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AUCTION college student Not satisfied with the


This story is mine, and for the record, it doesn't contain any actual sex,
though it should have some erotic appeal. Feel free to archive this story,
though please don't make any money from it. Comments are always welcome at

The Auction of July 18, 1999 By Shon Richards

Bidder's Information

Known as the 'Belle of Greenville,' Eva Concetta operated a successful
brothel in the mid 70's in the little known town of Greenville. Armed with
an artistic flair and high self expectations, she set a new standard in
illegal entertainment, as well as drawing clients from all over the world
to play in her humble palace. An active woman in feminism, Ms. Concetta
ran a service that offered medical insurance, vacation days and other
luxuries to her employees, something previously unknown for these ladies of
the night.

On July 16, 1980, her brothel was raided by the local police. Arrested
for conspiracy to solicit, Ms. Concetta's trial was quick and very final.
She was sentenced to ten years in prison. somehow, she managed to
coordinate an escape that would bring her to the foreign soil of Sweden for
safety. Sweden granted her asylum, and she lives there still today.

Nearly nineteen years later, the bulk of Madam Concetta's possessions
fell to a former employee. This anonymous woman has decided to auction
these items, and we at the Stallings Auction House are happy to be
representing her. Strange, unique and always erotic, all of the items we
have for auction today cannot be ignored by those with unusual tastes. Not
often does paraphernalia from an illegal establishment become available to
the public, so don't miss this rare opportunity!


Lot # 1

This six inch thick, nine feet high, solid oak door adorned the front of
Madam Concetta's house. The dark rich brown color was complimented by a
gold trim, but that has since been faded. She is quoted as saying that the
reason she chose such a huge door was to give the impression of security to
her patrons. As observed by the ax marks, it took four policemen ten
minutes to bring it down. Although no longer usable as a door, this rare
piece is sure to be a powerful conversation piece.

Lot # 2

The origin of this Ivory Phallus is unknown. Ms. Concetta claimed it
was given to her by an African Prince, but there is no proof. Regardless
of it's origin, there is no doubt that it is ivory, nor is there doubt to
the authenticity of the five rubies decorating the base. Reliable accounts
say that Madam Concetta used this item quite frequently, which is why
bidding for this item is expected to be fierce.

Lot # 3

An accomplished artist, Madam Concetta illustrated all the images in
this leather bound book herself. She called it the 'Libre de Amore,' and
painted the gothic script for the title herself. Inside, Ms. Concetta
describes in graphic detail no less than two hundred sexual positions.
Although Madam Concetta claims to have created all of these positions
herself, it is clear that she borrowed heavily from the Kama Sutra. Even
if she didn't create the positions solely from her own creativity, the
quality of her art and choice of colors is quite remarkable for one with no
formal training.

Lot # 4

Although never fired, this pistol was with Ms. Concetta always. The
inscription on the handle reads 'To Eva with love, Roger.' Local historians
speculate that one time Sheriff, Roger Tompkins was the one who gave the
pistol to Madam Concetta, but his widow violently disagrees. This pistol
was instrumental when Ms. Concetta intimidated two escaped convicts from
her house in the spring of 79, although eyewitnesses report that the men were more terrified of her cutting remarks than they were of the weapon.

Lot # 5

The contents of this wardrobe hae never been determined. Police
discovered two of the secret compartments, yet x-rays confirm that there
are at least four other sections that defy any idea on how to open them. A
court order prevented the authorities from destroying the wardrobe, as it
was believed that it was an antique from the colonial Governor's mansion.
How Madam Concetta came to own it, and if she was the one who installed the
secret compartments; were mysteries that caused accusations of scandal for

It wasn't till 1987 that experts were able to confirm that the wardrobe
is NOT the antique in question, but by then, the trial was over. The Owner
realizes that more could be gained at the auction if the wardrobe is
intact, so she has neglected discovering for herself. The Buyer is
responsible for anything found after buying the wardrobe.

Lot # 6

This brassiere, made from rubber, was specifically designed for one
client, who paid for it's creation. The red rubber was known to shine when
worn by Madam Concetta, who wore it almost every week. She was extremely
proud of it, since almost no one had seen such an outfit except in certain
East Coast pornography. It was with extreme sorrow that Madam Concetta had
to be cut out of the bra during the Christmas of 76. A patron accidentally
spilled his champagne on her, and the moisture caused the rubber to shrink.
Unable to remove the bra except by destroying it, Madam Concetta banned the
patron for life from ever returning. He has the distinction of being the
only patron banned in public.

Lot # 7

An armchair found in Ms. Concetta's bedroom. The arms of the chair are
extendable, and are on a hinge, allowing the arms to be lowered in ways not
accustomed to chairs. As evidenced by the unusual shape of the arms of the
chair, and the myriad combinations possible in their placement; it became
clear that this chair had erotic uses.

An illustration was made to accompany this piece. It was to show how
the participants would sit in this chair, but the Stallings Auction House
felt it was obscene and subsequently, it was removed from the exhibition.

Lot # 8

The uses of this chair was for diabolical purposes. Every week, Madam
Concetta would select an employee who had somehow displeased her. Then the
female would be bound in this chair, and blindfolded. For a large fee,
clients could enter a small, plain room, and be locked in with the punished
girl. Anything they desired could be inflicted on the woman, as long as it
didn't violate a set of rules prepared before hand.

