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AUNTLIZ thick leather thongs She would teach














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Liz woke up in the morning feeling extremely horny, and she had

reason to. Last week, her sister Pamela had rung her up to discuss a problem.

Even though Pam was the older of the two, she always relied on Liz for

her problems. And now it was one that Liz, as a school teacher of young

boys, was better equipped to handle.

Pam told Liz that she had found her 12 year old son Matthew

masturbating, when she walked into his room that morning. She had suspected

this for some time, as his hankies and bedsheets had strange stains on them,

and after all, Matt was growing up. But when she actually saw him in the

act, it came as quite a shock for Pam. And not only was he lying there

in his bed, naked and rubbing his purple cock, he also had in his hand a

copy of PLAYBOY, and was masturbating while ogling the latest Playmate!

Pam was distraught and shouted at Matt and told him to get dressed,

and when she calmed down a little, she ran to the phone to speak to her

sister Liz, who she knew would be better equipped to cope up with this

as she was a teacher in a school and had ample experience with young boys.

Liz was delighted. She loved punishing little boys, and since her

school was a residential school, she managed to call young boys to her

apartment on the school campus and find an excuse to punish them after

school. And the boys loved it, as she was definitely THE SEXIEST TEACHER in

school and the fantasy of most boys. But now after the Seattle episode, the

school authorities were less permissive and though they permitted

corporal punishment, they would certainly not condone bare-butt punishments

and the other rites that Liz put them through in the privacy of her


This opportunity to lay her hands on her cute nephew, Matt, whom she

had been eyeing for some time came as a godsend. Liz realised that this

opportunity would probably not come her way again. "Pam, I told you a

thousand times that Matt needs some discipline and that you should enroll

him here in my school. I would be there to keep watch and the atmosphere of

a strict school with corporal punishment would do him a lot of good. You

know that with his father away in the army, he needs a strong restraining

influence to keep him on the right track, and you are not the right person

to supply that. You are much too soft and he knows this and takes advantage

of you." Liz said.

"Liz, we can always discuss that later. What about THIS problem? I

don't want him becoming a sex freak and I can't imagine where he got that

dirty magazine from." Pam said.

Liz thought he probably got it from his father's collection but did

not say it. Pam probably did not know, but by her conservative standards,

her husband probably qualified as a sex freak. Liz knew that Pam loved

her son too much, and would not let him move to a residential school in a

different town, but she would certainly not let go the opportunity for a fun

weekend. "Why not send him here for the weekend. I'll put him through the

drill that he would have faced had he been caught masturbating here at this

school. Believe me, he won't be able to sit down for a week, and I am sure

you will find some improvement in his demeanour."

Pam was troubled at the thought of her son being spanked. She and

Bill, her husband did not believe in spanking, and their only child, Matt had

never been spanked. Pam thought that if Bill had not been away, he would

have known what to do, but Liz was a professional as far as young boys were

concerned. She was one of the most popular teachers in one of the best

schools in the state. Pam concluded that she would send Matt over to

Liz's place for the weekend.

Liz deputed one of the school guards to recieve Matt at the bus

station and bring him to her apartment. She masturbated herself to sleep,

and did it twice more during the night, but even in the morning, she was

still quite horny and was rubbing herself when the bell rang. "The boy will

pay for this." she muttered as she got up to open the door.

Liz thanked the guard and showed Matt to her bedroom and told him to

put away his things neatly in the cabinet. Matt had not slept properly on

the overnight bus and was slightly scared. After all, he knew about his aunt

and her school. His aunt had often had discussions on this with his mother,

and his mother had always protected him till now. He was not very sure of

what to expect. His mother probably had sent him here for a spanking by his

aunt. But he was so old for a spanking.

"All right, Matt, you are probably surprised why you are putting your

things here, and not in the guest room." Liz said.

Matt had found this strange and nodded.

