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AWEEK2 3 camera least Satisfied with her


A Week In The Life Of Will McBride...Days Two & Three: The Cutting Of



Mg, MFg, Fg, FFg, FF, MFfgb, mother/daughter, whole family incest,
clinical sex education, exhibitionism, voyeurism, erotic photography,
lesbian, menstrual sex, oral, pedo, anal, etc.

~ Tuesday ~

Melanie spooned her back to my chest gently nuzzling me awake as I felt
her reach and begin a slow grope of her most precious nine-year-old darling
daughter to the other side of her as she loungingly pulled her tighter to
her with one arm as her free one played with my rising cock working its
head easily inside her anal pucker . We didn't have a set sleeping
arrangement, but usually one of the two of my fine females ended up in the
middle and me to left side of the bed. That's cool. Waking to sensations
of your significant other more or less begging to be early morning
assfucked while she rolls your other significant other her own pre-puby
daughter around to lazily sixty-nine her while enjoying my cock in her ass
makes any minor non-fantasy-fulfillment like not usually sleeping between
the two of them seem a paltry complaint indeed.

If only Danni didn't have to get up soon and get ready for school.
Damn. I hadn't fucked Danni in several days. No real reason. Danni loved
sucking my cock as much as her mother's pussy and when the three of us
played my cock usually wound up in her mother's cunt or asshole or both and
as much as I wished different after one giant come it'd take me a good long
while to recover, meaning either Mel or Danni could have my come but not
both, not usually.

Melanie rotated her hips hard and ground them into me as I reached over
her to pull Danni's sweetest little mouth even tighter to her mother's cunt between splayed legs the two of them enjoying a beyond lustful mutual suck
while my cock responded to Melanie's heaving orgasm and I came inside her
dropping like a balloon with the air being let out. I squeezed Mel's
perfectly shaped cantaloupe-size tits to check their ripeness as I rolled
to my lay on back and mom and daughter rolled over to me so we could all
kiss. Ahhhh. Perfect.

"Gotta get you cleaned up, Willie..." my Melanie whispered as she
scooted to the bathroom to get the two of them also cleaned up. Coming
back with a warm soapy washcloth her hands lovingly cleaned my non-stained
but still bacteria-laden from just having been in her ass cock while Danni
jumped up on the bed to playfully suck on my nipples just to tease me a

" perfect" I cooed to her.

"Thank you, Daaa...d...thank you, Will..." she caught herself and

Melanie and me chewed on cold bacon and hardening toast and still-warm
leftover scrambled eggs from Danni's breakfast made as we sat close to each
other at the dinette table and held hands and touched lips lightly kissing
murmuring sweet nothings to each other.

"This morning was perfect, Mel..."

"It was, wasn't it?...your cock was as hard as I've ever felt in my ass,
and Danni just loved the show while we sixty-nined, watching it go in and

"No...I mean...holding you close to me like that, kissing your neck,
gently massaging your tits while...while you and Danni made love..."

"While the three of us made love...Together, Will..."

"I'm sorry, Mel, it's just some times it hits me how lucky I am..."

"I too..."

She stirred her coffee while our foreheads touched and my lips brushed
against her eyebrows.

"Golf still on for today?" she asked raising her warm cup to her parting

"Yeah...Doc Moultrie is still scheduled to be with us, her and her

"We still on for tomorrow, for the set tomorrow with the family, for her

"Yeah, as far as I know...I guess today we'll cement the final
details...I know it's not like a real day off, but at least we'll have some
time together and get in at least eighteen holes..."

" 's-ok..." she cooed back with understanding smile.

Dr. Hanna Moultrie and her partner in private psychiatric practice Dr.
Mrs. Janice Swoops arrived at the caddy shack for the old Newark Municipal
Course five minutes early for our ten-fifteen tee time.

"We could have played at Forest Oaks, my club, Mr. McBride..." first
words from her mouth scolding me already.

"I know, and thanks for the invite, but Melanie and I like this
course...we're not that good and we can at least break ninety here on a
good day..."

We played the first four holes in more or less relative silence,
exchanging the most basic of pleasantries only. Finally on the fifth hole,
a long par four dogleg left, Dr. Moultrie's natural fade made her put
three consecutive balls out-of-bounds including one sweeping one that went
had to be two hundred yards askew and nearly into the parking lot.

"Damn!..Damn!!...Damn!!!" she began attempting to curse while hurling
her driver into the treetops to her left.

"Try your three iron and just get the ball in play, Doc..." I gently
suggested "...and then, why don't you tell me what's really bothering you?"

Her angry eyes lanced mine with enough force to make me physically take
a step backwards. I didn't want to be whacked in the head with a one-iron.
Dr. Swoops stepped over to her and grabbed her by the shoulders while
whispering something in her ear. She calmed down a bit as she finally put
a two-iron a hundred and fifty yards down the middle of the fairway to the
landing area for her second shot. All of us piling into the cart she
turned to me as I drove down the cartpath.

"Mr. McBride..."


"Mr. McBride, Will, you just know how important this project is to

"I, we, know how important it is to you, yes, we know..."

"I just can't help but be nervous...there's a small possibility of

"Between myself and your lawyers, Dr. Moultrie, Hanna, we thought we
had answered all those are a psychiatrist and this work
will be a textbook for your profession, so you're about as immune from
possible prosecution as you can get..."

"But what if the Smiths back out at the last minute, or God forbid
during the shoot?"

"Melanie and I are used to working with 'newbies', 'virgins', or
whatever you wish to call those unfamiliar with erotic photography...and
Danni, Mel's nine-year-old daughter and an experienced model herself, will
also be there to help, plus probably another couple of know my
track record, Hanna, you've seen my work, so what's the problem?"