Many clients used this opportunity to examine the helpless girl without
fear of ridicule. Others would engage in mild sadism; pinching, rough
groping or perhaps rough sex. The chair itself was the most commonly used
punishment. It could recline, the legs could extend up to provide the
captured girl at the desired height, and the legs and arms of the chair
were on a swivel; allowing the client to pose his victim any way he

Unknown to the clients, the entire situation was a fantasy. The girl was always a volunteer, and very well compensated for her sacrifice. A
secret room adjoining the punishment room came with it's own peephole.
This allowed the punished girl to be always supervised, as well as allowing
for an unexpected entrance by the well trained bouncers in case things
became unacceptable. Those who would cross the line and attempt to perform
something unsavory, were quickly stopped, beaten and ejected from the
house. It is a credit to Madam Concetta that this fantasy was never
discovered, or none of the ejected clients ever revealed her secret.

Lot # 9

These charred remains are all that is left of Madam Concetta's ledger.
The police found this book in a secret compartment in her wardrobe,
believing it to be the accounts of her clients. Not being able to find the
key for the clasp, the police broke the rather fragile lock. That was when
the book burst into flames, and the pages were irreparably destroyed before
they could extinguish the fire. Arson experts have found that the cover,
as well as the lining of each page was doused in perfume. A flint was
discovered in the lock, and that was what caused the spark that began the
final consumption.

No one knows who made this delicate trap, though suspicion has fallen on
local jewelers.

Lot # 10

Formerly used as an aquarium, this two hundred and fifty gallon tank
became a piece of notoriety after the Halloween of '75. Madam Concetta had
it cleaned out, and then dressed a new girl of hers in a mermaid costume.
She placed this mermaid into the tank, and presented the swimming beauty to
her clients at her annual Halloween party. Since no one had seen this new
employee before, the illusion of the "World Renown" Eva Concetta offering
this "Recently captured Virgin of the Sea" was enticing to her clientele.
Madam Concetta offered the Mermaid's services to the highest bidder, which
was reported to be seven thousand dollars.

No records are known that can shed light on the validity of the claim of
Virginity. However, mermaid costumes were a best seller in Greenville the
next year.

Lot # 11

A simple gold ring with a one carat diamond, this was one of the items
found hidden away in a secret compartment in the wardrobe. The value of
the ring is very small in comparison to other jewelry found in Madam
Concetta's possession, yet it must have had some sort of sentimental value
to warrant it being so well hidden. Unfortunately, Madam Concetta has
refused questions on it matter, though she has requested it be returned
several times. The Owner has declined, and speculation is high that Madam
Concetta will send an agent to bid in her place.

Lot # 12

There are many interesting details to this four post bed that are not
readily obvious just by observing it. First, the springs have been
insulated, to prevent squeaking of any kind. Second, under the canopy is a
mirror that could be hidden with the pull of a curtain. The headboard
contains a cleverly hidden button, that appears to be part of the cherub
deco. This button would summon the bouncer through a silent alarm. Last,
wrapped around the posts, and obscured by the lace curtains, are hundreds
of notches. Speculation believes these notches to be a running total of
Madam Concetta's personal clients, although many believe she would not do
something so crude.

The total is eight hundred and twenty-three notches for those who are

Lot # 13

The inscription to this lavish and expensive wine case reads "From the
grateful management of the Greenville Airport." The resident managers of
the Greenville Airport have filed a complaint with the Stallings Auction
House, and wish it to be known that this item did not come from them. It
has been proven that the airport's charter flights dropped six hundred
percent when Madam Concetta was closed down. Even if they didn't provide
this gift, they had ample reason to.

Lot # 14

The number on this receipt of bail is correct. Madam Concetta had a
quarter of a million dollar bail set, despite the fact that no criminal
charges were brought upon her other than solicitation. Neither the judge
in the case, or the assistant DA could explain why the bail was set so
high, and they both resigned before an internal investigation could shed
light on the matter.

Even more amazing was that Madam Concetta paid the bail. Her ability to
pay such a large sum, has fueled enough speculation to support three novels
and a television movie.

Lot # 15

An unusual item, this birdhouse was painted by Madam Concetta herself.
She felt that a brothel should have a brothel for a birdhouse. Each
brightly painted 'working bird' was based on an employee, although it is
unknown who the male 'customer' bird was based on. This large, three tier
birdhouse was very popular with the women, as it portrayed a sense of humor
normally absent from such establishments.

Lot # 16

Madam Concetta commissioned this bust of herself from a talented local
college student. Not satisfied with the technical definition of a 'bust,'
she required that this bust include a generous portion of her own bust.
This stunning work of marble captures Ms. Concetta in a wicked smile, a
smile that close friends said was to imply that she knows that you prefer
her definition better. Legend has suggested that Concetta paid for this
bust in her own coin. This is due to Ms. Concetta's own comments that
payment took longer than the actual sculpting.

Lot # 17

Although not sewn by Madam Concetta herself, this dress was made by some
of her employees with her supervision. Scandalously indecent, the crochet
style of this dress allows for too many glimpses of the skin, and the
tightness of this dress revealed Madam Concetta's infamous curves to
biblical levels. It was with this dress that Madam Concetta attended the
annual Greenville summer dance held in the town commons.

What many people didn't realize was that Madam Concetta wore a flesh
colored bodysuit under her dress. This gave her the appearance of being
nude when in fact, all her delicate portions were well concealed. This not
being apparent to the casual observer, it is said that many men were
staring as they perhaps hoped she might fall out of her red dress. It was
this decadent behavior that caused many women to demand action of some sort
from their police, and it's what many people speculate that lead to the
fateful raid on Madam Concetta's home.


These are the items we have for auction today. Join us on July 8th when
the fascinating erotic art and personalized erotic Barbie collection of
Katherine Ellison are placed on the block. Good luck!


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