"Well, Matt, you have been sent here so that I can keep an eye on you

and that can't be complete until I am sure that you don't jack off during

the night. Now, remember you have been sent here for your punishment, and

that is what you will get. I am sure that after your fanny is nicely warmed,

you won't get such nasty ideas in your head anymore."

Matt was embarassed and immediately protested "But Aunt Liz, I am too

old to be spanked."

"Oh no, you aren't, boy, and you'll soon find out. I have been

telling your mother that she should send you here and this would not have

happened had you been here. Playing with your little willy is strictly

prohibited in this school and that rule is strictly enforced. And you are

certainly not too old for a punishment, even boys in high school here

are punished. But, yes, you are too old for your first punishment, and it

will be a first punishment you will never forget, Matt."

Matt groaned and protested but Liz was not letting him off so easily.

Liz said "Matt, now remember, you are here for a punishment, and that is

what you will get. I have administered spankings to a lot of unwilling boys.

Believe me, in this school, we have lots of ways to take care of boys like

you. You have the option of submitting to your punishment, or you can make

it better for me and resist. I will call in other teachers to assist me. I

am sure that they will enjoy the prospect of breaking you in for your first


Liz grinned devillishly and added "Matt, I may also call in some

school girls to assist me in your spanking." Matt shuddered at that

prospect. He knew that his Aunt was not bluffing and would go ahead with

what she was saying. Matt bowed his head and did not protest further.

But the seeds had already been sown in Liz's head. Liz had been

planning to use the girls to assist in the punishment of a boy and what

other boy could be better than this boy, Matt, who would provide Liz with a

lot of entertaintment with his debut spanking.

The girls had only been enrolled this year when the school changed

from being an all-boy school. There were a lot of parents in the state who

wanted their daughters to get the same strict education with corporal

punishment that the boys were getting. Even after the school turned co-ed,

public spankings for certain misdemeanours, especially masturbation had

continued. Liz had given bare-butt spankings to boys and girls in front of

the whole class. Even though the girls had witnessed the spankings of some

of their male co-students, and had also been spanked before them, they had

not actually participated or assisted.

But Liz was now sure she would use two of them, Denise and Carol, to

assist in Matt's punishment. Denise and Carol were the most beautiful of the

young girls in her class, and also appeared to be the ones most inclined

towards punishing boys. Liz had seen the lustful looks on their faces

whenever she spanked a boy's bare-butt in class. And who could be a better

guinea-pig for her experiments than her lovely, cute little nephew, Matt.

"Matt, you smell really bad. Maybe I should give you a bath." Liz


Matt protested that he was too old to be given a bath but Liz would

have none of it. "Matt, you have been sent here for being punished like a

little boy, and I intend to treat you like a little boy. I am going to give

you a bath, and don't feel shy, as I will see you naked in any case, when I

will spank your bare butt raw." Liz said and Matt could only groan his


Liz decided to make it worse for Matt. "Matt, I think you must be

punished for continuing to question everything that I say. You need to be

taught a lesson that you can not question my decision, and get away with it.

Matt, take off your clothes here in the livng room, and go put them away in

your room. You won't need them as you will remain naked throughout the

weekend." Matt could only groan. "Matt, you should pray that none of my

girls come visiting me home during the weekend, for your well spanked bare

butt will be on display in the living room." Matt turned to look at his aunt

with a pitiful look in his eyes, but saw no mercy there.

As Matt started stripping, Liz grinned devillishly, as she moved to

the cabinet, and took out an evil looking hair brush with a heavy wooden

back. "Matt, I bought this wooden hair brush, especially for your

punishment. I do hope you understand the troubles that I have gone through

for you." Matt could only blush and groan as he stripped while his aunt

stood swinging that evil hair brush, with an even more evil look on her


Liz made him put away his clothes neatly, as she stood watching. Matt

was embarassed, and tried to hide his little prick which started twitching.

