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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter One
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter One

It was nice to wake up like this. Saturday morning, no work, a
luscious, soft warm and naked woman snuggled up into my
encircling arms and her hand cupped over my semi erect cock, just
as it was when I drifted off to sleep the night before. I lay
quite still for as long as I could control my bladder, then
gently pulled my arm from under Mary's body, rolled out of bed
and dashed to the bathroom. With natures call satisfied I decided
to make a start on the day. I had a shower and shave then put on
my bathrobe before going to the kitchen and making breakfast. A
few minutes later I was back in bed with Mary sitting beside me
as we put my culinary efforts away and sat beside each other
while we had a final cup of tea and allowed our meal to go down.

As I was getting dressed Mary went and had a shower, coming back
into the bedroom just as I was about to go downstairs. "Hang on a
minute please darling, I want to ask you something" said Mary as
she met me at the door. I sat down obediently, after all we had
been married for sixteen years and I did know my place. As I
watched her dressing I suddenly thought how sexy she looked
putting her clothes ON. "Would you mind running me and Susan down
to the mall this morning please Jack darling?" she asked as she
bent over to pull her panties up her legs. Seeing as I did this
every Saturday morning I assented, saying "What, not another hen
party, I'd have thought you'd have got fed up with running down
the men in your lives by now. Don't you ever do anything
constructive instead of sitting there talking?" Mary chuckled as
she threw a sweater over her head and wriggled herself into it,
settling it over her torso and showing off her magnificent figure
as she tucked it into the waistband of her skirt. "Jack my dear,
I think you might just have a point there. I'll suggest to the
girls that we start taking some action on one or two of the
subjects we discuss each week. Do you think you might like to
help us out occasionally with some of the things only a man can
do?" Knowing full well that men are definitely NOT welcome at her
weekly meetings I decided not to let myself in for something I
knew nothing about, and certainly had little interest in, I said
airily "Oh, sure Mary my love, just so long as it doesn't involve
heavy lifting, bank robbery or getting involved in orgies, I'd be
happy to."

By now fully dressed Mary came over, kissed me lovingly and said
"Oh, well, two out of three won't be too bad darling, I'll tell
the girls what you said" we then walked hand in hand down to the
kitchen where our daughter Sue was just finishing her breakfast.
"You ready baby?" asked Mary with a grin, knowing Sue was very
sensitive about her age. "Oh, Mom, I'm not a baby, I'm almost
sixteen and will soon be old enough to drive if you and daddy let
me have lessons." This was a long running bone of contention
between Sue and us, and I have to admit I was beginning to come
round to her way of thinking. After all, learning to drive didn't
actually mean she was going to have a car, just that she could
drive if and when it might be necessary, or even desirable. As I
walked behind her chair I ruffled my hand through Sue's hair and
said softly "Lets wait until you're legal shall we baby" and
leapt out of the way as she tried to bat my hand away from her
head. "Oh, daddy, I do wish you'd stop doing that, I'm not a
little girl any more you know, and now I've got to go and do my
hair again." As Susan stood up I stepped up close to her, slipped
my arms round her waist and pulled her close to me, "Susan
darling, no matter how old you are, you'll always be my little
girl, understand?" Sue looked up into my eyes, smiled just like
she used to when she was about nine years old and said "Yes
daddy, but will you let your little girl learn to drive so she
can try to be a big girl, pretty please?" I chuckled, placed a
tender loving kiss on her forehead and gave her a friendly pat on
the bottom as I said "Just you go and brush your hair, or your
mother will be saying I've made you late for your hen party.
We'll talk about driving lessons when you're actually old enough,
OK?" once more Sue smiled up at me, this time giving me a quick
kiss on the lips before escaping my light grasp and running up to
her bedroom to redo her hair.

