm only letting my close friends
in tonight, so you don't have to worry. Nobody knows
who you are at all. Just try to relax, and I'll have
you out of here in less than an hour. "

If the situation had been any different, I would
have been freaking out by now. The fact is, I did feel
somewhat safe in Rachel's hands. She had trusted me
with her body, and made no complaint about the lewd way
I had displayed it for the class. Now I trusted her.
Besides, no one here would even see my face.

It wasn't until she strapped down my arms that I
began to have second thoughts. The tightness of the
corset forced me into a humiliating posture on my hands
and knees. My ass was completely exposed, and my
engorged cock hung down between my legs. The thought of
anyone seeing me this way was both horrifying and
arousing. It gave me an odd exhibitionist thrill to
think that some of Rachel's friends would be gawking at
my private parts.

Who were these girls, I wondered. Classmates ?
Friends ? Neighbours ?

Rachel made a few final adjustments to the straps. "
Okay, Rylan, you're all strapped in. I just have one
more thing to do, and I hope you don't get too mad at
me about it. Just relax, and it will go in much more
easily. "

Go in ? What the hell was she talking about ? The
next instant answered my question. I felt her finger on
my rear hole, working lubrication into me. She was
gentle but insistent in pushing her finger inside of
me. I couldn't stop her, but to tell the truth, I
wasn't sure I wanted to. After my initial shock, there
was something incredibly erotic about having Rachel
play with me sexually this way.

She pulled her finger out, and an instant later,
something else was pushing against me. It was smooth
and lubricated, and took surprisingly little effort for
her to insert. There was something odd about the shape
of it. It was long like a vibrator, but tapered at both
ends. Once it was within me, there was little
discomfort. My anal opening closed around the end of
it, keeping it firmly within me.

I briefly wondered how she would retrieve the
device, but then I realized that there was some sort of
wire extending out of it and protruding out of my ass.
The whole idea of it was quite weird.

" That's it Rylan. Please try to relax. If you
struggle, it will ruin everything. "

Struggle ? What would be the point ? I was tied in
so tightly that I couldn't move more than an inch in
any direction. I heard a click behind me, like the
latch on a door closing. I was alone now, and soon
Rachel would send in a friend to see her exhibit. I
breathed as slowly as I could, trying to keep control
of my nervousness. My cock was still semi-erect, and
hung between my spread legs.

The latch clicked again. Then there was a gasp.
Rachel's friend was shocked by what she saw. I guess
that's what Rachel was looking for.

It's hard to describe my emotion. I was mortified by
some stranger seeing me this way, but I rationally knew
that she couldn't tell who I was. I was also excited by
the idea of some girl looking at my body as an object
of art, even if I was feminized at the time. The door
didn't click again right away. The girl was still

Then there was a noise. It was a metallic clank,
exactly like you would hear if feeding a quarter into a
pinball machine. It came from behind me. As soon as I
heard the coin land, the vibrations started. The device
that Rachel had put into my ass began to shake within
me, gently at first, and then more vigorously.

The sensations were incredible. The smooth plastic
was rubbing against something within me, and it
definitely felt good. I heard the girl giggle from
behind me as my cock quickly grew to its full size, and
began to twitch with pleasure.

My physical reaction was shameful. This girl was
watching a live sex show, and I was powerless to
control my reaction. The whole thing was incredibly
exciting. Finally, the buzzing stopped, and I heard the
girl leave the room.

It was a few minutes before the next girl came in.
She giggled right away, and just couldn't seem to stop

" Oh my god, how did Rachel get some guy to do this

Then there was a familiar sound. The coin dropped
into the slot, and my ass began to shake again. My cock
jerked repeatedly as the sensations washed over me. I
felt something now too. The warmth of her hand wrapped
around the base of my cock, and then cupped my balls.

The physical contact excited me, but also reminded
me of my position. She could touch me any way she
wanted, and I was powerless to stop her. Anyone who
walked through that door would have the same kind of
instant power over me. I was just an object of art.

She continued to squeeze and fondle my balls until
the vibrations stopped. I groaned in frustration as I
was left just short of an orgasm.

The door latch clicked again, and I was alone. My
body was burning with excitement. The door opened
again, but this time, there was no giggle.

" Holy fuck, " the male voice said. He sounded like
he could be my age. I cringed at the thought. Somehow,
I had envisioned that all of Rachel's friends tonight
would be females. Now, I was shamefully displayed for
another guy, who must have been looking down at me with

I tried to take control of myself. My cock was
throbbing with frustration, and I was powerless to
control my arousal.

Clink. The coin dropped in. The sensations were even
more intense now that I was trying to control them. As
the vibrator clicked into full speed, my cock pumped
shamefully with pleasure. I couldn't let this happen, I
tried to tell myself. I couldn't let some guy see me
get off while in this position.

