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ATRAIN2 sucked the jetting spurts jizm


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Somebody Cares What I Think

Maybe I had never considered that the relationship was going
bad because it never was good in the first place. Maybe that was all I
was accustomed to. But something set off an alarm in my brain after I
had watched Ann take it in the ass from five guys in front of a crowd
and she still didn't want to have anal sex with me.
She even blamed me for having to do it. She said she only did it
because she knew I liked to watch and that it was really humiliating
even if she put up a brave front. She callled me names for not
appreciating her sacrifice and wouldn't have sex with me at all that night.
I decided to drink the next night. I told her I'd be home
'whenever' and went to the Shady Tree Lounge. I was under the
aforementioned shady tree, sucking down a beer when Judy went by.
She waved and then she turned into the parking lot.
"So what's up?" she asked as she joined me.
I was just drunk enough to see that as a come-on and I laughed
at what I took to be a clever double entendre.
"Not me, that's for sure," I said, looking pointedly into my lap,
"No reason to get up with no place to go."
I find it significant now that Judy was not repulsed by my
clumsy directness, but at the time the beer and I thought everything
was swell.
"You and Ann having problems?" she asked.
She might as well have dynamited the Aswan dam. I had pent-
up frustrations and she had tapped the exact key they all were behind.
"No. Only me." I told her, "Ann's happy as a bluebird to have
nothing to do with me. I'm the one with the blue balls."
I wasn't thinking. I was just complaining. It was up to Judy to
see this as an opportunity. She was the one that weighed my
vulnerability and she was the one that decided she wanted to take
advantage of it.
"You know, after fucking all those guys, she still won't let me
give it to her in the ass," I whined on. "I think that's fucked up in the
worst way."
"Especially since you're so much better than Joey," she grinned
at me.
I think that was when it was beginning to sink in. Her little
reference to our heated fuck in the bathroom started me thinking about
what it was like to fuck her. What it was like was good. Then I was
wondering how I could manuver her around to fuck me again.
I tell you I was getting pretty drunk. How was I supposed to be
able to tell that she had been asking for it since she had sat down?
"Well, hell yeah," I responded intelligiently, "The bitch doesn't
know what she's missin'"
"Well, that's her loss," Judy agreed.
I wasn't drunk enough to blurt out, then why don't I fuck you
in the butt, but I was trying to find other words to say the same thing.
I was having trouble finding a substitute phrase.
"You been here long?" she prompted to give me another shot
at coming on to her.
"Too long," I said and then grumbled under my breath, "Can't
even figure out how to ask you to fuck me."
"What?" came the immediate reply, "I didn't hear that last part."
"No, no, too crude," I said as much to myself as to her.
"I thought you said something about fucking me," she teased.
"Well, who the hell wouldn't?" I said, trying to put some charm
into this clumsy seduction, "You are very, very sexy."
She put her hand on my crotch to check.
"You're just trying to flatter me, you old dog," she said as she touched my limp dick.
Then the flattery became flesh as my cock hardened under her
hand. Even drunk, I knew that she was coming on to me now. She
didn't pull her hand away. Instead she was lightly stroking my growing
erection through my pants.
"You're not going to leave me all stood up and nowhere to go,
are you?" I asked, I thought cleverly as she stroked my hard-on.
"Oh my, how could a girl ever turn down a proposition as
sweet as that?" she teased me with my bluntness.
I was so horny that we left half a beer on the table and went out
to her car. She pushed me in the back and apologized- apologized! for
not having time to fuck me properly. She knelt on the floor of the
backseat as I sprawled in the corner and opened my pants.
I didn't watch her much. I had my eyes closed as her mouth
closed over my rigid cock. It was a good mouth. She knew what she
was doing with a cock in her mouth. She slurped it slowly and loudly
at first, letting her patience make my hips impatient and begin to bounce
off the seat toward her. Then she jacked off the shaft with her hand as
her tongue lashed at the head of my cock.
That was torturous joy as she had me in an ecstatic holding
pattern. Then she held me tight and sucked hard and rhythmically on
the head of my dick. I was almost there when she popped off my prick
and slid up to share her tongue with me. We kissed like we were both
trying to eat the other's face and I mauled her tits as she stroked my
cock while our tongues wrestled.
"I'll fuck you any time, you don't have to be shy about asking,"
she said as she looked into my eyes when we broke the kiss. "I'd
leave Joe for you in a hearbeat."