As Sue left the kitchen I heard Mary chuckling behind me. I
turned, grinned at her and said "What's so funny Mary my love?"
she shook her head, "Oh, nothing much darling, just that it seems
someone has you wrapped nice and tight round her little finger. I
was just wondering how far she could get you to go before you
actually refused her something she really wanted." "Hey, what's
this, not jealous I might give her something I don't give you,
are you darling?" "No Jack darling" she replied, "I would hope
you'd give her everything she wanted if it was in your power. I'd
hate to see her disappointed over something simple." Taking Mary
in my arms I kissed her and whispered in her ear "Mary darling,
you know I'd give you and Susan everything I have. All you have
to do is ask, understood?" "Yes Jack darling" she said softly and
pressed her lips to mine in a long hard passionate kiss, which is
where Susan found us when she came back down to the kitchen
having straightened her hair to her satisfaction. "Come on Mom,
or we'll be late. I thought you got all that out of your system
this morning before you got up." Mary stayed wrapped in my arms,
turned to look at our daughter and said "Oh, believe me Susan
darling, we never get this out of our system, as you will no
doubt learn when you find a man to love." A few minutes later and
we were on our way to town, where I dropped the pair of them off
in front of the mall, then drove home to spend the rest of the
morning watching a ball game on TV.

It was some hours later that I woke up, and that was only because
I was being kissed firmly, on the lips. "Come on daddy, its
almost time for dinner and you need to wash up" said Susan as she
sat on my lap with her arms round my neck and her face inches
away from mine. When she saw my eyes were open she kissed me once
more, gave me a huge grin and stood up in front of me offering me
her hand which she used to pull me to my feet. Once I was
standing alone and unaided Sue slipped her arm through mine and
we walked side by side into the kitchen where Mary was laying the
table. I kissed Mary saying "I'm sorry darling, I didn't mean to
fall asleep, I guess I was more tired than I realised. Can I do
anything to help with dinner?" "Yes" she said with a smile, "Go
and get washed up, we have guests arriving in a couple of
minutes." By the time I'd returned to the kitchen our dinner
guests had arrived. They were June and Angie, two of the members
of the 'Saturday' club'. All through our meal Mary and her
friends kept up a constant flow of chatter, leaving me to talk to
Sue. For some reason she seemed quite happy to be chatting to me,
and by the time we'd finished eating she had filled me in on what
was happening in her school and love life. Since she said she was
working too hard to have time for boyfriends I gathered she only
went out with girl friends from school, and wasn't being tempted
by the usual things teenage girls and boys got up to, or at least
did when I was her age. She laughed so loud when I said this it
actually made Mary and the others stop chatting and ask what Sue
found so funny. On being told all three gave me indulgent smiles
as if to say 'Men, what do they know', and soon turned back to
their own conversation. Eventually Sue and Mary loaded the
dishwasher and we all went into the living room to have coffee,
and it was there that I realised just how provocatively June and
Angie were actually dressed.