"I see that you have not learnt a lesson, Matt. I strip you as punishment,

and you are trying to hide yourself, instead of feeling remorseful." Liz

shrieked. "Now, I AM going to call in a few schoolgirls to witness your

punishment. Matt, in the school, masturbation qualifies for a bare butt

punishment in front of the entire class, boy or girl, and that is what you

will get."

Matt started weeping, but he knew better than to protest as he was

sure that would only invite further punishment from his cruel disciplinarian


Liz made Matt walk in front of him as she took him to the bathroom,

eyeing his little boy ass move. "I'll make it really move under the brush."

Liz thought.

"Matt, go to the corner and stand there with your nose touching the

two walls while I ready your bath. Remember, this is how you will stand when

told to go the corner, with your nose touching the walls, your hands behind

your neck, and your butt thrust out."

Matt complied, and Liz busied herself. She put the brush on a stool

by the tub, and took off her robe, leaving only her diaphanous nightie. She

ran the bath, and took out a rough brush to clean Matt.

At her command, Matt turned around, walked over to the tub and

entered it. Liz turned him around, and cleaned his back with the

rough brush, making him squeal. She repeated the process with the soft back

of his legs, and then pulling his legs wide apart, thrust the brush under

his ass, to clean his ass and balls. Matt started weeping as Liz rubbed his

balls, and the soft area between his asshole and scrotum with the rough

brush with much more gusto than was necessary.

Liz intended to let go no opportunity to trouble the boy and she

turned him around, and rubbed the boy's chest, belly and front of his legs

with the brush. She then grabbed his cock and pulling back the foreskin,

rubbed the soft exposed skin roughly with the brush. Matt screamed in pain

but shut up when Liz threatened to use the brush to clean out his mouth as


Liz washed the little boy off, then picked him and stood him on the

lid of the toilet seat, as she started drying him off with a rough towel.

Matt could peek down the low-cut neckline of his aunt's flimsy nightdress

and he loved what he saw there. Hell, this was certainly better than any

playmate, and this was for REAL, real flesh, not a photograph.

As Liz continued to rub him dry, her ample and unfettered breasts

started moving, and that really excited Matt, as he could occassionaly

glimpse his aunt's gorgeous nipples as well. God, this was heavenly. Matt

groaned as his cock grew to its full length of seven inches.

Liz was very angry at this unashamed display of lust, and she took

the brush lying on the stool nearby and brought it down hard on the boy's


Matt let out a scream of agony as his tool deflated. Liz sat down on

the stool and grabbing Matt by the hair, pulled him over her laps. Matt was

scared, and did not even think of protesting as a series of hard blows rained

down on his wet buttocks, SPLAT....SPLAT...CRACK...WHAP..SMACK...SMACK

making the water droplets fly.

Matt did not know but Liz did that the wetness of his butt made the

punishment worse as each stroke hurt more than it would on dry skin. The

hard brush continued to come down on Matt's tender young boy bottom, drying

the skin with heat generated by the spanking.

Matt was sobbing and flailing his legs widely, but he was no match

for his tough aunt, who had been through this a lot of times. She knew that a

first spanking was always tough, and in Matt's case, it was quite severe,

even for someone used to spankings. But Liz relentlessly continued to smack

Matt's bottom until it was quite dry.

Liz thought a wet bottom was not only a better sight, but also hurt

more, so she stopped to wet the bottom again by liberally sprinkling cool

water over it.

Matt who had thought that the punishment was over, was suddenly not

sure of what was to come as his aunt again wet his bottom. She then rubbed

his tender ass cheeks spreading the moisture. Her hands hurt Matt as his

bottom was very sore but the cool water also provided relief to his burning


Matt suddenly realised that the water was only meant to cool his ass

so that the next round of punishment would hurt as much as the first did. He

started sobbing and pleading for mercy, promising his aunt he would never

again play with himself, but it did him no good. He was again flailing for

freedom from the captivity of his aunt as her hairbrush again beat down on

his very, very sore ass SMACK....SMACK...SPLAT...SPALT...CRACK...WHAP...WHAP

as he begged for mercy.

