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AWEEK4 5 hurt bunch times when


A Week In The Life Of Will McBride...Days Four & Five...No Arguments



Mg, MFg, Fg, FFg, FF, MMFFfgb, mother/daughter, whole family incest,
exhibitionism, voyeurism, erotic photography, surprise, lesbian, menstrual
sex, oral, pedo, etc.

~ Thursday ~

My right hip twinged with a bit of pain from sleeping on it too hard
during the night which was quickly counterbalanced by the perfect sweet
lips of my Danni on my cock she finished rolling over top of her mother who
had occupied her usual place between us during the night, my opening my
legs so she could finish scooting between as Melanie, Danni's mom and our
mutual lover, roused a little but not enough to wake from our five thirty
a.m. slumber. As many hundreds of blowjobs I had gotten from my beloved
Danni in the three almost four years together with her and her mom, this
one seemed a little better, and little more passionate. The nightstand
light was flicked on so I could watch that perfect face where that perfect
mouth was work its magic on my cock as her lips silkened it and her tongue
roughed it up a little. Damn.

"Eurrrmmmphhhhh...." gutteral sounds started coming from my equally love
Melanie, her perfect 38DD's softly glowing in the dim confluenced light of
morning. Danni just smiled at me as her mother stirred a little next to us
and open-mouth whispered:

"I love you, Daddy..."

"I love you too, Baby..."

"Daddy". She only been calling me that for twenty-four hours and I knew
I'd never ever tire of it.

"Can we fuck, Daddy?"

"Sure, Danni, my lovely little one..."

"How you wanna?..."

"Get on top, Darling..."


She hopped on top of my outstretched legs as I lay on the bed and tried
to work my shaft inside her but for some reason she was simply too dry.

"Want some head to lube up a little, my precious?"

"Let's get mommy up so she can give me some and make me know
she loves to eat me anyway..."

I nudged my Melanie's shoulders a little but she didn't want to come out
of her dreamland. Finally rolling her off her side and onto her back,
Danni took one perfectly melon-shaped breast and began sucking that nipple
while I gently started biting and nibbling on the other. That roused her

'What...what it?" she coughed between spasms of pleasure.

"Six o'clock, Dearest..." I replied "...time for you to give your
daughter some head so she can become wet enough for me to fuck her..."

"Augghhh...ohhhh. ...okay...then can I go back to sleep?"

"Sure my Mellie, sure..."

Danni pulled herself up to the headboard and straddled her mom's face.
Melanie instinctively began licking her cunny even though we both could
tell she was barely awake. Danni closed her eyes and began to enjoy,
rocking back and forth a little as she gripped the top of the hand-carved
old but not antique headboard.

"Okay, Daddy, I'm ready I think..."

It's not like we hadn't fucked before. We started fucking just weeks
after the three of us her mom and her and myself all became lovers, when
she was just six or so. Hundreds of times since then, had to be. This
morning seemed very pleasantly different.

"Okay, 'Hon, just ease on down, that's right..."

Her mother had done her job well however non-participatory or at least
non-conscious her involvement just moments earlier. Danni felt as
lubricated as any adult woman despite the fact she was still very
pre-pubescent at age nine. Her fleshsheath covered my cock instantly as
she ground her hips onto me.

"'re so...." her words fading into the dawn's
morning tidal pool of light as she closed her eyes and Mel flipped over to
scoot next to us and started try to open hers.

"Good morning, punkin', good my morning" her
words slurping out with a sensuousness I had seldom heard from her. But I
have to admit that word she so carefully used, "husband", did something to
me, I'm not sure what, but it did trigger something primal inside me.
Grabbing Danni by her girlish almost non-existent behind I forced her down
on my cock h-a-r-d and almost immediately came insider her, she leaning
forward to kiss me as her mom joined us in a slow but deeply passionate

I mean, we, Melanie and I, had never talked about marriage, not at all.
Yes, I guess I had fallen in love with her, her and Danni both, but
considering the nature of our relationship that of she and her daughter being openly incestuous with each other every day and with me and the three
of us enjoying the fruits of the 70's and freely screwing what models we
choose to it's not like the concept of marriage exactly fit into my or our
plans or even thoughts. But when Danni called me "daddy" just the day
before something seemed to domino inside all of us.