I thought about the way I must look, with the tight
corset giving me a girlish figure, and the long blonde
hair falling over my shoulders. I thought about the
pair of lacy panties that were stretched between my
thighs. I could feel the fake breasts jiggling beneath
me as my body began to convulse against the leather

The shame came onto me in waves, each one
culminating with a jet of cum from my twitching cock.
In my utter humiliation, I couldn't believe that I had
cum without any stimulation of my penis. My cock
continued to pump and dribble cum for as long as the
vibrator stayed on. When the device stopped, the door
clicked soon after.

It was fifteen minutes before Rachel returned to me.
" Oh god, Rylan, you were so perfect. I can't thank you
enough. " She began to untie my arms and legs from the
display. I stayed still until she popped the vibrator
out of my ass. Then I helped her to remove the tight
mask from my face.

I can't say why I wasn't angry at her. I was more
angry at myself. Rachel hugged me tightly and gave me a
couple of little kisses in appreciation.

When I stood up, I finally got a good look at the
display. It was an intricate work. She had constructed
a private viewing booth of sorts. From the inside, it
seemed like the kind of booth you would find in a sex
shop, complete with lewd graffiti on the walls, and a
box of tissues on a counter to one side. I had been
strapped to the floor of this booth.

To one side was a coin slot, hooked up to a wire
that led to the vibrator in my ass. On the far wall was
a mirror, presumably so that the viewer could see my
body from every angle as the vibrator goes on. I
lowered my eyes to the floor. Where I had been
positioned, there was a pool of cum on the floor.
Rachel read my look.

" Don't worry about that, Rylan. You were wonderful.
I'll clean it all up, " she gave me another little
kiss. It's funny how quickly my feelings were soothed
by her attentions. I left her apartment with mixed

Over the next few days, I tried to sort through
everything. I was clearly quite turned on by the
display. Maybe more than I had ever been before. There
was such a wonderful mixture of exhibitionism,
humiliation, and a desire to please Rachel.

When I looked at her pictures now, I remembered the
way she had helped me to shave, and had lovingly fussed
over my appearance. What for ? So that I could be an
object, to be viewed for amusement. The giggles of
those girls still echoed in my head. It was all so
confusing, but I fantasized about it constantly.

Even, I'm ashamed to admit, the part about the guy
watching me cum. It was the ultimate degradation, but
it made me want to jerk off every time I thought about
it. It just rubbed in the humiliation of being
transformed into a girl. Being seen like that by
another guy was, well, incredibly exciting.

Rachel called a few days later. " Hi Rylan. I wanted
to thank you again for agreeing to do all of this for
me. I hope you're not mad about anything. "

" I'm not really... well, I'm not mad. It was just a
little extreme. "

" Well, we only have to do it one more time. I
swear, I'll never let anyone know that it's you. Just
think about it that way. You're completely anonymous. "

That was the only thing that stopped me from
refusing outright. It was strange, but on some level, I
was anticipating the coming display with excitement. If
I didn't chicken out, it would be an amazing experience
to be seen that way by my classmates, while still
remaining anonymous.

" Well, I guess I'm still game. " I didn't want to
seem too anxious.

" Great, " she said enthusiastically. " There's just
one more thing. "

" What's that ?"

" It's nothing major, really. But in art, every
detail counts. Um, you have a tan line that looks like
running shorts. It's very masculine looking, and pretty
noticeable when you're in that... position. "

I'm a physical education major. Of course I was
going to have a bit of a tan line. What was her point ?

She continued. " It would fit in with the artwork
much better if you had a different tan line. More like
bikini bottoms. There's a tanning studio nearby, and
I'd be willing to pay for a few sessions to give you
the right look. "

I thought about refusing. Of course, I had already
given up my body hair for this project. What would a
tan line hurt ? So four times over the next week and a
half, I went to the tanning studio, and wore a pair of
bikini bottoms that Rachel provided. Thank goodness the
tanning bed are private. I would have died if anyone
saw how horny it made me to wear the girls swim wear.

In the end, she was pleased with the results. She
took a look once I arrived at the college, and met her
in the conference room she had booked for the display.
Already she had assembled the peep show booth in the
centre of the room. I arrived a half hour before the
exhibition, so that no one would see me come in.

" Those tan lines are wonderful, " Rachel told me.
She looked so cute today, wearing a short skirt and a
tight black top. " Did you shave before coming ?"

" Yeah, but I'm really starting to get nervous about
this. Maybe someone will notice I'm missing from the
class, and know that it's me. "

" Don't worry. Because the project is sexually
explicit, Mr. Weaver is going to excuse any students
who might be uncomfortable from having to view my
piece. Probably half the class won't come. No one will
miss you at all. "

That made me feel a little better. It was one thing
to be treated like an object, but it was quite another
for anyone who knows me to see how much I enjoyed it.