She left me to mull that information and slid back down to stuff
my cock in her mouth again. This time she was working for it hard. She
took most of my cock into her tight, sucking mouth in long strokes that
crept faster and faster as my breathing became more like panting.
She wanted it all and she wanted it soon. She sucked me like
a two-dollar whore through my arching like a bow with my cock
trembling out into her face. And she kept it up, just as furious as I
jerked and the first spasm of my load went flying into her throat.
She squeezed my balls with one hand and jacked me furiously
with the other as she sucked the jetting spurts of jizm out of my prick.
And then she laughed when her playful licks on my over-sensitive
post-orgasmic cock made me jump as if in pain. Oh the sheer ecstasy
of the pain of too much joy.
She wasn't abrupt, but she was timely in getting my pants up
and me out of the car. She had to go, but she reiterated her promise.
"Any time, now, remember," she said, "I really like the way you
fuck me. I'd like to give it to you three times a day."
It was better that a poke in the eye. It was better than what I'd
been getting. It was so perfect that I was trying to figure the catch.
Joey always said Judy was that hot. He said she never got tired
of fucking. Was she just getting tired of the kind of treatment I saw Joey
act out with Ann? Or was there some darker secret to her love?
The argument I had with Ann when I got home made that a
moot point. She had been storing up for this one. The upshot was that
it was unlikely I was ever going to sample her anal delights, I would be
fortunate to ever get another blow job and sex was something she was
going to ration at about the rate of twice a month. And this wasn't the
month we were going to start.
I was demoted to the couch in my own living room and left to
smolder. I recognized this as the first snip of the castrating bitch. The
only question I was mulling was who was going to move out. On the
one hand, this was my place. I could exert my manliness by throwing
her out. On the other hand, I could let her suffer from her own decision
by leaving her with the rent I knew she could not pay alone. Then I
could sit back and see who moved in.
Once I got over the wimp feeling, I knew moving out would be
the easiest to manage. Throwing her out could take weeks of bickering.
If I left I was gone the moment the door closed. She would also have a
harder time locating me if she wanted to continue to send parting shots.
I was gone by the end of the week. I comforted my bruised
macho feelings by asking her if she wanted to move out. She painted
herself into the corner so I could smirk as I walked away.
Judy visited Thursday before my stuff was out of the boxes. She
left no doubt that she was still willing to be my new housemate. Under
her coat she was naked and she let the coat drop before the door
closed behind her. She had the slender body of an athlete, sinewy and
agile like a dancer with the promise that she could bend it into any
position she wanted. Her breasts were the size of large, pink grapefruit
halved and hung high on her chest. As lovely as she was, it was the
broad, bell-shaped sweep of her hips and the way her tight, firm ass
perched on it that was her best feature.
I had been hoping she would get the word and come over, so I
had set up the bed first thing. I pulled off my shirt and invited her into the
bedroom. She saw the bed and decided that she wanted to 'break the
chain' with Ann. Naked, we pulled the bed apart and dragged the
matress onto the floor.
It was like starting over as a kid again. I felt as frisky as a
teenager as we rolled together on the low bed. No pillows- no covers
just two naked bodies intertwining and getting ready to mate.
I had been ready since she had leaned a hand on the doorframe
and cocked a leg in invitation when she had walked in. I wanted to fuck
her right then, but I didn't want it to be over so quickly. I held my lust in
check as I ran my lips over her firm flesh.
Then she excused herself and left me sprawled on the matress
as she trotted to the bathroom. The doubts came back as I waited with
a hard-on. Was this the beginning of the game Judy played? Was she no
different- only bolder about it?
"Okay, I guess I've got to ruin everything," she chirped from
the bathroom. "Can you help me?"
With a great deal of curiosity I walked into the bathroom. She
had every drawer out and she was looking at me with puppy-dog eyes.
"So much for being sexy and subtle," she shrugged. "Where's the
"In the bathroom box- in the living room," I smiled.
I was still going to have to wait for the other shoe to drop. She
had only been hoping to surprise me with a treat. If that was her game, I
could put up with it for a long, long time.
She followed close behind me and bent over me as I bent over
to rummage through the bathroom box.
"Yeah baby!" she hooted as she pressed her bush against my
ass as if she was fucking me in the bunghole. "This is pretty interesting.
