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ATRAIN3 sucked dizzy told her


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

I Think Somebody Cares

Funny, I didn't wake up thinking how it was now a week since
the beginning of the end. I didn't think that it had only been a day since
I'd found a new beginning.
I woke up thinking about the two warm globes of giving flesh
that my hard-on had found while I was coming up from the depths of
sleep. I had rolled up behind a sleeping woman and my cock was now
rigidly resting in the crack of her ass. I woke up thinking that I wanted
All that other stuff began to flood into my brain as my head got
clearer, but the main thrust- no pun intended- was still getting my cock
inside something wet and warm. I pulled back and made my cock go
under her butt and run along the lips of her cunt.
There was moistness there- and warmth. I guess I was
expecting a rebuke, because I jumped when Judy stirred.
"Whoa, big fellow, don't run off after you wake me in such a
delicious way," she purred as her hips started a gentle motion that
worked me more firmly between the lips of her twat.
It was certainly different with Judy. As I felt her pussy blossom
and my dick get wetter, I bemoaned every moment I had spent with
women that forbade and every second delay it took me to find Judy. At
least she had been perfect so far. She would have to take a lot of giant
steps backwards to even lose the title of best ever.
With a remarkable co-ordination, she pinned my hardness and I
pivoted my cock into position. Then she moved and I moved and we
slid my cock around the corner and up into her juicy twat in one long,
smooth slide. I guess I couldn't get over that she wanted it as much as I
wanted to give it to her.
She moved her legs up so I could curl around her a little better
and we rocked at each other in a shared motion that churned my hard
cock in her humid twat like we were making butter for our morning
toast. It was the perfect waking up fuck, strong, but not strenuous, hard,
but not rapid. It was like stretching, only we were getting the kinks out
of the most enjoyable muscles.
What a goddamn shame. So many mornings waking up and
taking a shower. Oh sure, a couple of morning blow jobs in there, but
mostly very unsexy plodding to work. I felt that somehow I had wasted
my entire life up to this moment. Well, maybe up to the blow job at the
Shady Tree.
She grabbed my attention back by shifting into a higher gear.
Her hips used the six-inch throw she had to make her cunt a moving
target as the adrenaline made me feel like I would finish with her and
then simply pick up the building and shake my things into place.Then I
could get back to fucking this marvellous woman.
I rolled her two-thirds- three quarters?- who cares, on her belly
as I felt the now familiar tremor that announced her climax. My knee
pushed her top leg up and I pounded into her in that awkward but
satisfying position. Her whines of passion were as delicate and feminine
as any I had heard her make as I pumped her through her first orgasm
of the day.
I swear I don't remember when I came. I noticed, I just didn't
note it. The spewing semen was lost in the strident motion of her butt
and our animal growls of pleasure. She was coming too and believe me
that made the hectic chain of events a little hard to keep straight. Thank
God I'm an instinctive fucker.
And I was a happy, still excited and enervated fucker even
when the writhing wound down and we were breathing hard to regain
our wits. I still felt like I could pick up the building and shake it.
But that was hardly necessary. We had done most of the work
I had planned for today last night between our bouts of rutting. We fit in
that way as well. I knew where utensils went and she had an uncanny
knack for design that left no doubt where we should put the furnishings.
There were a couple of errands I had to run. After breakfast I
explained carefully everything I would be doing and how long I thought
it would take me. I interspersed these missions with pleas that she not
get impatient and that she wait for me to return. She was teasingly
non-comittal as she had been all last night and the question whether she
would be there to greet me when I returned gnawed at me as I changed
all the services into my name. It was like a worm in the back of my
The worm quickly grew into a python when I returned to find
the only change Judy had made in her wardrobe was to hang up her
coat. She was laying out on the patio on the chaise lounge as naked as
she could be where peeping neighbors were welcome to get an eyefull.
She wasn't a bit self-conscious, but I couldn't remain so
nonchalant. It wasn't just that she was running around naked. It was
that she was running around naked in the body that I had enjoyed so
totally and so recently.
"I can tell you're horny," she told me as I tried to sidle across the
room. "I'm not blind. I think it's kind of cute. Don't you want to do
something about it?"
"I don't want to use up all my fucks too quick," I defended
my timidity.
"What?" she asked.
"You said you wanted to fuck me three times a day. I don't want
to use them all up and go without," I explained.
"Three was a minimum kind of number," she smiled, "and
anyway, this is a new fuck special weekend."
I didn't have to ask. I knew what she meant- that first blush
hunger that comes from tapping some strange. But I really didn't want to
fuck her right then. Sure, I could, but I felt the need to pace myself a
little if I was going to get the most out of our weekend.
That didn't mean we couldn't play around a little, however.
I got naked, but I refused to join her outside. There was a
privacy fence surrounding the patio, but that was more its title than its
actual function. I knew I could see through it and that meant others
could look in just as easily.
I already felt like enough of an exhibitionist after our well-lighted
fucking in front of uncurtained windows last night. In a sense I thought
that was a fine introduction to my neighbors, but I didn't want to follow
it up with blatant sex outside on the patio. Last night had been arguably
a faux-pas, forgetting the undraped windows in our passion. Prudes
could forgive and the rest might be happily titillated by a chance glance.
I didn't want to make it a pattern that would say we were in-your-face
exhibitionists. Whether Judy moved in or not, I was going to live there.
I told her I would be willing to participate in her exhibitionist
leanings, but not where the neighbors could complain and she seemed to
understand. At least she came in the apartment so we could make out
on the couch.
That was an interesting concept. While it was understandable
and as much the fault of my busy life as Ann's, it was something we had
not had time for. I found it refreshing to kiss like teenagers in our new
living room.
But I am a man and easily led. Our kissing gave way to kissing
and a fondle or two and then ear nipping and neck nibbling. Without
meaning to and without really noticing the process, I found myself on top
of her on the couch. My thigh was between hers and my cock was
resting on the smooth skin of her inner thigh, pointed at her bush.
I guess it was only her fault for being willing and accessible. I
know she didn't lift me between her legs. I moved between her thighs
on my own and that was the concession that made the rest inevitable.
She wrapped her legs around me and my cock rested in the gap
of her engorged and moistening slit as we kissed some more. It started
with me moving my cock just a little bit so it would rub across her clit
and excite her. Then I had to feast on her taut brown nipples for both
our benefits.
The lower position- the motion of her hips- if there is blame,
then it belongs to our bodies' designer. There was no place for my hard
cock to go but inside her welcoming cunt. Okay, I didn't fight it. I may
have even moved forward a bit when the head found her opening.