"Yep, that is what I called you, Willie..." she calling me by that
contraction she knew irritated me "...husband...and I am your wife...and
Danni is our daughter...marry me, Will...marry me..."

We probed deep into each other's eyes smiling happy lying next to each
other as Danni crowned us by hugging us both as she lay on top of us, her
flat chest rubbing against our sides as my free hand groped one of Mel's

"I don't want things to change, Mel..." I replied.

"Oh things will change, Will...they will only get better...promise..."

"But...the three of us...our relationship together...and the fact that
we all enjoy screwing around with our models..."

"None of that will change, promise...things will only get better..."

Her smile just became more radiant. Danni kissed us time and again on
the lips and cheeks.

"Please marry mommy, daddy, please marry her so we can be a real

"Okay, Baby, I'll marry my Melanie, my w-I-f-e...and then you'll be my
daughter for real, my Danni...":


Connie buzzed us on the intercom that she was opening up. Damn. It was
already nine o'clock. Mel and I had fallen back asleep and evidently Danni
had fixed her own breakfast and gotten off to school by herself. She was
becoming a big girl, a bigger girl every day it seemed like. Nine o'clock.
At least our first appointment wasn't until eleven.

Slurping some cold cereal down and taking a quick hot shower together
and throwing some clothes on we half-staggered still half-asleep and
half-blissed out down the stairs to the studio beneath our upstairs
apartment. Connie was already hard at work returning potential clients
phone calls and dusting the framed works and piddling in the studio areas
and all. The phone range again for the third time in ten minutes, a lot of
calls for our modest shop, and she answered in her usual professional

"McBride Photography may I help you?..." some murmuring and
then "...yes, Dr. Moultrie, he's in, hold one moment please..."

Triple damn damn damn. The Smiths had probably called her first thing
this morning and told her everything that happened last night. We'd have
to return our advance fee and everything now. Damn damn damn. Might as
well get it over with.


"Yes, Hanna...Dr. Moultrie, how can I be of help to you this

"You were of such help to me last night, I just had to call you this
morning and thank you..."

What the fuck was she talking about? If anything I screwed up last
night, big time, even it did mean huge sales of the action photos we took.
I should have kept my word to the Doc, been more professional about things.


"You really don't know what I'm talking about, do you?"

", honestly, I don't..."

"Charles and Brenda Smith called me this morning first thing and told me
everything that happened last night..."

Oh shit! Ohhh Fucking Shit!!!

"...and I owe you a debt of gratitude for what you and Melanie and Danni

"...But I thought you wanted the initial photo session for your book to
be from a family with no prior actual incestuous contact before that first
session...I thought it was important for your book..."

"...Well, I and Dr. Swoops have talked things over for the past hour
and we really feel there's no harm done...if anything, what you and your
wife and daughter did last night probably helped the situation, probably
made the sessions we scripted for the book easier to do...couple of things,

Here it comes, the big one, the big ones...

"...I want full access to all the photos you did last night for possible
use in my book..."


"...access to all future photos you might take of the Smiths and their
children...and, since you tried to bootleg what you did last night and
weren't going to tell me, were you?..."

Dead silence on my end...

"...while you can keep the advance, no share of the royalties from my
book, and no marketing of any photos you take of them even to your private
collectors anywhere inside the Western we have a deal,
Mister McBride?"


"Good...the Smiths will contact you today about doing another photo
shoot for the book, and they'll let me know when...g'day, Mis-ter
McBride..." she finished as she quickly hung up before I could say another
word. At least everything was still more or less intact, and I had a whole
new stable of parents and child models to work with.

My eleven o'clock was in and out in fifteen minutes. Connie and Mel and
I hung out in the back at the kitchenette area off of the bedroom suite
stuido eating our chinese from Wong's Right Peking Deli down the street,
stuffing egg noodle and rice and sweet 'n sour pork and Cantonese chicken
down our throats.

"Mel proposed to me this morning, Connie, and I accepted..."

"Well, congratulations you two, it's about damn time!..." we looking a
bit startled at the first curseword, "damn", we had ever heard out of our
sweet middle-aged divorced housewife single mom of two's mouth, ever.

"You will come to our wedding, won't you, Connie?..."

"Why of course, Melanie, of course, I wouldn't miss it for the
world...when it is it?.."