Again, Rachel helped me into my outfit. If at all
possible, the corset was on even tighter this time. She
left he mask for last. This time, I could see the
effect of all of the other changes. Tight white knees
socks gave a feminine look to my calves. The tight
corset formed my waist into impossible proportions. The
red lacy bran and panties completed the outrageous

The new tan line was just one more odd detail in
Rachel's artistic vision.

By the time Rachel strapped me into position, and
tightened the mask around my face, my cock was fully
engorged, and my excitement was growing in expectation
of the first classmate who would see me this way. When
everything else was in place, I could feel her fingers
again, working lubrication into my ass. She pushed the
vibrator in with no resistance.

It was only once I was alone in the booth that I
began to doubt my decision. Even if my class mates
didn't know who I was, it was still endlessly shameful
to submit to this kind of project. Unlike when I was in
Rachel apartment, I knew in advance that close to half
of the viewers would be males. I wasn't sure how that
made me feel.

The latch to the booth clicked open, and then I knew
I was alone with the first of today's audience. I heard
the familiar gasps and giggles as the girl drank in the
lewd spectacle. I was trembling with desire by the time
she dropped a coin into the slot, and my ass began to

The vibrator seemed stronger than the first time. I
wondered if this was one of the 'adjustments' that
Rachel had talked about. The smooth plastic gyrated so
rapidly, I felt like I was actually being fucked by it.
But it felt so good.

The girl gasped again as my cock began to dribble
pre-cum. It jerked and spasmed with pleasure, but I was
able to keep myself from cumming this time.

She left the booth just after the buzzing stopped. I
wasn't sure I could handle much more of this. I guess I
hadn't thought about it much, but there were more than
sixty students in Mr. Weaver's art class. Even if only
half of them showed up, I was going to have to go
through a couple of dozen sessions like that one.

The next two were quiet, so I wasn't sure if they
were guys or girls. That was difficult. One of them
even fondled my balls a bit.

The door clicked shut, and then quickly opened
again. It was Rachel. " You're doing wonderfully. Those
three seemed really impressed. I just wanted to add one
more touch before we continue. "

I cocked my head as I heard another coin being fed
into the slot. Why on earth would Rachel want to turn
on the vibrator ?

" I know it's embarrassing for you, but I really
thought that the cum on the floor was a nice touch last
time. I want everyone else to see it too. "

As the vibrator moved around inside me, I could feel
Rachel's firm hand around my cock. On the one hand, it
was like a dream come true, being stroked by my fantasy
girl. On the other hand, I couldn't help but feel the
humiliation of her using me this way. Like a coin-
operated slut.

" Come on Rylan... I want to see you cum for me. I
want everyone else who comes in to see how much you
enjoy being a dressed like this, and being used like
this. That's it, cum for me like a good girl. "

I couldn't help myself. Once I began to orgasm, my
cock kept pumping involuntarily with the stimulation in
my ass. I could feel with shame that Rachel was
watching me now, dribbling and squirting cum while the
vibrator finished its cycle.

" That's really good. It looks just perfect, your
penis still dribbling that way. You've got a nice
little collection of cum underneath you now. I'm
turning up the intensity of the vibrator so that you'll
keep getting hard for the others. You know, art is all
about the details. "

She was right. I wouldn't have expected it, but my
cock continued to get hard from the anal stimulation.
It wasn't fifteen minutes later that I was feeling the
urge to cum again. The excitement was just too intense.

I thought about the way I must look to the guys who
were coming in, with my sissy little bikini line, and
the pool of sperm under my hard cock. It would be
obvious that I was getting off on this humiliating
transformation into a feminized sex object.

One by one, I could hear the giggles and comments of
the guys and girls as they passed through the booth,
feeding coins into the slot to see my ass vibrate. I
came one more time, when one of the girls took hold of
my twitching cock. I was at anyone's mercy.

" Oh god, " she exclaimed, as my cock exploded
unexpectedly in her hand. " This is gross. You got some
on my hand. "

For some reason, I felt ashamed for messing on her
hand. She wiped the excess cum on the side of my ass
before leaving the booth, and I could feel a trail of
sperm running down my ass and onto my thigh. Even after
cumming twice, my cock still reacted to the intense
feelings in my ass.

I tried to keep count as the different students came
in and out of the booth. My prick continued to twitch
and dribble pre-cum with excitement. I wondered at what
kind of mess must be beneath me now.

There was a pause from one of the last viewers. The
door closed, and then I heard nothing for a couple of
minutes. I wondered who was spending this much time
looking at me displayed this way. Then came the
unmistakable noise of a coin being deposited in the
machine, and the vibrator came to life.