But it wasn't like we were fucking. My cock had just found the
most normal place to rest while we were making out on the couch. And
the action was still our mouths. My cock moved a little in the wet
warmth, but mostly we were still with my cock tranquil in the grip of her
We all know where it was going. I can say I wasn't going to
fuck her all year and it won't make it the truth. But a rap on the door did
what my resolve had failed to do.
I jumped up and put on my pants and Judy just sat up.
There was a stranger at the door when I answered the knock.
"Hi, I'm Justin from next door," said the tall blonde man. "I saw
you moving in and thought I'd come over and introduce myself."
I stepped back to let him in, but tried to herd him into the
kitchen where there were no aroused naked ladies. I introduced myself
and offered to make us some coffee when he looked at the way I was
hastily dressed.
"Bad timing, huh," he snickered and then lowered his voice to a
confidential rasp, "I thought you two had banged enough last night to last
a week."
It was my turn to grin sheepishly. We had not gone unnoticed.
That was only mildly embarrassing and greatly exciting. We had an
eavesdropper on the other side of the wall.
"Well, you know, new place and all, it's kind of exciting," I said.
"The Taj Mahal isn't that exciting, man," he said. "I think you are
just a real hot couple. And I hate your luck."
Judy took that opportunity to peek around the doorframe and
say, hi. I was feeling pretty superior right then and I knew Judy was only
waiting for my okay to come in. So I gave it to her.
"Come on in, honey, if you want to. Meet Justin from next
door," I introduced him.
I was right. She was waiting for the invitation. Justin's head
snapped around when she stepped into the doorway and he was
transfixed while he let his eyes roam up and down and back again over
Judy's beautiful naked self.
"Damn, I better get out of here and let you two get back to
what you were doing," Justin said, getting up from his chair.
Now it was my turn to grin and his to be sheepish. I waved my
had in a dismissing gesture.
"No, no, we just haven't moved any of her clothes in here yet," I
explained. "She's kind of doomed to an au natural existance until we get
It did little to ease his discomfort. At the same time I could see
he was intrugued with the situation. More than that, I could see Judy
was really enjoying flaunting herself for him. That was just what I
needed, Judy more oversexed than usual. I tried to groan to myself, but
it didn't wash. I liked the idea of Judy as hot as she could be, whatever I
tried to pretend.
"Yeah, but I'm feeling pretty restless sitting here and not
knowing where to look," Justin said.
I thought it was a pretty open confession, but Judy chided him.
"Oh come on, grow up," she told him, "Look where you want.
I'm just naked. If I was coming on to you, believe me, you'd know it."
"She's right," I piped up, "She's not shy at all."
"I can see that," Justin said. "I can also see she's very, very sexy
and I'm going to get a woody."
"Why thank you, but I'm afraid you'll find that urge goes away
after you get used to seeing me naked," Judy told him. "And if you're
going to come over here much, you'd better get used to seeing me
I was having a great time watching Justin absorb all the attitude.
If he hated my luck before, he had to be beyond rage with it now. Here
was this sexy woman telling him she ran around naked all the time. I
could guarantee he was going home and jack off at least twice. Once
just because he knew he had caught us fucking and a second time
because he knew Judy was on the other side of the wall walking around
He quickly brought my prophecy to pass by excusing himself
again and leaving. As soon as the door closed, I dropped my pants.
"If you get to run around naked, I get to run around naked," I
Judy had been lying to Justin. Or maybe I just wasn't 'used' to
her yet. But looking at her pad back into the living room and sit cat-like
on the couch was restoring my hard-on. I called her on it.
"How long does it take to get used to you?" I asked, pointing to
my hard-on with both hands.
"Honey, that wasn't meant for you," she purred, "It doesn't work
that way with you. I said he'd know if I was coming on to him and you
do. I'm always coming on to you- anytime, anywhere, anyway. I just
hope you always have a hard-on for me, because you know that you
can have me always."
I was humping her before. I might as well go hump her again. It
seemed like the only intelligient option given that we had already got
more done than I had scheduled for all of today.
"I think you should fuck me up against Justin's wall," she
breathed as I began to move my hands over her body.
"I think you should fuck ME up against Justin's wall," I
countered, "It's been my turn for an awful long time."
"All you had to do was ask," she said, playing nicely with my
I had no idea how we were going to manage that. I could see
myself holding up one of her legs while I pounded into her as she leaned
against the wall like a Roman whore, but I couldn't visualize the reverse
of that. Every way I could think of involved me doing most of the work
and some damn heavy lifting.
Of couse we only had to turn around and face the situation. Or
at least get her situation facing the other way. She helped me move a
chair by the wall so she could grip it and then leaned me against Justin's
shared wall. She told me to spread out my feet and get really
comfortable leaning and then she dropped down and sucked my cock
into her mouth.
It was good that she positioned me before. I wouldn't have
known comfortable from standing on spikes with my cock in her mouth.
There was very little about my surrounding being processed as my
attention was fixed on the feel of bumping her throat and the hot wetness
enveloping my hard-on.
"Now, baby, you're going to get it the way I like it," she
announced and stood up and turned around.
The best part was that she was tall enough for this sillyness to
work. I kept my hands pressed to the wall and she reached back to
hold my cock steady as she backed onto it. This was different. It
certainly wasn't sticking my dick in her and it wasn't the same as her
rolling on top either. It made me think of those times when you're frozen
as the jizm is flooding out of your cock and the woman is hammering her
hips at you to get the most out of you she can.
That's a pretty good memory to be accessing. And I had no
doubt that Judy was going to fufill that expectation and probably surpass
it. I hadn't been disappointed by anything she had done so far.
Judy said later that she was making it up as she went. At the
time it seemed like she had done it a lot. She was accurate from the
start, thrusting back and curling her ass down on my cock with no
painful bending or misses. She dropped into a rhythm quickly, tilting her
hips most effectively as she drove her butt back and forth on my cock.
She pulled off with her butt tucked under so I rode the top of her
cunt and then pushed back with her ass high so I had an open target to
sink deep inside. And all the time I just purred and hummed as I leaned
against the wall and let her fuck me.
"Take this you lazy bastard," she gasped as her hips hammered
back at me.
She must have been excited by impaling herself on my cock
because her ass was ramming back at me hard and fast now. I jerked
my hips to make my cock wiggle a little and to push hard into the firm
roundness of her butt as she pressed it back on me.