I can see why you guys all like to fuck women in the ass."
"Naw, I think it's the way you squeal," I offered as I wiggled my
butt for her.
I turned, but she didn't back off and we were standing chest to
chest in the middle of the floor. I looked into her dark, snapping eyes
and she grinned. When I put my arms around her, she put her arms
around me and we kissed in front of God and the neighbors and
everybody in front of the uncovered patio doors leading out ot the
common courtyard.
My cock really wanted to be inside her. It thumped on her belly
as our tongues dueled. I desperately grabbed at her asscheeks as my
cock sent out emergency messages to my brain.
"You want me now, don't you," Judy said into my mouth.
"Mmm-hmmm" I hummed back.
"Then help me hold up my leg," she said as she dragged her left
leg up my side.
I pulled up on the knee and she reached back under herself to
find my cock. A little pull, a little twitch of her hips and my dick slid into
the wet velvet of her cunt. That felt so good.
"Can you carry me to the wall?" she gasped as she tried to
balance on my cock and her toes.
I grabbed her by the butt and she pulled the other leg around
me. I staggered with her to the wall and she leaned back against it.
"There!" she sighed and let her legs down to stand on her toes,
leaning against the wall.
A little bend, a little lean and I was slicing off a little bit of heaven
with my dick. Wet velvet, wet satin, whatever you call it, she was
slippery smooth and blood-warm inside as I fucked her against the wall.
I had wanted to put it in her ass, but that seemed like a distant
memory now as I pushed my cock into the lively caress of her cunt. She
was form-fitting and felt so good as my cock fucked in and out and she
moved her hips to make it suck at my dick.
"I've got to get down," she gasped after a few minutes of
determined rutting.
I grabbed her butt and lifted her so she could wrap her legs
around me, but however satisfying, it was only a temporary solution. She
was light enough- 120 pounds or so, but I wasn't going to be able to
move her enough to make either of us happy. I enjoyed my cock driving
deep into her twat for a moment and then moved her onto the floor,
setting her down rather abruptly as she got very heavy when we neared
the floor.
We were making love for the neighbors again. I noticed that we
were in full view, but the passion we were sharing was too great to be
dampened or even enhanced by the thought of voyeurs. We were
moving together as one as if we were born for one another. It was sex
so good it was spooky.
And when she gave a little cry and convulsed into her orgasm,
the spasm triggered my own flood. We trembled together in each other's
arms through a wonderful catharsis- at least for me. It wasn't about
getting my dick in her ass anymore. It was being with her any and all
ways that I possibly could.
"Was that anywhere near miraculous for you?" I gasped when
my voice returned.
"Why do you think I've been chasing you?" she asked, "It's been
miraculous every time for me."
"Well, then, move in," I invited her without a second thought.
"You mean just stay, don't you," she shot back, "You would just
as soon that I didn't have any clothes, wouldn't you? Now wouldn't that
be a dream come true?"
"Sometimes I like to unwrap presents," I countered.
She giggled girlishly and then pushed me off of her. When she
returned from the bathroom, she started to ask me where things went.
We spent the next hour getting my place put away, prancing around
naked with no curtains in case the neighbors wanted to see who was
moving in.
Then she took me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom.
"It's been hours since I sent you out for that Vaseline," she
scolded me, "I bet you haven't found it yet."
I had forgotten quite a few things in the past hour. Ann.
Bitterness. The Vaseline. But that last was just a joke on her part. The
Vaseline was hidden under the corner of the matress waiting for us. She
showed it to me after she had pulled me down beside her.
"I wouldn't want you to leave me like you left Ann," she teased.
"I'll let you fuck me any way you want to fuck me."
I was so hungy to fuck her ass such a short time ago that I
couldn't believe the change that had come over me. I couldn't believe the
words that came out of my mouth either.
"I just want you, baby, how isn't important anymore," I said,
meaning every word.
Strange how these things happen. I thought Ann was perfect and
Judy some sort of freak. But I wasn't seeing either of them clearly. Judy
stayed three days before she put on her coat and went home to pack
her things. Three naked days in my apartment being my maid, my slave,
my cook, my lover.
Whatever I wanted, she wanted. Whenever she wanted me, I
wanted her. Whatever I asked, she wanted to do.
And on the bed, late on that first evening, she gave me a taste of
exactly what I had gotten myself into.
