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AWEEK1 sucked nine year old Danni and total

A Week In The Life Of Will McBride

Day One...Routines Ne' Routines



Mg, MFg, Fg, FFg, FF, mother/daughter, exhibitionism, voyeurism, erotic
photography, lesbian, menstrual sex, oral, pedo, etc.

Copyright 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved

~ Monday ~

The perfectly balanced sensations of both total pleasure of having my
cock gently sucked by nine-year-old Danni and total pissed-off-ness of
having Hans calling me this early in the morning at fucking damn six a.m.
seemed to portend the week to come. Danni soon was joined by her mother Melanie at the root of my pleasure, slowly doing a sweet double-suck
swapping off to very real kisses with each other before returning their
attentions back to my morning wood. Cradling the phone in the nape of my
neck as best I could as my left hand happily petted Danni's hair and my
right hand more forcefully shoved Melanie's mouth down the shaft of my cock
so I could go ahead and come and she could then get up and feed Danni
breakfast and get her ready for school, Hans screeched his caterwauling
chatter into my ear as the light static in the satlink from Germany to
Newark creaked and popped and my coming did.

"That prospect still coming over today?" Hans-y asked me for the fifth
time in five minutes.

"Yes, yes, like I told you a moment ago, she and her 4-yr-old are eager
and motivated, so I'm sure they'll be here...usual compensation for them,
since they're virgies to this?"

"Five hundred for the non-contact shots, two grand for the contact ones
provided they're real?"

"Plus, Hans-o, no more bootlegging them even to underground mags without
me knowing and more money too."

"I'd'a said I'z sorry, Will, for that unfortunate incident...I swear it
twasn't me, it was one of my private customers...but yes, I'll make daaummm
sure they all understand the rules, or I'll cut them off from your swtufff,

Hans was a good guy, an okay guy and customer at least. Anything
pre-menopausal that walked through the door with any blood relative under
eighteen that would do either real or real-looking-enough "sex ed" shots
was a guaranteed two thousand for me minimum, oftentimes two or three or
more times that if he brokered them to the growing European hardcore porn
markets. I knew he probably made five or ten times more than what he paid
me, just like my models got paid a similar fraction of what I made. And
Hans' franchise was only for his German customers, not Europe as a whole.

"Okay...have any special requests today?...and you do know it's six in
the damn morning here don't you?"

"Naughhpe, no special order stuff for this week...and sorry about
calling so early, I can never keep the twime difference straight."

"Not a problem...talk to you later, man."

The shower door slammed shut loudly as Danni came in damply naked her
Mom right behind her both giving me a kiss on the cheech before dressing
for the day. "Have a good day, Willy..." Danni called to me before heading
downstairs to catch her school bus "...you too, Punkin', you too...".

Three years and some months ago Mel had wandered into my studio looking
for a job, any job, having just gotten fired from her waitress job at "The
Newark Diner" just a couple of blocks away because Danni had been sick for
a week and she had stayed home to take care of her. Her showing up when
she did was a perfect excuse to fire, hell, I don't even remember her name,
my worthless old receptionist and photographer's assistant and put this
5'6" 38D'd natural blond with a genuine smile behind my frontcounter and
into my life.

I had been doing erotic photography of adults ever since trying to make
a living wasting celluloid beginning almost five years hence and had been
tippy-toe experimenting with erotic photography of both children and
families. After helping with a session that involved a nude set between a
mother and her seven-year-old son and seeing the size of the check I wrote
this model for doing the shoot, Melanie point-blank asked me if I'd
consider doing a shoot with her and then five-almost-six-year-old Danni,
for the same or better money of course. I had a standing request from a
French client that paid a thousand minimum to as much as five thousand for
such a set, so I told her if she would agree to a "full contact" session
with her and Danni I'd pay her five hundred cash upfront. I also told her
that these photos would probably be published in so-called "Swedish" porn
magazines in Europe and the images of her and Danni would be out there
forever. She didn't care.

I had done several mother/daughter shoots before for the underground
markets but that first one with my now two loves was special. Mellie
didn't just pose with her precious Danni, she seduced her for me and my
Nikon, slowly kissing and stripping her before making as wild and
passionate lesbian love to her as I've ever been permitted to watch, her
tongue just bathing her own flesh-and-blood like a mother-cat, calling her
kitten to her lust-filled-heart as the session wore on. My pants became
blotted with come as I tried my hardest to be the professional I am and
focus on the job at hand which was getting everything on film. But when
Melanie coaxed Danni between her legs for the first time ever as they lay
on the prop-bed together in my studio and her precious kitten-tongue licked
her mother's clit, yes, I lost it, stripping my clothes off and joining
them for a few moments before realizing I needed to finish the shoot.
Money is, however profane, money.