"Take it, fuck you, take it," she gasped again as her exertions
became total.
I don't know where she was getting the excitement, but it was
obviously growing quickly. For me it was like a careful blow job. She
had me hot and straining for climax, but I was stuck on that ridge
squirming for the stimulation that would pop me over the top and let my
balls give her womb the cum-bath she deserved.
I tried to help her by bucking my hips up against her, but that
only increased the depth of the hollow feeling. Until she came. Her cunt spasmed and it was as if she was sucking my cock with her other lips.
That was near enough. I decided the wall was dispensable. I
grabbed her hips and leaned over her to fuck hard into that twitching
cunt. And that was finally enough. I felt her butt crunch up under my
invading thighs just that one more time it took and let loose that first
spurt of the drawn-out cum I squirted inside her.
"I thought you wanted me to do all the work," she gasped as
soon as she could gather the breath.
"You can work on me now," I said and wiggled my still-hard
cock inside her.
She did. And it was the most enjoyable series of grinds you can
imagine. It was stimulation severe to my over-sensitive just-cum cock,
but it lay inside the limit since this caress was delivered with the juicy wet
kiss of her quivering cuntflesh. And it went on and on since my cock
showed no interest in drooping given its fix of stimulation.
Could I have fucked her again right then? I half think, half hope
so. But I wanted to preserve my precious fluids. At this rate, she was
going to fuck me twelve times a day! Wouldn't that have to damage
your heart?
So I pulled away from her a little while after her swaying hips
were past the point of the after-fuck stimulating of my cock and into the
attempt to get me hard again.
"You should wait until I put you in the will before you fuck me to
death," I told her.
"Will you, baby? Will you really?" She asked with sudden avid
interest, "Will you really let me fuck you to death?"
"I think you might despite my best efforts to avoid it," I
She was dead against me taking a break and practically begged
me to sit down so she could suck me off. I bargained a reprieve. It was
getting toward 3:00 and we fucked through lunch. I'd even fix a lunch
for us if she'd wait until we ate to suck my dick.
She waited until I was eating at least. She complained that she
needed a 'special sauce' on her sandwich and crawled under the table to
lick my cock back to erection. I finished my sandwich as she started
sucking on the renewed rod.
"Oh God, baby, take me," I capitulated and pushed my hips to
the edge of the chair and leaned back.
She wasn't in a hurry to make me cum. Just being engaged in
sex at all times seemed to be her goal. She slid slowly up and down my
crank, sucking hard on the outstroke. I let her play any way she wanted.
She took a full half hour sucking my dick. She stopped to lick
the straining pole several times and ask if I wanted her to stop. I didn't.
It was a good way to spend the afternoon. Even the times she brought
me tantalizingly near and let me tremble in the straining, ecstatic suffering
of almost cumming were somehow relaxing. She would drop down to
lick my balls then until the need receded and go back to sucking my
dick with leisurely sucks to build that need again.
She obviously loved her work. I loved her craftmanship. I was
also glad for the break of sorts and was willing to stand the drawn-out
stimulation for the respite from the draining of cumming and then her avid
seeking for me to come erect again and give her more.
You know you've got it tough when the problem you have is the
constant eagerness of your partner for sex. At least from the male point
of view. I'm guessing that women like Ann feel it is tough and that it is
their cross to bear as a woman.
Judy confronted that perception of a problem as she neared the
end of the first thirty minutes sucking my cock.
"I thought you'd be a little more aggressive wanting to fuck me,"
she said as she lightly stroked my spit-slick prick. "Not that I'm
complaining about your performance so far."
"I'm just afraid that I'll be cumming little puffs of air before the
day is over and I've got plans for tonight," I told her, happy to explain.
"Not to mention high hopes of constant sex through the week-end."
"I'll get you all the raw eggs and oysters you need to make it,"
she promised. "Now what about these plans for tonight?"
"Can't you guess?" I chided her, "I've got a woman that isn't
afraid to put the 'ass' in piece of ass and you wonder what I'm thinking?"
"Does it have to be dark?" she asked. "If you want to fuck me in
the ass, why don't you fuck me in the ass?"
It was a revealing question. I had to examine my preconceptions.
I guess it started with making sure you got laid before you tried to stick
it in their butt. That made it a late night thing. And it made me think in
terms of build-up to the event.
"I had this whole ceremony thing planned," I told her, "I guess
you wouldn't know what some women put men through. Besides, I
wanted it to be romantic and all."
"Get over the guilt," she scolded me. "I like to get fucked in the
ass. It makes me cum too. I like to suck cock. You don't seem to have
a problem letting me do that."
"I guess we'll have to work on that," I grinned at her, "But that
means I'll have to ass-fuck you a lot to get it through my thick skull."
"Oh God, no!" she said in mock horror. "Does that mean you're
going to start now?"
She had screwed with my mind. The suggestion that I fuck her
ass now made my dick throb with the thought. I had forgotten my fear
that I would fuck myself out.
"Don't we have to get something to grease you?" I asked.
"Bring me the but-ha," she imitated Brando.
She gave me a last couple of unneeded sucks before she got up
and bent over the table. But she had only begun to fuck with my brains.
She let me smear butter all over her crack and push two butter-rich
fingers into her asshole and then she started the propaganda.
"We really don't have to have the grease if you want to fuck me
in the ass," she said, "Just so you know."
"Doesn't it hurt without lubrication?" I asked.
"I just said without grease," she corrected, "So we can do it
anytime, anywhere you want."
I was her puppet now. She was leading me around by the
hard-on. Lucky for me, she seemed to always lead me where I really
wanted to go.
"What are you talking about? I'm confused," I told her.
"Spit- you just have to lick my asshole until it gets relaxed and I
can take you pretty easy- don't you remember?" she said.
That seemed years ago. And with another woman. She was
somebody else's woman then and a faceless adventure. I remembered
licking her asshole as the price of admission. Maybe it was a bad
"And you like being rimmed, too, don't you," I accused.
She grinned. Hell, I felt different now. I wanted to be good for
this lady. I buried my face in her buttcrack and rimmed her.
I recommend hot, buttered asshole highly. It has a pleasant
masking taste and a makes the slippery viscera of the rectum a joy ride
to slide your tongue over. It is no less welcoming to push your cock into.
Somehow the future didn't count anymore with her butt spread
open for me and wiggling enticingly. Fucking her in the ass was what I
was saving myself for in any case. There was only the slightest resistance
as my cock expanded the loosened hole to fit tight inside. And then it
was a slippery slide down into the buttered sheath.
