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AWEEK6 7 camera but could work around


A Week In The Life Of Will McBride...Days Six &
Seven...Conclusion...Newark Is Indeed A Beautiful State Of Mind



Mg, MFg, Fg, FFg, Fgb, FF, MFfgb, MFFffg, mother/daughter,
mother/daughter/son, cuckold, mild DS, exhibitionism, voyeurism, erotic
photography, lesbian, menstrual sex, oral, pedo, anal, etc.

~ Saturday ~

Butterfly kisses from my precious little nine-year-old princess Danni
caressed my cheek crusty from dried leaked tears of anger the night before
like so much gossamer ephemery as her lips found mine and her mom also
turned join our kiss. I was still highly pissed off at them both,
especially Melanie but couldn't be really mad at Danni. Melanie's hand
found my limp cock as Danni joined her mother's caress of it while their
tongues parted my lips and sucked my very soul into theirs. Try as I might
out of sheer anger, my cock simply wouldn't stay limp. Hey, I am a fucking
guy after all in the end.

"We're sorry, Daddy...we didn't mean to shut you out..."

The expression on my face was that of a small child pouting and Melanie
was trying as hard as she could to keep a poker face and not laugh aloud in
my face as Danni began her tried-and-true morning suck of me her precious
little lips and tongue now making oral love to my cock.

"Seriously Dear...dear wasn't our idea...Linda just wanted
to experiment with us some since Dan' and I had been lovers as well as
mother and daughter for all these years now and wanted us to help her and
Brenda with some basics, that's all...I can't deny we didn't have fun..."

"Yeah Daddy, Linda is really hot in bed!" Danni volunteered from her
place between my legs.

"Danni!..." her mother scolded "...Brenda said tell you that she'd try
to make it up to you in the future, Linda said the same, they both want to
fuck you, Honey, they just didn't want to fuck you last night..."

"You know Charles and Hank both want to fuck you two..."

"Of course we do, they're guys, guys want to fuck anything with a
slit..." Mel semi-sarcastically shot back.

"Well, thanks a lot, Mrs. McBride..."

Melanie looked deep into my eyes with a passioned seriousness of wanting
me so badly but also it was getting close to put up or shut up time.

"Missus McBride...I do like the sound of that...don't you, Danni?"

"Yes Mommy..."

"Let's show our daddy and hubby how much we love him..." and with that
Melanie rolled Danni off me, straddled my cock on top as she hung those
perfect tits in my face low enough for me just to be able to reach her
nipples as Danni groped my cock and her mother's pussy as she knelt beside
us her and her mom trading kisses and they would lean into me for a
threeway kiss. Okay, Forgiveness.

Our first appointment for this busy Saturday was half an hour earlier,
banging on the door loud enough for us to hear upstairs over the quiet of
the Saturday morning.

"Yes, who is it?..." I barked to them through the intercom they
apparently hadn't seen next to the door.

"The Campbells...we have an eight o'clock sitting?"

"Yes, but it's only seven-thirty..."

"We like to be early...are you open yet?..."

"No, but give us a minute, we'll be down shortly..." It was going to be
a long, long day.

Our eight-thirty and nine o'clock also came in early, the door sensor
buzzing their arrival, Connie not coming in until ten and only staying
three or four hours to help out.

"Danni, would you mind working the counter out front for us?'s
going to be a busy can go play when Connie gets here..."

"Sure, Daddy..." my little one happily replied.

"You know how to work the coffee pot?...make sure you offer them some
coffee or a softdrink from the fridge in the kitchenette..."

" 'K, Daddy..."

Our last sitting before lunch was almost a carbon-copy of "us". A
father and mother in their early 30's, a ten-year-old daughter that looked
just like Danni, almost a twin. Something snapped inside me in a good way.

"Mel, we're almost out of 35mm VPS, I gotta run down to Sam's camera before they close at noon to get some more for this afternoon, can you
handle things 'till I get back?"

"Sure, Will..." she replied between face-stuffing munches of her
pastrami on rye.