Matt was hysterical when Liz stopped, as he was not sure if he was in

for a third round of punishment, and he begged for mercy in his now very

hoarse voice.

Liz abruptly threw him off her lap, and pulling him by his hair, made

him stand on the lid of the toilet seat as she rubbed him dry. Matt's eyes

moved to Liz's cleavage again but he shuddered and moaned at the punishment

that he had got, and he closed his eyes.

When he was dry, Liz took him to the living room. She was pleased at

the blotched red look of his young ass as he walked in front of her. She was

sure she had done a good job, and his ass would certainly show bruises as a

result of this spanking.

Liz made him stand in the corner of the living room as she cooked

breakfast, his red well spanked ass on display, and Matt continued to cry,

now quite worried at the prospect of another day of punishment at the hands

of this cruel aunt of his. "God, What if he ended up in this school?" Matt


Liz came to the living room to call Matt for breakfast but as she saw

the young boy's red ass, she realised that the thorough spanking she had

given Matt had really turned her on. The crotch of her thin panties was

thoroughly wet and her love juices were dripping as far as her knees down

the insides of her legs. God, she just needed another orgasm.

Liz rushed back to the kitchen where she raised her thin nightie to

her waist, and peeled off her panties, which were as if they had been dipped

in water. Ignoring the possibility of somebody seeing her nudity, she leaned

back on the table and rubbed her swollen nether lips to a quick but

explosive orgasm. Liz had to bite her lips so that her nephew would not hear

her scream in ecstasy.

Liz thought that it was ironic that she had just given the beating of

a lifetime to her nephew for masturbating, and that act had turned her on to

the extent that she had to masturbate herself. She giggled and went back to

call Matt for breakfast.

Matt had stopped crying, but his face was still stained with tears.

When Liz saw that Matt was afraid of sitting down on the chair, she realised

his bottom was extremely sore, and in her typical cruel manner, made Matt

sit on a hard chair, without a cushion, for breakfast.

After breakfast, Liz made Matt go back to his place in the corner, as

Liz put it 'with his well punished ass on display'. Liz told Matt that when

it was no longer red, she would again use her hair brush to turn it red, for

on this punishment weekend of Matt, it would remain red all the time. Liz

herself settled down on the couch to check some homework assignments that

she had brought.

After about an hour, the doorbell rang, and Matt started blushing at

the thought of his nakedness, as Liz went to answer the door. To Liz's

delight, it was Denise and Carol, and they had come to seek Liz's help for a

school assignment. To Matt's horror, Liz settled the young girls on the

couch and proceeded to help them out. She told them that Matt was her

nephew, and was being punished for his licentious behaviour, and Matt

groaned and blushed all over.

The girls had seen boys getting bare butt spankings in school, but

they had never seen a boy totally naked, and that too with a butt so red.

God, this must have been a hell of a spanking, they thought. Liz insisted

that they complete the assignment there, and Matt was sure that Liz would

find an excuse to spank him in front of the girls, but to his relief the

girls went home without witnessing his further punishment.

Liz again spanked Matt just before lunch, just ten light smacks, but

they really hurt Matt in the state his butt already was. Liz was satisfied

when as she put it 'Matt's ass again turned a nice shade of red and was

again fit for display'. They sat down for lunch, and Matt was sure that Liz

had deliberately spanked him before lunch, so that it would hurt him more

when he sat down for lunch.

After lunch, Matt went back to the corner, where he stayed till

dinnertime. Word of him had probably gotten around, as four other

schoolgirls found some excuse or the other to visit Liz, though none of them

stayed for long. Their visit excited Liz and she again masturbated to

another explosive orgasm before dinner. Oh, only if Matt were to come and

stay with her, she thought.

At bedtime, Liz took him to her bedroom, again enjoying the look of

his red bare butt as he walked ahead of her. "Get in bed." Liz said."You are

not to get any clothes during your stay here, so you will sleep naked.