"We haven't decided...soon, probably...Danni really wants Will to become
her real daddy..."

" she should...I'm just so happy for you all..."

"...we are too...."

The afternoon had only two appointments. One was a nice-looking
pregnant model with her seven-year-old daughter whom I already had an eight
hundred dollar minimum presale on and the second one were two teen-age
daughters of a friend of Connie's who wanted to teach them a lesson about
the real world of nude modeling. Somehow these girls had gotten into their
heads that they were to be famous stars and the way to get started was to
start posing nude, by themselves and with each other. Alexandra, Connie's
friend from way back, had asked her to ask us if we'd agree to do a "shock
therapy" session with them to try to dissuade them and because we thought
so much of Connie had agreed to help at no cost to Alexandra.

Frita, our late second trimester pregnant model and Jercialla her
seven-year-old daughter arrived fifteen minutes late for their one o'clock

"The redline from midtown was delayed, something on the tracks..." she
explained as she and Mel and I exchanged hugs and she headed back to the
studio area to change.

We had used Frita before, once a couple of years back for a standard
solo nude modeling set which sold but not for much and again last year for
a faux lesbian set with a black chick which also sold and was printed in
Europe in a couple of mags but didn't do as well as expected either. Frita
was of Hispanic descent but looked only vaguely so, her eyes and hair being
the giveaway if you really looked close. At just five two she was short
for a figure model but more than made up for it with her 34B but perfectly
pyramid-shaped breasts and perfect ass. Jercialla was your typical
seven-year-old except for her obvious interracial features, mainly her
tight curly hair and deep freckles that were given to her by her
light-skinned Afro-American father. Frita assured us that she knew what to
expect from the session with her daughter and while she'd never done
anything like it before was cool with the idea.

"Go ahead and change into the nightie on the bed, Frita..." said Mel
"...and ask Jer-cee-all..."

"Everyone just calls her 'Jerry' for short..."

"...ask Jerry to also put on her similar nightie which is on the bed
with yours..."

It is good working with experienced models. No freaking out, no nasty
surprises. Lots of shots of her penduling breasts and swelling belly, per
my pre-sale's request, along with some open-leg gyno shots of her swollen


"Yes, Miss Melanie?..."

"It's time for you and your mommy to pose that okay?..."

"Yes, Miss Melanie..."

"Okay, now both of you up on the bed...that's right...and Jerry, now
take your mother's breast into your hand and play with it some, that's a
good girl..." Mel kept her banter up as she and I both clicked away "
suck on her nipple some, just like you did when you were little...that's
right, that's a very good girl!'re an excellent model, Jerry!..."

"Thank you, Miss Melanie..."

"You're Frita..."


"What are you comfortable doing with Jerry?..."

"Anything you ask, Mel..."


"'s okay...we talked about it before agreeing to do the

"Okay then...Frita, lay down on the bed kinda three-quarters propped up
on the pillows and open your legs wide for me...that's Jerry..."

"Yes Miss Melanie?..."

"Just call me Melanie is fine, Jerry, you're sweet..."


"Jerry, scoot between your mother's legs and lick her pussy for us,
honey..." Jerry looked very confused for a moment until Mel went over and
showed her what she meant by licking Frita where and how she wanted Jerry

"Oh, 'kee...sorry Miss...sorry Melanie..."

"Not a problem...just lick your mommy where I showed you...that's
it...good girl, good girl..." A look of increasing bliss came over Frita's
face " touch and play with her pussy some, that's it, very good girl indeed! Frita, your turn, give Jerry some head and play with her
cunny some and that'll be a wrap..."

I also had Frita tit-fuck her daughter's little slit with her swollen
mammaries, rubbing her nipples up and down Jerry's tiny crack too and then
had Frita give her little one some anallingus and then that was indeed a
wrap. Frita was obviously excited from the shoot, milk leaking from the
collostrumed teets.

"Will...Mel...I know you guys aren't married and fool around with models
some..." Frita expressed as she got off the bed to come over to us as we
began our windown from the shoot.

"We are going to be married, sometime next month, Frita..." Mel replied
with quick haste.

"Well, we three did fool around some that first shoot we did..."

"Yes we did, didn't we, Mel?..." my eyes meeting Melanie's.

