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AUNTBECKY video until get the popcorn


Aunt Becky

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
I was very close to my aunt before she seduced me. I was
even closer in the years that followed . . .

Aunt Becky drove her Ford Taurus north on I-65. I was
sitting next to her, hoping she could see the road. The
day started with a cold rain that usually marks the start
of winter in Alabama. The downpour was still going strong
as we splashed our way down the Interstate. I was 14 at
the time and excited about a weekend away from home, but my
excitement was tempered by the sadness. There was no love
at home. My parents were trying to mend a marriage that
probably should have ended a long time ago. My folks
needed time alone and do did I.

We were living out near Oxmoor Road at the time so it
didn't take long for us to arrive at Aunt Becky's little
one bedroom apartment in downtown Birmingham. We were only
downtown, but it seemed a million miles away. A million
miles from the unhappiness I left behind.

My aunt lived by herself. She never married. My parents
never suspected a thing.


"Here's your key, Linda. You know where the closet is and
this drawer's all yours."

I'd been to Aunt Becky's place before, but not to stay
overnight. I was like a cat in a new territory and had to
explore every nook and cranny. And yes, I'm a snoop, the
same as a lot of other folks. I like to see what people
have hidden away in their bathrooms and can't stop myself
from looking.

There was a dog-eared copy of Fanny Hill in the drawer next
to the toilet. I could tell by the cover it was a sex book
so I had to take a peek. I must say the story was very

"Now don't take all day in there, girl. It's getting near
dinner time and I can use some help."

"Okay, Aunt Becky. I'll be right there."

Peeling potatoes is not the same as cooking, but it's what
I knew how to do. I had just started on my first spud when
Aunt Becky went straight to the bathroom. I should of
known she put the book there so I'd find it, but it didn't
occur to me until much later.

Dinner was wonderful. About the only time I'd get to have
lamb chops would be at Becky's. We also had mashed
potatoes smothered in butter and gravy along with a little
bit of okra and greens on the side. I ate a lot, but still
had room for some of the best pecan pie I ever tasted.

"Linda, I have to go over to Trudy Milhorn's. She hasn't
been feeling well and I thought I might bring her some
dinner. You clean up the kitchen and I'll be back by ten."

I set the record for kitchen duty and raced into the
bathroom to find the book. It was still in the drawer, but
I noticed she'd moved it and marked a page. I opened the
paperback to see what Aunt Becky was reading. I'd looked
at some sex books before, but nothing as beautiful as this.

"It's just me, Linda. Trudy wasn't feeling all that well
so I came home early. I think I'm going to turn in now."

The book was safely hidden away in the drawer and I met
Becky in the bedroom. She was getting ready for bed and I
decided I better join her.

I couldn't sleep. The story flashed before my eyes. I was
hot and wet thinking about the two women in the book. Two
women making love. I wanted to touch myself, but I didn't
dare with Aunt Becky lying only inches away. I wanted to
fall asleep, but I needed to stay awake even more. I had
to think about the women in the story and understand why it
turned me on so much.

A hand rested lightly on my hip for the longest time before
it drifted down my leg where it found the bottom of my
night shirt. There was fear and excitement in the air, but
all that went away as her hand moved between my thighs and
slowly traveled up toward my white cotton panties. I was
hot when her finger finally arrived at the end of its
journey and I knew she could tell I was wet with
anticipation. When she lightly touched between my legs,
her breathing got faster and the bed started moving with a
rhythm I understood. I must of stayed awake for hours
thinking about what happened.


"Bye Sissy. Thanks, Mrs. Wheeler." My best friend Sissy
gave me a ride home from school. All day in class I
thought of nothing except what happened the night before.

The book was still in the drawer and I was soon lost in the
story about the two women making love. I sat on the toilet
and held the book with my left hand while my right hand
explored between my legs. My pussy was swollen from the
excitement of everything new. When I touched my clit it
started a fire that exploded into some secret place in my
mind. I could feel the heat move through my loins until I
was overcome with an orgasm that attacked my body like
waves crashing on a distant beach. I'd never felt anything
like it before and tears of joy filled my eyes as I came
with a fury of passion.