"I just don't know, I just don't know...this work will either make or
break my career and that fact is finally starting to hit me, that's all."

"Things will be fine, I promise, trust me, things will be fine..."

Doc Moultrie was more nervous than any first-time model even though she
wasn't going to be in "the book" herself, instead being the inspiration,
writer, storyboarder and all-around driving force behind the concept. I
was used to virgie models getting nervous before their first erotic shoot,
it's part of the business, but Doc was herself almost getting ready to pull
the plug it seemed like.

"Hanna, Dr. Moultrie...Dr. Swoops...let's finish up our round and head
back to my studio..."

"I can't, Will, I've got patients this afternoon and do does Mrs.

"Okay...the Smiths are supposed to arrive at the shop at seven tonight
for their orientation...why don't you come by an hour earlier, say six-ish,
and Melanie and her daughter Danni will do a photo session for you so you
can see what is and isn't actually done during a shoot...maybe, hopefully
that will calm your fears, okay?"

She searched my face for any sign of disingenuousness and then nodded in
agreement. We finished up our rounds, my eighty-four and Mel's eight-eight
strokeplay combining for a total of five skins against the Docs none
leaving enough to pay for the cart rental and greens fees.

A year ago when Hanna, Dr. Moultrie, had called first and then come by
my shop to arrange an executive portrait sitting for her office and for
publicity purposes things were ordinary and mundane enough. But I am a
good talker and an even better listener and soon I found out that her and
Dr. Swoops specialized in family practice concerns, including a lot of
pretty sad child abuse and incest cases. I also found out she and her
partner played golf and invited them to join Mel and I sometime, since we
all could take time off and play during a weekday. During a round at her
country club's course she told me about the idea for her book, a majorily
pictorial textbook about family incest that would be intended for her
profession mostly but also for the mass market as well. She even had a
signed contract with a twenty thousand dollar advance from Dell to produce
such a book and less than a year to produce it or return the money. Her
main problems had been finding a photographer she could trust and a
"normal" family that would agree to become photographic subjects of
incestuous activities while never having actually done such activities to
begin with, her premise being that by keeping things as clinical as
possible there would be no "damage" to the family.

When she brought the subject of the book up and her lack of finding a
non-squeamish experienced photographer to partner with her, I made my
pitch. With mild risk, I told her about my work with lots of single moms
and their kids and even some nuclear families and how I sold my work to
private collectors and to agents in Europe who then selectively brokered my
work to the burgeoning black and grey and even legit porn markets in
Germany and France and Holland and elsewhere outside America. She didn't
believe me. Not until I persuaded her to stop by my studio once again and
review some of my work, her mouth agape as I pulled file after file from
the fireproof cabinets of mothers and pre-pubescent daughters and sons and
sibling teen-agers and a handful of mother/father/children families engaged
in every sordid sort of sexual activity.

After recovering from her very real shock, we signed a contract that
night for me to provide professional photographic services for her for her
book for twenty-five percent of her advance and a similar amount of any
future royalties. She didn't want my help finding the nuclear family which
would be the subject of her book, and I didn't push it. I did help her a
few months later when her deadline was approaching and still no family to
photograph, calling a customer of mine who was an executive editor at Dell
and who also happened to be one of my underground brokers and private
collectors, an act for which she expressed very real gratitude. But now
she had possession of Dell's twenty thousand for over a year and not the
first photograph taken or word written and even my contact with Dell had
given her a hard ninety-day final deadline.

Dr. Moultrie, Hanna, began ringing the doorbell incessantly even though
she could clearly see Connie our receptionist through the glass storefront
scurrying to let her in. Fifteen minutes early, five forty-five p.m. Yep,
she was nervous indeed.

Melanie and Danni were dressed in their usual clothes like they were
going to do a shoot for the first time, per my offer to Hanna of earlier
that day. Connie had agreed to work a little late and help out with the
faux shoot. She didn't mind. Connie was becoming quite indispensable to
me and Mel around the shop, not just doing admin work but also helping out
with sessions from time to time. She wasn't bother or shocked in the least
by full-contact erotic photography, not even when it involved children.

Connie escorted Doc on back to the boudoir studio where we were waiting.
Doing our best acting jobs to sell her on how things were actually done,
Connie went over the script for the shoot with them first, Mel and Danni
nodding their heads in agreement and/or asking questions like they had no
idea of what was to actually happen next. Mel pretended to get nervous,
and Connie sat on the bed with her holding her hand gently and talked her
calm once again. Great acting job. Then Melanie and Danni followed the
script to a tee, Danni acting out her part of having a skinned knee and
Melanie giving first aid along with kisses to make it feel better, kisses
which then went higher than her knee. Soon clothes were shed as Connie
bounced around adjusting the lights, applying the odd bit of makeup
strategically, coaching them like they were virgies to place this hand
there or this mouth that way or position themselves however as I clicked
away and kept my usual calming banter up, the session ending with Danni's
fist up Melanie's cunt all the way past her wrist bone, a sight which made
Dr. Moultrie subconsciously touch her own crotch through her pantsuit for
a second.

"'ve sold me, Will..."

The doorbell chimed once again. Seven o'clock on the dot. Mel and
Danni scurried to get dressed as Connie went to the front to let the Smiths
in and bring them back to the studio areas.

"See you in the morning, Boss!" Connie chirped happily to us as she
turned to leave and Dr. Moultrie eased over to the Smith family.