I hadn't been able to see while we sat at the dinner table, but
both of them leaned back in the arm chairs they had sat in, and I
soon saw that neither of them were wearing a bra. At least if
they were they had to be so sheer as to be almost nonexistent.
They also seemed to have been aroused by something, because their
nipples were very prominent, pressing against the inside of their
dresses and showing just how far they were standing out from
their aureoles. It only took me a matter of seconds to notice all
this and I soon moved myself round so they weren't in my direct
line of sight. After all I didn't want my suddenly half hard cock
to get any more erect or it would be making a bulge in my pants,
and seeing as Sue was sitting beside me on the sofa that was the
last thing I wanted to happen. As Mary came in with a tray of
coffees I made sure I was looking at her rather than June and
Angie, and almost wished I hadn't. As she bent down to place the
tray on the coffee table in front of the sofa I just happened to
be able to see straight down the front of her dress, and saw that
she wasn't wearing a bra either. Now, it wasn't that unusual for
Mary to go around the house braless. It just wasn't usual for her
to do it when we had company, and certainly not when Sue was
sitting with us in this sort of situation. Seeing Mary's state of
dress made it just a little more difficult for me to hide my
erection seeing as it began to increase in firmness as well as
actual size. Once we'd finished our coffee Sue collected the cups
up on the tray and said she had something to finish for school,
and could she be excused. Mary said 'yes' and Sue took the tray
back to the kitchen leaving me alone with the three women.
As the door closed behind Susan Mary shifted closer to me,
slipped her arm round my back and leaned her head on my chest,
pulling my arm over her shoulder and down on to her outermost
breast where she held it in place with her free hand. When I
tried to remove my hand she gripped my wrist as tight as she
could, indicating to me she wanted it to stay where it was. I did
as she wanted, although I felt very uncomfortable groping Mary in
front of her two friends. If only I'd known what was about to be
proposed I probably wouldn't have been quite so compliant. "Jack
darling" said Mary as she snuggled up to me on the sofa "Yes" I
said somewhat suspiciously, "You know what you do for me and
Susan when we have our period" "Hmm" I murmured, suddenly worried
that she would be openly discussing one of our greatest secrets,
namely that I laid hands on my daughters near naked body giving
her a therapeutic tummy rubbing when she was having period pains,
something that could be construed as child abuse by some narrow
minded people. "Well, we were wondering if you would give June
and Angie a practical demonstration of how it's done, and how it
feels." I was silent for a few seconds, then said "I don't think
that's a very good idea Mary my love, I really don't fancy having
a couple of irate husbands descending on me when I least expect
it." Mary sat upright, and as I looked round at her I could hear
the others chuckling. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that
darling, they both fucked off and left the girls alone ages ago."
The simple fact of hearing Mary say the word 'fuck' in company
told me things were changing, as she never normally used that
particular word except in the throes of sexual passion. "Well, I
suppose its OK, so long as you're here to protect me" I replied
with a grin, "And assuming they understand I need to have my
hands on their naked flesh." "I am, and they do" said Mary, and
she got up to make room for me to get into the position we
usually adopted when I did this for her and Susan. As I leaned
back into the corner of the sofa I looked up at Angie who had
stood up and was undoing her dress behind her "You do realise it
only really works when you're actually having your period, don't
you" I said gently, Angie smiled and nodded "Yes Jack, that's why
its June and me, as we're the only ones on at the moment" and as
she finished speaking she gave a shrug of her shoulders and her
dress fell forward down her arms and dropped into a puddle of
cotton at her feet.

I bit my lip to make quite sure I didn't say anything as Angie
stood in the middle of the room. OK, she wasn't actually naked,
but she might just as well have been. As I suspected earlier, her
bra was so sheer I could see, not just her nipples as they
strained to press through the thin material of her bra, but
almost every crinkle of her reddish brown aureoles and every
single blood vessel that covered her firm rounded breasts. They
had to be firm because there was so little substance in the bra
it wouldn't have held a couple of air filled balloons without
sagging. If I thought her bra was a wondrous sight, when my gaze
dropped a couple of feet or so, I was betrayed into a gasp of
surprise I had no chance of preventing, when I looked at her
panties. They were panties, if only because of the place they
were being worn. What they didn't do was carry out the normal
function of my idea of a pair of women's underwear, and that was
to cover and hide female sex organs. Well, OK, they did the
first, but they most certainly didn't do the second, and I could
attest to that because I could see that Angie had shaved (or had
had shaved) her pussy, apart from a small inverted triangle
topping her Mons and pointing down to the top of her vaginal
slit. "How do you want me?" asked Angie, apparently for the third
time. I gulped visibly, making Mary and June laugh at the way I
was being affected by the way Angie was 'dressed'. "Oh, Err..
Yes, here between my thighs" I managed to get out, and I moved my
left leg to the back of the sofa cushions and shifted into the
corner leaning back against the wing as Angie sat between my legs
and laid back against my chest. "Swing your legs up and put your
hands behind you back" said Mary as Angie leaned against my
chest. "You realise I have to put my hands on you, don't you
Angie" I said, still unsure about what was happening. Angie
nodded her head, "Yes Jack, Mary did explain it in detail" she
said, "That's what made our minds up to give it a try." I gave a
deep sigh and gently laid my palms on Angie's abdomen, just below
her ribs, and, pressing firmly, I stroked them down her tummy
until I could feel my little fingers touching her panty
waistband. Once there I stopped for a couple of seconds then
moved my hands upwards, this time a little higher before making
another down stroke. Once I'd given Angie a dozen or so strokes I
moved my hands a little further out to her sides and did the same
again, moving out still further until I was stroking my hands
down her sides over the site of her ovaries.

