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ATTITUDE video station slight dread


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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\b\f0\fs20 Emma's Attitude \par

by Jason D L (M/F, F/F, M+/F, spank, light bond, NC)\par \par This
story, inspired again by a request from a reader, involves subjects that
could get you serious time at the crossbar hotel were you to take them from
fantasy to reality, so don't think I am encouraging you to do them, just
presenting them fo your reading pleasure. Author retains all rights and
privileges of outhorship, but will alow reposting on FREE(not fake free but
truly free) websites, and also expressly permits the reposting, in toto, by
ASSM in whichever forum they choose to provide for this work. \par \par
\par \b0\f1\par

Emma had been restless all week long, waiting for The man who seemed to
constantly invade her thots to appear in her life again. Since the weekend
where he had made many of her fantasies come true, she had been resigned to
mere glimpses of him in a crowd as she walked into her building, or got on
the lift to her office's floor. She was very, very desperate for his
attentions once again, and the notes he sent her in innocuous packages,
such as patient files delivered by an errand boy, or express packages
dropped in her secretary's office simply made her all te more needy. Her
fingers were getting quite sore by now, and her puss itched for te feel of
flesh and blood male instead of the cool latex or plastic of the toys she
had bought since his first two, and only so far, visits. \par \par

When the woman arrived in her office at the end of the day, Emma's
patience was frayed. the note promising his arrival had come in the midst
of a stack of files, brought to her office by an earnest but nerdy young man, overweight and wearing cheap glasses, and even cheaper dress clothes,
probably off the rack at the local discount store, Emma thought privately.
The note was protruding from the stack, and Emma had seen the outline of
her leg in the picture stapled to the front of the note, his calling card
to her. She had snapped at the young man, afraid he had seen the
compromising photograph the stranger marked every note to her with, as to
assure her the missive was his, and not a false one. Reading the not
greedily, she noted he promised her a surprise visit after hours this
evening, and her juices pulsedinto the pad she had been forced to wear
these days, to protect from soaking her panties and gaments thru
inadvertently. With the promise of his visit, the last thing Emma needed
was to deal with an unscheduled patient, so when the woman made to speak to
her, Emma snapped out quickly of her closing soon.\par \par

Not noticing the woman's smirk, Emma paid no attention to the woman as
she made her way to the door, nor did she notice the woman's hand on the
door's lock, or the keyed padlock she was fastening around the door and in
to the secondary hasp that maintenance had installed a few days earlier, in
case Emma had wanted to secure her office better sometime. Emma only
noticed the woman was still in the office when she heard the woman's low
chuckle and saw the lights in the outer office going dim one by one. The
woman was walking towards her, hands unbuttoning her blouse, and shrugging
down her skirt, a wry grin on her face as Emma's eyes widened. On the
front of the woman's undershirt, just beneath her freely swinging,
erect-nippled breasts, was pinned a very stimulating photographic memory of
the weekend Emma had spent with the stranger, a weekend she had at first
resisted , but surrendered to after threats of the photos of a previous
encounter with The man had smartened her to accept the inevitable. Seeing
her naked form splayed so wantonly, the stranger's fist buried inside her
cunny, made Emma both tingle and despair a little. He had said a visit,
but not specifically from him, and Emma was afraid she knew what was soon
to happen to her. \par

Reaching down to pick her skirt up from the floor, the woman intorduced
herself to Emma as Susanna, opening her purse to hand a videotape to her,
and closing a hand over Emma's as she accepted the tape, drawing her to her
feet and leading her unerringly to the small room off her office that
contained Emma's fax machine, copier, and video station, where she viewed
patient workups from other radiologists, who often sent such with patients
to be Xrayed. When the woman drew her to stand beside her in front of the
video station, a slight dread of the unknown caused her feet to lag behind
her body, almost sending he sprawling as she stumbled against this Susanna,
whose relationship to The man was yet to be discovered. \par

When the picture on the screen cleared of static, emma saw the now
familiar visage of the stranger, smiling at her from the screen as her
insides melted with memories of the passsion he had brought in to her life.
His voice, warm with memories of her as well, told her of her instruction
for the night and morning, that her task was to obey this woman as if she
were himself, and trust that se knew as well as he did how to bring
pleasure and fulfillment to Emma's life. The picture changed suddenly to
one of her, fromtheir weeknd together, Emma's lips closed over The Man's
penis, working it in her mouth and suckling it as if she were a newborn
calf, her eyes happy and looking directly into the camera. The Man's voice
provided a commentray to her act of submission, reminding her that he knew
what was best for her and would see her soon. The woman's hand, cupped
Emma's botom, stroking it possessively as the tape continued cycling thru
scenes from the weekend, every bit of her activiteies encapsulated in the
flashes of scenes that zoomed past her widening eyes. When she felt her
skirt lifting from her thighs, Emma reflexively moved a hand back to push
it back down again, but regretted doing so immediately, as the woman's hand
tightened over hers, and dragged her from the small room. Emma was afraid
she had crossed some invisible line n this Susana's mind, but didn't know
what was to be her fate until she saw the direction they were headed
towards,the straight-backed, armless chair that sat in front of her desk,
but she held out hope that her guess was wrong.\par