Yee-ee-fucking-hah! Her ass quivered in concert with my entry.
No mistaking her enjoyment of taking my cock up her ass. It was more
than went in easy, but it was a case of getting more by sweating for it.
She groaned encouragement, but her ass jerked like a paralytic
as I buried the last couple of inches. I'm guessing you're never ready
enough for the whole dick until you've had the whole dick. Of course,
they could be shivers of joy as I open the last of the new ground.
Somehow they felt more like shivers of shock than joy, but then
you never know what a person might like. Judy put on a pretty good
show, at least, of liking it and wanting it more fierce and overwhelming
before I let her up.
Whatever turns you on. I preferred to think she was only
enduring it, perhaps even not tolerating it. I liked the idea of forcing it on
her. I think she liked the feeling of being forced herself. Along with
showing off, being punished, being bound and every other sort of
heightened sexual stimulation she could get.
But right now it was asshole-pounding dick on the agenda. I
wasn't anywhere near as romantic as I planned. No sweet violin music
and tender slow thrusting while touching her with a rose petal. It was all
the frantic activity telescoped down into a table-leaning rump-romping.
The half hour blowjob didn't help my calm. All that anticipation
burst into her ass along with the full length of my prick and drove me to
seek the succor of running repeatedly aground against the yielding port
of her upturned backside.
It cheapened the fun of butt-fucking her, but it didn't shave a
sliver off the intensity of my excitement. My cock wanted to shoot and
her asshole wanted to help it. Her whole butt wanted to help it. Her
cries and whispers wanted to help it.
I guess I'm lucky to get good help. We both had the edge of the
table in a death grip- her for comfort and me for additional power. I was
not being reticent about probing her ass with all the force I could muster.
Judy was calling for more. Her capacity to absorb my fury far
outreached my ability to deliver. She liked it deep and hard. Or maybe
she just liked it. Lord knows I wasn't complaining.
I was humping her butt like I was trying to tenderize swiss steak
She was squirming like she was a dog and I was rubbing her stomach.
But the tremor wasn't her hind foot. It was the volcano of my cum
boiling up out of my balls and erupting into her bowels.
The shudders as I recovered kept bringing me back to my
senses. Even gripped in the tight warmth of her colon, my cock was
sending out messages of distress. I'm tired and I ache, it was saying.
"You have the most accomodating butt," I told her.
"I like it rough," she said with a growl in her voice.
"And you can certainly whip a man into a frenzy where he has to
give it to you that way," I agreed. "At least I know now how Ann felt, if
I do not share her reaction to the idea."
"Huh?" she prompted.
"I felt like I was your lunch," I explained. "I think that's the way
Ann felt with me. But she didn't like it. I think you can eat me up."
Judy made a non-comittal humming noise. It was her signal that
she had more information on the subject which she was not going to
reveal, although I didn't recognize that at the time.
At least that monumental collision slowed her a bit. She rested
on the table with my cock up her ass for the better part of ten minutes. I
was half in a trance and afraid to stir the ether and she seemed to be
finally resting.
Self-awareness returned last. When I realized I was standing
naked in the kitchen window behind an equally naked lady sprawled
across the table, I stirred and sat down. Judy lifted herself up slowly and
then carefully took a seat on my lap.
"Well, stud," she purred into my ear from where her head rested
on my shoulder, "It looks like that took it out of you."
"Ha," I countered, "I've been on batteries since Justin was
Ha, myself. As her sexy ass rested on my lap, I could feel the
intent of my prick. It was only unable, not unwilling to rise up and dare
another plunge inside her. It was. It was trying to find the position, call
back the blood, get up so it could explore this woman again.
Well, fuck it, I thought. Pacing may not be the way to think of it.
Go until you can't and then worry about the recovery. Get it while you
can. Is that ever bad advice? I relayed my brainstorm.
"Then when can we go again?" was the instant response.
As soon as I- unaided- got hard- no blowjobs- I would let her
have it, I told her.
She suggested the shower. And she was a good girl as we took
one together. She even insisted that I wash my own crotch so she
couldn't be accused of trying to rush me. But it was letting me wash her
that did the damge- if you call it that.
Soap-slippery breasts plopping through my hands, firm ass
polished to shining by my buffing hands, deep secrets calling me from
under their hairy retreat, my explorations put me on the road to lust
harbor again.
The hot water was working magic with my circulation and just
possibly, the pause was giving my recuperative powers a head start. We
decided not to push it and take a nap.
Like that was going to happen. We got all snuggled in all right,
but then the hands came into play. And I do mean play. She'll tell you I
started it, but I was just holding her. I had one hand between her legs
and gathered her breasts on my arm and cupped one. A sensual
position to be sure, but I was keeping my hands still.
It was her hand that was stroking up and down my thigh. Up to
the hip- pausing and sliding to the front as she slid it down. Not touching
but close enough I could feel the heat of her fingers on my dick. I've
admitted I was in a position that didn't help me maintain my cool, but I
say it was her provocation.
I don't think it will be the argument that breaks us apart. My
dick getting hard wasn't exactly the worst thing to happen to us. I had
made my peace with fucking her until my dick wore off. Now I was
ready and the kidding began.
"For a guy that doesn't want to get worn out, you sure are back
for more pretty quick," she teased.
"I guess I just rest faster than you're used to," I told her.
"Yes, rest, isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?" she
I answered with deeds by pushing my cock down between her
legs. I rubbed it ever so slightly back and forth over the lips of her pussy and then made a show of yawning loudly.
"Yeah, that's right," I countered, "I guess we should nap."
I could feel she was too wet to nap. There was a cock right
there for her and I knew she wouldn't wait. She did a great job of trying
to force me into the first move, however. She masturbated herself slowly
on my cock, hoping I would crack and shove it inside her.
Her hope ran with my fear that I would never get my cock inside
her. I feared she could make me cum with her art and her skill and I
would have to make do with that pale presentation out side the comfort
of her cunt.
"Since neither of us is going to give in, why don't we agree and
then we can go on and fuck each other," she suggested.
I answered by sliding my hips forward and tilting them up to set
the head of my cock to her opening. We both slid toward each other
and the stalemate was broken. It was a win-win conpromise.
Her cunt was so fluffy soft and grasping that I wondered for a
moment how I had become so centered on fucking her ass. That made
me think of Ann and that reminded me why I wanted to ram my hard
cock into a resisting hole.