There was a chuckle, but this one was definitely
male. His eyes burned into me as my cock wriggled with
pleasure. Having cum already twice, I was simply
frustrated by the motions. I really hoped there weren't
too many more students to go.

When the buzzing stopped, the guy didn't leave. This
was odd. Most everyone else seemed uncomfortable with
the artwork, and left as soon as the vibrator finished.
This one was taking his time. Then I felt something
strange. There was a tugging on the cord to my

There was a slurping sound from my ass as the device
was pulled free.

" Let's just see how interactive this exhibit is. "

I panicked. Suddenly, I recognized the voice. It was
the professor. Somehow, knowing who was looking at me
this way made everything feel strange again. I was
still anonymous, but I knew exactly who was looking at
me now. And I knew that it was his finger exploring my
ass now. The same man who had dismissed my own artwork
with such smug pleasure was now pushing his knuckles
into my rear end.

I considered making a noise. This was going far
beyond what Rachel had planned. Then I thought about
the embarrassment it would cause me if someone came to
help. They would surely find out who I was. I couldn't
handle that.

His finger left me. I was left with a sick sort of
anticipation. I heard something being unzipped. There
was nothing I could do to stop him. The head of his
cock rested against my stretched and lubricated hole.
He groaned with pleasure as he pushed himself into me a
little. He wasn't even wearing a condom.

Allan Weaver's tool was much larger than the little
vibrator my ass had become accustomed to. As he pushed
his full length into me, I could feel that same
pleasurable sensation that the vibrator had provided,
only with greater intensity with his increased size.

The reality of my position began to sink in. A guy
was actually fucking me. He took hold of the sides of
the leather corset, and began pumping me doggy style. I
could feel his balls slapping against my crotch with
every thrust.

Not only was he fucking me like a girl, but I was
even gift wrapped for that purpose. Involuntarily, my
cock was responding to the movement in my ass. It had
almost become a conditioned response now. I could feel
the pre-cum freely flowing from the tip of my cock

" I wonder where Rachel found a sweet slut like this
to participate in this exhibit. Do you think I should
remove the mask and find out ?"

I shook my head vigorously.

" Oh, then I should just keep fucking you, right ?"

Hesitantly, I nodded.

" Good. I like to know that my girlfriends are
willing. "

The thing is, he wasn't too far from the truth.
While some part of me was screaming for him to stop,
the intense humiliation of being fucked like a sex
object was turning me on in a way I had never known. I
thought about the fact that other students were
probably waiting outside of the door for him to finish,
and that Rachel was probably in her glory that the
professor was taking so long inside.

My arms and legs strained against the leather straps
as he increased his rhythm. With one hand, he continued
to hold my waist, but with the other, he reached
underneath me now, and grabbed hold of my dick.

What was most humiliating is how quickly I came in
his hand. For the third time in less than two hours, my
body shook, and my balls emptied onto the floor. My
cock continued to spasm as he fucked my tight opening.

He chuckled again. " The things we do for the sake
of art. "

I could feel the head of his prick swelling within
me. As his final insult to me, he was going to deposit
his cum into my virgin ass, and there was nothing I
could do about it. Again and again, he pressed his body
against me, driving his cock as deeply as he could make
it reach. I felt the warmth of his cum filling me, and
the pressure of his swelling cock head against the
walls of my ass.

I waited in silence as he withdrew himself from me.
I could hear the slurp of my sperm filled ass releasing
him. Before he left, he took a moment to straighten
himself up. He slid the vibrator back into place for
the next customer, but I could feel some of his cum
dribbling out of my hole. Anyone who came in would see

Two more students, and the day was done. Rachel was
aglow when she came in to release me. She pretended not
to notice the cum leaking down my ass. She just hugged
me and thanked me for helping her.

In truth, I didn't want to talk about it anyhow. My
own feelings of arousal had been more than unsettling,
and I was anxious to leave it all behind me. One final
week of class would do the trick.

At the end of the last class, Professor Weaver
handed out our project marks. I was pretty sure that I
knew what he would give me, so I wasn't too excited.
Rachel could hardly contain herself. We left the class
together, and paused outside of his door to open the
envelopes with our project reviews.

Rachel's smile disappeared as she read the first

" Oh my god, Rylan, this is horrible. "

" What ?"

" He failed me. He goddamned failed me. He gave me
an 'F'. His written comments say that my project was
entirely without 'artistic merit' . "

I was as stunned as she was. Rachel was exactly the
kind of student who would do well in class like this.
As an afterthought, I opened my own envelope. It was
the strangest thing. Despite the way he had trashed my
erotic photography, he scored me an 'A'.

' You obviously understand the things we do for the
sake of art, ' was all that he wrote beside it.


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