I left in a hurry but not before getting Connie to slip me a personal
check out from the binder in my ante-office. So, I lied. Well, I did get
some 35 VPS while I was out but that was just a ruse, I knew we had three
or four extra ProPacks stuck back for emergencies in our fridge upstairs.
But my motivation for the ruse was to go by Goldberg's Diamonds while I was
out before they closed. After a week of spending money like a drunken
sailor on payments for models I also had gotten several thousand in but it
had as quickly gone out with the cashflow tide and I was down to eight
hundred and two dollars in our personal account. Wire transfers on the
coming Monday and Tuesday for photos taken last week and received then
would build it back up to several thousand again but at that moment there
was just a few hundred. A few hundred to invest in my, our future. Either
I could play the hand out and see if I won, or die miserable knowing I
could have but didn't try. Play the fucking hand.

The sales clerk at Goldberg's was very friendly and not at all pushy.
But all the ring sets I liked were over two thousand or more. Finally an
older gentleman came up behind the sales clerk and reach over the counter
to shake my hand.

"Mr. McBride, our famous local photographer! are you?"

I didn't recognize his face, and I always remember faces.

"You took some pictures of my daughter and her husband's family a couple
of years back and I met you briefly when they and I came into your shop to
look at the proofs..." Damn, this guy has a better memory for faces than I
do. "Is there a problem, Misha?..."

" problem...Mr. Goldberg?..." I responded half-chokingly "...I
only have eight hundred to spend and want to buy a wedding ring set today
and all that I like are over two thousand..."

"Not a problem...pick what you like, and we'll extend you thirty days
credit with no interest..."


I have to admit I was flabbergasted, stunned is the word more like it.

"Yes, important local businessman like yourself, we know
we can trust you...besides, we know where you live, if you don't pay!" he
said with smile and laugh but an undertone of Jewish Mob-seriousness. I
picked a full carat blue-white set in platinum and matching bands for both
of us and tinier matching plain band too for the other little someone
special and headed home as quick as I could, knowing that Melanie was
having to juggle as fast as a one-arm knifecatcher to keep the appointments

Melanie was in the middle of a shoot when I got back at one-thirty. She
shot me a look of "where the sam fucking hell have you been?" but didn't
say it aloud thankfully, not wanting to appear unprofessional in front of
the customers. Three more sittings after that and we were done, all except
our mother/daughter/son team of new models which were now half an hour
late. I told them as plainly as I could to be here by two-thirty to start
filling out their paperwork and model releases since we wanted the shoot to
wrap up no later than five. Finally at quarter after three they showed up.
They got out of a larger older Mercedes wearing clothes nicer than what we
could afford. You learn not to ask questions early on in this game.

"Ah...Mrs. Carlson..."

"You must be Will, and you must be Connie..." she replied shaking mine
then Melanie's hand as she and her brood waltzed more than walked in our
humble shop. The rocks on her hand were worth more than my total net for
the year, had to be. Her designer dress fit her like a glove, her kids
outfits cost more each than my best suit.

"No, I'm Melanie, Will's...Will's wife..."

"Oh, so sorry, pleased to meet you...sorry for being so late, but there
was a wreck on the Roosevelt and even on a Saturday, well, you know how it
is is...and it's Caron, please, not Mrs. Carlson..."

"Caron, then...shall be get started then? need to fill out the
paperwork I mentioned, it's on the receptionist's can fill it
out in my office just across the foyer from it, if you'd prefer...did you
bring your and your children's birth certificates and Social Security cards
as we requested?..."

"Yes, Mr. McBride, Will, they're in here..." pulling a plain manila
envelope from a Hermes handbag that had to cost as much as my old Volvo
workhorse station wagon was worth "...if you need anything else, please

"No, this looks fine...please take your model release and release of
liability forms to my office and fill them out, I'll make copies of these
and be with you shortly..."

Mel and I both dropped with corners of our mouths as well as our
shoulders and turned our palms towards each other in near-total disbelief
as Caron and Nicole called Nicky her pig-tailed ten-year-old with breasts budding out large enough to notice inside her blouse and Stansfield called
Stan her eight-year-old son scooted past us.

"Will, you will keep your part of the bargain and pay us today, won't

"Of course, Caron..."

"...And you will give me copies of all the photos you make of us,
including a full proof set of those better ones I choose, including as many
as six enlargements?..."

"...Yes, Caron, that's what we agreed on..." Mel replied as Caron turned
to close my office door sitting down in my old worn executive chair with a
plop that belied her five-six one-thirty frame weight.

"...and you will take up to twenty photos of poses I choose to do with
my children, if we don't do the poses during the shoot that match what I

"Yes, Caron, Mrs. Carlson, as's all in the release of
liability and consent forms...please read them carefully before signing

"I will, Will, I will..."