But if this did turn into a regular thing, I knew her cunt was going
to get more than its fair share of my cock. That is, if I could keep her
from crawling between my legs and sucking me dry before I got the
chance to stick my dick in her.
I had time to ponder these things as we rocked into each other
at a leisurely pace, unhurried by the strident call of lust. It was all good
feelings and nothing but good feelings as we put our apparatus to its
proper use in a way that let us appreciate the nuances.
At least for the time it took to have that thought.
We both say it was the other that started putting a little more
emphasis on our movements. In any case, the writhing had more
purpose. We weren't relaxing anymore. She was grinding on my cock
and I was making sure to dig it as deep into her slit as I could force it.
It turned out to be just the right position for our stage in the
course of the day. Even when I put my hand on her mound to hold her
and squeezed my arm across her breasts, I couldn't make my thrusting
effective enough to raise me beyond interested fucking. I wasn't bored
by any means, but it didn't seem to be getting me any closer to filling her
cunt with cum.
At this point in the day, it was a perfect way to keep my libido
satisfied and not rob the rest of the night of more furious fucking and
lewd hijinx. It was also better for Judy. My fingers straddling her split on
the lips of her cunt had her clit trapped between them. As I pulled her
against me, she was stroked and squeezed into a series of small climaxes
After a long time, Judy noticed the oddity of the situation. I had
been fucking and stroking her for more than an hour during which she
had gasped and twitched and cum time after time to the point where her
mouth was dry and there was still no indication that I was going to end
"You want to put it in my ass to get off?" she croaked with her
parched tongue.
"No, that's not it," I assured her, "I was just enjoying this mezzo
fuck. Most of the fun stuff without all the fury. Partly it's me getting
fucked out. Partly it's that I can't fuck you strong enough laying like this."
"Then roll me over. I'm exhausted," she admitted.
"Then why don't we take a little nap like this," I suggested.
"That sounds nice, but you know we can't leave it like that.
Anyway, I need something to drink. My mouth is like cotton," she said.
I felt pretty damn proud of myself. I thought I had fucked her
into submission. She got off my cock and off the bed and went into the
kitchen. I lay back with my hands behind my head feeling like a big shot.
She came back in with a tall glass of ice water and caught me
preening. An evil grin spread over her face.
"I knew we were soul mates," she said, "I think we could have
something extraordinary together."
I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but it soon
became evident that she thought I had anticipated her plans. She thought
I had rolled on my back to give her easy access to my cock. She
crawled up the bed between my legs and began to lick my cock as it
lay on my belly. My cock still had the form of an erection without the
stiffness to make it rise, but she soon took care of that my sucking it
into her mouth. Like an experienced porn star, she was able to make my
dick look hard as she sucked on in and out strokes.
And soon she didn't need the skill any more. She restored my
hard-on with a restoration that went right past hard to aching need. And
then she put the ice cube in her mouth and went to work.
It was the ultimate icon of come here- get away as the ice made
my cock want to shrivel and her active tongue made me want to swell
and burst. Pockets of warmth, pockets of cold, my dick didn't know
what was where and I gave up any attempt at trying to figure or think at
all. I tried to relax and let her suck me off- as far as that was possible
while my hips twitched and my loins strained with the exquisite feelings
her mouth was firing in my groin.
She didn't renew the quandry when the ice melted. She went to
work. It was as if I was suddenly in the midst of a frantic blow job as
her mouth warmed and I again understood what was happening. And
what was happening was impending eruption. She had me on the
pinnacle and she was going to take me the quick way down.
In this case, the quick was was all the way down. Sensing my
orgasm, she swallowed me whole, bumping a little as my cock slid past
the back of her mouth and into her throat. Ignoring a protesting gagging
she bobbed at that extremity and I could only screech and she fucked
her throat on my cock and took the full blast of my cum straight down
her esophogus.
I wanted to marry her- buy her- keep her all to myself as I
tremored and twitched with aftershocks in the afterglow. Her
throat-fuck went so far beyond a blow job I was having trouble
believing what she had just done. Especially since I already loved her for
her blow jobs. This woman had more tricks than Blackstone.
"That didn't put you out of commission, did it?" she asked
"Sounds like it did you more harm than me," I replied.
"My throat doesn't like it, but you seemed to," she said.
I wanted to- make that I felt I should- tell her not to hurt herself
like that, but I didn't want to give up a feeling like that. I comforted
myself that she had done it on her own and that she seemed justly proud
of the accomplishment. Lord knows, I was impressed.
I also felt invigorated and recharged by the fantastic energy she
had released. But that was illusion, as I found as I tried to hop off the
bed and make some pointless manly gesture. My knees didn't work. I
could hardly stand and when I did, I wobbled. I plopped back on the
bed with a puff of exertion.
"I think you sucked me dizzy," I told her and she giggled.
"Yes, I sucked you, but don't call me Dizzy," she shot back.
I felt like I should take her out for supper or a movie or
something, but she didn't have a thing to wear. Ordinarily that's a bullshit
excuse, but Judy wasn't an ordinary woman. Still it was getting toward
evening and all we had done was fuck all day. Okay, fucked, met a
neighbor, fucked, ate lunch and then fucked all day. And I had gotten
all the services switched on.
Thinking about it that way, I supposed I had done everything I needed to before the weekend. I had interfaced my new place with the
outside world and now it was just a matter of settling in. But the only
place I could keep my mind on settling in was Judy. And her constant
instigation had done nothing to discourage that obsession.
But now I was sure she had dragged me far beyond my physical
limitations. I couldn't even walk, for Christ's sake. I needed a break, but
I didn't dare lie in bed. In fact, I couldn't think of a place I could rest that
she wouldn't be able to further tempt me to overdo.
I cast about wildly for some domestic chore that would be a
substitute. After all, she had helped me put the place in order last night. I
drew a blank, but I finally had the brilliant idea to ask her.
"Is there anything you want to change or put up so you feel more
at home?" I asked and added a hopeful, "After all, this will be your place
too when you move in."
She let the remark pass without comment. That was progress to
my mind. She had stopped her teasing answers to my repeated pleas.
"The only thing I have is my coat," she pointed out. "And you let
me arrange the place from the start."
She was good at it. I liked her ideas as far as I cared- which
wasn't very far. But it did leave us back at the beginning as far as finding
something to do besides fuck. But sensing my mood, Judy was even
helpful in thinking up a little diversion.
"If you're looking for something to do, why don't you set up that
gas grill I saw on the patio," she suggested. "We could cook out."