That will also ensure that you don't play with yourself."

Matt turned a deep shade of red. Liz continued,"Now, close your eyes

while I change into my nightdress. I am sure that your dirty mind is

thinking of peeking at me, but you do know what will happen to you if you

do, don't you?"

Matt wanted to look at the gorgeous body of his aunt. He was

confident that his aunt was probably better than those playmates, but she was

probably eyeing him, and there would be hell to pay if she saw. He lay there

listening to the soft rustle of silk against her body as his cock grew. He

could take it no more and slightly opened one eye.

His gorgeous aunt had her back to him, and she was unhooking her bra.

She then hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and took them

off. Matt had to control himself as her gorgeous ass came in view. God, he

wanted to kiss it, it was beeeeautiful. Even her dark bushy hair hiding her

nether lips peeked, as she bent down to take off her panties.

Matt continued to stare as Liz stretched her hand and picked up her

thin nylon nightie from the chair and slipped it on. He shut his eyes as her

gorgeous back and butt disappeared from view, and just in time, as Liz

immediately turned and came to bed. She stopped to look at Matt, lying there

with his eyes closed. She was sure the horny pervert had probably been

peeking at her. He would not have let this opportunity go by. Well, she did

not mind, she had a terrific body and did like to show it off.

Liz got into bed, but could not sleep for a long time as she was

feeling very horny, and she just could not masturbate with Matt sleeping

next to her, not when he was being punished for masturbating. If it was any

consolation, even he would not be able to jack off tonight for fear of being

caught and punished by her. Finally she fell asleep after turning and

twisting in her bed for nearly two hours.

Liz thought she was dreaming, god, it was an erotic dream, a gorgeous

guy was sucking her breast, oh, sucking her nipple, like a newborn trying to

suckle milk. Liz suddenly woke up, and realised that her nightie was open,

her nipple was being sucked, and her breast ached with pent-up passion. Liz

realised that her pussy was dripping her love juices on the bed, and that

she was just on the brink of an explosive orgasm.

Liz wanted to rub herself to ecstasy when she remembered about Matt.

Shit, the horny pervert was sucking her nipple. She could not play with

herself with this boy lying next to her. She realised that she would be

denied her orgasm, and she felt anger at this boy who had brought her to the

edge of release, and would now ensure that she remain there.

"How dare he behave with her, his aunt, in such a manner." Liz

thought and tried to clear her mind. She suddenly realised that Matt was also

playing with himself while sucking her breasts. "How dare he play with

himself when he is already being punished for that." Liz lost her temper and

hit the boy hard, on his hard cock.

Matt cried out in pain at Liz's strong blow. Liz rushed out of bed

and put on the lights. Matt was doubled up in pain. Liz caught him by the

hair of his head and hit his balls, and again. She took out a set of cuffs

from her cabinet and turning the boy on his belly, tied his hands and legs

to the bedposts.

Liz was angry and started berating the young boy "You pervert, suck

me, will you? And play with yourself, will you? And that too, when you are

being punished. I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget. You seem to have

forgotten the spanking you got in the morning, you won't forget the beating

you will get now."

Liz examined her chest of toys. The hairbrush she had used in the

morning was out. She needed something else. Maybe the toys she used on her

previous boyfriend would do. She took out a vicious looking riding crop and

a cat o'nine tails with thick leather thongs. She would teach this boy a

lesson he would never forget.

Liz dropped the cat 'o nine tails on the bed and weighed the riding

crop in her hands. She knew it would really hurt, and the boy's ass was in

no position to take further punishment. Liz brought the crop down hard on

Matt's thighs. She smiled as Matt begged for mercy and promised never, never

to touch his cock again. Yes, the thighs would do nice.

Liz lit into the boy's legs, alternating between the right and the

left, and placing the blows from the top of his thighs, just below the swell

of his ass cheeks, to the back of his knees, WHACK...WHACK...SPALT....

