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ATRAIN stretch out her tongue touch


Keywords: M/F, anal, oral
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Take the A-Train

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Nobody Cares What I Think

I guess the biggest surprise is that I really wasn't all that shook
up about the whole thing. Ann says she's glad, but I think she was
looking for a different reaction.
In some cerebral sense, I know what was going on. I mean what
was going on socially, emotionally, and on a level of power in our
intra-personal relationship. But I gave up trying to analyze and
suddenly the whole thing changed. I was all right with it. Sure, the
whys and wherefores still counted, but they were for later.
Everything about it was designed to shock the hell out of me,
that much was obvious. Ann had protested vehemently any time I came
near her asshole all five years we'd been together. Now she wanted to
invite everybody's husband or boyfriend to come on and gang-bang her
cherry ass.
She was looking for an argument every step of the way. Now I
realize that her idea to invite others into our sexual relationship was the
first step. At the time I thought she was being real understanding and
broad-minded. It sounded real hot and I was all for it. I know now that
she wanted me to say no.
She told me she'd do whatever they wanted and I thought, hey-
better sex for us! She said she wanted me to watch and I thought she
was being really considerate. I guess she was running through a list of
what she'd hate the most and there I was loving every idea. I think that
escalated it into the gang-bang.
It did give me a twinge at first. It was one thing to have
someone itroduce her to the joys of anal sex. If she wouldn't let me,
then maybe someone else could get her to like it and then she might let
me. But every guy she could round up, one after the other? That made
it seem like I was the only guy she didn't want to fuck her up the ass.
But hey, didn't I always beg her to be open-minded? I couldn't very
well turn her down.
So there we were with Ann and her girlfriend Karen waiting for
the others to show. I think it was one last chance for me to back out
because Karen and Ann made a big production out of preparing Ann.
They rouged her nipples and perfumed her and Karen made a whole
show out of greasing up her anus before tucking her into a satin
dressing gown Karen was lending Ann.
All that agitated me all right, but not in a way that made me
want to stop them. I was getting turned on by all the window dressing.
I wished all the preliminaries were out of the way and Ann was
throwing off the gown to get ready for the train.
That made Judy an irritation at first. She was not a scheduled
guest and I was afraid the argument that would ensue would delay the
fun. But, surprisingly, no one minded her tagging along with Joey. She
took a place on the great out-dated modular sofa beside him and we
waited for the others to trickle in.
Karen's husband, Wayne, had been left off the guest list, which I
thought strange, but with the three 'B's' Bill, Bob and Butch, Joey and
Gary, there were enough hard cocks to go around.
"So, who goes first?" Butch, God love him, asked.
"Don't you want to see what you're getting first?" Ann pouted.
She was primed to do a little dance on the pillow covered
coffee table and felt Butch was stealing her thunder.
"Don't you want to see what you're getting?" Butch countered,
gripping his crotch and shaking his hand.
"Posting pictures of your cock on the net doesn't leave much
mystery, Butch," Karen teased.
"Well, I'm not the only one here," Butch said, ears reddening as
we laughed at Karen's jibe.
After a quick conference, Ann and Karen decided that it would
indeed be more effective to have all the distractions out of the way
when Ann did her dance of revelation. Karen brought out a deck of
cards and spread them in her hands.
"Ace high- the cards' order is your order, gentlemen," she
decreed as she offered them around.
I think denying me a turn was the last gasp for Ann. I was just
to be a spectator, she said. I was feeling hurt and confused, but I just
got quiet to think. I guess I've never been spontaneous with my anger. I
prefer to fit the punishment to the crime and that takes some
Judy didn't get a card either. I sat with her as the others were
stripping out of their clothes. Gary was first, Butch second and then
Bill, Bob and Joey last.
"I don't think this is right," Bill piped up, pointing to Judy and
me, "We're all buck naked and those two are dressed."
"You just want to see Judy's tits," Joey said.
"Hell, yeah, but I think it's only right," Bill replied.
"He's got a point, you two," Karen agreed, "No stripee- no
"I'll take off my clothes," Judy agreed, "but Karen has to get
naked too. That's only fair."
With two naked women and six naked men as an audience, Ann
got up on her table to do her anti-climatic strip. I guess in a sense there
was still drama in the main attraction preparing herself, but there was
so much flesh already revealed that rouged nipples on smallish breasts didn't have the impact that they might have in another setting.
The glisten in her buttcrack was another thing. When Ann bent
over and pried open her ass cheeks, the well-oiled hole sent a stir
through the audience. The men, me included, had been in various states
of erection, but the prepared object of their affection snapped everyone
to attention. As she wiggled her butt for them there was throbbing- yes,
definitely throbbing in the attendant crotches.
"I don't think you need me at all," Karen said to Ann.
"Oh no," Ann retaliated, "you've got a job and you're going to
do it even if it is just for show."