She never really said how she found them. I was curious but in the end
it didn't make any difference. She did furnish copies of their birth
certificates to us, something I absolutely insisted on, per my own legal
requirements. And yes their name really was the Smiths, Charles and Brenda
Smith ages 33 and 31 respectively, and their three children Linda age 11,
Charles Henry called Hank age 9 and Tricia called Trish age 6. According
to Dr. Hanna, they were about as "normal" as a family could be, ordinary
WASP's with a comfortable middle-class lifestyle who lived in nearby
Paramus, Charles owning a couple of small auto parts stores and Brenda
being a stay-at-home mom, and having not a single instance of prior abusive
or incestuous behavior.

After Dr. M. spoke with them semi-privately huddled to one side of the
room I could see the father and mother, Charles and Brenda take a couple of
deep sighs and knew it was time. "Charles, Brenda, children, let's get
started, shall we?" The plan was for tonight to be a non-contact session
where we did the usual test shots and such and for the full contact work to
be tomorrow night and the night after if need be.

"I know you're all very nervous, and for good reason...according to Dr.
Moultrie, except for the Linda and Tricia seeing their mother naked a few
times, family nudity has been the exception and not the norm...tonight,
we're just going to do some test shots, nothing too heavy, so why don't we
begin with a formal family portrait?"

Melanie and Danni lead them into the multipurpose living room suite
studio. Over the next hour with Doc watching we had them pose in various
standard family portrait poses, getting used to having Mel and myself
position them this way and that way, getting used to following gentle
orders spoken but not barked, getting used to having the strobelights and
quartzhalogens hurt their eyes a little, getting used to being gently
touched and moved into position for better angles, getting them used to the
rolling click of my Nikon motorwinder, etc. After an hour or so I called
break while Mel rushed the three or four rolls to the darkroom to pull some
quick contactsheets for them. Sipping Cokes and Pepsi and munching on
chips and dip and cookies and canapés while relaxing on the studio
furniture they all rose when Mel popped back in with the contactsheets and
a couple of larger magnifying glasses for all to peer through.

"Wow, Daddy, these are good!" Linda exclaimed.

"Yes, they are excellent, Linda..." Brenda acknowledge as she and all of
them poured over the results of our collective effort.

"You may have a full set of them, folks, for free, and you may pick a
couple of the better ones you like and we'll do full enlargements for you
and put them in some very nice frames for you, free, just our way of saying
thanks for helping Dr. Moultrie and us out."

"Thanks, Mr. McBiddle..." Charles misspoke.

"McBride...just call me 'Will'..."

"Will...thanks Will, that is very thoughtful of you indeed..."

"Why doesn't everyone take a bathroom break now, and then we'll get
started with the other test shots?...Melanie and Danni will show you

Mel brought them into the seamless backdrop studio area where they would
lose some of their innocence tonight in exchange for money (I assumed,
never really asked) and wisdom. I let them mill around a little looking at
the different backdrops and props before calling for their attention as
Melanie handed each a copy of the prepared script for tonight.

"We use a script for a couple of good is to make you feel
more comfortable about things, so you know we're not winging this by the
seat of our pants...second, all of our time is valuable and a script
insures that little if any is wasted...feel free to ask any questions..."

"Are we all gonna see each other naked, like it says here?" Hank the
nine-year-old son interjected.

"Yes, Hank, like it says in the script..."

"So I'll get to see Mama and Linda naked?"

"Yes, that's what the script call for..."

"Neat-o!!!..." Hank finished, his mother visibly starting to blush.

"Let's begin, shall we...what does the script say, Hank?"

"Father and mother undress each other in front of their children as the
children watch..."

"Shall we begin then..."

Brenda, the mother, turned whiter than a sheet and ran to the bathroom
fullspeed. Melanie followed behind her. Dr. Moultrie scuffed her foot on
the hardwood floor in open disgust.

"Damnm, damnnnnn, DaMmNNNnn!!!..." she moaned while punching the wall
closest to her in mock disgust "...damn damn damn....I just knew this would
happen, I swear, I just knew it!!!!"

"Calm down, Hanna, calm down...Melanie's gone to talk to her...this
isn't the first time we've had to deal with a skittish model...Melanie's
very good at this, trust me, Brenda will be back, trust me..."

After three or four minutes of audibly crying and sobbing behind the
closed bathroom door Brenda finally came out, Mel's arm around her
shoulder, easing her back into the studio.

"Everything's okay, everyone...Mrs. Smith, Brenda's just a little
nervous, that's all...I told her that Danni and I would get undressed first
and work nude if that would make her feel better, and she said it would..."

With that Melanie walked the five or six steps over to Danni and they
began a slow, methodical but not at all erotic undressing of each other.
Kicking their clothes to one side, both Charles the father and Hank the
young son gawked openly at Mel's naked busty fullness of womanhood and
Danni's thin build with bald pubic path and enough slit to be visible,
Charles starting the beginnings of a hard-on visible through his pants to

"Charles!...stop that!" Brenda barked as her husband quickly removed his
hand from the crotch of his Sansabelts, Charles blushing a bit pink with
caught sheepishness.

Melanie returned to her usual position at the strobe charger and Danni
scooted near me as I suggested "let us begin".

The parents, Charles and Brenda, struggled a little with their clothes
and the script as Brenda first helped Charles out of his clothes and then
he her. As Brenda's panties hit the floor her son Hank began playing with
himself through the pocket of his pants, his mother noticing and scolding
him, Dr. Hanna for the first time jumping into things.