When she felt the woman pulling her over her lap, face-down and panting,
Emma knew her guess was hooribly correct, and she closed her eyes in
self-pity as the woman dragged her hand behind her back and pulled her
remaining hand back to join it, tying it there with a silken cord she had
apparently brought in her bag. Feeling the back of her skirt flipping up
over her waist, Emma tensed her bottom as the cool air wafted over her
buttocks, now exposed by the hem of her panties being dragged down her
legs. A chuckle from the woman caused her confusion until waving in front
of her face she saw the pad she had been wearing to catch her abundant
wetness, which leaked from her all too often lately. When this woman
Susanna ordered her to open her mouth, Emma did so in shock, not obedience,
amazed that this woman would think she would willingly accept her
passion-drenched maxipad in her mouth. Apparently she did think that as
the pad was forced between her shocked teeth and a warning pinch between
her legs made her stop trying to force it back from inside her mouth.
Remembering the stranger's order to comply with this strange woman's orders
as if they were his', Emma felt helpless as her tongue tasted the
salty-sweet musk of her very own pussy. Feeling said pussy gushing a bit
of cream from inside at the thot of what she had just done, Emma heard the
woman chuckling and telling ehr that it wouldn't be the only lady's cream
she had in her mouth this evening. \par

Remembering what she was about to have happen to her, Emma tensed her
legs again, closing them as she felt the woman's hand rubbing over the taut
honey-colored skin on her bottom. The woman murmured to her now, bending
close to tell her softly in her ear, "This is to remind you of your true
place in The Man's and now my life, as ours to play with and
entertainourselves. You won;t be harmed, just stung, and you will enjoy it
all in the end, just as you enjoyed all the tricks Our Friend taught you."
With that, the first stinging blows fell on Emma's buttocks, stinging quick
and sharply as she wailed into the paper and cotton wedged in her mouth.
Relentlessly the lady smacked on the glowing bum while emma writhed over
her lap, not at all decorous or stoic under this hail of swatting
punishment. feeling the fingers of the woman landing dangerously close to
her intimate flesh, emma closed her legs tighter, only to feel them jerked
open again and harder licks fall on her very lips and clitoris. Her cries
rang out all the more and Emma jerked her legs so hard her shoes fell off
her feet, her panties sliding down her legs as she labored to rise from
this humiliating oposture, her feet being off the floor giving her no
leverage to rise. \par

With the palm of the woman's hand falling on Emma's thighs now, her rage
and desperation finally crumbled into tears--hot, stinging tears that
flooded over her face and wracked her body with sobs as the punishment
stretched into long minutes. When the spanks finally slowed to a halt,
Emma didn't rise or even move from her position, Susanna having to lift her
bodily and carry her into the exam and imaging room. When Emma finally
calme she realized she was nude and spread eagled on the table, silken
cords wrapped round her ankles, knees, and elbows, tyingoff to the taable
and lifting her into the most interesting posture. Her bottom sliding to
the edge of the table as Susanna positioned her, her ankles and knees were
tied to raise her feet to hip level and her knees up near her breasts. Her
arms were tied at the elbows to keep them up near her breasts as well, but
her hands could reach her navel.\par

When the lights nthe room went out and left Emma in darkness, nude and
vulnerable on the table, Emma strained to hear what was happening, the door
closing left her alone with her thots, and its opening and the rustle of
clothes falling to the floor gave her no real clue as to what exactly was
happening to her. When she felt te tongue licking the edges of her labia,
Emma groaned in wonder, the feeling of heated breath and moist lips and
tongue washing over her sex sending shicvers up her thighs and torso, the
points of her nipples straining towards the ceiling as she groaned low, she
heard the woman's low chuckle at the end of the table, then the pressure of
the lips and tongue continued, increasing as her sex moistened against her
will. As she writhed against the stricture of the gently caressing cords,
Emma felt herr control slipping from her, the need for her independence
slipping away as surely as if the stranger was here with her again, the
welcome sense of belonging to him returning without his physical presence,
feeling as she did when she stroked herself to ecstasy thinking of their
times together and the times to come with him. Her orgsam flashed into
being without a thot as Emma bucked her hips up agaist the mouth that
stirred her to these heights, and her hands strained til she buried her
fingers in the hair on top of her lover's head.\par