The mystery was solved when Ann lay down on the table and
pointed her ass at Gary.
"Come on, Mr. King," Karen said, referring to his card, "I get
to help you."
Karen squeezed between the coffee table and the sofa on her
hands and knees. She pulled Gary over to kneel behind Ann and then
took his cock in her mouth. It was about a five second blow job, but
Gary didn't need even that.
"Now you grab her hips and push and leave the rest to me,"
Karen instructed.
If there was any reason for Ann to be enjoying this, it was from
some dark side she had never shown me. So far she had bent naked
over a table and now a man was going to shove his cock in her asshole.
No preliminaries- no foreplay- not even a finger stretching her unused
hole to make the experience easier to take. It was- here's my ass- fuck
If I was a wagering man, I would have bet that she only agreed
to oil her anus because she was going to take on five guys. It seemed
like she wanted it to hurt. And if that was the case, she was not
disappointed. She went from a pleading whine to a protesting cry as
Karen held Gary to the mark and helped him force open the unwilling
"It's just as bad as I thought!" Ann gasped as Gary breached her
"You ain't seen nothing yet," Gary and Karen said almost in
Ann made a sound I can only describe as the bellering of a cow
as Gary leaned into her and pushed more of his cock into her back
door. The image from far back in my youth somehow fit. But instead of
a cow with a bag painfully full of milk, it was Ann with a butt overfull
of cock. And he wasn't done yet.
She only made a grunting cry as he pushed on until his belly was
seated on her butt.
"Too much," she strangled out, "It doesn't fit!"
On the contrary, it fit nicely to judge by Gary's expression. He
had the same dreamy smile you would expect if his balls were being
licked, his asshole rimmed and his cock sucked at the same time.
And then he fucked her ass.
Ann took that with a surprising calm. Or maybe her circuits
were just overloaded with the overwhelming sensations of a cock filling
her where no cock (to my knowledge) had filled her before. The only
indication she gave of her state of mind was her white-knuckled grasp
on the edge of the table and the facial expression of a pole-axed steer.
It wasn't until Gary was truely pounding against her ass that
Ann began huffing grunts in time with his cock driving up her asshole.
Even then, it appeared it was a only a mindless reaction to his cock
probing her deep.
I think she was reacting to the fact that there were four more
waiting. Whatever had prompted her to this display- I mean this choice
instead of blowing everybody we knew for instance- must have seemed
like a pretty poor reason about then. She was definitely overwhelmed.
I glanced over at Judy and was shocked at the mask of glee I
saw. She was seeing the same distress as I, and was enjoying the fuck
out of it. There was a predatory gleam in her eye as she watched Gary's
cock drive up Ann's ass. I knew they were not best friends, but I didn't
know of anything between them that would explain Judy's joy at seeing
Ann in this distress.
I chalked it up to general perversity. Maybe Judy just got turned
on watching a woman take it up the butt. She had always seemed like
the kinky sort to me. I looked away before she caught me looking and
was just in time to see Gary hunch hard against Ann's ass, evidently
filling her with cum.
"Come on now. others are waiting," Karen scolded as Gary
seemed loathe to pull his cock out of Ann's ass.
Karen grabbed Gary by the balls and pulled him away and he
pulled out with no further protest. He left a landscape changed by his
presence. Ann's anus was like a smooth-edged funnel trailing off into
the darkness of her bowels. It was a huge cavity compared with the
tight bud that had been there before. It looked slick, dangerous and
For Ann I'm sure that was a blessing as Butch knelt down for
Karen to give him a cursory blow-job and prepared to fill her ass again.
Gary was normally endowed. Butch had reason to post pictures of his
dick on the internet. We're not talking John Holmes here, but Butch
was usually the 'best man' in every gathering.
I don't know if Ann thought 'best' was the adjective. She
sounded like a cat with a hairball as Butch took advantage of her
gaping asshole to bury the first few inches in one plunge.
"No, no, take it out! Start again!" Ann begged, "Take it easy.
You're really hurting me!"
Butch kept right at it as if he had heard that kind of protest
before. He had been invited to ass-fuck her after all. Watching Butch,
it didn't seem like he was having that much trouble getting his girth up
Ann's ass. All the struggle was on her (in her?) end.
It was a change from her frozen acceptance of Gary's cock
forcing her asshole to open. She wasn't bracing against the intrusion
with Butch. She was just trying to move. It didn't seem like she was
trying to move away any more than from side to side, she just wasn't
comfortable anywhere as his hunk of meat was going the wrong way in
her out door.
"You'll break something!" Ann howled. "It just won't go in!"
Butch was making a liar of her even as she protested. His cock
went right on in as he pushed forward, not fast, but steadily sliding
deeper up her butt. Even Karen had a look of wonder as she got a
close-up look of Butch's rod disappearing into the widening crevice
between Ann's ass cheeks.