The set up was a matter of setting the tank in its holder and
hooking up the hoses. But cooking would take a little longer. It was a
great idea, but I was going to have to find a way to explain that I didn't
want us prancing nude on the patio.
I found that she remembered my reasoning from that morning. I
also discovered that she had solved the problem for herself. I had a fine
chef's apron that she would wear. She insisted that I wear boxer shorts.
By the time I had the grill set up, she said we were ready to light
the fire. It was another omen that I had made a good move. The igniter
had always been a little touchy before, but after the jostling of moving to
its new location something must have jiggled just right. It caught at the
first push and the fire lit with a quiet whoosh rather than the loud pop
too much propane gave when I had to snap the damn thing five or six
times to start the fire.
What the hell else could go right? I was beginning to fear it all
had been a dream. Nothing this good ever happens to me.
Judy did nothing to dispel that fear as she brought out the steaks
on a platter. My apron had never suited anyone more. She was both
adequately covered and teasingly revealed in the long apron. Her butt
was a sweet, round target sticking out naked in the back. Her breasts weren't exposed, but they were accessible to both hand and eye behind
the loose sides of the fabric. At the same time she was wearing a cover
that should seem modest from the viewing distance of my neighbors.
At least I convinced the worrying part of my mind that she was
covered enough because I liked the costume. How it could be that I
considered her bare rear view covered enough was one of those
mysteries of testosterone. The affect it had was no mystery.
Glancing at the full swoop of her breasts from the side and the
twin globes of firm buttflesh taunting me with availability and promise
turned the tables. She may have been covered at a distance, but I was
exposed. The peek-a-boo glimpses of this sexy woman had made
Mr. Weiner venture out for a look and I was the one on display.
I tried to coax my hard-on back into my underwear, but it kept
finding the fly and sticking out for the world to see.
"You want me to cover that up for you?" Judy asked as she
backed up against my stiff prick.
It was tempting, but I had steaks to fry and that helped me turn
down that lucious offer and keep to the business at hand. And I like my
meat rare, so it was not much of a delay as I seared and then warmed
the steaks through.
"And, no, I don't want you to sit on my lap," I told her as we
went in to sit down and eat.
She stuck her tongue out at me. At least she didn't pout. I think
she already had a sense of my thoughts. She had been like that before.
I wanted the chance to drool over unwrapping her.
I've never been big on costumes, preferring naked women and
action to the more passive peeping at half-hidden treasures. But after a
full 24 hours of watching, fucking and licking her naked body, I was
ready for a little hide and seek. I could use the excitement of just the
motion that let a nipple wink past my view, the anticipation of the apron
moving just enough to let me glimpse her bush. Despite my every effort,
she would have to be satisfied with the static view of my cock poking
its curious head out of the fly of my underwear.
It was a new game. It was a fun game. We drew out the play
through washing the few dishes. Oh sure, I nestled my cock in the crack
of her ass and grabbed a tit in each hand- but that was just play. We
both simmered as we each tried to turn up the fire under the other in
preparation for the uninhibited clash that would come when he broke
down and collided in unrestrained rutting.
I wanted her like a virgin again and she looked at me like she
was starving and I was food. She toyed with the apron. I toyed with her
nipples. We were getting closer and closer. We wanted more and more.
All it took was a kiss to touch off the frenzy.
For a moment I wondered if we had enough for supper. She
attacked my mouth like a starving woman. If anything, I had
underestimated the stored passion that burst through as our tongues
came together and we wrapped our bodies around each other.
The head of my cock was a little tender as it rubbed against the
material of the apron and I helped her pull that out of the way and off.
.At the same time I lost the boxers and we were naked in each other's
arms. But this was a subtlely different naked together. At least for me
the pull of hot sex had dimmed a little and had been replaced by an
even stronger pull of just wanting my body pressed against hers.
Closeness, companionship- love? What was my addled mind
telling me? And how far could I trust it? Fresh from anger and betrayal,
was I grasping desperately at the next thing to come along, or, more
likely, was I bewildered by the onslaught of non-stop sex she had
thrown at me?
She was gripping me back in a mirror of my need and my body
responded while my head whirled. Again with a kiss that drew me down
into the pit where there was no thinking, only increasing need.
"Bedroom," I gasped out when our lips parted, "Hurry."
We didn't hurry. We edged toward the bedroom, unwilling to
loosen out grips on each other. Once there, we fell together on the bed.
Twining legs replaced arms and our hands were free to stroke and
fondle again.
"Damn you woman, I don't know how I can need you like this
again," I told her.
I was searching for answers. I didn't know. Rather than be
offended at my clumsy search, she smiled and pulled me on top of her.
"Shut up and fuck me," she told me, her face all soft and willing.
There was something else there- a distance, a sadness- hidden at the edges of her eyes as she adjusted her hips to find my hardness. It
was a mixture of victory and regret reflected as my cock sank into her
once again.
But I may have been projecting my own thoughts onto her. It
was not a good time to be making subtle determinations. Sliding balls
deep into the best pussy you've ever fucked can skew perception. But
without doubt, it was a quieter, calmer fuck than any of the many that
had come before. Even she was content to savor the feel of my cock
filling her without forcing the frenzied activity that had marked our
coupling before.
"You're so good to me," I told her and she began to cry.
Talk about your kick in the balls. The horror I felt must have
been evident on my face. She snuffled back her tears to comfort me.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she gurgled, "It isn't you at all. It's all the
lost time."
It was nice to know, but my cock didn't understand. The
sudden gear change was too much for my erection. I was still inside
Judy, but I was worthless. She felt it too.
"Don't worry, honey," she soothed me, "just lie there and we'll
make it work."
And then her cunt grabbed me. That was enough to get my
dick's attention. A few light rakes of her nails on my back and I was
back in action. But I didn't feel right plowing into her now. She had
opened a can of worms and I wanted to understand.
I pulled out and rolled next to her. I took her in her arms and
said simply, "Tell me."
She finally gave up her reticence and it all poured out.
"Ann was using you. She thought of you as 'safe'. You had just
enough sex drive to use, but not enough to become unruly. She thought
she had the perfect thing going. I had Joey and that was a totally
different bargain. I swear he hates women. When I think back on the
abuse I endured....," there she paused and swallowed and then came
out with the real confession, "I wanted you, but I didn't want to be a
traitor to womanhood. I wanted to tell you, but I didn't. I was a traitor
to you instead. Until I saw what Ann was putting you through. I'm so
glad you didn't take it, but I still can't forgive myself for letting it go on. I
love you, dammit, and I let her do those things to you."