Mrs. Carlson was definitely running a game on us but we didn't know
what kind. Time to do a shake-out. After she finished doing the paperwork
I called her into the boudoir studio where we'd be doing most of the
session. Mel cut the lights on and fired up the strobe caps.

"Our client has requested a specific format of shots,'s the
script for today's shoot...we'll also improvise a little but this is
primarily what we'll do and when and how we'll do it...please read through
it before we begin...also, the amount of jewelry you're wearing will be
distracting to the may leave your wedding ring on..." like the
had to be five carat rock on her perfectly tanned and smooth hand would
glare to the camera but we could work around it "...but please remove all
other jewelry and place into the envelope on the bed...we'll keep it with
us during the shoot, it'll just be off camera that's all..."

She read through the script quickly nodding her head in approval as she

"The script is acceptable, Mr. McBride..."


"Will...shall we get started then?"

"Yes please Caron..." Melanie chirped " and the children stand in
front of the white seamless backdrop first...we'll do the standard poses
there before moving to the bedroom set...."

Caron and brood stood in front of the pale infinity of the cream-colored
seamless backdrop as Master Stan looked around and shifted his weight as he
stood to his mother's left.

"Stansfield!...stop that fidgeting right now!..." his mother scolded
"...and pay attention to Will and Melanie..."

"Thank you Caron...Caron, please begin disrobing now, one article of
clothing at a time...Melanie will give you the counts after each bracket of

First her blouse then her shoes and then skirt and then bra then hose
and then panties as she stood naked between her clothed children.
Stansfield couldn't help but keep turning some to look at his mother.

"Stansfield's never seen you naked before, Caron?..."

"No, he hasn't, Melanie..."

"It's distracting him...let's change that now...Stan, come around and
face your mother and look at her as she stands, Stan,
you are also permitted to touch your mother as you wish, her breasts, her

"Yah mean I can touch her pee-pee too!?!..." he rhetorically asked with

"Yes, you may touch any part of her body as you like, as much as you
like...Nicky, please join Stan in front of your mother now and touch as you
wish too...good girl..."

Stan fondled and groped his mother's breasts as Nicky just patted her
mother's bare midriff and Mel and I ran the shots, the strobes distracting
them but not too much, young Stan trying to work his hand past Caron's
patch to her pussy without much success.

"Caron, open your legs up more for you son so he can play with your
pussy easier..."

"Yes, Melanie..."

"Good...very, it's time for you children to strip...Caron,
please put your clothes back on and then we'll have your children undress.

First Stan striped and Caron began playing with him some per script.
His pinky-sized cock stood firm from the touch of her hands.

"Suck your son, Caron...the script, please...that's right, that's
excellent...slowly, so we can work better with his little
ballsack some while you Stan, you need to get
dressed and Nicole needs to strip..."

Nicole striped very shyly and kept putting her hands in front of her
egg-sized-plus-a-little more breasts. Caron scolded her for doing so.

"Now Nicky, we already had this talk several times before coming must do what Will and Melanie tell you to do..."

"Yes Mummie...I know..."

About that moment Danni came back in from playing, her jean shorts dusty
from evidently playing soccer or softball or something at Jervis Memorial
Park & Playground a few blocks away.

"Hi Mom, hi Dad...can I help?..."

"Yes, you might could, Darling...Nicole here is just nervous and shy
about being nude in front of the camera, that's all..."

"Not a problem, Daddy..."

Danni was so very good at this. Having been the subject of or having
helped with literally hundreds of gigs with other child models she knew
exactly what to do and say. My little professional. Three or four minutes
of hushed conversation off to one corner of the room and then they
returned, Nicole's expression not being one of sadness or disgust at least
unlike prior to Danni's talk with her.

"I told her I'd stay here and help out, Daddy, if that's okay..."

"Sure, Baby, thanks..."

"...and I'll get nude too so she won't be as nervous..."

"Thanks Darling..." her mother and our lover stagewhispered.

Danni stripped out of her dirty clothes and kicked them aside. Nicole
started visibly shaking. Danni went over to her and hugged her close. Mel
and I rolled the autowinders on the cameras just to keep the center of the
moment. Danni rubbed the handfuls-for-her of Nicky's breasts. She urged
Nicky to play with her, Danni's crotch and Nicky somewhat reluctantly at
first then a little more eagerly did so. "Relax, Nicky, it'll be fun,
you'll see!..."