It was when she finally came down the other side of her climax that Emma
seized grabbing and began stroking the hair beneath her fingers. Her
fingers toyed in the soft hair for long moments, the tongue lapping her
wetness from her inner thighs, her orgasm so strong she misted the passion
over their surfaces. When she had lain so quiet and content for awhile, a
tiny neuron in her brain ruined the moment for her completely--the hair in
her hands was short, while Susanna, The Man's emissary, had long brown
hair, curled gently, not coarse and straight like this hair was. Her gasp
seemed to be a signal for the lights, because on its heels the room sprang
to life, lights bright in her eyes then clearing as she saw the woman
kneeling beside her at the end of the table, while between her legs was the
young man who delivered the files to her today, the files with her message
from The man .. Her cream covered his lower face, even dampening his shirt collar and front while Susanna knelt naked and suspiciously dry beside him,
a mischievous smile on her face as the young man stood from kneeling
between her legs, his lower body naked and a hard prick jutting from his
lower torso. \par

The light dazzled her, the unease at her predicament gaining ground in
her mind as the young man pushed his meaty, swollen cock in her body,
stretching her as she cringed from his intimate liberties with her already,
and the violation of her person he was engaging in. When she gasped out a
no, realizing only now that her gag had fallen away from her mouth during
her spanking and ecstsasy afterwards, Emma felt a shapr pincjh on her lower
buttock, making her gasp suddenly cut off as Susanna reminded her of The
Man's orders for her submission to her. The brutal entry of the young man spoke of his impatience to be inside her, and she remembered his eyes
following her as she walked thru the halls of her floor, and the crawl of
bugs on her skin when he looked at her so. Now that very young man had
just made her orgasm with his mouth and was ramming his member into her
soft, supple body. Her body shuddered as she felt Susanna kissing along
her inner thigh and worming er tongue into her exposed bottom. The feel of
the slick moist muscle worming over the flesh of her crinkled anus made
Emma shudder, the implications of what Susanna was doing to her more
frighening that the overwhelming feel of the young man's hard cock ripping
into her puss. \par

Her worst fear was confirmed as she felt Susanna's hand wrap around the
young man's cock and pull it from her cunny.When she felt the lady
positioning the young man's erection against her bottom, Emma shrank into
herself, the minutes of her torment blurring together, the shame rushing
over her til she could no longer count the hours.Her body was warm and
toasty from the attentions of the two, man taking her when he hardened
enuff to and licking her when he wasn't. The woman however, used her
impressive collection of entertaining tools to torment and pleasur poor
Emma the whole night thru, the oly time she wasn't forcing a toy into one
of Emma's orifices being the times she covered Emma's face with her own
sex, dripping juices down into Emma's willing, obedient mouth. Emma saw
the sunlight in her office's window shining out on to hthe exam room floor,
and knew the night was nearly over. What she did NOT expect was the door
to open, admitting The man and several people who stood in the shadows
behind him, the door latching behind them as he walked forward to see

Arrayed behind her wonderful stanger were the various men working in the
offices on her floor, all men she had either dated casually or turned down
for affairs as they were maried or not her type. None of them were men she
would have slept with, but of course neither was the young man who had been
using her as his cum rag all night, Emma thought to herself. Emma canot
bear the thought of what she fears, the smiles on the young man who
delivered the files for The man yesterday and on the face of Susanna, the
woman who mastered her so well this evening, causing butterflies to dance
in her belly. \par

Her wonderful stranger makes her worst dreams reality tho when he walks
to her, a sad smile on his face as he motions for Susanna to set the camera he brings with him in a convenient place, the men who she had worked with
and sometimes spent time after work with, slipping cloth hoods over their
faces, leaving holes for her to see thier eyes and mouths, and undoing
their pants as she felt the stranger workig between her legs, his
attentions on her well-used sex and bottom, massaging oil inside and making
her react tohis touch even with the many eyes of the men of her floor on
her. Emma shrank against herself as she felt the first man of the group
move to stand between her still bound legs, The man having worked balm into
her sore mons, and now pouring her engorged puss full of lubricant, even
holding open the lips for his fast entry. No protective latex shielded her
vunerable tissues from the seed that was poured into her, man after man for
the next hurs, the pleasure and pain only stopping when the floor came
active with nurses and doctors on their rounds and varied errands. \par

With the noise outside the office, the spelll of embarrassing torment
snapped, and hte mood changed in the crowded exam room, the men dressing
and leaving as silently as they had come in. None of them spoke to her,
but smiled as they doffed their hoods and smirkingly reminded her of the
now too-intmate knowledge they had of her. She had thot her time of
humility was over, until she heard the voice of her assistant in the outer
offie, canceling and reschedulaing her day as she listened on wide-mouthed.
The man smiled at her as she slowly realized that everyone but her was in
on her ordeal, and that the day was young and her time of service as an
instrument of pleasure was not nearly over. \par

\par Warm thanks for your attention and interests, Jason D (,,;\par }


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