As I had been concentrating on making sure I didn't touch any
part of Angie's body that might have caused me and her some
embarrassment, I hadn't noticed the way her breathing had
changed, and it wasn't until Mary came over and whispered in my
ear "Give her the full works please Jack, I'll explain in a few
minutes." Suddenly understanding something of what was going on I
gave a tiny nod of my head and took the next step in this
'treatment' I gave Mary and Susan. Moving my hands round to the
front of Angie's body I gave her three more strokes, making sure
I started by cupping my hands over her firm bra covered breasts,
and ending sliding one hand between her thighs, cupping it over
her panty covered pussy. On the final stroke only one hand moved
downwards, and that one pressed against her mons, my thumb
pressing between her lower lips and on to her engorged nubbin and
my long middle finger pressing the crotch of her underwear firmly
between her labia. My left hand stayed cupping her breast, with
my finger and thumb rolling her hard rigid nipples, turn and turn
about, only stopping when she suddenly exploded in a massive
screaming crashing orgasm. I had to let go of Angie's breasts so
that when her body suddenly arched, and her thighs clamped
together like a vice I could hold her tight enough so she didn't
throw her self off the sofa and on to the floor. After a moment
or two Angie relaxed, giving a sobbing sigh as she collapsed
against my chest, her body occasionally twitching as tiny ripples
of pleasure ran up and down her body until finally she went limp
as a wet noodle and lay in my arms, one of my hands still trapped
between her legs, pressed tight to her hot swollen pussy. "Holy
fucking mackerel!", Mary laughed as June gasped out these words
when she had recovered herself from watching what her friend had
just experienced. "That's what I said the first time he did it
for me" said Mary softly, "But what about Sue" said June, he
doesn't do that for her, does he?" Mary nodded "Yes, but only on
special occasions. And that's something that's NOT for general
discussion, understand!" June nodded "Can I..?" June left her
question unfinished as Mary smiled and nodded, "Provided you help
me move Angie, I don't think she could do it herself right now,
do you?"
As June stood up in front of me after helping Mary sit Angie in
an arm chair to recover she gave an almost shy grin as she
reached behind her to unfasten her dress. We soon saw why,
because all she had on under it was a pair of panties barely less
skimpy that those Angie had been wearing. This time I saw that
June hadn't shaved her pussy, but her fur was trimmed for wearing
a bikini, and not a single hair was left uncovered by her briefs.
As she sat in the same position she had seen Angie adopt I felt
her shiver slightly as she leaned against me and I placed my
hands on her abdomen. "You OK with this June?" I asked softly.
She nodded "Yes, I guess so Jack, its just that's this is the
first time anyone has seen me this naked since before my
divorce." "Well, we don't have to do it if you feel uncomfortable
with having me touching you" I responded, "NO fucking way buster"
she replied, and as I laughed softly I saw her blush as she said
softly "Damn, I'm sorry Jack, I didn't mean it like that. I just
meant I don't want you to stop until I get what Angie got, with
knobs on. OK?" "OK" I whispered, and began to stroke her abdomen,
starting high enough to be touching the underside of her breasts
with my thumbs. This brought a sigh of pleasure from June,
something that was repeated over and over again for the next few
minutes as I stroked my hands over her almost naked body,
touching, if not actually caressing, her naked breasts, and her
panty covered pussy. When at last I made my actions sexual by
cupping my hands over her breasts and her hot swollen mons Mary
gave a loud cry of ecstasy, her back arched like a bow and her
body began to quiver and tremble as her orgasm exploded through
her body until at last she collapsed in my arms, totally spent
and utterly exhausted. Despite my original reluctance to start
this, now that I had an almost naked woman in my arms, and with
my wife's consent, I didn't see why I shouldn't take full
advantage of the situation. As it was I had always enjoyed the
feel of a firm breast laying in the palm of my hand, and by any
standard the ones I held right now were firm. They were also not
too large, something that I would accept if nothing else was
available, but my personal preference was quality rather than
quantity. When at last I noticed Mary standing beside where June
and I were laying on the sofa, gently waving Junes dress, I took
the hint and gave Junes breasts one final gentle squeeze and
whispered "Come on June, you have to get dressed again." She
opened her eyes, saw Mary standing there looking down at her and
blushed fire engine red before rolling off the sofa and slipping
her dress on, offering her back to Mary to do up her zipper.