She broke back into tears, but this time I saw her distress as
sexy. So many things became apparent in her confession. She was
staying. And I could be a terrible bastard and still be better for her than
what she was coming from. I decided to make a burlesque of the
"You lousy bitch!" I said firmly, but without a trace of malice,
"I'll teach you to betray me."
Her confession had made her even more sexy than before. I
wanted her again and I was going to absolve her in a way we both
could appreciate.
"Roll over on your knees, bitch," I ordered.
She had caught my true mood and complied quickly, as happily
as a sobbing woman can. Faced with that beautiful twin-humped target,
I clambered up, grabbed her hips and and stuck my cock in her.
"I sentence you to fuck me when, how and where I want for as
long as I want you," I told her as I slammed up against her butt.
I fucked her until I had a fine edge of passion and then took her
to the next stop on the trail of repentance.
"Flat on your belly," I told her and when she complied, I
straddled her and ordered, "Put your legs together."
If Joey had been anywhere near as nasty as she had said, she
had been here before. I put a good dollop of vaseline in the crack of her
ass and squatted down over her.
My cock carried the lubrication into her asshole, but more
interestingly, it spread along her cheeks down the path my cock took to
its penetration. I moved my knees tight in against her to squeeze her
cheeks tighter with my thighs and created a heavenly tunnel from her
generous butt leading to the tight doorway of her anus.
"Yes, baby! Pin me down!" she exhulted as I fell forward and
my cock drove up her ass until her butt stopped me.
I liked deep the best, whether it was complete immersion,
complete possession, or the feeling my cock was seeking out her
deepest secrets. I had tried to jam as far into her ass as I could before,
but now I was finding that the inch or so of my cock that her pressed
buttocks prevented me from driving into her ass was no loss. I couldn't
feel the tight collar of her sphincter choking the root of my dick, but the
oiled flesh that served as a launching ramp into the hot sleeve of her
rectum was a suitable substitute.
And it seemed to have a greater effect on Judy, though perhaps
that was the angle that this position drove my cock into her ass. In either
case, she jerked quite pleasingly as I slapped down on her ass and
seemed to follow me up as I pulled out of her to pin her back to the
"Make me pay, honey," she begged, "Take it out on me the way
you like. I'm your dirty traitor slut and I need to be fucked!"
I liked the strain in her voice as she pleaded for me to take her. I
tried to fufill her wishes by boring out her backside with stiff, stern
"You owe me!" I growled and jammed her into the bed, "You've
got a lot of making up for the months you kept me out of this asshole!"
Other threats died unsaid as I held back the calvalcade of scenes
that were parading through my mind as I drilled out her captive hole. No
need to warn her of the ideas I was forming. Right now she was a tight
tunnel leading to a deep hole and that was all she needed to be.
But at least she had exorcised the demon that was Ann
completely from our coupling. I had no reason to avenge Ann's reticence
on her asshole. Ann was no longer worthy of notice. Scheming bitch, no
longer worth a thought, it was the asshole that ached for me to fill it that I
could attend to now.
And since I had filled it, I left off the thoughts of revenge and
only sought my own pleasure as I toyed with short and long strokes as
the desire took me. Her greased butt gave new meaning to pulling back
until only the tip of my dick was nestled in her tight hole and rocking
with short, teasing penetrations of her sphincter. It made the game of
pulling out so I was held only between her cheeks and then ramming
deep take on pleasures I had never known. I could give her the suspense
and uncertainty of that quick penetration without sacrificing the wonderful
grip her butt clamped on me even outside her asshole.
And when there was nothing left for me but to lean heavy on her
and jam her into the protesting bed, her captured butt made a firmer
cushion for me to compress as I sought out the limit my hard rod could
reach in her bowels.
The only loss was the bright splat as I spanked into her ass with
the fury of my passion. Her captured butt couldn't fly away as I jammed
into it. But the solid landing made up for that and her more sincere grunts
as I banged hard on her bottom added a sound more musical than the
splats could ever be.
She was the grunting target, the firm landing as I drilled out my
pleasure from her secret passage. I was the hard rod delving into her
tight hole for my own joy. And when I found it, she was the siren
announcing her reaction to my cum flooding her bowels with its white,
sticky pleasure enema.
I collapsed on her back when the spurting came to its trickling
end. She still had me deep in her ass and now she had me heavy on her
back. I made the pretense of another few thrusts to bring another
post-orgasmic shiver down my spine, but it was late in the day to do
Perhaps, I thought, at one point I could have waited deep in her
fundus and come alive once more to ream her anew, but that was many
climaxes ago. At this point in the day I was certainly done. Even the
persistent choking grip of her anus, while pleasant, wasn't stirring my
But I if I was giving up, I wasn't moving. I thought we were in
the perfect position to have a long talk.
"And how long did you deny me your ass?" I asked her, "How
long could I have been lying deep in you like this?"
"Within two weeks of meeting you the first time," she admitted.
"Then you are certainly sentenced to moving in," I said, "You
do have a lot to make up to me. And I want every bit of it and more."
"Okay, I was going to anyway," she said, "But it was because
of the sweet way you asked me the first night."
"Okay right back," I said as the conversation softened into
sincerity, "I never even dreamed of days like this one or nights like last
night. But I think there's even more to discover even after we get you
some clothes."
"Are you going to let me up so we can kiss romantically?" she
"Hell no," I laughed, "I feel pretty romantic right where I am."
It didn't last very long. My dick and her asshole conspired to
plop me out on her butt and I gave up and rolled off her. Then she rolled
into my arms and we had that romantic kiss.
"So you want me to wear clothes?" she asked.
"At some point, but that wasn't about right now," I replied, "I
know we will get along fine as -uh- roomates even when we're not
fucking every minute, but I'm planning on fucking you every time I can
get it up for a little bit longer."
She looked down at my crotch, up at me, back down to my
crotch and up at me again.
"I take it the next time will be a little later?" she asked petulantly.
"Smart asses turn me on," I warned her, "Is your ass ready for
another injection?"
She giggled and stopped teasing. She dropped back down and
we played at wrestling in a fatigued and lazy way that strongly resembled
hugging. But idyllic ideas of falling asleep in each other's arms were
burst by the ticking of the clock and the ridiculous early hour.
"Okay, I give up," I told her, "Tired as I am, I can't go to sleep
yet. It's way too early."
"And you're not in the mood to put up a spice rack," she added.
"I'm in the mood to fuck you again, I'm just not able," I told her.