"Oh, what the hell, Will, will you fuck me, Mel, do you mind, wanna fuck
too?'s been so long, haven't had any since the night I got

I just didn't have the heart to tell Frita that the one time we three
fooled around she was incredibly lousy lay for me and less of a lesbian lay
for Mellie.

"Sorry Frita, but we've got a busy schedule for the rest of the day, we
just don't have time, I hope you understand, maybe another time..."

A look of mildly depressed disappointment came over her face with a "oh,
okay, maybe another for sure?" muttering, we nodding a silent polite "yes"
in reply. The few times I've made love to pregnant women I actually
enjoyed them and Melanie also enjoys them as well but with Frita, we knew,

I went to my small office just off the reception area to return some
phone calls and nail a couple more appointments down. A new printout
glared at me from the old Telex machine. I bought the nearly worn-out used
machine just five months previous after repeated naggings from some of my
European customers who got tired of the dollars-per-minute voice phone
charges and told me very correctly that as much international business as I
was doing now I needed to get with the times and have a Telex installed.
But between a five or more hundred dollar a month phone bill and an equal
amount of Telex charges I really wondered how much if any money I was

"Need new mother/daughter/son session set ASAP, 50 shot contact sheet
proofs, $950 USD guaranteed plus standard residuals, standard 24 hr. wire
transfer payment after receipt, no blacks or asians, west Eur. Sales only,
reply if can do, Jules, Minotaur Publications, Stockholm."

"Jules, have strong possibility this coming Saturday, will telex back if
they do show, but need minimum $2,000 USD as model is not financially
driven, but she is a looker and kids are too, reply back if offer accepted,

Jules knew I asked for two cause I actually wanted one-five, that's the
game you play in this business, but what he didn't know was that I already
had enough pre-sales to private collectors to more than cover four times
over this potential model's fee of two thousand even, so this extra was
even more gravy.

"Will?..Mr. Charles Smith on line one for you..." Connie buzzed me over
the intercom.

"Yes Charles, good to hear from you..."

"Thanks Will, thanks for taking my call..."

"No problem...what can I do for you..."

"Dr. Moultrie said she called you this morning and worked things out
with you..."

"Yes, she did...we need to arrange a time for more studio work..."

"That's what I'm calling about...what about later this evening?"

"That's no good...and tomorrow's real busy, and this weekend's even
busier for me..."

"What about tomorrow night?"

"It's been a long week already...I dunno..."

"Will..let me be and Melanie and Danni opened up a whole
new world for us the other night, a world I had always dreamed of becoming
a part of but never thought it would actually kids and your
daughter want to become friends with each other, and Brenda and I really
like you and Mel, a lot...let me cut to the chase...we want to come over,
photo sessions or not, and have some family fun, our family with your
family, just chill out and do what we feel that a possibility?"

"Yes, that is a possibility...maybe tomorrow night, 'cause the weekend's
really gonna be booked solid for us...let me speak with Melanie and either
one of us or Connie'll call you back tis afternoon and let you know, how's

"Fine, hope to see you tomorrow night..."

Melanie stuck her head in and rapped on the door with a nod towards the
studio to let me know that Connie's friend Alexandra's girls were here.

"Nice to meet you..."

"I'm Alexa, named of course after my mom..." the older sixteen-year-old
politely introduced herself to us "...and this is Anastasia, my younger
sister...and this is my mom of course, Alexeandra..."

"Nice to meet you all...shall we get started then?"

"Yes, please!..." Alexa exclaimed "...I just can't wait, we can't
wait...soon we're gonna be stars!"

Melanie and I just smiled at each other, asking Alexandra to take a seat
and watch the proceedings in one of the director's chairs while we began
the session.

"Okay, girls, let's see the merchandise!" Melanie barked. They just
stood there silent and motionless for a moment. "I said we wanted to see
the merchandise first before we agree to 'buy' it, so strip, dammit! Now!
I said get those clothes off now!" The both turned white as snow. "You
said you wanted to be nude models so you could start your path to stardom,
so get nekkid, now, girls, now!"

"But our mother is right there!" Alexandra cried.

"So she is..what did you think?...that she couldn't or wouldn't see the
nude photos of you two that we're going to take?!? with those

"Not in front of Mom, no!" Alexa the younger of the two bawled while
almost starting to cry.