I pretended nothing had changed, but I wanted to be in bed
with Aunt Becky as soon as she came home from work. It
seemed like forever but finally it was time.

Once again her hand explored underneath my night shirt.
This time she pushed my panties aside and let her finger
touch my bare wet pussy. I wanted more, but I was afraid
to move. I lay perfectly still as she masturbated herself.
When she finally took her hand from between my legs, I fell
asleep and was overtaken by dreams of lust and sex.


"Let's hold off on the video until I get the popcorn made,

"Okay. I'll just put it in the VCR and wait till you're

It was Friday so I didn't have to go to bed early. We got
one of those really gushy romance videos and were ready for
a two hanky experience.

We ate popcorn, watched the video and stayed up talking
about it until almost midnight. It gave me a lot of time
to think and I decided to be brave.

When her hand reached the crack between my legs she
discovered I wasn't wearing panties. She also found I was
hot and wet. This time my legs spread at her touch and I
didn't pretend to be asleep.

She moved closer and soon covered my lips with her own. A
tender kiss at first and then her tongue announced it was
time for more. More fire and heat. More excitement.
More. More. More.

Her tongue held mine prisoner as her hand marched
relentlessly up from my pussy to my breasts. The night
shirt joined in and I was naked from my boobs down to my
toes. She explored my body and lit a fire everywhere she
moved her hands. I could feel my nipples harden as they
reached out to be touched. They were not denied as she
squeezed and fondled those little sentinels until I thought
I couldn't stand it any longer.

We were naked and holding each other as close as one. Her
tongue was on my clit and I was able to touch her pussy. I
put my finger inside her and could feel the wet heat
waiting to surround me with liquid joy.

It could of been a thousand years or maybe only a few
seconds, but all I remember was an orange flash starting
someplace in my mind that exploded with a frenzy that soon
captured my whole body. I couldn't move. I couldn't

I don't remember much more about that night except that it
was beautiful and mysterious and different from anything I
ever experienced.


"Thank you, Aunt Becky. That was the most wonderful thing
that ever happened to me." I woke up in Becky's arms and
felt the afterglow of sex covering my body like a gown of
newborn pleasure. I didn't know it then, but I was going
to have my most memorable experience on that magical
Saturday afternoon.

It seemed so daring to sit around in the nude reading dirty
books and getting really hot. I tried to imagine what
Sissy might say if she knew what I was doing. I didn't
think I could tell her even though she was my best friend.
I wanted this secret all to myself.

"You better put this towel underneath you, girl. You're
getting the chair all wet."

I should of been embarrassed, but somehow it just seemed
natural. It seemed natural to ask if I could look at her
pussy and when I did, I realized she was as wet as me. I
couldn't stand it and kissed her clit and kept kissing and
sucking on it. That was the first time I did that and she
had such a fantastic orgasm it was etched in my mind

There was so much more to learn. So much more to
experience. So much more.

We had a little less than two weeks of lust before I
finally returned home a different person.


"Aunt Becky, don't you just love my new car? Come on, I'm
taking you out for a hamburger and fries."

We managed to spend many weekends together and when Daddy
gave me a new car for my sixteenth birthday I thought we'd
be together all the time.

Our love making was wonderful and the heat from that fire
never seemed to cool down. There always was more to learn
and I enjoyed being the star pupil.

By the time I was seventeen, life seemed to be taking up a
lot of my time. I still saw Aunt Becky of course, but not
as often as before. She didn't seem to mind and we always
started every weekend together with me telling her about
all the things I'd done.

"Aunt Becky, I met someone. I met someone real important
and I don't know what to do."

"Tell me about it, girl. Tell your Aunt Becky what's on
your mind."

I guess she knew there'd be someone else and it didn't seem
to bother her all that much. Just a part of growing up,
she said. Just a part of life and nothing to be upset


I often think of that time with Aunt Becky and smile. It
was my sexual awakening and I will always love her for it.
Even though we drifted apart, she'll live in a memory I'll
treasure always.
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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