Finishing the shoot I took them upstairs to my loft apartment above my
street-level studio in beautiful downtown Newark and we've, the three of us
have been together ever since, Melanie now being my full-time studio
assistant and Danni also helping out sometimes by still modeling for me,
serving as a touchstone to kids and families who might be nervous about
doing erotic posings.

Melanie came back upstairs after waiting at the bustop with Danni.
Spring sun pierced its early rays through our clerestory window over our
heads as we snuggled close together, me naked and she still clothed.

"Remember the ten o'clock one" she gently reminded me.

"I know, I know, I know..." I grumbled in reply.

Because we usually worked both Saturdays and Sundays we tried to block
out Mondays and Tuesdays for days off, but when you're self-employed and
have to maintain constant cashflow on a more or less daily basis you takes
your models and your work when you can get them.

"Have you seen the little girl's photo?" she whispered as her hand
played with my cock.

"Yes, just the couple of Kmart shots she brought in..."

"She's very pretty...we should be able to sell full market across the
board for this one..."

"Yeah...you did tell her the scale of payment, from nude to full
contact, and you did get her to sign on the dotted line, didn't you?"

"Have I ever let you down even once, Willy?"

"No..." I laughed "...not even once." We snoozed another hour before
getting up, a fire truck whizzing by at full volume on Gregson St. not-so
gently reminding us that for the rest of the world it was a Monday.

Chris and her little four-year-old daughter Samantha showed up two
minutes early at nine fifty-eight as Melanie greeted them and lead them
back to the private studio area behind the public gallery of my "straight"
works like my wedding photos and executive portraits and such past
Constance our receptionist, handing their birth certificates to her so she
could run them and make the required evidence to keep things nice and legal
should anyone ever question.

"Connie, no interruptions until we come back out, the usual, thanks"

Chris was starting to shake a little from nervousness. Melanie put her
arm around her and whispered that everything was going to be fine, that we
were professionals and had done this hundreds of times.

"Do I get paid today or when?" Chris asked with searching eyes.

"As Melanie explained last week to you, Chris..." I mumbled with mild
irritation "...we'll do some standard shots for 'your book'...you do have
your and Samantha's books with you, don't you?...good..." I chatted while
flipping through their sad homemade modeling portfoilios "...we'll give you
both two or three of your best poses for your book for free, per standard
industry arrangement..."

"But what about the money?!?" she asked with rising concern.

"After we do your portfolio shots, then we'll do a short test series of
photos with you and Samantha, for which you'll be paid fifty dollars...just
nude shots together, no harder stuff...if we think we can sell you, then
we'll give you a hundred for a nude set together, or two hundred more for a
'full contact' set with Sam...if your photos are published somewhere, we
pay a percentage of our fee, which could be several hundreds of bucks more
for you, but that's not guaranteeed...but the money promised we pay today,
if we accept you..."


"No, check, we're a business...but our bank is right down the street if
you'd like to cash it today, not a problem."

"I want to do the full contact shots, Mr. McBride"

"Let's get started then."

The head shots for trades were routine. I had no intention of putting
either her or Samantha in my book, but I knew having my stamped photos in
their books would help them. After the head and three-quarter shots
Melanie gave Chris the game plan for the next part of the shoot, which
involved Chris undressing her daughter by our script and then undressing
herself in sequence for the camera.

"I'm on my period...is that a problem?"

"Nope..." Mel answered "...you'll just need to wear a Tampax with the
string cut off...'got some already prepared in the restroom...let me show

As Melanie helped Chris behind closed bathroom door I offered Samantha a
snack of milk and cookies from the kitchenette area between this and
another studio set, she smiling and thanking me politely as noises of Chris
and Mel returning brought my attention back.

Chris stripped her daughter in wooden motions, and stripped herself even
more nervously as Mel adjusted the strobes and my camera clicked away. She
did not have easy or happy eyes.

"You've got to loosen up, Mrs. Walker, or you won't make a good subject
for the photos to come!"

"I'm sorry...I'll try."

Mel went over to her and kissed her full on the lips as they stood in
front of the white seamless backdrop while reaching for her freshly
tamponed pussy and shoving a finger or two inside her. Chris gasped hard
for a second as her daughter looked on innocently and for a moment thought
about calling it quits before composing herself.

"You have simply got to relax!" Melanie scolded.

"I'm sorry...I just didn't expect..."

"Expect what?...I told you that for the larger payments, you would have
to pose full contact with your daughter and possibly with other models
too...I'm a model too, Chris, in addition to being a photographer's
assistant...William just took a photo of us together...so, shall we
continue, or not?"