"Then maybe you're in the mood to be nice to your new
roommate and indulge her soft, romantic side," she said.
I had no idea what she had in mind, but I was suspicious that she
wasn't revealing her true motives. So far, her idea of romance always had
something to do with my cock and one of her orifices.
She took a detour into the bathroom and emerged with a couple
of towels. It still didn't make a picture pop into my mind. She led me into
the living room.
"Now that it's dark, you're not worried about OUR neighbors,
are you?" she asked as she slid open the patio door.
She certainly had a way about getting what she wanted. But she
was right in her own way. We had been more bold inside in the light than
we would be on the patio in the dark. That was, as long as she refrained
from shouting.
She was well behaved as we took to the chaise on our towels.
The night air was cooler than the day, but still quite warm as the
breeze played with our naked bodies. And then it was her hand playing
with my naked body.
It was quite being enrolled in her service, trapped in her web of
desire and not our setting that intrigued me. It was only that we were on
her ground that contributed to my sense of mystery and excitement.
Or so I was maintaining. The sensation of the night air and
sounds of the neighborhood at night were inescapable parts of the
ambiance. So was the knowledge that any eye could be pressed to the
fence and watching us as we slowly prepared to have sex again.
Judy wanted it. I could rationalize it. And she enjoyed the feeling
enough to want to draw it out. That suited me most because I really felt
the need to re-coup. As far as I was concerned, the whole time I had
spent with Judy had been romantic, but a frantic, testosterone-laced
romance. This was the first time I could remember that she had been
willing to take it slow and let us explore each other's bodies with no
sense of urgency to get to the fucking.
I was struck by the irony that we verbally shared our deepest
secrets when were were in flagrante, but now when the self-revelations
would be more normal, we were silent. Somehow that seemed to mesh
with the irony of this foreplay being a delaying tactic rather than a
preparatory process.
She was just as silent when she rolled me onto my back and
climbed on top of me. She had served me well already in her availability
and now she was going to serve me with her expertise.
It gave me a reckless attitude. I no longer cared about the
neighbors. This wonderful woman was giving herself to me without any
demands for herself- at least at the moment. That was worthy of risking
whatever private fears I had of offending some nosy busybody that
might have their face pressed to our fence.
It was a brave stand for me, but one that was easy to take with
Judy astride my cock, riding me to ecstasy. All she was asking was for
me to allow her to please me. And if nothing else, like providing
explanations, she had proved her expertise in pleasing me.
Well, truth be told, it may have had less to do with bravery than
with my absorption in her talent. I guess that is a fine distinction since
outwardly it looked the same, but truthfully I know it had more to do
with my surrender to the pleasure of her marvellous sex than my resolve.
I didn't care where we were with her tight warmth covering my
cock. She had a way of pulling up on me from the base that erased most
coherent thought. It was her ability to make her cunt feel like it was
giving me a blow job that made me so brave. I vaguely realized that she
was rubbing herself on me as she gave me that sensation, but she
deserved her pleasure for the sensations she was giving me.
I reached up to amuse us both by kneading her breasts and we
fucked leisurely and silently in the night air. Well, quietly, since I had to
groan and moan a little as her delicious cunt sucked my cock.
After a time of riding on my horn, Judy added her mews and
purrs to my sounds. I saw my chance to add some imput of my own.
I guessed at what might tease her to greater excitenment.
"Maybe we should flip on the lights just in case our audience
would like a better look," I quietly teased her.
I thought her desire to fuck outside argued an exhibitionist streak
and I was trying to prod her with her kink a little. The faint rustle from
next door came as a complete surprise to me. Our audience must have
thought I had sensed him.
I think Judy was likewise unaware that we had eyes on us.
When she heard the rustle a light came on in her eyes and her hips took
on a deliberate new purpose as she pulled at my cock with her twat.
"No, make Justin get real close to the fence to see," she
replied, still gathering energy for her plunges down onto my pole. "If he
wants lights on, let him turn on his own."
I understood how Justin felt, both before and after getting caught.
I couldn't blame him. Even on this side of the fence, seeing how his
presence energized Judy, I didn't mind his gaze. Hell, he was the closest
thing I had to a buddy here. And Judy seemed pleased to perform for
It was still an accomplishment for her to bring me off again, but I
had long since given up being amazed at Judy's accomplishments. She
was the Einstein of sex as far as I was concerned. She was the Michael
Jordan of body control as she squirmed on me and used her inner
muscles to milk me into yet another orgasm.
Only my pessimistic fear that it was all somehow a big joke or
just a dream kept me from melting into blubbering gratitude for finding
this perfect answer to all my desires. I was used to the Anns of the
world and was having trouble believing in the Judys.
However, internal conflict wasn't enough to stop me from
scampering after my naked prize as she went back into the apartment.
She collapsed in the middle of the room and was giggling like a
naughty little girl with stolen cake on her face.
"I guess you were right," she gasped out in the midst of laughing,
"I couldn't imagine that anyone would be monitoring what went on out
there. Then again, I don't think Justin is representative."
"I agree," I told the cackling woman convulsed on the floor. "I
think he's a special case. Not everyone was driven mad by looking on
your enthralling nudity."
That evoked gales of fresh laughter. She was making a mess on
the carpet as her mirth was expelling my recently injected cum all over
the floor.
"I'm glad you're not mad," she gasped, "I really thought you
were being silly about anyone wanting to watch."
"No, no." I said. "I think it worked out perfect. I just didn't want
any hassles before I even got moved in. I don't think Justin is going to
complain. And it was kinda exciting in a kinky kind of way."
It wasn't my kink, but I did appreciate the way she responded.
For me, fucking was still the turn-on in sex. That sensation on my cock
and the white stuff shooting out the end is all the window dressing I need.
But thinking back, I had to admit that Justin's earlier appreciation of Judy
had made me feel a little more special when I put it to her.
Who knows? Certainly it wasn't me. I had been so immersed in
sex the past two days I didn't know where I stood. Except that right
then I was standing over a naked, leaking woman just coming out of a
laughing jag.
I figured we were one fuck away from closing out our second
day together. And that left a week-end for us to get tired of constantly
putting part of one of us into the other. I thought I could persevere to
last through that. At least as long as some part of me did not fall off.
I knew I had a great hope for what was beginning. It was
beyond belief, but only because it was too perfect. In my experience it
was unreal to find a partner that wanted what I wanted and was willing
to go along with the things I wanted, but she might not. But I hoped it
was true because, dammit, I deserved it.


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