"No, Brenda, if young Hank wants to play with himself, that's
okay...remember what we're all here create a picture book about
loving family incest...tonight or tomorrow or whenever you'll be having sex
with your son anyway, so if he wishes to masturbate, he may, by all

"Thanks, Dr. M." Hank replied as he sat down in a director's chair at
the edge of the set .

"Linda, Tricia, do you also wish to masturbate while watching your
parents?" Hanna asked they shaking their heads "no".

My nude Melanie redirected Charles and Brenda's attentions back to us.
Following the script, Charles did the usual quarter turns and squats and
bends and such, then Brenda.

"Will, take a look will you..." Mel asked me as she peered through one
of the secondary cameras. Yep, unmistakable. While every woman's breasts are of slightly different shapes and sizes, a full bra cup size in
difference not being unusual at all between the two, Brenda clearly had one
breast, her left one, two full sizes larger and a slightly different shape
than the right one. I called Doc over while Melanie snapped a grid filter
on and told Doc to take a look, to look and see how different in size and
shape they were. Dr. Hanna had a look of clear disappointment on her

"You were correct, Will, I should have 'auditioned' them or had you do
it before ever making the offer to them...too late now...we have no choice
but to continue with the shoot".

Mel went over to her probag and came out with "fleshies", some long thin
bits of flesh-colored silicone, and some flesh-colored make-up tape, Danni
fetching a barstool for Brenda to sit on while Mel worked some of her model makeup magic. As Hank played with himself a few feet away, his
finger-sized cock now very hard poking through his zipper, even a naked
Charles sat down in one of the cloth-sided director's chairs as my Melanie
positioned and re-positioned the bits of pale rubber underneath and to the
sides of her Brenda's right breast, taping and re-taping, trying to build
up the apparent mass underneath to better equalize their appearance on
camera at least. Satisfied with her work, Mel lightly squeezed and played
with Brenda's tit for a moment while lightly kissing her on the lips,
something Brenda didn't expect but didn't pull back from either.

"Wow, fucking w-o-w!, Mom!" young Hank exclaimed as his cock spurted a
little come as he witnessed his first real life lesbian scene, sweet naked
and equally young Danni walking over to him to hand him some tissues to
wipe up with.

With the parents nudes through, it was time for the kids. Per script,
the parents put their clothes back on and then Charles helped undress his
daughters Linda and Tricia and Brenda her son Hank. Linda seemed genuinely
embarrassed about letting her dad see her naked for the first time, holding
her arms tight to her chest, trying to hid the smallish less than handsize
buds of breasts as Charles just gently rubbed the cheek of her face,
telling her it was okay. Danni walked over to her and told Charles to give
her a moment. My very adult sometimes little nine-year-old. Danni
whispered into her ear for a couple of moments and then the two of them
came over to me.

"Linda says she doesn't believe me when I told her that you and I,

The first time that Danni ever called me "dad", ever, for any reason. I
felt my heart soar.

"...see each other naked all the time...I told her we also fool around,
you and mom and me, all of us..."

"That's right, Linda..."

"I don't believe you, Mr. McBriddle..."

"'s Will...and yes, we're telling the truth, so help me..."

"I don' believe you..."

I shot a quick look to Dr. Hanna and she shot me a "what the hell" look

"I'll get undressed then, too, if it'll make you feel better..."

As I stripped Melanie reloaded the quickwinders and film magazines.
Naked, I pulled Danni close to me, kissing her reasonably passionately
right on the lips as I leaned over to match my height to hers, my hand
cupping her tight little nine-year-old buns as I pulled her close to me.
Standing next to us Linda just looked on, as did everyone else in the room
save Mel who had seen it tons of times before and was too busy getting
things ready for the next part of the shoot.

"Let's all get back to work, shall we, now?"

The rest of the evening proceeding according to script. We did the
quarters and poses with the kids, then had the kids help undress their
parents, and then did some formal group shots in the nude back in the
living room suite studio. As we walked the Smiths and Doc to the front
door to say goodnight, it was already close to eleven p.m., Dr. Hanna
kissed me sincerely on the cheek.

"What was that for?" I asked with mild startledness.

"For being the professional you always told me you were...thanks..."

"You're welcome!" Melanie and Danni and I all replied in chorus, waving
to her and the Smiths as a waiting cab waited to take them the few blocks
to the train station to head back into the city.

~ Wednesday ~

Wednesday during the day was one of those boring gotta pay the bills but
more importantly gotta do this sortta shit to keep appearing legit to the
outside world kindda gigs. A wedding. A damn wedding. I hate weddings. I
hate photographing them, I should say. The bride's almost never happy no
matter how good a job you do, they always want to jew you down and then
don't want to pay the contract amount because the pics aren't perfect to
them, you get sued for damages for doing a lousy job even if the work is so
good it could be exhibited in the Cistine Chapel, just on and on and on.
Starting out like all freelancers I did a bunch of them but tried to swear
them off because of the hassles, but needing some traceable income for IRS
purposes since a lot of my erotic work is, aahhhh-hhheemmmm, "tax exempt",
I would accept the odd one, usually one or two a month or so, if they met
my fee which was now a thousand even without enlargements or extras, just
the sitting fee and small proofs. A Wednesday wedding was unusual but not
rare. I'd done several over the years. They were becoming more popular
with professional couples, who couldn't take two or more weeks for a
honeymoon so they'd get married in the middle of the week and then fly off
to somewhere and be back in time to start the workweek anew the following

The only reason I agreed to do this one was because Ken, the groom, was
a client previously, he hiring me to do an executive sitting portrait of
him for his law office, and he seemed like a nice enough joe even if he was
a lawyer. And his new bride who worked in the same office with him as a
lawyer also seemed like a nice enough jill, so I figured what the hell.
The wedding was done by noon and the reception was over and done by two and
off they went, I promising the proofs ready by the time they got back early
next week.