CRACK... and stopping for breath, only after she had delivered about fifty

hard, and well placed blows.

Liz stopped to study her handiwork and was not displeased with what

she saw. The welts on the boy's thighs clearly displayed the severe

punishment she had meted out. Matt was sobbing wildly and was not sure of

what was to come. He continued to plead for mercy, after all he had learnt

in the morning that a halt did not mean an end to the punishment.

Matt was right. After Liz eyed the results of her efforts, and was

satisfied with what she saw, she untied Matt and turning him, tied him

again, this time on his back. Matt, who had thought that release from his

bonds meant an end to his punishment, again started weeping and begging his

aunt for mercy, swearing not to disobey her, and not sure of what was to


Liz again started beating the boy with the crop, this time aiming the

blows at the front of his thighs, even managing a blow or two at his now

shrivelled cock when she hit the top of his thighs, WHACK...SPALT....

SPLAT....CRACK... as the boy begged for mercy. After fifty blows, she

stopped to catch her breath, and then rained down fifty more blows on the

boy's chest and soft belly.

When she stopped, Matt was screaming at the top of his voice, but

that did not trouble Liz. Her apartment was in an isolated corner of the

school campus, and the screams would not carry. "You are now ready for the

whip." Liz said, and was greeted by hysterical pleadings of the young boy.

She however remained unmoved, and rained down the cat on the boy's thighs,

chest, and belly, catching his prick, now and then.

Liz stopped to untie the boy and again turning him around, tied him

on his stomach, exposing his back to the whip. She did not spare his ass this

time, and rained down blows on his ass and back and thighs, grinning with

pleasure whenever a thong disappeared between Matt's legs, and hit his

prick, but Matt was now too exhausted to protest and bore the pain with


Liz realized she was so horny her love juices were dripping down her

thighs, god, she needed release and she was too far gone to care about

anything anymore. It was time to teach Matt a bit about the birds and the

bees. Liz thought that the best way to keep the boy from masturbating was to

teach him that sex with a live human being was much better, and she giggled

at that thought.

Liz untied the boy and told him to get under the covers. She was not

sure if the boy was ready to see her naked. She would decide later, she

thought as she shut off the lights, stripped off her flimsy nightie and got

into bed.

Liz caught Matt by his hair and pulling him held his mouth between

her open legs. The boy was not sure but instinct told him that he was to use

his tongue and mouth to please his aunt. He thought it a bit wierd, as he

only thought that place was used for pissing, but the heavenly aroma told

him he could not be wrong. He held out his tongue and licked the juices

sticking to his aunt's soft thighs, god it tasted nice, salty, but nice. He

tentatively licked the soft, swollen and damp nether lips of his aunt. But

once he tasted her sweet love juices, he was forever, and truly, her slave.

Matt went after her dripping juices with gusto, and made up for his

inexperience with his enthusiasm. He was willing to learn, and Liz taught

him how to use his tongue and lips to give her pleasure. The boy was

especially delighted whenever his aunt heaved above him, screaming in

ecstasy, as she reached orgasm, for that was when her juices would really

gush, dripping down the sides of his mouth, the flow too much for him to


Liz finally let Matt stop after half a dozen mind blowing orgasms, as

she was too exhausted to carry on further. She looked at the boy's rock

hard cock, and thought of sucking him off, but decided that he must be

denied release as a punishment. There would be enough opportunity for that

later, Liz thought as she tied Matt's hands behind his back so that he could

not play with himself, after which she fell asleep, thinking of further ways

to punish the boy the next day.


The next day Liz woke up feeling horny as ever. She remembered the

events of the night before and looked at her nephew, Matt, who seemed to be

oblivious to the world, as he slept peacefully, a smile on his face. "He is

grinning like the cat that got the cream," thought Liz, remembering how he

had sucked her pussy the night before. "Well, he won't be grinning once his

punishment starts and Denise and Carol are here."