When at last we were all able to sit upright, and I'd made sure
my erection was not too obvious I turned to Mary, who was now
sitting beside me again and aid "OK Mary darling, will you please
tell me why I just made two of your friends cum like a freight
train, and you just sat there enjoying the show?" "Didn't you
enjoy getting your hands on a couple of hot babes?" asked Mary
with a broad grin. "Not the right answer" I replied, "I asked
WHY?" "Oh.. well its like this Jack darling, we got round to
talking about some of the things that can make life unbearable
for us women. The issue of period pain came up and we started to
discuss the different painkillers we all used. Until that is,
your daughter happened to mention that you were our preferred
method of pain relief. I ended up being unable to change the
subject, and on pain of death swore all the others to secrecy
before telling them how you managed it." "And that's why you
brought some of them round. For a practical demonstration. Or was
it to see if they could come round on a regular basis for
treatment?" Mary blushed, and Angie and June averted their eyes
as I paused. I continued, "I suppose you're going to want me to
start booking in some of their daughters when they reach puberty
as well?" Angie suddenly looked up, her eyes wide open in
surprise and said "How did you know.." she started to say. "OH..
for fucks sake you don't!" I said in a quiet voice as Mary looked
at me, a shy smile on her face, and her head nodding gently as
she said "Well, yes darling, but not all of them. Some of them
have husbands and fathers. We only thought about the women that
were single, and those girls that had no fathers at home." I sat
there for a few minutes, really too stunned to be able to think
clearly. "Sorry" I said, as I stood up, "I really think this plan
of yours stinks Mary my love. I can just imagine myself in a ten
by twelve cell, with a big hairy gorilla beating seven colours of
crap out of me. I'd get at least twenty years if I got caught,
and I can't see a bunch of women and girls, of any age, keeping
something like that a secret. It's just too risky girls, no
matter how much I may enjoy what just happened." With that I
turned and walked slowly out of the room and went and shut myself
away in my office.

I'd sat alone for about half an hour, unable to get the thought
of serving time for rape, assault, child abuse, and all the other
things you hear guys being charged with when they get caught
having any sort of sexual relationship with underage girls. I
have to admit that tiny thoughts of the amount of pleasure I got
from having Angie and June snuggled up close to my chest, and my
hands cupping their naked, or almost naked titties, kept creeping
into my musings. Suddenly there was a soft knocking on the door,
and when I called 'come in' Susan slipped into the room, closing
the door behind her, and coming over to the arm chair I was
sitting in then dropping herself on to my lap. Sue sat there for
some time, snuggled up close to my chest, her head resting on my
shoulder, and her left hand stroking my right cheek. Eventually
she gave a deep sigh and said softly "Does this mean you're not
going to be giving me any more tummy rubs daddy" I hugged her to
me, "Well, I don't know darling, I just think it's a bit
dangerous now so many people know about it. I could get into a
lot of really serious trouble if some people got to hear about
it. I just don't want to take the chance of getting you and your
mother involved in anything like that, that's all." Heaving
another deep sigh Sue said softly "Well, I guess I really screwed
up this time didn't I daddy. Not only don't I get you taking my
period pain away, but none of my friends get the chance to try it
out either." With that Sue slipped off my lap and made as if to
walk out of the room. Then she stopped, turned to face me and
stepped back in front of my chair. As I looked up at her I saw
her smile, then she leaned forward, placing her hands on my
shoulders, placed her knees each side of my thighs and sat down
on my lap, shuffling her butt up my legs until her abdomen was
pressed tightly against mine. "I've just had an idea daddy" she
said, her smile beaming all over her face. "What's that?" I
asked, suddenly suspicious, knowing just how devious Susan could
be when she wanted to. "Well, your problem is that someone might
tell, isn't it?" I nodded, not saying a word. "What if there was
always a witness that would take your side, whenever you were
giving someone a tummy rub. You know, if it was one of the
mothers, then mom could be there. If it was one of my friends,
then I could act as the chaperone. If a mother wants to be there
when her daughter has a treatment then mom and I would be there
as well. That way you would never be alone with anyone, and
couldn't get blamed for doing anything. How does that sound for
an idea?" We sat like that for some time, Sue bringing up every
thing she could think of to get me to change my mind. Then she
smiled and said "Oh, come on daddy. Think about all those women
that actually want you to get your hands on their naked bodies,
and mom doesn't mind either. And what about all my teenage
friends that want the same. I'd have thought being able to do for
them what you do for me would have been any mans dream." That was
the moment that she knew she'd won the argument, when she felt my
suddenly swollen cock pressing against the tight stretched crotch
of her panties. "Ohhh.. does that mean I can tell mom you'll give
it a try?" she said as she touched her soft warm lips to mine. "I
suppose so Susan my love. But only so long as one of you always
acts as a chaperone. And only so long as I get asked by everyone
to do it for them. I don't want any of yours, or your mothers
friends to assume its going to happen, understood?" once more Sue
kissed me, this time a lot more warmly than she had ever done
before "Yes daddy darling, and can we do one of my friends
tonight please?"