We kissed like newlyweds, both finding our answers in the
other's embrace. I wanted her just as badly now as before, but I wasn't
going to let her think I wasn't a gentleman. I slipped down to worry her
nipples with my tongue and then slid the rest of the way till my face was
in her crotch.
I licked her lightly. I lapped her like a dog. I fucked her with my
tongue. I massaged her labia with my thumbs while I tongued her clit.
She moaned so ladylike and then arched gracefully through an orgasm I
could feel even at the mouth of her pussy. She even mewed as she
passed over the climax.
Then she said it was my turn.
"I laid quietly and let you serve me," she reasoned, "Now you
have to lie back and let me serve you."
There's something about being compelled to do what you want
to do that makes it so much sweeter. I lay back and her mouth found my
hard cock. There was no business in her at all this time. She licked too
much and sucked too little to make me cum in her mouth. But it was a
time of joy.
"Now we have unfinished business," she said when that time was
She greased my cock until her hand slid slickly over it and then
turned away from me. With her cheek on the bed, she pushed her ass
high in the air towards me.
"Judy, you don't have to prove anything to me," I told her. "You
are the most exciting thing that's happened to me in my life."
"Then fuck me in the ass," she urged, "Find out how exciting I
can be."
It wasn't in me to fight her about it. I was just a little sheepish
that it sounded like I was saying I needed to fuck a woman in the ass to
stay in a relationship. I didn't want her to feel that it was a requirement.
Still, it was there and couldn't have been more inviting. The
chasm funneling down to her asshole dropped off in a curve once over
the crest. It was almost a stylized "M". For old times sake, I bent and
licked her asshole before I moved up behind her and pushed my
cockhead against the wrinkled muscle.
"Damn, you do care," she teased, only half teasing.
Her back door opened grudgingly, but fairly smoothly as I
leaned toward her. I grabbed her hips to push and she tilted up at me to
open her ass and make it easy going. I pushed until my balls rested on
her twat and she gripped the base of my cock with her ass as if to say
she wanted to keep it all way up deep inside herself. That she wanted
everything I had. That she could take it all.
Okay, it was what I wanted. It was the perfect symbol of the
changing of the guard. It was a pretty good revenge too. Ann didn't
want to give it up and in less than a week I was balls deep in all the
asshole I wanted.
Judy was growling as I reamed her ass. It wasn't a sacrifice for
her to participate in the sexual games I liked. I began to realize that she
liked the feel of my hard rod plunging into the narrow opening as much
as I did. And she liked it as deep as I could ram it and as hard as I
could pound it into her upraised butt.
She tolerated my pulling back and popping the head in and out
of the dialated opening, but she demanded that I ram it all the way back
in from time to time to keep her heart banging inside her chest. And she
gave as good as she got. Her ass gripped at my cock while I fucked
her, feeling like a sucking mouth as I thrust in and out of the tight hole.
"I don't remember, did you say you were moving in?" I gasped
out the question.
"Okay, okay, at least I'll stay until you dump your big, hot load
up my butt," she groaned, "Now fuck my ass hard!"
Hard seemed like the best way to fuck her after the way she
had been squeezing my cock with her asshole. It made it all that much
more of an alpha male thing to hold her down and cram my cock up her
ass. She could be as fiery as she wanted, but she was going to get it in
her end. I felt like a huge bear of a man as I crammed it up her shit
But I was a trembling child again when I jerked and shot out the
first volley of my cum. She had outlasted me. She pumped her ass back
at me as I was frozen with the shivers of the hot jizm leaving my balls.
She squeezed some more as she milked the thick semen from me.
"Oh yeah! Come on now!" she directed as the spasms
subsided, "Fuck me HARD! Get me off!"
I could feel her fingers working beneath me as I roused from my
exciting interlude and went back to pounding against her butt.
"Yeah! God yeah!" she gasped almost desperately as I heard
the sounds garbled by her sharp intakes of breath.
And then she wrenched into a taut rigor as I fucked her faster to
return the orgasmic stimuation she had just poured so liberally over me.
"Well, I'll stay tonight anyway," she said finally when some of
our breath had returned, "But I don't want you staying home from work
because you have a naked lady at home."
"I'm staying home from work because I'm moving," I told her.
"I've already got the day off. I'll put off the getting settled stuff because I
have a naked lady at home."
It looked like it was going to be an interesting week-end.


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