There were just a couple of messages waiting for me when I got back to
the shop. One from a potential "straight" client wanting some
architectural shots done of a house he'd just built, and one from Sandy
Sanchez in Spain, one of my "black" clientele. I knew what Sandy wanted.
What he always wanted. Man/boy and boy/boy shots only. I had only done
less than a handful of male/male sessions and didn't like doing them. I'm
not a homophobe, don't get me wrong, I just didn't understand the aesthetic
involved, and the market for them was a lot less than woman/girl
mother/daughter mother/son or whole family shots, so I told him if, I-f I
ever ran across a m/b or b/b shoot opportunity I'd let him know but not to
call and nag me, he calling every month or so anyway. His message was
crumpled and roundfiled quickly.

Leaning against Connie's receptionist counter as I called Mr. Schwartz
back about doing a portfolio for the new house he'd just built out on the
island, Danni bopped in as her school bus speed away.

"Hi Will, where's Mom?"

I hadn't even thought about Melanie since returning from the wedding
shoot. I didn't take her with me because an assistant just gets in the way
at weddings anyway and hadn't gone upstairs yet to see if she was home. I
pointed to the phone and shook my hand at Danni to tell her silently I was
with a client. She understood and smiled "okay" at me and skipped through
the front gallery to the hall and then loudly clambered up the stairs as I
finished my phone call. Mr. Schwartz and I finally got to the bottom
line, me telling him my "sitting fee" for architectural was two-fifty
minimum for the half day or four for the full day plus cost of proofs and
enlargements, he agreeing for a half day the next Thursday next week.

Upstairs Danni was eating a bologna sandwich and drinking a glass of
milk while watching "The young & The Restless" on tv while sitting in my
oversized Laz-Y-Boy, her usual routine after coming home from school.

"Mom left a note on the fridge...she's gone to get her hair
back by five..." she absentmindedly parroted while I saw the samesaid note
on the fridge as I fished a Michelob out from the bottom it.

"Scoot over kiddo...tell me what's going on..."

Danni rose a little and sat back down on my lap as I sunk into my chair.
Sipping on my beer I offered her a sip as she finished her sandwich and
milk, my arms cuddling her close as her eyes didn't leave the screen.

"Well, Katherine's husband is cheating with Jill who works for her..."

"I mean about school..."

"'s okay, nothing going on..."


"Just some spelling work, that's all..."

"Everything else okay?"

"Yeah, Ddddaa...I mean Will..."

She almost called me "dad" again. I couldn't have been happier.

"Danni, if you want to call me 'dad', it's okay, if it's okay with your

"Mom said it's okay with her if it's okay with you, it okay?"

"Sure, it's okay...we've been a...a...a family now for almost four
years, I think it's about we started calling each other what we are..."

"I never really knew my real dad, he was killed in 'Nam..."

"Yeah, I know, Melanie's told me..."

"If you'd be my new Daddy, Will, that'd make me very happy..."

"Sure, my precious one...sure!"

I kissed my little one square on the lips while pulling her close to me.
Not like we hadn't kissed like this a thousand times before. Her hand
instinctively went for my crotch as my mine went up her knit blouse, my
fingers rubbing the buds of her tiny nipples atop her flattened chest.

"Wanna fool around some, Daddy?!?"

"Sure, my darling daughter, sure!"

We scooted to the bedroom arm-in-arm, me kissing the top of her head as
we went, clothes quickly shed once there and then under the covers. She
and her mother and I had made love so many times in so many ways, and even
Danni and I by ourselves a few times, but this time was truly special. She
was my new daughter, yes, but also my lover. My cock found the back of her
throat. I wasn't holding back. Hard, I flipped her over to her back and
ate her pussy like it was filet mignon, getting her to play with my cock to
keep it hard. Then sixty-nine, then I crawled on top for a while, then
flipped her to all fours and just started ramming away.

Footsteps. Melanie coming up the stairs.

"Hi Mom...'d-a-d' and I were just having some fun, is that okay?" my
daughter by acclaimation asking a question she already knew the answer to,
her mom smiling back her approval for the obvious nicer change in the level
of our mutual relationship.

"Sure, sweetie, you two finish your fun, I gotta start getting things
ready for tonight's shoot, come on downstairs to help when you're done..."

"I'll fix spaghetti tonight for dinner, okay?" huskily I whispered as my
cock went from my sweetest nine-year-old Danni's pussy to her asshole, she
loving being assfucked as much as her mother.

"Sure, Will, my 'h-u-s-b-a-n-d',..." she shot back only half-jokingly
"...anything's fine..."

We were finishing dinner a little after six when the downstairs front
doorbell at the storefront entrance clanged.

"'s us...the Smiths..." Charles' voice called out to us over
intercom "...we know we're a little early, but can we come up?...we need to
talk". I knew, we all knew what was coming next.

Yep, they wanted to back out. As we all sat in our living room, me and
Mel and Danni at my easy chair and the wing-backed one next to it, the
Smiths on the couch and on the floor in front of it, Linda the oldest
daughter at eleven years old sitting off to herself at the kitchenette
table covered in pasta-stained dishes, getting as far away from everyone as
she could.

"So what's the problem, Charles?" Melanie demanded.

"We just...we just can't go through with it..."

"Why not?..." I demanded with equal vigor "...last night everything was
cool...everyone eventually seemed to relax and the shoot went real well..."