Having now agreed to the whole situation in principle I doubted
if I could get her to put off having her bit of fun as her mother
had done earlier. "Well, OK, but I think we should discuss it
with your mother first, don't you?" "Yes daddy" she said softly,
and held out her hand then pulled me to my feet again, slipping
her arm in mine and almost dragging me back into the living room.
As I sat down between Mary and Sue on the sofa I almost changed
my mind when Sue said "There we are Mom, I told you I could get
daddy to change his mind. All we have to do is make sure you or I
act as a chaperone, and he said I can have one of my friends over
tonight for a treatment. Can Lisa come and sleep over please
Angie?" Angie smiled, "I don't see why not, if its OK with your
Mom" she replied, Mary grinned and nodded, "Why don't you stay
over too, and I suppose we could put Sarah and June up too
couldn't we Jack darling, that way you could give then a
treatment in the morning." Before I could say anything I was
rescued by June, "Sorry Mary, but I have to take Sarah to my
parents for the day tomorrow, we could come over on Monday
though, it still won't be too late for either of us." A few
minutes later June left, placing a soft warm kiss on my lips as
she said "Thank you so much Jack, that was the best evening I
spent for years, I'm looking forward to Monday, to see if it can
get any better." Just as June walked down the path Angie's
daughter Lisa came running up to the house, standing breathless
for a moment as we bade June a final good night. I started to go
back to the living room, closely followed by Mary and Angie, as
Sue said "I'm going to take Lisa upstairs so she can get changed,
OK Mom?" "Yes darling, just don't be too long please, its getting
a bit late and some of us need a full nights sleep." The girls
giggled as they scampered up the stairs to Sue's bedroom, coming
down less than five minutes later both wearing t-shirt nighties
and panties. Sue must have had a chat with Lisa while they
changed because as they stood beside me Lisa said softly "Will
you please give me a tummy rub like you gave my mom please Mr.
Bowman?" "Well Lisa, I don't know if it would be proper for me to
do it quite like that" I said with a smile. Lisa's look of
disappointment almost made me feel bad, then Angie said "Its OK
really Jack, I'm quite sure she knows what to expect, and I
promise I won't make waves." I looked at Mary for some support,
and saw I wasn't going to get any, so said "Well, alright Lisa,
but you must promise to tell me if I do anything you don't feel
comfortable with, OK?" Her grin almost split her face, and an
instant later she was sitting between my thighs, her nightie on
the floor and her hands behind her back as she leaned back
against my chest.
Lisa had moved so quickly I didn't notice until I was about to
place my hands on her abdomen that she was actually naked apart
from her panties. That these were nylon, and pretty sheer, made
it seem as if they were almost not there as I could see the patch
of dark curly fur covering her mons. "You're quite sure about
this Lisa?" I asked, she just nodded, as if unable to speak,
which it turned out later was the case. She was so excited and
aroused she was also having difficulty breathing. This changed as
soon as I laid my hands on her abdomen and, pressing gently,
moved them down her tummy from ribs to the waistband of her
panties. As my hands stopped for a brief instant close to her
swollen mons Lisa gasped out loud, and I could see her blushing
as she humped her hips against the pressure of my hands. As I
moved my hands slowly back up her body I felt her sag a little as
she tried to bring my hands into contact with her breasts. Having
been given the all clear from her mother and herself, I decided
to make it as good for her as I could, right from the beginning
and brought my hands right up her rib cage, so my thumbs pressed
fleetingly against the underside of her firm young titties. This
brought another gasp of pleasure from her lips. Quickly followed
by another as my hands moved down her body once more, ending up
with my little fingers pressing on the edge of her swollen mound.
From there on, it was just a matter of time before I had finished
giving Lisa her massage, having moved my hands out to her sides
and made a number of strokes over the site of her ovaries. This
made her moan with pleasure, but I noticed it was a slightly
different sound to that when I touched her breasts or pussy. In
the end I was making my massage a strictly sexual thing,
caressing Lisa's breasts, and stroking her pussy through her now
sopping wet panty crotch. Having Lisa writhing and trembling in
my arms as I caressed her breasts and pussy was having its effect
on me, and Lisa knew it because she was holding tight to my hard
throbbing erection as I stroked, caressed and squeezed her
breasts and swollen lower lips. When at last I decided to put her
out of her misery I covered one breast in my left hand, slipped
my right hand under the waistband of her panties and cupped it
over her hot swollen pussy. The instant she felt me touching her
naked cunt Lisa thrust her hips forward, I pressed my middle
finger between her labia, pressed the side of my thumb against
her clit and began to move my hand up and down the length of her
suddenly sopping wet slit.