Liz put on her nightie and woke Matt up. Matt looked at his aunt with

a mixture of affection and lust, remembering the passion of the night

before, but his feelings changed to embarrassment as his aunt told him that

he should get ready as Denise and Carol would be coming around to punish him.

Liz went inside the bathroom, leaving Matt to think about what was to

come. After Matt was up, Liz bathed him like she had the day before, using

the rough brush on his body. When Matt complained that the brush hurt his

ass, Liz repeatedly pinched the welts that had formed on his ass until Matt

was reduced to tears.

After Liz had bathed Matt, she sat down on the stool, and laying Matt

over her lap, spanked him, using her hands. As she told Matt, she was

reserving real punishment till Denise and Carol arrived, and was only giving

him fifty strokes with her hands to give his ass a nice red shade, which, in

her opinion, so suited him.

After the spanking, Matt went back to the corner, with his recently

punished ass on display, as Liz took a bath and cooked breakfast. As she was

cooking breakfast, Denise and Carol arrived, and sat in the living room,

eyeing Matt, while they waited for Liz.

Liz told the girls to join them for breakfast, and Matt turned a deep

shade of red, and he squirmed throughout breakfast with a mixture of pain

and embarrassment. Over breakfast, the girls casually mentioned that they

wanted to become teachers, and Liz took the cue.

Liz told the girls that a teacher had to enforce discipline among her

students and punish the students, when required. She said that she had seen

the look in their eyes when a student was being punished, and that the girls

had a natural flare for punishing others. When the girls did not object, Liz

went on and asked them if they would like to spend the day helping her

punish Matt, the girls jumped in glee, expressing their interest in this


Liz was glad, she had been scared that the girls would run away and

also tell everybody, but there was no mistaking the glimmer of delight in

their eyes. Liz just knew that these girls had the right mix in them to want

to spank boys. The look of horror on the face of Matt made Liz feel that

the episode would be immensely enjoyable.

The girls were delighted and fought with each other over who would

get the chance to spank first. They decided to toss a coin and when Carol

won, Denise told that Matt that she would enjoy it as Matt would hurt more

after he had been thoroughly punished by Carol, and each of her spank would

count for much more. Matt shivered at this display of cruelty and wondered

what lay in store for him.

Matt did not have to wait for long. Carol seated herself on the couch

and at her command, Matt placed himself over her lap. Matt squirmed as Carol

adjusted him, and her short skirt slid up her thighs leaving Matt's skin

burning whenever it came in touch with Carol's soft and smooth skin. Matt

did not savour this touch for long as another touch distracted him - the

touch of Carol's hand with his already burning bottom.

In the beginning, Carol was not able to place her blows properly, nor

were they as hard as the blows he had received from Liz. But soon, Carol got

the hang of it and her blows started to hurt more. This morning, Liz had not

spanked Matt as hard as she had yesterday, partly because she had been

planning to get the girls to punish him, so Matt was glad as his ass did not

hurt as much. But when Carol started spanking him, her blows hurt him more

than they would have as his ass had been nicely punished by Liz.

Matt soon started to weep but Carol showed no sign of stopping as the

blows fell on his ass...SMACK...SMACK.....SPANK....SPANK.... her hands came

raining down on Matt's sore ass. Matt was sobbing hysterically by the time

Carol stopped. When Carol said that she had wanted to spank him more but

had stopped as her hands were hurting, Matt thought that now his cruel aunt

would probably give her the brush, but thankfully that did not cross Liz's


Matt now lay himself over Denise's lap. Once again, his thighs burnt

as they came in touch with Denise's soft and smooth skin as her skirt rode

her thighs when she had adjusted him over her lap. Her skirt was extremely

short and as she adjusted Matt, his cock inserted itself in the hollow

between her thighs. Matt felt ecstatic as his cock began to grow when it

came in contact with Carol's smooth and soft, but fiery skin.