She composed herself enough to where we finished up the initial set so
we could pull some contact sheets. Having Connie get for lunch for us all
from the deli down near Newark Hospital, Chris and Samantha lounged on the
bed in the boudoir studio room next to the seamless backdrop room, still
naked from their first non-contact session. The nervousness and pain on
Chris' face was obvious, but I knew that Hans and Michele-Jean and Joachim
and my other buyers wouldn't care so long as there was full contact between
mother and daughter and/or what was on film looked real enough if it
actually wasn't. Still, if she would relax and look happy they'd be a lot
easier to sell to the magazine market and make more money for us all. The
fact she was a brunette and a little poochy with smaller breasts would make
it an even harder sell outside my collectors' markets. But pretty little
Samantha would make the difference.

"Okay...you 'passed', Chris..." Melanie explained as she laid the first
contact sheets out on the bed "...here's a white pencil...circle the two or
three of each of the head shots for your and Sam's book you want and I'll
print them up before you leave..."

"What about the more hard shots between me and Samantha...can we do

"William and I have discussed this, and yes, we would like you to, but
you're going to have to, simply to relax more...you do understand that
you're about to have sex with your four-year-old daughter and we're going
to photograph that, don't you?"

"Yes, I understand that...I'm very nervous about that right now, but I

Melanie explained the script to Chris and Samantha. Chris and Sam would
be dressed on the bed as Chris pretended to mend Sam's dress, taking it on
and off several times. Eventually she would take Samantha close to her and
kiss her and then she would get naked and then she'd make love to her, and
if Samantha didn't balk have her daughter play with her.

"I've never made love to another woman, Melanie, let alone my own
daughter...you've obviously been with a woman before..."

"My own pre-teen daughter, Chris, among many others..." Chris' eyes
bugging out when she heard that.

"...uh....would you make love to me now, so I won't be so nervous?"

"Sure...and Will will do his thing when we do..."

I had seen my Melanie with I don't know how many other models and simply
never get tired of playing the voyeur behind my lensed glass wall.
Encouraging Samantha to join them on the bed as Mel did her usual lesbian walk on the wildside with the newest member to our modeling stable a couple
of rolls of film were ran since we did have one customer that had a
standing order for anything having Mel in it for a minimum two hundred
bucks. Samantha seemed transfixed for a moment as her mommy spread
Melanie's legs and slupred on another woman's cunt for the first time in
her life. Then, time for the shoot.

Chris was much more relaxed. Samantha's dress came on and off her tiny
four-year-old frame as pretend mends to it were made before Chris took her
nude daughter in her arms and posed lip-to-lip with her for a lesbian kiss
from hell as the sat on the studio bed together, Samantha giggling a little
sometimes with a happy chirping "Mommy!". We then had Sam suck her
mother's nipples and play with her breasts before finishing disrobing and
doing a gentle full-body massage on Sam and then opening her legs wide and
planting some sweet kisses on her daughter's barely developing pudenda.
Melanie coaching Samantha a little, Sam at first turned up her nose a tad
to her mom's slightly bloody smelling twat but after watching Mel laugh
while lapping away finally dove on it as well, the three of them finally
smiling and laughing together while sharing the moment of monochromed
sterile passions. Sterile because of the surroundings but oh-so hot never
the less.

"Melanie, my turn" I barked. She knew what it meant. Taking the camera from me, my clothes were shed and I joined mother and daughter on the bed.
While I loved Danni to death and enjoyed having sex with many of my child
models, four years old was simply too young for me. Having swapped off
roles many times before Melanie knew exactly what to do and when to do it.

Keeping my face out of the shots I rolled Chris on all fours between
Samantha's legs and started ramming it home inside her tampon-filled pussy.
Blood streaked thinly down my shaft as I rammed the cotton cock deeper
inside my newest subject. Melanie knew I loved that. Clicking away shots
were garnered of my cock sticking out of Chris' cunt while she slurped away
at her precious daughter's own. Coming, that was the end of my momentary
passion and the session for today.

Out in the reception area Connie pulled the checkbook out. "Four
hundred dollars even, please Connie, for Miss Walker here." Chris looked
puzzled but pleased.

"For the extra accidental sessions with Melanie and myself, Chris...you
did extra work, so you get extra pay..."

"Thn,...thanks, Mr. McBride..."

"...it's Will, and it's not a problem..."

As mother and daughter modeling team pulled the heavy aluminum-framed
storefront front door open to leave yesbut with the unspoken knowledge that
they'd be back sometime soon Danni's school bus pulled away from the corner
stop as my younger lovely bounced in smiling past them scooting sideways as
they crossed in and out of the threshold Danni rushing to hug her mom and
me with an embrace of feeling pure and sweet our lives together happy.

-30Note to the "real" Will McBride who might be reading this footnote
and any others who care - the above was a piece of speculative fiction and
in no way bears any semblance to the past or prior real-life conduct of the
internationally known photographer Will McBride, nor by the fantasies
presented above means to imply that Mr. McBride ever has, is, or will
engage in any illegal activity of any kind. The above work was authored as
a protected free speech parody and fan-fiction work attempting to honor the
pioneering work of the real Will McBride.

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