"Here, let me help you then, fucking little stuck-up cunts, gghezzzz..."
Melanie fussed while trying to unbutton Alexa's blouse "'s not like
we've not seen lots of naked girls before, strip I said, dammit!"

"NOOOO!!!..." they both cried aloud in unison as they ran together out
of the studio and as fast as they could out the front door.

"Thanks, Mr. & Mrs. McBride..." there was another reference to us
being married which we never heard until the past few days "...that was much I do owe you?"

"Nothing...this one is on the house since you're a friend of
Connie's...however, if you ever want to do some figure modeling yourself or
have your girls do some, give us a call..." I replied only half-jokingly,
Alexandra responding with a total fuck-you-mutherfucker look before she
realized it was more or less a joke.

Back to my office where we both started returning more phone calls in
preparation for our very busy weekend to come and then the fifty-five steps
down the hall and up the stairs to home, letting Connie lock up. Danni was
asleep on the couch with the tv blaring her schoolbooks on the coffee table
she already having finished what homework she had while waiting for us to
come home. Picking her up to put her in our bed for a nap she roused
waking with a "Daaddy, I'm hungry, can we go out to eat tonight?"

"Sure Baby, where would you like to go?"

"McDonald's?...we haven't been there in a long time..."

"Sure Darling..." Mel replied.

We ate our Big Macs and Danni two kids' meal plus two shakes, she was a
growing girl after all, trading fries and smiles from across the table like
a real family. A real family. Later that night sleep came easily and
without sex before as we three lay snuggled next to each other with me in
the middle for once in my greatest whiles just like a real family. A real

~ Friday ~

Friday morning was solid booked from seven-thirty a.m. on. It was a
teacher's workday for the schools, and a little ad I had placed a couple of
weeks before in the local pennysaver mainly-advertisements freebie
newspaper for a $29.95 sitting fee only for families plus cost of photos
had generated a huge number of responses, so many so in fact that most of
them Connie placed as fillers in the dead spots of our calendar for the
next three or four weeks. These were basically loss-leaders but they did
generate legit "white money" income that could be run through the first set
of books to keep the IRS happy while my primary money from my erotic
modeling work was run through the second set of books keeping me and Mel
and Danni happy.

Ten sessions in five hours straight without even a bathroom break.
Damn, sometimes this business is almost like work. Then lunch, then a
phone call from Charles Smith.

"Did you speak with your wife about us coming over tonight?"

"Yes, Charles, I did...we're having a very busy day and might be too
worn out to enjoy ourselves, but sure, could you and yours come over around
seven-ish?...we'll call out for pizza when you get here for supper if
that's okay..."


"...and no promises on what we'll do if anything...we'll just play it by

"Good enough...see you then..."

The rest of the afternoon was as grueling as the morning and didn't end
until after six and the Smiths would be over soon. I hadn't really asked
Melanie if it was okay with her.

" wife..."

She smiled, no, beamed back at me when I said that as we roadied the
lights and props back to their usually resting places in the seamless
backdrop studio putting them away with a mindless ease of thousands of

" husband...what is it, what do you want?...what have
you promised someone now?"

She knew me all too well. I grinned a sheepish grin of having been

"I...I promised Charles Smith that he and his family could come over
tonight around seven and we might, repeat 'might', have some family fun
with them, might..."

Her face found her hands as she rubbed her eyes and cheeks as if trying
to wake up a little that or regain some strength.

"I am sooooo tired, Willie..."

"I'll call them back then and tell them we're just too tired..."

"No, that's okay...for a pleasingly plump housewife Brenda is pretty
hot, and Linda...Will, you know I want Linda some more, and I know you want
her too...Yeah..that's okay...but next time, Hon-ney, please do ask me, I
am your wife now, y'know..."

The doorbell rang and the intercom buzzed as the Smiths waved to us from
outside the glass storefront of our studio with the enthusiasm of kids
discovering a new ride at the county fair. We hadn't even made it upstairs
to take showers before they came over.

"Sorry, we're a little early, but...well..."

"We's okay...we just got through for today and hadn't even
been upstairs yet....come on up with us if you want, but you'll have to
pardon while we wind down for the day..." Mel apologized as they tagged
close to us walking up the strairs with us.

"By the way, the other night Melanie told me that you all enjoy period
sex...Linda's at her heaviest flow tonight and she's eager to experiment
with all of you...just to let you know..." Brenda whispered into my ear as
we plodded up the steps my dick plodding a little harder with her words.