"We just can't..." Brenda chirped in "...I already took Dr. Moultrie's
check back to her this morning, and told her we wouldn't be here tonight,
we couldn't finish the shoot...I tried to call you, Mr. McBroom..."

"'s Will McBride, Brenda..."

"...but you were out all day as was your wife..." Melanie and I looking
at each other in amused silence for a moment "...and I didn't want to just
leave you a message, I wanted to speak with you personally..."

"...very decent of you to be so considerate...just out of much did Dr. Hanna pay you, and why did you want to do
this, anyway?..."

Long silence...Charles took a long gulp, then spoke..."...I originally
went to Dr. Hanna because I confessed 'feelings' I had developed towards
Linda when she was nine or so a couple of years ago and it almost ended our
marriage, but Brenda and I worked through things...I've seen Dr. Moultrie,
errr, Hanna, every other month since then...then, this damn recession
hit...I've got to two parts stores I own but they're losing money...I need
ten thousand to keep them afloat for the next six months, things should be
better by then...Hanna knew all this and offered us five thousand cash plus
twenty-five percent of her royalties if we'd agree to do the book...I
figured what the hell, we figured what the hell...almost, almost enough
money and I could act out my incestuous fantasies, but after last night
everything just hit home really hard..."

Silence of regret for a long moment. "You wanna beer, Charles?"


"I could use one too..." Brenda slipped.

More silence as we four adults sipped our beers and the kids congregated
around the tv in front of us.

"If the money had been ten thousand, maybe...but it wasn' the end,
it just wasn't enough.

Gears turned in my head. Click.

"If you could get the five grand back from Hanna, and I give you another
five on the side, would you consider doing it then?"

"What then?"

"Doing the family incest shoot...I'm sure Dr. M. told you that this is
how Melanie and I make a substantial part of our income..."

"She did..."

"Actually, it's how we make most of it...if you promise to keep your
mouth shut to Hanna, I'll give you another five grand cash up front plus
standard residuals, if you'll do some private shoots for us, some family shoots plus the kids by themselves...I write you a check for five G's right
now, we've already got your paperwork on file, and then you can patch
things up with Dr. M. tomorrow, I know she'll be relieved when you tell
her you've changed your mind..."

"That would get us out of our financial bind, Dear..." Brenda loudly
whispered to her husband as they sat next to each other on the couch
"...can we speak in private for a moment, Will?"

"Sure...our bedroom is right around the corner...feel free..."

young Henry came over to us as his sisters continued to watch tv in the
opposite corner. One hand held Danni's as she sat in front of us, my other
held Melanie's as we cuddled.

"Mr. Will, are we gonna fuck and suck tonight?...I'd love to fuck my
mom, she's hot, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is, Hank..." Melanie replied with sweetly evil smile teasingly
"...I'd like to fuck her too..."

"Wow!" our young friend blushed.

Charles and wife came finally came out of our bedroom after about half
an hour.

"Will, Melanie...okay...but we want the five thousand up front tonight,

"I'll have to write you a check, Charles, but it's good, promise, you
can cash it at Pilgrim Savings Bank, our bank first thing in the
morning...and this is for at least three or four sessions as a family group, plus at least four or five sessions with your children by
themselves, as we see fit to call...agreed?"

The two parents whispered back and forth to each other for another
couple of moments.

"Okay, as long as you permit us to be present when you're filming our
children...and we want full accounting on the residuals, and we don't want
any publication of us in the Western Hemisphere of your stuff, only Dr.
Hanna's photos for her book..."




"We've discussed this...before we actually do a photo shoot, we'd like
for you and your family to 'show us the ropes' if you will,
Will...hahaha...joke, sorry..." the tension in his voice rising "...if you
and Melanie and little Danni will introduce us to what we need to know,
we'll do it..."

"Brenda?" Melanie shot.

"I agree, our conditions, and we'll agree..."

"I mean, is this what you, y-o-u, really want, Brenda?"

Longish silence, a deep sigh, then "...yes...God help me, yes...I want
to fuck my son..."

"Alright!" Hank yelped from his place in front of the tv with his

"Hank, please be quiet for now, thank you...yes, I want to have incest with my son, and my daughters also...but I'm scared...Charles isn't, but I
am...if you'll help show us the way, show me the way, yes, we'll be your
models for photo shoots, as we just stated..." Brenda finishing as her
oldest daughter Linda turned to rise up from her sitting cross-legged in
front of the tv bring her six-year-old sister Tricia with her walking over
to her mom, Brenda hugging them as their mother-only for the last time
"...Melanie, I know that you and Danni have a special us how,
and we'll let you photograph us in any way you want, later, after

Hank was already stripped down to his underwear before anyone realized.
"Easy boy, easy..." his dad gently scolded him a little while starting to
get undressed himself. I motioned for the girls to join us where Mel and
Danni and I sat.

"Is this what you two want too?..." Melanie asked, the girls nodding

"I just started my period today, Mrs.'s so yucky!"

"No, it's's not,'s part of being a woman, of growing
to become a woman...and when women love other women, they love them, make
love to them even when they have their periods...Danni makes love to me
when I have my period, don't you, my sweetie?.." Danni nodding her head and
replying softly "yes".

"Danni will show you how women love other women while they have their
periods, won't you, my darling daughter?"

"Yes, Mother, of course!..." replying with sincere smile as she rose
from her sitting position close to us at our feet.

A naked Hank was already beside his mother his cock rubbing against her
as she rose to come over to us, he following her like a little dog trying
to hump her leg.