Lust came over Caron's eyes when Melanie then told Danni to move and for
Caron to take Danni's place. Nicole reacted stiffly to her mother kissing
and petting her but we managed to get the shots we needed anyway and
finished that part of the shoot.

After Nicky finished getting dressed again, Danni took them to the
kitchenette area for drinks and snacks while Melanie and I finished
prepping the bedroom suite studio for the second part of the shoot.

"You're going to have to 'relax' young Miss Nicole..." I told Melanie.

"Not a problem, William, you know how much I always enjoy doing that!"
my significant other smiled back with lustful glee.

Caron's facial expression went from lust to seeming concern when we
ushered them to the bedroom set. A deep sigh passed through her lips.

"Caron, Nicky's way too nervous for the next set to take place...I'm
going to do a quick practice session with her, Danni might help out too,
it'll just be a few minutes, you can stay and watch or hang out in the
kitchen, whichever you'd prefer..."

"I'd prefer to be present, if you don't mind, Melanie..."

"I don't mind at all..."

Mel quickly stripped and stripped Nicky again as well and lead her up on
the bed. Danni joined them.

"Nicky, Mel's my mom and she and I do this all the time...really!'s
not only okay, but it's a lot of fun!"

With that my two lovelies embraced each other and kissed deeply for a
moment before Mel went down on her sweetest of daughters and then she and
Danni switched before both rotated for a sixty-nine. Nicky seemed almost
upset at first and then began shifting her attention to what they were
actually doing, her gaze fixing.

"Now your turn, Nicky..." Mel urged in hushed tones as Nicole laid back
and Mel dove between her legs tenderly licking her flatish labia and barely
protruding clit as Caron slid out of her chair to one side of the set and
joined Melanie in savoring her daughter's delicious pre-teen twat. Danni
rubbed Nicky's buds as Stansfield crawled on the bed to get a better view
and Caron urged her daughter to lick Mel's cunt some, she doing so with
gag-look at first but after five minutes or so and nudging Mel aside to
take her place enjoying the experience with her mother too.

"Everything's fine now...everyone get dressed and let's finish the's getting late..."

Fifteen minutes later the shoot was in the can. As Stan crawled off top
his mother his lee-tle pecker covered in her slickness I yelled in my best
director's voice "that's a wrap!"

"But Will...Mr. McBride...your wife and daughter have partaken of the
delights of us all but you haven't...wouldn't you like to 'enjoy' your
newest models before quitting?"

"Thank you Caron, but no, it's been a long week and a long day and
myself and family would just to retire for the evening...but thank you,
maybe another time, during another session, if you'd consider doing another
session sometime in the near future..."

"I, we would was most educational and enjoyable..."

The check for her fee which Mel and I both knew we didn't have enough
money in the account to cover but would by the time the wire transfers
started popping in Monday and Tuesday and she wouldn't deposit it until
Monday anyway was placed in her hand as she dialed out and spoke to

"James, we're ready now, please pick us up out front of Mr. McBride's

Kisses on cheeks were exchanged as The family Carlson eased into their
old Mercedes limo as James held the doors for them and we walked around the
corner of the building to the back parking lot where our even-older Volvo
wagon family and business bus awaited, waiting to take us to Amelio's
Trattoria for dinner.

~ Sunday ~

The sound of running water awoke me. My hands reaching and feeling on
either side of me even though I was at my usual left side of the bed and
nothing and no one was in front of me since there wasn't any bed there felt
nothing, no one, not my Danni or Melanie. The smell of soap and perfume
and humidity wafted to me from our bathroom a few feet away. Jumping up to
go piss before they got out of the shower, a shower together being
something they always enjoyed, Danni rushed to greet me as she threw the
blowdryer down on the vanity top and sprang to my arms.


"Good morning My Precious...Mommie in the shower?..."

"Uh-hu...she, we wanted to get all dolled up for you...we have a
surprise for your this morning..."

"...You do?...and what surprise would that be?..."

"If I told you that, Silly Daddy, it wouldn't be a surprise!...wanna
suck, Daddy?"

"When don't I ever want one of your sucks, Punkin'?"

Melanie came out of the shower and into the bedroom with a towel wrapped
around her head from a fresh shampoo and setting of curlers in her hair,
something she seldom if any did. As my orgasm finished spurting inside my
most loved of all my daughters Danni's mouth, her mom joined us, lazily
playing with her daughter's exposed pussy and she lay beside us.

"So what's the surprise, Mellie?"