Denise had pity on Matt because of the way he had wept when he was

being spanked by Carol, and her blows were very light and soft. But the blows

still had the power to drive his cock between her thighs and the smooth

friction between her thighs edged him towards orgasm. Matt was scared at the

prospect of coming but when Denise stopped and rubbed her hands over his red

butt, to 'feel the heat of his ass', he could not himself back and he

erupted all over her thighs. Denise shrieked and jumped, throwing Matt off

her lap, not understanding what was happening but the act led to Matt

spraying his come all over her legs and feet as well.

Denise was scared as this was her first experience with a boy's come

and she did not know what had happened. Liz shrieked and picking up her

hairbrush started smacking Matt's butt. She caught Matt by his hair and

pulled him off Denise's lap. She made him kneel in front of Denise and told

him to clean her up by licking each and every drop of his cum off her legs.

Matt was hesitant but when Liz's brush coaxed him, he gingerly started

licking his cum that he had deposited on Denise's legs.

Liz made him lick Denise's inner thighs, and just as she had

expected, Matt's tongue shot out to lick at Denise's small but beautiful

pink lips that were starting to blossom with the sensuous licking that she

was getting, peeking out from below her sparse pubic hair.

Carol was surprised when Denise started groaning with ecstatic

delight but the calm look on Liz's face as she continued to spur Matt with

her brush consoled her. After all, she was experienced and if she was calm,

maybe everything was alright.

Denise started writhing and holding Matt's hair, she rubbed his face

in her crotch, not understanding what was happening but realising the that

her pleasure was centred in her crotch. She rubbed his face, and Matt who

had tasted his aunt's juices the previous day, wondered at the difference in

tastes, texture and looks, and delighted at the sweet love juices pouring in

his face, trying to lap up the gushing juices.

Denise finally reached an explosive orgasm and shouted in ecstatic

relief. Carol was surprised and clutched Liz's left hand as her right

hand continued to flail at Matt's butt. Liz finally relented and told Matt

to express his apologies to Denise by kissing her feet, and Matt readily

complied, glad that his spanking was over.

Matt, however soon realised that all was not over. Liz saw his prick,

which was by now again erect, and brought down her brush hard on it,

destroying the erection. Liz told Matt that he had still not realised that

he was being punished and told Carol to take Denise's place on the couch.

Carol, who was mystified at the behaviour of Denise, and also understanding

that the entire activity had only given her pleasure, readily complied. Matt

was then ordered to start licking Carol, starting from her inner thighs,

near the knees, and working his way up.

Matt started licking Carol's soft skin enamoured by the musky smell

that started to emerge from her pink lips, as they moistened. Matt finally

licked her lips and tasted her nectar, relishing its sweet taste, so

different, yet same as the other two females. Carol started squirming with

pleasure as Matt licked her pussy, prodded by Liz's brush, which mercifully,

was not quite so harsh this time around.

Carol too soon reached an explosive orgasm, realising what Denise had

enjoyed, and what the two of them had missed so far.

Liz realised as she let Matt up that she had been extremely turned on

and was extremely wet. She seated herself on the couch and grabbing Matt's

head by his hair, pulled him between her legs and told him to start licking

if he did not want another spanking. Matt started licking, glad to be spared

the attentions of his aunt's hairbrush this time, relishing the taste and

feel of his aunt, again wondering at the way, each female he had served was


Liz started thrashing her legs as she reached an explosive orgasm.

She soon recovered and Matt was back in his corner to display his ass till

lunch. The girls stayed over for lunch, after which Liz announced that it

was time for Matt to catch the bus back to his home.

Liz dressed Matt and called for the guard to take Matt to the bus

station but not before she let him know of her intentions to haul his ass

back to her school for a punishment, whenever necessary, if only for a

weekend. Matt now realised that he would not really mind such a situation

with his aunt and a whole school of girls to receive his service, and to

punish him.


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