"Oh thank God!" Ann gasped when Butch came to a final stop
with his belly pushing against her bottom. "Now please, please, please
take it easy."
Butch looked like he had heard that before too. He didn't fuck
her hard at all- at first. He started only moving an inch or two, keeping
her stuffed with prick as he worked up to longer and longer strokes.
I think we all were fascinated by the dynamic of that huge cock
and that tight hole as he built up to long, smooth strokes in and out of
Ann's ass. Ann was shivering with either lust or shock as he pulled back
and pushed in, slowly gathering some momentum.
Then he rammed into Ann suddenly and went back to the short
stroke, grabbing her hips tight and slamming her back and forth on his
hard cock as he rocked to meet her back-slamming butt.
"Oh -uh -uh -uh-uh -uh Ga-aw -aw -aw -aw -aw awd!" he
bumped out of Ann as she was shaken like a sex toy in his hands and
onto his ass-invading cock.
One of them was cumming- maybe both. I felt a hand on my
thigh. I looked over at Judy and saw it was an oversight. Her face and
chest were flushed like it was her ass Butch's cock was fucking and her
nipples were stretching out with ludicrous erections. She was entranced
by the scene in front of her. It was better for her than for Ann.
It was no longer an oversight when Karen began to suck Bill's
dick to get him ready to follow Butch into Ann's breech. Judy's hand
spider-walked up my thigh to my crotch and when I turned to look at
her again, she smiled as she let her fingers trail over my hard cock. I
moved back to invite more attention and her fingers encircled my rod
and lightly stroked.
"If you'd like to do more than watch, I'd suggest waiting for me
in the bathroom," Judy whispered in my ear.
Karen was taking her time sucking Bill's cock, giving Ann a
minute to recover from Butch and it was a perfect time to plead the call
of nature. I don't know why we made the show of leaving separately,
because Judy followed me right on the tail of the bad jokes about
pissing with a hard-on. She said she'd have to help me aim.
The first place she aimed me was between her lips. I didn't need
the stimulation to be ready to fuck her, but I wasn't about to stop her
wet velvet ministrations.
It was just a bribe to get my face between her legs. She
climbed up on the vanity and threw her legs over my shoulders and I
returned the favor with gusto.
"Lick my asshole," she hissed as my tongue burrowed into her
already sopping cunt.
"Lick it good and I'll give you a real treat," Judy promised as I
Well, I couldn't look like a chicken. It wasn't something I
looked forward to every night before supper, but at that moment I
couldn't think of a real objection. Her asshole was a bit sour, but
interesting in texture as my tongue squirmed over its surface. And then
that texture changed as the muscle began to relax with my licking.
"Fuck me a little bit first," Judy said and pulled at my hair.
First? I wasn't giving it much thought as my cock found her wet
spot and slid inside her warm welcome.
"Okay- come on- get me going a little bit," she urged and I took
it more as permission than a request.
After watching the evening's entertainment I was well past
ready to plunge my dick into something warm, wet and tight. It was
like a tranquilizer to fuck Judy. All the tension I hadn't noticed building
in me announced its presence by leaving as my cock felt the warm
carress of Judy's twat.
I was getting to it pretty good when Judy started to hum. I
guess it was a warning she was going to try to speak, but at the pace I
was thrusting my cock into her cunt, it was only background noise to
me. But when she spoke, it broke through that fervor.
"I'm ready- do it now," she said and pulled her knees back
toward her chest.
"You mean put it in your ass?" I asked thickly.
"Umm-hmm" she nodded.
"Don't you want me to grease it?" I asked.
"Why don't you just lick it again- just a second, though- that's
the treat I promised you," Judy purred.
I bent to slaver spit on her asshole and then quickly stood up to
press my cock to the wet ring of muscle. I pressed and her asshole
opened slightly.
"Work with me on this," Judy grunted. "Take it as I can give it
to you."
She relaxed bit by bit and my cockhead pushed in the door. It
went quicker then. She got accustomed to my size easier since we
were over the first hump. And then I was in the hot grip of her tight,
constricting asshole. Without the slippery slide of vaseline, her ass was
more urgent. It grabbed at every shred of my cock as I pulled it out and
pushed it back into her asshole.
Her fingers were a blur as they flew back and forth over her
pussy. I don't know and don't care what was making her ass squirm on
the vanity. If it was her fingers- fine. If it was my cock- fine. The
important thing was she was milking me like the most exquisite living
jack-off machine as my cock slid in and out of the tight grip of her
clinging asshole.
"Judy, baby, I want to fuck your ass for an hour," I gasped as I
filled the hot sleeve.
"Unnngggh!" she replied as she began to twist in an orgasm.