"Can't tell you, W-I-l-l-l-I-e, or it wouldn't be a surprise now, would
it, huhhh?" she shot back only half-jokingly.

"I have a surprise for you too, Dear, My Wife..."

Her pupils dilated a little to that remark as her hand slid from Danni's
slit to her head, stroking her hair and face as Danni continued her lick of
my shrinking cock.

"...and what would that be?..."

"...oh no, Mrs. first..."

", you first..."

" you!..."

"No...I'm the boss of the outfit, so you first, Willy-Boy!"

"You're the boss, hu?...then why do you suck my cock or let me fuck you
in the ass whenever I tell you to do so, if you're the boss, hu?"

"Because I let you think you're the boss, that's why!"

"C'! too, stinker!" I exclaimed as I pulled them up
closer to me and three pairs of lips met "...okay, I'll tell you my
surprise first, but only after we eat breakfast first, okay?"

Melanie made her melt-in-your-mouth Belgian waffles as was our Sunday
morning tradition and Danni and I and her actually sat at the smallish
dining room table and stuffed our faces silly while talking about nothing
in particular like a real family. A real family.

"What's the surprise, Daddy?"

"This, my most loved of daughters...this..." I mumbled while fishing for
the ring boxes in the pocket of my terry robe having sneakingly placed them
there yesterday after darting upstairs for a minute after coming back from
pretending to go get some more VPS film. Mel just stared at her ring box
for the longest time as I placed Danni's in front on her place setting and
mine in front of mine. The soft blue velvet of the ring boxes contrasted
to the hardish white plastic of our everyday table-"cloth".

"Can I open my surprise now, Daddy?"

"No Baby...not this what I think - it - is, William McBride?"
Mel finally choked out.

"Open it and see, Mrs. McBride..."

Her whole facial expression changed from that of long-term girlfriend to
that of wife in the blink of her opening her ringbox up and having her
diamond engagement ring wink back at her.

"Oh...oh...oh, My God!...William!...William McBride!...I wasn't
serious...I was going along with the words Danni was using 'cause it made
her feel better...I had...I had no idea you'd take me seriously!"

" you don't want to marry me then?"

Anger then frustration then fear then laughter then contentment then
love all swept over her face and body in the span of less than seconds.

"Of course I want to marry you, you fucking asshole, of course I want to
marry you!"

"Yippee!!!...Daddy's...Will's going to be my daddy, for real!" Danni
both literally and figuratively cried as she came over to hug me.

"So you want to marry this fucking asshole, hu? least I'll be your
fucking asshole and you'll be mine..." Mel shooting me a dirty look not
appreciating the attempted humor as she also rose to ease over to join
Danni and mine's hug.

"I do love you so much!"

"I love you too, you present, Danni, open yours..."

Danni just beamed when she was what looked like a plain platinum wedding
band in the same style as Mel's and mine, Mel shooting me a look of

"Melanie Joyceln Beavers, please do me the honor of becoming my lawfully
wedding wife..." her diamond glistening in the white neon of the overhead
light of the kitchen as I slipped the ring on her finger.

"I will, Mr. William No Middle Name McBride..."

"And Daniele Deaomont Beavers, please do me the honor of becoming my
daughter, if through adoption, which we'll pursue soon.." Danni just
beaming as I slipped her own special ring on the right-hand ring finger
"...this ring is so when you grow up and find a husband of your own you'll
always remember the special love and special times you shared with your
dear ol' mom and dad, so you'll always remember me, remember us and be
happy when you do..."

"Oh Daddy, I'm so happy!..."

"I'm so happy've made me so happy, you nut you...I'm glad you
took me seriously...aaahhhhh...look at that..." the pools of fire from the
stone shooting up like so many rainbows of love.

We hugged each other so tightly for the longest time then I couldn't
resist asking.

"Okay, that's my surprise...what's the surprise you two have for me?"

"Oh dear, I almost forgot!'ll... be almost any's
almost ten o'clock already...Danni, help me with the dishes..."

"Hhhuuu?" was all I could muster as they broke their hug of me and began
boinging around the kitchen.

"A surprise, Daddy...your surprise..." Danni whispered in my ear.