"Be easy with my girls..." Brenda pleadingly asked as she made motions
to begin removing her top.

"Of course, Brenda, of course Danni and I and Will will...of course..."

We made our way back downstairs to bedroom suite studio where there were
three different bedroom settings in the same room where we could push the
beds close together to form a giant triple bed and arrange the other
furniture close as well. I joined Charles and his wife and their
nine-year-old son Henry called Hank on side of the fuckplatform as Melanie
and Danni and the Smiths daughters Linda age eleven and Tricia called Trish
age six congregated a five or six feet from us in a group on the other
side. Henry helped his dad remove his mother's top then pants then bra and
panties as we all watched together my girls with their girls within arm's
reach of us.

"I've simply got to be with my you mind, Dear?..." she asked
her husband " you mind, Will?..." we both shaking our heads 'no'.
Hank tried to go with her but his dad pulled him back with a "...just
watch, son...we three men will just watch our ladies for a'll
have plenty of time to screw your mother, later..."

A fully-naked Brenda scooted on her knees over to the women's group
where clothes were quickly being shed and kisses and touches exchanged.
Mel and Danni were also completely nude and had sweetly sandwiched Linda
between them as they kissed and groped her. Brenda got on either side of
them and the sandwich become a triad cone of flesh.

"My baby, my baby..." Brenda cooed as her oldest daughter's top came off
first, then her training bra.

"It's okay, Mom...this is nice..."

"Yes it is, isn't baby, isn't it?"

Linda's pants were soon off as well, revealing a pair of white cotton
panties with a small pad clearly bulging front and back inside them. Danni
reached inside, stuck her finger inside her new friend's virginal cunt which caused Linda to gasp loud and hard but then smile, pull it out to
show Linda and all the trace of blood which pinked it, then slipped it
between her and Linda's lips as they kissed and Brenda and Melanie joined
them. Danni reached inside her padded pussy again, frigged her harder and
longer and more vigorously this time than the last, sharing her daughter's
fecundity with her own mother, Brenda lapping Linda's menstrual candy from
Danni's finger with a rising passion which told me everything was going to
be okay.

"Brenda, let's lean the girls give Danni some head and I'll
lick Linda...Trish, you can watch or join as you like, okay?"

"O...kay..." little Trish replied with child innocence.

Mothers dove upon their swapped daughters. Mel patiently instructed
Brenda how to give head to a woman who's on her period without making too
big of a mess or eating too much of the actual fluid by licking towards the
top and down the lips and not just poking your tongue inside unless that's
what you really want to do. I fished some old towels from one of the
bathrooms that served as changing rooms also so Linda's flow wouldn't stain
our good sheets.

"Can I try?" sweetest little Trish asked.

"Sure, honey, sure you can..." Mel replied as she scooted off of Linda
for a moment, Trish taking her place.

Joining Charles and David a few feet away on the other side of the
pushed-platform triple bed we gently jacked our respective selves off a
little while watching our women. I had seen Mel and Danni do many hot
scenes in our three almost four years together but this definitely was one
of the hottest. Charles and Henry started jacking each other off for a
moment as they fell into the rapture of the moment but I didn't join them,
they breaking their touches when they realized what they were actually
doing to each other.

As Trish's face became pinker and pinker and happier and happier from
her older sister's thinnish blood their mother joined them, their two
tongues driving Linda who was literally in the middle of their attentions
to her first real orgasm. "My turn, girls, do me, now, please!" Brenda
asked with a surprising nonchalance.

As Linda and Trish's tongues bathed the birth canal from whence they
came into this world so many years ago, Melanie and Danni scooted around
and began licking the two who were pleasing their mother so finely, Mel
bathing little Trish's cunt with kisses and Danni still slupring away at
Linda's. A hand on each head urging them to lick her
"faster!...harder!...faster!", Brenda came and came again, as we three men within arms reach of them did also, our comeshots squirting the four or
five feet across the expanse of the bed to hit our ladies as they lay, we
scooting over to hug and kiss them.

"Fucking incredible, Mel, Danni, just fucking of the
most of fucking incredible scenes I've ever witnessed..." I muttered to
them while pulling them to me.

"It was, wasn't it?..."

"Yep, Daddy, I got so hot!...I just love Linda and Trish and
Brenda...just love them!...can they stay our friends, daddy, please?"

"Sure sweetie..." Melanie answered "...sure...if it's okay with
them...", Brenda and Linda and all just grinning ear-to-ear.

I whispered to Charles, and he nodded in agreement.

"Linda, my's time for you to lose your virginity...I'm
going to take it, and Will is going to photograph it..." Linda just
continued her possum grin, cooing back "...sure, daddy..."

Mel and Danni went to the bathroom for a moment to get Linda's
bloodtraces off of their faces and came back as I was setting the lights
and all up. On the bed Brenda was sucking her son's cock as little Tricia
tried to suck her daddy's cock while he pumped a finger in and out a prone
and happy Linda.

"Will...will you take some photos of me losing my virginity to Mom, too,
like you're going to do with Linda and Dad?"

"Sure, Henry, 'be happy to..."

"Do that first, Will, so I can have some more time with my girls..."

Crawling up to them on the bed Danni pulled the cables for the hand-held
lights as Mel finished loading my trust 'Kon and I began clicking away as
Brenda finished the suck of her nine-year-old son until his little cock was
as hard as it was going to get and then laid back down urging him to get on
top of her and stick it in. I bounced around them trying for the best
angles. Henry was trying his best, but I could tell he couldn't feel much
of anything, probably because he was small and his mother's cunt was, well,
not small.

"Danni, please help Henry, thanks 'Hon...."