That did everything to make my cock feel welcome on the dirt
road. Her asshole was clenching and trapping me as her gyrations
stabbed me around to every point in her bowels. I didn't need to thrust
into her any more. It was best if I held still and let her jam her own ass
down on me as she pitched through her climax.
I waited until she came to rest and then resumed cramming my
cock up her ass. But better even than the fit and the way she made
subtle changes just tensing one knee and then the other on my
shoulders was the serene grin on her face. She liked, wanted, needed
my cock on the Hershey highway. It got her hot.
I really was hoping to fuck her ass an hour, but it was way too
good for that. I mean she was up for it and if I had taken my time I
would have been able to draw it out, but the sensible thought of making
this piece of heaven last got lost in the unthinking desire of getting
more and more and more of this piece of ass.
I could feel her fingers on the other side of the membrane as she
shoved them inside her twat to finger-fuck herself as I assfucked her
harder and harder. Her fingers kept an opposite rhythm with my prong
as I fucked faster. She was going for another climax as I was racing
toward dumping my cum into her bowels.
This time when she came, I let her spasming asshole draw me
along. I rammed in as deep as I could reach as the first jet spurted up
her ass and then let her gyrations and twitching suck the rest of the
semen from my trembling cock.
"I thought you wanted to fuck my ass an hour," Judy gasped
out as we were trying to catch our breath.
"Oh yeah, I wanted to- just couldn't wait," I gasped back at her.
Then she did an interesting thing. She took about five pounds of
toilet paper and rolled it up lengthwise into a cylinder and folded it over
and shoved it into the gaping opening of her asshole. It made the most
interesting white plug and I felt my cock trying to rise again from the
kinky way that little plug struck my fancy.
She noticed my reaction and grinned.
"It'll feel like a cock up there for even more than an hour," she
said. "And it does hold it open in case you want a return trip in a little
I wanted a return trip right then, but physioloigy was against
me. Instead we went back to the couch to see where the action had
gotten. It didn't look like we had missed much. Bob was the one
plowing away at Ann's ass now and Ann had seemingly got used to the
feel of hard meat cramming her rear entrance.
At least she seemed to be almost enjoying the intrusion as Bob
slammed against her upraised butt. She was raised a little off the
pillows to arch her back and I thought I detected her swaying a little as
if to push herself back to the advancing prick.
I know she came when he came. She wasn't showy about it, but
I knew. At least that should be a benefit of this anal gang-bang, I
thought to myself. She got it up the ass and liked it. I didn't think she'd
be so quick to push me away when I put my cock back there now.
Joey needed Karen's attention. I watched Judy out of the corner
of my eye to see if there would be a reaction as Karen sucked his cock.
I kept watching to see the reaction when he slid his cock into Ann's
now loosey-goosey asshole. Judy looked like she was waiting for
"If I'm supposed to cum, then you're going to have to suck my
cock," Joey demanded of Ann. "Otherwise, I'm going to be fucking this
sloppy, loose hole for hours."
Ann's asshole wasn't that loose. It was still following his cock,
dimpling in when he rammed in and sucking out when he withdrew.
But Joey was ignoring the facts. He was ramming brutally full-length
into her ass and then jerking back to ram again as he paced his rough
fucking with more specific descriptions of his demands.
"You gotta suck my cock fresh from your ass," he was gleefully
telling Ann, "Suck my shitty cock until it cums down your throat!"
He was puncutating his demands with increasingly rough thrusts
and Ann was being bounced off balance every time his belly slapped
into her butt. He was giving her more than her fill of the unspoken 'or
else' to his demands. He was trying to hold her ass hostage for his
My appraisal of Judy changed. From wanting to see her reaction
to her man fucking another woman in the ass, my interest shifted to
what kind of things she endured in the bedroom and why she put up
with it. I was trying to see hints that let me explain this revelation about
her. Judy had a fixed grimace. It was a, 'here we go again' look.
"Come on then! Stick that shit-stalk in my face! Face-fuck me
you horny bastard!" Ann gave in to the torment of his rough fuck.
But that wasn't what Joey wanted. He held his cock in front of
her face so she had to stretch out her tongue to touch it. He made her
lick it a good long time before he'd let her get even the head in her
mouth. She was going to taste every bit of her shit before he let her get
him off.
"That's right honey, taste it!" he was gloating, "Suck that cock
He traded on the threat of returning to brutally fucking her
asshole to make her work to satisfy him. For a long time he would
interrupt her any time she settled into a rhythm to have her lick him in
some place. But finally she brought him to a point where it was not
worth his effort to tease her and he stood and let her suck his cum from
his cock.
Judy looked disgusted with his performance. It was obvious
they were having problems.
"Ice!" prescribed 'Dr.' Karen. "That will take care of you. You
guys aren't done yet, are you?"
It was the same again as Ann took them all until they didn't
want to fuck her any more. And later she called me an insensitive lout
for wanting to fuck her ass myself. I felt the chill in the wind


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