Danni was reading while sitting in my chair and watching tv when we came


"The Smiths just stopped by for a visit...that, and maybe have some fun
with us tonight, if you'd like, Darling..."

"That'd be neat!....c'mon to my room, let's go play!" Danni happily
cried as she lead them off to her old bedroom. We three had been sleeping
together all these years but she still had her own private bedroom which
she used mainly as a toyroom that and to store her extra clothes and such
in. Charles shot me a weird look. Mel quickly replied that Danni probably
just wanted to show Linda and Trish her doll collection, that's all.
Ghezzz, just 'cause you have sex with your girlfriend and her daughter altogether as a permanent threesome people even assume your stepdaughter is
a raving pre-vert herself. I went over to the fridge and found only three
beers left.

"Mel, we only have three beers left...would you mind going down to the
market and getting a couple of six packs for us?"

"No Dear, no problem...and I have an idea that just popped into my
head...Charles, Brenda, we'll all have some fun tonight but would you mind
a quick photoshoot first?...I have an idea for a hot one, one we've never
done before, William, and I know we could quicksell..."

Mel and Brenda and Linda all left for beers and to do whatever idea
Mellie had that she wanted to put to film that she didn't bother to share
with anyone before leaving. They came back with two six packs of Miller,
some Italian breadsticks and miscellaneous vegetables and two boxes of
Tampax, one super and one Tampax Juniors. Of course.

"Will, go get us some lights, Danni, please help your dad, bring up the
Rollie medium-format too and ten rolls of film for the Nikon too..."

She had taken some exteriors of Brenda and Linda shopping at Boem's
Market around the corner. Mr. Boem didn't mind us using his place for
said, we were regulars and had done his family portrait a couple of years
back. The scenario was that mother and daughter were at the market and
young daughter asks mother to buy her some tampons so she can try them;
mother does and proceeds to show her how to use them. Leave it to my
Melanie, this would be a hot set and a very quick sell.

"Okay, Brenda, Linda, let's see some hand gestures and different facial
expressions as Brenda you explain to Linda how tampons work and how to use take the instructions out of the pack and go over them with
her...good..." Melanie chatted away as I focused in with the Rollie
two-and-a-quarter and Danni worked the hand-held pin light in the
narrowness of our bathroom "...Linda, actually speak to your mom some, we
need realistic looking facial Brenda, help Linda out of
her dress, slowly...nice...and then take yours off too, Linda help your
mom...Linda, turn around a bit so I can get some shots of your
panties...spread your legs a little more so I can see your pad inside your drop your panties and Brenda you help Linda to
the Brenda, your spread your legs and put a super in...the
vaseline's on the back of the commode...turn to face Linda more so she can
see, you're supposed to be showing her how it's done, remember the Linda, you ready?..."

"I think so, Miss Melanie..."

"...Brenda, take a junior tampon, place it in Linda's hand and help her
guide it in and pull the applicator out her hand inside yours...absolutely
perfect..." my cock bulging through my pants at this point " Linda,
pull that one out and do two or three yourself...Brenda, you stand beside
her and smile in approval, like you're doing now anyway...very good...let
me scoot down for some close-ups...Linda, anyone ever tell you that you
have a very pretty pussy?..." the eleven-year-old blushing to that remark,
me capturing the blush on film "...good enough to eat in fact..." another
blush "...but that's for wipe yourself off a little bit, Linda,
and that's a wrap!"

Hell, Melanie had become so good that at times like these I felt like
her assistant instead of she being mine. But that's okay. She understood
the business and having these creative gems just makes us both more money
than I would by myself.

"Mom, I'm finally wearing a tampon!"

"Yes you are honey!...I'm very proud of you!"

"Thanks Mom...are we gonna play with the McBrides now?"

I looked at Mel and she me and shrugged our shoulders at each other "why
not". Danni smiled at us both as she found a hotmit to lay the pinlight

"Sure Hon', if they would like..."

We just smiled at them as Mel embraced Linda and I embraced Brenda as
Charles their father and husband respectively just looked on.

"Can I fuck you now, Melanie?!" little Hank asked with all childlike

"No you may not, Master Hank..."