Danni helped guide Henry's pre-teen cock inside his mother, Brenda
reaching down to help hold his prick inside her as his pumping became less
frantic and more practiced. I called to Mel for a reload as I clicked away
she swapping cameras with me so the sequence wouldn't be interrupted. The
look on both Henry's and his mom's face were that of pure unadulterated
satisfaction as he came, she pulling him out and milking his finger-size
cock of all the come she could squeeze out it.

"Fresh camera, Mel!" I barked as the focus now switched to Charles and
Linda and Trish. Linda was on her back, towel under her butt to catch her
menses, her little sister Trish lapping away at her bloody cunt while she
tried to suck her dad as best she could.

"Time?" Charles asked as we scooted over.

"Time!" Melanie replied.

Brenda and Henry also scooted close to us to join in.

"Mom, please help me...please help Dad if you can...I'm scared..."

"I know, baby, just try to relax..." she cooed as she began a slow suck
of her daughter's budding breasts and her hand found her bleeding cunt alongside her youngest daughter's tongue.

Charles scooted down and around, nudging young Trish out of the way and
positioned himself and his cock at the entrance to his daughter's virginal

"More film, now, Mel!" I barked as she came scurrying back on the bed
fresh camera in hand for me, Danni repositioning the lights according to
what I asked for.

Charles pushed and pushed, but his daughter's hymen could but wouldn't
give. Pushing and pushing his hard began to wane a little.

"We'll help..." Melanie spoke "...we've helped do this before...just
move aside for a moment...Brenda, Trish, please suck Charles some and keep
him hard until I call for him..."

Brenda and her youngest blood Tricia began their double suck of their
respective husband and father as he lay on his back, Henry like the horndog
that he was trying to fuck his mother from the rear and she knelt with her
daughter on all fours to keep her husband hard as Melanie and Danni moved
over to Linda.

"Linda, Dear, this is going to hurt, but just be brave...this is what I
had to do with Danni the first time Will,...the first time her Dad tried to
fuck her...and Danni will tell you it was well worth the pain you'll
feel...the pain will go away soon, as soon as your father's cock is inside

With that Melanie simply rammed her index finger all the way inside
Linda's too tight tunnel as she sat between her legs, Linda screaming a
very real scream of genuine pain as Danni sucked on her titties to try to
distract her. Poking her finger in and out of her cramping vagina Linda
gasped for air between the lessening screams as Melanie tried to rotate her
finger around insider her some to loosen her up. Her mother Brenda
couldn't take anymore, couldn't stand to watch while she tried to keep her
husband hard just three feet away. She forcibly nudged Mel to one side
with a "...she's my daughter, dammit, I'll take care of this..."

Brenda's smaller fingers than Melanie's went insider her daughter with a
gentle ease.

"This is nothing worse than a tampon, Honey, and you've been wanting to
use tampons since you got your period back in March...just relax...just
relax...Mommy will make it all better, then Daddy will makes things better

Linda closed her eyes as her cries of pain died down and were soon
replaced by a smile of indicative pleasure of the feeling her mother's one
finger then two fingers then almost three fingers pumping inside her were
giving her. Brenda stopped, told her daughter to open her eyes which she
did to witness the sight of her mother licking her hand beet-red with her
menstrual fluid from her frig the wanton desire in Brenda's eyes making her
Linda smile with contentment. "Time for your father, 'Hon..."

Melanie and Danni joined me from different angles silently with other
cameras they knowing what and how to do what and when to do it as much as I
did as we three captured one of the rarest moments possible in erotic
photography, the moment when a true virgin is deflowered let alone being
deflowered by her own father. Sounds of cash registers cha-changed in my
head as I quickly did the math of potential markets for this set in my
head. Mel quickly cleaned off Linda's smeared cunt with a wet washcloth
before the "money shot" took place.

I dropping to the floor directly behind them at the foot of the bed as
Mel took her position to one side and Danni used a 200mm to capture the
expression on Linda's face at the moment of actual penetration, Charles's
cock slid in almost too easily, his daughter thanking him and cooing to him
how much she loved him as his member poked the now-stretched vagina of his
eldest eleven-year-old daughter. Her monthly blood at least gave the
impression to the camera at least that her hymen had been broken and the
now-aggregating blood on her pussy was from that and not her period.

"I do love you so much, Daddy, Mommy..."

"We love you too, Baby..." Brenda cooed back from off-camera.

A few more strokes and Charles was finished, he pulling out on cue for
us to film his jism hitting the now-gaping maw of his Linda's womanhood.
Henry and his mother were now engaged in a happy sixty-nine as Tricia
joined her mother at her brother's cock. Charles and Linda just held each
other for a while he on top her arms pulling him close to her as his hard
slowly shriveled limp.

"Good job, all, damn good job!..." I complimented "...a few more
scripted shots for tonight, we need a couple of the kids alone by
themselves, then we'll make arrangements for tomorrow night or another
night soon this week...okay?"

"Fine by us, Will...fine by us..." Brenda cooed as she nuzzled her head
down between Linda's legs to clean her husband's cock and daughter's cunt of the residue of perpetuity of the human species.

-30Note to the "real" Will McBride who might be reading this footnote
and any others who care - the above was a piece of speculative fiction and
in no way bears any semblance to the past or prior real-life conduct of the
internationally known photographer Will McBride, nor by the fantasies
presented above means to imply that Mr. McBride ever has, is, or will
engage in any illegal activity of any kind. The above work was authored as
a protected free speech parody and fan-fiction work attempting to honor the
pioneering work of the real Will McBride.

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