Precisely at ten plus one the clomp-clomp of multiple footsteps were
heard coming up the stairs. Jumping off the couch thinking someone had
broken in downstairs and was headed up the stairs to assault us all I
jumped off the couch and raced to the bedroom to get the baseball bat out
of the master closet, Melanie seeing me darted behind me with a ",
Will, it's okay, it's your surprise coming up the's your

It really was my surprise when the deadbolt latch turned on our front
door and in walked Brenda Smith and daughters Linda and Tricia in tow.

"What the hell are they doing here, and how did they get our key?" asked
with rising pissedoffness.

"They..." Mel scolded without being scolding "...are your surprise, and
they got our key from me, because I gave them my spare one..."

"Hu?...what the hell are you talking about?"

"William...Husband...the other night when we girls wanted some private
time alone to talk and you and Charles and Master Hank stormed off to the
bar because you thought we were excluding you from a play session, we

"You weren't?..." disblief dripping mixed with heavy sarcasm.

"No, we weren't, Daddy...we just talked, that's all...Daddy..."


"What Danni's trying to tell you, Dee-yur..." Mel continued as Brenda &
Crew found places to sat down in the living room " that Linda almost
freaked out, after being with her dad in the photo shoot just moments
before...she was almost an emotional basket case, ready to just totally
break down, and when her little brother Hank started pestering her to fuck,
she couldn't take it anymore...she asked Danni if she could have some time
alone with her mom and us to talk about things, since she knew Danni and I
had been lovers for some years and knew that it was through our first photo
shoot with you that we had been introduced to our mother/daughter-loving
ways and we three had become, well, a family, but a family that loves on a
physical level as well as an emotional one..."

"Daddy, Linda was talking about slitting her wrists if she had to go
through another session with her dad that night or if we'd all done a
group-thing like we do..."


"Yes, Will, ser-I-ously..." Brenda chimed in.

" were almost cute, storming out with Charles and Hank in
your fit of childish jealousy without any attempt to communicate with me
like an adult about what was really happening, and why..."

What could I say. Caught red-handed. She was right.

", Mr. McBride, my husband-to-be, we all decided to teach you a

"A good lesson, Daddy..."

"...that families trust each other...and in our unique kind of family,
trust is even more important...and since we all make love to other people,
to our models and others, there's no room for jealousy, never, ever..."

Silence. I was angry. I was hurt. But I knew they were right.

"...'know what we mean, now, Daddy?"

"Yes I do, Baby, and I'm sorry...c'mere, Daddy needs a hug..."

The emotion of all of the events of the morning finally caught up with
me. Tears flowed my eyes like a tidal dam bursting as Melanie and Danni
and I hugged and hugged and hugged tighter still.

"I'm...I'm sorry...Mel...Danni...forgive me..."

"There's nothing to forgive, Will...just next time, and hopefully there
won't be a next time, trust me, trust us...especially now that we're to be
married, be a real family..."

"He proposed to you?...when?..." Brenda shouted out as she came over to
join our hug as her girls did as well.

"This morning...just before you came over...look..."

"I'll be a monkey's uncle...look at the size of that
diamond...congratulations, you two..." Danni showing her the family-ring on
her own finger " three...huh?" the ring on Danni's right hand
puzzling her.


"Your 'ring of family', Danni..."

"My ring of family...Daddy's going to adopt me too, aren't you Daddy?"

"Yes I am Baby, just as soon as I can..."

"I'm so pleased, so happy for all of you..."

"So, Brenda, wanna tell me why the hell you're here?...apparently I'm
the only one that doesn't know..."

"I'm...we are your surprise..."

"What the blankety-blank hell are you talking about, Brenda?"

"What she is talking about, Husband, is that the other night the five of
us, me and Danni, Brenda and her girls, just sat around on the bed and
talked until just before we called you to come home...we calmed Linda down
first, and then we talked about lots of things, but mainly about us, about
how I came to become Danni's lover as well as her mom when she was just
six, the same way Brenda became lover to her girls the other night all
because of you My Love and how you became Danni's lover also and how
basically normal our lives are except for the part about our sex lives...we
talked about how in every way possible except that we make love to each
other and some of our models sometimes we're just a normal family, but that
the dynamic of us three being lovers does add a lot of freedom but also
responsibility to our relationship..."

"What Mom's trying to say, Daddy, is that Brenda and my newest best
friend in the whole world Linda and also Trish made some decisions the
other night, which we thought we'd make a surprise out of this morning, to
make you happy, Daddy..."

"Hu?...what decisions?...what decisions did you make, Brenda?"