Lisa's climax took everyone but me by surprise. I knew it was
coming when I felt her body suddenly tense up, her back begin to
arch and her thighs clamp tight on my hand. While nowhere as loud
as Angie's had been, Lisa's orgasm was just as intense, and she
was soon laying against my body, limp as a dishrag, gasping for
breath and with tiny ripples of pleasure running up and down her
firm young abdomen. After a few minutes of allowing Lisa to rest,
I looked over to where Mary and Angie were sitting and said as
quietly as I could "Now what am I supposed to do?" Mary got up,
slipped Lisa's nightie over her head and said softly "How about
you carry her upstairs and put her to bed, Susan can go up first
and get her bed ready." "On my way Mom" said Sue brightly, and I
struggled to release my trapped leg so I could roll off the sofa
and get into a position where I could scoop Lisa up into my arms.
I don't know if she was doing it deliberately, but when I walked
into Sue's bedroom she was kneeling on hers and Lisa's bed
turning the covers down. That wasn't too bad, or wouldn't have
been, had she been wearing her panties. As it was she must have
taken them off somewhere between when she came down with Lisa,
and when I entered the room. I have to admit that, despite the
fact Sue was my daughter, the sight of her glistening pussy lips
that peeked from between the backs of her thighs was more than
enough to bring back the erection I'd experienced while giving
Lisa her tummy rub. As Sue turned round she saw the state I was
in and grinned cheekily as she said "Hmm.. is that for Lisa or me
daddy?" I lay Lisa down, straightened her nightie and pulled the
covers up her firm young body, then said "Neither of you my dear,
I doubt your mother would appreciate you getting that sort of
idea either." Giving me the strangest look I'd ever seen Sue
grinned, slipped her arms round me and placed a tender loving
kiss on my lips, then said softly "Oh, I don't know about that
daddy darling, but I will ask her in the morning" and with that
she climbed into bed beside Lisa, wished me goodnight and put out
the lamp on her nightstand.

End of Chapter One


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