"Awwww, Mom! said we could do anything we wanted to tonight, an'
Melanie's saying 'no'..." the young master complained to his mother as he
stood before her nakedness.

"And I also told you, young man, that 'no' means 'no', that you may ask
and if the answer is no you just have to accept it and ask someone else..."

"Can we at least fuck later, Mom?"

"Yes Hank, we will..."

"And I might, 'might', play with you some later too Hank...if you're
good and mind...okay?" Melanie smiled at him in return.

Brenda and Linda re-dressed and followed us back to the living room. I
hadn't even noticed the pizzas in the kitchen. Evidently Mel or someone
had called for delivery during the shoot and they were already there.

"My treat, pal-ly..." Charles mentioned to me as we all dug in. I was
so fucking hot still from watching Brenda and Linda moments ago that my
cock could have fucked a sodastraw.

"So, Charles..."

" friends call me Chuck..."

"So finally finally fucked your daughter the other night and
now your whole family's into the's everything going?"

"Remember my wife and daughters also did heavy lesbian scenes with each
other too..."

"I remember, I was there, remember..."

"It's pretty good, actually...we're going to have to get Linda on the
pill soon, Brenda made an appointment with her gynecologist next week for a strange way, though, it's not as hot as I thought it'd be..."

"How so?"

"Brenda wants Linda now as much as I do so I let them two do what they
want, Tricia's too young for me to fuck, obviously I ain't gonna fool
around with Hank any..."


" I kinda feel like the odd man out, what with the girls and their
mother enjoying each other so much all the time..."

I felt like saying something stupid but kept my mouth shut. I had gone
through a similar stage with Melanie and Danni after their first photo
shoot introduced them to the pleasures of mother/daughter incest. Had
gotten my feelings hurt a bunch of times when Mel wanted some time alone
with Danni. Even now seldom was I the fulcrum in our triad; it was usually
Mel. But I loved them both so much.

"All I can suggest is that you try to get Brenda to let Linda start
sleeping with you two in your bed, that might help some..."

"Yeah, it might, if she'll go for it...anyway, I understand you and
yours all enjoy period wanna fuck Linda tonight?..."

"Of course, if she'll say yes..."

"Of course she will...mind if I fuck Melanie and Danni too?..."

"It's up to them, but sure, I mean no, I don't mind, if they say so it's
okay with's not like we have a monogamous family relationship..."
Charles just smiled.

Returning to the living room and plopping down in my easy chair, Danni
scooted up in my lap and whispered in my ear that Hank been bothering her
but that Brenda made him stop after she complained. She also very softly
whispered to me that Linda told her that she didn't want screw me or her
father or Hank tonight, either, just wanted to do some girl-girl stuff with
her mom and sister and her and Melanie. Oh well, what the hell. I
whispered back to her that it was okay. What else could I say.

Melanie whispered in my ear a sincere apology and kiss on the cheek as
the womenfolk all retired to our bedroom for their fun, audibly clicking
the latch behind them. Auugghhh fucking well indeed.

"C'mon guys...c'mon Chuck, Hank, the women are busy with their lesbo hen
party, there's a bar a couple of blocks from here, O' Malley's, let's go
get a beer there and see if the Yankees are playing on their
satellite....we're going to O' Malley's, girls, Melanie give us a call
there when it's safe to come home!!!..." I yelled through the locked door
with as much sarcasm as I could muster.

Melanie called after eleven p.m. with near-anger in her voice telling
me, telling us to come home that they were through and Brenda wanted to
leave now. We slept angrily together that night, Danni looking worried as
she pretended sleep in the dark cold of our usually warm bed, I
deliberately not touching Melanie and she lying there like a cold fish
daring me to and she also deliberately kept a finger shoved inside Danni's
cunt. And shit, I hadn't done anything except give her the privacy that
Linda and Brenda and her and the girls had wanted. Fuck them.

-30 Note to the "real" Will McBride who might be reading this footnote
and any others who care - the above was a piece of speculative fiction and
in no way bears any semblance to the past or prior real-life conduct of the
internationally known photographer Will McBride, nor by the fantasies
presented above means to imply that Mr. McBride ever has, is, or will
engage in any illegal activity of any kind. The above work was authored as
a protected free speech parody and fan-fiction work attempting to honor the
pioneering work of the real Will McBride.

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