Brenda took a couple of deep breaths and then nudged between Danni and
Melanie to get close to me, ending up sitting in my lap as Linda and Trish
eased next to me as well, Brenda planting a serious kiss on my lips that
brought a smile to Mel and Danni's face.

"The decision I made, and my girls made too, is this...their father is a
good man, an honest man, a decent man, and yes we'll probably continue to
have family sex and include him most of the time at home as 'I' decide to
or not...but their father really isn't half the man you are and doesn't
deserve to be included on all our family, Mr. McBride, on the
other hand, are the real deal...bottom line is this...I and Linda and Trish
will do whatever you say, whenever you say, with whomever you say do it
with and however you say do it...we want you to make us lewdly pose with
other models and have sex with them as you wish and photograph us all doing
whatever you wish, and we all want you, Will, as you want us...just tell us
what you want..." Linda and Trish both smiling and nodding yes in approval
of what their mother was saying "...for example, Will, I've never permitted
Charles to fuck me during my period, ever, or fuck me in my ass, either,
but I started my period this morning three days early I guess 'cause of all
the stress of this past week and I'll be damned if I'm leaving her without
you fucking my bloody cunt then shoving it up my ass hard just like you do
with Melanie when she's on her period...and you can do the same with my
Linda too, if you'd like, if I don't wear your Irish ass out first...the
surprise for you this morning is that of this morning, we're now yours to
do with as you wish any time you wish, not Charles' any longer...I've told
him all this by the way and when he balked and almost went berserk I
reminded him I and you have photos of him basically raping his virginal
daughter and that I wouldn't hesitate to ruin him forever with those photos
unless he totally went along with what I wished..."

My eyes had to be bigger than saucers. Brenda's hand found my cock
through my robe and Linda placed my right hand on her clothed crotch while
Trish began to feel her mother off through her blouse.

"This is for real?...not a sick payback joke 'cause I acted like a child
by getting so jealous the other night?"

"Why don't you see for yourself?...ask me or Linda or Trish or all of us
to do what you wish...just ask..."

I kissed her back and told her to kiss Linda and Trish at the same time.
She broke from me and her and her girls went into a passionlock kiss that
even made Danni and Melanie smile as they sat across from us at the dining
room table.

"You said you're on your period now...let me see..."

Brenda bolted up and quickly pulled her pants down letting them drop to
the floor and stuck her panties in my face the bulge of her pad showing and
then with her thumbs pulled them down so I could see her bloody Kotex.

"Satisfied?...convinced now, Will?...I'm....we're yours..." "Linda,
please drop to your knees and give your mother some head...Trish,

Linda obeyed exactly as Trish slid close to me, me pulling her closer.

"Whaddya think of your sister licking your mother's blood pussy, little

"I like it, Mr. Will..."


"I like it Will...I liked giving Linda head the other was

"Will..." Brenda spoke as Linda slurped away at her mother's pussy from
her kneeling position in front of me "...Charles took the virginity of my
oldest, but he's not going to take it from my youngest...Melanie and Danni
told me how you took Danni's virginity when she was just six...if you will,
Will, I'm asking you to take Tricia's virginity today..."

"How' you' feel about that, Trish?"

"I'd like that, Will...Danni says you're the best...when you and her did
it for the first time, you didn't hurt her at all..."

"Her mom also helped out then...just like your mom will help out

Then it hit me. The damned appointments for all fucking afternoon!
Shit! This perfect surprise, and I'm going to have to cut it short because
of those coupon-driven sittings.

"Mel...Danni...shit...I almost forgot...those damned appointments this
afternoon...could you take care of them for me?...thanks for this
incredible surprise, my loves, by the way...."

"Taken care of, Darling...yesterday I arranged it with Connie so she'd
come in and take care of things...she wants to learn, and this would be a
good opportunity for her to's not like she can really ruin
anything, she knows how to run the equipment and she knows she can call up
here and we'll run downstairs and help if she has any problems...and you're
welcome, think we'd miss joining you having fun with your
surprise, do you, husband?"

I just grinned back at her. Linda hadn't stopped her licking of her
mom, not for a second. This was going to be fun.

"Let's all towards the bedroom...Mel, Dear, get us some of old towels
and some wet washcloths...Danni, you gonna join us?"

"Sure Daddy, but you enjoy your surprise first..."

Clothes were shed like so many molting feathers of incarnations past as
we four stood at the edge of the bed, me either removing my new playthings'
clothing or having them do so themselves. Linda was proudly wearing one of
her new Tampax Juniors, the other night being the first time she'd ever
been permitted to put one in during the photo shoot of her and her mom doing the menstrual-discovery scene. The string was lightly pink from the
tampon having been inside her all morning.

"Up on the bed, Linda, spread your legs, and Brenda, you remove it with
your teeth, nice and slow...give me a good show..."

" Yes, Will..."

The tampon slick with Linda's young blood slid out easily.

"Trish, here, taste, chew on it..." the sweet little six-year-old who
did remind me so much of my Danni when she was that age smiling in
obedience as she did so for a moment " you, Brenda...suck on it like
a cock...good..." the reaching for it and holding it like the reddish
cotton prick that it was " you Linda....taste your own essence..."
Linda drawing it deep to her mouth as Brenda dove down to give her daughter some head.

Brenda's ass bright red from her own menstrual flow beckoned me as she
knelt on all fours before the temple of her daughter's own bleeding pussy.
The fresh odors of freshmeat blood scampered up my nose to a very primitive
part of my brain. Danni and Melanie sat at the foot of the bed, smiling,
watching, happy I was pleased with their surprise. I knew I couldn't last
a long time, not as excited as I was getting.

"Brenda, lay down beside Linda...good...I'm ginna fuck you both right
now, then I'm going to take little Tricia's virginity...Mel, Danni, please
take Trish and work her up for me some, so when I'm ready her pussy'll be

I held Brenda tenderly in my arms and kissed her as my cock became
sloppier and sloppier with her red lube. Friction was being lost and my
hard was dropping a little. Easing over to Linda as she lay beside her
mother she positioned my cock at the entrance to her own cinnamon tunnel
and with one quick push was inside, she gasping hard for air from momentary
pain then beaming back at me while my tongue wrestled with hers inside her
mouth. The tightness of her eleven-year-old near-virginal cunt was simply
too much for me to take much longer.

" Trish ready yet?..."

"As ready as she's ever going to be..."

"Bring her up her...Brenda, Linda, roll to either side and help guide my
cock to her pussy entrance..."

I had to curl up forward a little on my knees a little to bring my cock
high enough up to match and meet Tricia's tiny slit. Her vaginal lips were
so tiny, soooo tight. Her little sex, errrrr, six-year-old body felt so
much like Danni's the first time Melanie persuaded me it would all right to
take the virginity of her own little girl who now would soon become mine by
virtue of her mother's and mine marriage and my subsequent adoption of her.
Brenda and Linda both scooted down to help spread Trish's tiny cuntlips
open as best they could and position the head of my cock at the best angle
possible for penetration.

"Do it now, Will, do it now!" Trish's mom barked.

With one hard but controlled push my cock eased forward an inch then
came to a dead stop. Brenda licked both her daughter's tiny cunny and my
cock in an effort to get Tricia relaxed and keep me hard at the same time
while it felt like Linda was playing with her mom's tits. Then another
push, then another inch inside her. Tricia started crying a little. I

"Don't you dare stop, Will...this is what she, I, this is what we all

Another push and my cock was over halfway inside her. Looking down I
saw menstrual blood from her mother and sister mix with her own
virginal-released blood. Jesus what a sight. Poking more than sliding in
and out a few times the moment caught up with me and I came. And came.
And came. And came some more as Brenda and Linda slurped and licked the
essence of life residue from their Tricia's tiniest channel and from my
member as well. Melanie and Danni joined me and Tricia in a group hug as
my cock slowly shrank from its duty done. Brenda and Linda in the meantime
had borrowed a couple of the old towels being used to catch the blood
before it could stain the sheets and were engaged in a hot, hot, hot
sixty-nine, with fingers frigging as hard and fast and furious as they
could as well as tongued not just licking and slurping cherryred juices but
making a point to show me they were swallowing all the hemoglobin
nourishment they could while doing so.

"Does this please you, Will?..." Brenda sincerely asked between slurps.

"Yes it does, Brenda, yes it does!..."

-30Note to the "real" Will McBride who might be reading this footnote
and any others who care - the above was a piece of speculative fiction and
in no way bears any semblance to the past or prior real-life conduct of the
internationally known photographer Will McBride, nor by the fantasies
presented above means to imply that Mr. McBride ever has, is, or will
engage in any illegal activity of any kind. The above work was authored as
a protected free speech parody and fan-fiction work attempting to honor the
pioneering work of the real Will McBride.

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